Fatima at the Altar of Abraham, Rev. Moon ‘Cleft Asunder’ by the New Moon: of Islam | Saraisvati/Brahm


                             “….Who is Like God…..” ?

       (………Not Lucifer, the shadow of Michael; who wanted-to-be “as God”…….)

The Angel of His Peace; the Guardian Angel of Israel

    “His Peace”

Michael the Prince of princes, as the Presence of God


The Coming of His Peace: the Manifesting of the Archangel Michael

before the Rising of the Sun of Righteousness at the Hidden City of the Enlightened Sufis.

Fatima; in Portugal

The Place; and The Setting of the Seal of Universal Sainthood, by Ibn El-Arabi, the secret pilgrimage of the Andalusian revealed at the City of Fatima in Portugal in 1917 at the Harvest of the Barley: and the advent of the Three Children of Fatima as substantiating the ‘Three Heights’ of the Door of the Ark of Noah.

And the Opening of the Golden Gate of the New Mecca 50 years later,

in the City of St. Francis; at the Harvest of the Wheat.

   The Death of the Antichrist

Osama bin Laden;

the “Masih ad-Dajjal“, 

….who called down upon himself the Curse of Allah at His Left Hand;

for attempting to blot out the Legacy of Benazir Bhutto;
“The government I led gave ordinary people peace, security, dignity, and the opportunity to progress.”

Benazir Bhutto died as “the Holy Martyr of Allah”, on December 27th 2007; daughter of Zulfiqar Bhutto.

The Barque of the Baraka of Fatima az Zahra, the Work of Ibn El Arabi and Rumi’s Whirling Dervishes; Revelation of the Chaste Pearl of Great Price at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 and the Freemasonic enemies of the 3 Children of Maryam al Kubra;  Fatima the Dyer.

The Work of the Sufis at the Coming of the “Whirling Sun of Righteousness” that “Danced” and then was seen to have “Whirled” 3 Times in the Sky.

The Seal of that ‘One’ of the Work of Shams of Tabriz that came down upon the Earth: and the Destiny of Fatima the Dyer at the Resurrection of the Just, the Originator of the Tie Dye in the City of St. Francis in 1967

The Arising of Michael the Archangel at the Last Day of Islam;

 the Salvation of the Ummah and the Judge of the Hereafter;


  Fatima az Zahra; the Cosmic Bride of the Sun of Righteousness;

                        the Chaste Pearl of Great Price;

the Virgin of Islam and the Manifestation of Maryam al Kubra

The revealing of the story of how the Dabbat al-Ard is the Rose of Abdul-Qadir,

as the Rose of Baghdad-by-the-Bay;

with the hidden means of the master Occultist and Suhwawardi Sufi; Michael Beebe.

The Hidden Master of “The Path of the Rose”: Michael Beebe.

What is Truth? THE WORD OF GOD

What is Truth?

The Altar of Abraham

and the Restoration of the Error of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

   Restoring the Sacrifice:

The 10 lost pieces of the Providence of Salvation.

The 7 horns of the Altar of the Baptism of Fire
The ACTUAL Context

The ACTUAL Context

The 7 Horns of the Lamb and the 4 Horns of the Altar in the Baptism of Fire   

       To further uncover the significance of the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jehovah in the form of a Dove that came down on Lord Jesus and abode upon him at the Jordan is to reveal that the Nation of Israel entering Cannan was as Adam “symbolically” re-entering Paradise; going over the Jordan dryshod the Nation of Israel was as Adam going over  through the “symbolic”  Gate through  the “barrier” that is the “great river Euphrates”

It is for this reason that he was given the 10 commandments as Adam had only one; for “10 times the Original Indemnity“; but since Israel also received the 3 fold Blessing of God from Balaam we can see at the first 7 altars of Balaam the formation stage “to be fruitful”; as for Eve’s first 7 years in Paradise with Adam; the second 7 altars of Balaam at the growth stage “and multiply” for Eve’s second 7 years in Paradise; and “subdue the earth and have dominion” as the perfection stage of Eve’s final 21 years in Paradise with Adam seen in the last 7 altars of Balaam; which meant that the Blessing was multiplied if Israel kept the Law at “7 Times the Original 3 fold Blessing“.

Thus the Indemnity was now at 10 times the Original First Single Commandment; but the Blessing was now at 7 times the Original First Three Fold Blessing. And this is also why the Original First 7 Day Covenant was now not just for One Week and it’s Sabbath; but now 4 times that as keeping the 4 Weeks and their 4 Sabbaths of every Month; 4 times the original 7 Days of Creation as of the 4 Sabbaths of every Month’s 4 Weeks now to be kept perfectly as well.

But in his Blessing of Israel Balaam also had 7 other animals along with the 7 Rams which represented the Perfection of Good at the Great Three Fold Blessing; in his guile he also made sure there were also 7 Bulls laid on the 3 sets of the 7 altars that Balaam laid out on those three seperate occasions for the 3 Great Blessings restored to Israel when it entered the Promised Land.

This had tremendous implications because the two sets of the 7 creatures represented “good and evil” respectively going all the way back to the “clean and unclean” creatures of the Ark; and also the “blood of the lambs” as opposed to those who used “the blood of goats” on their doorposts and lintels in the Passover in Egypt to stop the Angel of Death from coming into their houses.

It was this act of Balaam those 3 times which meant that if Israel fell in any way then the evil ones or “Tares” would also reach their perfection along with “the Wheat”; and that is how Balaam as “the enemy” sowed “the Tares with the Wheat” that my Father Jesus mentioned; and also Israel had now thePerfection of Evilto deal with as well if it was not Faithful to God in their entering the Promised Land or Paradise itself; albeit Symbolically.

But it became quite real when the Jews lost the status of the First Israel….

And this is why the Royal Family of Satan exists in North Korea in contradistinction to the good family of Reverend Moon in South Korea; because he fell in his marriage with his adulterous affairs as Nansook Hong wrote of in her testimony “In the Shadow of the Moons”; albeit symbolical as it was, it still represented the Standard of Monogamy.

It was this standard that St Paul stressed when he said “Now let a man have but one wife”; so that marriage of the Lamb and his Wife Rev. Moon said his was meant that the Fall his marriage encountered as Nansook Hong recounted was also quite real in the 7 Eyes of the Lamb, as it happened in the flesh and produced progeny: who were not blessed by God in any way, shape, or form: period.


Where does Wisdom dwell?


But let us attend to the main body of this piece; for here begins the laborious process which comes at even greater length in my book; so here I stick to a bare “skeleton” of what the real issues of Isaac and Ishmael and the conception of Rev. Moon in relation to those beliefs held by John the Baptist himself which my Brother John made me aware of in restoring the errors in the Providence that appear in his book “Divine Principle”.
((All the subsequent quotes from Rev. Moon’s book are from the Black Book; 1973 Edition; which came to me from the hand of Bradford Kent Bufkin: from the hand of Rev. Moon himself.))

Gabriel and Mary; after Zacharias; but before his death.                                    

Gabriel and Mary; after Zacharias; but before his death

At the Cross of Aaron Presley: Salvation Rose of Graceland

At the Cross of Aaron Presley: Salvation Rose of Graceland

       When Gabriel came to Zacharias and then later to Mary it was to confirm one miracle to Mary that would then cause the second miracle to take place;
for it is said:
                 “And Mary believed”.
As awesome as the two miracles which attended the conceptions of John and then Jesus were in scope these two miracles were like the creation of an earthly pigeon in comparison to a heavenly dove.
John even said that he was earthly and “spoke of the earth” to show that the conception of Jesus was far above his. Thus John stood for the Law itself as in the position of the Pillar of Fire or Covenant of Night as the “Priest”; even as Jesus stood for the Word itself as in the position of the Pillar of Cloud or Covenant of Day as the “Prince”.
This is because the conception of John by Zacharias with Elisabeth in comparison to that of Jesus by Jehovah with Mary was like that of a pigeon relation in it’s species to that of the more refined appearing dove; and John and Jesus were cousins by blood; although brothers in Spirit. Yet John’s family was rich; and of the upper class; while Jesus’s family was humble; and of a more menial labor as lower class. This is why the Word came from Jerusalem; and the Law from Zion; as Isaiah had written; for Mary was the “poor” virgin daughter of Jerusalem; and Elisabeth represented the “rich” House of Zion that Gabriel had Mary go to until John was born.
As my Father Lord Jesus said of John the Baptist:
“But they who wear soft clothes are from king’s houses”
 to show John’s real status in relation to those he baptized.
The following statement is from a conversation at the Table of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb when they corrected the errors Rev. Moon made in his book “Divine Principle” when  my servant  John spoke of to me and the others at the Supper of the Great God about the 5 creatures Abraham placed on his Altar to be separated; which is written of in the third section of the Gospel of Peace called “The Feast of the 12 Fruits from the Tree of Life”.
The Priest and the Levite: and the Good Samaritan

The Priest and the Levite: and the Good Samaritan


Said John;  “As you may recall it was not one dove that was placed on the Altar of Abraham as Mr. Moon has written in his book “Divine Principle”: it was a Pigeon for Ishmael and a Dove for Isaac. Furthermore it was the she-goat that represented Hagar as Egypt and the heifer which represented Sarah as the Promised Land. The ram represented Abraham himself.”
The further explanation I was given is here therefore compared to what Rev. Moon himself wrote; so that the reader might be able to clearly see the correct version as distinct to the convoluted and precarious explanation offered by Rev. Moon.
Reverend’s Moon’s own explanation of the 10 pieces of the Altar of Abraham and what they symbolized is quite different in his own book’s section called “The Symbolic Offering of Abraham” that begins on page 264. Lest people think I am being unfair in using this 1973 edition’s version rather than the one’s in later print I can only say that the later editions have only amplified all the errors present here. And in restoring things it is best to start where the error begins; scientifically; one might say.

Furthermore let me say that what the reader may glean of this “ilm” or “Science” is where the Design of Providence and the Pattern of Fate touch; yet the true facts must come out to show where and why Rev. Moon veered from the truth; so one can understand the basis of later mistakes that were then made in the remaining pages of Rev. Moon’s revolutionary and sublimely visionary work seen in his book “Divine Principle”.

The Horn of Salvation: the Messenger of Christ
The Horn of Salvation: the Messenger of Christ
His explanation begins in his book “Divine Principle” on page 265; line ten; to wit;
“The archangel took Eve while Adam and Eve were still in the position of brother and sister in their immaturity, thus forcing all created things, as well as their own children, to be under his dominion. In order for Abraham to set up the condition to restore through indemnity the above mentioned situation, he was deprived by Pharaoh, who symbolized Satan, of his wife Sarah, who was in the position of Abraham’s sister. Then he had to take back Sarah, in the position of his wife, together with Lot, symbolizing the whole of mankind, and his wealth, symbolizing the world of creation (Gen. 14:16). Abraham’s course thus was the course for Jesus to walk in later days. It was only after Abraham had set up such a condition of indemnity that he could offer the symbolic sacrifice with the dove, the ram and heifer.”

The Missing Pigeon on the Altar in Rev. Moon’s Explanation

          Said John;  “This Thunder is obviously true in itself right up to the very last sentence where Rev. Moon omits the Pigeon: and this is exactly where the problem begins for Rev. Moon in attempting to “restore” the real meaning of what the Sacrifice of Abraham at the Altar represented in the Design of Providence; because everything on that Altar represented the members of Abraham’s own family. The “she-goat” represented Hagar as Egypt; the “heifer” represented Sarah as the Promised Land; and the “ram” represented Abraham himself. The “pigeon” which Rev. Moon omits symbolized Ishmael; and the “dove” represented Isaac.”
In cutting these 5 creatures in half Abraham was therefore to restore the Fall itself symbolically; and because Rev. Moon failed in what is written here in presenting the correct interpretation God was kind enough to have His servant John in the Holy Spirt of Truth to show me and perhaps others who might be interested the actual significance of the 10 pieces of the Altar in a more expanded version.
     Originally the blood being drained from these 10 pieces the 5 were to be divided into meant dissolving the original sin present in all the blood relationships with the Angel of the Devil with Eve and then with Adam by Eve that were given to their two children.
This was to be done as the way to reverse the nature of the Fall; in which the Order of Creation was reversed by which God was to rule Adam; Adam to rule Eve; and Eve to rule the Serpent. Rev. Moon in his exposition of the Nature of the Fall in his book illustrates this quite clearly; and correctly as self-consistent with the Providence itself up to one point.
This point is that the Fall included the position of the Archangel who God left in charge of the Creation while He rested on the 7th Day; which was unknown to Rev. Moon as he wrote that the Fall took place on the 6th day; which is wrong.
That God left the Archangel in charge until He awoke should sound strangely familiar to Rev. Moon; since this is exactly the position the Angel of Christ put him in on earth before he left
The Work of Abraham at the Altar was thus to reverse the line of the Fall when the Archangel took Adam’s position, which was that of the Sun; the Serpent took the Archangel’s position, which was that of the Day-Star;  Eve took the Serpent’s position which was the Evening Star and Adam was left in Eve’s position; which was the Moon. Everyone ended up in the wrong position; but to see the true dimension of this problem is to uncover why Abraham “rescuing” Sarah from Pharaoh was so important to God.
To do this I have to reveal something which shows the actual dimension of why the Serpent was cursed even though it was his task and even his responsibility to be the Tempter of Adam and Eve.
The Serpent was therefore the figure through whom Adam was to “subdue the earth”:  as one might break a proud horse that was then “tamed” but even quite useful. Yet there was more than this  behind God placing the Serpent in the Garden as one of the original pieces on the chessboard of Providence. The Commandment God gave Adam thus carried the instruction to divide himself from his shadow who appeared when Adam faced God: the Shadow of Night; the discarnate half of the Archangel himself.
The Serpent as the “angel of the Devil” was then the Champion of “Eden” or “Nature” that accompanied the Commandment given to Adam as the resultant challenge and inherent trial that the Serpent was then the lawful advocate of to Man of the Commandment “not to eat” as it’s attendant Temptation “to eat”; which Adam was to overcome and thus gain equality with the angels; which even God could not give to Man: it had to be earned in their own eyes so that men and angels could live as brothers; and serve each other as they were meant to. How the children of God both fell is how Adam and Eve became the children of the Devil.
Yet there is another dimension to this situation which has been unknown; as John revealed at the Emerald table of Justice where he sits with the 11.
John said; “In Paradise it was part of God’s Design that Eve fall for the serpent; and then Adam was to have “rescued” her from the serpent and become her personal “hero” or Savior. This was for the reason that Eve in being saved was therefore to have then in her heart to love Adam all the more; and thus be the most receptive to him in saving her from her adversary who would have brought her to the brink of eternal damnation.”
For Eve to thus have adored Adam as her “Hero” and “Savior” before they ate from the Fruit of the Tree of Life together would have been the giving of something in gratitude and awe that that would have brought about the most favorable conditions for creating their Child.
 Thus after Adam had defeated the Serpent of Paradise and rescued his Bride he and Eve were Lawfully to be have been allowed to come together as one flesh at the Consummation.
Eating together of the Fruit of the Tree of life they would have therefore both gained Immortality in Union within the Holy Spirit of God, as Adam initiated Eve into the Mystery of God; as He had Designed from the beginning. This is why Lord Jesus said: to wit;
           “…But they who are forgiven little; love little…”
Eve was to then have fallen and been rescued; being repentant; and then restored; and thus redeemed as a Virgin once again by Adam. If this sounds like an old story well indeed so it is; what Robert Nye in his book “Merlin” calls “the one story; and the one story only”. That it is the basis of all heroic literature and most of the plotlines we see on TV is self-evident; the hero who suffers and gets the girl; and the Kiss at the end.
((  as an aside it is at the Summit of the 7th heaven of the 7 heavens that  Adam was to have taken Eve through in the Act of Love the “Seal” that was to be placed when Adam created with Eve their “Child” was then to have been “impressed” onto their Child as well: the Star thus “set” at the 7th heaven; thus the ability for each to transmute matter by thought and other abilities seen with Lord Jesus and angels would have then be manifest in the Child from birth as born into the Kingdom itself; as the body of Eve would be have then been “the Earth” substantially and the soul of Eve as the firmament or “the heaven” consubstantially.  Adam would stood as the “Body of God” Himself. ))

This casts some light on what is written on this subject in the book of Mormon that the “Fall was predestined”.” 

John said; “Actually what was written in this “predestined fall” by Joseph Smith was “half-correct”; for Adam was obviously not to have fallen; less obviously the serpent was subtly made aware that he existed to have Adam finally triumph over him. 

  But here we have the real cause of the Fall; for some of the angels felt it was more fitting that mankind serve the angels; rather than the angels serving man; and especially woman who would also had dominion over the angels which some could not even countenance. Yet this is racism of angels against men which is why the host of the high ones on high are finally judged.”


The jealous angels then had the Serpent strike when God had not returned from His Rest; telling the serpent they would distract the Archangel so he could tempt Eve. This is how they made the Archangel “fall asleep” at his post as “not aware” of what was being done behind his back by some of those he and God had trusted.
    It was thus that the Serpent struck when Adam and Eve were in the position of teenagers at the perfection level of the Growth stage; which is why that period in every adolescent’s life is so much like “an ill-defined dying”; as r.d. laing once described it as so presciently. All teenagers go through the trauma of the fall individually to this very day.
God loved Abraham because in his rescuing of Sarah and her changing of heart towards him for saving her from Pharaoh it fulfilled the Design of Providence in which Eve was to have had her heart melted by Adam when he rescued her from the Serpent as her personal “Savior”; making him to her the “Hero of the Day” by rescuing her from the serpent. But this was not just important to God: it was critical.
For God this saving of Sarai by Abram from Abimilech and then from Pharaoh as Abraham was considered important enough to the Providence to have God call Abraham His “friend”; and as friendship is the basis of all positive relationships Abraham in his relationship with God stands as that of the Elect; for in saving Sarah twice Abraham enacted God’s Victory by which he was to have won the right to the Tree of Life; which was seen when Melchizedek gave him bread and wine as representing the Lamb whose flesh and blood are thus that of the Fruit of the Tree of Life itself. This is why the Lamb said; to wit;

            “…Unless you eat my flesh; and drink my blood; 

                               …   ye have no life in you”.

This is because his body represented the Unity which is the “essence” or “Fruit” of the Tree of Life itself;
just as “Duality” is the “essence” or “fruit” of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
The Pattern of the Fall of Eve
Virgin,                 Bride,             Wife and          Mother
 as                      as                     as                    as
daughter,           sister,              woman,            goddess


When Eve was taken from Adam’s “side” she was to go through 4 stages; first was as “Daughter”; which meant that as her origin Adam represented her “father”; which is why she was not to even come near him until she was at least 21 years old; so that she would have genetically gone through 3 complete “regenerations”; for it is common knowledge that every cell in the human body is replaced every 7 years. 
In her second stage Eve was therefore “Sister” to Adam when they reached the age of 7 to 14. Thus Abraham told Pharaoh that he was Sarah’s “brother” because that was indeed the position Abraham was to her substantially; as she was the son of Abraham’s father from another mother than the one he had. The fall then probably took place when Adam was about 18; Eve was about 16; and this is where Abraham stood in the restoration as the Providence of Salvation.
As “Woman” Eve would have been “of age”; and in fact she reached this position but as the “satanic wfie” ruled by the serpent; becoming the “satanic mother” as of the “dual nature” of “good and evil” whose two children would have one then kill the other.
In Paradise the first 7 years stood for “formation”; the second three for “growth” and the the last 7 years for “perfection”. This can seen as the 21 years in “Time” before Adam and Eve were to enter “Eternity” together at the Transformation of Creation that would have revealed the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth.
The reasons are here are rather clear if we can see why Israel was given the 10 Commandments when he came into the Promised land; so that Israel would be as Adam when he was given the Commandment when he was placed in Paradise; 10 times the Indemnity; but that Balaam dispensed the 3 fold Blessing at his 21 Altars as of 7 altars 3 times in formation at the first 7 altars, growth at the second 7 altars and perfection at the third seven altars is less well known; thus Israel could then receive 7 times the Blessing as well.
The Fall of Eve
Satanic Virgin,  Satanic Bride, Satanic Wife, and Satanic Mother
Thus I have shown even at this point that the 5 creatures were not of a “three fold” blessing being restored but of something far different; namely the two falls of Eve with the Serpent and then Adam as these acts related to her two conceptions with Adam of their 2 children.

But Rev. Moon writes this In the “Divine Principle”; on page 266; line 4; to wit;

“What then, did Abraham’s symbolic sacrifices, namely, the dove, ram and heifer, symbolize? These three symbolic offerings symbolized the whole universe which was created to be perfected through three stages of growth.
First, the dove symbolized the formation stage. Jesus came as the perfection of the providence in the formation stage, which was represented by the doves. Therefore, when he was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan, the Spirit of God descended like a dove, alighting on him (Matt. 3:16). On the other hand, Jesus came to restore Abraham’s failure in the offering. Naturally, he had to stand in the position to have restored the dove which was invaded by Satan at that time. Therefore, God showed by the dove that Jesus came as the perfection of the Old Testament providence in the formation stage.
In the next place, the goat or ram symbolizes the growth stage. Jesus came to restore Abraham’s failure in the offering. On the foundation of the Old Testament providence, having restored all things symbolized by the dove, he had also to restore all the things symbolized by the goat or ram, as the one who was to begin the New Testament providence in the growth stage. One day after John the Baptist had witnessed that Jesus was the perfection of the providence in the formation stage symbolized by the dove, he again gave witness to Jesus as the one who was to begin his mission in the growth stage. When he saw Jesus coming toward him, he said, “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29).
The heifer symbolized perfection. We read in Judges 14:18 that, when Samson put a riddle to the Philistines, they could only answer it by having Samson’s wife tempt him and press him hard for the answer. Then Samson said to them, “If you had not ploughed with my heifer, you would not have found out my riddle.”. In this way, Samson metaphorically called his wife a heifer. Since Jesus came as the bridegroom to all mankind, all the saints until the time of the Second Advent each become a “bride” to Jesus, the bridegroom to come. However, after the wedding feast of the Lamb, when all the saints, as the bride, are united into perfect oneness with the Lord, then all will live in the Heavenly Kingdom of God with Christ as a husband, each not merely as a bride but as a wife. Therefore, we must know that the Completed Testament Age after the Second Advent of the Lord is the age of a heifer–the age of a wife. The heifer thus symbolizes perfection. This is why many spiritually attuned people receive the revelation that today is the age of a cow or heifer.”
.Abraham offered sacrifices with the dove, ram and heifer on the altar, symbolizing the three stages of formation, growth and perfection, in order to fulfill at once, in horizontal terms, the vertical providence which God intended to restore through indemnity through the three generations (seen from the viewpoint of His will): Adam symbolizing formation, Noah symbolizing growth, and Abraham symbolizing perfection. Therefore, this offering symbolically represented God’s will to fulfill the whole providence of restoration at once by restoring through indemnity all the conditions represented by the number “three”, which had been invaded by Satan.”
John said; “This explanation appears to be quite consistent with what is written: but it is all entirely wrong; for the creatures in being divided were to put Abraham and his relations with Sarah and Hagar with his two sons in the specific position of Eve when he created Cain and with Eve when he created Abel: and it was these two conceptions which were to be seperated by seperating Eve in the 4 positions of her Fall. This is the correct interpretation of the Altar of Abraham.
 The “she-goat” being seperated represented Hagar or “Egypt” divided as of the first fall of Eve with the Serpent removed from the second fall of Eve with Adam. In this “seperation” the fallen physical relationship Hagar had with the man to whom she lost her virginity stood for Eve’s fall with the Serpent divided from her restored physical relationship with Abram when he gave her Ishmael.”
        Thus Hagar represented Eve restored in Paradise by having all her relations with men thus symbolically seperated from the one which she had with Abram. This would have destroyed Ishmael’s “link” with Cain as the murderer of his brother Abel as being the reason Ishmael as the Elder brother was jealous and hated his Younger brother; the root of this problem to be solved going back to the the Archangel being jealous of Adam. This was also noticed by Joseph Smith of the Mormons in his testimony of the Archangel being like Adam’s elder brother; this emotional fact being absolutely true in the psychological sense.

John said: “First of all the she-goat being separated represented the separate left half as the fall of Eve with the Serpent or discarnate Shadow of the Archangel and the separate right half as the fall of Eve with Adam.  At the first fall with the Serpent we have Eve in the position of “the satanic virgin”;  virgin physically but not spiritually. At the second fall we have “the satanic bride”; having tempted Adam Eve was the satanic bride because she had come to Adam in the position of the Serpent or the angel of the devil; thus she came to Adam as the angel of Death.

Dividing the she-goat then meant one thing only: seperating the body of the she-goat meant that Eve had been seperated from the fall with the archangel as of one thing from the fall with Adam as the other;  this meant that the body Eve had formed with the serpent was seperated from the body she had formed with Adam.
This should cast some light on the fact that the heifer represented Eve with Adam after they were both cast out of Paradise. Thus the relationship Abram had with Hagar that produced Ishmael was then entirely of Eve in Paradise; but without the fall with the Serpent, the fall with Adam would not have happened; thus they would not have been cast out of Paradise. It was thus Abraham’s relationship with Sarai meant that Eve as the “satanic wife” cast out of Paradise could be seperated from the “satanic mother” who produced the fraticidal brothers as “the satanic mother of all living in the shadow of death”.
“Judge not according to the appearence: but judge righteous judgment”
The heifer being seperated represented the seperate left half as the conception of Cain with Adam by Eve and the seperate right half as the conception of Abel with Adam by Eve.
John said; “Because the first conception of Eve with Adam when they had been cast out was the act done in the position of the first fall with the serpent this first conception was of Eve in the position of the “satanic wife”; now no virgin physically but unfortunately not a virgin spiritually; thus corrupt. Thus the child produced in this union was a Murderer.”
At the second conception of Eve with Adam when they had been cast out this second act represented Eve in the position of the second fall with Adam; thus this second conception was of Eve in the position of the “satanic mother”: giving birth to a child who was to be killed by the first child. This child was thus a Victim.
Seperating the heifer meant seperating the conception of Cain from the conception of Abel;  thus on the basis of the she-goat being seperated this meant that the mother was no longer “satanic”; as the satanic wife had been seperated from the satanic bride by seperating Eve into two women: Hagar and Sarah.
Had he divided the dove and the pigeon it would then have been as if Sarah represented the Promised Land and Zion itself of Paradise even as Haggar’s did the great city of Egypt and the House of Bondage it represented as a nation.
The heifer in two represented Sarai and Sarah;  just as the ram being seperated represented Abram as the left half or the “fallen” Adam with Eve after her relation with the serpent  and the right half with Abraham as the now “unfallen” Adam with an “restored Eve” who had not had relations with the serpent: namely Pharoah whom Sarai was able to resist; thus restoring the position of Eve; as Abraham did that of Adam by rescuing her from Pharoah who was in the position of Satan.
John added; “That the pigeon represented Ishmael as being in Cain’s position and the dove Issac as being in Abel’s now can be seen in it’s true light:  something of which Mr. Moon did not know and thus could not share with the Unification Church because of this tragic failure at restoring the Sacrifice at the Altar in his book.  Abraham’s relations with these two women represented two covenants; one with Hagar or Egypt was that of Bondage;  that of Sarah or Israel was that of Freedom; as it is written: where the Spirit of the Lord is; there is freedom.”
Hagar is Sinai;  and Egypt.  Sarah is Zion: and heavenly Jerusalem; and Paradise.
Abraham in rescuing Sarah thus represented Adam fulfilling the Original Design of Providence; and this is why Rev. Moon’s subsequent mistakes in the nature of what happened at the Altar have proved so detrimental in his later analysis of Jesus and John; the symbolic dove and pigeon of the Altar in the positions of Issac and Ishmael which Rev. Moon overlooked by never seeing what the division of “the ram of the Altar” which represented Abraham into the 2 halves which represented his seperation as of “Abram” with Hagar from “Abraham” with Sarah.
But Reverend Moon put this explanation of what the sacrifice meant in these terms; on page 267; line 15; to wit,
“What, then, do the three kinds of offerings restore through indemnity? Abraham, through his symbolic offerings, had to set up the symbolic condition of indemnity enabling him to restore through indemnity all the things previously left in Satan’s hand, due to the failures of the restoration through indemnity by the symbolic sacrifices and the substantial offerings of Adam’s and Noah’s families. Therefore, the symbolic offering of Abraham was to restore at once, horizontally, through the three kinds of offerings, the symbolic condition of indemnity of the vertical providence through the three generations of Adam, Noah and Abraham.”
Unfortunately what happened at the Altar had nothing to do with the number 3; rather it had to do with the “5” pieces on the “left side” being divided fromt the “5” on the “right side”; thus draining the blood of all the relationships in their respective positions by which the dominion had beeen reversed and  the Original Sin placed in our blood relationship with the Serpent as the Angel of the Devil at the Fall. This Rev. Moon does make mention of later; which I do explore.
     Yet it is the fact that this error of John the Baptists’ is later seen in Rev. Moon’s ownbelief that Abraham’s position was not seperated that was also the accusation John the Baptist held in his heart as the “beam” in his eye that stopped him from reaching the spirit and power of Elijah that comes only with attaining the Seal. John, like Rev. Moon, ( who is John’s reincarnation ) believed Zacharias had impregnated Mary; which poisoned their relationship from the beginning as this was entirely false. 
Jehovah of hosts for a crown of glory
Jehovah of hosts for a crown of glory

In truth it was the reason that Jesus and John the Baptist never bonded; but that Jesus and John the Beloved did; John the Beloved being like Elisha in relation to John the Baptist; as the Beloved knew from Lord Jesus that Mary had conceived the Lamb with the heavenly seed of Jehovah as that of the Celestial Dove and Elisabeth with the earthly seed Zacharias as of the Terrestrial Pigeon.

Rev. Moon has both of them born of the seed of one man: Zacharias; which is wrong; but I will approach that error later; suffice to look further at Rev. Moon’s statements as they relate to the Altar of Abraham.

Let us look at Rev. Moon’s explanation in the “Divine Principle” at page 268; line 7; to wit,

“We must know in what manner Abraham offered the symbolic sacrifice. We read (Gen. 15:10-13) that Abraham cut the offerings in two and laid each half over against the other, but he did not cut the doves in two. Birds of prey came down upon the carcasses and Abraham drove them away. God appeared to Abraham that evening at sunset and said to him:
“Know of a surety that your descendants will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs,
and will be slaves there, and they will be oppressed for four hundred years…” (Gen. 15:13)
The birds of prey came down upon the carcasses because Abraham did not cut the doves in two. This caused the Israelites to suffer 400 years of slavery in Egypt.
Why was it such a sin not to cut the dove? This question has remained unsolved until today, and can be elucidated only through the Principle. Let us first study the reason for cutting the sacrifices. The purpose of the providence of salvation is to restore the sovereignty of goodness by separating good and evil, by destroying evil and exalting goodness. Therefore, when God required sacrifices to be offered after having separated Adam into Cain and Abel; and when He smote the evil to exalt the good through the flood judgment in Noah’s days, His purpose was, without exception, to restore the sovereignty of goodness. Consequently, God intended to carry out the symbolic performances of separating good and evil, which He failed to fulfill through Adam and Noah, by having Abraham offer the sacrifices cut in two.
The act of cutting the sacrifices in two was, first, to restore the separated position of Cain and Abel in Adam’s family, in order to separate Adam, the origin of good and evil, into two parts representing good and evil, respectively. Second, it was to restore the position of Noah, having separated good and evil through the 40-day flood. Third, it was to set up the symbolic condition to separate the world of good sovereignty from the world under the dominion of Satan. Fourth, it was to set up the condition of consecration by draining away the blood of death that had come through the illicit blood relationship.”
Rev. Moon here calls the two birds “doves” but only one was the dove; the one upon the Altar who foreshadowed the Messiah; whose miraculous heavenly conception with the Holy Spirit of Jehovah by Mary would produce Jesus the Bridegroom that was to come forth in the position of Issac.
Yet it is absolutely true that the Altar represented where the two sovereignties were to be seperated; but the actual divisions as to what they represented as presented by Rev. Moon are incorrect;  due to the fact that Eve’s fall is not presented in it’s entirety in his book “Divine Principle”.
Yet Rev. Moon’s knowledge that the draining of the blood represented the essential truth of what the purpose of the Altar was show how close his understanding really is: he only lacked the actual explanation of what the “daughter; sister, woman and goddess” represented with “virgin, bride, wife and mother”; as they relate to Hagar and Sarah.
That the ram represented Abraham as divided into his relation with Hagar as “Abram” and then his relation with Sarah as “Abraham”  should be clear in retrospect; much clearer than Rev. Moon’s insistence that it represented the number “3.
 In the “restoring of all things” that John as Elijah was to have done as the Priest as of Aaron or God’s “holy one” was especially vital since Zacharias who was John’s father was of the “lineage” or “course of Aaron”.
Thus with John restoring Aaron the elder sibling of Moses with the younger Jesus as restoring the position of the younger sibling of Aaron we would have had the “holy one” before the Face of the holy One; a “doubling” of the effect by which John and Jesus could have conquered the entire world. Here the the scale would have been in Victory as with Jesus as Jehovah of Hosts: as the King restored or “Salvation”, with John as the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts as the High Priest restored or “the Horn of Salvation”.

  And lastly we have Rev. Moon’s  words at page 269 at line 9; to wit;

“Why, then, was it such a sin not to cut the sacrifice in two?

First, it was analogous to not separating Cain and Abel; so, as a result, there was no Abel-type object for God to take. Therefore, the sacrifice was unacceptable to God, and the failure in the sacrifice of Cain and Abel was not restored.

Second, it represented not having separated good and evil at the time of the flood judgment in the providence of restoration centering on Noah; as a result, there was no object of goodness which God could take and upon which He could work His providence. Therefore, it resulted in having taken the position of failure, just as the flood judgment failed.

Third, it failed to set up the symbolic condition of separating the world of good sovereignty from the world under the dominion of Satan in order for God to take it.

In the fourth place, the sacrifice was not consecrated because the blood of death was not drained, and it could not be a sacred thing for God to take and work His providence upon. In this manner, Abraham’s offering the sacrifices without having cut the dove in two resulted in offering Satan’s possession, as it were, and so the offering ended in the assertion that the offering was Satan’s possession.

Thus, the dove, which was the offering symbolizing the formation stage, remained in Satan’s possession. The ram and heifer, symbolizing growth and perfection, which were to be established on the foundation of formation, were then invaded by Satan. Consequently, the whole symbolic offering ended up under Satan, and the act of not having cut the dove in two became a sin.”

That the dove never represented the formation stage; nor did the ram and heifer represent growth and perfection should be clear at this point; for in showing that these divisions represented the memmbers of Abraham’s own family including himself should now obvious to all.

In not separating the two birds it was then that the “seed” of Abram that had gone into Hagar was not seperated in it’s relationship with what it symbolically represented on the Altar as Eve’s fall with Adam in Paradise; then substantially now as of Abram with Hagar; as a daughter of Isis herself. Thus Abram’s seed were later as Israel to go “into Egypt” as the captivity Adam’s seed had in the body of Hagar unrestored at the Sacrifice.

Yet Rev. Moon’s knowledge that the draining of the blood represented the essential truth of what the purpose of the Altar was show how close his understanding really is: he only lacked the actual explanation of what the “daughter/virgin; sister/bride, woman/wife and goddess/mother” being seperated actually represented as they relate to Hagar and Sarah.

It was as Eve being restored which Abraham entering Sarah’s body as the “Promised Land” that was symbolically Paradise itself that would later produce Issac in the position of the Original Child Adam and Eve were to have had.

That the ram  in 2 halves represented Abraham as divided into his relation with Hagar as “Abram” and then his relation with Sarah as “Abraham”  should be clear in retrospect; much clearer than Rev. Moon’s insistence that it represented the number “3”; in truth it represented the 4 limbs of one family as 2 parents and 2 children.

This was once again done on the same pattern with the 2 families of John and Jesus; which Rev. Moon believes is that of Zacharias being both the father of John and Jesus as well; an error which continues to cost him and his family dearly.

Yet it was Abraham with Isaac at the second Altar that restored the 2 birds who had not been seperated physically by seperating them spiritually; for Issac died before he reached the Altar; and Abraham died when God told him to do it.

Both passed through death together as Rev. Moon notes; thus both were one on the basis of Isaac not resisting his father as if he were God Himself; and by doing that Isaac saved Abraham; as Isaac overcoming the fear of Death with the Fear of God then represented the “Light” God had divided from darkness long before which He then called “the Day”.

Thus it was that the pigeon foreshadowed the miraculous earthly conception of Zacharias with Elisabeth that later produced John the friend of the Bridegroom in the position of Ishmael. Jesus as the Bridegroom therefore had his own brother who was to have brought him the Bride; not “Eliezar”. This would have truly restored all things.

This was done so that Jesus as the Younger and John as Elder could then heal the division which had existed in Abraham’s heart over his two sundered children.


“….Is thine eye evil because Mine is Good…?”

Rev. Moon’s Fate at the Last Judgement; and his being “cut asunder”; as seen in Matthew and Luke: and the Holy Qur’an; the Testimony of Mohammed in his Death in Christ as the Lighting of the Lamp of Allah by the Blessed Olive Tree: JESUS of Nazareth; Son of Mary; and the Mahdi with the Word of ISA; who is the Word of ALLAH.

None know that in the hidden history of the providence of Salvation it was Rev. Moon who was put over the entire “House” or “Body of Christ” as the Church as then in the position of the “Head” of this Body until his LORD returned; but Rev. Moon did not wait for his LORD; but decided to abrogate to himself the position of Christ as if he had already earned it before he passed the Last Test: that of seeing the return of the LORD at the Day and the Hour; as was written in the prophetic life-story of Rev. Moon unknown to the world as “the Faithful and Wise Steward/servant” of the gospel of Matthew and the gospel of Luke. ( 12:42-48 )

“And the Lord said”, to wit;

            “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?”,

“Blessed is that servant whom his LORD will find doing so when he comes. Truly I tell you, that he will set him over all that he has.

But and if that servant says in his heart,

 ‘My lord delays his coming,’

……..and begins to beat the menservants and the maidservants, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken,a……. then the LORD of that servant will come in a Day when he looketh not for him any longer, and in an Hour at which he is not aware, and will cut him in two, and give him his portion with the unfaithful.”

    This is the bad news; it reads further;

       “And that servant, who knew his LORD’s will, and didn’t prepare,

nor do what the Lord wanted, will be beaten with many stripes, ( Rev. Moon )

                        “but he who didn’t know, and did things worthy of stripes,

               will be beaten with few stripes.

( this refers to me; before my mission became apparent at the appearing of the angel of John,\

at my Grandmother Sophia’a house at 1520 Willard Street in the City of St. Francis ) 

             But the story of me and Rev. Moon goes further; and of Rev. Moon it is this parable in the prophecy he was to have learned from me; and curiously enough it is this all his followers made sure he would never find out from me as if Satan was their master andf not God.

This is the main reason Rev. Moon is shortly to die in the position of the one he himself judged as guilty for the death of my Father Jesus in his book “Divine Principle”; as some now know he was supposed to become the Messiah by listening to me and my message from my Father Jesus from the one He sent to me in my Grandmother’s House: who Michael Beebe called “your servant John”.

Jonathan Gullery never even gave Rev. Moon the 144 page letter I sent to him that Jonathan was to have given him. An act of an evil invasion from Satan, and the real reason he is facing the Judgment from they who sit at the Table: the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb who are the Jury at this coming Last Judgment.

… “For he to whosoever much is given, of him will much be required”

This refers not just to Rev. Moon; but also those who worked for him who also were to have notified him him of my appearence with such strange and compelling news: the day and the Hour being precisely those at the Day and Hour in the Revelation at chapter 18. which concern She before whom Rev. Moon fell; ISIS; who fooled Rev. Moon into believing she was the Holy Spirit. 



The Arrival of the Last Day and the Fall of the Pillar of Faith:

The Denial of Islam and the Destruction of Mecca as the Ancient House of Abraham


Section One:  New Mecca and the fall of the Nazarenes of the Table of the Last Supper of the Lamb

Section Two:  The coming to the City of St. Francis of the men of Sodom, and the Captivity of the Holy City of John of Assisi.

Section Three: the Coming of the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; and the Judgment on the Men of Sodom and the Whores of Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots.

Section Four: the Whores and Tax-collectors enter first:

“who are my mother and my sister and my brother? They who hear the Will: and do it    “…the Kingdom of Golden Gate Park…”

Giovanni was St. Francis’ real name; the Italian version of the name of “John”, and as few are aware this name was given to Zacharias in his doubt after being given to Elisabeth as a sure sign of who John was to be; for the full name was that of ‘Jonathan’ which Zacharias failed to write all of; the best friend of David; as he who was to Baptize John as Elijah and begin the Resurrection.

This is how close John and Jesus were supposed to have been; which did not happen; but did happen between John the Beloved Disciple and Jesus the Lamb as all know; if they who read indeed know anything.

The Enlightened Sufis for me and to My Generation are as the Magi were to the Lamb and his Generation

The New Mecca and the Restoration of the City of St. Francis

Ask Kymberlyn Olsen

And Janet Gordon….and John Beard…..about Paul Kelly a.k.a. “Emmett Grogan”; and the Frogs; with the help of the new identities they got from Molly Ges Mundo;

……..before she escaped back to Manila; and how Joanna Leary didn’t really cooperate with the Feds to get Timothy Leary out of the Clink at Vacaville.

The Brotherhood of Light

……..and the end of Innocence that came with the murder of Superspade; more than just a death; it was the death of Love and the return of the street merely called again “Haight”.

The River of Love; the Jordan of My Generation was now unseen except by myself:

………….the Keeper of the Flame….

Before Superspade’s body was found floating in the water under the pilings at the Haven Restaurant in Sausalito….where a 14 year old Kymberlyn Olsen had sanded the bar with Roger….Roger had done a remarkable job in decorating with wood shingles on the tour bus for Neil Young;

……..hanging out at the ranch where Margo St. James was in her new barebreasted glory: and quite charming. Kym hadn’t made any dulcimers for quite awhile….but Nigel Harte was always a good sport; and Peggy was all smiles. Nigels’s ribs had healed nicely after he got back from Peru: and came to the little upstaris apartment across from the Savoy Tivoli in North Beach….and Eric was there to pick up the pieces afterward.

 Part I: The Judgment on the Men of Sodom and the Fall of the City of St. Francis with the Angels of Light: the Nocturnal Dreamshows at the Palace Theater on Columbus Ave; and the arrival of Sylvester; queen of the Night; for that dark day….

………..for “the day dawns black as Night”:

…………over the prophets…….

The Judgment begins as a rememberance of the Saki; and why the wine of his Wrath comes through the Saki; and once again; Rev. Moon has also been here as well: as the very subject matter of the Illustration itself.

Yet this awakened me by brininging me to higher levels of self-realization; but the conversion itself into the Kingdom is what they call “enlightenment”; the entering itself of the Great Spirit; where all are One Consciousness.

It is this Candle one must “be at One” with and so “fit” into the fabric of what the 12 new gods of the Emerald Table are now seen in their final and eternal estates: the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb.

In their position to me as the Child of the Resurrection they represent the Universal Christ as the Jury; and the Lamb represents the Judge; and without “them” I can do “nothing”.

I exist as the ONE who did not marry: nor was he given in marriage: by Rev. Moon, or anyone else; as doing the sayings of the Father. And one in particular.

Thus I found the one who found his own life indeed loses it.

But who dies in Christ Raises the Standard; who looks upon It will be saved, who touches It will be redeemed.  And who embraces it will become one with the Lake that burns with Fire; the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife. As she is one with the Sun of Righteousness; who receives It.

The Word Of God.

His Wife; one with the Son of Man.

One Flesh; in fact.

And there is a River.

 Looking back at the Future to Come:

………a divine retrospective as the Perspective of Truth

 The Danger of Judging by Appearences; a Parable of the Last Day  

The story is old; but the telling of it is apt at these times of the Hour of Temptation; for when I read recently of the writings made in the previous posts something else was triggered by which I was able to understand why the Sufis in whose company I travel had me retell this story by which Rev. Moon and his seeming mistakes might be seen as of the nature of a test for those unaware of how seeming appearences can mask a deeper pattern; if one knows what to look out for.
The Lampstand of the Lightbearer: the Sufic Light
The Lampstand of the Lightbearer: the Sufic Light

       It is a maxim that even those who make such mistakes may not be aware that they are being used as a living illustration to those observing the reality of the Design in human society.

      It was this story they had me recall which all of them knew by heart; since it illusrates almost every angle by which one encounters the Presence. ( I think the story is instructive; more now to me than ever. Saki means “Cupbearer”.)


The Cup of Elijah; the Cupbearer
The Cup of Elijah; the Cupbearer

                    ——— ”   The Nightingale of the Saki    “————–

In Bagdhad at one time there was a singer whose influence and talent were known and praised everywhere. The king and his court had him regularly perform for them; and he was of a pure and reserved disposition; and so was protected from the intrigues of the Court.

At that time there was also known a sufi who was reputed to have become visibly intoxicated as could be plainly seen by others; but as no one ever found any wine they could prove nothing; even though for drinking wine the penalty was then; as now, death.

The sufi was visited by a friend of his childhoood who had come to Baghdad to hear “the Nightingale” of the Court as the singer was known; but though he had watched and wited no appearences were scheduled; and it almost seemed as if the fellow whose voice had been once heard everywhere was now heard nowhere.

Some said that the king’s gold had swayed the Nightingale to only perform at the Palace and it’s events and that now it seemed he would only sing when paid; but few could blame him for wanring to make a living for himself and his family..

But the friend of the drunken sufi would not leave until he had heard the Nightingale sing…. The Sufi then decided to avail himself of his Wine; and find the answer to his problem; for he was not really a drunkard; as people thought; being a highly advanced mystic whose powers extended into a far distant time and a far distant realm; but whose life had now been completely disrupted by the desire of his passionate but naive friend; nevertheless he decided to act..

One night when his friend had come back from another day of fruitless waiting at the locations where the singer had been known to appear he found his friend the sufi seemingly intoxicated; indeed it seemed he could hardly stand up.

“Do you wish to hear the singer?”    said the sufi;

“Yes” said the friend; for he knew his friend to be no man of action; thus he saw that perhaps his friend might have some inspiration of to the answer to his prayers that perhaps was causing his friend to be intoxicated; for he knew his friend kept no wine in the house.

The sufi called out…….

“Saki; bring more wine; more wine!”

His friend grew alarmed; for there was no one in the garden where they were sitting; yet the sufi seemed to be getting drunker by the moment; his speech slurrrd; eyes almost rolling back in his head. The friend began to wonder if his friend could even walk.

Suddenly the sufi stood up;

“Let’s go!”

His friend followed him; they walked for what seemed like miles; but in the maze of the backstreets of Baghdad they might have only been few hundred yards away; none could tell in the dark.

Now the sufi did indeed know where the Nightingale lived; for they were friends; as the sufi had advised the singer on his personal affairs from time to time and so saved him from some of the dark politics that swirled around like shadows for those often ill-fated in life, when seemingly so well-favored at the Court.

At a certain garden gate the sufi stopped; and putting his friend down on a spot he sat for a spell himself.

At that point he lifted his head and began to sing; and he sang one of the Nightingales most popular songs; lustrous and sparkling; deep and high at the same time.

But he sang it a little off-key; and he sang it quietly; as almost to himself; yet in the stillness it was as loud as a trumpet even at a whisper.

Above there head at the house behind the gate of the garden a figure appeared; a dark sillhouette outlined against the light in the room.

Suddenly a voice began to sing; and it sang the song in it’s all; in it’s ebb and flow; he sang with as if he held his own heart in the hand of his Beloved; and that His Desire was hers.

In short the friend of the sufi heard the song that the king nver heard; for this was for his friend that the Nightgale had opened his Voice as the Singer of Saul; as David had sung to Saul to lift his spirits when he was oppressed and dejected.

Thus is the tale.

One who knew whereof he spoke...

One who knew whereof he spoke…

Observation’s at the Emerald Table of Justice

Sealed with the Seal of the Living God
Sealed with the Seal of the Living God

It is other observer’s own objective analysis of this phenomenon that accompanies the central figures at the Last Day as they take their places in the final Tableaux; what the Sufis and Initiates of the Grail call “the Chessboard”.

          Thus there are some who insight echoes this aspect of finding “righteous judment” as of seeking the truth to prove on my own; for all must produce their proofs of making any assertion as to ultimate reality when at the Assembly before all who are present;  this being where the 12 Apostles of the Lamb now sit on a raised dais in the midst of the Hall where all who are called to the Supper of the Great God are seated.

        Rev. Moon’s entry into the opening of the books which came when it was revealed that the Holy Qur’an is the documented record of what Muhammed was given at his Death “before he died”; thus the reason the Qur’an was a book unlike any other was because Muhammed my Messanger went through what no one ahad undergone before him: the recording of his own death and the opening of his own life after the Last Judgment.

        In judging John the Baptist as guilty of the Death of Jesus in his book “Divine Principle” Rev. Moon inadvertently judged himself; being as he is John the Baptist himself even though he might deny it.

        To the Elect it is clear to them now that Rev. Moon denies he is John the Baptist just as John the Baptist once denied he was Elijah the Prophet. At the Assembly around the Table they asked me of my own lights as of Rev. Moon might be actually operating apart from his appearence in the Final Tableaux when everyone becomes visible in their respective positions as on the Day the Lamb was betrayed.

       This is the story I recounted to them in answer with one of their own; as my explanation: which meant that all the places where I had read something incorrect or off-base in the book “Divine Principle” and had corrected in my book would never have been written if I didn’t see the blunders Rev. Moon had made in the first place, so then the question would then be this:

Were they then conscious blunders? As with the “Blameworthy” of the “Path of Blame”???

Could not have Rev. Moon precisely made those mistakes to draw out the one person who would not rest until these rips in the fabric of the Truth were repaired? This is a more dangerous view of his just making some momentary mistakes which nonetheless also explains the facts.

  Like the drunken sufi in the story it almost seemed at times that Rev. Moon voiced something incorrect to see who would dare dispute him; since everything else he wrote and produced was perfect; why then did he depart from his own guidance?
             The Sufis and the others of the Elect seemed to think that the point was well taken; but the dispute as to whether Rev. Moon had made these mistakes in his work consciously or unconsciously no one seemed to know or were willing to express.
                   There the matter stood: until now.
                   First of all many of the Sufis and some of you in the Unification Church along with others who have recently left it have correctly surmised by your own means that the ultimate identity of Rev. Moon as an agent of God means that he could be used to do a great many things which most people judging simply by apppearences would miss; just as they missed he was John the Baptist; of whom it was once said that “of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet”; and Rev. Moon is of that one reborn; no doubt to the Elect anymore about that.
           But the very errors John made Rev. Moon has repeated; thus the fact that you feel that Rev. Moon has become a gatherer makes me ask you to read what I wrote about the “Snare” of Sun Myung Moon is in Judging him; thus he is the “snare” as of the Day of the Coming of the Son of Man; for in the article I wrote at the blog “The Danger of Judging Rev. Moon” I said that the Lamb expressly said “Judge not” of others, as your own judgement would then fall upon you; and thus the advice is: leave the Judgement to God; for His will be better than yours.
              Because I know that Rev. Moon is “the faithful and Wise Steward” that has now fallen to the status of the “evil servant” at the end of that prophecy I know he is not a “false prophet” or “false christ” or any of the other things judgmental prople call Rev. Moon; but by judging Rev. Moon HE is indeed “gathering those tares” as Christ told the faithful “not to judge”;  as those who do judge others yet call themselves christians are then hypocrites. Those who then fall to this “snare” at the Last Day are then plainly not obedient to the sayings of the Lamb. It seems the sheep are obedient and the goats are not. How did this happen?
        Because it is thus that Rev. Moon is being used as a standard of judgement by how others react to him.

       This happened once before when the Lamb went into the City of Jerusalem in secret; and saw what they said of John the Baptist; and could thus see what they would then think of him as well according to what he heard them say about John. Thus John was used as a “reed of Measure” in the Lord’s hand by which he could gauge the people’s faith.

        But is there more which could be said?

There as few who know and fewer that understand, the relationship between Mohammad and Jesus is exactly that of Isaac and Ishmael;

as who Mohammed represented as “the friend of the Bridegroom”;


Jesus; who was Isaac;

With the Word of God as the Rider on the White Horse: Lord Ishvara: as "ISHI"

With the Word of God as the Rider on the White Horse: Lord Ishvara: as “ISHI”

Jesus as Isaac:

“The Bridegroom”

      …….to whom he gave the Kingdom to punish the Elders of Judah, as Mohammed himself said:

“Isa was the Word of Allah”,

that Gabriel brought to him: wise and mighty.

His brother Jesus.

….. and let the  4 square Curse of Moses from Leviticus 26 fall upon the First Israel;

yet……as the Blessing at the same time on the Second Israel of Islam;

…… the Wine of Wrath as the Qur’an being a curse to the Jews;

……..but the Blessing to the Nazarenes of the Table as the Second Israel ,

…….and the replacers of the 12 tribes and Jerusalem with that of the 12 desert tribes and Mecca: as then the New Jerusalem

The Arabs were then given the Blessing of God taken from the Jews and which then became the Baraka of Allah to the Arabs, as the Enlightened Sufis of the Elect have always known; the spiritual relationship between Mohammed ( the Envoy of the Curse of Moses ) and Uwais el-Quarni ( the Apostle of Wisdom )  to whom he gave his Cloak being that of the relationship between Elijah and the Mantle he gave to Elisha……

The Cross of Jerusalem

The Cross of Jerusalem

 If Rev. Moon thought he was to be given the arrangement of a latter day Mormon or Jacob,

in having multiple wives like the patriarch Abraham:

then he is, once again, quite mistaken.

Joseph Smith, Shepherd of the 6th Church of the Church of the Living God; called the Mormon Church; whom Rev. Moon was put over that ‘prophetic house’ of Joseph as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” originally; Rev. Moon himself as being the 7th Shepherd of the 7th church of the Tower of Salvation; the Sufic Branch; even as the Mormon Church was the 6th Church of the Tower of Salvation as the Archaic Branch.

The Mormons

The followers of Joseph Smith the Martyr repudiated their polygamy to enter the union of the 50 of Elijah he spared the third time from the fire from Heaven, seen as the 50 United States that 50 of Pentecost represents; and put over the “House of Joseph” which signified the 6th Church of the True Vine whose Lampstand rests on Salt Lake City it is Rev. Moon who was to give My Generation their “meat in due season” which was in the “Summer of Love” as being that very “due season” itself.

Thus to him as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” in which being put over that ‘House’ here in America the Mormons built up that Rev. Moon was to feed he Children at their Pilgrimage spiritually in the terrible internal famine at the Last Days,

“………..a famine not for Bread, but for the Word of God……….”.

That the 12 later Apostles of the Lamb were also baptized in this same Jordan that Israel went over dryshod also had tremendous meaning, as each of the 12 therefore stood as a “prince” of Israel as having one of the 12 tribes as his work to bring to perfection; to thus bring forth the fruit of each tribe as his own “fruit” or “work” in the Restored Table of Justice had to do with the fact that my Father Lord Jesus was God’s “Fruit”; and the 12 represented “Christ’s fruit”.
But it was the Child he put in their midst at the Last Judgement that they discovered he would be their “one first fruit” whose throne would manifest the 12 thrones they would sit on at the End when the 144,000 were to be gathered Rev. Moon did not do on purpose to rob My Generation of the Blessing the Black Christian Race was given as the Third Israel; but here we see Arthur as the Son of Man in his Day; and 12 Apostles of the Lamb as 12 good and brave knights on the 12 thrones that represent the 12 hours of the New Day: an Eternal Day, if you will.
But the 12 thrones have to do with the 12 thrones of the 12 drummers of the 12 bands who each came to the City of St. Francis who each had hidden in their members the name of one of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb. And these 12 tabernacles each represented a tabernacle of David. This is because in the Tabernacle of God we have the Altar of Incense; which represents the Soul of Christ; the Censer which is for the Heart of Christ; the Lampstand with the 7 Lamps lit which represents the Mind of Christ: and then the Reed like unto a Rod which signifies the Strength of Christ. And for the Spirit of Christ at the epicenter of the Diamond we have the Mercyseat he sat on spiritually as he was being crucified, as he forgave all those who killed him.
Thus in each band the Bass player is for the Soul; the Drummer for the Heart; the Guitarist for the Mind; and the Voice for the Strength: and of course it is the Name of the band which stands for it’s Spirit. Thus the Seed of David is that of My Generations Nation which rose at Beth El the House of David “as God” men call Woodstock and where we had the rain as our Nation’s Baptism where we all rose from the mud together as now one: as no one could see any difference in skin color or clothing ar anything as we were all brown: mud brown; thus we arose; to prophesy “upon an instument of ten strings” as written in the Psalms, that represents the bass and the guitar of each band; ‘naturallement’. And even the 31 band which played at Beth El represented the 31 kings that Joshua defeated in taking Canaan; as Dylam ( who still lives at Beth El or Woodtock for that reason ) was our Joshua who replaced Elvis, the golden calf they made out  of Aaron Presley — just as Dr. King was out Moses.
Let us not forget that both King and Aaron Presley died in Memphis; the only city in America named after a city in Egypt; and not just any city; but the ancient capital: Memphis was the Royal City of the Dead; Sacred; and thus a necropolis of the “twice-born” priesthood; the “City of Desruction” itself is where our black Moses and our red – and – white Aaron both died. Aaron Presley was part Cherokee; and his good looks were that of his Indian blood’s side; as anyone can tell if they look close enough. And his Voice was southern; but the phrasing was black when he began; before Hollywood got to him, as any might recall.

The Judge: and the 12 Apostles of the Lamb as the Jury.

My Father Jesus now Returns: King of Judgment Day

My Father Jesus now Returns: King of Judgment Day


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  1. The Barque of the Baraka of Fatima az Zahra, the Work of Ibn El Arabi and Rumi’s Whirling Dervishes; Revelation of the Chaste Pearl of Great Price at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 and the Freemasonic enemies of the 3 Children of Maryam al Kubra; Fatima the Dyer.

    The Work of the Sufis at the Coming of the “Whirling Sun of Righteousness” that “Danced” and then was seen to have “Whirled” 3 Times in the Sky.

    The Seal of that ‘One’ of the Work of Shams of Tabriz that came down upon the Earth: and the Destiny of Fatima the Dyer at the Resurrection of the Just, the Originator of the Tie Dye in the City of St. Francis in 1967


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