The Mormon Church; Part II; Islam and the Advent of “The Jew” I Nephi 14:18-27 Now the Advent Begins

The Crown of the Altar is the Seal of the Commandment

The Free Gift of God is Eternal Life

        to those who walk the Path of the Just in these Last Days!!

The Last 7 Steps of the Lamb: the Straight Path as the Light of 7 Days.

The test of Rev. Moon at the LAST DAY which arrived with the fatted calf: the Judas of Islam: the devil with the Devil his father in him: the Antichrist: Osama bin Laden. My Father Jesus had him killed when I returned to the House of David as God: Beth-El; that men call Woodstock ,

But it means ” the House of God”: the Pillar of Cloud; the House of our Joshua; the Salvation of God;  Barack and the Zulfiqar of Ali for My Generation and the Third Israel God named him; and as Dylan was so named for us to remember Dylan Thomas, Zimmerman as “the Tzaddi” thus stands as our Joshua; and the 31 bands that played at Woodstock at the 3 Days which began our Internal Exodus in the taking of Egypt from within ( which was begun then at “Beth-El”) then of My Generation of the Third Israel it was those 31 bands taking the stage and overthrowing the powers-that-be symbolically who spiritually represent the 31 victories over the 31 kings that Joshua defeated when the first Israel entered Canaan and conquered it. 

 We were then leaving “Racist Egypt” and entering the “Real Land of the Free”; and James Marshall Hendrix then played the STAR SPANGLED BANNER as OUR NATION’S NEW ANTHEM.

“And the Banner over Us was “LOVE”


Osama Bin Laden was the “man of lawlessness” mentioned by St. Paul at II Thessalonians; whose coming and then death mark the emergence of the Last Day of Islam; Osama’s arrival as the Global Terrorist presages the End; and what follows after his death is then the the Last Day as the “Day of Christ Jesus” that comes as “a thief in the Night”, just as St. Paul and Peter both said: the ‘falling away’ for us who watched and waited for the Lord’s return then beginning with the million Aremenians killed in 1915 by which Islam began leaving it’s position as of “the loyal Cain” when Mohammed cleared the Courtyard of the Kaa’ba of the 360 idols of the Lunar year of their calender; and after 1915-1917 becoming fallen as a repeat of “Cain killing Abel”.

This occured with Islam beginning to leave it’s position as the Second Israel in the “Falling Away” mentioned by Paul of the Light of Damascus, with Turkey killing the Christian Armenians in sight of Mt. Ararat.

All this is seen at the first seal at 1910 ( in the first decade revealed in my book which is of 1910 to 1919 )  and heard about in 1917 at the first trumpet ( revealed in my book from 1917-1927 );  and the Last Day of Islam then arrives: the Day of Christ: the Day of Justice; and then the Last Hour???

LOOK OUT; ………’s December 25th 2012!!!!

As I was then taken to the Washington Monument in the Sprit that night; and found that the 555 foot tall Obelisk represented a man of righteousness I met shortly thereafter”‘one Glenn David Emery; the spiritual giant of being himself the embodiment of the Divine Vertical all “555” feet of it himself…the base of this Egyptians style Obelisk is 55 feet; as I was born in 1955…so I represent the Universal Horizontal, as the Bride, to which Glenn David Emery is the ascendant “lightning rod” in the flesh….

THE END OF CAPITALISM as the Great Whore the Scarlet Colored Beast of “Socialist Capitalist Communist” China carries in Revelation chapter 18; the “beast that “is” ( Marxist as Socialist) and yet “is not” Marxist ( as being Capitalist economically ) and “yet is” Marxist: as Communist governmentally; as the children of Tiananmen square all found out when the tanks rolled over their bodies by the thousands.

It is She who is old “Creative Destruction” Herself; as Lassez-faire ‘free market’ Capitalism Herself; the Stock Market being her emanation as fickle; volatile, unpredictable and completely unprincipled as her only principle.

And Red China as the Scarlet Beast seen in chapter 18 of the Revelation then “upholds her” as Red China does our National Debt and it carries her as more than just America’s debt but also her master; for ‘the debtor is a slave to the Holder of the Debt’; thus we are under the Sway of the ‘Son of perdition of the nations’ and the Spirit of the Antichrist that Red China now embodies.

We have the Nation of Red China then symbolized as one man….and Rev. Moon as the “Evil Servant” is then that man; embodying the fall of the Great Whore of Capitalism as now the vehicle of global oppression as of what the fallen Yellow Race now embodies substantially as the “King of Babylon”: Lucifer himself.

In having his family and himself siding with the Royal Family of Satan by giving Kim Jong IL of North Korea 3 million dollars in 1993 and meeting with Kim Il Sung; and even before that in 1991 to give him money to buy the ground of his hometown and village and even his parents house; and his house where he was born was the most important: so he could build a shrine to himself!!!

The worship of the gold staute of Mr. and Mrs. Moon by their son Hyung Jin Moon and his dutiful wife: “Thou shalt make no graven Image….”

            President Barack Obama now stands as the Global Abel: and Rev. Moon falls as the Global Cain.

The Cain and Abel of Korea; Kim Il Sung and Sun Myung Moon

But let us examine the Final Tableaux in the context of 2012; the final division at which the ecomomic principle or Vine of the Earth seen as our Society on Earth as the Fallen Hierarchy finally falls; as with the judgment of the high ones on high; a Hiearchy in Heaven which is a Fallen Society…

This is not news to everyone; but we of the awakened one’s in the Last Day know of the fallen angels here on earth working with the fallen host of hypocrites in heaven who profess principle but love God not we find their object then is Talismanic; as ours is the Economic reality of it’s discarnate “shadow” of imaginary value mankind “holds” in it’s collective mind unconsciously; except the subconscious current of having to deal with the exchange of “filty lucre” in almost every financial act on the planet even in our platic credit cards we all know that “money doen’t talk: it swears”.

This is the “hidden” plague as of the “Wasteland of the Grail”; and thus the discarnate “psychic / magnetic” pull to the bottom of mankind’s abyss made of the Pyramid of Capital that is the Destroying Mountain of Babylon the Great herself; as a “center” or “Vertical organizing principle” money is a “fallen star” that is the Devil’s excrement; a veritable black hole from a bigger one; the bigger the amount; the larger the attraction: of nothing, just your own mental consent that paper and rocks and stones are valuable: this is the Mark in the forehead of all those enslaved to matter; as this Materialism affects both Rich and Poor as the small one’s of pride and the great one’s of humility; one class living in an artificial heaven; but real enough; and the other is living as trapped in an artificial hell: but real enough to captives and be perrenial victims of untold suffering and misery for thousands and now seemingly for ever.

This scenario as daily seen being revealed being even now protested against in India; as spiritually sustained Tradition that concretely manifests the Oppression of the King of Babylon who is Lucifer in India’s caste system: thus having for their society the Vine of the Earth Itself manifested: the Rod of the Exactress Babylon but now to be broken as the back of the Serpent; the Staff of Mammon: the Crystalization of the Society of the Fallen World of Mammon himself: the god of this world.

It is that Lover who is the Whore that carried the Cup or Principle of Indemnity; but herself like our fallen “Evil Servant Rev. Moon now in Las Vegas and with his sholaholic wife who loves only money: the Love of which is the Root of all Evil: the fallen solar and lunar principles thus become the gold and silver of the god Mammon as Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon now are; by which they as did Adam and Eve long ago in their fall when we traded foolishly traded our divinity for mortality; by losing our virginity before we were each made perfect; going through 21 years of Time as the Entire Trial by Fire itself.

Losing to the Serpent of “angel of the devil” it was secondly Adam and first Eve who became fallen objects as the very “gold and silver” of the Devil himself; but originally we were to gain our equality with the angels by having Adam overcome the Serpent: one -to-one; which is exactly what happened with Solomon and Jesus in the Wilderness: for it was indeed I; Solomon, who had sold his soul to become Apollo; the last of the gods; and having lost to Jesus it was I as Solomon who was indeed tossed out from being “ruler of the World” by the Devil when he came to see what had gone wrong; for losing it all to Jesus who bound his “regent” and took all of his powers and items: like the shoes for traversing the heavens; the garment of invisability and the ring for commanding the devils; who the prince of this world or “Death” came to take his ‘kingdoms of the earth’ back from after the Lamb had been slain: but not a bone of the Lord was broken; and the Lamb arose as the Living Word; the Second Death.

On earth after the Resurrection the 12 Apostles had Christ Jesus for that 40 Days even though Matthais was not officially one of the 12: but the face of the Lamb had changed; and was was now that of David.

That is why Magdelene did not even recognize Jesus when he arose; she thought he was the gardener; because his face was changed as that of David;  just as it had on the Mount Sion at the Holy Mount when ‘his visage was changed’: this time it became Permanent; which Peter nd John and James had all seen; and thus knew even though Jesus told them not to tell anyone until after he rose with the new face. Doubting Thomas was the worst case of the lot; and other’s never believed….

This is why the Apostle’s had such a hard time at his return from the TOMB

But then, Rev. Moon does not even think Jesus even rose with his body!!


Moon said Jesus rose, “as a spirit”!!!


 But the Lord said he arose in his “flesh and his bone” and even sat down and ate some fish;

 and I believe the Lamb over our dead Korean friend Rev. Moon any day!!



and the Unification Church

Let us examine what Joseph Smith the prophet said and whose mission Over the House” here in America as “the House of Joseph” in “America as Egypt” that Rev. Moon was to have taken over and then gathered the 144,000 Virgins of the Children of the Resurrection after having sealed the 144,000 with the Seal of the Living God which Moon, like John the Baptist, never attained: once again.

Rev. Moon was to have remained a virgin and gathered the virgins who would have “vowed and paid” be he did not; and had them all marry which killed them all spiritually; for by having them all marry who were they who “were not to marry nor be given in marriage” this then was that one thing which disqualified them all from the “Resurrection from the dead” they were to have undergone.

Furthermore it was they who were to have been shown the Book of Life of the Lamb Rev. Moon was supposed to have unsealed which is the Revelation of Jesus Christ itself.

And then after doing that if Rev. Moon had performed the Will of God by which they would have all then known their true destiny and then become “eunuchs for the Kingdom of heavens sake”; as “priests  forever, after the Order of Melchizedek”, as was David himself;

…..the actual prophesied “Clouds” of the ‘Coming of the Son of Man’ that he was to arrive with!!!

 Then they who went through the “Death in Christ” in that Holy Act were they who would have been written in the Lamb’s book; but I was the only one left after Rev. Moon was done his work with the gold cupin the hand of his “female holy spirit” who is ISIS or ‘MYSTERY‘: the ‘Great Whore’ of Revelation, chapter 18, who beguiled him into falling and becoming “that evil servant” of Matthew 24:48;

…….and her “golden cup of her fornication” is Rev. Moon’s own “Principle of Indemnity” with his semen put in it; which he had all the couples drink at the Mass Weddings!!!

….. that Cup I recently took back, with my servant John’s miraculous help; thank God my Father Jesus sent him!

My Father Jesus now Returns: King of Judgment Day

                                           My Father Jesus now Returns: King of Judgment Day

“…the horses of the Egyptians are flesh; and not spirit…”

Joseph Smith and my Father’s servant John; the words of the Testimony of my coming with my Father’s messenger: an independent verification of my mission from the Church of Latter Day Saints.

17 And when the day cometh that the wrath of God is poured

out upon the mother of harlots,

which is the great and abominable church of all the earth,

whose founder is the devil, then, at that day,

the work of the Father shall commence,

 in preparing the way for the fulfilling of his covenants,

which he hath made to his people who are of the house of Israel.


18 And it came to pass that the angel spake unto me, saying:


19 And I looked and beheld a man, and he was dressed in a white robe.

20 And the angel said unto me: “Behold one of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.”


((….This figure Joseph Smith saw is my Father’s Servant John;

 the Messenger of my Father Jesus, by the way….))

21: Behold, he shall see and write the remainder of these things; yea,

and also many things which have been….

22 :   And he shall also write concerning the end of the world.

23: Wherefore, the things which he shall write are just and true;

and behold they are written in the book which thou beheld

proceeding out of the mouth of the Jew;

and at the time they proceeded out of the mouth of the Jew,

 or, at the time the book proceeded out of the mouth of the Jew,

 the things which were written were plain and pure,

and most bprecious and easy to the understanding of all men.”

The Jewish girl with the Cross of Jerusalem around his neck…

 24: And behold, the things which this aapostle 

of the Lamb shall write are many things which thou hast seen; and behold,

the remainder shalt thou see.

25 But the things which thou shalt see hereafter thou shalt not write; for the Lord God hath ordained

the apostle of the Lamb of God that he should awrite them.


26: And also others who have been, to them hath he shown all things, and they have awritten them; and they are bsealed up to come forth in their purity,


according to the truth which is in the Lamb, in the own due time of the Lord,

unto the house of Israel.

My Father’s Servant John: the Messenger of my Father Jesus

27: And I, Nephi, heard and bear record,

that the name of the apostle of the Lamb was aJohn,

 according to the word of the angel.

“Thus did Joseph Smith relate what was to come when John had me write down the things that he was not alowed to then as this was his mission as the scribe of God. “

 A man’s slaves are considered


At the fall we were then his “Money”; selling out God we sold themselves and Eve as Nature embodied became “his kingdom” and Hell on earth.

And to those who would not sell themselves: Osiris then kills in the Last Days; even the Saints themselves, Dr. King and Ghandi being good examples..,,..But here is the Patience and faith of the Saints.

It is for this Principle the Devil fights to maintain the illusion of Collected Wealth

as really existing: we have but forged invisible bars in our minds that “money” even exists: in Truth

it does not; one cannot eat gold or silver;

one can only eat food: money is thus a concept at the level of make believe or the playground equivilent of “let’s pretend”.

Let us just not forget we are pretending!

The Vision at the End

The Seven Sealed Thunders

Let us take a look at the boo “The Sufis” written by Sayed Idries Shah; who revealed that Mohammed is the 100th Name of Allah:

…………may his name be Praised who is the Praised One!

But here we must take a look at that “other” 100th Name: the Name of Jehovah that is “Jealous“.

For it is They who speak in the pages of the Qur’an as the “Host” of the High Ones on High: that fallen third of the Original Host who are the “angels of the Devil”.

Thus in dealing with Osama bin Laden as the Antichrist now dead by the Hand of Barack as the One holding the Zulfiqar that Islam knows died as the ” Masih Ad-Dajjal ” Osama bin Laden we have the controversy that comes and must come from conflict; and conflict can only be resolved when the actual causes are laid bare: for where the Shia and the Sunni have irrevocably split Islam we have the shifting balance of power going from the conservative Oil Rich Arabia to extremist Atomic Weapon Iran: and the rise of the Shiite Messiah that is the National Cult of Iran: Ali-ism; or Ismailism.

The Lamb arrives as the Husband of Fatima: the Messiah; the Son of Mary. And I; as the bride; and thus the Lamb’s Wife am Maryam al Kubra; Mary of Bethany at the Cosmic Level of the 144.000 Virgins: the Holy City itself.

Yet they shall be requited at this: the Last Day of the Resurrection that has now come!

But it is the Lamb who Avenges Fatima the Dyer; the Widow of Islam: the Lord Requites her: and she is the Pearl of Great Price: she is the Gate of Heaven.

For is is the Child of Fatimah by God in the place of Ali that brings Salvation from God to mankind: but this Mystic Pearl of the Light of Allah as that in which these 3 children of Mary of fatima in 1917 at Portugal who appear as One Gate: and thus is seen the Door of the Ark of Salvation; as of the 3 Tiered Door of the Ark of Noah which they represent as the Hidden Imam; the Messiah of the Shia.

For the Pearl of Great Price is the Gate of Allah; the Golden Gate Heaven in the City of St. Francis that was opened in 1967; 50 years after 1917 and the Sun of Maryam al-Kubra; the Greater Son of the Greater Mary.

50″ means “Harvest”; and the Harvest” also means: PENTECOST

Thus did the Word of Allah say:

“As it was in the days of Noah:

so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man”.

Thus God now intervenes in human history with that Hand none can gainsay nor stop; for which of the blessings of Allah would any deny?

It is this that Iblis is intent on happening that has been momentarily stopped in Iraq and barely Iran from fulfilling their roles as “Gog and Magog” from Khabbani’s description in the Light: but Israel will not hold it’s breath forever: thus Armageddon looms large on the horizon.

At the heart of all this is Palestine; so in the interests of further open dialogue with the Sufis of the Assembly of the Design I offer the following condensation of some of my book in the section on the final dimension that exists in the Heart of Abraham as the Heart of God; which is Paradise itself; nor is there any other.

 But before Palestine we have to resolve how Islam was given the Kingdom and the Jews thrust out: right to the Wailing Wall; where there is nought but “weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

The “Solution” to the age-old problem between Muhammedism and Christianity lays at the Submission of Islam and the Altar of Issac hid beneath the Sacrifice of the Lamb. For in his Death the Word of Allah who is Jesus the Lamb said the Kingdom would; to wit;

“……. be given to “A Nation bringing forth the Fruits of it………”;

The Unicorn as the Vehicle of Salvation

The Trumpet of Allah sounds at the Last Day

…: and this Nation was Islam :……..

As one of the firstfruits it is I who can speak of these things in the historical context of the “generations” coming from the 4 corners of the earth to the Table of Abraham as I do in my book; for the Sufis came to me for My Generation just as the Magi came to Jesus for the Jews in his Generation. That was actually the reason bands like “the Who/ Hu” channeled the sufic impulse seen in conceptual projections of the 4 stations of sufism see in alblums like “Tommy” under the spiritual influence from that “winetaster” of the the sufis men knew as Meher Baba.

That there are quite a few areas which have been unknown to the followers of the 3 monotheistic religions has more to do with the ignorance of all three about the nature of the Qur’an itself: the Curse of God “set in stone” by Moses which fell upon Israel when it lost the status of the Chosen nation of God; and it is this Curse which is mentioned by Malachi in the last sentence, of the last book, of the last prophet of Israel before John arrived. Malachi strictly warned Israel to

“…look at the statutues of Mt. Horeb and remember that Curse Moses said would fall upon Israel if they disappointed God and did not heed Elijah the messenger who God would send first.”

….and they did not. I want understanding to blossom; in this desert of man’s ignorance about Allah and the Word of Allah:

…………..the Lamb men call Jesus.

It is this Curse which fell upon Jacob so that he lost the title of “Israel” as the Champion of God due the elders of Judah killing Jesus as the Bridegroom in the position of Isaac”.

But they killed him….

 “Isaac”; the father of Jacob.

No Isaac: No Jacob……

No Jacob: No Israel  …….

Thu we have Mohammed appear then as Ishmael; for the elder line then to have it’s Day; the Curse that Malachi told the jews about; but they were heedless….

 At that point the seed of Ishmael became like “the stars”; and the seed of Issac reverted to “the dust of the earth”, which had been the seed of Ishmael’s former position; the mortal food or provender of the serpent. Abram thus became exalted over his later incarnation: Abraham

This meant that Hagar was going to be exalted over Sarai; and sure enough: Mecca became established over Jerusalem.

Israel lost the Temple Mount because it is Mt. Moriah where the brother of Issac ascended: Ishmael; who is Mohammed.

Isaac we know was called ” the Bridegroom “; as the position of Jesus when he gave his blessing and his position to his elder brother as “the new Friend of the Bridegroom” due to John the Baptist as the Messenger rejecting him; so we have: Ishmael; who as Muhammed ascended over Jerusalem in his Night of Power. But now we know why.

” Which of your Lord’s Blessings would ye deny?”

Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany

Thus it was now Ishmael who is bound to the Altar in place of Issac; and it is the elder brother who was given his land in the form of the Bride; for in the Law if a brother died it was his brother who then had to take on the duties of husband to the wife and now widow of his dead brother.

That Jesus was Issac as Muhammed was Ishmael is not known: but it is the reason Muhammed dug a grave for his brither behind him at Medina; and it was the Sun of Faith; the Teacher of Jesus; who informed me of the fact; the Right Hand of God Himself.

 It is in the Curse that Issac “slain” in the person of Jesus shows us that as the father of Israel was “slain” he was replaced by Ishmael as “the new father of a new Israel”: and the 12 Princes of ishmael became the heads of the New 12 Tribes of the Arabs; even as Muhammed said; for he knew what his Lord had revealed to him was the Truth; by the Shekinah or Tranquility of Allah.

And that as a loyal Cain to replace the Messenger John the Baptist who fell as a disloyal Abel was Muhammed in relation to Jesus and the Kingdom; as soon as he cleansed the Courtyard of the idols and restored the poisition of the elder brother as Loyal in the Cain position; replacing also the slain messenger John who was in the position of Abel when he died; as Jesus was in the position of Adam.

John’s own failure lay in the fact that he reached the spirit but not the power of Elijah: for Elijah did miracles; and John did none. But this was known to the Companions of Muhammed; as of Uwais el-Quarni; who was given the Mantle of the Prophet; even as Elisha was given the Mantle of Elijah.

For the elders and rulers of Jerusalem in Judah in Jesus’s day the Trial that God set them was whether they would see in Jesus the bridegroom: Issac; and thus to listen to John the Baptist’s voice as Abraham did to the Voice of the Angel in sparing Issac.

Thus the “Test of Allah” for those in Jerusalem who were in the position of Abraham as having the power of “life and death” over the Lamb’s life thus put them into the position in God’s eyes in either sparing the Lamb as Abraham did for Issac at the Altar when he LISTENED to the voice of the Angel; or IGNORING John the Baptist’s Voice who was in this same position of the Angel of the Altar in testifying to the Messiah: and thus “killing” their own global “Issac”; mistaking him for a sacrificial lamb as one representing the Ram or “Substitute of Sacrifice” that was given to Abraham for his Son’s life instead of one representing in truth Issac or the “Son of Mercy” himself.

This was the Test of Faith for the Elders of Judah that they failed:

……….this shall be the same for Islam when we come to the Test of Allah.


This is what Muhammed healed in his ascension over Zion; Mt. Moriah. He was given the land of the Kingdom the Jews killed the Heir to have: and which they lost until 1947; 30 years or a month after 1917; Fatimah. Here we return to it yet once again; always the Widow untill she Triumphs: and the Veil falls forever: Eve restored; naked and unashamed.

Thus was the “Blessed Olive Tree” who Muhammed spoke of in the “Verse of Light” which contains the Essence or Baraka of Sufism; for Jesus of Nazareth is this Blessed Olive Tree Muhammed spoke of: as the Guide who brought Gabriel to him. Few know why Muhammed is the 100th Name of God: it means “The Praised One”; the Standard of Righteousness.

Muhammad became the next “Heir of Abraham” from he who was slain standing as Issac the Bridegroom; unseen by those who ignored John and killed Jesus like the ram of the Altar seen in the Cross.

Israel’s rulers in Judah failed this test; thus the Curse fell upon them that went back all the way to Moses; and which the second “last prophet” Malachi ( the first “last prophet” was Enoch; Muhammed was the “third” or “final” Last Prophet ) warned them about for this very reason when he told Israel of Elijah and the Sun of Righteousness who were to come 430 years after his prophecy; just as Moses arrived 430 years after Abraham failed at the Altar in separating the Dove and the Pigeon; the Dove representing the seed of Issac; and the Pigeon representing the seed of Ishmael.

But let us look closer at the origin of the Qur’an and the Seal of the Prophets that have congress with Gabriel, the Voice of God; as those who travel in the Prescence always bring.

What was this curse?

It was the one promised by Moses to fall upon Israel if they did not “listen to the voice” of the one Moses said God would raise up later “like unto myself” in the Last Days; and for Israel the “Last Days” facing them and their City were that of the events which came about at the advent of Lord Jesus and John his messenger.

Thus what Israel was facing when John and Jesus arrived was a Test of Faith; a trial by fire; to separate the “quick” in their “recognition” from the “dead” in their “unrecognition”. Let us examine this battlefield more closely; littered with the debris of the standards and history of God’s Providence hid underneath the claims to God’s Will all three have trumpeted over the centuries.

To end the conflict between the supposedly spiritual east and the apparently materialistic west with the unrepentant middle ground of Judaism we need to find the hidden ground between the two religious spheres and their relationship to that of the first: that of Moses and the Law and the Jews who came out of Egypt to the Promised Land God gave to Abraham and his heirs.

In their origin in Abraham Islam has always claimed that it brought nothing new to the earth but the original religion of Abraham; but Ishmael came from Abrahm; not Abraham; thus the iconoclastic nature of Islam has more to do with the idol-maker who was Abrahm’s own father; only then he was not called Abraham: he was called “Abram”.

Yet to see Muhammed we have to see the son of Terrah the idol-maker; and a son breaking away from his father the idolater cultivator. It is in this vein that one must approach the secret of Muhammed; and in this article the Day has become sufficiently visible to unveil this secret as the beginning of the healing of the nations; which originates in the leaves of the Tree of Life that currently reside in the pages of the Book of Life; for the names written in the Book’s pages are the fruits from the Tree’s leaves.

In breaking away from the idol-strewn Courtyard of the Kaa’ba after he cut down the 360 idols ( for the 12 desert tribes followed the lunar calender, not the solar one ) which stood there it is Muhammed in his singleminded following of God that shows us why Islam has a complete rejection of the idolization of Jesus by the Christians and Moses by the Jews; but this discloses another facet which few have noticed: the story in the Qur’an where Iblis would not worship Adam.

The figure of Iblis thus did not obey the Will of God; claiming that he would not break the first commandment to worship nothing but God. But he disobeyed this direct order by claiming the Love of God as his higher reason or Cause by which he exalted the end in God’s first command to worship “nothing but Him”.

This was the reason that Iblis did not worship Adam: but it is also the reason that Muhammed would not worship Jesus; even if God had told him told him to; but this was because as the Messenger he stood in relation to the Messiah that John had stood to Jesus; his own Voice; as Aaron was to Moses, and John Baptist was to have been to Jesus Christ; the “voice” crying in the wilderness given to speak for the Word made flesh.

The Sufis are well aware of this; but what mankind has not been aware of is this: the host of the “high ones on high” of the angels that get judged at the end are they who suffered exile and disgrace in being cast out of their positions as that third of the host which would not worship the Image of God are they which are that host who actively sustain that Name of God that is


Hallaj al-Mansur knew of this when he wrote of Iblis on Mt. Sinai; a well-known work.

The host of the high ones on high are then the jealous angels; it is them who inhabit “The Name of God which is Jealous”; and they pursue all who claim relationship with God in any form; for they claim a Love by which lucifer thought he could “ascend on the mountains of the North” even above the Throne of God; thus in claiming higher principles than God; or at least in obeying higher principles than the other more simple angels.

 But of course this claim was false; for Iblis did not disobey God from any real love; what we are seeing is a being trying to exalt himself above God Himself.

This will; of course, involve whoever reads these words in the fate of the angels who rebelled; for now one will know of them; and not just have them know of us in ignorance of their actual form in the heavens: they who are jealous of Adam in his relationship as the Son of God to God; which the Archangel of God found was greater than God’s love for him.

In these two almost Identical Stars we see the nature of the Conflict between the first two sons of God; that which we see later between Cain and Abel; for the star which appears as the Sun is thus the Son which is closer to God than the Star; which is another Sun at a further distance from God’s Heart; or rather in it; the Son being closer to the Center of God’s Heart as the Center of His Affection than the Archangel; who was farther from the Center; being the Servant; a Star; not the Son: the position of the Day itself; which is why the Archangel is the Day-Star.

Of course; I do have the Ear by which the Voice of God or “Gabriel” is heard; and few will like to hear this; of course. As the Wrath of the Lamb who is the New Word of Allah have I become too much of a threat to the nations.

Thus the angels who followed Iblis at the Fall are the origin of racism: of that where the angels thought man should serve them permanently; and not have angels serve man. This is what is hidden in the Qur’an; the ancient controversy between the angels and man: and then Islam and Christianty

The Ancient Controversy of Muhammed and Iblis:

………………….and the End of the Matter

Gabriel brought the Qur’an to Muhammed as the Curse to take away the Kingdom as the Vineyard; and gave it to a Nation of those Worthy

The host one hears in the Qur’an is the voice of the host of the high ones “on high”; for in killing Jesus these rebel angels had the final justification for not worshipping Adam at the beginning: for God sent His Son and men killed him like a sacrificial scapegoat.

Thus they claimed in sight of the other obedient angels that men were inherently inferior to angels, and thus Adam was not worthy to be worshipped: what had really happened is that they were the “Elect” who had “seen through” this “test” of God which he had placed before them: thus this host now informed the other angels that God had “tempted” them by first giving them the commandment to worship no one than Him: and then later commanding them to worship Adam; which contradicted the first commandment.

Their apparent “triumph” was that God had made a mistake in making man at all; because now they were the Face that Israel would see: blind and pitiless; for God had now turned away His face from them. This is what happens in the Qur’an: the broken sentences of a broken-hearted God; the Host which now speaks for him says this by the Voice of God in the pages of the Qur’an:

“God forbid that He should have a Son!”

This is what Muhammed wrote: but it is not all that he heard: for what Gabriel said after every one of these statements was what God would not let anyone hear: which was the nature of the Curse that fell on Jacob in losing the title of Israel as God’s elect: for eternity. What Muhammed heard but did not write were these words that he “sealed up” in his own book: the Eternal Qur’an.

“That men would have treated him the way my trusted servants did!”

Here the reader may notice that once again we have a seeming problem between that seen in the “first” Qur’an heard by men and the “second” Qur’an heard only by Muhammed; just as we had the problem seen with the angels at the the “first” commandment God gave them and the “second” commandment He gave them; just as with the Archangel who was created first; and then Adam; and then the later problem with Cain and Abel: and then Ishmael and Issac: even unto the present day.

So now the cause is laid bare. But all who do not see what the real source of the Blessing that came to Muhammed in it’s origin and the reason for it will never attain to the ranks of the Elect.

The Ship of the Sufis: the Barque of the Islamic Salvation for Mankind

The Barque of the Sufis Baraka: Barack Hussein Obama, the Mahdi of Islam

Once again it must be revealed that for the elders to have betrayed God’s will by killing Jesus out of envy just so that might live out their old ages with ease and plenty instead of having to follow the Messiah in very trying circumstances; and certainly in a contest of taking Rome from the inside; just as Joseph did in Egypt and Daniel did in Babylon: the keepers of the vineyard decided to keep it for themselves: which is why Lord Jesus gave the land away to another nation: the one where one would stand loyal in the position of the elder brother: the Cain position. This was Islam until Turkey killed the Armenians; and began to leave their position; and lose the Blessing of the Lamb by which Islam was given the “Baraka” of the Jews when they lost God’s favor.

This is what Muhammed did when he cleared the Court: or swept it; as is written of him in the gospel; though few know it; for the failure of the elders came about due to one who was disloyal in the Abel position: John the Baptist; because he denied he was Elijah.

The Crucifixion came about because John contradicted the Testimony of Lord Jesus; thus people did not know who to believe; for Jesus said John was Elijah; and John denied the fact. That meant one of them was a liar; or that one of them was deluded: not an easy situation for people who did not spend much time convening with angels. That this has all been unknown can be seen in other places; but it is now a part of the uncovering of all that has been hidden; as Lord Jesus said it would be.

That this is being discussed is because a certain preparation is being made with mankind before it receives it’s final Warning before the Last Judgement: for God is not going to let any have the grounds to say “I didn’t know these things” and so have a cloak for their sin of ignorance. This is why the Messenger Muhammed was sent with the Warning: but now we stand at the Last Day.

Thus it is revealed at the End that the Qur’an is the Final Warning to Mankind for the Last Judgement: so that none might say:

We did not know of these things!” when they stand with their books in their left hand who are the heirs of the Lake of Fire.

For those who do not understand the Judgement which comes at the End that Muhammed spoke of they will never live past the Tribulation that precedes the Last Judgement; for have no doubt; the fact that what is being disclosed here on these pages is even being revealed has more to it than what meets the eye; for the Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the Night.

Who endures to the end will find they need the patience of the Archetypal Saint: Job; the Witness of the Last Day. And Muhammed was the Other: having the Blessing of Jesus that came to him as seen in the Verse of Light: from the Blessed Olive Tree Jesus of Nazareth; the Word of Allah.

This is obviously known to the Naqshbandi of Islam in their war against the Antichrist that Muhammad warned them of when he spoke to the Ummah when describing Osama bin Laden over a 1400 years ago: and they know it; they see the angel of death in all those who think they fly to Paradise when they have been tricked into Hell.

Let us embrace all who come through the Door that the 3 children as the One “Hidden One” who then represents “the Door of the Ark” who is the “Hidden Iman”; indeed he is “the Door” or “Bab”.

 For the Pearl of Great Price is the One from which the Gate of Heaven is Opened; for those written at the End are they who live forever as written in the Glorious Book of the Lamb of Fatima: the Lion of God.

The Cup of The Grail

                                                                     The Cup of The Grail

The Book of Illyium; the one I wrote  in my book

“A City Not Forsaken”

which is called

“The Gospel of Salvation”.

For the Lamp of Allah is the Creation of God; and as the Light of the heavens and the earth it is Allah who is the Book in which everything in the creation is inscribed: or it would not exist; because for something to exist it must be written; and this is Allah: the Day in which God created the heavens and the earth.

That Christ was this Light incarnate means little to those he left on earth who believed not when he ascended; but for those who knew this Jesus appears as indeed more than a prophet; he appears as The Word of Allah: and the Last Word has now come to the earth to begin the Last Judgement: one which will find the Judgment fallen on those who call themselves faithful in Islam and Christianity and Judaism will be found to be no more than arrogant hypocrites and liars: too many who believe they are blessed and to whom God has given riches and power and status: they will inherit the embrace of the Fiery Lake. And why? Because they have rejected the Unity that is the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

Written in the Holy Qur’an it is said that Jesus is the Word of Allah; yet few understand what this will mean at the End: but it is known to me from the Circle of the Elect. It is this which makes the Denial of God that He has had a Son seem so troubling: but none have known that the Curse was in those tears that God never let anyone see when He turned His face from the Cross so that Jesus could not see His Tears; and none have know this: but the little one in whose hands fell those 7 vials of Wrath which hold the 7 Tears of God where they were collected when the Eagle gave them: He gave them to St. Francis from the Eagle with 6 Wings who hath the Omniprescience of God as His Own Ear: for that is His Witness.

But let us look closer at the Islam of Christ: the Rod of Iron.

Few know that it is Islam to whom the land of the kingdom was given for the Crime against Man of killing the Heir; and thus the “nation bringing forth the fruits” of the Kingdom Jesus said would be given what Israel lost would thus become the new Israel: thus Muhammed ascending over Jerusalem and Mt. Moriah which men call Mt. Zion meant Hagar over Sarah; now desolate; as the desert tribes now faced Mecca instead of Jeruslaem and made their yearly pilgrimage there.

Thus as Jesus was “Issac” it was Muhammed being loyal in the Cain or older brother position that became “Ishmael”. Here is revealed the Knowledge of the Elect; and why Jesus gave his Bride for safekeeping until his return; that is why his brother had her Covered until the Bridegroom returned; as the Elect know; and thus the blessed one who now reads and hears: for “Ishmael” means “Allah Hears”

This is why the Word of Allah said “Let him who hath an ear to hear: let him hear!

And Jesus as the Sacrificial One who would die on the Cross as that dead brother gave the kingdom to his “older brother”: Muhammed.

That is why Muhammed made a grave for Jesus next to his at Medina: for Issac was Ishmael’s brother; just as Muhammed was Jesus’s.

That Muhammed had 12 wives but no male heir happened for one specific reason; it was to make sure that he did not produce an heir who would have made Islam dynastic intead of prophetic; and it is to the extent that Islam did become dynastic that it subsequently lost it’s prophetic immediacy; the Sunni chosing to “stop time” at about the third century after Muhammed; and the Shi’a then seeing it was the coming of the Islamic Messiah which would break the Sunni hold on Mecca: and the continuing Providence of God; which God did at the Sun of Fatimah; when the Baraka of Muhammed from the Blessed Olive Tree we call Jesus of Nazareth fell upon the 3 children of Maryam-al-Kubra; the Greater Mary.

Thus it is the Greater Son of the Greater Mary;

who is the Mahdi;

This points out the actual dimension of what the true holy war really is; against the old ego; the “old serpent” itself, the enemy within; the real one. The heaviest authority of the one-eyed or “evil one” Muhammed saw in his vision of the Ad-Dajjal that Gabriel showed him is in this hadith where Muhammed described the one characteristic by which the “Ad-Dajjal” would be known: he would offer men “Jannat” or “Heaven”; but really deliver them into “Jahannah/ “Gehenna: the dung heap”.

“Whoso toucheth thee toucheth the Apple of My Eye.”
But if we see that these 3 children represent “One Child” we have the “Hidden One” that the Bah’ai call the “Bab” or “Gate”; the terminology being that of “Babylon” which means “gate of the gods”. But this Child is the Door himself. The Gate of Heaven is the Pearl of Great Price itself.

God gave Fatimah the Mahdi in place of her murdered husband Ali just as He gave Mary a Son when she was espoused to Joseph. Some at Fatimah, Portugal, in 1917 even saw these figures above the earth: the children had the Vision when God righted what had been wronged at the Miscarriage of Justice that resulted in the death of Ali and his child with Fatimah; the daughter of Muhammed was thus avenged by God Himself.

The Coming of the Son of Man

It must needs now be the Word of Allah now reveals the Messiah as the Grandson or heir of Muhammed; the Son of Mary; the Islamic Christ; the Iron Rod. But none knew what was to happen because none saw the Children who were themselves the Signs and the Wonders at the Providence of the start in the 3rd course of the restoration into Canaan on the Global level. For this was written in the Sealed Book.

The “people of the Book” is what Muhammed calls the people of Faith in the Qur’an; but what was this “book”? It was the Book of Moses and the testimony of the Prophets. And where St. Paul of Damascus and Muhammed of Medina agree is where the Truth stands: let they of the earth who then profess to love the truth see if they can live with it as well; if they are not hypocrites.

As now when the West tries to circumvent the shifting sands of the Saudia Arabian hold on the House of Mecca it might behoove we who care about the future of America and Israel to acquire some perspective that might advance our understanding in confronting the basis on which we are being judged by radical Islam and the West’s blind reaction to it.

Those in the West who have never even opened a Qu’ran or even studied the culture which produced the Taliban and other regressive movements in the tribal patchwork which makes up the fabric of what is now a torn garment of the body politic in the theocratic and autocratic rulership of Sunni and Shia belief systems should perhaps take a look at some writer’s whose prophetic understanding might cast some light on our friend; Osama bin Laden; the Global Terrorist: here revealed by St. Paul of Damascus.

While some might be amused by such recondite blasphemy it certainly seems that Osama bin Laden has judged the West and, apparently with Allah’s help, has carried out his judgment on the “great Satan” of the corrupt West as if he were, indeed; “God”. By sitting on the throne of Mecca spiritually it is Osama who has done more than just begun World War III; he has made sure that it will be the last War; the Holy War; the showdown between what radical Islam calls “the people of God” and the fallen West. While some might smile at such antics with the power the west possesses in it’s arsenal we might look again at the prophetic core of belief that is driving the forces intent on their coming Armageddon.

Can it be avoided? My answer is yes; we can bring about an “internal Jihad” which Muhammed always said was the true struggle as opposed to the frankly profane “external Jihad”; as can be seen in one of his most famous sayings, to wit;

“The ink of the learned is holier than the blood of the martyr”.

The Divine Image of Sister Faustina; the New Image of God in Christ

This sounds very much like Osama bin Laden’s offers of virgins to those who die for him as the payment of the holy warrior as of the 7th heaven. But the hadith or “saying” of Muhammed further states that the Ad-Dajjal or Antichrist will try to put his enemies in the camp of “Satan” or even “Satan the Devil” as of “Jahannah”: but they are actually the “peacemakers” that Lord Jesus said would be called “the children of the Most High”. It is these who Muhammed said would be called “his people: the People of Salvation”.

Thus they are all; Jew. Christian or Muslim who die for peace: but they will not kill for it.

It is those who are the meek of the earth who will die for peace yet not kill for: the diametric opposite of those who kill for peace but will not peacably die defending it: they in reality want to destroy peace itself: forever; to provide the eternal conflict which is the nature of hell on earth: the kingdom of the Antichrist.

This is how the sheep will win; as their Shepherd of the Sheep the Lamb won before; for he was the Word of Allah. And it is his word that stands at the Last Day: and it is I; the Lost Sheep of Israel; back from the dead; as Solomon; as We who came back from being lost; even as Ephraim: My Generation itself.

The Sufis have said it:

“…..He who lives by the Sword of Allah shall perish with it….”

It is they who know that Osama the son of perdition shall be killed: and with what; the sword named after he whose daughter Benazir died for it: the Zulfiqar; which we in the West call by another name; from another time; and yet our Day: and that sword is called: Excalibur.

The Crown of the Altar is the Seal of the Commandment

The Free Gift of God is Eternal Life to those who walk the Path of the Just in these Last Days!!

The Last Day hath Arrived;

At the end the Hopi prophets stand as

“the Elect that the Great Spirit of the Great God hath Chosen”;

…………….the Blue Star of the Hopi became magnified into the Sun of the Regeneration during my Death in Christ.

                                        The Blue Star; the Morning Star

The Creator of the Book of Allah: the Original Light of Creation; and Jesus was this Light Incarnate.

Osama bin Laden attacked the West and tried to start WWIII; the Final War: the Holy War.

He is the “man of lawlessness” that was killed by the Sword as the “Fatted Calf” when I entered the House of David as God: in my return as the black sheep of Israel; the Prodigal Son;  the “dabbat al-ard” of Sura 27:82 of the Qur’an.

The Ant:  I; Solomon, who is raised at the Last day in his first name:

Jedidiah as he who returns as a “Priest after the Order of Melchizedek”;

a Eunuch for the Kingdom of heaven’s sake; the Cloud as the Child of the Resurrection;

……………..  the bride; the Lamb’s Wife

               “Beloved of JAH”

……………..yea; even JAH JEHOVAH……….

This was  written of that I would be raised at the Last Day 2,000 years ago by defining when the Last Day would arrive by St. Paul at II Thessalonians 2:2-5; and in the hadith of Muhammed about the “Masih Ad-Dajjal” of that one-eyed Yemeni bricklayer Laden whose son is Osama bin Laden; the Judas of Islam; the “fatted calf” who is a devil like Judas who had “the Devil” in him at the Last Supper at the Table of Abraham on which sat the Cup of Elijah the 12 drank from..

It is he who Muhammed described as the “false Mahdi” of Islam. It is he who used sorcery to delude zealous but narrowminded men to kill fellow Muslim women and children. It is the manifestation of Iblis our sworn enemy who is our foe: Satan. The dark light of the Eyebrow; the sickle now shall be broken; the mind that deviseth schemes: but the Day knoweth of such plots.

For they have plotted: but Allah has also plotted; indeed; He is the best of plotter’s; who knoweth all the arts and devices of Iblis; who would not worship Adam because he was a racist; yea a racist against the race of Adam; considering them inferior to himself specifically and all the angels generally; which is where the Ancient Controversy originated.

Osama stepped into the shoes of the Antichrist by justifying the attack of 9-11 from the Qur’an; as the Judas of Islam sitting on the throne of Mecca; and his forces still attack and kill innocent Muslim men women and children everyday. The House of God will fall divided; the City of Mecca shall fall; a House divided against itself cannot stand. This is what came from Sham/Sria that Sayed Hisham Kabbani mentioned as coming at the end;

“for the Light of Damascus that St. Paul saw is of the Light of Allah.”

II Thessalonians 2:2-4 “

Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God in the House of God, showing himself that he is God.”

The Prophets of whom Muhammed and St. Paul are two are yet not two of the many who stand in the Ranks; for at the Last Day in the Ranks only Two know of the Antichrist and who have written about his coming: and who have called this figure who sits in the House of God “the man of Lawlessness” and “the Antichrist the Masih Ad-Dajjal”; as they who were rightly guided; as that is exactly who and what Osama bin Laden truly is: a man who has no law but that of his the Sword.

“He who lives by the Sword shall die by it…”

“Whoso liveth by the Sword shall Die by the Sword: here is the faith and patience of the saints”

Jesus the Word of Allah

For Muhammad and the Messiah who arrive together at the Last Day to prepare mankind for the Last Hour have indeed come to reveal the Mahdi together; for now shall the Ancient Controversy be settled: Once and for All.

Here is the Faith and Patience of the Saints.

The real Sufis will show those who can see their handiwork in the Sun of Fatimah in 1917; for the 3 Children of Fatimah in their Unity are in Reality the Door of the Ark; the Barque of the Sufis is then of Khidr Rumi: who brought to the world the Hidden Imam of Maryam al-Kubra; the Greater Son of the Greater Mary: where the 3 children are seen as One Child: the Pearl of Great Price, the Gate of Heaven itself. Here only the Sealed and the Written can enter.

Only those who believe in the Son of Mary will see the 3 children as One; only those who believe in the Signs of the 3 children and the Wonder of the Whirling Sun of Shams a Tabriz where it came down will enter the Ark of Salvation. Remember: the Door to the Ark of Noah was of three heights: and that is why there were 3 Children at Fatimah.

Islam lost the Blessing of the Blessed Olive Tree who was Jesus of Nazareth at the slaughter of the christian Armenians in sight of Mt. Ararat; this is seen at the First Trumpet Blast of 1917-1927 after the First Seal of the Book is loosed at 1910-1919 that is revealed in my Book: A City Not Forsaken; The Revelation of the Salvation of My Generation“; subtitled “The Regeneration of John the Divine”.

Yet even so for the Ummah the Blessing of Allah came to Fatimah and the Flock from Muhammed that reaches back to the Word of Christ himself; and Jesus is the Word of Allah.

For all believer’s at the End in the Cataclysm: observe well that Muhammed’s Daughter is she who brought forth the Messiah; for Fatimah is the Bethlehem of Islam: even Bethlehem Ephraim: Doubly Fruitful.

“Bless thee all in the Name of Christ Jesus;

the Name of Love; the Name of God.”

Muhammad once said that Islam had come as a stranger and would depart as one; and this is indeed true; as it now has become much less than it once was even to those who now stand on either side of it; the Sunni on one ide and the Shia on the other; as the House of Mecca fall divided.

The Holy One of God is the Mahdi of Christ;

 the Messiah of Muhammed; the Brother of Christ;

Ishmael and Isaac

Kalki; as the Mahdi of Divine Islam

                                           Kalki; as the Mahdi of Divine Islam

As written about in the section “The Seal of the Living God” in the “Open Letter to Sung Myung Moon” which is at there is more going on in the Work of Khidr Rumi then men realized in the return of the Son of Mary; for the True Unificationists who Rev. Moon ignored are the Sufis; they who are of the Work of Khird Rumi and the Elect of Islam; the guiding hand of Providence and of The Sealed Book I have now opened at this: the End; of Illyium; El Elion: the Most High; the Great God: who is Allah in His Mercy; for God in His Mercy is the Most High because His Mercy is Infinite: and what is Greater than That?

“came as a stranger: and would leave as one”.

Now it is indeed those who are converted and become as little children who shall believe; whether Jew, Christian or Muslim; or indeed from the 4 corners of the earth; those who believe in the Hidden One of Mary of Fatimah will find the Mahdi.

It is they who will enter the Kingdom of Paradise which is Eternity for the Blest of Allah; the best of His People are the Heirs of Salvation; brought forth from the angels of the Harvest:

………………the Sufis who went not astray; the Chosen Ones of Allah and the workers of the Work of Salvation.

It is of little help in seeking the help of the president of Iran; he is obviously seeking to keep his position by feeding the fires of hatred and vengeance as the demagogue he is; yet it is this one name which casts the greatest light on what his role is in fulfilling the prophecy of Armegeddon in all it’s self-fulfilled glory: as that of it’s architecht: the “Masih Ad-Dajjal; the Judas of Islam we know of as the Antichrist of the Bible: Osama bin Laden and his use of the Qur’an against the Western Nations; which are all christian nations culturally; if not politically.








Fatima is the Barque of Muhammed; and the Baraka of the Sufis is the Ark of Salvation

The Apostle of Mercy: Sister Faustina; the Messenger of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

The Coming of the Last Days and the Revealing of the Antichrist of Muhammed

With the radical anti-sufic impulse seen in Wahhbism as Saudia Arabia’s chief and most subversive export along with the toxic Qutbism of Osama bin Laden we have now come to a turning point in Islam: the leading Sufic pillar has now addressed alonmg with his book about the End which presages the Last Judgement. In his new book “The Approach of Armageddon” our friend of the West Shaykh Muhammed Hisham Kabbani called upon those who can make a difference in stopping the Nation of the Shia as Khomeinist Iran ((as “Magog” with the backing of the Shia of Iraq or “Gog” in the Biblical sense )) in it’s headlong rush to destruction against our other friend pf the West: the nation of the regathered and prophetic Israel; which now stands as a wall and bulwark of Jihad drunken Islam.

In my book “The Revelation of Salvation” I make one statement I heard from the Assembly in one of it’s visions where Khidr Rumi spoke about the Ad-Dajjal; Osama bin Laden:

that he who hath “lived by the Sword of Allah shall die by the Sword of Allah”

This “divine fatwa” came from the Assembly of the Elect; which Khabbani also mentions when discussing his master; the Naqshbandi Shaykh Muhammed Nazim ‘Adil al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani an-Naqshbandi; as that Assembly that the Elect guide the collective Destiny of Mankind to accomplish the Will of God.

I joined the Ranks because of the mantle I was given from Elisha; whom men call Uwais al-Quarani; for as Muhammed stood in Elijah’s position so did Uwais at God’s right hand; for Muhammed dispensed God’s Curse upon apostate Israel from His left hand.

I bring this not up to forment hostility; only to inform those I love that another entered the true House of Allah: that of a compassionate heart; as is His. The Children of the Resurrection are those who listened to the called chosen and faithful sufis; the People of Salvation: the Peacemakers; the Children of the Most High; as Muhammed himself called them.

I was one who they received when I realized the “Work of the Sun” seen at Fatimah in 1917 by which the “dust of the earth” was awakened as the “Work” of the Sufis under the direction of the mysterious “Shams a Tabriz”; for the “whirling sun” of Fatimah when it came down upon the 3 Children of Maryam al Kubra; this being nothing else but the descent of the “Sun of Righteousness” from the “whirling dervishes” as their “Work” externally manifested on earth.

The Virgin of Islam being Fatimah az Zahra; the Lady of Light whose shrine at Fatimah in Portugal was secretly set up by the Andulusian through Ibn el-Arabi and his disciples for the Work which was to come. Here Khabbani and I meet spiritually; as we met before at the Assembly of the Nahash; they of the Design; unbeknownst to him at the time though it was though not by his master; but in the Prescence miracles come to pass for the rightly guided.

The Bride of the Great Spirit; as she "Who walketh upon the Wings of the Wind"

                     The Bride of the Great Spirit; as she “Who walketh upon the Wings of the Wind”

In seeing the Design of the Naqshbandi the “pet Sufi” of George Bush has proved to be the archetypal “Voice of Divine Reason” that is so lacking in the discourse which seperates the wheat from the chaff in this 7th of the 7 last days of Noah; this being the Final Trumpet; which I also write of; and which the Sufis see in response to the Wahhabi Champion of Intolerance and Ignorance that embodies Osama bin Laden’s vision of a regressive Salafism bringing mankind back to a new dark ages.

As at Fatimah as the Sun of Mary descended we hear the Hadith of Muhammad:

“………no Mahdi but “……….the Son of Mary of Fatima…….”

… but as that least in the Kingdom the Elect ( the Elect call me ” the candle of God ” because He lit me ) I was for that reason chosen of my Generation to be given “the Vision”; at the “Barque” of the Sufis seen at Fatimah in 1917; there was something unheard of:

…………………………the Blessing of Christ that cames through the Baraka of Muhammed ; Maryam al Kubra as Fatimah az Zahra:

 the Virgin of Light bringing forth the 3 Children whose Unity is that of the Secret Imam; the Hidden One who is the Mahdi; the Child seen 50 years later in the City of St. Francis at Pentecost with the Holy Spirit in His Name;

………………… just as Allah with Mary; later seen born at Bethlehem with Jesus.

But she is “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel” as “the Mother of Jesus”

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar

This is no “innovation” but the Truth for the Rightly Guided of Allah; the People of the Book who give to the poor; and heed the Word of Allah who is Jesus that Muhammed knew in his Visitation by Gabriel at the Recitation.

I am not just a prophet; or a saint; or a priest: I am also a scribe; and there is a difference; for every Apostle of God is part priest; part saint; part prophet; and part scribe; and it is this I learmed from my Father’s servant John: the Apostle and Servant of Allah.That this happened with the Miracle of the Sun of Fatimah happens due to the murder of her husband Ali by they of Iblis who are current mis-holders of the House of Mecca; thus does Allah “speedily Avenge” his Prophet’s Daughter; as Fatimah in Portugal has more than a passing coincidence in being where the children came forth as “the signs and the wonders” written long ago of by Isaiah; and known to the Blessed Prophet Muhammed in it’s entirety.

No Messiah but “…the Son of Mary…” ( hadith of Muhammed ); once again: the Proof

                      The Judge is the King of Judgment-Day

Khabbani writes in that Prescence of his Master as in the revealing of the Unity which is the Fruit of the Tree of Life: for this is that which is only known to those who enter the eternal realm of the Kingdom: his influence from the 4th Order of the Sufis is Immense; reminiscent of Khidr Rumi and some other like Ibn El-Arabi



The Birth of the New Unification Church

“And the Sea Rose and the winds blew; but that House stood; because it was built upon a Rock”

,,,,,,,,,, the Rock who is Peter; and we the fish in the Sea of time; and he: the Fisher King….

                      and the Ark is the Barque of the Sufis; the Baraka; as carrying the House of God

At what point did Peter begin to doubt? When he began to sink!

The Free Gift of God is Eternal Life

Sun Myung Moon as Korea’s National Abel with Kim Il Sung as Korea’s National Cain 

 “Vengeance is Mine”; saith the Lord  

           “I Will Repay”.

………… to those who walk the Path of the Just in these Last Days

will find it is the Straight Path



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