The Curse on the II World Trade Towers by Rev. Moon, written in “God’s Warning to the World”, page 93

  The Coming of my Father Jesus

My Father Jesus on the Great White Throne of His Glory; the Lord God of the New Creation

My Father Jesus on the Great White Throne of His Glory; the Lord God of the New Creation

Taking the Kingdom: “Occupy and Take Dominion

King Saul and King David, and the facts concerning the spiritual relationship between Mr. Sun Myung Moon and President Barack Hussein Obama

The destruction of the Two World Trade Towers originated in these passages in a book Mr. Mun Yong-meyong wrote on his way to Danbury Federal Prison for tax evasion. Let us look at page 93 of “God’s Warning to the World”

Part I:  A Visit to New York City by Rev. Moon
If we look at page 93 in chapter four of the book “God’s Warning to the World” by Rev. Moon which he wrote from Danbury prison in his 18 months (  seen as embodying the Number of the name of the beast as of the number 6+6+6 ) we see in his chapter 4  under the chapter heading “Christianity in Crisis” more than just a veiled threat; we see a sure promise by someone who decided that he would show America just how powerful he really was in setting up a condition for Satan to invade us in a very negative and unforgettable way.

The City of Sin

Rev. Moon begins his malediction upon New York City and the Two Towers on page 93; to wit;

When I first came to America, I went to New York and stood on Fifth Avenue during the rush hour. Suddenly tears began pouring down my face.

I looked at the wonder of the Empire State Building and the magnificence of the New Trade Center–the tallest buildings in the world.

But I asked myself,

“Does God dwell in those buildings?”

Then he goes on;

“…..New York is becoming more and more a city without God.”

Then he says:

“It is a city of crime.

Such a beautiful city is now crumbling. I can see so much immorality and so many signs of godlessness in that city.

It was shocking to my eyes as I stood watching during that rush hour.

I could see so many things at once that are all intolerable in the sight of God…….”

He then he finishes with this:

“…..I can really see that God is leaving the great city of New York.

 New York is instead becoming the city of evil……”

It seems that Rev. Moon had already “passed his judgment” on that city; as Moon began to put New York City in the position of Babylon the Great. Perhaps the fallen city of “Hollywood Babylon” we know as LA, but New York City???


But he did it, and opened up NYC to be invaded by Satan, by banishing the Presence of God  from the entire City anyway; and he picked out the Two Towers as symbolizing the spirit: and the pride, of that City especially.

“Tallest buildings in the World” he said.

The problem is this: he knew exactly what he was doing; as like King Saul, the ancient troubled king of Israel, whose father was described as a  “…a mighty man of power…”.  In other words: a sorcerer…..  passing this along to his own son; no doubt….

What does this mean?

Let me explain after we look at the passage to understand how the Antichrist Osama bin Laden was able to invade America on this basis of Mun Yong-meyong’s curse as “the Shining Dragon“, now revealed as the actuality of Sun Myung Moon “the Shining Truth” as he was   “...the Truth: Incarnate and Discarnate…..,  as was said of him by the fallen angel “Fletcher”, the Djinn or “familiar spirit” of the Warlock and sorceror Arthur Ford; who described him thus at their meeting with Moon and Bo Hui Pak; written of at their seance in Ford’s book “Unknown but Known“.

This looks like S.M.Moon ‘aka’ Mun Yong-meyong, decided early on that NYC was going to suffer the fate for punishing the USA and those who sent him to prison, as an act of which Rev. Moon so strongly disapproved as being patently unjust to him; as in his own eyes he knew he was standing in the position of God’s Anointed Messenger still: and that is why in his anger and pique he never attained to the crown of life after his failure at Yankee Stadium in 1976; just as with the anger of Moses at Kadesh-Barnea, where he struck Christ twice as “the Rock” which stopped him from entering the Promised Land, and having to die on Mt. Nebo instead.

This is the reason that the face of my Father Jesus was so disfigured as written of him beforehand in Isaiah; and why he wore his hair long to cover it up, and was thus called “…a Nazarene…”, as in those days in Israel only they were allowed to wear their hair so long; as it was considered a disgrace for men to have long hair like women, as societally it was considered unseemly.

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers on page 93 of "God's Warning to The World' which opened the Door for Osama bin Laden the Antichrist to Attack America

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers on page 93 of “God’s Warning to The World’ which opened the Door for Osama bin Laden the Antichrist to Attack America

The Fruit of Joseph and the Resurrection of Ephraim.

The position of Rev. Moon over the “House of the Global Pharaoh” in the ending of the Secular Sodom of J. Edgar Hoover; and the Racist Egypt of the “KKK” in America by Dr. King; who “smote Egypt” of it’s Racism; and “healed it”.

Of course Dr. King was killed by “the scarlet colored beast” as the embodiment of Red China which came from the Abyss of Rev. Moon’s spite over the Black Christian Race as the Manchild of Zion; and his unbridled jealousy of Dr. King when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Sun Myung Moon’s real feelings about the Black and White Races unifying for the Foundation of the Kingdom of God in America are seen in his bitterly misguided envy of Martin Luther King; seen inexlicably and vehemently out-of-place when he branded Dr. Martin Luther King as being “pro-Communist” and a tool of Marxism for opposing the Vietnam War.
This spiritual attack and debasement of Dr. King was not enough for Sun Myung Moon; he then decided to side with the Man of Sodom; J. Edgar Hoover, the transvestite and satanically twisted head of the FBI; a fallen man and a completely transparent Sodomite of the first water; this became Sun Myung Moons ally in the destruction of Dr. King.
Now that he has perished in his gainsaying and attempted negation of the Gospel of Christ and Rev. Moon shall never know that Karl Marx is that being who was the “False Prophet” of Revelation, chapter 13, raised up from the earth of “dialectical materialism” from the “left-wing” Hegelians at the turn of the 20th century; as that diabolical manifestation of the Global Balaam, seen clearly in the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level that began at 1917; with the 3 Children of Mary of Fatima in Portugal.
The children themselves for “the signs and the wonders” that were first seen in the City of Sufic pilgrimage known to the Elect as Fatima in Portugal and then 50 years later in the City of St. Francis, were part of the Providence of Restoration and the Salvation seen, as the Sun of the Lamb of Islam in his own “Bethlehem“; as the Three Children of Fatima fed by the Host with Michael the Archangel was then the Bethlehem of Islam; as of “the House of Bread” that Fatima az Zahra stood for, as “the Virgin of Allah”.
Her emanation was then that as of  the light of “the three children” Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia themselves, as the “Signs” and “the Three Turnings in the Sky” of the “Sun of Mary of Fatima” as of “the Wonders” that were beheld by upwards of 70,000 people in 1917 when the foundation of light was established with the Lamb for the Kingdom of God.
The Three Children of Mary of Fatima the Dyer in 1917 at the Barley Harvest; Maryam al Kubra seen at the New Mecca in the City of St. Francis 50 years at the Wheat Harvest ....

The Three Children of Mary of Fatima the Dyer in 1917 at the Barley Harvest; Maryam al Kubra seen at the New Mecca in the City of St. Francis 50 years at the Wheat Harvest ….

 2012a2 Hendaye Cross
The Cross of Hendaye
Unknown to all but the Elect it was the Three Children seen as “One Child” as the Hidden Imam or “Bab”, as that “Pearl of Great Price” embodied in and of Fatima herself as the “Gate of Heaven”; being that Virgin of Light now seen in the West in 1917 as the powers of heaven were then shaken; Fatima now returned as the Judge of the World to Come; with the fulfilling of the Shiite prophecy of this Occult Seed or “Hidden” Child of the Holy Martyr Ali coming back to life; as was represented by the Three Children themselves for the Three Heights once built of the One Door: for the Ark of Noah.
And at the same time in the East the foundation of darkness was established in Moscow in 1917 with the Bolsheviks; now with the False Prophet’s kingdom of darkness now put into place; as of the False Prophet himself: Karl Marx.
These were altogether as of the “Signs and Wonders” at the “Providence for the Start“.
But it was the Work of the Sun; the Emanation of Khidr Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes of the Sun of Tabriz.
This was seen reaching it’s culmination 70 years after 1917 once again: at Hrushiv in the Ukraine, in the Mass Vision of Mary witnessed by Josyp Terleya and half a million others in 1987; after the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity of Russia were ended.
Three years later the Wall of the False Prophet and his Jericho in Berlin was torn down;  as the Iron Curtain of Babylon the Great falling  down….by the trumpet Blast of the Archangel.
Thus Rev. Moon, in his  distaff accusation of Rev. King out of his sense of jealousy and envy, enjoined this satanic recrimination which Rev. Moon shared with none other than J. Edgar Hoover; who by this accusation of Dr. King being a tool of the False Prophet thus set up the condition for him to be invaded by Satan; as the FBI then had Dr. King wiretapped, and monitored extensively; and after he was invaded by Hoovers henchmen he was then killed.
Our Black Moses; and the Mountain of the Second Trumpet; for 1929; when he was born; and there was a very LOUD CRASH....

Our Black Moses; and the Mountain of the Second Trumpet; for 1929; when he was born; and there was a very LOUD CRASH….

 This is quite well documented by Taylor Branch in his trilogy about the Civil Rights Movement here in America that will be seen shortly on Oprah Winfrey’s Own Network, and I highly recommend viewing it; as it absolutely contravenes what Rev. Moon said about the Black Manchild of Zion, and then further explains why Rev. Moon never marched with Dr. King to prove “All Men are Equal”, it would have made the Constitution “Gods Words”, and Rev. Moon said they were not.

 Rev. Moon had backed Newt Gingrich for the same reason against the Global Abel: “Barack the Blessed’; as the one who killed the Antichrist: Osama bin Laden: Barack Hussein Obama; the Mahdi of Islam at the Universal Level.
Benazir Bhutto was the Mahdi of Islam at the International Level…for Zulfiqar; her father, a martyr of Truth for Pakistan; unjustly persecuted.
My Father Jesus elevated him and his daughter Benazir; both having died as having separated themselves from Satan as well; because this is the Last Day of Islam and the whole earth; and the Holy Angel of the Ukraine is the Angel of the Hour: all those in the Unification Church won’t even be overly concerned about the truth of what occurred in Hrushiv at 1987, at the end of the 70 years of Russia’a Babylonian Captivity, from 1917 when they took Moscow to 1987 when the Wall was removed spiritually by the Speech of Reagan to Gorbachev.

Who did Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who is seen at chapter 12 of the Revelation and revealed as “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel”; who did she then call her own daughter? ? ?

My Daughter Ukraine“; as the Bride; Ukraine is the Soul of Russia, as Russia represented the Global Adam of the Nations; even as Red China is the Evil Servant that was embodied in Rev. Moon for the fallen Yellow Race; and Red China is the nation having the “Principle of Contradiction” embodied in it’s very structure as it’s principle is opposed to it’s own essence;  as the fallen nature of Conflict; the Son of perdition of the nations…the beast that is and is not; yet is“: for it must be seen for what it truly is;

...that  it IS Marxist, as societally Socialist;

yet “is NOT” Marxist as economically Capitalist;

and “yet IS” Marxist, as governmentally and absolutely Communist;

thus a “walking contradiction“.

Thus Sheba is the Soul of the Son of Adam of the Nations at the Global Level; which is America, and the virgin daughter of Zion; and Zion is Mary; Rev. Moon never heard of Josyp Terelya when he was alive; but all shall now hear of him; who even Lucifer called “the Son of Michael”, seeing his own coming end trapped in the body of Sun Myung Moon; held there with Moon’s own belief and grasp of “the Lie of Satan”, as the Accusation against Zacharias and the Virgin Mary.
Mun Yong-meyong thus became at death “the Shining Dragon” at the tragic end as the body of John the Baptist, reverting to his birth name and losing the one he had been given by the Amen, ( Sun Myung Moon meant “the Shining Truth” in Korean ) but not yet having his name written in the Lamb’s Book. And now it will not be; as he has been “cut asunder” and “given his portion with the hypocrites and unbelievers”; as was written of him.

The Cosmic Mary Of Bethany is “Maryam al Kubra” Rev. Moon now prepares to go to Spirit World as dying in the position of who he really is spiritually: John the Baptist…the one who thought his father Zacharias was the father of his Lord; Jesus; the lie from Satan that John never got past; and which Rev. Moon now teaches to those ignorant enough to believe him..

Few have known the truth deeply hid beneath the lies of Rev. Moon, as spiritually being John the Baptist due to having John’s identical accusation against Mary: and then teaching it as a true doctrine of devilsrepeated by Unification trained writers like Mark Gibbs,  in his satanic bit of literary trash as that blasphemous book Secrets of the Holy Family“; thus leading the Unification Church to it’s complete demise…


For Salem and Melchizedek; thence to New Salem: as Jerusalem for the First Israel

Then from Jerusalem and my Father Jesus slain as the Lamb to the New Jerusalem as Mecca, after the Jews lost their position and Islam became the Second Israel.
Then from Mecca and the one million christian Armenians slaughtered by the Turks to the City of St. Francis as having lost their position as the Loyal Cain by killing the Armenians as “Abel”; and the Manchild became the Third Israel; the Black Christian Race that united with the White Race of My Generation; it is we who arose from the mud of Woodstock as that Nation; from Beth-El; the House of God; where Woodstock took place.
The Seed of David are the Singing Prophets; as in his day prophesying  “upon harp and timbrel”; in our day it’s guitar and drums.
Thus it is “The House of David as God” seen at Woodstock; as our Joshua sat; Bob Dylan; the 31 bands that played at Woodstock are those of the 31 kings that Joshua replaced in Canaan; just as My Generation did when we arose.

Who is the Angel of the Ukraine?
“The Son of Michael”


But they will hear the truth NOW ! ! ! !


Barack Hussein Obama is in the position of our “David” for the Third Israel, over the Restored Ephraim, as the Black and White races having United to be the Foundation to Receive the Messiah; Barack representing our “David” in the Internal Restoration of the Kingdom centered on the Internal Canaan where all men would be free; and all women also; the condition of Indemnity being paid by Prohibition in 1920 when Rev. Moon was born and Women also then gained the Right To Vote, and America as having the “racist shadow” of Egypt; as when they killed all the first born of Israel as their national policy.

It this that was then reversed; and America has now a black and white President; the Global Abel as leader of the Free World.

Rev. Moon is now the Global Cain; having rejected Barack as the Global Abel and the leader of the Free World; and the Black Christian Race as the Third Israel.

That Third Israel which Rev. Moon says is Korea: but it isn’t. Hyo Hin Moon made sure I knew why his father tried to steal our Blessing; as Jacob did from Esau. 

And we overcame because we “took Egypt” from within, in the 430 years from 1492 to 1920; or 1517 to 1947; when Dr. King was 18 and then rose to become the “spiritual King” or our “Black Moses” here in America.

 The rise of the Kingdom of Israel as “Ephraim” or the Northern  Kingdom restored; and the Nation of Israel was created from the the old Kingdom of Judah.

 But as Judah and Israel show in the relationship of Israel and the US; there is really only One Israel; half Christian in North America with a few other faiths; and half the apostate Judaea in the Middle East, who now wait for the Lord of the Second Advent.

 My grandmother Sophia Ruth Witt was a little Jewish lady from Germantown in Philadelphia; I am sure the Nation of Israel would love to hear.

This seems to be why I am partly Jewish; yet born in Nuremberg; the Mecca of the Nazis “10 Years After” – “the Judgment at Nuremberg” and partly Irish on me mother’s side.

 And the Return of the North as the “Restoration of Ephraim” as the Kingdom of Israel in freeing the black christian slaves of the Third Israel from the “racist” South and “Their Oppression in the Land of Egypt”; as the South was internally Egypt for the slaves. They reached the Internal Cannan in the Civil Rights movement as the Foundation of Substance

……… it was written, in the Famine, ‘not for bread’ but ‘for the Word of God’ in the Last Days; as of the House of the 6th Shepherd Joseph Smith, of the 6th Church of the Tower of Salvation; the Archaic Branch of the True Vine; and what becomes of our “evil servant” as written in Matthew 24:48. 


“…..No Man sees my Face and Lives…”


Part I. The Regeneration of Solomon “the Preacher”; as “the Son of David”, to Jedidiah “the Bride”, as “the Beloved of Jah”.

The Return of the Prodigal Son; Solomon the Fallen One

The Three Great Gifts; the Garment; the Ring; and the Shoes.
His servants; the Enlightened Sufis.
What was lost was the Rose of the Sharon; the soul of Solomon; and the lost wisdom of Solomon for which for the Wine so many sold themselves, the black sheep of the House of Judah, and the gathering of Ephraim; the lost sheep of the House of Israel.
As those of the Sufis said of him; as Apollyon; the king of Self-destruction, having thrown himself down from the top of the Temple he had built;

I buy this Wine at the price of my soul; thanking the Cupbearer that he made the price so cheap..”

Ephraim; the return of My Generation; who followed the Manchild of the Black Race here in the Land of the Free: the Manchild of the Zion of the Holy One of Israel; here in the West; right where the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation is here revealed from the Lamb’s Book, as of the Sufic Branch of the True Vine; the Unification Church whose Lampstand was placed on Seoul with the 7th Shepherd Rev. Moon: at the Return of the Son of Man; at the Last Day and the Hour.
To see who was watching: he comes unannounced.
Section One: the Death in Christ: Harbinger of the Morning Star.
First He thought of what he would make; then He Made it....

First He thought of what he would make; then He Made it….

   For those versed in the scripture the account of the “Death in Christ” is redolent of the Mystery of God; for if “no man looks upon my Face and lives” it is the “twice dead who “walk before His Face”; in other words; those who have seen God and “died”.

For those who thus “live” are then they who have died: and only they could be said “to Live” in the eyes of God. As my Father said; and what is the secret of Life???; it is to ‘die’ before one physically dies: so one may “pre-empt” Death itself.
At the End it is they who are written; and who writes their names is the scribe at the right hand of his Father Jesus.
My Father is easy to see: He’s the one sitting on the Throne of God; you really can’t miss Him: Christ Almighty; it seems God has made Himself Anew.
But, like Abraham, they still appear to be ordinary men to the outside observer: but they “are not”. Thus the Rumor that he was “Perfect”.
The “abdal” of “the changed ones” have many degrees in the Work; thus their Translation in every case is slighly different; according as to what is written of each of their “part” in the “Work” written in the Book El Elyion; “the Most High”. Illyium from the Qur’an is then this Book of the Most High; where all that is was written in the Light itself of that Day in which God created “the heavens and the earth”.
And the children of Peace; are the Peacemakers; the Children of the Most High.
The 4th of the ( arrows of Light from the Bow from he on the White Horse of The Year; at the First Seal; as the First Position. The message of the First Trumpet of the Acceptable Year; Luke 4:18 where the book was first opened at Isaiah 61:1 and then closed after the first line at Isaiah 61:2; and now opens at the next line:
“….and The Day of the Vengeance of our God; to Comfort all that Mourn…..”
On the base it says these words: "FATIMA" as of Mary of Fatima; even "Maryam al Kubra"; she who is:"The Greater Mary" of that New Golden Gate

On the base it says these words: “FATIMA” as of Mary of Fatima; even “Maryam al Kubra”; she who is:
“The Greater Mary” of that New Golden Gate

This he now says from His new position; sitting upon the Great White Throne:
……as “God in His Righteousness“.
Luke 4:18 now “opened” at that line where it was shut……where it was shut; it is now opened; as he who hath the Key of David; the Divine Principle as the “Iron Rod” seen in the Cross of Christ; a Rod of Iron to rule the Nations; as that was what was embodied in the Cross of Christ seen when it was put upon the shoulder of Eliakim the Scribe taken from the Steward; Shebna; over the House; even as “the Faithful and Wise Steward” Rev. Moon who was “over the House”; and the “meat in Due Season” for My Generation was his book: “Divine Principle”.
This is seen at Isaiah 22; but the story is now of me as the Scribe given the Key of David as “a throne of glory to my Father Jesus’ House”; with the Lamb’s Book opened; and Rev. Moon; taken down from his position “over the House of Joseph”; losing even that “which he seemeth to have…”
But Shebna was stripped of his rank for ‘eating and drinking’:
……Stoic Epicureanism;
                                                       “…….Let us eat and drink; for tommorrow we die…”
The angelic spirit of man that goeth upwards; and the demonic spirit of the beast that goeth downwards...the libido; and the id...

The angelic spirit of man that goeth upwards; and the demonic spirit of the beast that goeth downwards…the libido; and the id…

The Acceptable Year of the Lord. The Rider is here The King: the Word in the Form of the Commandment. The White Horse of the Chariot of the Holy One of Israel is thus the East Wind of Heaven; “The Life of the World”. The Red Horse is “the Way of Holiness”; the South Wind of Heaven.
The Black Horse of the Chariot of Israel is the West Wind of Heaven; “the Path of the Just”. The Chariot of Israel is the Name of the Father.
The First Position; at the First Seal; at the First Horn of the Altar: the White One.
The Trumpet of the First Angel; the Angel of Socrates: the white one; Hellas; Flower of the Styx; the Mushroom, as of the Flower of the Soul of the White Race; that was tied in the Euphrates; as the 4 Flowers of each Race were bound together; a Flaming Sword; so no one could enter Paradise;
The Door was effectively Shut. 
But at the 6th Trumpet; we learn the 4 Angels of the 4 spirits of the 4 flowers; were Co-created with God: to awaken the 4 Organs of Apperception; the Ganja; ; from the Ganges River; as of the Mind; and thus the Path. The Poppy; from the Yellow River; of the heart
Jimmy Carter put Israel and Egypt together; with the fledgling democracy of Irag or “Magog” being “conquered with Barack Hussein; is a sight unrivalled.
Thus; “Egpyt, my people, Assyria; the Work of my Hands; and Israel; Mine Inheritence.”
The Ancient Line of the Most High comes to life.
The wheat tried in the Fire that began where Haight street turned into the Jordan of Fire is where the Resurrection of the Just begins.
They who walk the Path of the Just are then they who saw the God of Love at the Visitation in 1967 in the “Due Season” called the “Summer of Love” of “the faithful and wise steward” of the gospels of Matthew and Luke: Rev. Sun Myung Moon. 
All who heard and “caught” an Arrow of the Lightning were themselves Peacemakers; and every single one of them was called; as “a child of the Most High”.
But they rise at “the Resurrection of the Just” here at the Last Day as they come back to life at the Regeneration of the Blue Star of the Hopi; the Morning Star of Eliakim the Scribe; because they will take on mythic identities from the Spirit, as Elijah and Moses; and all the holy prophets, begin to manifest.
he Revelation of Jesus Christ being Unsealed is the Book of Life of the Lamb being Opened: it’s as simple as that: but you are reading this because of that Event; the Cataclysm; October 24th, 2007; the Mustard Seed.

The Mustard Seed of Comet Holmes and the Morning Star of the Second Death; the Star becomes the Sun of Regeneration; the Seed becomes the Tree in which ‘the Seed of David as the Host’ all come to Roost.

The Mustard Seed that grew One Million Times in One Day represented the One Million Armenians who were slaughtered.
That is why Comet Holmes; the Mustard Seed; grew larger than the Sun in One Day.
That was the Sign in the Sun.
The Blue Star of the Hopi; the Morning Star I was given; from my “Death in Christ”; at the 4th Overcoming; of the planet Neptune; with Venus hidden in it’s waves’ Poseidon; and Aphrodite; the Sea Foam.
Thus it is over “Wednesday”; the 4th Day of Creation is then been “recovered” from the name of the god of the Aion or Week; which is blasphemy as the “Week” is now seen as the fallen house of the heavens that is  “the temple of the gods”.
In the New Heaven that Day becomes that element of the New Day that of the New Heaven of the Church of Thyatira; which is that of the Quakers; the Gnostic Branch of the True Vine; they of the “Inner Light”; as the True Eye of the True Vine; the 4th Eye to Open was then at George Fox; thus what was written of Thyatira all pertained to the Quakers; and the Society of the Friends..
You’ll see it fits. The 7 Churches are the Tower of Salvation of the Lamb; the 7 Branches are of the True Vine of the Testimony of Jesus. Christianity did “grow” and go due West; and the 7th Church reached to Seoul; Korea. The 7th Shepherd of the 7th Transmission by the 7th angel of the 7 Churches; was Sun Myung Moon.
The Sixth Shepherd of the Church of the Living God was then Joseph Smith; who was killed. But the 7 Spirits of the Comforter were here for each of the 7 Churches.
The 6th Transmission was then the Holy Spirit of Wisdom.
The 6th Lampstand is placed on Salt Lake City on the Path of the Just..the Archaic Branch of the True Vine.
But in the Church of the Living God it is then the Lampstand of Philadelphia; the Sense of Hearing, sixth sense. The Mormon Church is then “the House of Joseph” that Rev. Moon was “put over” here in America; but he discounted one thing: the appearence of John: “the Revelator”.
That’s “the Hour”; the 12th.
John my Father’s servant.
Let the World then know; how they were Lit by the 7 Spirits of God sent to the Earth: with the Comforter; as his 7 Eyes. He is my Lover; and I am His Beloved.
Their Shepherd as he who “overcame” at the 4th Step of the Lamb George Fox; thus that 4th “Star” from the right hand of the Amen is then “placed” on that 4th Lampstand; as the 4th Church of the Tower of Salvation; the 7 in Asia being the Foundation itself: the Blueprint. The 4th Sense is that of Sight; at the Eye; the 4th of the 7 Spirits by which one “Overcomes” is that of the Holy Spirit of Generosity; the Sense of Equality or Horn of Pure Divine Justice; the Impartial One.
The 4th Horn of the Lamb: on the White Horse.
Whose “Eyes are a Blazing Fire”.
As “the Lake of Fire where the Beast and the False Prophet” are that would then be my Husband; the Bridegroom: the Second Death; astride me; as “Faith on Earth”; the Bride.
The White Horse; the Lord of the Second Advent, Kalki. And he who rides him is the Second death; seen on the face of the Blue Kachina dancer when he takes off his mask.

“…Our Lady of Sorrows…”

In India his name is Lord Ishvara; but to me as his Beloved it is Ishi.
My Lover. as my soul liveth….
My Protector.
Let Not your heart be troubled….                                          
  Believe in my Father;
 believe also in me….. ” 
 John 14:1         
I. The Believer and the Unbeliever in Islam and Christianity
II. The Coming Two Tests of the Last Day:
III. The Test of Islam; and the Test of Christianity
The Test of the Believers in Islam at the Last Day:
…..and the events that preceded the Danbury Sentence in Federal Prison of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the effect upon America of his unjust Incarceration, and the re-enactment of “the Striking of the Face of the Rock of Kadesh – Barnea in the Anger of Moses”; and ‘the End of the Patience’ of Rev. Moon.
In prophetic fact it is where this Intervention by Fate intersected with the fact of Rev. Moon “curse” on the Two Towers begins back when the 2 men in the positions of the  Two Olive Trees were born in 1920; Rev Moon and Pope John Paul II.
That Karol Wojtyla who became Pope and Rev. Moon who became Rich were both born in 1920 we paid the National Indemnity for Islam falling at the First Trumpet; theie departing from the Loyal Cain position being told to us at the First Trumpet Blast in1917; 1,000,000 Christian Armenians were killed by 1915.
Thus we now had “Islam as “Cain” killing “Abel” once again; leaving their position as the Second Israel. Thus the Third Israel was now in line to go from the National Level in America to the Global Level. In the Unification Church it was 1517 which was the date at which the 400 years; or 430 years for the Preperation for the Second Coming were set up; but curiously Rev. Moon never followed up this date by adding “400” to the year 1517 and coming to the date of 1917 and the Two Foundations that were set up; one in Moscow; as the “Foundation of Darkness”; one at Fatima as the “Foundation of Light“.
In America the condition of Indemnity set up at the National level was that of Prohibition at the year 1920 that made our land spiritually “married” to the Nazarenes of the Table that Islam had become with Mohammed, as the Seal of the Prophets;  from the Vow of the Lamb at the Last Supper, when he swore he would drink “no more wine” untill he “drank it new with them” in the Kingdom…..the Vow of the Nazarene.
For Dr. King and Prince Aaron Presley to stand in America in the position of our Moses and our Aaron was done with Prohibition; thus taking the place of Islam as the Second Israel at the Global Level as being the Promised Land of the Kingdom as the Third Israel as the Black Christian Race from 1492 until Dr. King was born in 1929 at the Crash.
America in it’s suffering during “the Dry Time” was now ritually purified because we were now joined to Islam nationally at the Table of the Nazarene as seen at the Last Supper; when my Father Jesus made the Double Vow.
Few know “the Blessed Olive Tree” in the Verse of Light that the Seal of God Mohammed met was my Father “Jesus of Nazareth” when he was “the Messiah the Prince” fated to be cut off in “70 weeks” and die. In contradiction to Rev. Moon in his book “Divine Principle” Isaiah was not a “dual prophecy” about the Messiah; one bad scenario and one good scenario; because the Son of Man Daniel also said the Messiah would be cut off.
 Isaiah only walked with my Father; seeing what would happen; Daniel saw right to the years 1917 right to 1962 when we “walked over the “Parted Red Sea” of “Communism” as My Generation all escaped Nuclear Annihilation at the Cuban Missile Crisis; the US and SU being the “two walls of water” we walked through to the Promised land as the Global “Valley of the Shadow of Death” when all mankind halted at the precipice of Total Destruction.
1,290 years after 627 when Mohammed the Envoy of Moses ( his “avenging angel” in fact ) thus did the times of the Gentiles come to be fulfilled; from 987 to 1917 was 930 years; signifying the death of Adam at the Global Level, which began the 7o Years of the Babylonian Captivity of Russia, that Josyp Terelya witnessed.
My Father agreed having arrived as the Second Adam at 1917 a the Sun of Righteousness which came down at Fatima; for this Second Death having defeated the Axis 3-in-one beast and then False Pophet Karl Marx; we were on the Way to Erecting the Kingdom of God on Earth; the New Heaven as a New Paradise on Earth; our Heavenly Home.
With Islam’s fall we had the Black Muslims here in America: and then we had the KKK; mirror images of each other.
But now the Black Christian Race now appeared as the Manchild of the Woman with two eagles Wings; The Zion of the Holy One of Israel; she who wears the Crown of 12 Stars.
1920 and the Kingdom coming to the United States for Rev. Moon in his Global Mission at the Horizontal Axis at North and South ( North and South Korea being united as “his cross”; and Capitalism then absorbing Marxism; here at chapter 666 or 18 of Revelation with have the Great Whore of Unbridled Capitalism as ‘Creative Destruction’: Old ‘Death-in-life’ herself:the White Goddess of Graves.
Here is where the Day and the Hour of her Destruction really are as she held the Gold Cup of Rev. Moon’s Principle of Indemnity; the Day and the Hour of the Scribe of the Revelation are they that come to the Faithful and Wise Steward of the Gospel.
 Thus at the Day and Hour of her End in the Revelation we see the Woman “riding” upon Marxism as a Beast in the form of the Evil Servant: Red China. Currently a “Socialist and Capitalist, yet Communist” creature that is called “the scarlet colored beast”; that “is and is not” as “Socialist and Capitalist” and “yet is”: Communist. A walking contradiction as the National Son of Perdition; Red China the “Evil Servant” who Sun Myung Moon embodied with the Accusation against the Virgin Mary I proved was false.
It’s a “walking Contradiction; the nature of Destruction itself; Apollyon; from the Abyss comes this creature: Apollo; the Shadow of Jedidiah; the Prodigal Son: the Dabbat al-Ard; Solomon. The ant who was given wings. Icarus. The one who fell in love with his own reflection: Narcissus; the incurable wound; Narissism. Thus at the 666 talents of gold at I Kings 10”:14 we see what happened to Solomon; Fame and Fortune are the Name and the Number of the Beast he became.
Selling himself to the Devil for an ersatz “immortality” as “having all the kingdoms of the earth” my epic battle with Lord Jesus in the 40 Days in the Wildreness has never been known.
But as he was really david in his Resuurection at the Jordan he really entered the kingdom as he prepared to die for the Original Sin by remaining a Virgin and then dying as one. Death would not be able to hold him more than three days; as being innocent. Now Death himself must pass; as mankind passes the threshold of Immortality in entering the Kingdom.
It is the fact that as Jesus he was baptized unto his death in the Jordan; but as David he rose as in the Resuurection unto Life in the Euphrates it symbolized; my Father Jesus with the hidden but then revealed face of David did the miracles because he had reentered Paradise as Adam returned. This is why “his visage changed” on Mt. Sion with Peter and John and James. It was the face of David; the same as he came out of the Tomb with; which was why Mary Magdelene did not recognize him.
As Solomon the Son of David in selling myself to the Devil I was he who had gained the world and lost his soul; and then pined away for it: Apollo; the last of the gods; after the Laurel; the Crown of Life; but becomes the god of the sun; a pale imitation of the crown of life and the true glory. Narcissus as the Rose suspended over the Abyss; staring at his own soul; lost forever; Orpheus and Eurydice; having everything; and finding life to now be empty of Joy; of Peace; and any Victory over Death at all.
The Scarlet Colored Beast is then Rev. Moon as Red China symbolizing the Yellow Race carrying the weight of the White Race; and by Carrying our National Debt he now is also our Master: whose New Master is now our own Former master he has replaced with the same Principle of Organization: Capitalism: as Mammon; once again; arrives.
The god of Wealth; Pluto; the planet of Dis; strongest of the 9; and as my Father Jesus once elaborated so eloquently about; the “Mammon of Unrighteousness is our Friend” thus he stand as “our Abraham” in this enigmatic figure; as he said; they would come to the Table of Abraham.
Red China as now the fallen Yellow Race is symbolized as Rev. Moon; as being the race originally the cause of the Fall; when they were “golden and silver”; the First Adam and Eve; the Oriental Race as we know it was originally the “One Race” out of which the 4 came; the diminished yellow race; from being golden; and then the red race; the black race; and the white race; all symbolizing stages of the Fall.
First we were Golden for Adam in the Day for keeping the Commandment of God’s Word and the Silver glow at Night for Eve for keeping the Commandment of Adam’s Law; then the fall; from gold and silver to the Devil’s property; our virginity as of man and woman being the light of the two heavenly bodies he stole; thus for silver and gold we had now to redeem ourselves; an impossible task.
The “Light of the Sun” the Man had as of “The Image of God” was of “theVirginity of Adam”; and the “Light of the Moon” the Woman had was of “The Mirror of Creation” being “the Virginity of Eve”. The Image was then Divine; and the Mirror Universal; as having been “taken out of the side” of the Divine. The left side.
As the shattered leadership of the Unification Church now deifies the adulterer Sun Myung Moon steps are being taken with the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb who now sits as in the position of the Judge on the Great White Throne of Justice as "The King of Judgment Day". Their first Case: Sun Myung Moon, present first reviewed charge: Adultery. First piece of Prosecutors Evidence; Sammy Pak. According to written testimony presented "Adultery was 'the Original Sin' of Eve"....these being Sun Myung Moon's own words in his book "Divine Principle" as Exhibit "A"

As the shattered leadership of the Unification Church now deifies the adulterer Sun Myung Moon steps are being taken with the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb who now sits as in the position of the Judge on the Great White Throne of Justice as “The King of Judgment Day”. Their first Case: Sun Myung Moon, present first reviewed charge: Adultery. First piece of Prosecutors Evidence; Sammy Pak.
According to written testimony presented “Adultery was ‘the Original Sin’ of Eve”….these being Sun Myung Moon’s own words in his book “Divine Principle” as Exhibit “A”

When Adam saw he had lost his “light” he became “White” as “a ghost”. Frightened he ran and hid; and he became ashamed; thus “Red” as a creature of shameful lust having broken his Word to God; and covered himself with nature; as “a natural man”.
When they heard Gabriel the Voice of God walking AND SINGING; Adam did not answer: this was “Black”; as being one “wishing he was dead” and afraid; as having been told he would “die” as being now no friend of the angels; especially Azrael; the angel of Death; having betrayed their trust as well and the covenant of being able to see and hear them; but now hiding from their sight; and not answering their voice. The Trumpets and Vials redress this part of the fall; obviously.
In the Global Restoration of the 4 Races we had the 4 Avatars once again; but now; instead of the 4 who all arrived 430 years before John the Baptist as the Avatar of Isreal. They were, as Rev. Moon pointed out; Confucious for the East Sheepfold of the Mystic in the Way; Socrates for the North Sheepfold of the Philosophic through the Life; Buddha at the South Sheepfold of the Psychologic on the Path; and Quetzacoatl for the West Sheepfold of the Psychic with the Truth.
But now the 4 go up; this is at the Universal; above the Global Level; this is second Advent: now wr have the White Horse: the Cosmic Israel; Kalki; Buddha; Returned as Maitreya: the Virgin Bride.
The White Horse is “Faith on Earth”: the Bride. The Lord of the Second Advent.
And who sits upon the White Horse is Lord of lords; and King of kings. The Rider is “the Lord Jehovah of Hosts”; and as “Faith on Earth” the White Horse symbolizes “the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts”.
The Red China ultimately falls to the new Creature in Christ the Whitre Horse actually is: as of the 4 Avatars themselves as the legs of the White Horse; now each Principle tsnding as a Pillar; holdin up a Cloud; the White Horse really is.
as Ultimately serving Capitalism; which is a fact.
Another Global Mission was given to do the same dividing as Rev. Moon;  as Pope  John Paul II had at the Vertical Axis at the East and West as of Easr and West Germany; but then of Bondsmen nations; of Communismin the East; and the Free Nations of Democracy that wew in the West.
In conjunction with 1920; with all the US united as the Land of the Nazarene; the Visitation was then set: 50 years after Fatima with Mary in Portugal at 1917; and that was 1967. “50” means “Pentecost”; Harvest; Mary of Fatima was the Barley; as the Three Children and then the Bird Flu; 50 years later in the City of St. Francis was had the New Mecca where God was Love.
This all came with the Tribulation; the birth pangs really; the Black Christian Race here in America as the Manchild: 
All this; by having by given up Alcohol; thus the Land was Married to Islam; and then Women were given the Right To Vote; making them socially equal unto man.
That was the equality where the Path begins; but the White Horse is the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; as the Path of the Just at the 7 Overcomings in their Day with the 7 angels repenting, given the 7 Trumpets “standing” before the Throne; the Wrath of the Lamb at the 7 Unsealings each in their Way with the 7 angels in white atoning, given the 7 Vials “coming out” of the Temple.
It’s a science; it’s not really open to dispute; it’s all quite self-evident.
The the Rider? The Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes is the Resurrection and the Life.
But now we see each of the 4 angels of the 4 Avatars; each with a Horse; symbolizing a Wind of the Earth. Now the White Horse of the Chariot is the East Wind of Heaven; the Red Horse of the Chariot is the South Wind of Heaven; the Black Horse of the Chariot is the West Wind of Heaven; and the Pale Yellow Horse of the Chariot; Creme Color; is the North Wind of Heaven. And on him sits Death.
The one who stole the Spirit of Vengeance.
But Vengeance is Mine; saith the Lord.
Because on the White Horse sits my Husband: the Second Death.
The angel of Socrates is S/Charon; of the Styx; the White One; the angel of Buddha is Krishna; of the Ganges; the Black One; the angel on the East is Lao-Tzu; the  Yellow One; and the angel on the West is Tlaos; Atlaos; Atlas; the Red One: the Saint; Job.
There we find the Patience of the Saints and the Faith of Prophets; for those who stand for his Wife are those who “stand” before the Son of Man.
Each of the 4 Angels thus “holds” a Horse as having a “grasp” of a “Wind” of Heaven now “standing” on the earth as each a Wind of the 4 Seraphim whose 24 wings are thus “opened”.thus we now hear by the first four trumpets on the earth of the 4 Doctrines of the 4 Shepherds of the 4 Sheepfolds on Earth at the East; the West; the North and the South.
This was therefore “written; as in conjunction with the 7 angels with the 7 trumpets the first 4 trumpets are “blown” by these first 4 Winds.
That much is now clear.

The Malediction of Rev. Moon and the Invasion of Satan in the Dajjals’ son; Osama, the Son of Laden; the One-eyed Dajjal from Yemen; the poor bricklayer Laden with the “Evil Eye” who became a billionaire….and had 12 sons…

The Final Test of the ‘Ummah of Believers’ in Islam.

For the Ummah of Islam the final test is between those who have the Faith and they who do not. For they who are “rightly guided”, like Sayed Hisham Kabbani, he and others of God know the World has come to what the Seal of the Prophets Mohammed said would surely occur as it was written in the Qur’an called “The Last Day”, as one of Islams “6 Pillars of Faith”.

This requires the courage for Moslems to see Osama bin Laden for what he is; ‘the Masih ad-Dajjal’; son of the One-eyed Dajjal; the Laden who came from Yemen with the Evil Eye; the “One-eyed Dajjal and his son“;

…the “son of the Devil” himself.

For the Saved, at this Last Day, the test is to have seen the Mark on the Forehead of Osama bin Laden, as he on whose forehead was written the name of “Kafir”. 

This was their test; as for Christians it was to plainly see Osama bin Laden as of Evil Incarnate: “the Antichrist”.


  “The Kafir”  means         ” The Unbeliever “

The Antichrist of II Thessalonians 2:2-4; Rev. Moon's tool of Revenge on New York City

The Unbeliever and his deluded and possessed followers all have the Mark in their Foreheads, as of the Name of the Beast; therefore bin Laden while alive was The Masih ad-Dajjal“;

…..that False Saviour of Islam.

Many are trying to “breathe life” into his “image of the beast” once again even now,

 so that it will “Move and Breath” once again:

 as he was when he “broke into the Shrine” in the Kaa’ba, with the help of members of the Royal House of Saud…and the Hanifs they corrupted…..

Al-Qaeda is this “image” of “the scarlet colored beast from the Abyss” as of the global “body” of the Antichrist.


The Attack of the Antichrist

The problem is that with Rev. Moon’s total condemnation of New York in October of 1984, as he was being shipped off to Danbury Federal Prison for that 18 months was a very dark day for America; he made sure of it.

That 18 months turned out to be a Prime Example of what “6+6+6” as that Number of his Name as a very bitter Curse; in anger and being overcome; as was Moses at the Rock of Kadesh Barnea.

To bring undue attention to the Wealth and Prestige those towers symbolized brought the Antichrist right to them; to carry out God’s Will and thus “sit as God”.

But Barack the Zulfiqar of Ali got him: the Vengeance of Allah.

Barack Hussein is the Mahdi at the Global Level because he is in the position of the Global Abel as the Leader of the Free World and the Commander-in-Chief of the US Army; the Right Arm of God; basically.

When Barack who overcame on the South Side of Chicago had converted; as was his destiny; he was given a black christian woman in the position of Sheba: the queen of the South.

As the Muslim from Parzifal;  Fierferiz Angevin, who is given the Grail Queen upon receiving Christ as King of Kings; thus is given as his reward ‘Repanse de Schoye’; “Chosen Response”. 

But the Prodigal Son who returns at the 7th level is that of the Son of Mans own Soul restored to him; as Mary. Thus we have the one that Mohammed the Seal of the Prophets called “the Son of Mary”. But it is Solomon returned to take his Father’s poition as “a Priest forever, after the Order of Melchizedek”.

The name is then Jedidiah; “The Beloved of Jah”; which is the name Nathan, the holy prophet of David, originally gave him.

“So be it….JEDI ! ! !”

As for now we have: the New Order of Melchizedek; the Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’ sake; these Redeemed from men as the First Fruits unto God; it is they as the ‘dead in Christ’ who rise first; as of the one whose Right Hand the five wise virgins symbolize of all those who gain eternal felicity and enter into the Holy City; who become the Lamb’s Wife, who is Holy Jerusalem; New Jerusalem being the Bride. 


THE TRIAL of Rev. Moon

And so: "....carved out himself a tomb..."? As King Saul; cut off from the Third Israel as Faithless and Unbelieving; ask Hyo Jin Moon as the Angel of the New Covenant; between me and the New Unification Church...and him with the Old fallen Church of his father Sun Myung Moon

And so: “….carved out himself a tomb…”? As King Saul; cut off from the Third Israel as Faithless and Unbelieving; ask Hyo Jin Moon as the Angel of the New Covenant; between me and the New Unification Church…and him with the Old fallen Church of his father Sun Myung Moon

 and his book; called “God’s Warning to the World”

It was at the point in his book ( seen on page 93 ) that he called New York City a “City of Evil” that called down fire from heaven on it; but he had broken under the pressure of going to jail; so I feel the blame should come on the one who actually carried it out and not fall entirely on the one ‘through him that it came’.

Thus I shall simply ask my Father Jesus to forgive him.

As it is written; “….In Wrath; remember Mercy…”

Like Moses at the Rock when he ‘struck’ it with his staff twice when he was to have ‘spoken’ to it once at Kadesh Barnea; Rev. Moon “breaking” at this point was an event which no one noticed; and thus; no one was aware of that hour when he snapped.

But it was there right on the cover of his book: “God” had ‘Warned Us’; and Osama bin Laden sat in that Judgment of Rev. Moon’s throne: and carried it out to the letter.

I don’t call it a “coincidence”.

But as a condition by which Satan the Devil was able to momentarily sidestep Michael the Archangel: and strike America a devastating Blow, it was by calling attention to the Two Towers as “The Tallest in the World” and what they symbolized to Rev. Moon that really caused it: because Rev. Moon is no ordinary man; he is a creature out of the pages of the prophets; ‘a ravenous bird from the east’, as Isaiah called him..

In Osama’s attempt to fulfill Christian scripture against itself 9/11 passed with only a murmur by the Christian community; but it was obvious to any within reach of the Elect that Osama had struck at New Yord as symbolizing what he and many Moslems believe is NYC to be: the Capitalistic Whore as of ‘that Great City’ we all know as NYC that is the place of the pulsebeat, at the Heart of Western Civilization.

For the prophets the “Islands” sometimes represent “Civilizations” and “mountains” sometimes represent “Cultures”; trying to take down New York City from the Moslem side of the Battle Field meant making New York City take the Judgment as the Great Whore Herself

With the “Son of the Devil” taking aim at NYC as representing the Whore in whose destruction her “Smoke Goes up Forever” all would agree to his attempt to do just this and to “tar” America with “this brush”.

Osama chose one good clear day far in advance and with enough “Smoke” to do it: Osama was indeed the Antichrist; without a doubt. Just ask the Royal Family of Saud under whose nose Osama bin Laden got into the Shrine in the Kaa’ba and sat himself down; though few know how he desecrated the room inside the Black Cube itself; but the Hanifites know; as they unwittingly helped him do it when he snuck in with a few simple cleaning men.

And in my book I show this occured in this War or Jihad because of the condition Rev. Moon created when he ‘cursed’ or ‘brought DOWN’ a Malediction or “evil presence” upon those Two Towers of the World Trade Center: and ‘those chickens came home to roost’; once again. 

New Yord City as “A City of Evil” in his aptly named book “God’s Warning to the World” ( on page 93 ) has the entire Malediction itself; a classic curse; as Rev. Moon was being dragged off to prison.

It was his words which put that Great City at Peril to be used by the Masih ad-Dajjal; in the War on America by the Judas of Islam.

Osama struck to make “Smoke Rise Up” to fulfill scripture; seen in chapter 18 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine written about the Burning of Babylon the Great; thus Osama bin Laden was trying to personally enact the Judgment of God; from the Throne of Mecca; which is Hagar; and Mohammed then as Ishmael; who he was spiritually; brother to Jesus; who was Issac, spiritually. As Rev. Moon knows; though he despoiled Islam as the Second Israel; in Moon’s eyes they never even existed: what a mistake!

The Lamb was in the position of Issac as “the Bridegroom”; but this time he died on the Altar; by the hand of an Abraham who did not heed the Voice of the Angel: which was to have been John the Baptist: to stop them.

But John never raised his voice to stop the elders of Judah by proclaiming my Father Jesus was the Messiah, because that would have required Elijah: and John denied he was Elijah: so there was no angel at that Altar for Issac this time; and this time: the Lamb did not have a substitute; a man died on the Altar:


Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is "cut off' from the congregation of Israel: forever..."

Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is “cut off’ from the congregation of Israel: forever…”

New Yord City as “Babylon the Great” would have then made making Mecca an “Eternal  Zion” ; the Holy City of Eternity; because Osama “as God” would have carried out the prophetic and divine Judgment of God!!!

No one in the West even blinked an eye.

But it’s Clear as Crystal at II Thessalonians 2:2-5; how the appearence of the Antichrist is the Only Sign of the Arrival of the “Last Day”: the Day as of Christ as of Justice in the “falling away” where they left  their position; as from a Loyal Cain; like Eliezer of Damascus; as was Paul in the position of Balaam; Prophet of the Gentiles; as was told to Princess Sister Faustina by Mary; the Zion of the Holy One of Israel ( the Mother of Jesus).

But is is said: for “that evil servant” wgich Rev. Moon symbolizes as representing “Red China” he is then seen to have left his position: by refusing to vacate his position as the Lamb in his Marriage.

It is this which then becomes as if the Archangel had left his position to take that of Adam; which would then be the Second Fall; for the Archangel for Eve; which is what happened with Rev. Moon; 2/3’s was good though; it was the fallen third of the Host which made Rev. Moon’s act a “fallen act” and thus did not “Open the Door” of “ETERNITY”.

But; the 7 seals and 7 trumpets begin at 1910 to 1980; and the 70 years of Russia’s Babylonian Captivity was 1917 to 1987; right at Ronald Wilson Reagan’s speech: ‘Mr. Money’; the ‘Go Between’ to Gorbachev; ‘Mr. 666’ who Brokered

 “The Deal”; as all the operatives in the NSA actually could tell you:

the words Reagan spoke when he said

 “Tear Down this Wall”

 were the agreed-upon-phrase to Gorbachev as “the Secret Code Word” for

  “the Money is in the Bank” ( the Swiss Bank account )

By Osama bin Laden judging New York City as ‘the Great Whore’, as being ‘the Great City’ of the Revelation of St. John the Divine that is “judged”, it was the Antichrist himself who thought to start the Third World War as the Final War: a Holy War, with his own little holy war: sponsored by the Elite of Saudia Arabia who he had all seduced….

The Final Jihad.

Rev. Moon? We didn’t hear from him during this time: so he missed how the Last Day arrived: but he was to have been watching; the day in which the fulfillment of the prophecy of the “man of Lawlessness” was Osama bin Laden; in conjunction from Mohammed as the Seal of the Prophets that “9 /10’s of all the Evil in the World would emanate from Yemen at the End” .

And “9 /10’s” is very close to another Number: “9/11.”

Does anyone remember that one? Trying to “breathe Life” into the “Image” of the Beast; the Scarlet Colored beast being the last incanation of “the Devil in a devil” as with Judas Iscariot.

Son of the Devil; Osama bin Laden; whose father was the One-eyed Dajjal; with the Evil Eye no one mentions: ever.

Laden; and his 12 sons.

But on those 12 thrones for Islam’s 12 princes sat one Judas: in that House of Saud sat the Judas of Islam; and they chose the Wrong Horse.

The problem for Islam is that Rev. Moon never mentioned the fact he despoiled Islam by not letting them know they were in reality the Second Israel, whose Blessing or “Baraka” had come to them ( as the Desert Tribes replaced the 12 tribes of Jacob: who were also the 12 grandsons of Issac ); the Baraka of Israel was given to Mohammed as Mecca from the Jews of the First Israel and Jerusalem which was made a desolation when the First Israel left their position by killing the Messenger John as “the friend of the Bridegroom” in the position of Eliezer of Damascus and the Messiah; who was in the position of Issac as “the Bridegroom”. No Issac: no Jacob; and no Jacob: no ISRAEL.
THIS is why he said:
“Forgive them Father; they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”

KOREA and the FAILURE of Rev. Moon.

WWWIII and the Fall of the Family of Sun Myung Moon:

the Eldest and First Born Son of the Cosmic Jericho of the Strength of the Original Sin.

"Where the Carcase is; there shall the Vultures be gathered..."

“Where the Carcase is; there shall the Vultures be gathered…”

Part I:  The advent of the angel of the New Covenant: Hyo Jin Moon As I soon found out; no amount of Indemnity could erase the Original SSin; the only way to do so required the 7 angels with the 7 Vials; as the Initiation into the Mystery of God by My Father; and no one could come to my Father Jesus but ‘by me’; as by my example.

The Unification Church in America and the Straight Path of the Just

In Islamic “Sirat al-Mustaqim” means the straight path of God in Islam, and refers to a narrow path (thinner then a string of hair) 3,000 miles long that the souls of the dead must cross on the judgment day to reach heaven. (  3,000 miles as from the East Coast to the West Coast in “a flash of Lightning”  )

In one version of the tale, the souls of the virtuous are helped to navigate it because their good deeds turn into ‘a white horse’ they can ride to the end.”

( The White Horse is ‘Kalki’ as Maitreya the Virgin of the Ganges as the Holy River;  the Cosmic Israel as the Holy Mount of the Lord of the Second Advent: Lord Ishvara; the Holy One of the Third Israel )

The fallen parents in the position of fallen Adam and fallen Eve

The SWORD of Mary by the Warrior of Mary of Fatima

‘Maryam al Kubra’ and Lord Ishvara,

The Liberator of India in the True Jihad against the Caste System is Lord Ishvara or  “Ishi” my husband; he who cuts down the Vine of the Earth with the Sickle of the New Moon of Fatima az Zahra.

This Satanic vertical is the oppressor’s evil economic organizing principle of this world; the Staff of Mammon, and he severs it and then throws into the Winepress of the Vengeance of God. Thus is the backbone of the Serpent broken at last.

The Shield of the Knight of Mary

The Tragic Story of How Reverend Moon was allowed to have failed his Test and Fall from his Position by not being able to read the Message and thus to listen to the Chastisement and Healing for the Messenger from my Father Jesus that I wrote as His Scribe and then sent to Jonathan Gullery in a 144 page letter in 1988.

But this was so Rev. Moon could have become the Messiah; but decided to make the mistake I once made; he gained the world; but lost his soul; which I ; as in the position of Elijah; the position he left when he married; where I now stand: the bride; his own Soul. But the Rich cannot enter; thusin the story of my Return there is a Party in the House; and Rev. Moon; as the elder brother; stands outside; and is angry; and will not come in.

The Three Great Gifts are from the Sufis, and all new; the Best Robe; now as of being the Bride; the Best Robe is “the Robe of Righteousness with the Golden Girdle of Eternal Chastity”; and the Ring back on my finger is “the Wedding Ring of Perfect Peace of the Holy Marriage; as a “Priest Forever after the Order of Melchizedek”.

And the Shoes are of the Two Doves of the Seal of the Pahana; the Seal of the Living God; the Sign of the Pahana; the Blur Star of the Hopi is the Morning Star of the Mustard Seed as the Sign of the Coming of the Son of man.

It is for the Hopi the Final Proof; as the mustard seed is the least of all seeds; as of the Face of the Blue Kachina Dancer; the littest seed; which expanded One Million Times in size: in One Day: the Sun of Regeneration. Comet Holmes as the Morning Star orbited the Sun every 7 years; the cycle of Regeneration; where every cell in the human body was originally created to do; as every cell “new” being replaced every 7 years would give our lives almost infinite duration. Time would mean nothing to us because we wouldnot age.W



But due to the Fall our Cycle of Regeneration begins to fail around the age of thirty; and we start to die.


But that is with the Old Sun. With a New, Living Sun; the Cycle Returns; what my Father Jesus called: “The Regeneration”.


That is the Day in which the Son of Man is Now Revealed. That Day on October 24th was my “Death in Christ”.

North Korea and the Royal Family of Satan

South Korea; and the Royal Family of God.

Part I. The Green Olive Tree of the Married man: born 1920; Sun Myung Moon:

The Priest: the HORIZONTAL AXIS; “The Strength of Original Sin”; at North and South, as the “female principle” embodied in the Moon.

Part II. The Dry Olive Tree of the Eunuch or Unmarried man; born Karol Wojtyla

The Hight Priest; and the VERTICAL AXIS; “The Strength of Sin”. East and West., as the “male principle” embodied in the Sun.

The Problem of Kim Il-Sung; Divine Formation stage of Perfection of Evil at National Level of the Global Son of Perdition;

 Kim Jong-II; Divine Growth stage of Perfection of Evil at National Level of the Global Son of Perdition;

and their third child;

Divine Perfection stage of the Perfection of Evil at the Narional Level of the Global Son of Perdition;

Basically an Osama bin Laden as the Cosmic Balaam;

 at the Global and International  Level as a Nation as the Cosmic Canaan;

 not just an Individual Man of Lawlessness which was all Osama bin Laden really was;

the Global Balaam. But he never got nuclear weapons; Korea has enough for 4 or 5 primitive but still potentially devastating weapons of mass destrucetion: now.

Enough to  take out South Korea and Japan.

Global Level stands for the Whole World; One Planet;

 International is the Ruling Nations at the Level of the United Nations;

The Ideal of America itself at the Global Level, with ‘Nations’ instead of ‘States’.

But that is the Global Level.

The 6th Level of the Providence of Restoration.

At the 7th level of the Providence of Salvation we have the Lord of the Second Advent and His Messenger, as the two anointed ones; as with John and Jesus….who were at the 2nd Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level when they were both killed; as is matter-of-factly written in the book of Rev. Moon “Divine Principle”.

But now I show that the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level happened with the Axis beast as the Global Canaan and

Karl Marx the False Prophet as the Global Balaam: even though the Unification Church and Rev. Moon want to pretend that I don’t exist; nor have set down at my Father Jesus’ Right Hand with the Open Book of life of the Lamb in my lap; as the Unsealed Revelation of Jesus Christ that my Father’s servant John helped me open: as it was written of me when I would come as “he who had an ear to hear”; the scribe of God like Enoch who reveals the Path of the Just which are the Last 7 Overcomings the Lamb did going from the Right Hand of God to the THRONE OF GOD.

As for me; I am the least in the kingdom of heaven, yet it was said of me this: that what I ‘would hear, that I would say’; and then write; to wit;

“…..And where I AM; there shall My Servant ( John ) be; also ….”

Rev. Moon wants to “pretend” that the Gospel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ don’t really exist: what ‘a Great and Terrible’ Mistake that was ! ! !


The First Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Seventh or “Universal Level”

At the 7th Level of the Restoration into Canaan at the Universal or Cosmic Level we are at the kingdom; which is Heaven as of the Firmament; and the Earth; as the Global Level, One World.

At this level things simplify into a sudden terrifying Climax; the Entire Earth becomes Egypt; the Heaven becomes the Promised Land as the Cosmic Canaan; and the Jordan is now a Cosmic Euphrates; the Barrier that Dries up; that was our Barrier to Paradise Restored.

Bad News.

LOVE thine Enemy: but don’t worship him! The North Korean Family of Satan

The problem is how Rev. Moon “invited” this creature to come to New York City: specifically to the Towers in their Symbolic Strength: in his ‘prison book’; page 93.

NOT the Seal of the Living God: the Sign of the “Evil Servant” of Matthew 24:48

This is how Satan invaded. This is the origin of the “evil servant” of Matthew 24:48.

Just like hideous mixture of the discarnate and the diabolic creature seen as Last Beast of Revelation; the ‘Scarlet Colored Beast which is ‘Red China’; the Son of Perdition at the Universal Level of “Heaven and Earth” of the Nations;

…. who is “Socialist, Capitalist, Communist,” :  China

…….as being and is Marxist as “Socialist”;

……..yet as Capitalist “is not” therefore strictly Marxist;

………”yet is” Marxist as governmentally; and staunchly Communist;

…….as those children whose bodies were crushed by the tanks of the Red Chinese Army atTiananmen Square so did quite conclusively Prove:

…….the figure of Revelation chapter 18;

where the creature symbolizing the rapacious predator who “ate Tibet” is now revealed as that “Judas of the Nations” Red China;

………. carrying the Great Whore of all our Foreign Debt is that figure,

…… of that Mother of Harlots who is Unbridaled Capitalism Herself,

seen on top of the Son of Perdition who is

   1. )  Her son, seen as the Antichrist the fatted calf, and also…

   2. ) Her lover, unseen as the spirit of the Antichrist, the Scarlet Colored Beast.

This Last Beast of Revelation is the Worst, as having the honor of being the Embodiment of the Spirit of the Antichrist; which as the father of North Korea and the Royal Family of Satan Red China first bore and now zealously protects.

The Spirit of the Antichrist which Osama bin Laden was thus incarnated having been: before the Messiah at the National Level of the Third Israel: Barack ‘HUSSEIN’ Obama killed him, and did so as the avenger of Benazir or “Zulfiqar” Bhutto, 

…….as the Sword of Ali Hussein; the Mahdi of Islam as then Barack the Blessed.

The Sword of Ali; the Shia Messiah; as the Sword in the Right Hand of Christ Jesus the Last, by which God killed Osama the Antichrist.

This act of the Vengeance of God happens in establishing the Global Caliphate for the Judgment for the ‘Poor in Spirit’ who are the downtrodden of Islam known as the Shia, seemingly for the dispossessed of Islam; Barack as the Global Abel.

          At End; as of the Lovers of God; as of the New or Divine Islam of the “144,000 First Fruits unto God and the Lamb” as written in “the Book of Life of the Lamb”;

…….and who are not only they who do not drink Wine as of Universal Islam;

…….as of that alcohol from which all the true Muslims refrain who then also sit being ( with Lord Jesus when he took his Vow at the Last Supper ) all Nazarenes of the Table;

but as Eunuchs from Wine and Women the Bride of the 144,000 men redeemed from the earth as those of the Resurrection from the Dead as the Dead in Christ “who rise first” and thus reach the Throne we have Divine Islam,

It is We who represent the Divine Islam of the Virgin Bride who then alone are they who can sing “the Song of the Lamb”;

……who become the Lamb’s Wife; as that Chaste Pearl of Mary of Fatima seen in 1917 in Portugal as the 3 children with the Sun were the “Signs and Wonders” for the “Providence for the Start” of the ‘Third Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level’; even of the Golden Gate of the Pearl of Great Price,

the Golden Gate of the Kingdom; the Gate of the New Heaven;  from which the 12 pearls of the Holy City are made; as of the 144; of the 144,000.

It is this Restoration into the 7th of the Kingdom as of Heaven and Earth; and then the Meta- Cosmic Creation or New Heaven and New Earth; old heaven and earth pass away…the Kingdom made New.

A New Camelot.

…..Maryam al Kubra as the New Throne of God and the Lamb when the New Heaven and New Earth appear: on December 25th 2012.

                                  ……….Judgment Day…….

As the New Image of God; my Father Jesus Restored….

It is there where my Father Jesus reigns as the Creator of the New Creation.

 The Spirit of Christ seen by my Father’s servantJohn as “the Lamb with Seven Horns and Seven Eyes” thus represents Ishi; my Husband; who is The Resurrection and The Life; Faithful and True, sitting on the White Horse as the Son in his Glory of his Father Jesus:


…….. as He who Now sits on the Great White Throne of his Glory is my Father Jesus: He who is 

              “…..Strong is the Lord God who Judgeth Her“,

…..the Lord God of the New Creation Itself. David means “Strong”.

And I represent the Path of the Just that the Resurrection and the Life stand on in the Holy Jerusalem.

It was my Death in Christ that came when the Spirit of Allah came over me where I sat in that room in New Town and inserted the Word of Isa into me through meeting the LORD face-to-face: from before his Face, as then receiving the Word that “is quick; and living: and sharper than any two-edged sword”; thus I died as a man saying the Name of ‘Christ Jesus’ over and over as my soul melted again and again in the Sun of Righteousness.

At that moment my desire for all the women of the earth evaporated like mist; and I desired only him. Thus he “took me”; even as it was Written of all the first fruits unto God and the Lamb.

And I said; knowing God’s Holy Spirit in the Name of Christ Jesus as Sealed: “face to Face”; God made me the weapon of His Vengeance against the Men of Sodom and the Whores of Babylon.

Like with Moses, who Jehovah the Holy Spirit of God knew “face-to-face”.

This is why Moses put on the veil when he came down from the Holy Mountain the second time. But I don’t wear a veil; and neither will the women of Islam when my Father Jesus arrives; their days of mourning and sackcloth shall be over.

My husband is of course the Universal Mahdi; the Lamb of the Sun of Fatima who is the Cosmic Christ; as seen through the Work of Khidr Rumi of the “Whirling Dervishes” when they performed “The Dance of the Sun”; a divine miracle in which they Enamated the Wonder seen at 1917 as the one from Elijah; the Guide known as the mysterious Shams i Tabriz who is he by which Khidr Rumi was given the Seal Magnified as of the “Sun of Maryam al Kubra” that whirled in the sky in 1917 those Three Times over the countryside of Portugal before an estimed crowd of over 30,000, and some say 70,000. persons.

The Three Whirlings in the Sky as the Emanation of Khidr Rumi’s Dancers was done “once” for each of the Three Children of Mary of Fatima the Dyer; the Three Children seen 50 years later as One in the City of St. Francis as One Child: My Generation itself.

This is because of Three Heights of the Door of Noah in the Ark which were all able to open seperately; but they were One Door; thus the Three Children symbolize as “One” the Pearl of Great Price as the “Gate of Heaven” itself; by which they who were chosen; as called and and faithful would enter the New Heaven and the New Earth.

 But they alo represent the “Secret Imam” as the “Bab” or Gate as that “One Pearl” of which the 12 Gates of the Holy City are each made an identical copy of: thus the Secret Imam of the Shia becomes all 12 Gates of the Holy Jeruslaem itself. 

But this should not surprise them; as Fatima the Widow of Islam returns with the Judge of the Last Day at this coming Last Judgment who is the King of Judgment Day; as Maryam al Kubra is the bride of Islam who was destined by Mohammed in his Wisdom to finally wed the Lamb as seen at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

This Blessed Event is thus that Double Sabbath seen with the Lamb at the Last Supper which was then a “Great Passover” and thus Unite Islam with Christianity; as the Daughter or “New Moon” of Mohammed Fatima: the Widow; with the Son or “New Sun” of Christ Jesus; her Avenger; the Sun of Righteousness; the Son of Mary with his “own Mary” as Mary of Bethany was  is thus where the two become One Flesh; as when God called Adam and Eve and “called their name Adam.”

Thus we see the “Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness” mentioned in Jeremiah those Two Times; once for her at the Regeneration ( Jeremiah 33:16); and once for him at the Regeneration. (Jeremiah 23:6).

Jeremiah 23:6 for his name and 33:16 for her name; but it’s One Name at the End; the lake that burns with Fire and Brimstone.

Thus he said: “Then there shall be One Sheepfold: and One Shepherd”

As it is written of in Zechariah 14:9 to wit;

              “And Jehovah shall be King over all the earth:

                         In that day there shall be One Jehovah:

                                              and His Name One.” 

Being the bride; the Lamb’s Wife with my Soul as his Footstool it is the Lake of Fire where the 3-in-one creature known to the world as that Beast of  WWII called “the Axis”; and then second beast known as the the “False Prophet” Karl Marx; and then Lucifer the Oppressor, “Satan the Devil” can be found; and then finally when “Hell and Death” are last put in then shall all be found: quite a party; like the one for me at the Homecoming of the Prodigal Son: the best Party there ever was or ever will be.

I invite all who can receive me as the Path of the Just; for no one comes to my father Jesus but by me; just as when my father Lord Jesus said as the Way, the Truth and the Life ( back when he stood in the position of the Son and said)  ” that no one came to the Father but by me”

The Spirit of God who was for the Lamb his Father being the Holy Spirit of God or JEHOVAH Himself; and not a “female spirit” as Rev. Moon; the Ebionites before him; and the Barbelo gnostics before them all claim: and ALL are wrong…this “counterfeit” being the Mystery of the Great Whore who is Isis Herself that deceived Rev. Moon and his church.

It is by the Mystery of Isis that caused Rev. Moon to leave the guidance of Moses and Joshua and by which he and then they all fell into error; having not the Seal of the Living God that I was given to bring them back to the Path after this disaster had occured.

I was given this Great Gift from God to Seal the Virgins of the Lamb as his sheep; after Rev. Moon had given the Mark to the goats as those he had drink the Wine of Wrath for their fornication; for the true children of the 60’s; the Children of the Resurrection considered worthy to acheive the Resurrection from the dead; “do not marry: nor are they given in mnarriage”; as Rev. Moon full well knew; and as Hyo Jin Moon told me it was by this method that Rev. Moon decided to destroy My Generation and steal their Blessing as the Third Israel; abandoning them as a generation of fallen “hippies” and “profane Esau’s”; leaving only the Koreans and Rev. Moon as the upstanding and  “righteous Jacob”; with Korea as the Third Israel in their stead.

Great Idea; but I didn’t marry not was I given in marriage: and instead became the Sacrifice of the Altar; and mine was accepted. I became the Eunuch for the Kingdom of heaven’s sake in the position of the Bride known as “the Wrath of the Lamb” as the last remaining “Child of the Resurrection”; and ended up in my Death in Christ on October 24th 2007 as “the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife”. 

Thus the news for Rev. Moon came right when he and his ministers all said “Peace and Safety”; that they knew not that the “least in the Kingdom of heaven” had then been lifted up by the right hand of my Father Jesus as “greater than he”; as of John the Baptist; of who the Lamb said;

         …….. “of men born of women there hath arisen no greater prophet than John the Baptist…”; for My Generation it was Rev. Moon….

….”yet he who is leat in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he…”

Here the words of Mohammed the Seal of God might prove instructive to Hyung Jin Moon.

At the 3rd Sura called “The Imrans” at  Sura 3:66 it says this curious phrase; to wit, as the Hoopoe cries;

“Abraham was neither Jew nor Christian. He was an upright man, who had surrendered himself to Allah. He was no idolater.”

And it is because I was born of the Water at Beth-El men called Woodstock in the Baptism of Our Nation ( remember that rain? we arose from the mud; as Salvation Rose I Rose A Rose.): and the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus my husband the Comforter; I was then “born again….as of the Spirit”; as those whose seed remains sealed in their bodies are “the children of God” and “cannot sin”.

I joined those righteous men whose souls were made perfect as of whom my Father’s servant John wrote at I John 3:9; to wit;

     ” ……….Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin;

                      for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin;

                                        because he is BORN OF GOD.”

Rev. Moon was born of a woman; and calls the man who impreganted her his father; but my father Jesus said to me:

   “….and call NO MAN ON THIS EARTH your “father” for ‘The Holy One of God’ is your Father Jesus; who sits on the Throne of God: in the New Heaven”.

That is why I say; “I am the path of the Just”; and no one comes to my Father Jesus but by me.”

The Footstool of the New Earth as the former old throne of the first heaven; where his Feet rest above the heads of all his former enemies. 

They become One Name as “The Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness”.

As One with the Sun of Roghteousness at the true “Marriage of the Lambn” which comes to the “Dead in Christ” who rise first she is now revealed as The Lake of Fire where the Beast of the Axis and the False Prophet Karl Marx are; ( as the Global Canaan is the Axis in ‘The Third Course of Restoration into Cannan at the Global Level; and the False Prophet Karl Marx is the Global Balaam of that Course now revealed ); since the Rider on the White Horse, her Husband ‘Ishi’, is the Son of God: the Second Death himself that she beame One Flesh with at “the Death in Christ” when Christ Jesus took his Bride; as it was said of Enoch; that

 “…Enoch walked with God; and God took him; and he was not…”.

This is the Mystery of the Day in which the Son of man is Revealed: the day in the Night; or rather; as the day which arrives as a Thief in the Night; but few can miss the Sun of Day even in the Darkest Night.

 And that is why we all wore “Tie Dye” clothing in the 60’s; as reminiscient of the colors the Sun turned from the Work of the Dervishes by Fatima the Dyer; in the Sky of the Son of Mary that wonderous Day: which were seen as multicolored rays spinning out from the Sun as if from spinning pinwheels; as many priests and the astonished onlookers later testified.

In truth each “streamer” was a projection of all the tens of thousands of patches on all the “Robes of Righteousness” the Dervishes of the Path laboriously stiched by hand being “put together” in hundreds of single rows; all the patches on the Robes were small; so it they were sewn in one continous streamer each robe would have been about a mile long; even so; that was a lot of patches to make those streamers for the Work of the Sun.

Day of the Lord as a Thief in the Night


   “The Work of the Sun of Tabriz” for the Son of Mary; but the Prodigal Son who was the Black Sheep I now reveal was I; Solomon the Ant or “Dabbat al-Ard” of Sura 27:82 when I came to the Door of the House I was told by my Father Jesus standing with his servants the Sufis that they were to put me in “the best robe”.

This of course symbolizd the garment torn into 12 pieces which symbolized the 12 tribes of Israel that was taken from the King of Israel; the 10 pieces that were taken represented Ephraim; the Northern Kingdom of Israel itself: so the garment I have been given is for restoring the Northern Kingdom seen by the North freeing the Slaves from the South who were the Third Israel from Jefferson Davis as our “Pharaoh” in our Civil War.

Thus the North as “Ephraim restored” as of the Northern Kingdom of “Israel” freed the slaves from the South and their Pharaoh: Jefferson Davis, with Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses.

This happened in the pattern of the Exodus as God freed the Hebrews from Egypt and their Pharaoh; with Moses and Aaron.

It was this Civil War as the Foundation of Faith: Our own Abraham Lincoln first set up and then died for as keeping the pattern set by Abraham our own Abraham “the President” Lincoln therefore adopted; as being when Abraham “the Patriarch” who freed his slaves before he died; and that Dr. King set up the Foundation of Substance upon; when as our “Black Moses” Dr. King made substantial the Victory of the North that Ephraim restored at the National Level.

If we look at the suffering entailed on the condition of the Indemnity to restore the fallen angelic nature in their racism as of hating and also beig jealous of the human race; as the Origin of all racism itself was that of the Archangel against Adam; yet all who died freeing the South in the Civil War and then all who died and suffered in the Civil Rights Dr. King and his dedicated followers won for Blacks to Vote in the South, and to then gain racial and social Equality in the South; all of which Barack Obama embodies subtantially in the flesh in the position of the Messiah as the Abel of the Free World; with Rev. Moon as it’s Cain.

Barack embodies the Muslim and Christian seen in the figure of Fierefez in Eschenbach’s “Parcival” as being half white and half black like the “magpie”, even as Aaron Presley who was Dr. King’s unknown Messenger or unseen High Priest for the transmission from the Third Israel to the Youth of America to join them in the Blessing exemplified; and is embodied in Aaron Presley as himself also being a mixture; as half white and half red, as being half Cherokee.

Both Prince Aaron Presley and that Doctor Martin Luther King are now seen on that cloud which represents the Spirit of man staniding “on their feet” which are the positions of Aaron and Moses; and great fear falls on those who opposed them when they are seen to have secretly worked together to free America from the shdow of Egypt for which both King and Presley died in Memphis as that city named after the old capital of Egypt; and in dying but now with the Spirit of Life from God in them they give the United States of America a new and very real promise for making this the Land of the Free and the Foundation to finally receive the Messiah at the Universal level for all Mankind.

The fall of the Singer Aaron Presley as the Golden Calf of the Self-Image of Elivis is written of in my book as well; suffice to say it is also another thing that is self-evident; thus  clearlyobvious. Like the golden calf Aaron made was the “Self-Image of Moses”; which is why Moses at his return crushed the Image and made them drink it: so his Doctrine would then Distill as the Dew; since he was as the Servant, the Wife of Jehovah, Jehovah who is the Holy Spirit of God Itself.

Part III: The Coming of the REAL “Babylon the Great” in Russia’s 70 years of Babylonian Captivity; from the Book of Life of the Lamb. the Opened Revelation of Jesus Christ.

          At the years from 1917 to 1987; the 70 Years from Moscow to Berlin; which was “Jericho”; the 70 years from Fatima to the City  of New Hope; which for ma “as Lot” from the fallen holy city of St. Francis; I came to New Hope; PA; “Zoar”


The Mystery of Babylon the Great Whore is the Veil of ISIS

The Mystery of Babylon the Great Whore is the Veil of ISIS

If indeed it is written that "...the love of money is the root of all evil.." then it is the Great Whore who is "the Lover of Money" herself

If indeed it is written that “…the love of money is the root of all evil..” then it is the Great Whore who is “the Lover of Money” herself

She is the wife of Mammon as she who loves Money above all; her lover is therefore the one who gives her money…..Dis; the one who pays. The Rich Man.

The god of this fallen world is the Rich Man; and the Great Men of Wealth and the Kings or Royalty of the earth represent the Upper Class; but of these is filled a Cage of Gold” and this is why none of them get into the Kingdom: they are caught by something else; their wealth has blinded them.

That was what Aaron made: it was the most terrible Vengeance God could have chosen: Aaron Blinded them with that golden calf of their destruction; because they threatened him within a month; and Aaron struck them for it. Aaron showed them their tangible Wealth; the Idol he made was of their own Wealth; and he blinded the Jews with it; even to this day.


The Fall of the crystalization of earthly society in which the three upper classes and the three lower classes leave one thin “middle class”; a time of trouble never seen.

At that point the entire earth would be seperated into the rich half; and the poor half; as we have now with the Industrialized and Agararian nations “underdeveolped”. But now we have 90 percent to about one tenth with just about everything; and the rest with nothing.

Mammon has therefore won; he has cleared the Board; only his pieces are left: but the operative word is “apparently”. Thus it is that “the Day of the Lord comes as a Thief in the Night” when darkness covers the earth; as both Peter and Paul both said.

The Staff of Mammon is then the Cast System of India; as the 7  Clusters on the Vine of the Earth are the 7 Classes of Earthly Society.

And that is what the figure “cuts down” who arrives at the end.

The Scribe. He who “is not” 

 The Principle of Indemnity is ‘the Gold Cup’ in the hand of the Great Whore who “drank up My Generation” because Rev. Moon had them all get married, andthus all fell “as the stars of the 6th Seal” by not becoming the 144,000 Virgins of the Altar of God and his Christ.

The “sun darknened and the moon as blood” are Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon as the “second Adam and Eve” at the Second Fall also seen at the 6th Seal of the decade 1960 to 1969. 1969 is when men walked on the Moon; and as having original sin still in them the Moon became contaminated with the Fall; of course.

Babylon in her unveiling of the Day and the Hour to Rev. Moon as “the faithful and Wise Servant” thus sdoes not arrive alone; her unveiling is Rev. Moon’s undoing: the “female holy spirit” is “Al-lat”; an Arabic sun goddess.

 She is directly related to the “Sun Goddess” of Shinto as the “Mother of heaven” or “the mother of the gods”.

She is thus a “Mystery” to Rev. Moon as the Veil which hid “the Mystery of God”.

The Mystery of Babylon the Great Whore is the Veil of ISIS

The Mystery of Babylon the Great Whore is the Veil of ISIS

That is why it is called “Revelation” as when the Veil in the Temple was ripped down; the Day and the Hour arrive togehter.

At Once. “A Day in which he looketh not for him; and in an Hour of which he is not aware.

The Day and the Hour of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The Revelation of the Mystery of God.


being the Principal Figure with the Gold Cup in her hand as the Principle of Indemnity itself; she is that figure which economists call by her technical name of “Creative Destruction” which is “Lassez-faire Capitalism” at it’s Ayn Rand worst: and She is Fickle, Volatile, Unpredictable and Drunk with her own Power;

 the one by which all the nations are drunken at the End and who all Fall when She falls; which we are all Witnessing now; for as I ascend She descends.

Capitalism for the Rich Northern Hemisphere Industrialized Nations is the Predatory side of Modern Economic Social Darwinism: where the strong devour the weak; as in the Rich who destroy the Poor and also the Earth for Profit; as the holy prophets have always protested about. 

The saying of Darwinism’s “natural selection” operating in Nature which is “Only the strong survive” now in our Society equals out to “Only the Rich Survive” as in our “Big dog eats little dog” world: “the Law of the Jungle” which brings Despair to our Heart; also known as “The Enchantment of The Wasteland” as our Joy is stolen from the Grail.

As of Mammon; the last god of this world to fall; with Apollo as the god of science whose herald was Einstein; as with Mercury the god of Thieves whose herald was Reagan; specifically “Reaganonmics of the Evil Thief”: to “take from the Poor and give it to the Rich”; the Golden Gate of the Good Thief seen in Emmett Grogan and really all the Digger’s was of course “to take from the Rich and give it to the Poor”.

The Two Thieves of the Golgothic Cross of Christ: the Universal Key of David

The Good Thief Defended Jesus even as he was dying; thus standing in the position of Michaelthe Archangel; the Evil Thief Accused Jesus even as all three of them were dying and Tempted him as well saying he should save himself: and also them; thus he was in the position of Satan the Devil.

The Test of the Believers in Christianity at the Last Day


The Test of the believers of Christianity at the Last Day is to see the Seal of Jesus Christ as the Name of Christ Jesus the Last on the Forehead of Sister Faustina; and to believe that the Image of Christ she had drawn as she was commanded is the New Image of God in Christ.

The Divine Image of Sister Faustina; the New Image of God in Christ

For any Christian this Last Test is very difficult; and spiritually brings ‘a time of touble never seen from the beginning’; for if one does not think that this Image is of the New Image of God in His Christ; and knowing the fallen Angel Lucifer is the Fallen Image of God; then one will see Lucifer: not the Lord Christ Jesus as the new Image of God who is the Son of man.

The Pahana of the Hopi; My Generation as the True White Brother

Who then did then did Sister Faustina see? Pope John Paul II decided it was the New Image of God in Christ: and thus Divine.

The Apostle of Mercy: the Messenger of the Great God: who is “God in His Mercy”

 The Test is this; only one who believes in Christ Jesus can have the Seal of Jesus Christ as of he who is called Christ Jesus the Last: because he is the only one who can come in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ the First.

This is because the Name of Christ Jesus represent the “Light of Life” as “Day Light” itself.

 This Name that I come in thus happened because John showed me that “Jesus” represented “the Light”; and when he overcame the Devil in his 40 days combat in the Wilderness it was as “Light seperated from the Darkness” where the Light became “the Day” as Jesus then became “the Christ”.

  Therefore at the End it is the Name of Christ Jesus that is seen that is the “Light of Life”; as that Name by which we all “shall not walk in Darkness” as we walk the Path of the Just but instead “shall have ‘the Light of Life’ “, as the Name of “Christ Jesus” to guide our steps; as it means “Day Light” itelf.

Those who can thus see the Divine Image are then who Trust in the Vision of Sister Faustina as they would in Christ himself.

To trust in this Image is then as if you were to Trust in Jesus Christ himself; but would not believing in the Lord before this image was seen in 1931 have been as effective after it was painted?

The test is a Trial; for one must either Believe the Image is Divine: or not.

But why would this happen? for this simple nun was not deceived; she knew the Lord was he who had been and was Mercy itself; she knew the Lamb.

Why was this “divine image” projected?

Those who are written do not to have to worry about the Image; for they are thoe who are Married to the Lamb and whose trust is in me as revealing to them my Father Jesus.

 The simple truth is then this: that as the Path of the Just or the Lamb’s Wife with the 4 Wings which are White and Red and Black and Yellow there is no way to my Father Jesus but by me; appearing as a man; but who is in reality the bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

Who judges by appearence will then be deceived.

Yet as having the Male Bridegroom I appear as the Sun of Righteousness at my Father Jesus’ Right Hand; to the Spiritual Sheep of they who are sealed and know the Holy Spirit is wholly Male; as of my Soul I am the Female Bride: the hidden Lake of Fire; for the Sensual Goats of the Unification Church who are not sealed and believe the Holy Spirit is Female.

Now as of the Virgins of the Lamb who was Slain from the Foundation of the World as Dying in Christ it is they who reach Salvation Rose who shall know I come in the Name of Jesus Christ the First as having the Seal: the Name of Christ Jesus the Last; thus I come revealing the New Name of my Father Jesus; the Unbelievers of me as truly being His Son will have the Mark of the Beast; as of only seeing and believing that Jesus Christ is just the Son who has God as his Father, thus not receiving the New Dispensation of the Holy Spirit in the Baptism of the Lake of Fire, and will now thus remain only hired servants of sin; not a true son or daughter of my Father Jesus.

Salvation now is knowing His New Name; which only comes with seeing why I have the Seal of Jesus Christ:  as being “He who Comes in the Name of Jesus Christ the First”: by being “She who Melts in the Name of Christ Jesus the Last”.

As two become one in “the Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness”.

Part IV: The Tabernacle of God.

 In this Tabernacle the altar is the Soul of Christ; the censer is the Heart of Christ, the Lampstand with 7 lamps lit is the Mind of Christ: and the Reed like unto a Rod is the Strength of Christ as the Virgin has Restored the Light of Day.

On the Mercyseat at the epicenter of the four position is then the Spirit of Christ on the Mercyseat of Christ; sitting upon which he forgave them all at the Cross even as they killed him.

It shows where he truly was in Spirit by his position on the Mercyseat or Judgment-seat of Christ; far differnent than his physical location on the Cross of Christ.

The Virginity of Aadm was then the Light of the Sun that my Father Jesus restored; as Eve’s Virginity was the Light of the Moon; which my Father Jesus also restored by his soul because he died a Virgin.

This Tabernacle was then not built with hands; and is therefore Eternal.

 The 4 Organs of the Body and then the 7 Senses of the Body are seen with the 4 Angels on the 4 corners holding the 4 winds in their horizontal relation to the 7 vertical angels with the 7 trumpets can also be seen with the 4 Seraphim whose 6 wings produce the 4 winds of heaven on the Firmament as the Horizontal with the relation to the 7 Spirits of God whose loosing at the First Four Seals of the 7 Seals releases their Wings at the Vertical the 4 Angels have with the first 4 angels with the first 4 Trumpets.  at the Back of the Throne: Straight Up.

What happens in earth releases them to operate in heaven; quite opposite to what one sees in the Revelation is how it happens on the Earth; first with Peter at the first church; and then with John returning at the seventh..

 For my Father Jesus I am the Tabernacle of God in which his Holy Spirit dwells; as in my male form I appear as a man or an embodied masculine spirit; but in my female character as a woman or the Lamb’s own disembodied feminine soul I am the bride of the Comforter; the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus in which are the 7 Spirits of God is then my Husband; and I am then the Seal placed upon His heart all must receive to enter His and enter the Kingdom of the Holy City. 

Which means I must write their names in the Lamb’s Book;

I was given a name better than even son or daughter: as a First-fruit; a Virgin of the Altar which stands for the Soul of Christ  


How the Devil in that devil of Islam’s own Judas was “invited” to Visit New York City;

……by The Command of “the Faithful and Wise Steward” of the Gospel of Christ

                        Sun Myung Moon

The Judgment of Sun Myung Moon upon New York City began in his book “God’s Warning to the World” and it is how he inadvertently opened the way for “The Man of Lawlessness” to arrive on our shores: Satan and his “right hand man of the beast” we knew as Osama bin Laden, the Antichrist, who lived by the Sword: and then ended up dying by it.

But that’s what happens: as that is Written.

And at the End what has been Written:

Is   DONE  ……

For those without the Faith: … “Watch”.

For those with the Faith: “Join me”……for now come the Day of the Least;

…the Day in which the Son of Man is Revealed….

The Wrath of the Lamb is the Wife of the Lamb

Part I:  A Visit to New York City by Rev. Moon
If we look at page 93 in chapter four of the book “God’s Warning to the World” by Rev. Moon which he wrote from Danbury prison in his 18 months (  seen as embodying the Number of the name of the beast as of the number 6+6+6 ) we see in his chapter 4  under the chapter heading “Christianity in Crisis” more than just a veiled threat; we see a sure promise by someone who decided that he would show America just how powerful he really was in setting up a condition for Satan to invade us in a very negative and unforgettable way.

The City of Sin

Rev. Moon begins on page 93; to wit;

   When I first came to America, I went to New York and stood on Fifth Avenue during th rush hour. Suddenly tears began pouring down my face. I looked at the wonder of the Empire State Building and the magnificence of the New Trade Center–the tallest buildings in the world.

But I asked myself,

“Does God dwell in those buildings?”

Then he goes on;

“New York is becoming more and more a city without God.”

“It is a city of crime.

Such a beautiful city is now crumbling. I can see so much immorality and so many signs of godlessness in that city.

It was shocking to my eyes as I stood watching during that rush hour.

I could see so many things at once that are all intolerable in the sight of God.”

It seems that Rev. Moon had already “passed his judgment” on that city; as Moon began to put New York City in the position of Babylon the Great. Perhaps the fallen city of Hollywood Babylon we know as LA, but New York City???
But he did it anyway; and he picked out the Two Towers as symbolizing the spirit: and the pride, of that City.
Tallest buildings in the World” he said.
Then he finishes with this:
“I can really see that God is leaving the great city of New York.
New York is instead becoming the city of evil”
This looks like he decided early that NYC was going to suffer the fate of those of which Rev. Moon disapproves: and that is why he never attained to the crown of life.
Now let us examine II Thessalonians and the act of Judgment Osama bin Laden passed on New York City sitting on the throne of Mecca spiritually by comparison.
St. Paul writes this at II Thess. 2;2-5
2:2:      “That ye not be shaken in mind; nor troubled,
neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the Day of Christ is at hand.
2:3        “Let no Man deceive you by any Means:
                             for THAT DAY SHALL NOT COME,

                                          except a falling away first,

              and that Man of Sin be revealed; the Son of Perdition.”


Ophiuchus and the Destruction of the Temple of the the Cosmic Israel,
The Hidden God

That “man of lawlessness” or “man of sin” was Osama Bin Laden: but now at his death we have the proof of thwo things: the Prodigal Son has come back and received the shows, the garment and the ring; the fatted calf who was the Antichrist, a devil with the Devil “in him” is the “fatted” one; and that was the Judas of Islam; Osama bin Laden; son the Laden the One-eyed Dajjal:  from Yemen, and let us not forget what the Seal Mohammed said about Yemen at the End.
As I was the one raised for My Generation as Solomon “back from the dead” as “Solomon the Preacher” who fell I was given the mission of restoring Ephraim as Israel; which the life of Solomon personally “mirrors”; which caused him to even worshipe himself for a time as Narcissus gazing lin love at his own soul; which finding: he lost.
The Narcissism of My Generation thus had this hidden cause hidden by the gods under the spell of the myth of Narcissus himself; who Abdul Qadir freed by suspending a Rose over a bowl of Water; which symbolized Solomon gazing at his own reflection in the Abyss.
For this bit of information the Sufis of Baghdad carried him into the City on their shoulders.
But they knew all this centuries ago; I just discovered this in the last decade when all the myths were opened to me in their hidden character; as glosses on the characters of the Old Testment; and a few newer myths on the New as well; all of the darkest sorcery imaginable to hide their true nature from mankind.
Until now; of course; because the 12 gods of darkness are now being replaced with the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; as the New Year; they have gone from being the 12 hours of the Day restored as with the 12 Knights of Arthur at the Round Table; to Now as they sit on the 12 thrones of their own peculiar glory, as the 12 Apostles of the Lamb at the Emerald Table: of Justice; where sits the Holy Grail of Justice; the Bride.
But now they are the 12 Months of the New Year’ the Governors of Eternity; which is the Kingdom of God that now is to be established on the New Earth.
But that is the Holy Mountain of the Gospel itself; as the First Tabernacle which measured 20 cubits long and 10 cubits wide was in the old days: the New Earth is a little bigger.
But it symbolized Mt. Sinai: the Holy Place where one had to remove one’s shoes; which is why they of Islam remove their at the Mosque; as the angel required Moses to remove his; and later Joshua also when he entered the Holy Land.
This is sufficient Proof to any with their own lamps lit.
The Holy of Holies of the Second Tabernacle represented with the Mercyseat where Moses met Jehovah the Holy Spirit of God Face-to-face.
This is now seen as the Holy City as being the Revelation itself placed on top of the Gospel as the Holy Mountain; as the Anvil was placed on the Stone:
….so the Word of Jesus I have received from the Gospel through the Revelation being “Opened”  is exactly as when with that 12 year old Child on 4-18 or Easter that Arthur took a sword: but that sword had a name:
   …….the Sword of Excalibur Arthur took from the Stone through the Anvil that “released” it.
Thus the Word of Jesus I received from the Gospel through  the Revelation being understood was because my Father’s servant John the Divine, who originally wrote it, and then revealed it to me: from the Angel of Christ who originally gave it to him; of course.
In explaining the revelation to me John stood to me in the same relation now that the Angel of Christ had stood to him 2,000 years ago: it’s called “the divine progression of the Work” by the Sufis and the other members of the Elect.
It is the Bride, as the Lamb’s Wife; the “Fairest”, as “Most Impartial”, of them all: the Wife of the Blessed Olive Tree; Jesus of Nazareth and his Cosmic Bride; “Mary of Bethany” as the entire Cosmic Body of the 144,000 Virgins of the Bridechamber.
It is the 144,000 represented at his Return sitting in the position of Lord of lords and King of kings; even now as the Lord God Himself on His Great White Throne of Justice; which is the position of “God in His Righteousness” as the God of Amen; the God of Truth.

What is the Grail? It is Perfection. Who holds it? The Vestal Host!

That Rev. Moon would have branded Dr. Martin Luther King as “pro-communist” for opposing the illegal and morally unjust Vietnam War, and never marching with him as the Black Moses of the internal restoration of Cannan from the Kingdom of Egypt to that of the new “promised land” as the Manchild of the Third Israel seems unforgivable.
That he would then in 1991 give Kim Jong Il of North Korea three million dollars in as a “birthday gift” beggars the imagination; but there is more to all this than meets the eye.
The One-eyed Dajjal of Yemen: the father of Osama bin Laden: the Judas bin Laden of Islam, and the Judas Iscariot of Christianity,
The Seal Mohammed said that “9/10’s of all the evil in world will emante from Yemen in the Last Days..”
And as usual; he was right. Osama bin Laden’s father was the One-eyed Bricklayer who became mysteriously a billionaire: no one knows exactly how; but he was of the devil himself; the fearsome “Dajjal” of whom Osama was the Son: son of the Dajjal: son of Perdition; son of the Devil: and now more on Yemen; of course.
       “Whoso liveth by the Sword
(of Allah ( which the Sufi’s define as “the hungry stomachs of the Poor” )
           ….. shall Die by it…”
The Key of David is the lives of the Sheep: that overules the Sword.
Jesus died for the Sheep: not just the Poor; which Judas forgot when he accused him; which happened when Mary of Bethany anointed him with the spikenard which was costly; Judas then judged Jesus on the spot; and decided he was worthy of death; and acted on it soon afterward.
This is how that “the sword shall striketh the Shepherd” thing which Isaiah spoke of happened for sure; Isaiah being “Isa” as “the Servant of God”; which my Father Lord Jesus also was: it’s a generic term for “the Wife” of God; Moses for the clearest example as well.
To see where the Restoration of Ephraim as Prodigal Son Solomon at the National level in “the Resurrection unto Life” one really has to look
Taylor Branch “the recording angel” whose 7 part series on the Civil Rights Movement here which put the foundation of substance the foundation of Faith we laid in the Civil War; because we believed in the Black race; as Christians.
Taylor’s 3 books of the Civile Rights Movement which shows his understanding of the Black race as the Thrid Israel is coming onto the Own Network on Oprah soon: about the Black Christian Race here in America as the emergent “Manchild in the Promised Land” that Claude Brown wrote of in his earthshaking book, inferentially writing about the black man as in the position of the race that was hated in the ghetto of the Hebrews in a racist Egypt in their last days of captivity; when all the first born were ordered by Pharaoh to be drowned in the Nile.
Claude Brown thus prophetically wrote of the numbers in which the young black men who could not get college deferments because they were poor and impoverished and so were drafted to die on the front lines or be wounded in Vietnam; which in his eyes qualified  the present situation for the black race in America was equivilent to that of the hebrews in ancient Egypt: as being in essence the same policy: and God and His Christ obviously agreed.
That day of ancient Egypt’s hatred towrds those who had built the cities and done the hard labor for centuries is analagous to the situation even yesterday, of a black man in racist America; which context defined the coming of the Third Israel; with Dr. King as our “black Moses”; standing on that 430 year foundation of time-indemnity in the West from 1492; although Rev. Moon says from 1517.
 The Black Christian Race was “Oppressed” as by Lucifer, the King of Babylon, and then was Delivered; for which Ephraim as the North paid in blood;  and that we fought the Civil War over: which restored Ephraim….and also proves John Brown was a Righteous Man who died for his brother:
               ………”no greater love than a man lay down his life for his friends”:
……and John Brown HAD some black friends: they DIED with him.
But this is how Ephraim as the North was restored; as Solomon at the National level; as when before the Patriarch Abraham died he first freed all his slaves; just as before Abraham Lincoln died he also freed all the slaves: of our Pharaoh: Jefferson Davis
It is where Rev. Moon as that “evil servant” that Matthew wrote of at chapter 24:48 and Luke also as well all has to do with the fate and/or destiny of the “Faithful and Wise Steward” who misses the Day and the Hour of the Lord’s Return as his “Final Test”.
This is why we got Osama bin Laden on 9/11; a vendetta from someone who decided America was going to suffer for having had him arrested and put in prison.
I am not going to go into how Hyo Jin walked into the studio with a paper bag with one million dollrs in at or all the other things that Rev. Moon did that were illegal: because I am not going to judge the man; that has already happened because he judged John the Baptist as being responsible for the death of Jesus in his book “Divine Principle”; and since Rev. Moon was John the Baptist’s body all he did was condemn himself.
That’s why the Lamb said
“Judge Not; lest ye be Judged”
Pretty good advice being as how not judging people is Divine Wisdom itself!
Like John always tells me:
“…. God knows, little one: everyone else: is just guessing !!…”
The Pope with the Witness: Josyp Terelya; Mary of Bethlehem as now become the Wisdom of God; "The Zion of the Holy One of Israel" who is "the Mother of Jesus" seen in chapter 12 of the Opened Book as she who wears the crown of the 12 Morning Stars of the New Creation of God; which signifieth Mary of Bethany; the Daughter of Wisdom who is the Bride; and the Moon under her feet signifying Mary of Magdala as the Sister of the Daughter of Wisdom

The Pope with the Witness: Josyp Terelya; Mary of Bethlehem as now become the Wisdom of God; “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel” who is “the Mother of Jesus” seen in chapter 12 of the Opened Book as she who wears the crown of the 12 Morning Stars of the New Creation of God; which signifieth Mary of Bethany; the Daughter of Wisdom who is the Bride; and the Moon under her feet signifying Mary of Magdala as the Sister of the Daughter of Wisdom

But Rev. Moon was always ashamed of my Father’s miracles ( ” he did too many ” ) and his words ( “the Bible is not the truth but a textbook” :); and now He and I are ashamed of Rev. Moon and his words; denial of the Gospel after denial; untruth and total misperception upon dim interpretation and cloudy assumption; and endless unsupported supposition in every  vague dissertation: never the Word of God: never.
But Rev. Moon never bonded with the Word Made Flesh; just as John the Baptist didn’t with the Lamb of God he was to have served; and now my Father Jesus sits on the last place Rev. Moon ever even thought of:


That is where things stand now for our Korean Aaron: a complete disaster.


                   “LOOKED NOT FOR HIS LORD
     ( from Matthew and Luke as of the “fate”
            of the faithful and wise steward )
The Mustard Seed that became the great Tree of the heavens

The Blue Star; the Morning Star

 That Day which came as a “thief in the Night” when Comet Holmes was enlarged on October 24th 2007 in one day One Million Times: the Morning Star; as the Blue Star of the Hopi: the New Sun of the Regeneration that comes with the King of the Kingdom itself; the Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man.
Of this Rev. Moon knows nothing.
But it was the day that I underwent an experience I chronicle in my book “A City Not Forsaken” as my “Death in Christ”; the turning point for the Providence not just for America: but the World.
The Hopi Indians were apprised of my mission by telling me in advance of the “Two Helpers” I would have and of the “Morning Star” they call “The Blue Star” of the Kachina “Blue Star Dancer”; and beneath whose mask is the face of the one O now know is the Face of the Sun of the Regeneration: the face of the Second Death who “swallows up Death in Victory”.
 “My; How the Mighty have fallen!!”

Who is this? Why it’s Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon! As a Gold Statue!

The Coming Death of Sun Myung Moon: by Hyo Jin Moon in the World of Spirits.
Blowing It!
It’s the Revealing at the Denouement that is ‘The End’
Part II: Revealing the Eviternity of the Kingdom at December 25th 2012; at the Final Denouncement
HERE we  have  THE PROBLEM laid out of HOW  Rev. Moon DECIDE D the Messiah would be “Mortal” and thus “die” as a mortal man.
This can be seen in the two versions of the same passage in his book “Divine Principle” which I have placed together; the early version on top; the later version on the bottom.
The two versions; one on the top from 1973 version of “Divine Principle”; the one on the bottom from the 1996 version; very different; and for a very specific reason; one avers the immortality of the Messiah; the other states that the Messiah will be mortal.

Here is the Original 1973 version in the Black Book;

“However bitter a way he may walk, the Lord of the Second Advent will never come to die, not fulfilling the providence of restoration, as in the time of Jesus. This is because God’s providence to fulfill His purpose of creation, through the True Parents of mankind, has come down from Adam through Jesus, to the Lord of the Second Advent, and in the third instance, the providence will not fail to be realized.
Further, as will be later discussed (cf. Part II, Ch. 6, Sec. IV — 532), the spiritual providence of restoration for the 2,000 years after Jesus has achieved the age of democracy in order to create the society beneficial for the providence. Jesus was killed after being branded as a rebel against Judaism, but in the democratic society at the Second Advent, the Lord cannot walk the path of death, even though he may be bitterly persecuted as a heretic.
Therefore, however difficult a way the Lord of the Second Advent may walk, there will gather saints believing and serving him absolutely on the substantial foundation of faith which he will establish; and it will be certain that they will be able to set up the substantial foundation to receive the Messiah by setting up the foundation of substance, for the sake of the substantial course of the third worldwide restoration of Canaan.”

Now Here is the Second version from the 1996 Edition; and quite different

“However arduous the path he may walk, Christ at the Second Advent will not die without fulfilling the providence of restoration. This is because God’s providence to raise up the True Parents of humankind225(cf. Christology 4.1.1)and fulfill the purpose of creation through them will be successful on the third attempt. This providence began with Adam, was prolonged through Jesus, and will bear its fruit without fail at the Second Advent.
Moreover, as will be discussed below,226(cf. Parallels 7.2.6)God’s spiritual providence of restoration during the two thousand years since Jesus’ day has prepared a democratic social and legal environment which will protect Christ at the Second Advent. Jesus was killed after being branded a heretic by the Jews and a rebel by the Roman Empire.
In contrast, even if Christ at the Second Advent is persecuted as a heretic, in the democratic society to which he will come, such accusations will not be sufficient grounds for him to be condemned to death.
Therefore, no matter how bitter his tribulations may be, Christ at the Second Advent will be able to lay the foundation of faith on the earth. Standing upon it, he will gather disciples of indomitable faith. He will guide these followers to fulfill the indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature and establish the foundation of substance. The foundation for the Messiah for the substantial course in the third worldwide course will be established without fail.”
In a way both versions provide a very differnt view of how Rev. Moon decided he would approach his mission; the first version from 1973 is accurate prophetically; the second version from 1996 is faithless.
Thus it is here that it must begin in defining first the terms of how Rev. Moon departed conclusively from the truth; and then revealing it so it cannot be denied.

 “Both Hands Clapping: a Little Closer to the Actuality and  Truth About Rev. Moon”


The Dawn of Eternity: and the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb

 As the author of the book ” Divine Principle “; Rev. Moon is unaware it seems that the Cross of Christ is itself the Key of David, which happens to be the actual Divine Principle;
……. embodied in the Cross of Christ as the Power of God.
This is far different than the book “Divine Principle” written by Rev. Moon which is a flawed masterpiece; and elucidates the exposition of the Key quite well in may places: but falls short in a few others; which I with John the Divine had to repair along with the service of Hyo Jin Moon from spirit world as the angel of the Covenant I have with Rev. Moon in the position of Saul; and Hyo Jin Moon now dead but raised in the position of Jonathan for whom John the Baptist was named: and I stand in the position of the singer; the child who is David.
That only what is Written in the Book really exists after the Last Hour needs no explanation: no matter how it appears until then.
 The birthday gift Rev. Moon gave Kim Jong IL: that three million dollars to Kim Jong Il from Rev. Moon at this meeting in 1991 is well documented; how in war time even with a treaty in place Rev. Moon was allowed to buy the land of his birthplace to build a shrine to himself in North Korea is beyond me: but it didn’t come cheap.
Sun Myung Moon as Korea’s Abel with Kim Il Sung as Korea’s Cain
The Real Story of the Advent of Sun Myung Moon and the Setting Up of the Cosmic Jericho at the death’s of his Eldest Son Hyo Jin Moon  and his First born Child as of the “6th” at the end of the Unification Church; “the Universal Family Federation of Peace”.
Osama bin Laden as the Fatted Calf of Islam;
…………….and the Golden Calf of the High Priest of Korea; Strange Bedfellows.

Worshipping the Golden Calf of the Aaron of Korea

Blowing Out the candles of his faith; the Revealing of the “Evil Servant of North Korea and Red China the “Scarlet Colored Beast” at the Denouement that brings The End of the Unification Church and the Beginning of the New Unification Church of New Canaan: from New Hope.
“For he to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be required.”
The Shepherd of the 7th Church of Revelation: the installation of my Father Jesus’ servant John, which occured when he came into Sophia’s Room in the House of Ruth; Ruth Witt-Diamant at 1520 Willard St. in the City of St. Francis in 1986; to restore  Sun Myung Moon; or if that failed; to replace him. As Rev. Moon is now 93 and his follower have all blocked any attempt of mine to contact him they now all stand in the position of Satan; and
Rev. Moon will now die as a mortal man in the position of John the Baptist.
Rev. Moon never knew that John fell but before he did had briefly rose as having stood in the position of the Messiah when my Father Lord
Jesus commanded him to do so and had John Baptize him standing in Jesus’s own position; as John then stood in Issac’s position when he offered Jesus in the position of the substitute for him; as when Issac offered the Ram on the Altar; which John knew; and thus mistakenly went after Herod and Herodias; who were actually  Ahab and Jezebel spiritually; Elijah’s old enemies.
This is why my Father Jesus said John was Elijah even though John denied it; he could see Elijah in John going after Herodias; who was in the position of Elijah’s archenemy; Jezebel.
The Herald of Mary of Fatima
(  Chapter 18 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: the Herald of Mary;
                   the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife )
1:  “And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven,
                having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
2:  And he cried mightily with a strong  voice, saying,
            “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,
                  and is become the habitation of devils, 
          and the hold of every foul spirit, 
               and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
3:  For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication,
                        and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, 
               and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
  4:     And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,
              ” Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins,
                       and that ye receive not of her plagues
5:                    For her sins have reached unto heaven,
                   And God hath remembered her iniquities.
6:                 Reward her even as she rewarded you,
                        and double unto her double according to her works:
                                 in the Cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
7:                    How much she hath glorified herself,and liveth deliciously,
                     so much torment and sorrow give her: for she sayeth in her heart
                           “I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow’;
 8:                     Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine;
                   and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.
9:      And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her,
                  shall bewail her, and lament for her,  when they shall see the smoke of her burning,
10:                Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying,
                 ‘Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.’ 
11.                 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her;
                        for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:”
12:                 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls,
                      and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood,
                           and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood,
                                  and of brass, and iron, and marble,
13:                    And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine
                            and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses,
                            and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.
14:                       And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee,
                            and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee,
                            and thou shalt find them no more at all.
15:               The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her,
                           shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,
16:                 And saying,
                      ‘Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet,
                      and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!
17:                        For in one hour so great riches is come to nought.’
                      And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, 
                         and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off,
18:                           And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying,
                             ‘ What city is like unto this great city!’
19:                      And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, 
                           ‘ Alas, alas that great city,
                      wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness!
                              for in one hour is she made desolate.’
20:                              Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; 
                                     for God hath avenged you on her.
21:                                And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone,
                                  and cast it into the sea, saying,
                            ‘ Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down,
                                         and shall be found no more at all.’
22:               (Mary finishes)         ‘And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers,
                                     and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman,
                                  of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; 
                           and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;
23:                                   And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee;
                and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: 
                     for thy merchants were the great men of the earth;
                   for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.’
24:                              And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints,
                                    and of all that were slain upon the earth.”
The New Home Chuch of New Hope
The death of the Masih ad-Dajjal: the Antichrist, Man of Lawlessness; by the unanointed king of the Third Israel: Barack Hussein Obama
“Whoso liveth by the Sword shall perish with it”
Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory in that Day
 Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory


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