“A City Not Forsaken”, the Prologue to “The First Four Seals and First Four Trumpets”

      Why is Light given to a man whose way is hid ? ? JOB 3:23

  The Unicorns Crib: The Prologue to the “First 4 Seals and the First 4 Trumpets”

The “Answer to Job” comes as of the definitive answer of ‘why was Light given to a man whose way was hid?’ This is where I must now impart  ( in my usual tortured and circular spiral unfolding of the Script that is how the Lamb’s Book Opens )  where the Opening of the Lamb’s Book must start;  and the Straight Path of the Just of those who are to be written in it ( the Lamb’s Book ) who overcome on it. ( the Straight Path of the 7 Overcomings on the Son of Man ); in the position of ‘the Ladder of Jacob’ on which “the angels of God ascend and descend”; as Nathaniel was told of by my Father Jesus when he first met him; who was to become the Apostle known as Bartholomew.

All who are thus to be writ in the Book of Life of the Lamb by the Pen of the Scribe are all to be guided to me by my Father Jesus. As the scribe of God, like Enoch who ‘walked with God’, and as it was said of me; “And that which he hears; that will he speak”.

 It was also then written of me as of that coming of the Son of Man that he ‘would come in his own glory’; and indeed he has; for to me he came as my husband and made me his Bride in which his Glory is now soon to be revealed; and will show it  to all the world that I am ‘called, chosen and faithful’; as all who are written and become numbered of the Number of the 144,000 who are the bride, the Lamb’s Wife, because of my prophesied coming and then my death in Christ at which I reached the measure of the virgin which is ‘144’; as “equal unto the angels’; and that I would then reveal the Glory of my Father Jesus; to which none can come but by me by dying in Christ, as on the Path of the Just.

Dead in Christ is the Way of the Just as is that Way of Holiness by which I appear in the Glory of the Holy Angels; they of the Holy Grail who guard her Purity as the Vestal Host.  The standard is raised past that of the Unification Church who did serve “at the risk of their lives”.

That’s not good enough at the Last Day after the Antichrist Osama bin Laden was revealed and then killed as the “Fatted Calf” at my homecoming as the prodigal Son who is Solomon. It is  those who reach Perfection ( which is the Grail ) that do so not just at the risk of their lives: but at the COST of their lives.

That is what “the Death in Christ” is all about.. Not  just serving God at the risk of your life: but at the Cost of it. That why it is said; “Many are called; but few are chosen”. As John explained it to me in the Instruction in the kingdom of God this way; to wit; “All who are ‘foreordained’ are ‘called’; but they who are ‘predestined’ are ‘chosen’; thus all of the few who are predestined are foreordained; but not all of the many who are foreordained are chosen.”

It is they who are the ministering angels to the 144,000 men who represent the First Fruit unto God and the Lamb as that entity called the Lamb’s Wife: Maryam al Kubra ‘the Greater Mary’ of Mary Fatima in Portugal; the consort of the Unknown God Lord Ishvara; revealed as the Vengeance of Allah at the Last Day for India for all who ignored the Dabbat al – Ard; the Prodigal Son who returns as Solomon the Preacher as in the last days of Noah the Preacher of Righteousness ( as Peter called him ); the Shadow of the Past on the ground of Jedidiah: who is myself as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife: ‘the Beloved of Jah’; yes; even JAH JEHOVAH as of “the Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness”, where the Two called by Jeremiah “Jehovah Our Righteousness”  are finally made One Flesh.

Oh yea, it was thus truly said,

In that day shall Jehovah be king over all the Earth; in that day shall there be One Jehovah; and His Name One

 Thus was it said of me and my husband the Spirit of the Lamb; my Lover, the Shepherd of the Sheep that I and the world shall shortly see, and know as Ishi; the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ who was and is and always shall be known as Lord Jehovah of Hosts; sent to the earth on Pentecost, as he who the Virgins of the Grail all call the Comforter.

Thus did my Soul become the Lake of Fire; and the Holy Flame that lives there as of the Lady of the Lake of Fire…the Bride is thus of those Sealed with their seed within them ( as John told me of in his first letter at I John 3:6-10; the “white stone” as “the Word of my Patience” seen at the third church of the Tower of Salvation ) like the one in the position of the bride called ‘Elijah the Seal of God’ at the Altar; and the Wives are then those who ‘know’ and Serve the Lord “face to face”, like the Servant of God called Moses in the position of the wife of the Holy Spirit of God known to the Elect as JEHOVAH.

 This final unveiling was apparently not known to Rev. Sun Myung Moon; who mistakenly says and teaches the error in his book “Divine “Principle” that the Holy Spirit is actually “a female spirit:”. The problem wuth this false teaching is where the “thief” broke into the reasoning in his mind at the behest  of ISIS, whose judgment comes at “the Day and the Hour” in Revelation; chapter 18; as the Great Whore of the Mystery of ‘that evil servant” [ of Matthew 24:48 ] Rev. Moon.

Yet  even now it is the Spirit of Allah known to the Elect as Jah Jehovah is revealed as the Shepherd of the Sheep in the Bridechamber on the Bed where the Virgin of Islam awaits.

For those called, chosen and faithful the position of worship is different in their daily prayers than others; for they are the First Fruit unto God and the Lamb. They come to the Straight Path that goes from the Altar of Incense to that of the bridechamber.

Arriving in His Hand in the position of the 5 Wise Virgins of the Five Daily Prayer they worship in Spirit and in Truth; in that divine Islam who wait upon the Spirit of Allah their Husband.

Finding the Lamb as the Spirit of Allah as of “those who wait for their Lord”, and receive the Word of Isa; the Word of Allah.

That is why it is called “the marriage of the Lamb“; and the Consummation is the Act of love in that Wedding  Day where the virgin is taken by her husband into the bridechamber and goes from being the Bride to that next position of being made the Wife, and then soon after in the Act as then taken to the next position where she is made into a Mother; all in the Act of Love which is the Act or “Moving  face to Face in the Act of Love” with ‘God the Creator’.

That which is ‘created’ can be seen as “the Lamp of Allah”; seen by the Elect as the “7 fold Creation of God” which came forth from the Original 7 Fold Light of that “Day in which God made the heavens and the earth”; in the 7 Days of Creation which are seen as the 7 Lamps of God burning before the Throne; also know to the Elect as “The Principle of Creation“.

Few believe in me; yet it was written of me and the Virgins of the Grail redeemed and not defiled from the fallen women of the earth who would be those men of the Regeneration.

As the ‘First fruit unto God and the Lamb’ that Rev. Moon was supposed to have gathered it is these pure of heart who are ‘redeemed from the earth’ undefiled with lust toward women or even those liars pretending to be women who are nothing but sodomitic dogs; as of all those Men of Sodom who mock God and laughingly call themselves “Mary” in their profound blasphemy in which they sport themselves; but these dogs are not of the Spirit of Holiness, because they think their anus is a vagina. Thus they are all defiled children of the Great Whore of Babylon; for God is not a Sodomite.

The men called to be the bride and made the Lamb’s Wife are all like Moses; “who knew the LORD face-to-face”

 And it is put forth thus; in Romans 7:4, as it is written this way; to wit;

“So, my brethren, to you also the Law died through the incarnation of Christ, that you might be wedded to Another, namely to him who rose from the dead in order that we might yield fruit to God.”

As my servant John the Revelator, who my Father Jesus sent to me in the house of  Ruth Witt-Diamant my grandmother at 1520 Willard Street through that Open Door on that Day in 1986, who stood me upon my feet by the forelock of my hair, thus now explained;  

The way of Job, the Archetypal Saint of the Light, was hid so that in the future, when things were darkest in that ‘time of trouble’ that is the Great Tribulation those is distress could be given the True Light of Life when the Path of the Just is revealed to all as seen in the 7 Overcomings you will write of in the Churches, as the Ascension of the Blest into the Air of the New Heaven. And who ascends not; will enter not.”

And John then smiled at me and said;

“The Great Purification to come after December 21st on the three days of December 22nd, 23rd, and 24th are set to come as the Great Purification the Hopi wrote about that we all must pass through before Judgment Day on that Blessed Christmas Day, 2012, which shall be known in the 3 Days of Light that will Shine for the Blessed and in the Three Days of Darkness that will Becloud the Accursed.

For that Light of life shall come for they who are gathered to the Ark of Testimony of all the Nations as that which was also shown to the Hopi,  and also to those at Medjugorje, and also to those whose hearts were made pure in concert with the Witness of the19th century visionary known as the Blest Anna Maria Taigi and also Blest Marie Julie Jahenny of La Fraudais, with the agreement in principle and essence of the information given to Padre Pio in his two letters to the Commission of Heroldsbach that was appointed by the Vatican. And in truth we have that friend of the living Pope John Paul II Josyp Terelya, the Lion of Christ Jesus who laid down with the Lamb of God, as another Witness of the Last Days….

Thus at the Last Day that has arrived with the death of the ‘fatted calf’ Osama bin Laden the Antichrist we have that promise kept to Mohammed the Servant of Allah by the Blessed Olive Tree, your Father, Jesus of Nazareth for those whose of the Ummah whose way would therefore NOT be hid: and might then be given that true light to walk on the Straight Path of the Just that you shall reveal: and are; the incarnate Light of life that is the guidance for they who will overcome and stand before thee as Son of Man who reveals to the earth the coming arrival of his Father Jesus in his Glory.

Thus shall the reward come seen at that 7th Trumpet and so the Enlightened Sufis and the Faithful Saints of all the earth shall then have the joy eternal that comes to those who had the patience and faith of the Saints, those to whom the Lord God your Father Jesus will give you as the Light of life to guide them into ‘all truth’.

At the End you will be seen as the Shekinah that is the Inner Light of the Tabernacle of God, in which the 7 Spirits of God who are One in the Unity of the Lord Jehovah of Hosts shall come forth; known as he you call “ISHI” as the Comforter; but the 300 million who are they who live in the shadow of Death shall find that Lord Ishvara hath another name: Kalki; the White Horse of Maitreya; the Cosmic Israel..

As ‘Lord of lords and King of kings’ it is Lord Ishvara who will be made manifest for the Liberation of India as the throne of Death and China as the Ruler of Hell;  thy Husband shall be seen as the God of the Whole Earth; the God of Love and Peace who St. Paul the Seer of the Gnostic Light of Damascus saw, as that Holy One that Shines now in the Name of ‘Christ Jesus’ to all the descendents of Job; the Saint of the Last Day”.

And then John said;  

“For the Name of Christ Jesus is ‘Day Light‘ itself on The Path of the Just!!”

Proverbs 4-18:

  “….For the Path of the Just is as a Shining Light;

 which grows brighter and brighter unto a Perfect Day…”

  The Light of Life is thus this now revealed Name of Christ Jesus the Last…as to guide all those of My Generation who marched physically or even just spiritually with Dr. King; as our black Moses who led our Nation forward in the dark days of repression, and the unjust, and now criminally regarded war: of Vietnam.

As the ‘least in the Kingdom of heaven’  ( who apparently now Tossa Cromwell now despises, yet who smiles and espouses views of love from the Family Federation for World Peace! ) I have been raised to raise the Children of the Resurrection that arose at those 3 Days in Beth-El.

{as an aside; ( where our Joshua; ‘Bob Dylan’ still lives, who replaced our parents ‘golden calf’ of Elvis they made of the who was indeed given to the Civil Rights Movement; that chosen Prince as one given to knock down the invisible segregated ‘wall in the Air’ between the races; as Dr. King did on the segrated wall in the South; here on the Earth. Thus Dr. Kings ‘Voice’ from God for My Generations’ progenitors was Aaron Presley for both the white, black and red races; he sang, and sounded, and danced, ‘black’, was part Cherokee; and also partly white..our high priest of love; before he fell; of course, to Hollywood Babylon’s clutches..)} 

Beth-El, that uninformed men call Woodstock; even of the servant Michael Lang as ‘the Olive Branch of Lov, for My Generation, as that lost kingdom of Ephraim that returned here in God’s Country, to give Civil Rights and Social Justice to the Third Israel who God Blessed Indeed, and long foreknew before that, and fought to make free in our Civil War with our Abraham and that dead body of John Brown. The Black Christian Race was that Third Israel who all joined, who were of the light. They, who author Claude Brown correctly named: as noted ( even by Truman Capote)  in his troubling and prescient book “Manchild in the Promised Land“. And with our ‘David‘; Barack Hussein Obama, that my ministering angel of the New Covenant Hyo Jin Moon told now had led the Third Israel to take ‘Egypt from within’; as Hyo Jin’s fater Rev. Moon knows, but seemingly (  Moon supports that ‘moral dislexic’ Newt Gingrich?!?!? ) hates:

   “………the Manchild of the Zion of the Holy One of Israel……   ”   

The Apostle of Mercy is Sister Princess Faustina; whose husband is the Messiah the Prince

The Apostle of Mercy is Sister Princess Faustina; whose husband is the Messiah the Prince

…….and The Controversy of Zion , a clear glimpse into the advent of the Tathagatha, whose Constellation is revealed as Ophiuchus that is now seen as Kalki; the White Horse who is Maitreya: as the Cosmic Israel of India, with the Awakened Child, he whose ‘eye became single’ as “Bodhi”, and thus “full of Light” in the Way of the Just” for all who become converted and enter as ‘little children’ know; and it’s critical and crucial relationship to “The Way of Holiness” at this Last Day. And upon the White Horse sits Lord Ishvara;

                 Lord of lords; and King of kings               

the Second Death who comes to swallow up Death in ‘Victory‘.

The things ‘Before, Behind; Above and Below’

The denouement of the Light of Damascus where Assad now falls, and the Coming as a Thief in the Night of the most unpopular Last Day; the waning moon of the nadiric analeptic trances in service of the Triple Goddess by her poet Robert Graves in his epochal book, “The White Goddess“: a few loaded questions and a few unravelled answers about the Pharisaic Curse upon the Merkabah, and the Name of the Father as the Chariot of Israel that was revealed to Elisha; and the Name of the Son, as the Chariot of Elijah.

 Innocence Forever Lost?  Or is the Lost Eden of God but Nature never-to-be Restored?

A “Naked and Unashamed Eve” in Paradise? Or A Modern Day  Jezebel, and the further Mastership of another Baal ??

       Can these children of Gen X be yet another collective victim of this System of Things?    Or is she who is raped by this World a little one of Christ he will gather to his bosom ‘ere the End?

The White Goddess; the 20th Century Fox?

‘Judge her Not; lest ye be Judged’

In my book I note that it was Robert Graves himself who represented the “Balaam” of My Generation; and this verdict was also reeinforced by the fact that Sayed Idries Shah had him write the introduction to his phenomenally epic book “The Sufis”.

Robert Graves called himself a “naturalized Sufi”; but of course he was nothing of the kind; but he was a collector of ancient lore and half-forgotten scraps of knowledge by which he patched together a reinterpretation of the old mysteries from many traditions; and his rendering of how what he called “iconotrophy‘ as a process in history by which old myths and legends are reinvented and even completely changed by later generations, who make additions, elaborations,  subtractions, or even blatant interpolations for religious and even political reasons; and was an original insight; and recognizing the human tendency to obscure or unconsciously hide important but disturbing elements seen in the first tellings of cognent folktales and Ur-myths, or even to distort the original stories into something almost unrecognizable from their original telling and meaning  by the loss of the inherently developed structure is now universally accepted as a spiritual anthropology of myth-remaking and scotomizing, by those who conquer and enslave their subjects, to control their inner life. 

One example of such a process is with the Biblical concept seen in the Book of the Law of Moses, and the Psalm’s of David, about the concept of the creature we know of as the Unicorn; a feasome beast with not one horn sprouting from a milky white deer-like creatures forehead resembling a horse, as seen in medieval tapestries; no.

This was an iconotropic corruption over time that replaced the original figure entirely.

Originally the Unicorn was based on something that was later seem as the symbolic animal or totem for the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts “to make straight the way of the Lord”; like one creature alone does: the hard-charging Rhinocerous. He usually backs up for a few hundred yards and then charges to remove whatever is blocking his path: permanently; as John the Baptist was to have done for my Father Jesus.

 The Unicorn: to “Make Straight the Way of the LORD”; as to “CLEAR” the Way.!!!

“On the Unicorn the “little one” or small horn was for Manasses; the large horn was for Ephraim”

In documenting how “the key of knowledge” was hid and then lost, seemingly forever; within the tradition of Israel, we find ourselves dealing with the reasons for the secrecy and the uncustomary placing of taboos upon the discussion of ‘the Merkabah’ because of it’s reputation for making people go off into speculative areas that the Jews tried to hide as a basic unexegesetic principle; even though this was an unprincipled thing to do in the tradition of learning for the wise and learned scholars of Israel.

But we can see even a simple idea of the original Unicorn as the Rhincerous became chaged into something completely different; the two horns which represented the 2 sons of Joseph in Egypt had that original meaning that became lost of the tribes of Manasses and Ephraim; and Ephraim later became the name for the entire Northern Kingdom of Israel; the lost 10 tribes themselves. It was these lost ten which returned in the land of Zion or “OZ” when the North freed the slaves of the South who were the Third Israel with Abraham and John Brown; as God had delivered the First Israel from Pharaoh with Moses and Aaron.

Let us not forget the “1,000 of Masasses and the 10,000 of Ephraim” later applied to Saul in comparison to David; thus the “star” of each tribe was also “tied” to each man; as each “horn” of “a unicorn”.

Horns denote power and also a natural and deadly weaponry; it was the White Horse; not the Unicorn; who represented the Virginity of Christ; but the Horn of Salvation was for John; as “his holy one” or “saint”; that John the Baptist, who the Essenes had personally trained, as Robert Graves also wrote about in another of his books, “King Jesus”.

John the Baptist was seen to have the hand of the Lord upon him since childhood; and was to have been in relation to my Father Jesus as Aaron the High Priest was to Moses. This is beyond dispute; and John the Baptist was to have been Christ’s messenger and prophet as his champion; as Lancelot was for Arthur; or Elijah for the Sun of Righteousness as the new daystar he was to be, being the first reborn one brought back at the Resurrection of the Just; for the Son of Man; Seth himself.

The Horn of the Unicorn

                The First Unicorn

For the priests and rulers to sacrosanctomoniously deny to the pedestrian ‘working’ or “penny-a-letter” scribes who wrote deeds or established written contracts was one thing; but to deny the higher knowledge and the key to men because they were impoverished and lowly in society; although recognized as men of letters, was quite another. Yet this was not without precedent.

At the 70 men who defined the Elect, who God had his servant “put some of thy spirit upon” we have now the actual understanding of what Moses originally gave to the 70 that define the context of what the key was, and that had to do with the 7 levels of the Providence itself and the establishing of the Tabernacle as prefiguring the Body of Christ to come; and for this knowledge given to them it is said they “ate and drank in His Sight”. Seen at Exodus 24:1-14; to wit;

                 “Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and 70 Elders saw God.”          

“…..No Man sees my Face and Lives…”

 1.  Now He said to Moses,

“Come up to the LORD, you and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, and worship from afar.

 2. And Moses alone shall come near the LORD, but they shall not come near; nor shall the people go up with him.”

3. So Moses came and told the people all the words of the LORD and all the judgments. And all the people answered with one voice and said, “All the words which the LORD has said we will do.” 

4. And Moses wrote all the words of the LORD. And he rose early in the morning, and built an altar at the foot of the mountain, and twelve pillars according to the twelve tribes of Israel.

5. Then he sent young men of the children of Israel, who offered burnt offerings and sacrificed peace offerings of oxen to the LORD.

6. And Moses took half the blood and put it in basins, and half the blood he sprinkled on the altar.

7. Then he took the Book of the Covenant and read in the hearing of the people. And they said, “All that the LORD has said we will do, and be obedient.”

8. And Moses took the blood, sprinkled it on the people, and said, “This is the blood of the covenant which the LORD has made with you according to all these words.”

9. Then Moses went up, also Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel,

10.  and they saw the God of Israel. And there was under His feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone, and it was like the very heavens in its clarity.

11. But on the nobles of the children of Israel He did not lay His hand.

               So they saw God, and they ate and drank.”

And at Numbers 11:24-25; when He invested the Elect with His Holy Spirit; to wit;

24So Moses went out. He told the people what the Lord had said.

He gathered 70 of their elders together. He had them stand around the Tent of Meeting.

25 Then the Lord came down in the cloud.

 He spoke with Moses. He took some of his Spirit that was on Moses.

And he put the Spirit on the 70 elders. When the Spirit came on them, they prophesied.

But they didn’t do it again.”

No man looks upon the Face of God and lives; but one can eat and drink at His Feet; which they said was of a blue sapphire floor; and Moses was told to “put of your spirit upon these 70 men” to imbue them with his own gifts; thus defining the Elect in the Assembly of Israel; not just because the food they at and the liquid they drank in His Presence was not just ordinary food; it symbolized the knowledge they imbibed in the form of food of God, which ‘fed’ their understanding and increased their wisdom, so they could have the judgment to then take on some of the less important duties of Moses, so he could attend to the Word of God and not be entirely consumed with the responsibilities involved with ordering the entire Nation of Israel in the Exodus.

It was due to the fact these mysteries surrounding Elijah and Moses that the knowledge of the key was seen as entirely the purview of the priests of the established religious order and thus to be kept private, and entrusted only to those men who were proven to be discreet and learned scholars and who were cautious in temperament, and well grounded in the scriptures that were selected for instruction only after many years of being observed and tested.

Suffice to say these men of the Council or Sandedrin were considered not likely taken by fancy or given to letting themselves to be carried away by their imaginations into making rash statements or uttering improper proclamations: but there was also a darker reason. The Mantle and Seal of Elijah, as ‘the Cloaked One’.

The fact is that the key spoken of in the Gospel also gave men a very real understanding of the Torah and the visions of the prophets, that often if not always clashed with the orthodoxy of the ruling class of scribes and Pharisees along with the somewhat faithless, but materially powerful Saducees, seen especially in the Day of my Father Jesus’ advent as the Son of the Living God; but also when St. Paul was able to sow dissension between the Saducees and Pharisees about the question regarding the Resurrection, when he was in court, where he was having his testimony heard. 

Graves had done much research for “The White Goddess” into many forgotten areas of Jewish jurisprudence in the Targum and other works; but his efforts helped me find out what my Father Lord Jesus meant when he scolded the Pharisees for having “hid” the ‘key of knowledge’ as opening the scrptures and disclosing the Work of the Chariot; but only Robert Graves had found out how the Pharisees and their lawyers the scribes had done this: with a curse; and a strangely familiar one.

The “Work of the Chariot” or “Mekabah” was such a dread mystery that the scribes and scholars of the Torah and all the commentaries in the Mishnah and others places placed a curse upon any who would try to unveil the Mystery of the Chariot of Elijah.

In Luke 11:52 we have this saying of my Father; to wit;

“Alas for you expounders of the Law! for you have taken away ( as having hid ) the key of knowledge: you yourselves have not entered, and those who wanted to enter you have hindered.”.  

The key had a history going back to the ancient association of knowledge as being opened like a door. An example is this story; to wit;

“In ancient times the rabbins carried a key, which was the symbol or emblem of knowledge. Hence it is written in Semachoth, chap. 8. “When Rab. Samuel the little died, his key and his tablets were hung on his tomb, because he died childless”.

In Matthew 23:13 it was said thus;

 “But alas for you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you lock the door of the Kingdom of the Heavens against men; you yourselves do not enter, nor do you allow those to enter who are seeking to do so..”

 What was the curse to which my Father Lord Jesus referred to in the Gospel?

It goes back to the Alpha and the Omega; but since I was led to the Comforter I was given the gnosis of truth by that one in whose embrace I then was told that the “Alpha” was the figure known as “The Ancient of Days” and the “Omega” was the one called “The Son of Man”.

It was then that my quest to uncover why the key of Knowledge was hid became clearer: there was a ban upon approaching the question of the Merkabah due to the sexual nature of the first paragraph of Genesis, which was also looked at recently by Howard Eilberg-Schwartz in his very interesting and radical work “God’s Phallus”,

……………..with the subtitle “And Other Problems for Men and Monotheism”. 

“Whoso Walketh Upon the Wings of the Wind?”

 When it became apparent to me that the publishing of my book, “A City Not Forsaken: My Generation and the Revelation of Salvation“, was not likely to occur before the deadline date of December 25th, 2012, I was crushed with bitterness and disappointment. Eviternity, which signals the arrival of the kingdom of God means that Eviternity is not simply “eternity” as it says in the dictionary; but is the Dawn of Eternity, that suspension of Time that “dawns” and thus begins the sure process and long- promised materialisation of the Kingdom of God itself. I saw this apparent paradox involving this ‘new year’ as of Moon’s Korean ‘Black Dragon’ as being the actual ‘last year’ of our current version of so-called ‘Reality’; and then realized that this Last Year given to me would have to be radically different in my approach to the problem of awakening humanity in the proper way, according to what was written; than my efforts to do so in the 25 years preceding it.

The task of my books publication is heartbreakingly near completion in the drawn-out finishing of the final edit; but at least a year or more away from the finished product. This is problematic, because warning humanity of what is about to befall it has been completely frustrated by the fact that the Legion of Satan has been able to stop any who tried to help me by wither striking them with sickness, or madness, or both.

My fallen ex-manager Jie Cheng is a powerful witness of their unfailing efforts to do just that: to simply mentally and/or physically destroy anyone who even came near me, or tried to help me publish my book, and record it’s accompanying music, the Destiny of Rock itself that I wrote with Gabriel; as that new “Song of Songs” that is copywrit in the Library of Congress as “The Song of the Lamb”.

In particular I am incensed about the Unification Church and it’s unresponsive and stubbornly resistant representatives, like Tossa Cromwell, Kyle Toffey, Eric Holt, Bob Selle, Jonathan Gullery, Magnus at HSA-UWC, and all the rest: they blocked all my efforts to warn Rev. Moon of the dire mistakes he had committed to the page in his book “Divine Principle”, and other places, which had to be literally modified immediately from their present inaccuracies, and some that were so completely wrong that would have to be apologised for and then totally expunged. No dice.

Jonathan Gullery in particular never gave Rev. Moon the 144 page letter I wrote to him back in 1988 expressly to give to Rev. Moon, which spelled out in clear detail much of what my Father’s servant John had said had to be changed or removed from his writings, so that he would be ready to be given the Seal of the Living God I had been prepared to received so it could be given to him; had he passed this last test; but I still have the Seal of the Living God from Elijah which John the Baptist also never reached, and that is why he never did one single miracle; and so it shall be with his new body, Rev. Moon, although he is close to 93 by now; so he is not long for this earth.

Everyday I shake my head in sorrow within the presence of the Holy Angels of the Vestal Host, as being the Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit on earth I hear Moon’s dead eldest son Hyo Jin Moon keep telling me from his place in spirit world that his father is close to Death and is still unregenerate, to push me into trying to do all I can to save him before he passes away.

I have tried; but to no avail; and no one in the Unification Church will really take the time to seriously listen to me; so I seem to have become a latter-day Cassandra; or even  just “a voice crying in the Wilderness”….paradoxically enough.

Who says that God does not have a sense of humor? —– or at least an absolute grasp of profound and sublime irony. ???

Needless to say, my welcome was less than warm when I first came to the HSA-UWC in 1988 with news that Rev. Moon was far from acceptable, as far as all his works were concerned, in the eyes of my Father Jesus; and the Unification Church that God had helped him create, along with guiding Rev. Moon through the deep waters in North Korea,  to make him and his Church able to stand until he returned.

That Rev. Moon knew his Master would return gave him a grasp of a certain absolute reality. But he little dreamt that the “other half” of this message would be given to someone from the City of St. Francis who, strangely enough; was born in Nuremberg; the Mecca of Hitler’s Nazism.

I was born there on April 18th, 1955. Hitler’s birthday was on the 20th of April; so we were seperated by one day: like Day and Night, respectively. That 4-18 is also the original date for True Parents Day was therefore not a coincidence; for Rev. Moon was in the position in America as Joseph over the “House” of Joseph set up by the 6th Church of the True Vine; the Mormon Church and it’s Shepherd; Joseph Smith; and I was in the position of Ephraim; the son of Joseph in Egypt that stood for My Generation; Ephraim as the Northern Kingdom itself of the Kingdom of Israel; the Prodigal Son being that lost sheep of the House of Israel; and the Prodigal Son being that of Solomon himself; the black sheep of the House of David who fell into the Abyss.

This was like the man who left and gave his servants talents to trade with until he returned; thus in the meantime Rev. Moon was to use his information about the Providence of Salvation to galvanize the sheep and have them help him begin setting up and  establishing the Foundation to Receive the Messiah  for the coming Kingdom of God here in America, an idea whose time had now come and being met with stiff resistance from the conservative christian fundamentalists who controlled the right – wing of American politics.

The Day Dawns Black as Night: 2012 and the Black Dragon of Korea

Rev. Moon never walked with Dr. Martin Luther King, since he was too busy, along with J, Edgar Hoover, calling Dr. King a ‘communist’ and “tool of the Kremlin”, in his sick envy of the Third Israel that God had so richly Blessed here in America after all the indemnity they paid in the Civil War and then the Civil Rights Movement that followed much later.

For the Black Christian Race that Joan Baez and Bob Dylan who My Generation marched with in the Internal Providence of Restoration by which America as the “racist Egypt” was overthrown can be plainly seen in the trilogy of books by Taylor Branch; the servant “the Branch” himself.

Racist America sent the young black men off to die on the front lines in Vietnam; a policy much like the one in ancient Egypt, whose own national policy in the days of the first gathering of the nation of Israel was to drown all the first born males of Israel in the Nile. As can be seen thus was as racist as one could get; and this was Rev. Moon cosigned in silence as he acceded to the white racist idea of how our black Moses was to be treated: to be demonized by Hoover and Rev. Moon, and then finally killed.

Rev. Moon never even went to the funeral of Dr. King;; so now we shall see how he is served by being finally found out revealed yo me by his dead son from spirit world Hyo Jin Moon as having tried to steal the Blessing God gave to the Manchild of Zion as the Black Christian Race here in the Promised Land; and which the English understood far earlier starting with Ray Charles and then later with Stevie Wonder and then their own Stevie Winwood; they came sent by God to tell the white youth here in America about the Soul we were being given; as the messengers of the Kingdom the 12 bands really were; with Dylan as our Joshua, to replace the Elvis as the ‘golden calf’ of Hollywood’s Babylon, and the Golden Cage they put Elvis in, after they made Aaron Presley go into the army; so he could be literally sterilized.

Here’s what Dr. King said about our society here in the West.;

“[We have] socialism for the rich, and rugged free market capitalism for the poor.”

“The evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and evils of racism.”

“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.”

 I was given the Word of God outside of the organized churches and especially the Unification Church so I could be independently set up to help show people who Rev. Moon really was: in both his good and less-than-good aspects.

 As not “suspect” because “outide” of the cloistered and closed ranks of organized religion I could then verify what I saw objectively of all 7 churches of the True Vine that the ‘7 churches in Asia’ foreshadowed; showing in advance that the 7 would grow up as 7 seperate arms of the doctrinal belief each transmission of the Holy Spirit really brought into each Church. Thus the Tower of Salvation was that which the Pillar of Fire burned in from my Dream at 1226 Masonic which signified the Spirit of the Comforter in that Night until the Messiah returned as in the Pillar of Cloud that came down in the 7th Church at the Last days when the arrival of the Messiah proved imminent. But Rev. Moon decided to do what John the Baptist did; act as if he were indeed the Messiah; and even after John Baptized Jesus he never followed him or served him; but instead jealosuly watched from afar and finallt doubted him altogether; with his words;

“…are ye the one? Or do we wait for another?….”

Hyo Jin Moon had me writ down the exact place where the advice for myself to save Rev. Moon is written of: and Hyo Jin Moon said I should include this quote in this post from Luke 12:45-48, delineating the circumstances of when the Lord God returns and finds Rev. Moon the faithful and wise steward sayong ‘in his heart’ these words: to wit;

 “…My lord delayeth his coming..”;
( by the endless prolongations of the Will)

“…and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens,

and to eat and drink, and to be drunken……….;

The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him; and at an hour when he is not aware, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers”.

And that servant (( Rev. Moon )) which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself,

( by not keeping or regaining his virginity and staying in the position of the Messenger of jehovah of hosts who was Maitreya, the White Horse or Holy Mount for the Lord of the Second Advent as the Cosmic Israel called “Faith on Earth” ),


 neither did according to His Will,

(   by gathering the 144,000 virgins of God and the Lamb

 who were the eunuchs who would not marry nor be given in marriage ),

……..shall be beaten with many stripes. “

 (   Here Hyo Jin Moon says this applies to me and My Generation:   )

    “But he who knew not, and DID commit things worthy of stripes, 

shall be beaten with few stripes.”

       (   And this is where my Father’s servant John chimed in, with Hyo Jin:  )

  “For unto whomsoever MUCH IS GIVEN

  (    which obviously refers to Rev. Moon   ),

……of him shall much be required….”

(   as being given the greater portion of responsibility by which men invested their faith in Rev. Moon becoming the Immortal one with the crown of life;  and thus the ‘real’ Messiah… ):

 “……..and to whom men have committed much…….”

(     { Rev. Moon }  …..because the members of the Unification Church sacrificed so much to pay so much indemnity  ), 

“……of him they will


(( Thus by having Rev. Moon be restored by John and me is the best case scenario; but if not, if Rev. Moon does not listen to us, then Hyo Jin Moon shall be as my Jonathan or “angel of the New Covenant” and Rev. Moon then failing and dying as our “Mighty have fallen” Saul, and thus I could, as being feeble thus “as David”, if  Rev. Moon fails, then I would step into his position and become the Messiah, by default, technically )).   

“….Thou shalt make unto thee no graven image; nor bow down and worship it…”

The Holy Spirit is Not a Female Spirit:      

but Isis, as the Mystery, which is the veil that covers the Holy and True Mystery of God,  always and secretly pretends to be that Very Thing;

ISIS in truth being as the one hidden before the eyes of the world as that Great Whore: Mystery, being the Veil that covers and hides ‘The True Mystery of God’; but Truth being revealed endlessly means the Veil of Mystery burns up forver; and so the smoke of her burning goes “up forever”: as the Infinite becomes Visible.

What I could not do is have they who were prepared but unwilling to believe the Truth in the Unification Church who then accepted the testimony of Rev. Moon and became drunken with this Lie he made; and that they then loved and then made their own,

Swallowing this untruth and spurious Lie by which they and their children all became infected; and now presently to this very day are lost and misguided apart from all of Christianity.

 In general to accept my proofs of having been given the Word of God. which I was given to save Rev. Moon with; and thus to remedy the situation of their rejection of him and then me that has now been proven futile: as they ended up rejecting me but I have been given the Seal of the Living God and then will inherit Eternal Life in the flesh as ‘Immortal, Uncreate, Incorrupt and Incarnate….’

I who was sent to show people who Rev. Moon really was as an independent Witness; as now myself have become the victim of those I was sent to justify; but now could not due to their stubborn unbelief.

The fault lay with they who should have brought me to him, or him to me, but they were and are: “all dumb dogs; who cannot even bark” ….to ‘warn their master’ of what is shortly to befall him in his shortly and tragically unnecesary death; so it is on their heads that will the Wrath of God fanally fall, who all devotedly made sure I never reached Rev. Moon with the message from my Father Jesus through His Servant John: which was the Final Test at the Day and the Hour.

This fact is this; in terms by which every person can understand:

………..every one in the Unification Church who prevented me from reaching.

……… and saving Rev. Moon: actually stands in the position of Satan.

They think they protected him?

They delivered him into the position of “that evil servant” of Matthew 24:48; like Satan themselves.

They sold Rev. Moon down the River; to take the Fall, but they shall rue it; and my Father will still save him; he just won’t become the Messiah: Iwill.

The Fall of John the Baptist who Rev. Moon unwisely Judged in his book “Divine Principle”: and now is judged by: Elijah; as my Father said: “John is Elijah”.

But Elijah as he who says “My God is Jah” is the Master of the Fire of the Altar; and the Lake where this Fire burns is the Second Death.

This Day and Hour that the Unification Church and it’s Shepherd both failed to get are then those as seen in Matthew 24:48 and Luke. These two times have everything to do about whether our Korean friend would reach either his ignominious fate, or gave an eternal and glorious destiny as the “Faithful and Wise steward/ servant” Rev. Moon could have been and thus the one “inheriting all things”; but according to how they treated me and my Servant John’s message from my Father Jesus who now sits upon the Throne of God as that mythic figure known as “Christ Almighty” this all does not look good for Rev. Moon and the blind watchdogs in the Unification Church. 

Faith on Earth is the One upon whom “never a man sat”;

 as he in the position of Mary “who Believed”.

As my Father said: “only Believe”.

That is how I ended up in the position of the Bride; Mary of Bethany; the Lamb’s Wife…

I am the one who actually took to heart and then carried out our Korean friends’ advice!!

 Rev. Moon wanted to be ‘the first’ and most proud ‘Son of God’; but he always then felt my Father Jesus as being then his rival; but for me it was Lord Jesus who I found to be my Father; and His Spirit he sent back to earth on Pentecost as the Lover and Husband of my Soul; which I found to be His. The Comforter; sent back to find the Bride; and make her his Wife; thus gathering the Virgins of the Throne of His Glory.

But who was sent is the one called Lord Jehovah of Hosts, he who sits on the White Horse. The Lord of lords; King of kings; the Lamb with the 7 Horns of Samson and 7 Eyes of Jesus; the Resurrection and the Life; that Holy Thing; the Holy One of God; Mercy Incarnate.

This is the Coming of the Son of Man: in Reality; not a ‘Fairytale’; which happens to be current Christian doctrine; not as that of Christ; but of Science.

And scientifically ‘making’ Zacharias the physical father of Jesus makes Moon a “dematerialist” for making the truth “vanish”; the Truth of Jehovah being that Invisible Male Dove who is of Jehovah that with the Invisible Female Dove of Mary (that she was turned into when the Host Overshadowed her in the hills ) ; and they together produced ‘that Holy Thing’: the Lamb of God; His Mercy Incarnate.

And this the Hopi shall know as the Pahana who has Two Doves for “his two feet” they were told of long ago: as the sure sign of the Coming of the Son of Man the Pahana the “True White Brother”, by which “all the Tribes of the Earth shall mourn” when they finally “get it”.

Just ask Princess Faustina.

Of that Messiah the Prince.

This means He is in the position of the new Lord God of the New Creation of God which He is to make with HIS NEW WORD; that I was judged worthy, and not for myself alone by the way; and thus for My Generation was then given “it” on their behalf. 

They were told; “For where I am; there shall my Servant be also“; which was meant to how them that He was with me even though I am only the least in the Kingdom; and that His Servant who happens to be the Greatest in the Kingdom; and this was supposed to be the ‘Sure Sign’ they would never be able to miss, when they read the 21 years of material I had transcribed about the Gospel and Revelation of Jesus Christ: and they still missed the Day and the Hour.

 In fact they insisted on doing so in spite of all my efforts.

The Revelation of my Servant John: a certainty of Knowledge

The Day ( Rev. 18:8 ). and the Hour ( 18:10; 18:17 18:19 ),  are all actually written of  in clear detail, and they are all about Babylon the Great and Her unveiling, and then her casting down, within chapter 18 of the Revelation of John the Divine.

It is this Day and Hour being unsealed with typify the “Day and the Hour” of the Coming of the Son of Man to the “Faithful and Wise Steward” Rev. Moon in the Gospel and Revelation of Jesus Christ.

 This was the Final Test to see if he was “watching” for his LORD’s return; in whatever manner that was to be; and Rev. Moon knew it would be difficult and trying to be there when the LORD returned, who had basically left him in charge; just as my Father had seen his Father the God of Amen do, when He rested on the 7th Day of Creation, and had left the Archangel in charge on the Throne in Paradise; until He returned.

Few know the true story; the serpent did not strike on the 6th day; but on the Sabbath during the Truce that he been declared until God got back; but the Serpent broke the Truce and his own promise to God to wait: which is why he was cursed above all the creatures on the earth; and why God cut off one of his legs when he tried to argur with Him on Principle after breaking his word to God; thay is how he became the Dragon. He then went to the planet over the Liver as the Organ of Regeneration ( which was not yet called Jupiter )  and grew his leg back; as “king of the gods”; but it was Azazyel,  as the fallen “Strength of God”. who became the Devil for doing so, as seen in Job.

Can’t miss the similarity or Moon and the Archangel being left in charge “over the House”; but the Unification Church insisted on being blind to the Day and the Hour they were to have watched for;  and to recognize me being sent to them as that Final Test they were to pass; before Rev. Moon would gain the Crown of Life, and the Immortality that goes with it.

They decided he should die instead. And so did he apparently, when he choose his heir Hyung Jin Moon; and began building his tomb. A total failure and collapse of his faith in every way; Rev. Moon was not meant to die as a mortal man; that is not the “Messiah” that all mankind has waited for in these last 2,000 years, I can assure all who read this of that without fear of any contradiction; except for those unbelievers in Islam and the Unification Church who think the Messiah will show up and die 40 or even 94 years later: wrong; and wrong.

But God knows I tried; but even with over 24 years of correspondence and tears and begging it has all been to no avail; they won’t listen to me, and have basically written me off as just lying to them, as someone who could not be serious about my claim to have been given a message for Rev. Moon from my Father by His Servant John, and the 21 years I spent with this angel in New Hope PA which led me, as a scribe called by God, to be instructed in the unsealing of the Revelation for them and also all humanity.

They don’t believe me; and have classified me as a nobody seeking notoriety;  and am therefore just a charlatan who is obviously kidding; or just a loony from out of the abyss of delusion who is certifiably insane. And with this wonderful solution to whay I brought to them from God they have washed their hands of me and gone back to worshipping John the Baptist in the body of Rev. Moon; which is who and what he really is; as my Father Jesus long ago told everyone that John the Baptist was Elijah even though he denied this truth, and therefore John lost his tenous claim with reason metaphysically; and long before he lost his head physically.

But the uncomfortable prophetic facts I bring to light in my testimony and the accompanying music, and the truth of the matter of how I arrived at my present position, leaves me to say just this to the Unification Church and it’s founder; and also to the rest of the world with just this statement: which is that

1.)      I am not kidding;

2.)      I am definitely not lying:

3.)     And My Father Jesus, who sent me; is assuredly not kidding.


The Revealing of Osama bin Laden as the Antichrist

The revealing of the Masih ad-Dajjal as the ‘False Mahdi of Islam” and their own ‘son of pefdition’ or Islamic Judas Iscariot was the single factor that I brought to light that should have been self-evident to the Unification Church and Islam as well as the world itself.

The proof I showed all who could read of that the prophetic fact in both Christian and Islamic scripture about the signs that accompany the arrival of the Last Day was now a verified event from both the Gospel and the Qur’an as now proof positive that humanity was now present altogether in the ushering in of the Last Day.

What followed was general confusion, TV punditry,  and then the 3 Denials of Islam, Christinaity, and Judaism to my Message and others who were alert and watching about the Word in II Thessalonians 2:2-5, and the parallel Hadith’s of the Messenger of God, Mohammed; about Yemen and the “9/10’s” of all the evil in the world that would come from that place: 9/11 being the Proof, were all ignored.

This, despite Sayed Hisham Kabbani’s work on the Apocalypse called “The Approach of Armegeddon?” that was careful not  to step on any toes, but clear in it’s sources for one who would not fear for his life and would add “two and two” to reach four; this gift from Allah was a total loss as well, since Kabbani had been smeared as George Bush’s “pet sufi”; which he most certainly was not.

 Despite all this, and even  though I saw that trying to publish the entire work was probably impossible before december 25th 2012 due to the fact I have little or no resources and a very bare existence materially I decided to reveal a few things to alter the balance of power against the power of darkness and eclipse it entirely and forever. 

The Sufis were the first Unificationists....

The Sufis were the first Unificationists

The Foundation of the Third Israel

The Arabs were then given the Blessing of God taken from the Jews and which then became the Baraka of Allah to the Arabs, as the Enlightened Sufis of the Elect have always known; the spiritual relationship between Mohammed ( the Envoy of the Curse of Moses ) and Uwais el-Quarni ( the Apostle of Wisdom ),  to whom he gave his Cloak after his demise, being that of the relationship between Elijah and the Mantle he gave to Elisha.

Mohammed knew in which place he stood in the Ranks as the Blessing at the same time on the Second Israel of the Religion called Islam; the Islam of Gethsemene; where the Lamb broke himself on the Rock of God’s Will.

Where we see the Wine of Wrath, written of in Revelation, is then to be seen as the Qur’an itself: being a Mixed Cup; as a Curse to the Jews of the First Israel; and a Chastisment of the Christians from whom was to come the Third Israel; and at the same time the Blessing to the 12 Desert Tribes of the Second Israel.

The “Nation called to bring forth the Fruits of It” said the Lamb: as Issac; of his Brother; the prophet, Ishmael: returned as Mohammed; who was given the Kingdom of his dead brother; and his brother’s wife; as the Kingdom; the Land itself.

This Judgment is as seen in the 7 Sentences of the Excordium itself; the Judgment revealed until the Last Judgment; in Al-Haqq; the Truth;

There the Christians are chastised for making a god out of Jesus; an idol of him; Idealize; Yes; Idolize: No; but “who God loves not He chastises Not”.

Thus the Qur’an here is Love itself; from the Father, in a way ……..but the Blessing came to the Nazarenes of the Table of Mohammed as the Second Israel; and the replacers of the 12 tribes of Israel; and Jerusalem with that of the 12 desert tribes of Ishmael and Mecca: the New Jerusalem. For Hagar; and Sarah despoiled; and the Queen of the Desert enthroned: Hagar; the Black Stone is where the Lot Fell; the 7 eyes engraved on one stone are now taken to Mecca: where the Stone was removed over the Temple.

But the White Stone is Ephraim returned; the New Mecca; seen at the City of St. Francis; which became our New Mecca; our New Jerusalem was then “Mecca”; but a New Mecca: where Love ruled as the Banner over us: was Love.

John had said: God is Love.

This we believed. And we acted on this philosophically as of the Purpose of Creation; to Love and be Loved; seemed Perfect to us.

What did Rev. Moon believe? That America had paid no dues; but he had. That we were Esua; as his son Hyo Jin told me from spirit world; and he was Jacob; to take our Blessing; to make Korea the Third Israel; despoil the Arabs a the true second Israel; and then leave America and be the Jacob with 12 new tribes: from Korea; and supplant us altogether.

This is what Hyo Jin Moon showed me: why he mixed the soil with Korea in all 50 states was to marry the soil: but as the husband; America was going to lose her land; for his Korean Bride; not an American Woman: a Black Woman: no.

Rev. Moon stumbled; he didn’t marry a black southern Baptist christian woman: Sheba herself; queen of the South.

No; he married a Korean Bride; and then came to take the Black Christian Races Blessing: as the Third Israel: the one that Paid the Dues: so he could go over the two dead bodies in the black street; Dr. King; and Malcolm X. Malcolm was not a prophet before he went to Mecca; but he, as sure as God loves and lives; was a Prophet when he returned. He was dead when after 1,260 days his testimony was done. And King was the other one who gave his Testimony and was then killed.

They are the Two, brothers by blood in the Street, where as long ago in Jerusalem when gifts were sent to each other’s enemies as when Jesus and John were killed; but here we had J. Edgar Hoover and the State Dept. cronies and John Mitchell who celebrated King’s death; and Elijah Muhammed with Farrakhan on the black hand, who celebrated over Malcolm’s death; just as the two who died in Memphis were Dr. King and Aaron Presley; otherwise to be called “the City of Destruction”.

MEMPHIS: the Ancient capital of the Lower and Upper Egypt as how the “lower heavens” were under the sway of the “upper hells”; the Mirror of Hermes; like the Mirror of ISIS/ Eve, with Osiris/ Cain; and their son; Enoch; who is Thoth; scribe of the fallen angels, also called Hermes.

This mirror was where Good was seen as “evil”, and Evil as “good”. We saw this is the slang of the 60’s; where if something was “baaad” it meant it wa “good”; as very “cool” indeed. This was harmless on the face of it; but once again it was a “bitter” term for something “sweet”, as a reversal of meaning; thus significant at deeper levels because of the inversion of the “Mirror of ISIS” in which “Good” is seen as ‘evil’; and “Evil” as ‘good’, but the image is exact as the same except the right and the left are reversed in the Image of God into that of the Devil.

Thus in the 60’s it was accepted as to say a thing was ‘wicked’ which could mean it was really ‘wonderful’; and so on. And of the “m…..f…..” word beloved by all the “rappers” whose hatred of women and the whore made them “burn her with fire” as of the Beast is that which describes the Great Whore of Capitalism, as she who loves money with all her heart.

The Mystery of the Great Whore; Isis/Eve, with her son and lover Osiris/Cain.

 She who is in the position of “riding” or being “carried” is then she that in Her fickle, unprincipled and volitile Babylon the Great that is called “Creative Destruction” herself is thus that disembodied “Free Market Capitalism” that rides on top of the Scarlet Colored Beast of “Red China”; or  is then further seen in the end of her “invisible market forces” form in that unveiling by which She goes up “in smoke”; as being what John the Baptist attacked: Jezebel; the face of the Dragon.

John the Baptist did this unconciously as being so darkened by jealousy of my Father Jesus; and who was Elijah although he denied it, but yet proved it to my Father beyond a shadow of a doubt because he saw and went after and attacked so vehemently the foes he saw in Herod and Herodias unconsciously ( and unwittingly ); his two old enemies: Ahab and Jezebel.

But he died in that Palace of Herod because he went up against them without my Father Jesus, and having never overcome the Lie of Satan that Rev. Moon swallowed whole; never reaching the Seal of the Spirit AND the Power of Elijah, and thus fell before them.

THE LIE OF SATAN: promulgated by Mark Biggs of the Unification Church Seminary, suggested inferentially by Oon Young Kim as a Professor at the same; and taught as “the great secret” to those unfortunate to believe him: by Rev. Moon; Bradford Kent Bufkin having told me of this when Rev. Moon “confided” in him before he keft the Uification Church and met me; teaching me the Principle in 1980, when he gave me his copy of the Black Book 1973 edition of “Divine Principle”.

“The Lie” which led to John the Baptist being destroyed was that Zacharias, John’s father, was also the adulterous father of his relative Jesus with Mary, Elisabeth’s cousin, as well; which John secretly believed as Jesus was born 9 months after coming to the house of Elisabeth and Zacharias; but this was a Lie made by Satan the Devil;  as Mary entered the House already pregnant; as Elisabeth said when she said “how the MOTHER of my LORD hath come to me”; this being said as Mary entered the house being already with Child; which was why John ‘jumped in her womb’ when he heard Mary’s voice: Jesus was already in her womb; and Mary had just conceived him, as Elisabeth knew by the Holy Spirit; the Father of Jesus as Jehovah in the form of a Dove; the same one which came down on my Father Jesus at the Jordan River.

But Satan destroyed John because he never even believed his own mother Elisabeth’s testimony; as she stood in the position of Hagar; and Jesus as Issac; John being as Ishmael with a mission to repair the torn heart of Abraham the Friend of God; after starting in the position of a “loyal Cain”; as Eliezer of Damascus; then to that of Ishmael with his brother Issac; and finally to that of Jonathan to that of David; when all was revealed; formation, growth and then perfection to arrive at the position of the Priest: Aaron; before Lord Jehovah of Hosts; my Father; as the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts.

This did not happen; but it should have; but John never overcame Satan and his Lie; just like Rev. Moon never did; and in fact to this day and at this Hour believes is the truth: but it is the Lie and deception of the Dragon Rev. Moon has been invaded by; with a few more; like the one in his book about the Holy Father of Mercy that is Jehovah being “a female spirit” that my Father Jesus then “married” !!! What an abomination of desolation this has proved to be; making the book “Divine principle” the container of a “poison pill” by which all who ingest it would then “die spiritually” if they were fooled by the 66.6 of the truth in it’s pages; and did not see the 33.4 that is the Falsity hidden therein!

El-Arifin , the Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82



  1. The Altar of Abraham
    Restoring the Sacrifice: the 10 pieces of the Providence of Salvation.

    The 7 Horns of the Lamb and the 4 Horns of the Altar in the Baptism of Fire

    To further uncover the significance of the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jehovah in the form of a Dove that came down on Lord Jesus and abode upon him at the Jordan is to reveal that the Nation of Israel entering Cannan was as Adam “symbolically” re-entering Paradise; going over the Jordan dryshod the Nation of Israel was as Adam going over through the “symbolic” Gate through the “barrier” that is the “great river Euphrates”

    It is for this reason that he was given the 10 commandments as Adam had only one; for “10 times the Original Indemnity”; but since Israel also received the 3 fold Blessing of God from Balaam we can see at the first 7 altars of Balaam the formation stage “to be fruitful”; as for Eve’s first 7 years in Paradise with Adam; the second 7 altars of Balaam at the growth stage “and multiply” for Eve’s second 7 years in Paradise; and “subdue the earth and have dominion” as the perfection stage of Eve’s final 21 years in Paradise with Adam seen in the last 7 altars of Balaam; which meant that the Blessing was multiplied if Israel kept the Law at “7 Times the Original 3 fold Blessing”. Thus the Indemnity was now at 10 times the Original First Single Commandment; but the Blessing was now at 7 times the Original First Three Fold Blessing. And this is also why the Original First 7 Day Covenant was now not just for One Week and it’s Sabbath; but now 4 times that as keeping the 4 Weeks and their 4 Sabbaths of every Month; 4 times the original 7 Days of Creation as of the 4 Sabbaths of every Month’s 4 Weeks now to be kept perfectly as well.

    But in his Blessing of Israel Balaam also had 7 other animals along with the 7 Rams which represented the Perfection of Good at the Great Three Fold Blessing; in his guile he also made sure there were also 7 Bulls laid on the 3 sets of the 7 altars that Balaam laid out on those three seperate occasions for the 3 Great Blessings restored to Israel when it entered the Promised Land.

    This had tremendous implications because the two sets of the 7 creatures represented “good and evil” respectively going all the way back to the “clean and unclean” creatures of the Ark; and also the “blood of the lambs” as opposed to those who used “the blood of goats” on their doorposts and lintels in the Passover in Egypt to stop the Angel of Death from coming into their houses.

    It was this act of Balaam those 3 times which meant that if Israel fell in any way then the evil ones or “Tares” would also reach their perfection along with “the Wheat”; and that is how Balaam as “the enemy” sowed “the Tares with the Wheat” that my Father Jesus mentioned; and also Israel had now the “Perfection of Evil” to deal with as well if it was not Faithful to God in their entering the Promised Land or Paradise itself; albeit Symbolically.

    And this is why the Royal Family of Satan exists in North Korea in contradistinction to the good family of Reverend Moon in South Korea; because he fell in his marriage with his adulterous affairs as Nansook Hong wrote of in her testimony “In the Shadow of the Moons”; albeit symbolical as it was, it still represented the Standard of Monogamy.

    Iy was this standard that St Paul stressed when he said “Now let a man have but one wife”; so that marriage of the Lamb and his Wife Rev. Moon said his was meant that the Fall his marriage encountered as Nansook Hong recounted was also quite real in the 7 Eyes of the Lamb, as it happened in the flesh and produced progeny: who were not blessed by God in any way, shape, or form: period.

    If Rev. Moon thinks he is to be given the arrangement of a latter day Mormon or Jacob in having multiple wives like the patriarch Abraham then is is, once again, quite mistaken.

    The Mormons repudiated their polygamy to enter the union of the 50 of Elijah the 50 United States represents; and put over the “House of Joseph” which signified the 6th Church of the True Vine whose Lampstand rests on Salt Lake City it is Rev. Moon who was to give My Generation their “meat in due season” which was in the “Summer of Love” as being that very “due season” itself. Thus to him as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” in which being put over that ‘House’ here in America the Mormons built up that Rev. Moon was to feed he Children at their Pilgrimage spiritually in the terrible internal famine at the Last Days, “a famine not for Bread, but for the Word of God”.

    That the 12 later Apostles of the Lamb were also baptized in this same Jordan that Israel went over dryshod also had tremendous meaning, as each of the 12 therefore stood as a “prince” of Israel as having one of the 12 tribes as his work to bring to perfection; to thus bring forth the fruit of each tribe as his own “fruit” or “work” in the Restored Table of Justice had to do with the fact that my Father Lord Jesus was God’s “Fruit”; and the 12 represented “Christ’s fruit”.

    But it was the Child he put in their midst at the Last Judgement that they discovered he would be their “one first fruit” whose throne would manifest the 12 thrones they would sit on at the End when the 144,000 were to be gathered Rev. Moon did not do on purpose to rob My Generation of the Blessing the Black Christian Race was given as the Third Israel; but here we see Arthur as the Son of Man in his Day; and 12 Apostles of the Lamb as 12 good and brave knights on the 12 thrones that represent the 12 hours of the New Day: an Eternal Day, if you will.

    But the 12 thrones have to do with the 12 thrones of the 12 drummers of the 12 bands who each came to the City of St. Francis who each had hidden in their members the name of one of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb. And these 12 tabernacles each represented a tabernacle of David. This is because in the Tabernacle of God we have the Altar of Incense; which represents the Soul of Christ; the Censer which is for the Heart of Christ; the Lampstand with the 7 Lamps lit which represents the Mind of Christ: and then the Reed like unto a Rod which signifies the Strength of Christ. And for the Spirit of Christ at the epicenter of the Diamond we have the Mercyseat he sat on spiritually as he was being crucified, as he forgave all those who killed him.

    Thus in each band the Bass player is for the Soul; the Drummer for the Heart; the Guitarist for the Mind; and the Voice for the Strength: and of course it is the Name of the band which stands for it’s Spirit. Thus the Seed of David is that of My Generations Nation which rose at Beth El the House of David “as God” men call Woodstock and where we had the rain as our Nation’s Baptism where we all rose from the mud together as now one: as no one could see any difference in skin color or clothing ar anything as we were all brown: mud brown; thus we arose; to prophesy “upon an instument of ten strings” as written in the Psalms, that represents the bass and the guitar of each band; ‘naturallement’. And even the 31 band which played at Beth El represented the 31 kings that Joshua defeated in taking Canaan; as Dylam ( who still lives at Beth El or Woodtock for that reason ) was our Joshua who replaced Elvis, the golden calf they made out of Aaron Presley — just as Dr. King was out Moses.

    Let us not forget that both King and Aaron Presley died in Memphis; the only city in America named after a city in Egypt; and not just any city; but the ancient capital: Memphis was the Royal City of the Dead; Sacred; and thus a necropolis of the “twice-born” priesthood; the “City of Desruction” itself is where our black Moses and our red – and – white Aaron both died. Aaron Presley was part Cherokee; and his good looks were that of his Indian blood’s side; as anyone can tell if they look close enough. And his Voice was southern; but the phrasing was black when he began; before Hollywood got to him, as any might recall.

    The Judge: and the 12 Apostles of the Lamb as the Jury.

    Where does Wisdom dwell?

    But let us attend to the main body of this piece; for here begins the laborious process which comes at even greater length in my book; so here I stick to a bare “skeleton” of what the real issues of Issac and Ishmael and the conception of Rev. Moon in relation to those beliefs held by John the Baptist himself which my Brother John made me aware of in restoring the errors in the Providence that appear in his book “Divine Principle”.

    ((All the subsequent quotes from Rev. Moon’s book are from the Black Book; 1973 Edition; which came to me from the hand of Bradford Kent Bufkin: from the hand of Rev. Moon himself.))

    The Beginning of the End; the fall of Rev. Moon and the Acts of his Adultery: the ‘True Parents’ of Korea leaving their position and why North and South Korea are still not unified: the Tragic lesson of those who would not listen and take heed; and they who are responsible
    Gabriel and Mary; after Zacharias; but before his death

    When Gabriel came to Zacharias and then later to Mary it was to confirm one miracle to Mary that would then cause the second miracle to take place; for it is said:

    “And Mary believed”.

    As awesome as the two miracles which attended the conceptions of John and then Jesus were in scope these two miracles were like the creation of an earthly pigeon in comparison to a heavenly dove.

    John even said that he was earthly and “spoke of the earth” to show that the conception of Jesus was far above his. Thus John stood for the Law itself as in the position of the Pillar of Fire or Covenant of Night as the “Priest”; even as Jesus stood for the Word itself as in the position of the Pillar of Cloud or Covenant of Day as the “Prince”.

    This is because the conception of John by Zacharias with Elisabeth in comparison to that of Jesus by Jehovah with Mary was like that of a pigeon relation in it’s species to that of the more refined appearing dove; and John and Jesus were cousins by blood; although brothers in Spirit. Yet John’s family was rich; and of the upper class; while Jesus’s family was humble; and of a more menial labor as lower class. This is why the Word came from Jerusalem; and the Law from Zion; as Isaiah had written; for Mary was the “poor” virgin daughter of Jerusalem; and Elisabeth represented the “rich” House of Zion that Gabriel had Mary go to until John was born.

    As my Father Lord Jesus said of John the Baptist:

    “But they who wear soft clothes are from king’s houses”;
    to show John’s real status in relation to those he baptized.

    The following statement is from a conversation at the Table of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb when they corrected the errors Rev. Moon made in his book “Divine Principle” when my servant John spoke of to me and the others at the Supper of the Great God about the 5 creatures Abraham placed on his Altar to be seperated; which is written of in the third section of the Gospel of Peace called “The Feast of the 12 Fruits from the Tree of Life”.

    Said John; “As you may recall it was not one dove that was placed on the Altar of Abraham as Mr. Moon has written in his book “Divine Principle”: it was a Pigeon for Ishmael and a Dove for Issac. Furthermore it was the she-goat that represented Hagar as Egypt and the heifer which represented Sarah as the Promised Land. The ram represented Abraham himself.”

    The further explanation I was given is here therefore compared to what Rev. Moon himself wrote; so that the reader might be able to clearly see the correct version as distinct to the convoluted and precarious explanation offered by Rev. Moon.

    Reverend’s Moon’s own explanation of the 10 pieces of the Altar of Abraham and what they symbolized is quite different in his own book’s section called “The Symbolic Offering of Abraham” that begins on page 264. Lest people think I am being unfair in using this 1973 edition’s version rather than the one’s in later print I can only say that the later editions have only amplified all the errors present here. And in restoring things it is best to start where the error begins; scientifically; one might say.


  2. Bowie and King Arthur, Brad Bufkin and Stiv Bators, Celeste Moreno and David Brown, David Bowie and Lucinda Dant, Diane of Roxx, Don Evenson the Artist and Dirk Dirksen, Giovanni the New Daystar, Job and the Unicorn’s Crib, John Crooks, Leslie and Spooner, Lords of the New Church: the Party, Marilyn and Roberto Vasquez, Michael Bloomfield and Hector, Molly Ges Mundo and Wille Brown, Monique Tiffany Scott and French Nick, Napoleon Hendrix: and the one who got away, Roberto Vasquez and Bobby Bowles, Roger and Button, Scary Monsters and SuperCreeps: SuperJoel and Bowie, Scary Mosters and SuperCreeps: Bowie and Joel, Spooner and Dangerous Bob, St. Francis as John, SuperJoel and David Bowie: SuperCreep, Sxary Monster and SuperCreeps: SuperJoel, Terry and the Pirates, The Tubes and Michael Cotton, Todd and Kazi: Signe with the Story, Vince Wellnick and Michael Flynn, Willie Brown and 1226 Masonic, Willie Brown and Cocaine Blues.


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