Why Salvations’ Rose is now Rev. Moon’s “Messiah”, as “Lord of the Second Advent” | “The Measure of 144” – Missive #31


The Advent of Salvation Rose

Salvation Rose” is the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; the Lady of the Lake of Fire herself……and her husband is the One on the White Horse; the Second Death

Why Salvation Rose is Rev. Moon’s “Messiah” according to the book “Divine Principle

How did it come to be written that Salvation Rose is the Lord of the Second Advent?

 According to what Rev. Moon wrote in the pages 132-133 of his book “Divine Principle”

“…………Jesus died on the cross without being able to say all that he wanted to say because of the disbelief of the people. As he said, “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” (John 3:12). Jesus also said to his disciples, “I have yet many things to say to you but you cannot bear them now.” (John 16:12). This disclosed how sorrowful he was, because he could not tell even his own disciples what he had deep in his heart.

The words Jesus left unuttered will not forever remain a secret, but are to be revealed some day as a new truth through the Holy Spirit, as Jesus told us:

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. (John 16:13)

Again we read:

I saw in the right hand of him who was seated on the throne a scroll written within and on the back, sealed with seven seals. (Rev. 5:1)

On this very scroll were the words the Lord is to give us in the Last Days.

When John wept because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or to look into it, since there was no such person in heaven, on earth, or under the earth, one of the elders said:

‘…the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals. ‘(Rev. 5:3-5)

The Lion born of the Root of David signifies Christ.

Thus, the day must come when Christ will open the sealed scroll, which has long remained a secret to mankind,

and reveal the new truth to all the saints.

Therefore, it is said, “You must again prophesy about many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.” (Rev. 10:11)…….”


                                                                                              The Unlikely Lord of the Second Advent


According to Rev. Moon, the one who opens these 7 Seals and opens the Book of Life is then Christ: the Lord.

There is little doubt that Rev. Moon considered himself to be this person: the only problem is that he never explained any of the Gospel or Revelation of Jesus Christ: and only “cherry-picked” his way through the New Testament, taking a line here, a sentence there: but never opening the Revelation of Jesus Christ seen in the Last Book in the Bible.

He said that the Bible was written as “metaphor and parable”, for men of a much lower spiritual standard than this age.

People like Elijah, who ascended to heaven, and brought down fire from heaven upon the Altar???  Or perhaps David? Or Moses and Aaron who brought the children of Israel out of the House of Bondage??

Or is he referring to Elisha and his miracles?  Or to Joshua, as when he stopped the Sun and Moon dead in their tracks?

Rev. Moon calls these men “someone of a low standard” of understanding. Unfortunately the opposite is true: it is we who are of a far lower standard than the Holy Prophets and Saints of ancient Israel.

The curious thing is that he never explained how these men of this “lower standard” were then able to do miracles, and bring to pass events which   even now: would astound the entire world if they were replicated.

Rev. Moon himself never did even one miracle, like John the Baptist: period.

Not a convincing proof for a “Messiah”.

But this was laughed off by Rev. Moon as being superstitious fairytales and folklore for peasants and the ignorant; and simple minded lies and fables for ancient days……..the problem is that these people were the holy prophets and sanctified saints who knew God and His Holy Spirit: who is JEHOVAH, and they communed with angels and even Seraphim: and two of them, Daniel and Ezekiel are called by a name we see only a  few times: “Son of Man”, as my Father Jesus called himself also…

With the Word of God as the Rider on the White Horse at Revelation 19:17, the Second Death is the "....name written no man knoweth..." Yea, no man, but the bride, the Lamb's Wife knows

With the Word of God as the Rider on the White Horse at Revelation 19:17, the Second Death is the “….name written no man knoweth…” Yea, no man, but the bride, the Lamb’s Wife knows

The Seven Seals are NOT the 7 Levels of the Providence

  But I did indeed open the 7 Seals; which are the Seals of the 7 decades from 1910 to 1970; and correspond to include Russia’s 70 years of Babylonian Captivity over the Ukraine: from the first trumpet at 1917 to the last trumpet, which began to blow in 1977 to the year 1987, and then continues onward as the REST of the Entire Revelation itself….as of the Last Trump itself….

As for Rev. Moon, his 7 levels of the Providence are the “7 Sealed Thunders at Revelation 10:3-4, that my servant John was told “not to write”, as this was reserved for Rev. Moon as the mission bearer of John the Baptist, and his portion of responsibility in the Restoration of all things; starting with, of course: ELIJAH.

But there is more to what was written about Rev. Moon in the gospel of my Father Lord Jesus as of “the faithful and Wise Steward” of Matthew and Luke.

The amazing thing is that I know who Rev. Moon really is and was: and not even his own family, nor the members of his own Church had any inkling that his identity and mission are revealed in Luke and Matthew to the most exact detail, as a dual prophecy outlining the two scenarios for Rev. Moon in his mission: his  failure or success, depending on how he watched for the return of “his Lord”…and in what guise…. at the Day and the Hour.

        The 7 Seals are of the 7 Decades; 1910 for the first Seal; 1920 for the second Seal and so on; the trumpets go off every 7th year of each Seal; starting at 1917 to 1927 for the first Trumpet in the first Seal; 1927 to 1937 in the second Seal and so on; all the way to the 7th Trumpet in 1977 to 1987 at the fall of the wall of Babylon the Great called the Iron Curtain; 42 years after 1945 when Hitler was killed and the two bombs were dropped on the rest  of the Axis ‘3-in-one’ beast in Japan.

       Also; 1977 is when Aaron Presley died at the age of 42. The Providential reality of this date shall be made clear in the following information, obtise as it might seem.

       When the Angel of John of Patmos came to me in 1986, and in the subsequent  21 years of his instruction in New Hope PA after I took the veil and died in Christ in 2007, I learned much in my 21 year course of  completing the  restoration of the 210 years from 1776 to 1986 in America.

       This was done with the course of Jacob in Haran, and soon after coming to New Hope in my instruction by the Angel of Patmos I  found that the 7 Seals of the Lamb’s Book are the 7 Divine Names of Divine Knowledge, and that the 7 overcomings in the 7 Churches are those of the Ascension on the Path of the Just.

    It is these 7 Overcomings as the 7 Steps of the Lamb John followed which are those of the 7 Seals of the Lamb’s Book “loosed” as one overcomes…. which also show the 7 Churches as those 7 New Heavens, in the positions of the Old 7 Heavens, and what I then also discovered was about the 7 Vials and the 7 Angels in White was far more important than even what I could have ever imagined; and yet even more surprising to me was the discovery of the fact that it was not I who was to have done this: but Rev. Moon, who chose to marry instead.

      In the Revelation of Jesus Christ I learned this:

The first two vials of Wrath are herpes for the first Vial; and AIDS for the second Vial

…in the way.

   (…”and every Living soul died in the Sea..” , this is about IV drug users and Sodomites;

as needles and sodomy are seen as an attack on the human body as the temple of God..)

    …….and the 7 Vials of Wrath are:

The 7 Tears of God.

…….please have no doubt on that regard…….

In marrying  in 1960, to fulfill that written of him in Isaiah; :…”….A small one shall become a Strong Nation…” Rev. Moon tried to become the Global  Jacob; as “Israel”, but this did not work because he dd not marry Sheba; the black queen of the South as a black christian woman like Barack Hussein did; he married a Korean and still tried to claim Korea was the Third Israel…so he was not the Lamb, as he claimed, only symbolically; not quite the same thing.

      At best,  as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” in the position of John the Baptist  ( seen in Luke and Matthew ), he ruled as the Messiah until the LORD would return to see if he was watching at the day and the Hour as his final Test.

      Moon’s positon was that of  a “namesake” or  a servant  in the “hireling” position; and so he found he could not open the Book of Life of the Lamb, which is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, as this can only be done by a Virgin; as one who is a “First Fruit unto God and the Lamb”: as one whose name is “written”.

        This task of the Messiah I did with my servant  John the Revelator; as  the prophet Joseph Smith saw was to come to pass…..

Rev. Moon thought himself to be this figure; but he never went near the Revelation of St. John the Divine; the Ark of the Testament in which the Revelation of Jesus Christ is revealed at this Last Day ( for Islam especially which they deny ); as the Book of Life of the Lamb; which I opened with the help from my Father’s servant John.

The Hill of Zion

Let us go where this story actually begins;

with Mary when she entered the house of Elisabeth;

when she then said these words after Elisabeth made her greeting, and where she said, to wit;


“How is it that the mother of my Lord hath come to me ? ?…”

Mary then said this; to wit;

“My soul doth magnify the Lord:
And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour

Because He hath regarded the lowliness of His handmaid: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

For He that is mighty hath done great things to me: and holy is His Name.

And His mercy is from generation until generations, to them that fear Him.

He hath showed might with His arm: He hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.

He hath put down the mighty from their seat, and hath exalted the lowly.

He hath filled the hungry with good things: and the rich he hath sent empty away.

He hath holpen Israel His servant, being mindful of His mercy:

As He spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his seed for ever.”

I have put in bas relief the lines where this is all said in the PAST TENSE; and having already happened…..



"....I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as lightning..."

“….I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as lightning…”

__The Seal of the Living God__

The Truth of Mary and Jehovah

This Event indeed happened before she came to the House of her cousin; where she met Jehovah as when she briefly became transformed under the Vestal Host of the Holy Angels and met that Divine Celestial Dove of Jehovah to participate in “His Strange Act”, in the hills where the Spirit led her: when she was suddenly transformed into that Celestial Female Dove with which Jehovah, as the Divine Celestial Male Dove, then created the Lamb; as that “Holy Thing”.

Then, after she was impregnated, she was changed back into a woman; and went on in the Spirit to her cousins house.

This is of the Seal I bear of the Living God; and what I write is the Truth; holy writ.

The male Dove was the same that came down on the Lamb at the Jordan was the Father of the Lamb, and remained on his shoulder as the Key of David was to prepare him for the Cross of Christ…for Jesus in the Baptism unto his Death in the Jordan at Canaan was actually David in the Resurrection unto Eternal Life in the Euphrates into Paradise, as the Jordan represented the Euphrates; spiritually…just as the Resurrection of my Father Jesus was the Regeneration of David…as seen by the fact my Father Jesus rose from the Tomb with a new Face; the One seen by Peter and John and James at Mt. Hermon with Moses and Elijah; the Mount of Transfiguration; and then seen first by Mary Magdalene…where she thought he was the gardener…..but recognized his voice instantly..

All Mary said of the Event of God’s “Strange Act”,

in which her son was created,

was spoken by her in the PAST tense,

as having already occurred……

    …….an obvious fact which Rev. Moon mistakenly overlooked, or just denied internally; and John the Baptist never believed;  neither Mary nor his own mother’s testimony; plagued with inner blindness spiritually; for thinking Mary had come to the house to have sexual relations with Zacharias, his own father; which was the Lie and Accusation of Satan the Devil that John the Baptist swallowed, and thus never attained the “Spirit and Power of Elijah”; as the Seal of the Living God, which is why he denied he was Elijah..

          ….and this also explains why Rev. Moon later denied he was John the Baptist; although he was “one-and-the-same” as John the Messenger; because his body substituted for John’s at the Resurrection from the Dead; of whom Rev. Moon was to have been the first….but then stopped the Resurrection from happening by denying he was John, as John had denied he was Elijah, thus multiplying his mistake and not restoring “all things”…..and not removing the fallen nature present in John at his fall…..

        The most paradoxical thing is this: for by judging John the Baptist, { as seen in his book “Divine Principle” }, as being the one who Rev. Moon considered to have been guilty of the death of the Lamb, it was then Moon mistakenly and inadvertently JUDGED HIMSELF, because his body substituted for John’s, but Moon also had the same accusation of Mary with Zacharias, by which John had fallen earlier to Satan as well, showing that John and Moon were identical, spiritually.

         Yet this was because Rev. Moon was really John the Baptist  himself, in his former existence.

 Rev. Moon had done exactly the same wrong and accusatory thing as John had done as “that beam in his eye” my Father Jesus had spoken of: for by believing that Zacharias was the “father” of Jesus it was John who misjudged the entire situation and the real manner of the creation by Jehovah the Holy Spirit of God of the Lamb.

    It was thus that Rev. Moon ended his mission as a failure: falling again in John’s exact position with John’s exact accusation of Zacharias in his heart, and his mind which was then that “dark place” that my Father Jesus spoke of, by those whose “eye” had a “beam” in it; as those whose Mind” was not “Clear” of “Delusion”.

      Because my message to the leadership of the Unification Church was dismissed out-of-hand, which then became the direct cause by which Rev Moon then died: in the position of the messenger he had condemned as that “Evil Servant”, guilty for the death of the Lamb. ( Moon is spoke of and written of as “that evil servant” in Matthew 24:48), so then, paradoxically, it appears Moon ended by having judged: only himself…

The Alchemist of Peace and Love, as of the God of Love and Peace

The Alchemist of Peace and Love, as of the God of Love and Peace

I warned them all in the Unification Church about this….

but they mocked me, and laughed me to scorn…..

What a tragic failure of all their respective portions of responsiblility that ended up being.

But it was said that the Day of the Lord in which the Son of Man was to be revealed would come “as a snare”,

…. to all of them in the company of the Elect the Unification Church was;

in their proportionate relation to the rest of humanity,

who walked in their surety and trust in the name of the Jesus Christ upon the face of the earth….

          John was to have overcome Satan by overcoming that Accusation of Mary and Zacharias;

which could only have happened by bonding with his mother Elisabeth;

as separating from Satan through her; as the Porter at the Door; but he did not.


          Rev. Moon knew all about mothers and sons separating from Satan together; as did Jacob and his mother Rebecca;

and Hagar and Ishmael; and much later; Aaron Presley and his mother.

         Rev. Moon; as John the Baptist’s body; made the same error,

and will be then seen to have died in the same position,

a rich man who made his grave in Las Vegas with the Golden Calf of Elvis:

in the Golden Cage of Babylon.

         Moon went from lying in an unconscious coma at St. Mary’s hospital at Seoul, Korea, to being buried in a Mausoleum; but the same Mary who he accused of sleeping with Zacharias is she whose virginity he therefore impugned with his unwise accusation of calling her a whore.


       This was a mistake, the same that John also believed and for which he died in his disbelief due to being invaded by Satan like Rev. Moon, but Rev. Moon tried to link his accusation to a figure called Tamar, who had tricked Judah into leaving his staff and ring with her when she played being a prostitute, because Judah would not raise up seed to her after his brother died, as he was supposed to do as WRITTEN in the Law;  and he was then to have attended to his brother’s widow.

Tamar did this so she could have children and thus was able to prove their parentage, by the Staff and Ring Judah had left with  her, in lieu of the money.
        Adultery had nothing to do with this at all, as Tamar was actually trying to have Judah fulfill his duty as writ in the Law itself.
         Rev. Moon tried to turn this into a justification for “providentially justified adultery”: and to buttress his claim learned from Satan, that Mary slept with Zacharias, and that this was “OK” with God. To say it is was totally fallacious nonsense; or worse, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of God who IS JEHOVAH.
           But God is NOT a “hypocrite” who says “Thou shalt not commit adultery”. and then goes and has it done as being somehow “allowed”, which view is only a complete and utter lie of Satan, and a total travesty of the Truth. John the Baptist should have believed his own mother Elisabeth about Mary, and separated from Satan with her.
        That Jesus was born nine months to the day after Mary entered the House was the TEST of GOD that John was to have OVERCOME, but he failed, just as his body, Rev. Moon, also failed as well.
This affair Tamar had with Judah had absolutely nothing to do with the Lamb, Mary: or the Advent of Jesus Christ. Judah may have thought he was committing adultery by sleeping with a woman who was not his wife: but he was mistaken, as Tamar tricked him into PERFORMING the LAW; quite a different matter than the Lie of Satan by Rev. Moon


         That David was the ancestor of Eliakim through both his sons Solomon and Nathan, is less well known.

        And less well known than that is that Eliakim was also the common ancestor of both Mary and Joseph, who was called “Son of David” for restoring Solomon at the Formation Level for resisting the temptation to take his bride after the Angel told him not to touch her until after she gave birth.

        Rev. Moon fell to the same Lie of Satan that was the “beam in his eye”, that my Father Jesus referred to about John, indirectly. The tragedy is that an Angel was sent to me with the Seal of the Living God to rescue Rev. Moon from this very error: but he rejected me by his proxies in the leadership of the Unification Church.

    That he taught this blasphemous lie to other members in his church as a “revelation”, and then saw it multiplied his sin is seen by Mark Gibbs in his satanic book “Secrets of the Holy Family”, and Young Oon Kim in her book “Christian Thought and Unification Theology”, and William Haines in his apologetics about Moon’s children while married and the fact of the existence of Moon’s illegitimate son Sammy Pak, all this was due to saying the father of John the Baptist had sex with the Virgin Mary to produce the Lamb in an act of adultery; an adulterous and sinful act that never happened…..but the adulterous and sinful idea that infected the Eye of John as that “beam” in his Mind’s eye also caused Rev. Moon to be spiritually blind as well…

            I doubted he would live much longer when he went into his coma with such an accusation of Satan; the one that killed John the Baptist as well.

He died a few days later.

Rev. Moon; who found his final refuge in Las Vegas; the spiritual Gommorah of America

…the Disneyland of Surfeiting for the Fallen and the Fabled Rich,

a Sensual Playground built by the Mob;

a fitting end for our “Accuser of Mary”.

          As John’s body, unknown to those he misled it was Rev. Moon who did not overcome the accusation of Satan John swallowed as well, as can be seen with the Moon’s “moonshine author” Mark Gibbs, and his blasphemous and totally incorrect theological excise “Secrets of the Holy Family”, that was written and published to legitimize Rev. Moon’s fall from Grace and cover up the Truth of the Dove of Jehovah; as the Holy Spirit of God…

 …………and Rev. Moon therefore never received the Seal of the Living God; and that which I was given to bring to him in 1986 for exactly that very reason: the Seal of the Living God to restore him and his church.

But he knew not the Father of the Lamb was Jehovah: the Holy Spirit of God Himself in the Form of that Dove who descended upon the Lamb at the Jordan.

Failure and the Tragic Mistakes of HSA-UWC:

Jonathan Gullery and the 144 Page Letter in 1988

          But we really have to go back to the executive editor at Holy Spirit Publications Jonathan Gullery, who I sent the 144 page letter to from the Angel of Patmos.

               The sad truth is that he just threw it in the trash. So his act made sure that Rev. Moon would fail his mission and die a mortal man; certainly not as the Messiah; who Rev. Moon himself wrote about in that very case with this statement in his book “Divine Principle” on page 365; to wit;

 “The Lord of the Second Advent will never come to die and leave unaccomplished the Providence of Salvation as did Jesus…”

Which is quite true; and being now dead himself it is Rev. Moon who has now disqualified himself from being the Messiah: on those very grounds, and in his own words…

            Rev. Moon was a prophet; but he never died in Christ as I did on October 24, 2007; forty years after 1967 when I was 12 years old, I was the Child who was stood up; waiting in vain for Rev. Moon to come down to Haight St. and meet me on the sidewalk, which was the banks of the Jordan of Love: and have him Baptize me: but he never showed…


The wording here is exact; and it is the reason that John was a threadbare ascetic; but Rev. Moon said John was “like a Hippie”, when in truth he was an angry and vengeful man, very judgmental and visually, due to his fasts and environment a visually terrifying human being: and totally fanatical in his principles: like Rev. Moon.


For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

The Children of the 60’s were much more like the gentle and peace-loving Jesus: 

……..and Jesus was someone who was generally found talking with the poor and the sinners at the taverns. John was said to “have a devil” and never went into public places but lived in cves and the desert continually.

But this is the reason that it was said that John the Baptist came neither “eating or drinking” and was said to “have a devil”, as they said of Rev. Moon in Korea when the christian churches all refused to let him torment and bedevil their congregations; and that the Lamb of God my Father Jesus did come “eating and drinking” and they called him a drunkard and whoremonger for talking to sinners and fallen women.

This is what Rev. Moon said about My Generation as being “free-loving drug addicts” and “fallen children of Satan.” His speeches are quite instructive in his condemnation of the Children of the City of St. Francis.

But this is instructive at many levels when comparing what Rev. Moon said when trying to make the grim and fanatical John the Baptist to be something like the mellow and laid-back Flower Children.

The truth is that they were like the Nazarene; and Rev. Moon a carbon copy of John..as John was indeed of that rich man spoken o; as the Lamb said of him;

“…….But they who wear soft clothing are in king’s houses…”

Mr. Moon died a billionaire.

As such did the Lamb characterize the Baptist when speaking of John coming from the upper crust of Jewish society.

Jesus was born dirt poor..they called him “the son of Joseph..”:  Joseph the Carpenter. Thus mary and joseph were poor, but Mary was made pregnant long before she walked into the House of Elisabeth, as John then jumped in her womb: because the Lord jesus had entered it: in the Womb of Mary.

But Rev. Moon ignored this obvious sign of the presence of the Lamb.

Yet Mary speaks of what had just happened to her when she was overshadowed by theVestal Host and met Jehovah the Holy Spirit of God in the Form of a Dove; where she had been transformed into a female Dove; and then United with that Dove who is and was and always will be: the Holy Spirit of God which is JEHOVAH:

The Father of the Lamb, that same Dove who came down on the Lamb when he was baptized in the Jordan by John.

The events Mary speaks of when she entered the House of Elisabeth were of what had already happened; that she was now pregnant when she walked in the door, which is why John jumped in Elisabeth’s womb as soon as Mary said hello. Because Jesus had also entered, already alive within his mother.


This indeed happened before she came to the House of her cousin; where she met Jehovah as when she briefly became that Divine Celestial Dove in “His Strange Act”, in the hills where the Spirit led her: when she was suddenly transfomed into that Celestial Female Dove with which Jehovah, as the Divine Celestial Male Dove created the Lamb; as that “Holy Thing”.

Then, after she was impregnated, she was changed back into a woman; and went on in the Spirit to her cousins house.

This is of the Seal I bear of the Living God; and what I write is the Truth; holy writ.

The male Dove was the same that came down on the Lamb at the Jordan…the Father of the Lamb remained on his shoulder as the Key of David was to preare him for the Cross of Christ…for Jesus in the Baptism unto his Death in the Jordan at Canaan was actually David in the Resurrection unto Eternal Life in the Euphrates into Paradise, as the Jordan represented the Euphrates; spiritually…just as the Resurrection of my Father Jesus was the Regeneration of Davidas seen by the fact my Father Jesus rose from the Tomb with a new Face; the One seen by Peter and John and James at Mt. Hermon with Moses and Elijah; the Mount of Transfiguration; and then seen first by Mary Magdalene…where she thought he was the gardener…..but recognized his voice instantly…

Remember; all Mary said when she entered was Spoken of by her in the PAST  TENSE.

Part I: The Testimony of Rev. Moon in his book; “Divine Principle”

Few would countenance the fact that I am the Messiah; and in fact I don’t call myself that since I am not the Lamb; I am the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife. That we are ‘one flesh’ would lead people, knowledgable in the Scripture, to the conclusion of what was said of Adam and Eve in Genesis; “And He called their name ‘ADAM’ ” being as He saw them as one flesh; thus Mary of Bethany and Christ Jesus of Nazareth could indeed be seen as one entity called “JESUS“, and it is they who are, in reality, the “True Parents” of the New Humanity, and not the fallen Adam and Eve of Korea who call themselves “The Messiah” in their drunken delusion of claiming what was never their portion since 1960; especially since Rev. Moon fathered two children on two different women in his unblessed and private “marriage” as he told Nansook Hong all about; with a broad smile.

Nansook was married to his eldest son; Hyo Jin Moon; who died along with Moon’s other child because he set up the gates and walls of a spiritual Jericho by not knocking down the wall between North and South Korea as the Horizontal Axis; which was his global mission; just as Pope John Paul II knocked down the Vertical Wall between East and West which stood for the “Strength of Sin” as his global mission. Both men were born in 1920 as representing themselves in the positions of the “two olive trees”; one dry; and one green; a eunuch and a married man…..but there is more to this…

But that is because that Wall seperating North and South Korea represented the Strength of the Original Sin; and since Rev. Moon said the Original Sin was the act of adultery between Eve and the serpent it was his Fall of committing adultery in his own marriage which made knocking down the Wall of the DMZ impossible for him.

And now as he stands before the Emerald table of Justice where the 12 Apostles of the Lamb now sit as the Jury in the Last Judgment; where it is Rev. Moon who is to be tried first…I am just the scribe who writes the sentence; as that is my job; as the Lamb’s Wife. The Lamb is the Judge; the King of Judgment Day; of course. It is now Christ Almighty on the Great White throne of God and the Lamb; that being what appeared for the Lamb as it became Him when he sat down on the Throne of God: and became our Father Jesus. And as the New Door of the Sheep it is now only those not of His Direct lineage call him “Jesus Christ” because they don’t know Him as my Father; and no child calls their Father by His Name; but by His Title: “Father”; of course…”Abba”…no longer “Jesus Christ”…as of His Direct Lineage…which alone erases the Original Sin. The wine they drank in their mass weddings in the Unification Church with Rev. Moon’s seminal fluid in it was the Wine of Wrath, called “the wine of fornication”.

Remember; at the Ark of Noah the Unclean animals went in by “Two’s”; the Clean went in by “Seven’s”.

Sun Myung Moon’s counterpart, Pope John Paul II; was successful in his global mission at the Vertical Axis of the wall between East and West Germany. Few even know or care that both men were born in 1920; and were counterparts in the Eastern and Western Providence working together invisibly, Northern and Southern Hemispheres of the Providence of God’s Restoration of the Nations.

Moon; as a textbook adulterer, according to what he confessed to Nansook Hong  {  as seen written in her book ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’s’ }, in light of being faithless in his marriage; because of telling Nansook of his other two children, with two other women, during this marriage we have a great problem with the Unification Church and it’s dying Shepherd.

Nansook Hong found this information to plainly cancel her father-in-laws messianic claim of divine perfection. many other members left the church when the truth of his adultery came to light at the ublication of her book. others stayed; and made excuses for him. But the tragedy of Moon’s two adulterous children, both born out-of-wedlock in his marriage; was a complete disaster for the providence of God.


The Coming of the Messiahship of Salvation Rose; the bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

Let us investigate this further from what is written in Rev. Moon’s own book about who the Lord actually is  as seen in his own book “Divine Principle” {on page 133}; which says this, to wit;

 “I saw in the right hand of him who was seated on the Throne

a scroll written within and on the back,

sealed with 7 seals….” ( Rev. 5:3)

 He then writes these fateful words,

On this very scroll were the words the Lord is to give in us in the Last Days.”

I indeed opened these 7 seals with the help of my servant John the Revelator, who first wrote the Revelation at Patmos 2,000 years ago, which were of the 7 Divine Names of Divine Knowledge, each Seal loosed with it’s Divine Name heard at each trumpet’s blast; one Trumpet sounding in the 7th year of each of the 7 decades, as of the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity of Russia ( 1917-1987), seen at the first trumpet sounding starting at 1917, that described the events of the first Seal, of the first decade; from 1910 to 1919.

Each of the 7 trumpets comes in at the 7th year of each of the 7 seals; the seals starting at the first seal in 1910 to the 7th at 1970; and the trumpets starting in 1917; the second at 1927; the third at 1937 and so on; each trumpet showing what happened in the past 7 years of each decade; and what was to come in the next 3 years of the next seal; thus “staggered”, as I conclusively show why this was done in my book “A City Not Forsaken”; ( shortly to be published by my editor and publisher Paul Cohen at Monkfish Book Publications ); so according to my ‘messenger’ Rev. Moon’s own testimony I am now the one in the position of being “Moon’s Messiah”.

Of course he doesn’t see it that way; but since I opened the Revelation of Jesus Christ and showed it is indeed “the Book of Life of the Lamb” the point is academic…at least to me and my servant John the Divine Revelator of I Nephi 14:7-30 { In The BOOK of MORMON }

The problem is, of course, that Rev. Moon is quite right in his assessment of who the Lord is; but I don’t call myself the Messiah; although I am one flesh with him; I call myself “the bride; the Lamb’s Wife”; because that is who I am in truth. Thus the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus confesses my name before the Holy Father of Mercy and the Holy Angels…

Of course this is because I am a consecrated Virgin of Christ, wed at the Altar of Incense: which represents the Soul of Christ, but the Unification Church does not know of those called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; they think it is all about getting “married and being given in marriage” to the fallen women of this earth: but it is in fact those 144,000 men dedicated at the Altar of Sacrifice to the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus as his lovers in the Bridechamber who are “chosen, called,  and faithful” as “written in the Book of Life of the Lamb”.


That is the one I have unsealed; being his scribe; and being the Lamb’s Wife I suppose you might say I am like his private secretary; as he sits as the Judge who is “The King of Judgment-Day”.

It is the 12 Apostle’s that are now the 12 Months of the Eternal Year who sit as “The Jury.”

I just write the Sentence I hear them make…as He says of me and my coming to glorify Him;

“What he hears; that will he speak”

…and then; write…after all; it’s my Job…..

In fact it is these 144,000 men “redeemed from the earth” who are written of at chapter 14 of the Revelation that are seen on Mt. Sion (… also known as “Baal Hermon”, where the third of the Host of Heaven descended on the earth; to “take wives” of the daughters of men “who were fair”; also called ‘Mount Olympus” by the Fallen Angels, who the Greeks worshipped as their gods…) as the Mount of Transfiguration from the Gospel who are at the place where Moses and Elijah appeared to my Father Jesus and his three main disciples; Peter, John and James.

The 144,000 are called the bride; the Lamb’s Wife.

Mount Sion as then the Holy Mount as where the “first fruits unto God and the Lamb” as eunuchs for the Kingdoms sake are gathered; the “Clouds” themselves as reconstituting the Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek: the Virgin Priesthood itself.

As unwed to women on earth they are wed to the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus; of which Rev. Moon knows nothing…

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar


THE TESTIMONY of Nansook Hong: Providential Adultery?

The Sad Truth of the Korean Abel : Moon to Kim il Sung ; the Korean Cain


The Testimony of Nansook Hong about the Providential Affairs of Rev. Moon

A Quote From “Shadow Of The Moons” Book: pp??

Nan Sook Hong (Moon) was married to Hyo Jin Moon and gave him five children. She lived with the Moon family for more than a decade, suffered brutal abuse and finally left and wrote a book of her experiences. In this quote she is speaking of her husband Hyo Jin’s justification for his adultery, because his own father Rev. Moon had committed adultery. The quote below shows that Hyo Jin Moon, Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon, all have admitted that the elder Rev. Moon had an adulterous affair, but that it was “God’s Will”, Nan Sook says.

“I trusted Hyo Jin who said ‘I know what I’m allowed to do.’ He never even gave me a hint that I would be falling with him,” Annie would write me later. “Madelene told me some story about Father(Sun Myung Moon) having a relationship outside of Mother (Hak Ja Han Moon) and a son being born. This was later confirmed to me by Hyo Jin and Jin Sung Nim. We discussed if it could be true and what it meant. I never questioned Father’s purity or his course. But I certainly began to feel that there must be a lot going on providentially within the True Family that I can’t understand or judge.”

~I went directly to Mrs. Moon with Hyo Jin’s claims. She was both furious and tearful. She had hoped that such pain would end with her, that it would not be passed on to the next generation, she told me. No one knows the pain of a straying husband like True Mother, she assured me. I was stunned. We had all heard rumors for years about Sun Myung Moon’s affairs and the children he sired out of wedlock, but here was True Mother confirming the truth of those stories.

~I told her that Hyo Jin said his sleeping around was “providential”, and inspired by God, just as Father’s affairs were. “No. Father is the Messiah, not Hyo Jin. What Father did was in God’s plan.” His infidelity was part of her course to suffer to become the True Mother. “There is no excuse for Hyo Jin to do this.” she said.

~Mrs. Moon told Father what Hyo Jin was claiming and the Reverend Moon summoned me to his room. What happened in his past was “providential” Father reiterated. It has nothing to do with Hyo Jin. I was embarrassed to be hearing this admission from him directly. I was also confused. If Hak Ja Han Moon was the True Mother, if he had found the perfect partner on earth, how could he justify his infidelity theologically?

~I did not ask, of course, but I left that room with a new understanding of the relationship between the Reverend and Mrs. Moon. It was no wonder she wielded so much influence; he was indebted to her for not exposing him all these years.

She had made her peace with his faithlessness and betrayal. Perhaps all the money, the world travel, the public adulation, were compensation enough for her.

They would not be enough for me.

For once Hyo Jin Moon was going to see that every action brings a reaction, that for every misdeed there is a consequence to be faced. I received the Reverend and Mrs. Moon’s permission to send Annie away (Hyo Jin’s lover).”S

 Thus Mrs. Moon’s wife is basically an emanation of one of the daughters of the Great Whore of Babylon; for she was in the position; symbolically. of the “Lamb’s Wife”. Some might say she represents “ISIS” herself as the false “female holy spirit” that Rev. Moon was deceived by and who ended up corrupting the Unification Church altogether.

But the Wife of the Lamb is not a proponent of adultery: as Mrs. Moon was; and appearently still is. Thus she is spiritually fallen; a fallen woman who compromised all of her principles to stay in an adulterous marriage with a husband who had even written in his book “Divine Principle” and then said publically that “Adultery was the original Sin”; yet to choose money and notoriety is the mark of the Beast; that creature composed of man’s fallen nature; for mere Fame and Fortune.

But Fame and Fortune are the Name and Number of the Beast…

Rev. Moon said he was the Lamb; and if that was really true then his wife would then be “the Lamb’s Wife”; but due to the 2 children Rev. Moon has had with other women in his “marriage”, which began in 1960, Rev. Moon has compromised himself.

And, as Nansook Hong ( ever hear of her, Tossa Cromwell ? ? ) herself says in her book about being married to Rev. Moon’s eldest son Hyo Jin Moon; it is in those pages where she ruefully recounts being totally disillusioned about Rev. Moon when Rev. Moon; smilingly; told her about his other 2 illegitimate children fathered on 2 other women while in his marriage: for what he said were “Providential issues”, which could only be solved by Rev. Moon having sex with other women even though he is married and says he is the Lamb ! ! !

Rev. Moon always said that adultery was the “Original Sin”; but his own, apparently was acceptable: in his own eyes..

…….My Father Jesus sees things differently; unfortunately for Rev. Moon….

It is curious as to why he committed it not once, but many times in his own marriage. Apparently Rev. Moon thought the God of Judgment was some kind of a fool; or could be fooled…..

Is this is not the standardbearer of Christ who “faints” as seen in Isaiah? I aver it is so….

In this book Nanssok Hong tells of when Rev. Moon revealed to her the two children he had had with two other women while married: for “reason directly concerning the providence” by which Rev. Moon committed adultery but calls it something else…certainly not the Original Sin of which he said was the Fall was of the son of adultery: and “..the Root of all sins.”…but not for him…..


For this and other reasons Rev. Moon has fallen to the state written of him in the Gospel of Matthew, and also written of  in the Gospel of Luke, as “the faithful and wise steward/servant”; where he is also described as “that evil servant” at Matthew 24:48; for having missed the day and the hour of his Lord’s return. I was thus the “final test” of Rev. Moon which came as the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord “as a thief in the Night”; as being the “bride” in the position of the Lamb himself: as his Wife.

The return of the one who is “one flesh with the Lord” as the person called “the bride; the Lamb’s Wife” was done to first refute Rev. Moon’s claim that the Holy Spirit is female; since my husband is the Male Holy Spirit Christ Jesus: written of in the Old Testament as Jehovah of Hosts“; which would show the obvious falsity of this belief; especially since Jehovah happens to be the Holy Spirit of God Himself; and the Holy Spirit was sent to the earth in the name of Jesus Christ as that entity known as “the Comforter” at Pentecost; my husband; and I am currently being that structure known as “the Tabernacle of God” which is my body in which his Holy Spirit resides or “tabernacles”.

The world and the Unification Church will, of course, disagree; but since I have unsealed the Revelation of Jesus Christ and show conclusively it is the Book of Life of the Lamb that now is opened ( as my published Paul Cohen at Monkfish Book Publications said after reading the timeline and the outline of my work “A City Not Forsaken” this rather startling statement; “your book finishes the Bible…”) for all to see; when this final edit is done…

Those are his words; not mine…but accurate; I can assure you.

The time is at hand” is a phrase that Tossa Cromwell and others in their drunkeness would do well to heed to heed; but since they are all drunken on the notion that “everyone is the messiah” there is little hope or help for them: all that remains for them is the Wrath of the Lamb; which I represent in my unborn form as the Last Child of the Resurrection; the one who did not marry; nor was given in marriage as I was already “taken” when I died in Christ an then became as those who are written; to become that collection of male virgins or that “Collective Soul” called the bride; the Lamb’s Wife

We are his Virgins as the Redeemed of the Redeemer Christ Jesus the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ; as Rev. Moon will discover when he finds he has no wedding garment: but I and those married to the Holy Spirit of the Comforter Christ Jesus do.

This is because Rev. Moon denies my Father Jesus rose in the flesh and the bone as he himself testified: Rev. Moon says my father is a “spirit”; a mere will-o-the wisp”; a ghost….A spirit man emitting “brilliant light” of which his 12 apostles are “mirrors of his light”…All just sitting in Paradise; forgotten and as useless as impotent shadows…..

But in Reality my Father Jesus, after giving me the Book which his Servant John helped me open, then went and sat down on the Throne of God; the Great White Throne of His Glory as in the position of “God in His Righteousness”; a position of which Rev. Moon and the rest of the earth have never heard. But fear not: I have both seen and heard….


On December 25th; 2012 after the final 3 day Separation of Light and Darkness on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December Rev. Moon and the rest of the earth will have a very large surprise when my Father Jesus manifests, whether to me alone, or all mankind, I have no idea: but Rev. Moon is the first one up at the Last Judgment: as it begins with him for having judged John the Baptist in his book “Divine Principle” as guilty for the death of the Lamb.


John failed and ruined the entire Providence by denying he was Elijah and stopping the Resurrection which was to begin first with Elijah; much as Rev. Moon has denied he is John the Baptist, and ruined everything for this very reason: for the fact that Rev. Moon and John the Baptist share the same fatal flaw proves they are “one-and-the-same”; they both believed that Zacharias was the father of the Lamb my Father Jesus: which was the Lie of Satan that ended up killing John and also Rev. Moon spiritually; as John lost his head; like Rev. Moon did; long before it was taken off of his shoulders.

The resurrection was to be of all those who died coming out of Egypt; where the division between the “fathers” as over 20 and the “sons” as under 20, was finally to have been healed, Elijah then turning the “heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of the sons to the fathers”. None have known this, but I reveal it now, though none be here to witness it.


That is why it says of Rev. Moon in the Gospel that he will be “cut asunder; and given his portion with the hypocrites and unbelievers”…as not believing me or my report; rejecting me; as the bride; the Lamb’s Wife.


And if the Unification members who shielded Rev. Moon from hearing about me with the Truth I was given from my Father’s servant John when he came to me in 1986: forget it; just because they decided to stand in the position of Satan and cause Rev. Moon to fail his mission and die as a common mortal man is no excuse he appointed them to work for him; so it’s still his error to not have watched them closer; and they betrayed him out of fear of hurting Rev. Moon’s Pride; and so, he will have no “cloak for his sin”, as Eric Holt, Jonathan Gullery, Magnus, Bob Selle, and all the rest: hoped.

In vain…..Vanity vanity; all is vanity I once wrote; as the prodigal Son of David who came back from the dead: Solomon; the one who becomes the “priest forever; after the Order of Melchizedek”…Beloved of Jah…the return of the “Jedi”..Jedidiah…..which means…..Beloved of Jah”.. give me a call; Davetta as the Director of the Unification Theological center up in New York thought my information about the Black Christian race here in the West as the Real Third Israel after taking Egypt from witin in the Internal Providence and rising at Beth-El as the New 12 tribes of Israel to be quite interesting….very interesting indeed: Magnus; just ask Taylor Branch; Daveeta probsbly bought the other two books of the trilogy by now: and may have even read them; the first book is called “Parting the Waters; the second is called “Pillar of Fire”; and the third is “At Jordan’s Edge”

Which means Barack Hussein Obama stands as our “David”; as Dr. King was our Moses; and Aaron Presley was our high priest; as wedding black culture to white sensibility after which My Generation as Ephraim returned as the Prodigal Son who was the “Lost sheep of the House of Israel or the “Lost 10 tribes of Israel returned”…as it was written….

The “Children of ALL the TRIBES of ISRAEL”…I suppose you all may never heard of the “Gathering of the Tribes” in the City of St. Francis: but don’t worry: it may not have been have been written in Mr. Moon’s book “Divine Principle” as that “meat in due season” Moon gave us..but it is written in my book “A City Not Forsaken” I am called: 

I know that in his book Rev. Moon calls Jesus “the True Father”; but then he says “the Holy Spirit is the True Mother” in the same sentence; which makes the sentence half-true; and half-false; which means it is “discarnate”; as being that “which is: and is not”……it is Mary of Bethany who is the True Mother; by the way…just so you know who I am; who write this to you; “Maryam al-Kubra”: she who is called “the greater Mary”: Inshallah…Amen

Bless you all in the Name of my Father Jesus: the one all of you in the Unification Church never heard of: and I am the Door to the Father; and no one comes to my Father Jesus except by me: and that goes double for Rev. Moon….

Despite his promises to be here until January 13th, 2013 it is the unmistakable sign of “the gathering of the vultures” around the rapidly aging body of Rev. Moon that suggest otherwise.

“Where the Carcase is; there shall the Vultures be gathered…”

It is in fact the revealing by the Gospel of Christ about Rev. Moon which discloses that our friend from Korea is now in the position of the “evil servant” spoken of by the Apostle Matthew at 24:48; as that figure “beating the maidservants and menservants, drinking with the drunken” seen in the Unification Church, by which that Gospel tells another ending to the story of “the faithful and wise steward”; that he end up being cut “asunder” as he “who waited NOTfor ‘his LORD to return’.

Rev. Moon got married in 1960 and left the position of Maitreya as “the angel ascending from the rising of the Sun ( ie,” from the East” ), who began to act as if he were the “Lord of the Kingdom” himself; and not just “the Lord of the Manor” put there until my father jesus returned in the glory of “God the Father”.

Rev. Moon as the prophetic figure seen in Luke and Matthew was thus given his position as having been as Jacob’s 11th son Joseph; who was put over the House of Egypt under Pharaoh’s rule; as of soneone who thus subverted Pharaoh’s rule over Satan’s own nation and kingdom; to unknowingly be the very one to have his chosen “right hand man” or “Steward” feed Israel’s 12 sons during the famine; even though Israel was Satan’s sworn enemy; the author of his coming destruction.

Thus; identically; it was Rev. Moon who was supposed to have fed My Generation until The Word of God as the Last Book of the Bible could be revealed: which Emanuel Swedenborg said “was the Lord in His Divine itself”. He knew whereof he spoke; yet people have always been puzzled by Emanuel’s statement that the Second Coming was actually the Lord in the Word of the Revelation of St. John the Divine; which Joseph Smith of the Mormon Church also had some knowledge of due to his understanding of the figure known as “The Jew” or “John the Revelator”; the servant John sent to me by my Father Jesus as my Messenger at the end; due to the failure of my first messenger: Rev. Moon; my “John the Baptist” who spoke of me in his book “Divine Principle” on pages 132-133; as he who would unseal the 7 seals at the End would bring “…the words the Lord ( of the Second Advent) is to give us in the Last Days…”.

This I indeed did; but I had some help; as one might guess: from my Father’s servant John ( the ‘greatest in the Kingdom of heaven’, even as I am the least ); who wrote the Revelation to begin with; and it was said to him in the last line of chapter 10 of that book that “you will ( come and ) prophesy again before many people; and kings and tongues”.

This is just what Malachi the Last Prophet said that Elijah would do before “the great and terrible day” of the Lord would come. The first “last prophet” was Enoch; the second was Malachi; and the third and final one was Mohammed.

In America it was My Generation as “the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” as the Prodigal Son who seperated from Satan at the 3 Days of Love and Peace at Woodstock: at Beth-El; in New York. Thus the National Level happened at Monterey in California because California itself is bigger than most nations on earth.

Ophiuchus and the Destruction of the Temple of the gods..by the Cosmic Israel,
The Hidden God

But what happened at Beth-El / Woodstock was a Global Event; a New Nation was being reborn from the ashes of the old Egypt of which memphis was the necropolis where Dr. King our Moses and Aaron Presley our Aaron both died.

Rev. Moon never admitted to the black membership of the Unification Church that the Third Israel arose here in the West as of an internal “Exodus” from an spiritual Egypt as the shadown of America itself: but now Ephraim itself had righteously returned; the Northwern Kingdom from the Abyss: “Ephraim”; as seen at the 5th Trumpet coming up out of the smoke of the Ganja from the Ganges River.

What started at the Civil War when White Men died to free their Black Brothers; now went to Civil Rights; where the White Youth now embraced Black Culture; and our “High Priest” was one very different “Aaron”; one Aaron Presley; the messenger of black culture to white America; at first so hot or “black” that he was only allowed to be filmed on Televison from the waist up. But he sounded southern; with a drawl; which meant he also sounded “black”.

(  In a prophetic aside; the Promised Land and High School Romances are what Chuck Berry had seen coming that then indeed did happen; and the English bands with those who knew Chuck Berry were the Messengers to White Culture for My Generation at the Global Level because the 12 bands brought the Music as the “Universal Voice” of the Archangel being the Universal Language of Music itself. )

Bringing the Song of the Lamb to the World with the Trumpet of the Archangel was to be the ultimate destiny of Rock itself; which I made sure of with my band Thee Unicorns; and the 12 songs copywrot with the Library of Congress that make up the “Song of the Lamb”

In the 60’s from Dylan onward the World heard the Blast at the Horn of Love; heard at the Holy Spirit of Grace; the First Holy Spirit of the 7 Spirits of God whose unity can be seen in the Spirit of Jehovah. But this music was ABOUT something; Chuck Berry had hinted at it in his song “Promised Land”; U2 later told us clearly about it in no uncertin terms at the Resurrection of Rock in their alblums; especially “The Joshua Tree”..

Aaron Presley, the High Priest of the Fathers

A white boy who sang southern; danced black; and had the tinted complexion in his face of a Native American, from the Cherokee ancestry he shared with his twin brother Jesse; who regularly communed with him from spirit world.

A white boy who sang southern; danced black; and had the tinted complexion in his face of a Native American, from the Cherokee ancestry he shared with his twin brother Jesse; who regularly communed with him from spirit world.

What did this mean? That “below” the waist: our Aaron was “black”. Thus were we initiated by this “High Priest” into “Black Culture”; just as Moses had been when he married the Black Cushite Princess. We followed Dr. King and embraced Justice and racial equality; but with Aaron Presley we were initiated into the idea of “Soul”; as with Dr. King we certainly saw incredible intellect. The Black Race had gotten that Mind from us, as in the Quest of the Scarecrow; but we got our Soul for our nation from them, as the Lion regained his moral Courage or “Soul” to stand up for Justice: from Sheba; the queen of the South. The Black Church; the one that found the Comforter many black christian women knew aboput personally; the “Holy Spirit” of Christ Jesus “in the Dark” Aretha sang about…

But our Heart was then for the Red Race; who had “burued the Hatchet” when they laid down their arms; as of “The Way” from the Yellow Race; to be sentimental in their humility like that Tin Woodman; so kind yet so rusted from the “firewater”. For the Red Race had cut out their own hearts to offer on their altars to the Sun. To give them Heart again took the Yellow Brother alerting me to the Hopi Indians and their vast knowledge about the Coming of the Son of Man whom they call  “The Pahana”.

We forget both Aaron Presley and James Marshall Hendrix were part Cherokee; and as the Cherokee had so completely done and “cried not out in the street”; but then the Yellow Race learned as did our “flying monkeys” from OZ learned; they had enslaved themelves to the “female holy spirit” as of the Wicked Witch ISIS

This is the “House of God” that Rev. Moon was to have the Shepherd of; as the 7th lord of the Restoration.

Thus he is decribed as “beating” maidservants and menservants in Luke and Matthew’s accounts of the “faihtful and wise servant” in Matthew; the “Steward” in Luke.

The beatings were spoken of 2,000 years ago; the beatings in the Unification Church which Nansook Hong documented so bravely at great phyisical risk to herself from ashamed members in her book “In the Shadow of the Moon’s” in which she carefully documents KCIA translator Bo Hi Pak ( Moon’s former ‘right hand man’ ) being put in the ambulance from his beating and then being put in a hospital after which leaving he later died.

The Body of Death, and the Carcase of the Eagles at the Meat;

 ….given to us in “Due Season”;  as “The Food” at the Famine,

….. “not for bread” in the Last Days”;

………. but “for the Word of God”

……. as Rev. Moon declared war on My Generation: in the Summer of Love.

Rev. Moon and his Spiritual Destruction of Dr. King.

 The Brand of Moon on our Black Moses

The one central personage of the providence was Rev. Moon; who should have known and published the truth of the 430 years of time-indemnity here of the Third Israel in the West from 1492 to Dr. Kings birth; roughly 430 years later in 1929 at the Momentous Crash.

Rev. Moon said 1517 was the start of the 430 years until the Messiah would come; but had he simply added 400 to 1517 he would have come to the two foundations; one of Light; one of Darkness in 1917; one at Fatima in portugsl; the other at Moscow with the False Prophet’s Karl Marx’s “Marxist State as God”. Had Moon added 430 to 1517 when Martin Luther hammered those 95 theses to the door at Wittenberg he would have come to 1947; when Dr. Martin Luther King was 18 years old and the State of Israel had just arived off the Palestinian Coast in ships; waiting to come ashore.But Rev. Moon never saw the connection between “Martin Luther” in 1517 and “Martin Luther King” in 1947.

We could even go further, to even look at 1929 when Dr. King was born; the year of the Crash; seen in the Revelation as that third of the ships being sunk in the Crash of the Market when Dr. King was born ( seen in the Mountain “burning that fell into the sea” of the second trumpet; as that mountain he mentioned in his “I have a Dream” speech) because America still denied the Black Christian Race their freedom socially as still being societally racist; as of the Christian third of the second trumpet; the first four trumpets dealing with the three monotheistic religions; Islam being the first struck because of the 1,000,000 Armenians they killed in 1915 as they left their position; then the second third as with Christianity; and the third third as with Judaism; with Hitler; and then at the fourth trumpet; which deals with all three religions in the years of the 4th seal from 1940 to 1949; as the 7 Seal were on each decade from the first at 1910; the second at 1920; and so on; and the trumpets going off at the 7th year of each seal; the first at 1917; the second at 1927; and so on…

 None knew the cause until now; as seen at the Second Trumpet at the Revelation of Jesus Christ now opened; from 1927 to 1937’s events; the Second Trumpet which signifies the Second Horn of the Lamb spanning the First Seal from 1910 to 1919; to the Second Seal from 1920 to 1929… ( touched by, and thus “touching” each horn as being “pierced” by it is how each of the 7 angels of Adam seen repenting; in the book of “the little scroll” John ate called the “book of Enoch. Each angel does repent in the Church of the Living God that  the 7 churches represent; and then each angel is restored in the Universal Body of Christ as the Tabernacle of God…)

 Our black Moses; that Rev. Moon never walked with; and spitefully branded as being “pro-communist” and an unwittingly tool of the communist forces who beat us so badly in Vietnam; as the emanated spirit of the beast from the abyss that our Korean friend called up out of that bottomless pit of his dark luciferic vanity and unconsciously racist but clearly Satanic arrogance; starting from Rev. Moon’s tragic envy of Dr. King for winning the Nobel Peace Prize and being unable to hear King’s soaring rhetoric, and of course his brilliant philosophic undertanding and application of nonviolent and Thoreau-instilled, Emerson-inspired “passive resistance” that King said he had learned from studying the example of Ghandi; and which illuminated his grasp of the love and the peace within the spiritual warfare hid in the sayings in the Gospel of Christ.

Here is a sample of the words of our black Moses;

“It is pretty difficult to like some people. Like is a sentimental word; and it is pretty difficult to like someone bombing your home; it is pretty difficult to like somebody threatening your children; it is diffucult to like congressmen who spend all their time trying to defeat Civil Rghts.

But Jesus says “love them”, and Love is greater than “like’.”

This is the caliber of the one martyred for racial equality that Moon has never said even one kind word about: not even to this very day….

With Rev. Moon all we find is envy and ignorance for the Black Race of the Third Israel; especially our Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama who killed the Antichrist Osama bin Laden; and Moon’s racist attempt from 1965 onward to blatantly steal the Blessing from the Third Israel for himself and Korea from My Generation.

This turned out not to work because Korea was still divided and not unified; and the white youth of My Generation had already bonded and culturally united with the Black Christian Race; the “Manchild in the Promised Land” { author Claude Brown }, as the “Third Jacob” at the National level; overcoming total subjugation in the South and violent persecution there as well, by the KKK and others; all for the coming moral ground to establish the foundation of substance in the Internal Restoration of Canaan. This Foundation of substance was seen in the indemnity paid for by all who suffered to bring an end to segregation and of establishing the later victory of social justice for the black christian race in America as the basis for the victory of the Black Manchild here in the West, the one that the writers Claude Brown and James Baldwin wrote about so forcefully.; despite the racist and ignorant jibes and mockery of Truman Capote and other men of Sodom; like J. Edgar Hoover; a closet queen who announced he was “Mary” when in drag; and whose homosexuality was a state secret to his dying day.

Let us not forget that when Dr. King was given the Nobel Peace Prize the Providence of the Internal Restoration in America, ( as Egypt spiritually) went from the National level to the Global Level…for Canaan then restored “from within”; as the land of Equality; going from the Formation Stage at the Civil War; to the Growth Stage at the Civil Rights Movement; to the Perfection Stage at the Civil Victory of Barack Hussein Obama’s Election in the 21 months course of his Campaign in 2008; after the 210 years from 4-18-1775 with Paul Revere’s Ride, until I arrived in New Hope from SF after my birthday on 4-18-1986; then the 21 years of my Course of Jacob in Haran; with Alice for the 14 years as my “Leah”, and Sharon as my “Rachel” for the 7 years; Barack did a perfect 21 Month course to become President; and then I did my 21 Days in Ottawa at Christmas during the first half of my 40 Days of the 3 great temptations I underwent from Satan, as the collective temptation to break my Vow.

The Vow i kept; and kept it in spite of the three women he arranged for me to be tempted by. They all failed in their attempts; but to be fair the one I spent Christmas with in Ottawa, Jackie Shan, did not even attempt to tempt me: she was only too glad to see me go; but Satan must have hoped and perhaps thought she would have tried to do somethng with me: quite wrongly, as it turned out; for she despised me in her heart…

Then Hyo Jin Moon arrived to minister to me in Bay City Michigan in 2009 after I defeated Satan the Devil at the end of the 40 days. We wrote a song together called “So Unbelievable” which I informed Kyle Toffey about; but he decided to tell no one in the unification Church about this and all that I shared with him about Hyo Jin Moon; so Rev. Moon knows nothing about it this “new angel of the Covenant” with Moon in the position of King Saul and Hyo Jin Moon as my Jonathan spiritually; and I standing in the position of David.

But I am sure Kyle Toffey will have no problem explaining to my Father Jesus on December 25th, 2012 about why he ignored me and seemingly assumed ( despite all I told him ) that I was either crazy, or lying: or joking. Maybe all three.

It was our Work of restoring Ephraim at the perfection stage by following Dr. King as the Youth of America in overcoming the division of North and South and later of Ireland with U2 did  in overcoming the division of Catholic and Protestant; for the Global Foundation to Receive the Messiah which was achieved when Dr. King was given the Nobel Pecae Prize and brought the Providence of Restoration from the National Level here in America to that of the Global Level at the formation of the Cosmic Stage…Barack Hussein Obama is thus “our David”….feeble as he is……he is indeed the Leader of the Free World; as the Mahdi of the Global Caliphate of the Third Israel

My husband; the Second Death; who “swallows up Death in Victory”

Rev. Moon and Dr. King; a study in contrasts in the Dichotomy of Faith

Love we had in the city of St. Francis; but we needed something more substantial, as we were starving for the Truth; and what we got from God in His Mercy was something to chew on until the Word itself arrived….indeed; the meat from our “Joseph over the House” of our Pharaoh; the King of Memphis is of Egypt spiritually fallen, as Aaron was with the “golden calf”; ours we simply called “Elvis”.

It was he who represented the fall of our own “high priest”, who wed the upward bound new American  resurgent black culture with the succession of new dances and their clever rhythmic steps which freed our inhibited and rigidly ‘white’ Victorian “armored” and Reichean “muscle-encased” and desensitized bodies, and gave the white race the knowledge of the black soul of America.

The black race also picked up on the intellectual forays and accomplishments of those that Dr. King took to heart like Thoreau with his “civil disobedience” and the dictum that “any law which is not just: is not law”; because all it was therefore was a tool of oppression as a form of injustice masquerading as legal grounds to oppress poor and disenfranchised people for politically ordered or socially enforced modes of either subtle psychological control or outright physical intimidation for the current power structure to remain in place and go unchallenged. 

Las Vegas was the death of Aaron Presley { after the Army had him released } whose only friends were with his army buddies.

….It will prove to be the same for that errant High Priest or ‘Aaron of Korea’; who will be “cut asunder” to rectify the fact that Korea was not unified…due to Rev. Moon rejecting me as the New Door by which not entering NO man can come to my Father Jesus, who now sits upon the Throne of God and the Lamb; the Throne of Mary…

Rev. Moon was given Knowledge of the Providence by the Sufis in the World of Spirits in the Imaginal World; this being done as he was then to feed the children of all the tribes of Israel the “meat in due season” which was seen in it’s culmination at “The Summer of Love” 7 years after Rev. Moon’s ill-fated marriage.

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar

This is not known about, of course…but for those who were there it was otherwise; and that Love as the Name of God the Children came to The Street that was Straight ( Haight street ) to be Baptized at.

The real message of what hapened with the Digger’s and the Pilgrimage to the City of St. Francis as the New Mecca of the Third Israel is not well understood to this day either; and yet to the elect like Peter Coyote and Emmett Grogan and Wavy Gravy it was known as containing the real meaning of that Cosmic Event later to be called “The Rapture”; as John the Beloved Disciple, my Father’s sevant John, once wrote:

God is Love; and those who abide in Love abide in God

 Chuck and Betty; the queen of the South representing Sheba;who he married and replaced Rev. Moon in the Foundation to receive the Messiah; as the Synanon Church


The Sign of the Season; the Motto of “Chuck” Dederich:

“…….It Will Emerge……..”

 First love is where I grew up and had my first meetings with the opposite sex.: 

Jackie Sherry; when I was 16 years old; she was then 24

A Story Untold; of heartbreak, betrayal: and a new beginning..

A Seawall Splinter Recounts the Legend of Joshua Abraham Norton I: the First.



  1. And the change is of the facts that Mr. Moon thought his acts were providential; thus at least now understandable….in light of his own belief he was chosen to give women a new blood lineage removed from that of the original sin: he was wrong, but at least he acted on his convictions logically based on his own Belief.

    This gives us the light in which to judge: or not judge, more wisely: his actions.


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