The Song of the Lamb; a Nightingale of the Saki, and the Imrans ( Al-Imran ): the Warning at the Table

  The Arrival of the Last Day and the Fall of the Pillar of Faith:

the Denial of Islam and the Destruction of Mecca as the Ancient House of Abraham

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of Allah

Section One:  New Mecca and the fall of the Islamic Nazarenes of the Table,  alled of the Last Supper of the Lamb

Section Two:  The coming to the City of St. Francis of the men of Sodom, and the Captivity of the Holy City of John of Assisi.

Section Three: The Coming of the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; and the Judgment on the Men of Sodom and the Whores of Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots.

Section Four: the Whores and Tax-collectors enter first: “who are my mother and my sister and my brother? They who hear the Will: and do it”

 “…the Kingdom Comes of they “whose Righteousness surpassed that of the Scribes (lawyesrs) and Pharisees ( businessmen )”

Now comes as of that last Hour:  the coming glory as having brought My Generation to the Battle turned to the Gate; that Golden Gate; for Emmett Grogan and Peter Berg; our Robin Hood as of the Good Thief on the Cross at the Right Hand: of the Lamb and His Cross..

The Angel of His Vengeance: “Mine”

The Cross of the Lamb and the men of Mary;

the Women of the Digger’s…  at the Digger’s of Golden Gate Park…

Giovanni was St. Francis’ real name; the Italian version of the name of “John”, and as few are aware this name was given to Zacharias in his doubt after being given to Elisabeth as a sure sign of who John was to be; for the full name was that of ‘Jonathan’ which Zacharias failed to write all of; the best friend of David; as he who was to Baptize John as Elijah and begin the Resurrection.

This is how close John and Jesus were supposed to have been; which did not happen; but did happen between John the Beloved Disciple and Jesus the Lamb as all know; if they who read indeed know anything.

The Enlightened Sufis for me and to My Generation are as the Magi were to the Lamb and his Generation

The New Mecca and the Restoration of the City of St. Francis

Part I: The Judgment on the Men of Sodom

The Judgment begins as a rememberance of the Saki; and why the wine of his Wrath comes through the Saki; and once again; Rev. Moon has also been here as well: as the very subject matter of the Illustration itself.

Yet this awakened me by brininging me to higher levels of self-realization; but the conversion itself into the Kingdom is what they call “enlightenment”; the entering itself of the Great Spirit; where all are One Consciousness.

It is this Candle one must “be at One” with and so “fit” into the fabric of what the 12 new gods of the Emerald Table are now seen in their final and eternal estates: the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb.

In their position to me as the Child of the Resurrection they represent the Universal Christ as the Jury; and the Lamb represents the Judge; and without “them” I can do “nothing”.

I exist as the ONE who did not marry: nor was he given in marriage: by Rev. Moon, or anyone else; as doing the sayings of the Father.

  Looking back at the Future to Come:

………a divine retrospective as the Perspective of Truth

The Danger of Judging by Appearences; a Parable of the Last Day  

The story is old; but the telling of it is apt at these times of the Hour of Temptation; for when I read recently of the writings made in the previous posts something else was triggered by which I was able to understand why the Sufis in whose company I travel had me retell this story by which Rev. Moon and his seeming mistakes might be seen as of the nature of a test for those unaware of how seeming appearences can mask a deeper pattern; if one knows what to look out for.
The Lampstand of the Lightbearer: the Sufic Light
The Lampstand of the Lightbearer: the Sufic Light

       It is a maxim that even those who make such mistakes may not be aware that they are being used as a living illustration to those observing the reality of the Design in human society.

      It was this story they had me recall which all of them knew by heart; since it illusrates almost every angle by which one encounters the Presence. ( I think the story is instructive; more now to me than ever. Saki means “Cupbearer”.)


The Cup of Elijah; the Cupbearer
The Cup of Elijah; the Cupbearer

                    ——— ”   The Nightingale of the Saki    “———————-

In Bagdhad at one time there was a singer whose influence and talent were known and praised everywhere. The king and his court had him regularly perform for them; and he was of a pure and reserved disposition; and so was protected from the intrigues of the Court.

At that time there was also known a sufi who was reputed to have become visibly intoxicated as could be plainly seen by others; but as no one ever found any wine they could prove nothing; even though for drinking wine the penalty was then; as now, death.

The sufi was visited by a friend of his childhoood who had come to Baghdad to hear “the Nightingale” of the Court as the singer was known; but though he had watched and wited no appearences were scheduled; and it almost seemed as if the fellow whose voice had been once heard everywhere was now heard nowhere.

Some said that the king’s gold had swayed the Nightingale to only perform at the Palace and it’s events and that now it seemed he would only sing when paid; but few could blame him for wanring to make a living for himself and his family..

But the friend of the drunken sufi would not leave until he had heard the Nightingale sing…. The Sufi then decided to avail himself of his Wine; and find the answer to his problem; for he was not really a drunkard; as people thought; being a highly advanced mystic whose powers extended into a far distant time and a far distant realm; but whose life had now been completely disrupted by the desire of his passionate but naive friend; nevertheless he decided to act..

One night when his friend had come back from another day of fruitless waiting at the locations where the singer had been known to appear he found his friend the sufi seemingly intoxicated; indeed it seemed he could hardly stand up.

“Do you wish to hear the singer?”    said the sufi;

“Yes” said the friend; for he knew his friend to be no man of action; thus he saw that perhaps his friend might have some inspiration of to the answer to his prayers that perhaps was causing his friend to be intoxicated; for he knew his friend kept no wine in the house.

The sufi called out”

“Saki; bring more wine; more wine!”

His friend grew alarmed; for there was no one in the garden where they were sitting; yet the sufi seemed to be getting drunker by the moment; his speech slurrrd; eyes almost rolling back in his head. The friend began to wonder if his friend could even walk.

Suddenly the sufi stood up;

“Let’s go!”

His friend followed him; they walked for what seemed like miles; but in the maze of the backstreets of Baghdad they might have only been few hundred yards away; none could tell in the dark.

Now the sufi did indeed know where the Nightingale lived; for they were friends; as the sufi had advised the singer on his personal affairs from time to time and so saved him from some of the dark politics that swirled around like shadows for those often ill-fated  in life when seemingly so well-favored at the Court.

At a certain garden gate the sufi stopped; and putting his friend down on a spot he sat for a spell himself. At that point he lifted his head and began to sing; and he sang one of the Nightingales most popular songs; lustrous and sparkling; deep and high at the same time.

But he sang it a little off-key; and he sang it quietly; as almost to himself; yet in the stillness it was as loud as a trumpet even at a whisper.

Above there head at the house behind the gate of the garden a figure appeared; a dark sillhouette outlined against the light in the room.

Suddenly a voice began to sing; and it sang the song in it’s all; in it’s ebb and flow; he sang with as if he held his own heart in the hand of his Beloved; and that His Desire was hers.

In short the friend of the sufi heard the song that the king never heard; for this was for his friend that the Nightingale of Sahil had opened his Voice; as the Singer of Saul; as David had sung to Saul to lift his spirits when he was oppressed and dejected.

Thus is the tale.

Observation’s at the Emerald Table of Justice

Sealed with the Seal of the Living God
Sealed with the Seal of the Living God

It is other observer’s own objective analysis of this phenomenon that accompanies the central figures at the Last Day as they take their places in the final Tableaux; what the Sufis and Initiates of the Grail call “the Chessboard”.

          Thus there are some who insight echoes this aspect of finding “righteous judment” as of seeking the truth to prove on my own; for all must produce their proofs of making any assertion as to ultimate reality when at the Assembly before all who are present;  this being where the 12 Apostles of the Lamb now sit on a raised dais in the midst of the Hall where all who are called to the Supper of the Great God are seated.

        Rev. Moon’s entry into the opening of the books which came when it was revealed that the Holy Qur’an is the documented record of what Muhammed was given at his Death “before he died”; thus the reason the Qur’an was a book unlike any other was because Muhammed my Messanger went through what no one ahad undergone before him: the recording of his own death and the opening of his own life after the Last Judgment.

        In judging John the Baptist as guilty of the Death of Jesus in his book “Divine Principle” Rev. Moon inadvertently judged himself; being as he is John the Baptist himself even though he might deny it.

        To the Elect it is clear to them now that Rev. Moon denies he is John the Baptist just as John the Baptist once denied he was Elijah the Prophet. At the Assembly around the Table they asked me of my own lights as of Rev. Moon might be actually operating apart from his appearence in the Final Tableaux when everyone becomes visible in their respective positions as on the Day the Lamb was betrayed.

       This is the story I recounted to them in answer with one of their own; as my explanation: which meant that all the places where I had read something incorrect or off-base in the book “Divine Principle” and had corrected in my book would never have been written if I didn’t see the blunders Rev. Moon had made in the first place, so then the question would then be this:
                   Were they then conscious blunders?

Could not have Rev. Moon precisely made those mistakes to draw out the one person who would not rest until these rips in the fabric of the Truth were repaired? This is a more dangerous view of his just making some momentary mistakes which nonetheless also explains the facts.

  Like the drunken sufi in the story it almost seemed at times that Rev. Moon voiced something incorrect to see who would dare dispute him; since everything else he wrote and produced was perfect; why then did he depart from his own guidance?
             The Sufis and the others of the Elect seemed to think that the point was well taken; but the dispute as to whether Rev. Moon had made these mistakes in his work consciously or unconsciously no one seemed to know or were willing to express.
                   There the matter stood: until now.
                   First of all many of the Sufis and some of you in the Unification Church along with others who have recently left it have correctly surmised by your own means that the ultimate identity of Rev. Moon as an agent of God means that he could be used to do a great many things which most people judging simply by apppearences would miss; just as they missed he was John the Baptist; of whom it was once said that “of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet”; and Rev. Moon is of that one reborn; no doubt to the Elect anymore about that.
           But the very errors John made Rev. Moon has repeated; thus the fact that you feel that Rev. Moon has become a gatherer makes me ask you to read what I wrote about the “Snare” of Sun Myung Moon is in Judging him; thus he is the “snare” as of the Day of the Coming of the Son of Man; for in the article I wrote at the blog “The Danger of Judging Rev. Moon” I said that the Lamb expressley said “Judge not” of others as your own judgement would then fall upon you; and thus the advice is: leave the Judgement to God; for His will be better than yours.
              Because I know that Rev. Moon is “the faithful and Wise Steward” that has now fallen to the status of the “evil servant” at the end of that prophecy I know he is not a “false prophet” or “false christ” or any of the other things judgmental people call Rev. Moon; but by judging Rev. Moon HE is indeed “gathering those tares” as Christ told the faithful “not to judge”;  as those who do judge others yet call themselves christians are then hypocrites. Those who then fall to this “snare” at the Last Day are then plainly not obedient to the sayings of the Lamb. It seems the sheep are obedient and the goats are not. How did this happen?
        Because it is thus that Rev. Moon is being used as a standard of judgement by how others react to him.

       This happened once before when the Lamb went into the City of Jerusalem in secret; and saw what they said of John the Baptist; and could thus see what they would then think of him as well according to what he heard them say about John. Thus John was used as a “reed of Measure” in the Lord’s hand by which he could gauge the people’s faith.


His brother Jesus as Issac; even as he was Ishmael; as Muhammed; the friend of the bridegroom.
and let the  4 square Curse of Moses fall upon the First Israel;
as the Blessing at the same time on the Second Israel of Islam;
…… the Wine of Wrath as the Qur’an being a curse to the Jews;
……..but the Blessing to the Nazarenes of the table as the Second Israel and the replacers of the 12 tribes and Jerusalem with that of the 12 desert tribes and Mecca: the New Jerusalem,

 …..and Jesus; who was Issac; the Bridegroom………to whom he gave the Kingdom to to punish the Elders of Judah,…. as Mohammed himself said: Isa was ‘the Word of Allah”; that Gabriel brought to him: wise and mighty.

But is there more which could be said?

There as few who know and fewer that understand the relationship between Mohammad and Jesus is that of Ishmael;
……as who Mohammed represented as the friend of the Bridegroom;
The Arabs were then given the Blessing of God taken from the Jews and which then became the Baraka of Allah to the Arabs, as the Enlightened Sufis of the Elect have always known; the spiritual relationship between Mohammed ( the Envoy of the Curse of Moses ) and Uwais el-Quarni ( the Apostle of Wisdom )  to whom he gave his Cloak being that of the relationship between Elijah and the Mantle he gave to Elisha. 

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