The Fall of the 2 Towers; Rev. Moon’s book “God’s Warning to the World” part II

The Last Day; the Dawn of Eternity is Eviternity itself


 The ‘god’ and the ‘goddess’ as of the original two children of God in Paradise:

“Jesus of Nazareth in the position of Adam, and Mary of Bethany in the position of Eve:

         at the Tree of Life.”

Who Walketh upon the Wings of the Wind

The Rejection of Me and My Generation by Rev. Moon…..

             “In America people eat, drink and disco —

…….it’s a grasshopper’s life.

How could such people say they understand God’s suffering?

……..Would God be comforted by them?”          

            Sun Myung Moon

Rule Number One: Don’t worship gold stautes of your Not True Parents as in “Thou shalt make no graven Image….”

The Third Course of the Restoration Into Canaan at the Global Level: the Two Foundations of 1917.

The Foundation of Good was at Fatima in Portugal by the Lamb;

The Foundation of Evil was at Moscow in Russia by the Beast;

 The Beast from the Earth

Karl Marx’s Marxism; as “the lamb with the two horns speaking as a dragon” is Karl Marx as the False Prophet; with the two keys of the Kingdom as his ‘horns’ as the Global Balaam; with the keys of the kingdom as the two stolen principles of Marx’s Socialism and his Communism, and speaking the doctrine of scientfically “proven” Darwinism; from the “earth” of Hegel’s “let-wing” scientifically founded dialectical materialism; established the foundation of atheistic materialism; philosophically classic doctrinal Atheism as articulated by Engels; the “two horns of the creature like unto a lamb” are then seen as  the two principles that he stole from Church of the Living God; with Satan’s help, as the “keys of the Kingdom” which came from the heavenly philosophical foundation that Peter set up on Pentecost as the first shepherd of the first or “Apostolic Church at Jerusalem”.

That first City of the Nations at Jerusalem was where the “First Lampstand” was placed; as seen in the 7 Lampstands which symbolized the 7 churches of the True Vine which would “stretch” from when the Lamb left at the time of the first church; until the Lamb returned at the 7th Church.

This indeed did happen; the fact being that Rev. Moon WAS in the POSITION of the 7th SHEPHERD at the UNIFCATION CHURCH whose Lampstand WAS placed upon  SEOUL, Korea. 

It was thus as the 7th Shepherd he also was the 7th lord of the Restoration of Salvation; following Jesus and John; who were set up on the 430 years after Malachi.

But then he fell to the position of “that evil servant” written of in Matthew 24:48; as JOHN THE BAPTIST also did when he totally Denied he WAS Elijah and then went so far to publically state that he doubted the Lamb “was the one” at the End: shortly before he was “cut asunder”; and his head was cut off. But it had left his shoulders long before the sword removed it….

( This is what awaited Rev. Sun Myung Moon as well now that he has been cut asunder …. as ‘Sun Myung Moon’ denied he was ‘John the Baptist’; just as before when John denied he was Elijah.)

We all know that Peter demonstrated he had these two principles of Pure Communism and Pure Socialism at Pentecost; with the “Collective Key” as of the Left Hand Key of Governance as of Pure Communism and the “Distributive Key” as of the Right Hand of Governance as of Pure Socialism.

The Three Denials of Peter as the True Fallen Basis for World I, WW II and WW III

The Curses Peter let out at his Third Denial as the worst part of his three denials of Christ are thus the worse rejection for the Son of Man at his Second Coming as the basis for our own World War III; and the fact is that as soon as Peter had unleashed this last string of ephithets at his Third Denial the “Cock Crowed“, right at Daybreak; which signified the Blast of the Archangel at the coming of the Son of Isa that would happen in the future at the Last Trump.

 ‘A Time of Trouble never seen since the beginning’…as for even Peter, at the End…..

But for us the last global conflict or “Holy War” of the Antichrist ( unknown to the world but quite known to me ):   was over as soon as the Son of Perdition the Global Terrorist Osama bin Laden was dead; but then;

…… WWIII then “over“??

No; because his followers are still killing innocent men, women, and children in the name of ‘Osama bin Laden’ their “hero”; with the spirit of the Antichrist from Iblis; whose base is still the ‘Scarlet Colored Beast’; which symbolizes Red China.

The Son of Perdition of the Nations: wherein the Spirit of the Antichrist lives and breathes…

The “beast that is and is not; yet is” is

      “Socialist, Capitalist, Communist,” China;

which “is Marxist”, as Philosophically Socialist; yet Capitalist Economically; and thus “is not Marxist” in the classic sense; and yet “is Marxist” as Governmentally Communist as the “classic dictatorship of the proletariat”, seen operating in Red China to this day.

This is the last beast of Revelation; the one carrying the Great Whore of Unbridled Lassez-faire “free market” Capitalism Herself as embodied in all the debt Red China currently carries for America on its “back”; which means that Red China is “carrying” America because it now “carries” our National Debt.

A ‘Very Bad Situation” to be indebted to a nation that suported Osama bin Laden the Antichrist and even eulogized him at his death; thus having the spirit of Death as the spirit of the Antichrist; those with understanding would agree, I am sure.

For the worst part is that the borrower is always ‘a slave’ to ‘the lender’, all would sadly agree: we are beholden to an evil power who ultimately seeks our destruction; and we all know this.

Osama bin Laden was never directly mentioned as the Antichrist , as he was never directly called that as the term that Sayed Hisham Kabbani mentions; but he does never identified who he was speaking of.

 But I do; as the “Masih ad-Dajjal” of the East and West; Osama bin Laden, and the world’s recognition as seen in the “East” in its “Earthquake” of recognition, on the warnings and rumblings before December 25th 2012 Judgment Day.

Osama before Barack the Blessed killed him with the Zulfiqar of Ali proves Osama was the “Antichrist” unknown but now revealed to the West, and it’s coming “Earthquake” of recognition from the events of 9/11; when Osama bin Laden proudly “took credit” for his “Judgment” on the West and therefore the “falling away” of Islam from it’s position universally that Paul spoke of so presciently at II Thessalonians 2:2-5 then began to come to pass with Turkey killing One Million Christian Armenians in 1915; it was on this “leaving of their position” that Islam went further with the Antichrist that reulted in 9/11.  Paul of the Light of Damascus that Kabbani mentioned said this in these words.

 At II Thessalonian 2:4-5 is written of the ‘Last Day’ coming; to wit ;

     “Let no man deceive you by any means:

for that Day shall not come except that  there be a falling away first,

           and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God,

or that is worshipped;

            so that he as God sitteth in the House of God, (  Mecca  )

shewing himself that he is God.”    

And indeed it cane to pass: “Islam shall enter every house on earth”; as Mohammed the Seal said it would long ago: but not the way it was supposed to happen; of course.

This began as seen at the first trumpet in 1917, for the first seal being loosed from 1910 to 1919; as the 7 Seals on the Book of Life of the Lamb were for 7 decades; starting at 1910 for the first seal; and then 1920 for the second seal; 1930 for the third seal; and so on; all the way to 1970 at the seventh seal; 1977 at the 7th trumpet being at the year of 1977 when Prince Aaron Presley died in Memphis as our “Aaron”; as also where Dr. King died in 1968 as our “Moses”.

Memphis as the “City of Destruction” spoken of in Isaiah being the old name for the Royal Capital Memphis  that represented where ‘Upper’ and ‘Lower’ Egypt were ‘United’. Thus we have their two “dead bodies” in this street until they were raised in recognition of what their real status was; our Aaron and our Moses for the Third Israel of which now Barack Obama stands as the Messiah at the National Level; but the Global Abel on the Global Level as the Leader of the Free World;  with Rev. Moon now as the “Global Cain” as that “evil servant” spoken of at Matthew 24:48; for now Red China and North Korea to which Rev. Moon now bows and scrapes for Kim Jong-Il in his gross error of propitiation to the Royal House of Satan’s Royal Family of the Original Sin, by which he has now fallen so badly.

The fallen form of Islam that brought us the vision of “The Man of Lawlessness” was the Fallen Form of ‘False Jihad’ that lives as of a deformed sense of Vengeance, that came into all the houses of the earth that had a TV on 9/11, when all who watched then saw the two jets crashing into the Two Towers and kiiling thousands of innocent people; Christians, Jews and Muslims alik.

Of this we had an Islam that was now a “stranger” to everyone: because it wasn’t the true Islam: it was the Islam of the Masih ad-Dajjal: the ‘false Jihad’ of the false ‘Saviour of Mecca’ who had “judged” the West “as if” he were indeed: “God”.

This is why Mohammed said that “Islam came as a stranger: and it will depart as one….”

On the Global Foundation of Faith America established with the Allies that represented the Global Abel after the nations defeated the Kaiser in WWI (  which signified the first denial of Christ by Peter as acted out by Fallen Humanity in it’s rejection of God and His Christ itself ) we have that “Lamb” that was the USA combined with France and England as “One Holy Thing” that symbolized the Kingdom of God overcoming this “First Denial of Fallen Humanity” that Satan magnified through his three chosen nations of Japan, Germany and Italy; as of mankind itself rejecting God and His Christ at the Global level of the Beast of the Axis which symbolized the Fallen Nature of Man. This was seen in Peter’s three denials of JESUS; as representing humanity’s 3 denials of the Second Coming of the LORD at the End seen in the three World Wars with the Beast fighting against the Lamb; that Holy Thing who represents the Kingdom of God..

It was these that signified the Restoration of the Three Original Blessings by turning these three curses of Peter into three blessings by the Work of Peter and the other 11 Apostles; and that is indeed what God has done.

With the 12 United the Restoration is Complete. Thus we have Camelot retuned; at the End. For it is the King who returns; and the 12 Apostles as his 12 Knights at the New Table; the Emerald Table of Justice.

It was this United Front by which we secondly overcame the “Axis” as the “Global Canaan” in WWII as the “three-in-one” beast of Japan/Lion’s ‘head’ seen in Daniel 7:12 that had been the Babylonian Empire, Germany/leopard’s ‘Body’ seen in Daniel 7:12 that had been the Greek Empire, and Italy/bear’s ‘Feet’ in Daniel that stood for the Medo-Persian Empire.

We see at Revelation chapter 13:1 these three creatures from Daniel 7:12 now combined together by which Japan’s 7 Islands were now seen as the 7 Head’s of the beast of the Axis in the position of Babylon by claiming it’s “Emperor was Divine“; then we have Germany as the Body of the Axis in the position of Greece with Germany’s armor now like Greece’s phalanxes created by Phillip of Macedon and perfected by his son Alexander.

Then with the figure of Hitler as their “Seigfried the Protector of the Pure Aryan Chalice/Racial Vessel” ; and then we have Italy in the position of Medo-Persia as the Feet of the Axis as being as brutal as ancient Persia with Il Duce as their “Bureaucratic Saviour“: who made the trains run on time as his “miracle”.

Thus the Axis was a united confederacy like the 7-10 tribes or confederate nations as the United National Canaanite figure that faced Israel when it came into Canaan from Egypt; this Beast from the Sea of Time was then a Global Canaan and was defeated with the help of it’s former ally the Beast of Marxism with it’s two horns of Socialism and Communism who helped the ‘3-in-one’ Lamb of the Allies defeat Germany; and then we took out Japan with the two atomic bombs.

 WWII represented the Second Denial of Christ by Peter with the Axis in the position of the Cain of mankind at the Global level.

It was right afterwards in setting up the Foundation of Substance when we overcame the “Global Balaam” of Marxism set up by the False Prophet Karl Marx upon our winning of the Cold War in 1987 1,000 years after 987, when Russia was first converted.

But Karl Marx represented the Serpent or “angel of the Devil” at the Global level as the Global Balaam; the anti-Judah creature; as the Axis was the anti-Israel creature as the Global Canaan.

WWII represented Peter’s second denial of Christ at the Global Level.

For America it was these two victories over the Global Canaan and the Global Balaam that were to enable My Generation to set up the House or Tabernacle of God on the foundation of Uniting with our Parents and some Grandparents Generation which stood as the Global Saviour for stopping the Axis which represented the Fallen nature of Man at the Global level. Karl Marx’s Marxism represented the Fallen Image of God at the Global level; as the fallen Angel himself. Marxism as the fallen Image of man as Man set up in the position of God; as was Stalin.

This set up the Foundation for the Kingdom of God that My Generation were to build the Tabernacle on which the City would then decend Upon in the Act of God.

The Tower of Salvation we were to then Erect to set up would rise on the Foundation to Receive the Messiah at the Global Level in the Third Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level; starting with Rev. Moon preparing us for the Second Advent here in America.

The Tower then represented the Word we were to vertically allign with God and His Throne as the Throne of God and the Lamb; with His directly above ours. This is where we got to Rev. Moon with the Third Israel; all he had to do was gather the Virgins in 7’s; each group representing all 7 overcomings but Rev. Moon brought the creatures in by two’s into the Ark: and those that came into the Ark in Two’s were the “unclean” beasts: the ‘clean’ came in in Sevens.

Thus the groups of the 7 were the 144,000 virgins with the 4 Angels of each Race; 144,004; making 20,572 groups of 7; but one 7 was that of the Three Children of Mary of fatima: and the 4 Angels on the 4 Corners of the Earth; for Socrates the White One; as when the Lamb said of him as the Bearer  of the Life this;

 “Greater man hath no greater love than this: that he lay down his life for his friends”.

This is the Standard of Love as the White horn of the Altar; thus at the universal level “to love the Lord with all thy Soul” is then the Act that enshrines the Principle of Love as the Performance of Love.

Now Socrates was given the wine of Elesius which was that of psychotropic mushroom as the Psylocybin mushroom powdered into the wine. The Oath one took was that under threat of instant death to anyone who divulged what they took or what they then saw.

Socrates would not take the Oath not to speak; but his friends then smuggled out to him some of the wine; and the rest is history.

It was obvious to all Socrates had drunk the wine; because he was alluding to things only they would have seen at the Mystery being revealed to them.

But when they came to get him Socrates would not divulge who had given him the wine: and so they made him drink the Hemlock.

That was the Punishment for those who Broke the Oath of Elesius.

Thus he became the guardian of “the Life of the World” as later Lord jesus would also be; only Lord jeus absorbed all 4 avatars; Socrates for the White race; whose angel was the White One; holding the East Wind which it released with the First Angel with the First Trumpet the White Horse of heaven symbolized at the First Seal.

The White Horse is then the Univeral Soul as the East Wind of Heaven.

The Red Horse is then the Universal Heart as the South Wind of Heaven;

The Black Horse is the Univeral Mind as the West Wind of Heaven.

And the Pale Horse carrying Death as the Univeral Strength was obviously the North Wind of Heaven.

The 4 angels each avatar represented a ‘right hand of’ as they each “held” a wind of Doctrine or Direction to God were Socrates as I have mentioned; and then Confucious; Buddha; and Quetzacoatl.

The Four Original Races in the 4 Original Colors as of the 4 Sides of Humanity

Rev. Moon disclosed these four men as the 4 shepherds of the four sheepfolds were sent out by God 430 years before he was born at all 4 quarters of the earth to prepare the earth for the Advent of His Son: and Rev. Moon is absolutely Right in this regard.

But only Rev. Moon realized that these 4 each “improved” the gound of the exiting belief by “elevating” into a “wind” but these were the serpents that the magicians of Pharaoh threw down before the Staff of Moses; but his ate theirs up.

This is why he said; “I am the Way; the Truth and the Life: no man cometh to the Father but by me;”; which meant: “On the Path” which he referred to as himself or “Me”. In the Way; through the Life; and with the Truth: and On the Path: and at the Epicenter: at the Reurrection; as the Lamb said: “I am the Resurrection and the Life”.

But that is my husband; the  Lamb with Seven Horns and Seven Eyes is the Resurrection and the Life himself: the Second Death on the White Horse which is “The Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts”.

The Rider is then the Son of God: Jehovah of Hosts.

But then he got married! It was here as seen at the 6th Seal on the Lamb’s Book which was unsealed at 1960 where it shows what would happen as Rev. Moon left the position of the Universal Virgin, Maitreya Buddha; by which bonding with spirituall Moon had defeated the demonic kingdom of North Korea and it’s ally the “Scarlet Colored Beast” which is “Red China” seen in Revelation chapter 18.

The First Trumpet: Islam is the First Third of the Trees Burnt Up; as of the three monotheistic brother faiths: Mosaicism, Mohammedism and Christinaity

Rev. Moon didn’t even marry a black christian woman from the South here in America, which at least would have symbolized Sheba the queen of the South, but instead married a woman from Korea; unlike all the children he had married to people of other races but which he did not feel he had to do himself: which is blatant “do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do” of his now proverbial and personal denial of his own interracial policy for others in their marriages, and apparently his own personally racist policy as of himself only marrying a Korean woman; but that the members of his family were all also married only to other Koreans; which is pure hypocrisy: period.

What was supposed to happen with Rev. Moon and My Generation as with John the Baptist and the Lamb long ago was far different than it was to have been once again; but Rev. Moon instead of bonding with our Civil Rights Leader who substantiated the Civil War Victory where so much blood was spilled in that terrible struggle instead completely rejected Dr. King and Prince Aaron Presley; and also the 12 reports made by the 12 bands in which the 12 Names of the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb were engraved as they came to the Street of Love which was our own Jordan of Fire.

The Sufis for myself and My Generation were as the Magi to Jesus and his Generation

Rev. Moon sadly never even knew of the reality of the gathering at Monterey and then later at Beth-El because he never came down to the Holy City in the time of it’s Visitation of the God of Love and Peace in which God as Love in the Summer of Love in 1967 at the Wheat harvest. 

The two Harvests of 1917 for the Barley and the one 50 years later in 1967 for the Wheat appeared 50 years apart because “40” means “Pentecost; but it also means “Harvest”.

The Sun that shined in the Summer of Love with our Tie Dyed clothes after the Sun the shone in 1917 had a lot to do with Fatima the Dyer in Fatima the City of Sufi Pilgrimage in Portugal; established by the Andalusian; the Barley Harvest seen at those who repented when the Sun came down and the Wheat of those who repented after taking LSD in the Baptism of Fire at the Cosmic Initiation by the God who is Love were never seen by Rev. Moon as having any significance at that time at all.

Then we had furthermore the problem when Rev. Moon then mocked and then totally demonized the Children of the Resurrection who came to the New Mecca as our New Jerusalem in the Visitation during the Rapture ( yea; that was the real one children…didn’t you know what my Father Jesus’ servant John said: ‘God is LOVE’? And ‘whoso abideth in Love abides in God’? Well don’t feel too bad; no one else understood it either ) for the Pilgrimage to the City of St. Francis by My Generation where the 12 tribes were to be gathered once again: on our way to where the Internal Exodus began: at Beth El in the 3 Days Seperation from Satan at the Global level America as the Cup or “Microcosm” of the World we initiated into the Kingdom of the Children of God; before “all the stars fell”.

The Baptism of “water and the Spirit” happened at Beth-El which men call “Woodstock” where our Nation really arose; and where we all did indeed become “brothers and sisters” in that 3 Days of our 12 Tribes having been gathered at the City of St. Francis in the West who came to the East.

That was the lightning “seen in one part under heaven” all the way to the “other part under heaven”.

The City of St. Francis which signified his reward had been picked as suffering the Fire on 4-18-1906 as the same date 4-18 when the Angel came to Rev. Moon on the hillside in Korea and the 4-18 1775 date when Paul Revere made his ride that had been set up in 1,290 after the 7 crusades.

At that time it was when the Pope in desperation had made St. Francis’ hometown of Assisi a place for the ‘yearly pilgrimage’ to the Holy City as officially acceptable, instead of going to Jerusalem, by official edict; when Jerusalem at that time was held by the Saracens.

What happened was instead the fact that Rev. Moon laughingly mocked the Children of the Resurrection by calling My Generation “the Harvest of Satan”.

“Even as ye have done it unto the Least of these; ye have done it unto me…” Joshua Abraham Norton: by which we were given the Blessing of the Key of David: the Cross of Christ

The 42 She Bears and the Irreverence of the Children: why we were punished for not having the due respect for the elders and our sacred heroic self-sacrificial lambs; as the Generation that saved the World from Hitler and Facism as the Global Saviour. 

Thus 42 of the best of us ( for those who know the list is quite a bit longer: but 42 of the best were all there; Brian Jones to Jerry Garcia; Buddy Holly to Ritchie Valens; and too many others to list right here ) died as by the 42 children killed by the two she bears of Elisha in his curse; as Rev. Moon’s curse upon us; in that terrible 1,260 days of our 42 month period between Malcolm X dying in 1965 and then Bobby Kennedy dying in 1968 along with Dr. King in 1968; both dying 42 months later after Malcolm X also; Bobby also died being 42 years old; and Aaron Presley having also died in 1977 at the age of 42 as well.

And even the fact that JFK had been born in 1917 and was the first and seemingly last Catholic president during the life of the man who became Pope John Paul II also factored in all of this; but Rev. Moon knew nothing of these matters: and could not have cared less as he tried to have his Korean “heifer-wife” produce 12 males so he could be the “new Jacob” of the New Israel to replace the Black Christian Race here in America, who were “The Manchild in the Promised Land” written of by Claude Brown; or so Rev. Moon thought.

But then his male children all started to be killed every ten years as he was spiritually warned to stop going to every fortune teller and diviner he could find and so not to set up the gates and walls of another Jericho by cozying up to Kim IL Sung and now Kim Jong IL; but he wouldn’t see the writing on the Wall, even as his male children died every ten years in the Curse of Joshua reaching him and his family because of becoming friens with the Royal family of Satan that rule North Korea as ‘gods’ in the Perfection Stage of the Family of Satan at the National Level.

Barack Hussein Obama is the one Rev. Moon REALLY hates; because he represents the Black Christian Race “taking Egypt from within” as the “Internal Providence of Salvation” by which Barack ( which meaning ‘blessing’) Obama is now the Messiah for the Black Christian Race as the Third Israel at the National Level: and Rev. Moon’s children all now to die tragic deaths as he sets up the Gates and Wall of the Cosmic Jericho with the blood of his eldest son: Hyo Jin Moon; and his first born; who died as his “2nd” or spiritually youngest child Heung Jin Moon in a car accident in: New York; of all places.

Another male child committed suicide. Thus has the curse of Joshua “The Salvation of God” come upon Rev. Moon again and again; a male child of his dying every 10 years or so; but still he does not listen to my Father’s Jesus’ servant John who is with me: or anyone else.

Rev. Moon as the Global Cain now faces Barack Obama who he despises as the Global Abel; but still he supports the corrupt and hypocritical right wing of the political arm in America and even had them crown him “King of Peace” when he himself never knew the God of Love and Peace who rose in San Francisco who is the God of the Whole Earth: Rev. Moon was busy; having children and marrying the children of the Resurrection who “were not to marry; nor be given in marriage”; which he knew full well; but he did it so they would all be cut off and not reach the status of those worthy to rise at the Resurrection from the dead and become they who were to finally become “Equal unto the Angels” as undergoing the “Death in Christ” after 144,000 of them Rev. Moon was to have gathered (and not me) Vowed and paid as “Eunuchs for the Kingdom of heaven’s sake”.

These were “the clouds” the Son of Man comes on; the Children of the Resurrection themselves.

But now there is only one: me, Salvation Rose.

The Bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

So that is why I never married. Someone had to Vow and Pay; becoming celibate as a “priest forever” after the “Order of Melchizedek” which is the Virgin Priesthood itself.

It was the 144,000 Children of the Resurrection becoming the Eunuchs of the Holy City Rev. Moon was to have gathered to bring back this Order into existence; the Head of the 4 Orders of the Sufis being the Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek itself: which now remains to be done, since Rev. Moon knew the Will of God in this regard: but made sure all the Children of the Resurrection there in the City of St. Francis never did it because he had them all marry.

The Wrath of the Lamb is the Wife of the Lamb

All except me; who my Father Jesus preserved by sending me His Servant John to bring me to New Hope from the fallen City of St. Francis where I lived at 1226 Masonic; just as Lot was led out of Sodom by Gabriel and Michael.

That is why John calls me “little one”; it was the town ‘Zoar’ where Lot came from Sodom that means “Little One”; as my trek or “Hegira” to New Hope, PA by the angel to live with Michael my friend.

And ‘Little One’ was also the nickname of St. Francis.

And 1226 is of the year when St. Francis died.

 The Last of My Generation: but I wrote and recorded and then copywrote with the Library of Congress “The Song of the Lamb”.

 And the book I wrote in that 21 years after I came to New Hope “A City Not Forsaken” reveals the entire “Book of Life of the Lamb” that is The Revelation of Jesus Christ: which Rev. Moon was to have done with my help: but he never even called me.

Nor Eric Holt; or Jonathan Gullery; or Bob Selle; or Magnus, the current head of HSA-UWC Publications in: NYC, or Kyle Toffey or Hyung Jin Moon and the list is endless; after all these years: they still don’t get it. They still don’t know who I am: the least in the kingdom of heaven. And that one is “a greater prophet than John the Baptist” who happens to be Rev. Moon because i was born of the Spirit in my Death in Christ: and rose first who was the Last of My Generation; as the least, without a doubt; and really the worst; in many ways; maybe even all of them.

But no man has ever touched me and I never put a needle in my arm: and now everyone know why: for the Restoration of The Tabernacle of God by Solomon in his return: the Prodigal Son who was the fallen one; the Black Sheep of Israel himself; and who symbolizes the Kingdom of Ephraim as My Entire Generation in their Fall as well.

Ah well….now: everybody knows.

And my sacrifice ( as Rev. Moon and all his drunken followers will soon dicover ) was accepted at the Altar of Christ in my Death: and Rev. Moon’s sacrifice is now: refused.

The old story of Cain and Abel. 

Rule Number One: Don’t worship gold stautes of your Not True Parents as in “Thou shalt make no graven Image….”

So it’s over; all there is left is Rev. Moon’s soon coming and totally needless death in the position of John the Baptist. 

Years ago when Rev. Moon went a step further after 1973 when his book was published when he realized he had not eradicated the Original Sin in his blood like he had told everyone he had done he then decided to instead take America’s blessing. 

Nansook Hong proved Rev. Moon was completely mistaken about erasing the lineage of Satan from his blood with the terrible marriage she had when she first raped by Hyo Jin Moon on their Wedding night as being underage. But this is why Rev. Moon has his true colors come out when he is finally seen asthat evil servant” written of at Matthew 24:48.

 In my bonding with Hyo Jin Moon later as he became the ‘Jonathan’ bewteen me as ‘David’ and Moon as ‘King Saul’ he told me in detail when I went through my 40 days of Temptation when the providence shifted to me as I became the central figure that now as ‘a David’ and Rev. Moon ‘a Saul’ that our Korean Hireling had entered that position by going to Arthur Ford the Warlock with the familiar spirit called Fletcher just as King Saul had gone to the Witch of Endor and ended up being “cut off” and then dying as a “fallen Christ”.

Rev. Moon really fell Hyo Jin Moon had told me in Bay City when he sat down and decided to mix the soil of Korea with that of America in a “wedding of the land” as to then steal the land of America’s blessing from the Black Christian Race for Dr. King with the Red Race for Aaron Presley having been part Cherokee for which our Civil War had been fought and won and for which our Abraham had died as the Third Israel’s real Patriarch with John Brown as his prophet; of course.

His Truth is marching on, Rev. Moon: right over you; and too bad..but it’s not too late; while there is life; there is New Hope.

Rev. Moon planned step by step his design of his theft of the Blessing the Black Race had earned by following in the exact pattern of how Jacob once stole the blessing of God through a “blind Issac” from his profane and undeserving brother Esau.

This is why Rev. Moon never recognized publically Dr. Martin Luther King; our Black Moses at the National level; nor understood our Red and White Aaron Presley, who was he with the Voice, as the Aaron was given to our Moses for that Voice which ended racial segregation musically on the air as Dr. King did physically on the ground: Prince Aaron Presley; who fell to the position later of the Golden Calf by which we and our parents “parted” at what came to be called “the Generation Gap”.

 We had our Joshua: Bob Dylan; aka: “Zimmerman”; the water by which the “stream of consciousness” Dylan Thomas found was then preserved for My Generation. That is why he went to Beth-El.

 Dylan was named Dylan not by or for himself; but by God.

As we used to say after Elvis became the Golden Calf, in his Gold Lame, on his Gold Cadillac: “don’t trust anyone over 30”; for we of My Generation all instinctively echoed the division of ‘the father’s and sons of Israel’ coming into the land of Canaan; by which all those over 20 went out and died in the wilderness in the additional 40 years for rebelling against Moses and Aaron; and those under 20 who were not born in “racist Egypt” who all entered the Promised Land Moses himself died in sight of.

It was this division Elijah was to have healed by having they who to be resurrected as of those who all died in the Wilderness in that 40 years of God’s wrath; and their children who entered were thus to then be reunited with: as Eliajh was to “turn the heart of the father’s to the sons; and the heart of the sons to the father’s”; although the exact phrase was “to turn the heart of the disobedient to the wisdom of the Just”; although by killing the Lamb the Elders of Judah were anything but “the Just” as we later saw; but also John the baptist denied he was Elijah; so many did not know who to believe; since Lord Jesus said John was Elijah; but John denied it; and John at that point had more credibility then our poor “son of Joseph the carpenter” from the Lower Class as most thought he was “low born”.

That sad fact is that for Jesus in the eyes of the ruling class was far distinct from John in the eyes of the rulers as John was one of high birth from Zacharias as being from the ruling or Israeilite Upper Class and universally recognized as chosen by God for something special right from birth; as Rev. Moon wisely noticed where things went awry in the manifold causes that brought Lord Jesus to the Cross and had John lose his head earlier.

Rev. Moon also characterized and thus demonized My Generation and Dr. King as being “pro-communist” for not fighting the morally unjust and illegally entered Vietnam War; and thus put us in the camp of the “second beast of Revelation” which is the Global Balaam of Karl Marx the False Prophet and his two-horned “Marxism”; seen in chapter 13 of the Revelation appearing “like a lamb” but with the “two horns”; these two horns representing the two stolen principles of  Communism and Socialism Karl Marx the False Prophet stole.

The Keys of the Kingdom that Peter held were the very two principles that Marx had recognized with Satan’s guidance in “Das Kapital” as being our very own guiding lights by which the 7 churches were to have been operating under; and the essential christian ideals that were indeed the very core “Keys of the Kingdom” given to Peter by the Lamb at the establishing of the First Church of the True Vine in Jerusalem which rose at Pentecost; which were of Pure Communism and Pure Socialism.

Thus Karl Marx’s Satanic strategy seen from that Diabolic Manifestation known as “Dialectical Materialism” by which the creature “like a lamb” comes up out of “the earth” which Marx created as laying the foundation of darkness in setting up a Kingdom of God “without God” at 1917 when the Bolsheviks took Moscow just as the foundation of God was set up beginning at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 as well with the 3 children of Maryam al Kubra and “the Sun that came down to earth” being the “Signs and the Wonders” which began the Providence of the Start for the Third Course of the Restoration into Canaan at the Global level.

That what began in 1917 at Moscow was the 70 years of Russia’s “70 Years of Babylonian Captivity” should have been obvious to Rev. Moon and his followers; but I was given the mission to unseal the Book of Life of the Lamb which is the Revelation of Jesus Christ with John the Divine’s help; so his work ended precisely where mine begins.

Let us take a closer look at these two principles of the First Shepherd of the True Vine Peter and the first church of Jerusalem before I go any further.

The Apostolic Church of Jerusalem and the First Shepherd Peter

Few know that when the First Congregation at Pentecost or the Harvest they all sold all their goods and personally owned private property and put it at Peter’s feet in the form of the money that this constituted as that of “the Left Hand” or “Collective Principle” as the “Collective Key of the Kingdom” in which there was then no private property but all owned everything in common; classic but “God-centered” Communism.

Then the “Distributive Key of the Kingdom” was of “the Right Hand” or “Distributive Principle” as when Peter and the Apostle’s then took care of the Sheep of the Flock in setting up 4 fair and just priorities of how the money was to be distributed:

         1. )   First for the Old and the Sick

         2. )  Secondly for the Widows and Orphans

         3. )  Thirdly for the Poor

          4. )  Lastly; themselves and their families

One can see by the time we got to the Second Church of the True Vine at Rome the Collective Key was till in place; but the Distribution began to be unequal; which is how Marx was able to invade as the Global Balaam when injustice and greed overcame the first operating principles of the Church itself.

The Wrath of the Lamb is the Wife of the Lamb

But who knew what the consequences of loosing on earth what was to be loosed in heaven were to be??

………: only the Lamb who had the Father; and him alone :……………………


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