The Tabernacle of God as the Sickle of Islam falls: Rev. Moon “Cut Asunder” Al-Imran, ‘At the Table’

The Unicorn as the Vehicle of Salvation

 The Rise of the Archangel; Michael:

 and the

Three Children of Fatima as substantiating the ‘Three Heights’ of the Door, of the Ark of Noah.


The Arising of Michael the Archangel at the Last Day of Islam;

 the Salvation of the Ummah and the Judge of the Hereafter;

  Fatima az Zahra; the Cosmic Bride of the Sun of Righteousness;

                        the Chaste Pearl of Great Price; the Virgin of Islam

“….Is thine eye evil because Mine is Good…?”

Rev. Moon’s Fate at the Last Judgement; and his being “cut asunder”; as seen in Matthew and Luke: and the Holy Qur’an; the Testimony of Mohammed in his Death in Christ as the Lighting of the Lamp of Allah by the Blessed Olive Tree: JESUS of Nazareth; Son of Mary; and the Mahdi with the Word of ISA; who is the Word of ALLAH.

At the coming of the Son of Man which precedes the Last Judgement we have the danger the Lamb warned us all of which would confront all christians or indeed any of the quick of understanding at the End: for to judge Rev. Moon without understanding who he really is will bring all who do so to share his fate; that of being “cut asunder” and given his reward with the hypocrites.

And it is hypocrisy which is the “mark” of the beast; the “beast” being man’s fallen nature. Thus it is of this the Lamb spoke when he told his disciples to do what the elder’s of Judah said: but not what they did. This is the duality which is the dichotomy between rhetoric and ethic; saying and doing.

Rev. Moon earned his lot amongst the hypocrites by having judged John the Baptist as guilty for the death of Jesus in his flawed masterpiece “Divine Principle”. This might mean nothing to most people who consider Rev. Moon to be a false christ or a false prophet: yet he is neither; being in Truth ( of which all say they revere ) the prophetic figure spoken of by my Father Jesus when he was still in the position of the Son of the Living God as “the Faithful and Wise Steward” in both Luke and Matthew.

Judge not: lest ye be Judged!

     Thus all who have now decided to judge Rev. Sun Myung Moon as a charlatan, a false prophet or a false christ I come to bring you all this warning: judge not!!!

    If any of you so-called ‘christians’ do judge Rev. Moon you will share his fate; and lest you earn what Moon himself earned: a portion with the hypocrites by himself not marrying a black christian woman from America but instead a Korean woman.

With all those who call themselves christians but continue to judge others and with the understanding that I offer in this post may all who wish to stand before the Son of Man and thus escape this snare above all please do so; for they who fail this small test will never pass the others.

Rev. Moon in this “time of great trouble” IS the “snare” himself; for none know he is the “Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant” written of at Luke and in Matthew except myself and those who were guided by the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, who is the Seal of Jesus Christ that he sent in his Name, as the Comforter.

 It is this one thing written of him in the Gospel of jesus Christ that put Rev. Moon in the position of the Archangel in relationship to My Generation: Rev. Moon actually KNOWS what he’s talking about in many important and Providentially exact places: but he is also wrong on at least three very important and woefully catastrophic main points; and has also Stumbled in Judgment in his unwise marriage; and completely Fainted by reviving the Accusation of John the Baptist about my Father Jesus as his own, all the more dangerous since Rev. Moon’s own body substituted for John’s when the Angel of Christ came to Rev. Moon and gave him his world historic mission.

 But to restore John the Baptist, who was in the position of Elijah as the Messenger, or Seal of God, was where Rev. Moon fell and never reached the position of the Messiah or Son of God. Instead he also believed, as John did in his heart of hearts, that his own father Zacharias was the earthly father of the Lamb of God which was the Lie of Satan!!!

But Satan was able to convince John of this because Jesus was born 9 months after Mary came to the house of Elisabeth, and had stayed a few months there with her and Zacharias.

But had John bonded with his own mother Elisabeth he would have believed her when she told him that Mary was already pregnant with the Lamb when she walked in the door; because John jumped in her womb when Mary said ‘hello’; and Elisabeth said “How is the Mother of my Lord come unto me?”.

This is proof Mary was carrying Jesus when she came into the house; but John never believed his mother and thus did not seperate from Satan with her as Hagar did with Ishmael; and Satan kept this “beam in his eye” for John that the Lamb spoke of, and thus John never saw my Father Jesus clearly; and denied he was Elijah because the Lie kept him from the Power of Elijah; although not all of his Spirit.

But John was “cut asunder” just as Rev. Moon will be unless he comes to me and gains the Seal to become the Messiah; but at this late date it is extremely doubtful Rev. Moon’s pride would let him admit he was wrong to anyone; least of all myself as the “least in the Kingdom of God”; who also happens to be greater than Rev. Moon for this very reason as well..

But John the Beloved Disciple had more than both; as an Elisha in relation to John the Baptist as Elijah he had twice the Spirit of Elijah; and my Father Jesus gave him the Power along with Peter and the other 10 apostles to do miracles and heal.

John never did even one miracle; because he was defiled internally due to his accusation about his cousin Jesus who was to have been David to John as his very own reborn  Jonathan in the Resurrection for whom he was named: to David who Jesus really was; of course. John the Beloved disciple was then the real Jonathan to Jesus as the King: David himself; of course. That was the face they saw him with at the Mount of Transfiguration at Mt. Sion. And that is the face my Father Jesus had when he came out of the Tomb after the 3 days; which is why Mary Magdelene did not recognize him; she thought my Father Jesus was the gardener.

The First Point of Seperation: Reverend. Moon says my Father Jesus did not rise in the flesh: I say he did.

So we disagree at that point.

The Second Point of Seperation: Reverend Moon says the Holy Spirit ia a Female Spirit.

But as I have the Seal of the Living God, as the least in the kingdom of heaven, but even the least who has the Holy Spirit knows that the Holy Spirit of God is JEHOVAH Himself.

The Father of Mercy: the Lamb himself was God’s Mercy: Incarnate,

But they saw not his Light.

So me and Mr. Sun don’t agree there either.

And the Third point of Seperation: Rev. Moon marries my Father Jesus to the Holy Spirit: who happens to be the FATHER; as JEHOVAH Himself.

To say the Holy Spirit is Female is then ISIS; of Egypt: and the Tail of the Dragon is Sodom; where the Great Red Dragon represents Egypt.

To “marry” the Son to the Father is then blasphemy; of which Rev. Moon is then unconsciously guilty, since he believes he has been given a “revelation” about this figure of ISIS calling herself the Holy Spirit.

But it is Jehovah who happens to be the Holy Spirit of God Himself and the progenitor of the Lamb. Having the Seal of the Living God happened when John brought me to Mary and she disclosed how he and jehovah created the Lamb.

It was Jehovah as the Holy Spirit in the form of a Divine Celestial Male Dove that united with the Celestial Female Dove that Mary was transformed into under the Heavenly Host out in the hills as the Power of the Most High when the Dove came to her; the same one that came down on the Lamb at the Jordan ‘and stayed’, as John the Baptist was told would happen. 

Mary was then transformed back into a virgin of age 16, and brought to the house of Zacharias and Elisabeth by Gabriel.

This occurence is why Mary is called  “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel ”  who is seen in chapter 12 of the Revelation wearing a crown of 12 stars (  “the Mother of Jesus” ); so this mistake of Rev. Moon is really a fallen act with two men; and the relation of the ‘Son and his Father’ makes it all the more dreadful.

So we definitely disagree at the Third Point  of which Rev. Moon is guilty.

He has the Son and Holy Spirit “perform” the act of sex to illustrate the four positions: but it’s actually two men: so it’s where  Sodom as the Tail of the Dragon ( which is Egypt )  invades. And the Catholic Church has taken the brunt of this error; unfortunately.

Sodom and Egypt. “where also our LORD was crucified.”

 He doesn’t have the Holy Spirit or he would have the Seal: and not me.

But my Father Jesus said that the least would end up being greater than John the Baptist.

The least in the Kingdom.

Just one of thye other 144,000 virgins of the Lamb.

Few know who Rev. Moon really is; and where in Matthew and Luke where his fate is revealed if he missed my Father’s warning: at the Day and the Hour at which His Angel my Fathers servant John arrived in my grandmother Sophia Ruth Witt-Diamant’s house at 1520 Willard steeet in the City of St. Francis. With a message for Rev. Moon; and the whole world as well; of course.

But no one wants to listen; Satan made sure of that. 

But the Angel of John of Patmos brought to me the understanding of the Key of David as that Divine Principle embodied in the Cross of Christ the Lamb died for and thus “on”  that Divine Principle the Cross represented not just symbolically but substantially; and it is this that Rev. Moon hid from everyone: but now has been “cut asunder” for doing  just that. The Key of the House of David is the Cross of Christ that Eliakim put on his shoulder; just as the Lamb did on his way up Golgotha.

The real “snare” is that Rev. Moon is actually John the Baptist even though he denies it and even condemns John as responsible for the death of Jesus yet Rev. Moon denies he is John today. Yet this is exactly the same situation as when John the Baptist denied he was Elijah the Prophet 2,000 years ago; nor is this the end of the matter.

All who believe themselves “righteous” in condemning Rev. Moon are drawn into his Judgement by God at the Coming of the Son of Man; for this is the “snare” that accompanies his Coming. And I am the Day which arrives as this “thief” in the Night: that none see, and thus miss the real coming of the Son of Man of whom I stand as his Bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

Thus was it written; as of the First Fruit “unto God and the Lamb” as that  Child with the measure of the “144” who represents the entire 144,000 virgins of the Bridechamber that the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb sit in front of at the Emerald Table of Divine Justice; with my servant John; the angel of Jonathan.

 Like once before when 12 brave knights sat with Arthur at Camelot; with Merlin.

They are “The Jury” at the Last Judgment; and my Father Jesus is the Judge: the True King of Judgment Day

 Rev. Moon is the prophetic figure little known outside christianity called the “Faithful and Wise Steward”; whose Fate and Destiny were spelled out by the Lamb, and which all are now called upon to witness, at this: the Last Day.

This I now reveal to all who read this so that they might consider and reflect on the possibility mankind has reached the Last Day; the last of the 7 last days of Noah.

To all reading of these things I offer you some counsel; for I did not bring up these aspects of Rev. Moon without knowing what a reception these remarks would receive. And a warm one it will be! Yet I love all of you; Bless you all!! For the Son of Man comes to seek and to save what was lost.

Two Men in One Bed

When the Lamb told his flock that anyone who taught the precepts of the Law of Moses and especially what he himself was revealing “wrongly” to others, so that the hearer’s would be led astray, this person would be considered as the “least” in the Kingdom “; but he also said that as great as John the Baptist was, even one who was “least in the Kingdom” was greater than he.

There are then “two men in one bed” of “the least” who the Lamb characterized by saying one would be taken: and one left. Here it appears that Rev. Moon will end at the left hand; as of that “least” who taught men wrongly.
But here I also must stand as that one the Lamb also called the “least” to whom the Lamb referred when he said

“as you have done it unto the
least of them you have also done to me”

… thus putting the “least” in this category as equal to himself; and indeed it is the one who represents the “least” who stands in the position of the Son of Man at the end, thus I call myself “the least in the kingdom of heaven”; even as my servant John is the greatest.

The Bearer of the Cross of Jerusalem; even New Jerusalem!

John the Baptist denied he was Elijah the Prophet; and taught things contrary to what the Lamb and his followers were preaching. This stopped the Resurrection which was to have started with the Resurrection of Elijah himself at the “Great and Terrible Day of Jehovah” which was to have started with John the Baptist at the Jordan being baptized by the Son of God; and THIS was why everything was “Terrible” as in “Terribly wrong”; no Elijah: no Resurrection. This is why John said these words to Jesus; to wit: “I have need to be baptized by thee…”

John the Baptist ended up doubting  Christ Jesus; and was cut asunder, losing his head.

The loss of the one who was to have been his messenger caused the Lord to then announce he was going to Jerusalem: which was certain death. In fact it was suicide; and Peter said so. You remember what happened then; the Lamb called Peter “Satan” and told him to get behind him; a rebuke of cosmic magnitude. Yet we have a consecrated death; the only other one being that of Samson; whose hair was plaited into 7 plaits: the Nazarene with 7 horns; the Lamb with the 7 horns and 7 eyes being the Resurrection and the Life itself; and called a Nazarene for just this reason.

Saul is an example of one who chose an unconsecrated death.

What I hopefully have brought to your attention is that the prophetic parallel in Sun Myung Moon’s denial that he is John the Baptist is exactly the same situation as when John the Baptist denied he was Elijah the Prophet.

If I seem indeed know all of Rev. Moon’s failings and shortcomings it is because my Father sent his Servant John to me to restore what Rev. Moon failed to do; but this brings us to why I am actually revealing to you and others that Rev. Moon WAS given a mission; a real mission; and is, in fact, the personage called “the Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant” mentioned in Matthew and Luke whose “Destiny” was to be “given all things” as the Messiah; yet whose Fate is to be “cut asunder” if found wanting.

Those who do not recognize Rev. Sun Myung Moon as this figure in the Gospel are then missing the “signs” in the “Sun and Moon” the Lamb promised. I warn the people of the earth that there is more to “Mr. Sun” and “Mrs. Moon” than might at first appear. Much more….

But Rev. Moon decided to marry and take the position of the Lamb by enacting the “Marriage of the Lamb” instead. Thus he is the “snare” that appears along with “The Day” who is “The Christ” that appears to take his place: for the Sun of Righteousness is the Son of Man himself.

For the Last Judgement which Rev. Moon inadvertently brought about starts with himself because he judged John the Baptist in his book; ignoring the fact he stood in John the Baptist’s position itself until the Lord who put him in charge of the Providence returned.

Thus the world is now a Witness to the fate Rev. Moon has fallen to as being “cut asunder” instead of the destiny he was to have risen to as being given “rulership over “all things” written of in Luke and Matthew.

The burial chamber of Mun Yong-meyong; the "Shing Dragon' of North Korea; discarnate Christ and incarnate brother of Kim il Sung

The burial chamber of Mun Yong-meyong; the “Shining Dragon” of North Korea; discarnate Christ and incarnate brother of Kim il Sung

Our Korean Moses thus missed the better of the 2 possible outcomes Christ spoke of he would face at his “final test”; and let us not forget; the definition of sin is to “miss the target”. This is the prophetic sentence Rev. Moon and his church does now face. Thus we have come to a real “Crossroads” as the place to identify where the Last Judgement begins: right here; right now.

It is this terrible fulfillment of the “cutting asunder” of this “evil servant” which is that “time of trouble” that is of the worst failings of those in high positions that humanity has seen in those given great responsibility in these dark times; and this one prophecy was written for a specific reason: which now confronts you who have had the moral temerity to read this far.

In Rev. Moon’s decision to marry in 1960 instead of gathering the 144,000 Virgins who are the Children of the Resurrection “who do not marry: nor are they given in marriage” it is quite clear that he was the one “who knew the Lord’s will; but prepared not himself” that the Lamb also mentions; but now it seems he was referring to Rev. Moon directly once again. Thus for the more astute or “quick” as opposed to the “dead’ or unresponsive a pattern in the Gospel can be seen around the fate or destiny of Rev. Moon.

To explain this I would say that while Jesus was talking and walking in Israel his Angel was at the same time far in the future talking to Sun Myung Moon on that Korean hillside on 4-18 1936; as angels do have this ability.

Thus Jesus spoke as one seeing the one who he was talking about at the moment he made his prophecy; a fact which should surprise no one.

Rev. Moon married in defiance of the Will that he remain celibate until the Day and Hour of his Master’s return: and this current situation in which he now faces a mortal defeat instead of an immortal victory is the result of this defiance: in my book “The Revelation of Salvation” of which I am now doing the final edit I reveal this disaster and it’s typically impossible solution; and a harder mission was never given; for the Second Fall of our fledging “Adam” and his Korean “Eve” is even worse than many of you might think.

Yet it can be done by the Child of the Children of the Resurrection who are the Clouds of the Lord’s Second Coming: and this is from the Holy Spirit of Truth; the seventh of the 7 Spirits of God; whose blast is the gospel truth of the 7th trumpet: for the Dead in Christ do rise first: and I speak for them as being one of them.

The Children of the Resurrection

The 144,000 Virgins are the Clouds! The Children of the Resurrection!

The fact that I have had to stand in the shoes of the Son of Man to point out that Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist is due to the Lamb once having had to point out that John the Baptist was Elijah the Prophet: and thus a mere scribe in the position of Eliakim must now despoil his fallen Shebna; and that is prophetically what is happening here as it was written of at Isaiah 22; for it seems I was raised from the dead for this reason: as the prodigal son; the lost sheep of Israel; Solomon himself at this: the Last Day of the 7 last days of Noah.

“For as it was in the Days of Noah:
so shall it be in the days of the Coming of the Son of Man.”

In Rev. Moon’s fall from grace is then the rise of one standing in the mythic position of the Offspring of David; seemingly brought back from the dead by His servant John; like Lazurus; yet the name of this rise so one could possibly save our Korean friend is “Jedidiah”; for Solomon is no more; sadder indeed and wiser at his rescue from the Abyss into which he fell.

It seems that the “Prodigal Son” who said he “would not go” ( hell no! we won’t go! ) is our Generation; but the one who said he “would go” was Rev. Moon: who did not; so we repented: and did. Thus we have done our Father’s will: and this is then the Judgement which threatens to fall upon Rev. Moon.

I stand then for My Generation as that mythic Manchild of Israel; and yet I will leave the intrepid and dedicated reader a further piece of what happens at the return of the “lost sheep of Israel”; for it is the coming back to the Father that He celebrates this by the death of the “fatted calf” whom my Father kills with the Sword.

So who is the “fatted calf”? It is the Antichrist: Osama bin Laden; the Judas of the Table of Islam. Thus is the Table now set for all the players of the Last Day: for now approacheth the Last Hour; and a time of trouble never seen before is when people kill each other in the Name of Allah who is called “The Compassionate; the Merciful”; thus they have proved they do not know Him. This is why Muhammed said that Islam came as a stranger: and would depart as one.

Denial or not Sun Myung Moon stands as John the Baptist; thus by blaming John for the death of Jesus in his book “Divine Principle” thus condemned only himself; and they who judge him all shall join him in his hypocrisy by their ignorance; for the Day dawns black over the prophets.

I call all who read these words to be “prophets” because I can bring any who suspend their disbelief into their signal company by simply revealing that the Revelation of St. John the Divine is The Word of God; and it is the One who is Faithful and True that represents this written Truth on the White Horse: and it is this I was given from His servant John that God had me reveal in the book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine”. Who hath? He who has “an ear to hear”.

All the Lord’s people will be prophets because all will be given the Understanding of the Word of God itself at the End; for like Moses we must all ascend the Holy Mountain of the Gospel and enter the Revelation that is the Holy City which rests on it’s summit.

Visually the relationship of the Holy City to the Holy Mountain can be seen representing the position of the first tabernacle ( as of the Holy Place ) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the second tabernacle ( of the Holy of Holies ) with the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

And it is these Two as Single or “One” that are the Tabernacle of God; for as the 12 gates are open to the Holy City there is no “veil” in this Tabernacle between the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies; and we all know who removed the Veil of Mystery which hid the Mystery of God; the Lord God Himself did it when His Son forgave those who killed him and proved he sat upon the Mercyseat “upon which no man had ever sat” itself; at which time God removed the Veil. This I also do for you: dear reader.

And “Revelation” itself means “the removing of the Veil”.

Here I ask you not to bother with any question about me; rather concern yourselves with the appearence of John of Patmos; last of all the Apostle’s; and servant of all: for he is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven: and it is his coming which is part of the Undeniable and Everlasting Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man.

“Behold! I come as a thief”

Even that thief who defended the Lamb at his right hand at the Cross; who was in the position of Michael the Archangel; even as the evil thief at the left hand was in the position of Satan the Devil attacking Christ Jesus to the very end: and at which hand one will stand I now give that choice to the reader to thus render their fate or destiny..

In the Name of Christ Jesus; the Name of Love; the Name of God; and he who comes in the Name of God is the Child of the Resurrection; the Offspring of David: who did not marry nor was he given in marriage; being the First fruit unto God and the Lamb.

( for the Child he lifted up in the midst of the 12 Apostles at the Last Judgement is the Head; the Standard Raised of the Lamb )

“…the horses of the Egyptians are flesh; and not spirit…”

 Fatima as the Bride of Christ

The First Fruit unto God and the Lamb

The Apostle of Divine Mercy: Princess Faustina of Poland

                    The Rise of Salvation Rose;

            “……Up From the Street…”

"....Silver shoes and see-through blues...." And the Cross of Jerusalem


And the Cross of Jerusalem

My Mission is Simple; “to Glorify His Name Again; which is the Glory that Sent me”

The Blessing from the front of the Sealed Book is then this:

“………..Bless thee in the Name of my Father Jesus

……as the Day of Christ  Jesus;

…………..that the Name of Jesus Christ be Glorified again:

…………………for that is the glory which sent me….”

  The Sister and the Image; Sister Faustina and the Calling of the Bride

None know that in the hidden history of the providence of Salvation it was Rev. Moon who was put over the entire “House” or “Body of Christ” as the Church as then in the position of the “Head” of this Body until his LORD returned; but Rev. Moon did not wait for his LORD; but decided to abrogate to himself the position of Christ as if he had already earned it before he passed the Last Test: that of seeing the return of the LORD at the Day and the Hour; as was written in the prophetic life-story of Rev. Moon unknown to the world as “the Faithful and Wise Steward/servant” of the gospel of Matthew and the gospel of Luke. ( 12:42-48 )

And the Lord said”, to wit;

            “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?”,

“Blessed is that servant whom his LORD will find doing so when he comes. Truly I tell you, that he will set him over all that he has.”

But if that servant says in his heart,

‘My lord delays his coming,’

…….and begins to beat the menservants and the maidservants, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken,

……. then the LORD of that servant will come in a Day when he looketh not for him any longer, and in an Hour at which he is not aware, and will cut him in two, and give him his portion with the unfaithful. “

(This is the bad news; it reads further)

“And that servant, who knew his LORD’s will, and didn’t prepare, nor do what the Lord wanted, will be beaten with many stripes, ( Rev. Moon )

“..but he who didn’t know, and did things worthy of stripes, will be beaten with few stripes.” ( me )

( the person who did things worthy of stripes was me symbolically for My Generation; before this mission became entirely apparent to me when the Angel of John of Patmos came throught the invisible door that day in my grandmother’s house; but of Rev. Moon it is this saying; curiously enough, as why he was suposed to become the Messiah by listening to me and getting the message from my Father Jesus’ servant John which is the most telling testimony about the entire passage…; but he did not even get a chance to listen to me; and he didn’t hear the messsage since everyone at HSA-UWC from Eric Holt down to Tossa Cromwell all fought me tooth and nail over everything I told them about Rev. Moon; and never gave him the information…….but he and they still have ‘no cloak for their sin’ regardless; and it’s on their own heads….as my Father said;

 “…for it must needs be that evil will come in the last days: but WOE unto them through whom it comes!….”)

“For he to whosoever much is given, of him will much be required;

and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be required.”



The Arrival of the Last Day and the Fall of the Pillar of Faith:

the Denial of Islam and the Destruction of Mecca as the Ancient House of Abraham

Section One:  New Mecca and the fall of the Nazarenes of the Table of the Last Supper of the Lamb

Section Two:  The coming to the City of St. Francis of the men of Sodom, and the Captivity of the Holy City of John of Assisi.

Section Three: the Coming of the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; and the Judgment on the Men of Sodom and the Whores of Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots.

Section Four: the Whores and Tax-collectors enter first:

“who are my mother and my sister and my brother? They who hear the Will: and do it    “…the Kingdom of Golden Gate Park…”

Giovanni was St. Francis’ real name; the Italian version of the name of “John”, and as few are aware this name was given to Zacharias in his doubt after being given to Elisabeth as a sure sign of who John was to be; for the full name was that of ‘Jonathan’ which Zacharias failed to write all of; the best friend of David; as he who was to Baptize John as Elijah and begin the Resurrection.

This is how close John and Jesus were supposed to have been; which did not happen; but did happen between John the Beloved Disciple and Jesus the Lamb as all know; if they who read indeed know anything.

The Enlightened Sufis for me and to My Generation are as the Magi were to the Lamb and his Generation

The New Mecca and the Restoration of the City of St. Francis

……Ask Kymberlyn Olsen

and Janet Gordon….and John Beard…..about Paul Kelly a.k.a. “Emmett Grogan”; and the Frogs; with the help of the new identities they got from Molly Ges Mundo;

……..before she escaped back to Manila; and how Joanna Leary didn’t really cooperate with the Feds to get Timothy Leary out of the Clink at Vacaville.

The Brotherhood of Light;

……..and the end of Innocence that came with the murder of Superspade; more than just a death; it was the death of Love and the return of the street merely called again “Haight”.

The River of Love; the Jordan of My Generation was now unseen except by myself:

………….the Keeper of the Flame….

Before Superspade’s body was found floating in the water under the pilings at the Haven Restaurant in Sausalito….where a 14 year old Kymberlyn Olsen had sanded the bar with Roger….Roger had done a remarkable job in decorating with wood shingles on the tour bus for Neil Young;

……..hanging out at the ranch where Margo St. James was in her new barebreasted glory: and quite charming.

 Kym hadn’t made any dulcimers for quite awhile….but Nigel Harte was always a good sport; and Peggy was all smiles. Nigels’s ribs had healed nicely after he got back from Peru: and came to the little upstaris apartment across from the Savoy Tivoli in North Beach….and Eric was there to pick up the pieces afterward.

Part I: The Judgment on the Men of Sodom and the Fall of the City of St. Francis with the Angels of Light: the Nocturnal Dreamshows at the Palace Theater on Columbus Ave; and the arrival of Sylvester; queen of the Night; for that dark day….

………..for “the day dawns black as Night”:

…………over the prophets…….

The Judgment begins as a rememberance of the Saki; and why the wine of his Wrath comes through the Saki; and once again; Rev. Moon has also been here as well: as the very subject matter of the Illustration itself.

Yet this awakened me by brininging me to higher levels of self-realization; but the conversion itself into the Kingdom is what they call “enlightenment”; the entering itself of the Great Spirit; where all are One Consciousness.

It is this Candle one must “be at One” with and so “fit” into the fabric of what the 12 new gods of the Emerald Table are now seen in their final and eternal estates: the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb.

In their position to me as the Child of the Resurrection they represent the Universal Christ as the Jury; and the Lamb represents the Judge; and without “them” I can do “nothing”.

I exist as the ONE who did not marry: nor was he given in marriage: by Rev. Moon, or anyone else; as doing the sayings of the Father. And one in particular.

Thus I found the one who found his own life indeed loses it.

But who dies in Christ Raises the Standard; who looks upon It will be saved, who touches It will be redeemed.  And who embraces it will become one with the Lake that burns with Fire; the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife. As she is one with the Sun of Righteousness; who receives It.

The Word Of God.

His Wife; one with the Son of Man.

One Flesh; in fact.

And there is a River.

  Looking back at the Future to Come:

………a divine retrospective as the Perspective of Truth

 The Danger ofJudging by Appearences; a Parable of the Last Day  

The story is old; but the telling of it is apt at these times of the Hour of Temptation; for when I read recently of the writings made in the previous posts something else was triggered by which I was able to understand why the Sufis in whose company I travel had me retell this story by which Rev. Moon and his seeming mistakes might be seen as of the nature of a test for those unaware of how seeming appearences can mask a deeper pattern; if one knows what to look out for.
The Lampstand of the Lightbearer: the Sufic Light
The Lampstand of the Lightbearer: the Sufic Light

       It is a maxim that even those who make such mistakes may not be aware that they are being used as a living illustration to those observing the reality of the Design in human society.

      It was this story they had me recall which all of them knew by heart; since it illusrates almost every angle by which one encounters the Presence. ( I think the story is instructive; more now to me than ever. Saki means “Cupbearer”.)


The Cup of Elijah; the Cupbearer
The Cup of Elijah; the Cupbearer

                    ——— ”   The Nightingale of the Saki    “———————-

In Bagdhad at one time there was a singer whose influence and talent were known and praised everywhere. The king and his court had him regularly perform for them; and he was of a pure and reserved disposition; and so was protected from the intrigues of the Court.

At that time there was also known a sufi who was reputed to have become visibly intoxicated as could be plainly seen by others; but as no one ever found any wine they could prove nothing; even though for drinking wine the penalty was then; as now, death.

The sufi was visited by a friend of his childhoood who had come to Baghdad to hear “the Nightingale” of the Court as the singer was known; but though he had watched and wited no appearences were scheduled; and it almost seemed as if the fellow whose voice had been once heard everywhere was now heard nowhere.

Some said that the king’s gold had swayed the Nightingale to only perform at the Palace and it’s events and that now it seemed he would only sing when paid; but few could blame him for wanring to make a living for himself and his family..

But the friend of the drunken sufi would not leave until he had heard the Nightingale sing…. The Sufi then decided to avail himself of his Wine; and find the answer to his problem; for he was not really a drunkard; as people thought; being a highly advanced mystic whose powers extended into a far distant time and a far distant realm; but whose life had now been completely disrupted by the desire of his passionate but naive friend; nevertheless he decided to act..

One night when his friend had come back from another day of fruitless waiting at the locations where the singer had been known to appear he found his friend the sufi seemingly intoxicated; indeed it seemed he could hardly stand up.

“Do you wish to hear the singer?”    said the sufi;

“Yes” said the friend; for he knew his friend to be no man of action; thus he saw that perhaps his friend might have some inspiration of to the answer to his prayers that perhaps was causing his friend to be intoxicated; for he knew his friend kept no wine in the house.

The sufi called out”

“Saki; bring more wine; more wine!”

His friend grew alarmed; for there was no one in the garden where they were sitting; yet the sufi seemed to be getting drunker by the moment; his speech slurrrd; eyes almost rolling back in his head. The friend began to wonder if his friend could even walk.

Suddenly the sufi stood up;

“Let’s go!”

His friend followed him; they walked for what seemed like miles; but in the maze of the backstreets of Baghdad they might have only been few hundred yards away; none could tell in the dark.

Now the sufi did indeed know where the Nightingale lived; for they were friends; as the sufi had advised the singer on his personal affairs from time to time and so saved him from some of the dark politics that swirled around like shadows for those often ill-fated  in life when seemingly so well-favored at the Court.

At a certain garden gate the sufi stopped; and putting his friend down on a spot he sat for a spell himself. At that point he lifted his head and began to sing; and he sang one of the Nightingales most popular songs; lustrous and sparkling; deep and high at the same time.

But he sang it a little off-key; and he sang it quietly; as almost to himself; yet in the stillness it was as loud as a trumpet even at a whisper.

Above there head at the house behind the gate of the garden a figure appeared; a dark sillhouette outlined against the light in the room.

Suddenly a voice began to sing; and it sang the song in it’s all; in it’s ebb and flow; he sang with as if he held his own heart in the hand of his Beloved; and that His Desire was hers.

In short the friend of the sufi heard the song that the king never heard; for this was for his friend that the Nightingale of Sahil had opened his Voice as the Singer of Saul; as David had sung to Saul to lift his spirits when he was oppressed and dejected.

Thus is the tale.

Observation’s at the Emerald Table of Justice

Sealed with the Seal of the Living God
Sealed with the Seal of the Living God

It is other observer’s own objective analysis of this phenomenon that accompanies the central figures at the Last Day as they take their places in the final Tableaux; what the Sufis and Initiates of the Grail call “the Chessboard”.

          Thus there are some who insight echoes this aspect of finding “righteous judment” as of seeking the truth to prove on my own; for all must produce their proofs of making any assertion as to ultimate reality when at the Assembly before all who are present;  this being where the 12 Apostles of the Lamb now sit on a raised dais in the midst of the Hall where all who are called to the Supper of the Great God are seated.

        Rev. Moon’s entry into the opening of the books which came when it was revealed that the Holy Qur’an is the documented record of what Muhammed was given at his Death “before he died”; thus the reason the Qur’an was a book unlike any other was because Muhammed my Messanger went through what no one ahad undergone before him: the recording of his own death and the opening of his own life after the Last Judgment.

        In judging John the Baptist as guilty of the Death of Jesus in his book “Divine Principle” Rev. Moon inadvertently judged himself; being as he is John the Baptist himself even though he might deny it.

        To the Elect it is clear to them now that Rev. Moon denies he is John the Baptist just as John the Baptist once denied he was Elijah the Prophet. At the Assembly around the Table they asked me of my own lights as of Rev. Moon might be actually operating apart from his appearence in the Final Tableaux when everyone becomes visible in their respective positions as on the Day the Lamb was betrayed.

       This is the story I recounted to them in answer with one of their own; as my explanation: which meant that all the places where I had read something incorrect or off-base in the book “Divine Principle” and had corrected in my book would never have been written if I didn’t see the blunders Rev. Moon had made in the first place, so then the question would then be this:
                   Were they then conscious blunders?

Could not have Rev. Moon precisely made those mistakes to draw out the one person who would not rest until these rips in the fabric of the Truth were repaired? This is a more dangerous view of his just making some momentary mistakes which nonetheless also explains the facts.

  Like the drunken sufi in the story it almost seemed at times that Rev. Moon voiced something incorrect to see who would dare dispute him; since everything else he wrote and produced was perfect; why then did he depart from his own guidance?
             The Sufis and the others of the Elect seemed to think that the point was well taken; but the dispute as to whether Rev. Moon had made these mistakes in his work consciously or unconsciously no one seemed to know or were willing to express.
                   There the matter stood: until now.
                   First of all many of the Sufis and some of you in the Unification Church along with others who have recently left it have correctly surmised by your own means that the ultimate identity of Rev. Moon as an agent of God means that he could be used to do a great many things which most people judging simply by apppearences would miss; just as they missed he was John the Baptist; of whom it was once said that “of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet”; and Rev. Moon is of that one reborn; no doubt to the Elect anymore about that.
           But the very errors John made Rev. Moon has repeated; thus the fact that you feel that Rev. Moon has become a gatherer makes me ask you to read what I wrote about the “Snare” of Sun Myung Moon is in Judging him; thus he is the “snare” as of the Day of the Coming of the Son of Man; for in the article I wrote at the blog “The Danger of Judging Rev. Moon” I said that the Lamb expressley said “Judge not” of others as your own judgement would then fall upon you; and thus the advice is: leave the Judgement to God; for His will be better than yours.
              Because I know that Rev. Moon is “the faithful and Wise Steward” that has now fallen to the status of the “evil servant” at the end of that prophecy I know he is not a “false prophet” or “false christ” or any of the other things judgmental prople call Rev. Moon; but by judging Rev. Moon HE is indeed “gathering those tares” as Christ told the faithful “not to judge”;  as those who do judge others yet call themselves christians are then hypocrites. Those who then fall to this “snare” at the Last Day are then plainly not obedient to the sayings of the Lamb. It seems the sheep are obedient and the goats are not. How did this happen?
        Because it is thus that Rev. Moon is being used as a standard of judgement by how others react to him.

       This happened once before when the Lamb went into the City of Jerusalem in secret; and saw what they said of John the Baptist; and could thus see what they would then think of him as well according to what he heard them say about John. Thus John was used as a “reed of Measure” in the Lord’s hand by which he could gauge the people’s faith.

        But is there more which could be said?

There as few who know and fewer that understand the relationship between Mohammad and Jesus is that of Ishmael; as who Mohammed represented as the friend of the Bridegroom;

and Jesus; who was Issac;

              the Bridegroom;

               to whom he gave the Kingdom to to punish the Elders of Judah, as Mohammed himself said: Isa was the Word of Allah that Gabriel brought to him: wise and mighty.

His brother Jesus.

 and let the  4 square Curse of Moses fall upon the First Israel;

as the Blessing at the same time on the Second Israel of Islam;

…… the Wine of Wrath as the Qur’an being a curse to the Jews;

……..but the Blessing to the Nazarenes of the table as the Second Israel and the replacers of the 12 tribes and Jerusalem with that of the 12 desert tribes and Mecca: the New Jerusalem

The Arabs were then given the Blessing of God taken from the Jews and which then became the Baraka of Allah to the Arabs, as the Enlightened Sufis of the Elect have always known; the spiritual relationship between Mohammed ( the Envoy of the Curse of Moses ) and Uwais el-Quarni ( the Apostle of Wisdom )  to whom he gave his Cloak being that of the relationship between Elijah and the Mantle he gave to Elisha. 


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