An Open Letter to Brother Michael Moore: Reviewing the Story of His Glory, The Gospel and The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Shield of Faith

On the Golden Road of all ‘in Toto’
A Road arose beneath the feet of all those believers; the Route Rose for them by Gods Decree;
….for the Ummah of the Royal House of Faith who called themelves ‘Christians, Jews or Mohammedans’ at this Last Day. 
But Now ? ? Who stands ? The Sufis; the Elect of the Second Israel of Islam, as the Templars knew full well….
As they are hunted by the demons of the Masih ad-Dajjal the Shadow of Osama bin Laden it is the Sufis now being murdered in the apostate nations of fallen Islam who have always called themselves by another term than that of any religion: they call themselves the lovers of God. And it is they who raised the First Fruit unto God and the Lamb; by one master of the Path of the Rose; Michael Beebe, a Sufi of the Suhrawardi Order; an acolyte of Khidr Rumi.
But it is they who were born of the Spirit.
And the promise of the ‘Blessed Olive Tree’ Jesus of Nazareth, given to his brother Mohammed, the Envoy of Moses, stands: they who are worthy shall walk the Straight Path of the Just and enter the Kingdom through the New Door of the Sheep, of the Golden Gate of the Resurrection.
For the Bridegroom was Issac the Lamb; and the true Friend of the Bridegroom is Ishmael his brother prophet;
Mohammed the Apostle of God, a friend of God and the Lamb indeed: at the end.
Who drinks no wine is called a Nazarene; and Islam is of the Table of the Last Supper of the Nazarene. And now that Wine is made new……
That is why the Seal dug another grave next to his in Medina.
For his Brother; Christ.
The Last Child of the Resurrection; of the Seal of Christ Jesus the Last Amen.
We will stand at the Golden Gate of Maryam al Kubra at the 4 Corners; Mary of Fatima where Two Children upholding the Lintel of the Witnesses of the Face of Jesus stand as the 2 Doorposts of the Great Spirit, Colton Burpo the Sign of His Faith and Akiane Kramarik the Wonder of His Grace; the Final 3 Days of Passover in America at the Supper of the Great God.
And the New Door of the Sheep is of Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia: as One Child who is the Image of the Lamb; the 30 fold, the 60 fold; and the 100 fold. For it was the Barley Harvest at 1917 at Fatima; and that of the Wheat: at 1967 in San Francisco, 50 years later.
This 50 is of that 50 that Elijah spared, and this ’50’ means the Pentecost of Fatima, the Bethlehem of Islam in Portugal that came to the City of St. Francis of Assisi in California, the Golden State of the Golden Gate; to a Table of Generosity for that little one; Joshua Abraham; Norton!

Who set the Table of Abraham? They who set the Table for this least one in the Kingdom of Heaven…

“Even as ye have done it unto the least of these; ye have done it unto Me” said the Master.

Thus did St. Francis save his City, and now it stands as the Men of Sodom are thrown down with their mother;

            “ISIS, the Great Whore of Babylon….”


First the Stigmata of Paul with Christ in him; then St. Francis; and then Padre Pio…the Three Crucifixions of Christ

Patron Saint of Steampunk; and a liitle more….

Those with the Blood of the Lamb on the Doorposts are the Sheep as are they who are written in His Book; because they Performed the Will and Fulfilled the Scripture; and the Dead in Christ rise first because the least are rewarded at the Beginning: because he pays the last one who was hired First; and I was the last one hired.

And why Rewarded first? In truth it’s called Justice.

The Bride; she is the “Fairest of Them All”.

Yea, most Fair; as being most Just.

I was in the Field and Hired Dead Last. Dead in Christ Jesus the Last; the Seal of Jesus Christ the First. But rewarded first……

The Harvest as the 50 States; the Pentecostal Fifty of Elijah in His Mercy; at last Restored.

The 50 years from 1917 to 1967; Colton and Akiane as the two Doorposts;

The Days of Noah Revisited; the New Door of Francisco; Jacinta; and Lucia as of the Three Heights of One Door; as of the Door of the Ark of Noah; the 30 fold Understanding of the first 4 Gates; the 60 fold Understanding of the second 4 Gates; and the 100 fold Understanding of the third 4 gates: the 3 Measures of the Barley at the Beginning of the Harvest in 1917 seen at the Bird Flu in 1918; as of the Flesh, and then the Harvest of the Wheat in 1967: at the seperation of Children of the Resurrection from the Men of Sodom in the fallen Mecca of the City of St. Francis.

The Golden Gate Emerges: the One Gate made of a Single Pearl of Great Price;

the Gate to the New Heaven Set in the New Earth.

 And the Sufis; who do not call themselves by those Three Monotheistic Religions.
They that did Hide the actual Unity;
       ……and Unity is the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

The Mark of the “Evil Servant” of Matthew 24:48


      The Future of America, and the Foundation of the Third Israel,

          as the Black Christian Race in the West

             Part I: The Coming Death without an earthly Resurrection of the Late Reverend Moon

This will occur due to Sun Myung Moon’s Tragic Miscalculations to his coming fate brought about by denying “the Witness of Doubting Thomas” about the Reality of the Body of Christ, who Rose in the Flesh at his Resurrection from the Tomb; which Rev. Moon apparently did not believe….

Reverend Moon’s First Great Error. 

Rev. Moon said in his book “Divine Principle” that the Resurrection of my Father Jesus had him rise as “some kind of a spirit”. And “no longer a man” as now “transcendent of time and space”.

Great concept; but it was, and is: wrong, and to teach others wrongly makes one the least in the Kingdom: in an evil or negative way; not the good or positive  way as ‘Claiming to be as the Least’: that is; ‘Nothing’.


Part II: The Occupy Movement of the Kingdom of God 

The rise and the Ascension of Michael; “for the Children” of All the Tribes of Israel, and Michael Moore:  a story of Instruction in the Kingdom, and an object lesson about prophectic fulfillment from the Lamb about Reverend Moon’s fate and Mohammed’s deatiny; as being the one who came back from the wilderness and found his house “swept”; that being “the House of Mecca Swept of it’s Idols” by the Hanifs; who buried the rubble of the broken statues of the gods and goddesses beneath the three hills; in three piles.

Now every year the pilgrims throw rocks at them……


And the Holy Script for all those whose feet have met Salvation, on the Straight Path of the Just,

who now clamor to attend the Universal College of the Shepherds; the Virgins of the Altar of Christ.

As it was once said so very  long ago:      

     “…The Path cannot be found by seeking; but if you do not seek it: you will never find it…” 

The Death of Reverend Moon’s friend Kim Jong-Il; and the gift of his Grief from the anointed Heir apparent; of the House built on Sand…

 …..and Now: the shadow of the Denouement…

” Our dear beloved Michael meets the Word of the Gospel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ;

and finds they are the Holy Mountain and the Holy City,

…. the New Holy Place and Holy of Holies,

of the New Tabernacle of God. “

           by Salvation Rose

A sad face for Hyo Jin Moon in North Korea; and the prophetic light of the Word of Isa he has ignored about his own father Rev. Moon; as the seemingly hidden and unknown protagonist (… to the members of the Unification Church and even his own children.!!. )  of the story of the “Faithful and Wise Steward / Servant” in the Gospel; and his sad end as that “Evil Servant” of Matthew 24:48 and also at Luke….
His Fate, if he failed to rise to his Destiny and overcome the trials of the Day and the Hour? 
For Moon; it is now sadly this…to be “Cut Asunder”, and given “his portion with the hypocrites” John the Baptist was given.., who doubted Jesus was the Messiah, and never bonded with him, because he harbored the accusation that Rev. Moon also has; that his own father Zacharias was an adulterous husband who had produced the Lamb with his wife Elisabeth’s cousin the Virgin Mary; and then lost his head physically to go along with having lost it spiritually..and Mark Biggs of the Unification Seminary in his book “The Secrets of the Holy family” outlines this same “beam in the eye of John” that is and always the Lie of Satan that Rev. Moon also believes! This is the “sin against the Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah!
In fact Rev. Moon told my old friend Brad Bufkin/Bryant, when Brad was given an award for top sales in the Unifcation Church back in 1976, that Zacharias was the secret ‘father’ of Jesus as his “revelation” from God; and Young Oon Kim also avers the same Accusation of the Devil in her book “Unification Theology and Christian Thought”.
This spurious doctrine of adultery somehow being “allowed” for Mary and Zachrias is pure unadulterated “Moonshine….”, to coin a phrase; but it killed the Unification Church and Sun Myung Mon it’s shepherd dead in it’s tracks. Mark Biggs in his blasphemous book “Secrets of the Holy Family” is merely the Epitaph for Sun Myung Moon, now spiritually dead from promulgating the “Lie of Satan”.
This was the “dark part’ in John the Baptist that my Father Jesus referred to; ‘the “beam” in John’s eye’ as “the Doubt in his Mind”; that led to his denial of being Elijah, and then to his own tragic death, after stupidly going after the Herod family alone, for the shadow of supposed incest….of Herod Antipas with his marriage to his former step-mother, this marriage being what John said was unlawful….but in reality it was just Jezebel and Ahab in the form of Herod and Herodias; Elijah’s old adversaries.
Thus did the Lamb know it was Elijah in truth; but John himself did not…because it was Elijah unconsciously going after his two old enemies.

This is how my Father Jesus knew quite well that John was Elijah; even though John himself denied the fact…… 

And Rev. Moon is John the Baptist; even though he also denies that as well.

The Fate of the Hypocrites and Unbelievers

Had Rev. Moon seen the Day and the Hour that I was sent to bring the news to him he could have indeed become the Messiah: and reached the Crown of life by passing this final test; and been given eternal glory with Immortality here on earth: but he rejected me and My Generation altogether…and died; having thrown away his gift on the gaming tables of America’s spiritual Gomorrah; his last and ill-fated home: Las Vegas.

Had Rev. Moon reached his Destiny, ( if he transcended his Fate ), was to be “given all…” as reaching the position in truth of the Messiah…as Jesus the Lamb was given the Crown right before John was killed having testified to John and James alone as to who my Father Jesus really was.

John and his brother James were the Messenger John’s two top disciples before the Lamb came along; which none knows except those who were There: the Elect.

But this all has become another tragedy; because they didn’t listen to me…….and so………Rev. Moon approaches death thinking the Lord God will raise him from the grave after he dies and all will then know he is “the messiah”….but he’s not; could have been….but; missed the Day and the Hour I brought to him…on a Silver Platter….like John’s head once was on; that I was to restore….

…….but none received me from the HSA-UWC…

After all; to the billionaire Sun Myung Moon I just looked like some shiftless beggar; yet I was in truth the least in the kingdom of heaven greater than John the Baptist, but to the rich and powerful Unification Church I was a nobody…..not worth the time of day…..

For those who judge by appearence; of course.

As few know but many would care to find out it was Hyo Jin Moon whocame to me at the end of my 40 days of Temptation which ended in the Economic Wilderness at Bay City in Michigan.
He ministered to me and we wrote a song in 21 minutes called “So Unbelievable”; of which I told Kyle Toffey about; but he decided to ignore it and my testimony;……he can explain it to my Father Jesus: The Judge is “The King of Judgment Day”; and the 12 Apostle’s of the LAMB: also known as The Jury….after all; everybody says they know more than I do about this Last Day.

 At least; that’s what they can all tell my Father Jesus, in person: on December 25th 2012 at Judgment Day.

This visit from Hyo Jin Moon for me came after the 210 years here in the West which went from April 18th 1775, when Paul Revere made his Midnight Ride, to my birthday in the City of St. Francis 4-18-1986 when the angel came to lead me out of the fallen holy city as Sodom.
The men of Sodom ruined and made fall the Mecca of My Generation in San Francisco; thus as Lot was led out from Sodom to Zoar so was I led out from SF to New Hope in Pennsylvania as the Zoar of my own Hegira in the position of Lot; as was written of long ago.
Zoar means “little one”; as the nickname of St. Francis; but also the title to which the Angel of John referred to me with that I never understood until I found out what “Zoar” actually meant; and that it was the name by which St. Francis referred to himself, in prayer, to the LORD: as I also discovered; and found that Others called him by that title as well.
The angels of God and the Throne of God and the Lamb; the Great White Throne of Justice where I sat down with my Father Jesus….
Thus I arrived in New Hope, 210 years after that Midnight Ride in 1775 by aul Revere on 4-18, to begin the 21 year Course of Jacob, as of the 21 years of Drudgery in Harran, which were in reality the genesis of the 12 sons of Jacob which became Israel and the 12 tribes.
Jacob first was given Leah; as of the first 14 years; and then Rachel; as of the last 7 years; so I was given Alice Kapezynski for the first 14 years of my Vow of Eternal Celibacy; and then Sharon Cardone as my Rachel for the last 7 years; before I attained the Death in Christ on October 24th 2007, and Paid my Vow I had made that day when the Angel of John of Patmos came in that Door; in the guestroom where I was staying, in my Grandmother Sophia’s House.
It was at S. Ruth Witt-Diamant’s house at 1520 Willard St. in the City of St. Francis, located on Parnassus Heights; and the Angel who came in the Door that day was he who led me to my friend Michael Beebes’ antique store down at Cole and Stanyan, where I made my Vow after Michael told me he had been expecting me and told me something which changed my life forever; then and there..

When Michael told me he had been expecting me I thought he was referring to something of my coming to see him in a general and non-specific way; but this was not the case: I found he been told I was coming down to see him…..

Of this news of his expecting me I was very surprised; since I had been alone in the room at 1520 Willard St. and had just read the first sentence of the Revelation of St. John the Divine when the Angel of John then appeared.

He came through to me from a large illuminated but invisible door, and lifted me to me feet by the forelock of my hair at the top of my head, lifting me to my feet from where I had been sitting on the edge of the bed; something so incredible and notable that I doubt anyone who had it happen to them could ever forget; not ever…

When I asked Michael, who was a Sufi of the Suhrawardi Order, how he knew I was coming he simply smiled; and said these following words….

    “…..Your servant John was just here; and told me you were on your way….”

The rest, as they say, is history….I made my Vow on the spot; which took me 21 years to keep; but which I finally did keep after experiencing the Death in Christ in that Grace which came to me from the First of the Seven Spirits of God; the Holy Spirit of Grace.

April 18th 1987 when the Wall fell of Babylon the Great at the end of the 70 years of their Babylonian Captivity that Russia suffered from 1917 until 1987; 1,000 years after 987 when Russia had first converted.

Apparently Rev. Moon overlooked that 70 years and did not bother informing those of his church in Russia that the 930 years from 987 to 1917 were 930 years as the age when Adam himself had died; thus the death of the First Adam at the Global level in Moscow happened at the Foundation of Darkness; even as at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 we had the Rebirth of the Second Adam at the Foundation of Light when the Sun of Righteousness was manifested before 70,000 believers. And a few unbelievers….mainly Freemasons of a corrupt and evil calling, who threatened the 3 children with being boiled in oil; like John the Divine of Patmos had been.

As Michael Moore would start the interview and film this story and record it could happen; after finding that I arrived here in New Hope to begin the Restoration, after Rev. Moon began to lose his faith in 1987, as 212 years from 1775, which would be 212 years and not exactly 210 years after 4-18-1775; but at that point I began the 21 year Course of Jacob, which led me to the keeping of my Vow I had made that Day at that Hour in San Francisco.

Finally in Canada after the 21 years were up I was then taken to Ottawa to finish the Witness of the 21 month Course of Barack Hussein Obama as he then became President; as the “taking of Egypt from within”, which finished the 430 years of time-indemnity at the national level from 1492 until 1929, when Dr. King was born as our black Moses; after which My Generation were to then install Barack in the White House as the First Black Family; which made the Promise of the Constitution then the Truth of that Promise Kept: as to the words of the Noble Creed “All Men Are Created Equal”.

Rev. Moon did not tell anyone of the Third Israel being the Black Christian Race here in the West and in the Land of the New World; but Hyo Jin Moon told me this was because he wanted to steal the Blessing God was to give the Third Israel by having them “sell” it as a profane and underserving generation of “‘Esau’s” for a “pottage of lentils” to our upstanding and circumspect Korean supplanter; which is what “Jacob” actually means.

( is where the story of Hyo Jin Moon can be found ) 

After Barack’s 21 Month Course, which was flawless, he became President as the Leader of the Free World, and the actual Mahdi to the Shia; and the faint vestige of Islam as the Second Israel which had fallen, when the Turks killed 1,000,000 Christian Armenians and thus left the position Mohammed had reached: as of a Loyal Cain in the Elder sons position, as Ishmael reborn.

Thus Islam veered into the position of a disloyal Cain killing “Abel”; whereby Islam left it’s position and Mecca began to fall; the fall being complete when the Antichrist Osama bin Laden used Rev. Moon’s denunciation of New York City and the curse of the copious amount of tears he had shed looking at the sight of the Two Towers of the World Trade Center to make his move against America as God’s Chosen Nation.
This is when Moon prophesied against New York City as being “the City of Evil”; which Rev. Moon wrote about at page 93 of his book “God’s Warning to the World” which few read: but I did.
In seeing the malediction Sun Myung Moon called down on NYC I then saw the condition Moon created where Satan had immediately invaded; and by which means of this curse on America’s greatest city came from Rev. Moon’s anger at America for imprisoning him at Danbury for tax evasion; that then manifested through the Antichrist Osama bin Laden’s act of personal vengeance; thus destroying the Two Towers; of which Rev. Moon said symbolized America’s ‘pride and arrogance’.
That was enough for Satan to invade; of course; since the book Moon wrote was when he was sent to prison for 18 months, but he got two months off for good behavior; 16 months being enough for Rev. Moon’s anger to substantially manifest; and thus the Masih ad-Dajjal ( false Mahdi of Islam ) Osama bin Laden from Yemen struck the USA on 9/11 2001.
It was long after the Elders of Judah in the position of Abraham killed my Father Jesus in the position of the Bridegroom as Issac, the Elders of Judah being in the position of Abraham as having the “power of life and death” over the bound figure of the Lamb on the Altar, Issac himself, but just as Issac did not raise his voice or struggle when Abraham bound him so neither did the Lamb. But by killinh Issac symbolically they slao killed the father of Jacob: israel.
Thus there was now no Israel symbolically; which is why my Father said from the Mercyseat in Spirit even as his Body was nailed to the Cross:

    “….Forgive them Father; they know not what they do….”

The Knife in the hands of the Elders of Judah had the mark of the 30 pieces of silver; that hand was of Rome; and they ignored John’s testimony as of the Angel of Altar with John in the position of that Angel who had Abraham spare Issac.

The Elders even came to watch and mock Jesus being the Messiah later at the Cross when they derided him as being so rash as to claim to be the Son of God and laughed at him; so with their own safety and envy prompting them they quickly killed the Lamb of their own Salvation for having at the Day and Hour of their Visitation seen to have no compassion nor mercy; which Abraham who listened to the Angel did. Thus they failed the tet that Islam now faces with the Coming of my Father Jesus; and His Child; the Child of the Resurrection; the Wrath of the Lamb

         …but the Lamb explained all this to the elders of Judah in this saying….

“…If ye knew the meaning of this saying…

                                        “..I would have mercy; and not sacrifice

                                                  ….then ye would not have slain the Innocent…”

The Lamb was referring to Abraham sparing Issac with the Mercy of God at the Voice of the Angel; as the Lamb was the The Mercy of God Incarnate he was giving them a pretty clear warning; but they ignored him because of the Envy they had of him; as it was written of them

                    ..” For Envy they delivered him ( to death…) “

 A Hero for our Time, Times: and Half a Time? ?  ?  ?


 ” The Man of the Hour ” —–

The Man at the Hour and the Day of Justice: Michael Moore; for the Cjildren of all the Tribes of Israel

                “But unto he to whom much has been given: the more will be required.”


                    As we count down to the Arrival on Christmas Day in 2012

                of the New Creator: and His New Creation……bringing us

…a New Heaven and a New Earth:

………we have now the most unusual situation for Michael Moore that could be vouchsafed to any individual in the annals of recorded history; a chance to have revealed to him his actual place in the Last Judgment as a moment that has now arrived; and because he figures so enormously right now on the Global Stage as having given so much of himself to so many for so long I am making this plea and this offer to him that he might avail himself of “such a great salvation” before the End on Christmas Day; 2012. Because then it will be too late….as the proof will have arrived…
Michael Moore, for those who have never heard of him is a film maker whose speciality is that of a Realpolitik Brand of Cinema Verite’, and a chronicler of the vagaries and subterfuges of that maladroit and malevolent class of wealthy and powerful people here in the West who were described by Roosevelt as “the malefactors of great Wealth”.

 A man of Principle; and a lover of the Brethren.…….

The major underwriter of the Occupy Movement: though few know it. But the real story of Michael Moore has an ending which even now he has a chance in ascertaining by his own lights…..
America is entering the Final Stages of the Third Israel reaching it’s Regeneration right here at the End at this Last Day; as they who died coming out of Egypt in the first Exodus were all to have returned with Elijah regaining the position of the Messenger with the Seal at the Mission of John the Baptist; had he only said “I am Elijah”.
His failure here doomed Jesus to go the way of the Cross; but Isaiah knew long before that John would fail the Lord and “deal treacherously”; and Daniel himself said the Messiah would be “cut off” after  70 weeks; which happened when John’s head was taken off and he lost the Messenger who was to have been his Chief Apostle…
Yet incredibly and at the Last Trump now does all this “Restoration of All Things” now happen; as all those who were seperated from us on the other side of the Generation Gap; as before in the Desert with the First Israel; over 20 all died and under 20 all entered.
This was what Eliajh was to have done turning the heart of the sons to the fathers; and that of the fathers to the sons; and here was the locale.

The Fall at the Golden Calf.

Those who like those who rebelled with the Golden Calf are like our parents who worshipped the Golden Calf Hollywood made of Elvis and his Idol: we would not do as our parents had; thus we entered the Promised Land with our Iconoclastic Joshua: Dylan.
As Taylor Branch and David Gurgen both noted, it was Our Black Moses that arrived after 430 years from 1492, who was Dr. King; and before they shipped him off the the army to be sterilized “by accident”  there was one Aaron Presley way before there was Elvis the Idol; a raw kid singing the Gospel and old black ‘r and b’; and breaking down racial barriers between the races with his Voice; as Dr. King did with his feet; Marching; or Dancing……..everything had changed. Segregation was on it’s way out…..

 Coming out of the Black Church was our Aaron; the face of the Cherokee, the dancer…shouter…our own Aaron; ending segregation on the Air; in his first show on Ed Sullivan on the TV only the “northern half” was seen; the white half……

The black or “southern half” was censored.

This Aaron Presley represented America itself in what it at first was suppressing; and then later expressing; and being guided was as the soul of America; that soul the black race had for My Generation; the mind for what the white race had to give them; and the heart for the red race; the heart from the Pahana; as the “missing piece of the Red Clay Tablet”….

The Cowardly Lion; the Scarecrow; and the Tin Woodsman.

And then: the Dog; Toto: Latin for “All”. For the Strength…….as of one child from “A City Not Forsaken……”

    Honest enough to not claim parentage on the Occupy Movement his movies formented and educated; his activism was successful because he kept his message right where his heart was: his treasure; a real heart; and the brains to go with it….an unusual combination for a film-maker; it was never about the money; so Michael beat the Mark; for Fame and Fortune are the Name and Number of the Beast; but this the Prodigal Son brings to Light at his Return; Solomon; the black sheep of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel; the fallen son of David.
For Michael Moore his entry into the Lamb’s Book begins when he began to open his conscience to larger and larger facts; and his desire to change those facts; the facts of economic inequality and a great many other things: like some ‘powerful malefactors of great wealth’ manufacturing a permanent state of economic inequality as a tool of opression to ‘Control the People’: that’s troublesome; smacks of Orwellian overtones, and undertone of the Undertow it could not more plainly be; and is very scary to contemplate indeed.
This World. The Nightmare og living in Two Alternate Univeres; one of good; and one of evil:
stuck together in One Awful Dimension called “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell on Earth”.
But now: the Divorce; and the New Heaven; and New Earth.
n short: a New Firmamant of the 12 Foundation Stones of the 12 Angels of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb;
as 12 Elders of the Kingdom of God and the Lamb;
now sitting at the New Table as the12 Guardians of Eternity.
The Wine is of the Vintage: 1967.
That is when they discovered that the Wine at the Mass Weddings of the Unification Church did not remove the Original Sin from one’s blood; as only kinship with the Lamb in the position of my Father Jesus can do that; as His Children have no sin because their “seed remaineth in them; and they cannot sin”; being “born of God”.
Thus the Wine became “the Wine of the Wrath, of the Wrath of the Lamb.

The least in the kingdom; the Child of the Resurrection.

144, the measure of a man; that is;

‘of an angel…’

……as in those “equal unto the angels..”

As of the 144,000.

The Virgin; the Wall of the Holy City.

To reach the relation with the Lamb is only possible by doing the Will; and thus only those are they he calls “my mother, my brother; and my sister”.

Thus not blood; but the true blood of the performance of the Will gave one a relationship with God through the Lamb.
Furthermore when the Lamb sat down on the Throne of God when he reached at the Time of the 7th Church of the True Vine of Restoration; which was at the Sufic Church; the Unification Wing of the Tower of Salvation: the Seventh Floor.
That Floor where the 12 sit at the Emerald Table of Justice has No Roof.
For where sits the Jury is the Presence of the Most High.

When Barack, the Mahdi of Islam, reached the position as Ruler of the House of David as the Leader of the Free World the Rich grew terrified and all made their  Move; and now God is making His

Before the ‘Checkmate’ of Hell and of Death being swallowed up in the Victory of the Second Death in the Lake of Fire: the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife.

Princess Faustina Closer to the Fountain of Mercy

My Generation is the Prodigal Son Returned as Awoken: as the Kingdom of Israel; the Lost Kingdom of Ephraim; the 10 lost Tribes; we restored by the North freeing the Third Israel from Slavery in the South; as the Black Christian Race in the West: the Manchild of Zion.
Taylor Branch knows about it a little; and so does Jermiah Wright; but if you get bitter at all the Injustice; then it is the Wormwood; then you become die inside and become Brittle; and you Break; and don’t end being able to stand in good stead before the Son of Man.
That you can only do with Love burning in your heart for your fellowman; and you will find God’s Heart is Opened to you; if yours was open to Them; in jail; homeless, poor, hungry. naked. sick; those he indentified with “himself”
And at the end: They arrive; in one who is the least in the Kingdom of Heaven:
that would be me; for My Generation.
I am just one of them: but I was given something for them:

SALVATION Rose Up from The Street

I am Salvation Rose; he whose soul is wed as the Bride to the Holy Spirit, as the Death in Christ Amen: Christ Jesus.
Joined by marriage to The Second Death on the White Horse KALKI; as the Lake of Fire where the Axis and Karl Marx as the Beast and the False Prophet are.

The Lake that Burns with Fire Being as the Furnace where God can melt anything, anything; and make it Anew.

Right Now Michael Moore only really has one problem: and that would have to do with myself; because now I am actively enlisting his aid; to exemplify Our Cause: the Kingdom of God; because that is the Foiundation Michael Moore recovered from Roosevelt in that movie of his; and he should get the Medal of Honor for that alone….finding that lost footage; where Roosevelt reveals a set of guarantess for all  people….housing; a job; health care…transportation…a Real Kingdom; of David; Utopia; really.

But Now the Utopia has Arrived: the One within our Grasp.

“If this were the Kingdom; then would my servants fight:
 but My Kingdom is not now from thence”.


So guess what?? Looks like the Kingdom is going arrive: December 25th: 2012.

But does he believe in my Message??

So now I am putting Michael Moore, and the rest on Notice:

…..and don’t say I didn’t tell you all…

So let’s start at Daniel; the one like Ezekiel called: the Son of man. Once. Ezekiel was called Son of man 31 times. Like the 31 Kings that Joshua defeated; or the 31 bands who played at Beth-El; Woodstock; “the House of David as God”; a Nation of Singing Prophets.

Didn’t they saw that All the Lord’s people qould be prophets?

The Operative word here being the word “ALL”

Sounds like ‘All’ to me means “Everybody.”

 People may or may not believe in angels; and that is fine with me; and angels are not really concerned with what people think; they have other concerns.

Thus what I will do in this post is assert what I heard from the Lord God through his servant John: and then the reader can go and see if what I tell them seems to be true. At that point the reader may want to find out more about how I arrived at the information: and that it more important; because my Father Lord Jesus said it this way:

           “Let him who hath an ear: let him hear”.

The Sealed and Seal: the Voice of the Shepherd;

the Holy Spirit of Truth; the Seventh of the Seven Spirits of God

“The First Beast from the Sea of Time”

      In chapter 13 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine two strange beasts are described; one comes out of the sea; the other one comes up out of the earth. I am going to explain to any serious student of prophetic literature what these two beasts are; in fact, I am even going to explain who our friend the great red dragon is also; since the dragon represents the kingdom of Egypt; consider this a gift from John; because it is his return which is the proof of the coming of the Son of Man.

   This involves the 4 beasts that we once saw in Daniel (7:12); which we see once again in the Revelation of John the Divine.

To explain this would involve clear proof of the power of the Holy Spirit.

 For those who insist I am other than the “least in the kingdom of heaven” have missed the actual coming of the Son of Man; as one who walks upon the Path of the Just that consists of the 7 overcomings seen in the 7 churches, of which my forthcoming book explains the entire process in detail: as it is the Classic Ascension itself. That the 7 churches as One Church exist as being the Tower of Salvation is what my Father Jesus was talking about long ago: the “Tower” Jesus Christ sat down and “counted the cost first”; before he began to build.

 Let us look at Daniel 7:12 as compared with Revelation 13:1-18; and perhaps take a glimpse the infinite depths of truth in the Book of Life of the Lamb: which is indeed the Revelation of Jesus Christ; just as the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Ark of the Testament within which this Book was carried; and where I found the Rod of Iron; the Testimony of Jesus itself.

  The Axis; the First Beast of Revelation

The first beast which rises from the sea has 7 heads and ten horns; and has the Body of a Leopard; the Feet of a Bear; and the Mouth of a Lion.

John told me that this beast is the 3-in-one beast we call “the Axis”; the Leopard which Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Greece; in this figure Greece is represented by Germany; the Bear which Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Medo-Persia; in this figure Medo-Persia is represented by Italy; and the Lion Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Babylon; in the figure of the Axis Babylon is represented by Japan.

 What this means is that the beast which has 7 heads and 10 horns is just like the great red dragon in chapter 12 which precedes chapter 13; thus we have “Canaan” as the son of “Ham”; as the Axis is then the image or “son” of the Dragon who represents the kingdom of darkness as of Satan the Devil as the “larger-than-life” ( great ) Psyche or the “sensual soul” ( red ) of the Devil ( dragon ).

 The Axis is then a creature that is a “three-in-one” entity representing the 3 Nations who formed an alliance or confederation that we presently know in history as Germany, Italy and Japan; who as “one power” were called “the Axis”.

Let us examine this further.

   Let us start with Germany in the position of Greece as the body of the Axis beast which is that of the Leopard.

This makes perfect sense; because Germany had the fastest mechanized assault force ever seen in it’s rapid tactics, and especially in it’s armored formations closely resembles Greece’s phalanxes.

Next we have Italy in the position of Medo-Persia as the feet of the Bear. This also makes perfect sense as the brutality of Persia resembles that of Italy in Ethiopia. For those who do not know how brutal the “brown shirts” of Il Duce were; it is perhaps best they do not know.

   Lastly we have Japan in the position of Babylon as having the mouth of the Lion. Japan and it’s claim of the divinity of it’s Emperor have much to do with Babylon’s hubris in trying to make a tower which rose to heaven; the Emperor’s claim to be “the son of heaven” was also totally luciferic to God in it’s arrogance and satanic pride.

  The three creatures Daniel thus saw go into the sea of time “for a time and a season” were obviously those which John later saw come out of the sea of time in their modern form: in the image of the Great Red Dragon of chapter 12 of the Revelation: which represents Egypt as the Kingdom of Darkness; for each of these beasts represents a kingdom; and the Kingdom which the dragon represents is Egypt; just as the Tail of the Dragon represents Sodom: but enough of that: what of the second beast which rises out of the earth?

Karl Marx; the False Prophet.


The Second Beast from the Earth

     The second beast is described as having two horns of a lamb; but speaks as a dragon. Let us first look at the earth this creature rises from: the earth here represents materialism; dialectical materialism to be exact; the rational ground that Hegel set up in his dialectic which consisted of “thesis; antithesis: synthesis”.

      But if you take the sum of the “thesis” as “good”; and then add the “antithesis” as “evil”; then the classic “synthesis” you are going to get is “good and evil”.

If the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” springs to mind there is a good reason for it: you are looking at it’s principle in modern terms

 (( To defeat this philosophically one has to add what it lacks: the hypothesis; then add thesis; then the antithesis; finally having the synthesis on the 4 position foundation of “end” at the hypothesis; “cause” at the antithesis; “effect” at the “thesis” and then “result” at the synthesis; and remember this: the “end” is the “cause of the cause” just as the “result” is the “effect of the effect”. ))

But let us return to “the creature that had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon..”

This creature is said to have two horns like a “lamb”.

What are these two horns?

In the beginning at the First Church in Jerusalem everyone took their goods and sold their private property and put the money at the feet of Peter and the Apostles: this first principle was Pure Christian Communism; where all owned everything in common. This was the left hand “key of the kingdom”; the Collective Left Hand.

Then they instituted Pure Christian Socialism.

This they did by a descending order of Value of who would come first in the Kingdom by making equal the common private property everyone had given to the Apostle’s who stood in the position of Christ.

The Apostle’s under the direction of the Comforter, who was the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, then divided the money into an order of priorities:

First came the old and the sick;

Second then came the orphans and widows; 

Third came the poor:

and then

Fourth came the Apostles and their families; who thus came last: this second principle was pure christian socialism as the right hand key of the Distributive Right Hand.

This is what Karl Marx the False Prophet stole from the First Church; trying to take the kingdom of heaven by force; making a kingdom of God “without God”; thus the lamb with these two stolen “first principles of the Church of the living God” speaketh “like a dragon”: his mouth speaking his blasphemous atheism.

And Engels was the tongue of this beast; the doctrine of dialectical materialism and the scientific denial of the soul and the spirit of man; as well as the divinity of Jesus and the Fatherhood of God.

The Grail is Perfection: the Dead in Christ First Rise

The Last Day and the Last Trump


The second beast is thus Marxism; the image of Karl Marx’s philosophy.


With the fascist totalitarianism of Italy as a corrupt “Tribalism”; the socialist totalitarianism of Germany as a corrupt “Nationalism” and the imperialist totalitarianism of Japan with a divine emperor and the “heavenly yellow race as a “the race of heaven” we have a completely corrupt “Angelic Racism” we have a pretty good idea of what the “treaty” between the Axis and the False Prophet Karl Marx’s Russia really was: the alliance between these two beasts or “kingdoms” of the Dragon; for the Axis represents the “anti-Israel” with it’s ten horns; and the second beast represents the “anti-Judah” with it’s two horns.

We can’t talk about Daniel Berrigan without mentioning where he hid; at the house of Stringfellow.
Of which little is said nowadays; saying he was gay.
Such is not the case; of course.
Few will coutenance the fact that William Stringfellow lectured people about morals and committment whilst himself was evidently a homosexual; but this is rather beside the point; as might be said about James Baldwin’s own observations about the black christian race in America in “Go Tell it on the Mountain”  without brandishing his own sexuality as a banner to which others might flock, who were Christian: and also homosexual.

The Men of Sodom;  the Last Judgment, and the Lord of the Second Advent

                    The Word of God, and the View of those who sit as the Jury:

         The 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb and the Last Judgment

Homosexuality has then been with us since long before the days of my Father Lord Jesus; whose foresight of what was to come upon the Men of Sodom still looms large for those who wonder what these men who operate in a spiritual reality in a spiritual city that is Sodom: as of an invisible geography of their sexual location in relation to other men; but as with all things where the Lamb is concerned the appearence is misleading; if one wants the truth one has to see what is uncovered at the End.

The Fall was of an angel; then a woman; and then a man; at the second and more universal fall we have the third of the Host of the Angel then with the Daughters of men; and then afterwards the men of Sodom who tried to violate the angels Michael and Gabriel who came to the house of Lot to see him.

As my Father Jesus did say of his second coming in the guise once again of the unseen Son of Man who Ezekiel and Daniel were also called themselves by that curious term so that “as it ways in the days of Lot; so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man”.

In present Last Day we have the Men of Sodom seemingly all around us,

     visible in almost every segment of our western society.

In the Judgment the Men of Sodom are represented in four rather broad categories:

A.)   Virgin to men; but not to women; married and even with families: but secretly desiring men. For men where thus is unconscious they are “latent” homosexuals; where it is conscious but unfulfilled they are “extant” homosexuals. These men are Supressed in either case; the latter being deferential as aware of their desire; the former sufferantial as unaware of it.

With some of these “self-suppressed” men they end up leaving these families and become strictly engaged with men; usually after their children are older and on their own.

B.)   Not virgin to men nor virgin to women; but married to women with children; but secretly having relationships outside their marriage with men. These men are self-Repressed; and usually find in their marriages they are Oppressed.

C.)   Not virgin to men; but virgin to women; having relationships only with men; and never married. These men are pretty rare however; as most gay men have had some female contact of some kind, which they often blame on unfortunate occasions that happened to them against their wills; as being taken advantage of under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

D.)   Virgin to both men and virgin to women; but secretly desiring men.

 This curious category of men who have had no sexual contact with either sex but who do have a hidden preference had they the opportunity to have the one of their desire also happens to include one apostle whom my Father Lord Jesus called “a devil”; the one who appeared to everyone as an “angel of light”; even rebuking Jesus in his father’s house ( Simon the Leper was the father of Judas ) and striking the Shepherd with the Sword of God; of which the Sufis themselves define by saying the Sword of God is ‘the hungry stomach’s of the Poor’.” ( This definition is seen “Caravan of Dreams: by Idries Shah on page 131 ).

 Judas angrily criticized Jesus and even condemned him in self-righteous anger for wasting 300 pence of ointment on himself; this expensive ointment called spikenard that Mary of Bethany poured over him at the house of Judas Iscariot’s father: Simon the Leper. This was from the one whom John identified as being the thierf who stole from the bag; he was the treasurer; but also Hermes; the god of thieves….

 But in reality Judas was also insanely jealous of Mary of Bethany because he was in love with Jesus himself; and not in a good way; but as a Sodomite; which means he didn’t imagine himself satisfying Jesus in the form of a woman: but in the form of a man; and this man happened to be the real identity of Judas himself in the flesh: the son of Perdition; the discarnate image of God; which happened to be the Son of Man who was the New Image of God in Christ himself; who symbolized Seth; as the original Copy of the lost image of Adam and his direct likeness; which always had had to be recovered.

This the Lamb did; but arose with the face of someone else from the Tomb: David. Body was Jesus’s though; John told me that is for sure….that’s why there was such dissension with the 12 about the new face….with the old body….’Doubting Thomas’ was not the only doubter…at first…

God’s new “Self-Image” was then that of David; on a much grander scale; of course…..

(    For the Baptism of Jesus unto his death was actually the Resurrection of David unto his life…this is the face that Peter and John and James  saw on Mt. Sion; the Mount of Transfiguration { “and his visage became altered” }; Mt. Hermon; also called Ba’al-Hermon; where the third of the host of the angels came down when they fell: thus Mt. Sion is also the real Olympus..)

Few know that Judas’ father Simon and Judas himself were both from Bethany also; Judas knew Lazurus and his two sister’s quite well; Martha and Mary of Bethany. The two women are also the prototypes of the Kingdom as the 10 virgins that both secretly represent the Divided Kingdom who Lord Jesus called later on two distinct hands; the 5 wise virgins, as of Mary of Bethany who listened at his feet and gathered the “oil of gladness”; and the 5 foolish virgins, as of Martha who made a show of being responsible but who ignored Lord Jesus and his message entirely; and gathered no “oil”; except the “oil of sadness” when Mary went in and she was left outside.

So one is a “false” left hand; and one is a “true” left hand. For just as soul and spirit are the two hands of God the male and female represent the two feet of God.

Judas then also appears as “an angel” or “minister of righteousness”; the devil whom Jesus called one of his closest companions and who had the position of the treasurer; although John calls Judas a thief. This same Judas Iscariot; who secretly desired Jesus himself.

Thus we have a strange question answered: when Jesus says to Judas these words; to wit;

       “Betrayest thou the Son of Man with a Kiss?”


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