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“Believe in my Father; believe also in me”The Image of God in Christ Restored

The Coming Two Tests of the Last Day:


The Test of the Believers in Islam at the Last Day: by the Word of Isa, the Holy Spirit of Allah

The Test of the believers of Islam is to see the Mark on the Forehead of Osama bin Laden as on whose forehead is written the name of

    “The Kafir ” —

  The Unbeliever,

The Unbeliever and his unbelieving followers all have the Mark as of the Image of the Beast; therefore bin Laden was while alive and is still, though dead,

“The Masih ad-Dajjal”;

that false Christ or “Mahdi” of Islam.

The Antichrist: the Fatted Calf killed by the Zulfiqar of Benazir Bhutto; Barack Hussein Obama; the global Mahdi; Osama bin laden as the "Man of Lawlessness" seen in II Thessalonians 2:2-5 is also called "the Masih ad-Dajjal" the false Mahdi of Islam...who arrival and then death brings us to the Last Day itself; which all still deny...

The Antichrist: the Fatted Calf killed by the Zulfiqar of Benazir Bhutto; Barack Hussein Obama; the global Mahdi; Osama bin laden as the “Man of Lawlessness” seen in II Thessalonians 2:2-5 is also called “the Masih ad-Dajjal”: the false Mahdi of Islam..whose arrival and then death brings us to the Last Day itself; which all still deny…

Many are trying to “breathe life into his image” even now, so that it will “Breath” life into the Spirit of the Antichrist yet once again. This happened with ISIS, the emanation of the Great Whore Rev. Moon worshipped, and who he called his “female holy spirit” of Korea.
The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami …(天照大神/天照大御神?)

 Just like the Scarlet Colored Beast of chapter 17 of Revelation, which is Red China;
…… the Evil Servant of the Nations, who was embodied in Sun Myung Moon, until his death as the body of John the Baptist.
The Son of Perdition at the Universal Level of “Heaven and Earth” is revealed as the present day China, as our “unfriend” but also our Banker, in position as the Cosmic Canaan; holding the “bag” of  our Financial Capital to buy and sell with, manipulating for gain the Free Nations of the West, just as did Judas the Thief did with the money he controlled with the bag of lucre of the Apostles.
The Son of Perdition of the Nations: wherein the Spirit of the Antichrist lives and breathes...

The Son of Perdition of the Nations: wherein the Spirit of the Antichrist lives and breathes…

The Beast that “…Is and Is Not: Yet Is….

 Thus it is the “Scarlet Colored Beast” who is “Socialist Capitalist Communist” China; as Red China “is” Marxist philosophically, as then being societally “Socialist”; but operates globally in the free market as not really Marxist in the classic sense; because it is now economically Capitalist; so China “is not” strictly Marxist; and then again, going further to it’s ruling class: “yet is” Marxist: as being governmentally and ideologically wed to staunchly Communist ideas. mainly of ruling the Proletariat with an Iron Fist; as Tiananmen Square so did Prove.
"The True Children of Peace; who died for Peace; but would not kill for it...." Tiananmen Square, before the slaughter of the lambs....

“The True Children of Peace; who died for Peace; but would not kill for it….”
Tiananmen Square, before the slaughter of the lambs….

We are witnessing the figure of Revelation chapter 18; where the creature symbolizing the rapacious predator who “ate Tibet” is now revealed as that “Judas of the Nations” Red China; carrying the Great Whore of all our Foreign Debt is then seen that figure of  “the Mother of Harlots” who is Unbridled Capitalism Herself, dubbed “Creative Destruction” by the economists or “great men” of her reign, and she is seen on top of the Son of Perdition who is
1. )  Her son, seen as the Son of Perdition,
and who is also…
2. ) Her lover, unseen as the spirit of the Antichrist, the Scarlet Colored Beast; that embodies the National Spirit of China as the Spirit of Death, for having eulogized Osama bin laden at his death by the sword, and even attempted to justify his reign of Terror as a “hero” for attacking the West!!
This Last Beast of Revelation is thus the Worst, as having the honor of being the Embodiment of the Spirit of the Antichrist; which as the father of North Korea and the Royal Family of Satan Red China first bore and now zealously protects as its “favorite son” or “Day-star of Satan”.
The Spirit of the Antichrist which Osama bin Laden was incarnate; having been before the Messiah at the Global Level of the Third Israel Barack Hussein Obama killed him did so, as the avenger of Benazir or “Zulfiqar” Bhutto, as by the Sword of Ali Hussein; the Mahdi of Islam as then being Barack the Blessed as the Sword in the Right Hand of Christ Jesus the Last: by which God killed Osama the Antichrist.
Dylan and Barack, touching base.....our Joshua" and our "David"

Dylan and Barack, touching base…..our “Joshua” and our “David”

This Act of the Vengeance of God

This happens in establishing the Global Caliphate for the Judgment for the ‘Poor in Spirit’, who are the downtrodden of Islam known as the Shia, as of the New or Divine Islam of the “144,000 First Fruits unto God and the Lamb” as written inthe Book of Life of the Lamb“; and who are not only they who do not drink Wine; as of that alcohol from which all the true Muslims refrain who then also sit being ( with Lord Jesus when he took his Vow at the Last Supper ) all Nazarenes of the Table; but as Eunuchs from Wine and Women the Bride of the 144,000 “men redeemed from the earth” as those of the “Resurrection from the Dead”, known as the “Dead in Christ“; and thus first to reach the Throne.

It is We who represent the Divine Islam of the Virgin Bride, who then alone are they who can sing “the Song of the Lamb”; are then they who become the Lamb’s Wife; as that Chaste Pearl; even of the Golden Gate of the Pearl of Great Price, the Gate of Heaven, even the New Heaven;  Maryam al Kubra, as the Throne of God and the Lamb, appearing when the New Heaven and New Earth appear: beginning at the Regeneration after the three day separation December 22st, 23rd and 24th, culminating on December 25th 2012: with the arrival of Eviternity as the “Dawn of Eternity” itself, even as Eternity represents the “Kingdom of God”.

….in that Last Day called

“Judgment Day”

He appeared to her and gave her a Commandment

The Day that Comes Like a Thief in the Night

It is there where my Father Jesus reigns as the Creator of the New Creation.

The Spirit of Christ seen by my Father’s servant John as “the Lamb with Seven Horns and Seven Eyes” thus represents Ishi; my Husband; who is The Resurrection and The Life; Faithful and True, sitting on the White Horse as the Son in his Glory of his Father Jesus:

……………. as He who Now sits on the Great White Throne of his Glory is my Father Jesus: for “…..Strong is the Lord God who Judgeth Her”, the Lord God of the New Creation Itself. The name David means “Strong”.
And I represent the Path of the Just that the Resurrection and the Life stand on; in the Holy Jerusalem.
It was my Death in Christ that came when the Spirit of Allah came over me where I sat in that room in New Town and with that sharp sword the Word of Allah iwent nto me: from the front, as the Word that “is quick; and living: and sharper than any two-edged sword”; thus I “died” as no longer the man I had been; but now a man whose soul was brought to life as being Sealed with the Seal of Jesus Christ, as it inscribed with a pen of white hot flame the Name of Christ Jesus on my soul deep in my heart: that then finally melted in the Sun of Righteousness.

At that moment my desire for all the women of the earth that had so bedeviled me evaporated like mist; and in my heart my soul then desired only him.

Thus he “took me”; even as it was Written of Enoch; as he was the archetypal scribe; as of all the first fruits unto God and the Lamb.

And I said “from the front”; as of a man with a woman; and the Judgment for the men of Sodom who believe they are “women” is this admonition: “God is not a Sodomite”.

For me it was then Jehovah of Hosts; as it was with Moses with Jehovah, the Holy Spirit of God, who knew: Moses: “face-to-face”.

This is why Moses put on the veil when he came down from the Holy Mountain the second time.
But I don’t wear a veil; and neither will the women of Islam when my Father Jesus arrives after December 25th, 2012; their days of mourning and sackcloth shall be over.

My husband is of course the Universal Mahdi and Savior of Islam; the Lamb of the Sun of Fatima who is the Cosmic Christ the Son of Mary; as seen through the Work of Khidr Rumi of the “Whirling Dervishes” when they performed “The Dance of the Sun”; a divine miracle in which they Enamated the Wonder seen at 1917 as the one from Elijah; the Guide known as the mysterious Shams i Tabriz, who is he by which Khidr Rumi was given the Seal Magnified, as of the “Sun of Maryam al Kubra” that whirled in the sky in 1917 those Three Times over the countryside of Portugal before an estimed crowd of over 30,000, and some say 70,000. persons.

The Three Whirlings in the Sky as the Emanation of Khidr Rumi’s Dancers was done “once” for each of the Three Children of Mary of Fatima the Dyer; the Three Children seen 50 years later as One in the City of St. Francis as One Child: My Generation itself.

This is because of Three Heights of the Door of Noah in the Ark which were all able to open seperately; but they were One Door; thus the Three Children symbolize as “One” the Pearl of Great Price as the “Gate of Heaven” itself; by which they who were chosen; as called and and faithful would enter the New Heaven and the New Earth.

 But they alo represent the “Secret Imam” as the “Bab” or Gate as that “One Pearl” of which the 12 Gates of the Holy City are each made an identical copy of: thus the Secret Imam of the Shia becomes all 12 Gates of the Holy Jeruslaem itself. 

But this should not surprise them; as Fatima the Widow of Islam returns with the Judge of the Last Day at this coming Last Judgment who is the King of Judgment Day; as Maryam al Kubra is the bride of Islam who was destined by Mohammed in his Wisdom to finally wed the Lamb as seen at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

This Blessed Event is thus that Double Sabbath seen with the Lamb at the Last Supper which was then a “Great Passover” and thus Unite Islam with Christianity; as the Daughter or “New Moon” of Mohammed Fatima: the Widow; with the Son or “New Sun” of Christ Jesus; her Avenger; the Sun of Righteousness; the Son of Mary with his “own Mary” as Mary of Bethany was  is thus where the two become One Flesh; as when God called Adam and Eve and “called their name Adam.”

Thus we see the “Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousnessmentioned in Jeremiah those Two Times; once for her at the Regeneration ( Jeremiah 33:16); and once for him at the Regeneration. (Jeremiah 23:6).

Jeremiah 23:6 for his name and 33:16 for her name; but it’s One Name at the End; the lake that burns with Fire and Brimstone.

Thus he said:

“Then there shall be One Sheepfold: and One Shepherd”

As it is written of in Zechariah 14:9 to wit;

              “And Jehovah shall be King over all the earth:

                         In that day there shall be One Jehovah:

    and His Name One.”



Being the bride; the Lamb’s Wife, with my Soul as his Soul it is the Lake of Fire where the Beast of “the Axis”; and the “False Prophet” Karl Marx burn; and then Satan “the Devil”: and lastly “Hell and Death”.

 When finally Hell and Death are put in then shall all be found bound in me as His Footstool: quite a party; like the one for me at the Homecoming of the Prodigal Son: the best Party there ever was or ever will be.

The Footstool of the New Earth as the former old throne of the first heaven; where his Feet rest above the heads of all his former enemies. 

They become one name; and then she is revealed as the Lake of Fire; since the Rider on the White Horse her Husband Ishi is the Son of God: the Second Death himself she beomes One Flesh with.

This is the Mystery of the Day in which the Son of man is Revealed: the day in the Night; or rather; as the day which arrives as a Thief in the Night; but few can miss the Sun of Day even in the Darkest Night.

 And that is why we all wore “Tie Dye” clothing in the 60’s; as reminiscient of the colors the Sun turned from the Work of the Dervishes by Fatima the Dyer; in the Sky of the Son of Mary that wonderous Day: which were seen as multicolored rays spinning out from the Sun as if from spinning pinwheels; as many priests and the astonished onlookers later testified.

In truth each “streamer” was a projection of all the tens of thousands of patches on all the “Robes of Righteousness” the Dervishes of the Path laboriously stiched by hand being “put together” in hundreds of single rows; all the patches on the Robes were small; so it they were sewn in one continous streamer each robe would have been about a mile long; even so; that was a lot of patches to make those streamers for the Work of the Sun.

Day of the Lord as a Thief in the Night


   The Work of the Sun of Tabriz”

…. for the Son of Mary; but the Prodigal Son who was the Black Sheep I now reveal was I; Solomon the Ant or “Dabbat al-Ard” of Sura 27:82 when I came to the Door of the House I was told by my Father Jesus standing with his servants the Sufis that they were to put me in “the best robe”.

This of course symbolizd the garment torn into 12 pieces which symbolized the 12 tribes of Israel that was taken from the King of Israel; the 10 pieces that were taken represented Ephraim; the Northern Kingdom of Israel itself: so the garment I have been given is for restoring the Northern Kingdom seen by the North freeing the Slaves from the South who were the Third Israel from Jefferson Davis as our “Pharaoh” in our Civil War.

Thus the North as “Ephraim restored” as of the Northern Kingdom of “Israel” freed the slaves from the South and their Pharaoh: Jefferson Davis, with Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses.

This happened in the pattern of the Exodus as God freed the Hebrews from Egypt and their Pharaoh; with Moses and Aaron.

It was this Civil War as the Foundation of Faith: Our own Abraham Lincoln first set up and then died for as keeping the pattern set by Abraham our own Abraham “the President” Lincoln therefore adopted; as being when Abraham “the Patriarch” who freed his slaves before he died; and that Dr. King set up the Foundation of Substance upon; when as our “Black Moses” Dr. King made substantial the Victory of the North that Ephraim restored at the National Level.

If we look at the suffering entailed on the condition of the Indemnity to restore the fallen angelic nature in their racism as of hating and also being jealous of the human race; as the Origin of all racism itself was that of the Archangel against Adam; yet all who died freeing the South in the Civil War and then all who died and suffered in the Civil Rights Dr. King and his dedicated followers won for Blacks to Vote in the South, and to then gain racial and social Equality in the South; all of which Barack Obama embodies subtantially in the flesh in the position of the Messiah as the Abel of the Free World; with Rev. Moon as it’s Cain.

Barack embodies the Muslim and Christian seen in the figure of Fierefez Angevin in Eschenbach’s “Parcival” as being half white and half black like the “magpie”, even as Aaron Presley who was Dr. King’s unknown Messenger or unseen High Priest for the transmission from the Third Israel to the Youth of America to join them in the Blessing exemplified; and is embodied in Aaron Presley as himself also being a mixture; as half white and half red, as being half Cherokee.

Both Prince Aaron Presley and that Doctor Martin Luther King are now seen on that cloud which represents the Spirit of man staniding “on their feet” which are the positions of Aaron and Moses; and great fear falls on those who opposed them when they are seen to have secretly worked together to free America from the shdow of Egypt for which both King and Presley died in Memphis as that city named after the old capital of Egypt; and in dying but now with the Spirit of Life from God in them they give the United States of America a new and very real promise for making this the Land of the Free and the Foundation to finally receive the Messiah at the Universal level for all Mankind.

The fall of the Singer Aaron Presley as the Golden Calf of the Self-Image of Elvis

This part of “A City Not Forsaken” is written of in my book as well; suffice to say it is also another thing that is self-evident; thus  clearlyobvious. Like the golden calf Aaron made was the “Self-Image of Moses”; which is why Moses at his return crushed the Image and made them drink it: so his Doctrine would then Distill as the Dew; since he was as the Servant, the Wife of Jehovah, Jehovah who is the Holy Spirit of God Itself.

The book "Witness", by Josyp Terelya, of which I have a copy signed by Terelya himself.

The book “Witness”, by Josyp Terelya, which deal with the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity of the Ukraine from 1917 to 1987, and the Babylon of the USSR until it’s demise.


Part III: The Coming of Babylon the Great in Russia’s 70 years of Babylonian Captivity

          (   Which lasted from 1917 to 1987   )

Section Three:

“The Great Whore as the Spirit of Capitalism,

is She who is the lover of

Mammon / Pluto / Dis,

as she who loves Money above all”

For we all know that the truth of this world is that

“… she is not alone……”

being the Principal Figure with the Gold Cup in her hand as the Principle of Indemnity itself; she is that figure which economists call by her technical name of “Creative Destruction” which is “Lassez-faire Capitalism” at it’s Ayn Rand worst: and She is Fickle, Volatile, Unpredictable: and Drunk with her own Power;

 ……the one by which all the nations are drunken at the End and who all Fall when She falls; which we are all Witnessing now; for as I ascend She descends.

Capitalism for the Rich Northern Hemisphere Industrialized Nations is the Predatory side of Modern Economic Social Darwinism: where the strong devour the weak; as in the Rich who destroy the Poor and also the Earth for Profit; as the holy prophets have always protested about. 

The saying of Darwinism’s “natural selection” operating in Nature which is “Only the strong survive” now in our Society equals out to “Only the Rich Survive” as in our “Big dog eats little dog” world: “the Law of the Jungle” which brings Despair to our Heart; also known as “The Enchantment of The Wasteland” as our Joy is stolen from the Grail.

As of Mammon; the last god of this world to fall; with Apollo as the god of science whose herald was Einstein; as with Mercury the god of Thieves whose herald was Reagan; specifically “Reaganonmics of the Evil Thief”: to “take from the Poor and give it to the Rich”; the Golden Gate of the Good Thief seen in Emmett Grogan and really all the Digger’s was of course “to take from the Rich and give it to the Poor”.

The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

Section Four: The Two Thieves of the Golgothic Cross of Christ: the Universal Key of David

The Good Thief Defended Jesus even as he was dying; thus standing in the position of Michael the Archangel; the Evil Thief Accused Jesus even as all three of them were dying and Tempted him as well saying he should save himself: and also them; thus he was in the position of Satan the Devil.

The Test of the Believers in Christianity at the Last Day


The Test of the believers of Christianity at the Last Day is to see the Seal of Jesus Christ as the Name of Christ Jesus the Last on the Forehead of Sister Faustina; and to believe that the Image of Christ she had drawn as she was commanded is the New Image of God in Christ.


The Divine Image of Sister Faustina; the New Image of God in Christ

 For any Christian this Last Test is very difficult; and spiritually brings ‘a time of touble never seen from the beginning’; for if one does not think that this Image is of the New Image of God in His Christ; and knowing the fallen Angel Lucifer is the Fallen Image of God; then one will see Lucifer: not the Lord Christ Jesus as the new Image of God who is the Son of man.


The Pahana of the Hopi; My Generation as the True White Brother


Who then did then did Sister Faustina see? Pope John Paul II decided it was the New Image of God in Christ: and thus Divine.


The Apostle of Mercy: the Messenger of the Great God: who is “God in His Mercy”


 The Test is this; only one who believes in Christ Jesus can have the Seal of Jesus Christ as of he who is called Christ Jesus the Last: because he is the only one who can come in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ the First.

This is because the Name of Christ Jesus represent the “Light of Life” as “Day Light” itself.
This Name that I come in thus happened because John showed me that “Jesus” represented “the Light”; and when he overcame the Devil in his 40 days combat in the Wilderness it was as “Light seperated from the Darkness” where the Light became “the Day” as Jesus then became “the Christ”.

Therefore at the End it is the Name of Christ Jesus that is seen that is the “Light of Life”; as that Name by which we all “shall not walk in Darkness” as we walk the Path of the Just but instead “shall have ‘the Light of Life’ “, as the Name of “Christ Jesus” to guide our steps; as it means “Day Light” itself.

Those who can thus see the Divine Image are then who Trust in the Vision of Sister Faustina as they would in Christ himself.
To trust in this Image is then as if you were to Trust in Jesus Christ himself; but would not believing in the Lord before this image was seen in 1931 have been as effective after it was painted?
The test is a Trial; for one must either Believe the Image is Divine: or not.
But why would this happen? for this simple nun was not deceived; she knew the Lord was he who had been and was Mercy itself; she knew the Lamb. Why was this “divine image” projected?
Those who are written do not to have to worry about the Image; for they are thoe who are Married to the Lamb and whose trust is in me as revealing to them my Father Jesus.
The simple truth is then this: that as the Path of the Just or the Lamb’s Wife with the 4 Wings which are White and Red and Black and Yellow there is no way to my Father Jesus but by me; appearing as a man; but who is in reality the bride; the Lamb’s Wife.
Who judges by appearence will then be deceived.
Now as of the Virgins of the Lamb who was Slain from the Foundation of the World as Dying in Christ who know the Name of my Father Jesus; the Unbeliever in me as being His Son and will have the Mark as of only seeing Jesus Christ the Son who has God as his Father and will now thus remain only a hired servant of sin; not a true son or daughter of my Father Jesus which only comes with seeing why I have the Seal of Jesus Christ:  as being “He who Comes in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord”: by being “She who Melts in the Name of Christ Jesus the Last.
As two become one in “the Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness“.
                                                                                              Part IV: The Eternal Tabernacle of God
In this Tabernacle the altar is the Soul of Christ; the censer is the Heart of Christ, the Lampstand with 7 lamps lit is the Mind of Christ: and the Reed like unto a Rod is the Strength of Christ as the Virgin has Restored the Light of Day.
The Virginity of Aadm was then the Light of the Sun; as Eve’s Virginity was the Light of the Moon.
This Tabernacle was then not built with hands; and is therefore Eternal.
4 Seraphim of Jehovah, and the 7 Spirits of God internally to those 4
4 Angels of Michael, and the 7 angels of the Archangel internally to that 4
4 Organs of Adam, and the 7 Senses of Man internally to the 4
The 4 Organs of the Body and then the 7 Senses of the Body are seen with the 4 Angels
on the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 winds of the earth
 in their horizontal relation to the 7 vertical angels with the 7 trumpets.

The Supermoon...and my Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Dat Star; Josyp Terelya, holy guardian: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

The Supermoon…and my Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Dat Star; Josyp Terelya, holy guardian: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

For my Father Jesus I am the Tabernacle of God in which his Holy Spirit dwells; as in my male form I appear as a man or an embodied masculine spirit; but in my female character as a woman or the Lamb’s own embodied feminine soul I am the bride of the Comforter; the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus in which are the 7 Spirits of God gathered as of his 7 eyes; who is then my Husband; and I am then the Seal placed upon His heart all must receive to enter His; and enter the Kingdom of the Holy City. 
Which means I must write their names in the Lamb’s Book;
I was given a name better than even son or daughter: as a First-fruit; a Virgin of the Altar which stands for the Soul of Christ  
How the Devil in that devil of Islam’s own Judas was “invited” to Visit New York City;
……by The Command of “the Faithful and Wise Steward” of the Gospel of Christ when he fell to his own Anger at his wounded Pride for having to go to Danbury prison for Tax Evasion……


Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence......but the sperm in the wine made it into "the wine of fornication", which defiled all who drank it,,,

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence……but the sperm in the wine made it into “the wine of fornication”, which defiled all who drank it,,,

Sun Myung Moon


The Judgment of Sun Myung Moon upon New York City began in his book “God’s Warning to the World” and it is how he inadvertently opened the way for “The Man of Lawlessness” to arrive on our shores: Satan and his “right hand man of the beast” we knew as Osama bin Laden, the Antichrist, who lived by the Sword: and then ended up dying by it.

But that’s what happens: as that is Written.

And at the End what has been Written:

Is   DONE  ……

For those without the Faith: … “Watch”.

For those with the Faith: “Join me”……for now come the Day of the Least;

…the Day in which the Son of Man is Revealed….

The Wrath of the Lamb is the Wife of the Lamb

Part I:  A Visit to New York City by Rev. Moon

If we look at page 93 in chapter four of the book “God’s Warning to the World” by Rev. Moon which he wrote from Danbury prison in his 18 months (  seen as embodying the Number of the name of the beast as of the number 6+6+6 ) we see in his chapter 4  under the chapter heading “Christianity in Crisis” more than just a veiled threat; we see a sure promise by someone who decided that he would show America just how powerful he really was in setting up a condition for Satan to invade us in a very negative and unforgettable way.

The City of Sin

Rev. Moon begins on page 93; to wit;

    “When I first came to America, I went to New York and stood on Fifth Avenue during th rush hour. Suddenly tears began pouring down my face. I looked at the wonder of the Empire State Building and the magnificence of the New Trade Center–the tallest buildings in the world.

But I asked myself,

“Does God dwell in those buildings?”

Then he goes on;

“New York is becoming more and more a city without God.”

“It is a city of crime. Such a beautiful city is now crumbling. I can see so much immorality and so many signs of godlessness in that city.

It was shocking to my eyes as I stood watching during that rush hour. I could see so many things at once that are all intolerable in the sight of God.”

It seems that Rev. Moon had already “passed his judgment” on that city; as Moon began to put New York City in the position of Babylon the Great. Perhaps the fallen city of Hollywood Babylon we know as LA, but New York City???


But he did it anyway; and he picked out the Two Towers as symbolizing the spirit: and the pride, of that City.

Tallest buildings in the World” he said.

Then he finishes with this:

“I can really see that God is leaving the great city of New York.

New York is instead becoming the city of evil”

Wow; looks like he decided early that NYC was going to suffer the fate of those of which Rev. Moon disapproves: and that is why he never attained to the crown of life.


Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Now let us examine II Thessalonians and the act of Judgment Osama bin Laden passed on New York City sitting on the throne of Mecca spiritually by comparison.

St. Paul writes this at II Thess. 2: 2-5

 2:2 :      “That ye not be shaken in mind; nor troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word,

nor by letter as from us,

as that the Day of Christ is at hand.

2:3        “Let no Man deceive you by any Means:

                             for THAT DAY SHALL NOT COME,

                                          except a falling away first,

              and that Man of Sin be revealed; the Son of Perdition.”

 That “man of lawlessness” or “man of sin” was Osama Bin Laden: but now at his death we have the proof of thwo things: the Prodigal Son has come back and received the shows, the garment and the ring; the fatted calf who was the Antichrist, a devil with the Devil “in him” is the “fatted” one; and that was the Judas of Islam; Osama bin Laden; son the Laden the One-eyed Dajjal:  from Yemen, let us not forget what the Seal Mohammed said about Yemen at the End.

As I was the one raised for My Generation as Solomon “back from the dead” as “Solomon the Preacher” who fell I was given the mission of restoring Ephraim as Israel; which the life of Solomon personally “mirrors”; which caused him to even worshipe himself for a time as Narcissus gazing lin love at his own soul; which finding: he lost.

The Narcissism of My Generation thus had this hidden cause hidden by the gods under the spell of the myth of Narcissus himself; who Abdul Qadir freed by suspending a Rose over a bowl of Water; which symbolized Solomon gazing at his own reflection in the Abyss. For this bit of information the Sufis of Baghdad carried him into the City on their shoulders.

But they knew all this centuries ago; I just discovered this in the last decade when all the myths were opened to me in their hidden character; as glosses on the characters of the Old Testment; and a few newer myths on the New as well; all of the darkest sorcery imaginable to hide their true nature from mankind.

Until now; of course; because the 12 gods of darkness are now being replaced with the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; as the New Year; they have gone from being the 12 hours of the Day restored as with the 12 Knights of Arthur at the Round table; to Now as the 12 Apostles of the Lamb at the Emerald Table: of Justice; the Bride. But now they are the 12 Months of the New Year’ the Governors of Eternity; which is the Kingdom of God now to established on the New Earth.

But that is the Holy Mountain of the Gospel itself; as the First Tabernacle which measured 20 cubits long and 10 cubits wide in the old days: the New Earth is a little bigger.

But it symbolized Mt. Sinai: the Holy Place where one had to remove one’s shoes; which is why they of Islam remove their at the Mosque; as the angel required Moses to remove his; and later Joshua also when he entered the Holy Land.

This is sufficient Proof to any with their own lamps lit.

The Holy of Holies of the Second Tabernacle represented with the Mercyseat where Moses met Jehovah the Holy Spirit of God Face-to-face.

This is now seen as the Holy City as being the Revelation itself placed on top of the Gospel as the Holy Mountain; as the Anvil was placed on the Stone:

….so the Word of Jesus I have received from the Gospel through the Revelation being “Opened”  is exactly as when with that 12 year old Child on 4-18 or Easter that Arthur took a sword: but that sword had a name:

   the Sword of Excalibur Arthur took from the Stone through the Anvil that “released” it.

Thus the Word of Jesus I received from the Gospel through  the Revelation being understood was because my father’s servant John the Divine who originally wrote it then revealed it to me: from the Angel of Christ who originally gave it to him; of course.

In explaining the revelation to me John stood to me in the same relation now that the Angel of Christ had stood to him 2,000 years ago: it’s called “the divine progression of the Work” by the Sufis and the other members of the Elect.

          “Fairest” as “Most Impartial” of them all: the Wife of the Blessed Olive Tredd; Jesus of Nazareth and his Cosmic “Mary of Bethany” the 144,000 Virgins of the Bridechamber represent at his Return in the position as the Lord God Himself on His Great White Throne of Justice; which is the position of God in His Righteousness as the God of Amen; the God of Truth.

What is the Grail? It is Perfection. Who holds it? The Vestal Host!


That Rev. Moon would have branded Dr. Martin Luther King as “pro-communist” for opposing the illegal and morally unjust Vietnam War, and never marching with him as the Black Moses of the internal restoration of Cannan from the Kingdom of Egypt to that of the new “promised land” as the Manchild of the Third Israel seems unforgivable.

That he would then in 1991 give Kim Jong Il of North Korea three million dollars in as a “birthday gift” beggars the imagination; but there is more to all this than meets the eye.

The One-eyed Dajjal of Yemen: the father of Osama bin Laden: the Judas bin Laden of Islam, and the Judas Iscariot of Christianity,

The Seal Mohammed said that “9/10’s of all the evil in world will emante from Yemen in the Last Days..” And as usual; he was right. Osama bin Laden’s father was the One-eyed Bricklayer who became mysteriously a billionaire: no one knows exactly how; but he was of the devil himself; the fearsome “Dajjal” of whom Osama was the Son: son of the Dajjal: son of Perdition; son of the Devil: and now more on Yemen; of course.

         “Whoso liveth by the Sword

(of Allah ( which the Sufi’s define as “the hungry stomachs of the Poor” )

           ….. shall Die by it…”

The Key of David is the lives of the Sheep: that overules the Sword.

Jesus died for the Sheep: not just the Poor; which Judas forgot when he accused him; which happened when Mary of Bethany anointed him with the spikenard which was costly; Judas then judged Jesus on the spot; and decided he was worthy of death; and acted on it soon afterward.

This is how that “the sword shall striketh the Shepherd” thing which Isaiah spoke of happened for sure; Isaiah being “Isa” as “the Servant of God”; which Lord Jesus also was: it’s a generic term for “the Wife” of God; Moses for example.

To see where the Restoration of Ephraim as Prodigal Son Solomon at the National level in “the Resurrection unto Life” one really has to look Taylor Branch “the recording angel” whose 7 part series on the Civil Rights Movement here which put the foundation of substance the foundation of Faith we laid in the Civil War; because we believed in the Black race; as Christians.

Taylor’s 3 books of the Civile Rights Movement which shows his understanding of the Black race as the Thrid Israel is coming onto the Own Network on Oprah soon: about the Black Christian Race here in America as the emergent “Manchild in the Promised Land” that Claud Brown wrote of in his earthshaking book about the black man as the Jew in a racist Egypt in their last days when all the first born were ordered to be drowned in the Nile.

Claude Brown thus wrote of the numbers in which they were drafted to die on the front lines or be wounded in Vietname qualified as the same policy: and God and His Christ obviously agreed.

That day of ancient Egypt as the situation today of a black man in racist America defined the coming of theThird Israel; with Dr. King as our “black Moses” on that 430 year foundation of time-indemnity in the West from 1492; although Rev. Moon says from 1517.

 The Black Christian Race was “Oppressed” as by Lucifer the King of Babylon and then was Delivered; for which Ephraim as the North paid and we fought the Civil War over: which restored Ephraim….and also proves John brown was a Righteous Man who died for his brother:

               ………”no greater love than a man lay down his life for his friends”:

         and John Brown HAD some black friends: they DIED with him.

But this is how Ephraim as the North was restored; as Solomon at the National level; as when before the Patriarch Abraham died he first freed all his slaves; just as before Abraham Lincoln died he also freed all the slaves: of our Pharaoh: Jefferson Davis


It is where Rev. Moon as that “evil servant” that Matthew wrote of at chapter 24:48 and Luke also as well all has to do with the fate and/or destiny of the “Faithful and Wise Steward” who misses the Day and the Hour of the Lord’s Return as his “Final Test”.

This is why we got Osama bin Laden on 9/11; a vendetta from someone who decided America was going to suffer for having had him arrested and put in prison.

I am not going to go into how Hyo Jin walked into the studio with a paper bag with one million dollrs in at or all the other thing Rev. Moon did that were illegal: because I am not going to judge the man; that has already happened because he judged John the Baptist as being responsible for the death of Jesus in his book “Divine Principle”; and since Rev. Moon is John the Baptist all he did was condemn himself.

That’s why the Lamb said

“Judge Not; lest ye be Judged”

Pretty good advice being as how not judging people is Divine Wisdom itself!

Like John always tells me:

“…. God knows, little one: everyone else: is just guessing !!…”


But Rev. Moon was always ashamed of my Father’s miracles ( ” he did too many ” ) and his words ( “the Bible is not the truth but a textbook” ) ; and now He and I are ashamed of Rev. Moon and his words; denial of the Gospel after denial; untruth and total misperception upon dim interpretation and cloudy assumption; and endless unsupported supposition in every  vague dissertation: never the Word of God: never.

But Rev. Moon never bonded with the Word Made Flesh; just as John the Baptist didn’t with the Lamb of God he was to have served; and now my Father Jesus sits on the last place Rev. Moon ever even thought of:



That is where things stand now for our Korean Aaron: a complete disaster.



                   “LOOKED NOT FOR HIS LORD

     ( from Matthew and Luke as of the “fate”

            of the faithful and wise steward )

The Mustard Seed that became the great Tree of the heavens


The Blue Star; the Morning Star

 That Day which came as a “thief in the Night” when Comet Holmes was enlarged on October 24th 2007 in one day One Million Times: the Morning Star; as the Blue Star of the Hopi: the New Sun of the Regeneration that comes with the King of the Kingdom itself; the Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man.

Of this Rev. Moon knows nothing.


But it was the day that I underwent an experience I chronicle in my book “A City Not Forsaken” as my “Death in Christ”; the turning point for the Providence not just for America: but the World.

The Hopi Indians were apprised of my mission by telling me in advance of the “Two Helpers” I would have and of the “Morning Star” they call “The Blue Star” of the Kachina “Blue Star Dancer”; and beneath whose mask is the face of the one I now know is the Face of the Sun of the Regeneration: the face of the Second Death who “swallows up Death in Victory”.

 “My; How the Mighty have fallen!!”


Who is this? Why it’s Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon! As a Gold Statue!

The Coming Death of Sun Myung Moon: by Hyo Jin Moon in the World of Spirits.


Blowing It!

It’s the Revealing at the Denouement that is ‘The End’

 Part II: Revealing the Eviternity of the Kingdom at December 25th 2012; at the Final Denouncement
HERE we  have  THE PROBLEM laid out of HOW  Rev. Moon DECIDED the Messiah would be “Mortal” and thus “die” as a mortal man.
This can be seen in the two versions of the same passage in his book “Divine Principle” which I have placed together; the early version on top; the later version on the bottom.
The two versions; one on the top from 1973 version of “Divine Principle”; the one on the bottom from the 1996 version; very different; and for a very specific reason; one avers the immortality of the Messiah; the other states that the Messiah will be mortal.
“However bitter a way he may walk, the Lord of the Second Advent will never come to die, not fulfilling the providence of restoration, as in the time of Jesus. This is because God’s providence to fulfill His purpose of creation, through the True Parents of mankind, has come down from Adam through Jesus, to the Lord of the Second Advent, and in the third instance, the providence will not fail to be realized.
Further, as will be later discussed (cf. Part II, Ch. 6, Sec. IV — 532), the spiritual providence of restoration for the 2,000 years after Jesus has achieved the age of democracy in order to create the society beneficial for the providence. Jesus was killed after being branded as a rebel against Judaism, but in the democratic society at the Second Advent, the Lord cannot walk the path of death, even though he may be bitterly persecuted as a heretic.
Therefore, however difficult a way the Lord of the Second Advent may walk, there will gather saints believing and serving him absolutely on the substantial foundation of faith which he will establish; and it will be certain that they will be able to set up the substantial foundation to receive the Messiah by setting up the foundation of substance, for the sake of the substantial course of the third worldwide restoration of Canaan.”

Here is the second version from the 1996 edition; and quite different.

“However arduous the path he may walk, Christ at the Second Advent will not die without fulfilling the providence of restoration. This is because God’s providence to raise up the True Parents of humankind225(cf. Christology 4.1.1)and fulfill the purpose of creation through them will be successful on the third attempt. This providence began with Adam, was prolonged through Jesus, and will bear its fruit without fail at the Second Advent.
Moreover, as will be discussed below,226(cf. Parallels 7.2.6)God’s spiritual providence of restoration during the two thousand years since Jesus’ day has prepared a democratic social and legal environment which will protect Christ at the Second Advent. Jesus was killed after being branded a heretic by the Jews and a rebel by the Roman Empire.
In contrast, even if Christ at the Second Advent is persecuted as a heretic, in the democratic society to which he will come, such accusations will not be sufficient grounds for him to be condemned to death.
Therefore, no matter how bitter his tribulations may be, Christ at the Second Advent will be able to lay the foundation of faith on the earth. Standing upon it, he will gather disciples of indomitable faith. He will guide these followers to fulfill the indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature and establish the foundation of substance. The foundation for the Messiah for the substantial course in the third worldwide course will be established without fail.”
In a way both versions provide a very differnt view of how Rev. Moon decided he would approach his mission; the first is accurate prophetically; the second is faithless.
Thus it is here that it must begin in defining first the terms of how Rev. Moon departed conclusively from the truth; and then revealing it so it cannot be denied.
 Both Hands Clapping: a Little Closer to the Actuality and  Truth About Rev. Moon

The Dawn of Eternity: and the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb

 As the author of the book ” Divine Principle “; Rev. Moon is unaware it seems that the Cross of Christ is itself the Key of David, which happens to be the actual Divine Principle embodied in the Cross of Christ as the Power of God.
This is far different than the book “Divine Principle” written by Rev. Moon which is a flawed masterpiece; and elucidates the exposition of the Key quite well in may places: but falls short in a few others; which I with John the Divine had to repair along with the service of Hyo Jin Moon from spirit world as the angel of the Covenant I have with Rev. Moon in the position of Saul; and Hyo Jin Moon now dead but raised in the position of Jonathan for whom John the Baptist was named: and I stand in the position of the singer; the child who is David.
That only what is Written in the Book really exists after the Last Hour needs no explanation: no matter how it appears until then.
 The birthday gift Rev. Moon gave Kim Jong IL: that three million dollars to Kim Jong Il from Rev. Moon at this meeting in 1991 is well documented; how in war time even with a treaty in place Rev. Moon was allowed to buy the land of his birthplace to build a shrine to himself in North Korea is beyond me: but it didn’t come cheap.

Sun Myung Moon as Korea’s Abel with Kim Il Sung as Korea’s Cain

The Real Story of the Advent of Sun Myung Moon and the Setting Up of the Cosmic Jericho at the death’s of his Eldest Son Hyo Jin Moon  and his First born Child as of the “6th” at the end of the Unification Church; “the Universal Family Federation of Peace”.


Osama bin Laden as the Fatted Calf of Islam;

…………….and the Golden Calf of the High Priest of Korea; Strange Bedfellows.


Blowing Out the candles of his faith; the Revealing of the “Evil Servant of North Korea and Red China the “Scarlet Colored Beast” at the Denouement that brings The End of the Unification Church and the Beginning of the New Unification Church of New Canaan: from New Hope.

“For he to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be required.”

The Shepherd of the 7th Church of Revelation: the installation of my Father Jesus’ servant John to replace Sun Myung Moon.


Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is "cut off' from the congregation of Israel: forever..."

Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is “cut off’ from the congregation of Israel: forever…”

The Herald of Mary of Fatima

(  Chapter 18 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: the Herald of Mary; the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife )


  “And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.

2:  And he cried mightily with a strong  voice, saying,

            “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,

                  and is become the habitation of devils, 

          and the hold of every foul spirit, 

               and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

3:  For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication,

                        and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, 

               and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

  4:     And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,

              ” Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins,

                       and that ye receive not of her plagues

5:                    For her sins have reached unto heaven,

                   And God hath remembered her iniquities.

6:                 Reward her even as she rewarded you,

                        and double unto her double according to her works:

                                 in the Cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

7:                    How much she hath glorified herself,and liveth deliciously,

                     so much torment and sorrow give her: for she sayeth in her heart

                           “I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow’;

 8:                     Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine;

                   and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

9:      And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her,

                  shall bewail her, and lament for her,  when they shall see the smoke of her burning,

10:                Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying,

                 ‘Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.’ 

11.                 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her;

                        for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:”

12:                 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls,

                      and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood,

                           and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood,

                                  and of brass, and iron, and marble,

13:                    And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine

                            and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses,

                            and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.

14:                       And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee,

                            and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee,

                            and thou shalt find them no more at all.

15:               The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her,

                           shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,

16:                 And saying,

                      ‘Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet,

                      and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!

17:                        For in one hour so great riches is come to nought.’

                      And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, 

                         and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off,

18:                           And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying,

                             ‘ What city is like unto this great city!’

19:                      And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, 

                           ‘ Alas, alas that great city,

                      wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness!

                              for in one hour is she made desolate.’

20:                              Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; 

                                     for God hath avenged you on her.

21:                                And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone,

                                  and cast it into the sea, saying,

                            ‘ Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down,

                                         and shall be found no more at all.’

22:               (Mary finishes)         ‘And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers,

                                     and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman,

                                  of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; 

                           and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;

23:                                   And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee;

                and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: 

                     for thy merchants were the great men of the earth;

                   for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.’

24:                              And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints,

                                    and of all that were slain upon the earth.”




The New Home Chuch of New Hope

 The death of the Masih ad-Dajjal: the Antichrist, Man of Lawlessness; by the king of the Third Israel: Barack Hussein Obama
                                                                           The Three of Ophiuchus
  The 13th Sign of the Zodiac                          The Glyph of Seth                             The Sign of the Pahana 
  The Thief of the House                         The Blue Star of the Hopi                     The Sun of Regeneration
“Whoso liveth by the Sword shall perish with it”


Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory in that Day

Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory



  1. Blowing Out the candles of his faith; the Revealing of the “Evil Servant of North Korea and Red China the “Scarlet Colored Beast” at the Denouement that brings The End of the Unification Church and the Beginning of the New Unification Church of New Canaan: from New Hope.

    “For he to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be required.”

    The Shepherd of the 7th Church of Revelation: the installation of my Father Jesus’ servant John to replace Sun Myung Moon.


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