The Tragic Death of my Messenger Rev. Moon in the position of John the Baptist | “The Measure 144” – Missive #2

And so: "....carved out himself a tomb..."?And so: "....carved out himself a tomb..."?  As Shebna had done before being replaced in his position by Eliakim the Scribe

And so: “….carved out himself a tomb…”? And so: “….carved out himself a tomb…”? As Shebna had done before being replaced in his position by Eliakim the Scribe

The Final Moments for the High Priest of Korea:

The Future University and College of the Shepherds for the New Unification Church

The Future University and College of the Shepherds for the New Unification Church

Moon’s Illness ‘irreversible’: Unification Church

And is saying that Rev. Moon is the “one and only Messiah in human history” really wise since it is a false statement??
Further it is the proof of this in that Rev. Moon himself said in his book “Divine Principle”,  on page 365, that…..
……….    “The Messiah will never come to die…”   ………
Therefore, if he dies, by his own admission: he is not the Messiah.
But he was my Messenger; just as John the Baptist was for my Father Jesus

SEOUL (Aug 31, 2012):

The illness of Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon is “irreversible”, the church said Friday, after he was hospitalised with complications from pneumonia more than two weeks ago. Moon, 92, has critical organ failure and is on life support, it said in a statement.
Spokesman Ahn Ho-Yeol told AFP that Moon would be transferred from Seoul’s St Mary’s Hospital later Friday to a medical centre at the church’s estate east of the capital.
Treating him on “holy ground” would have “greater providential significance”, the church’s International Vice-President Joon Ho Seuk said in a statement.
Seuk said that Moon’s condition had appeared to be improving for a while, but in the past few days his doctors reported he had entered”an irreversible stage of his condition”.
Moon’s “kidneys have ceased to function, and the function of his liver is deteriorating rapidly”, he said. “He can no longer sustain his life without the supply of oxygen artificially produced by a machine.”
In these circumstances, the officials at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital informed us that ‘there is no longer any way to improve True Father’s condition through modern medical technology’,” said Seuk.
The phrase “True Father” refers to Moon, who the church says is “the one and only messiah in human history“.
“The seven billion people of this world should stay up all night in prayer wishing for the recovery of True Father, who is so precious and dear to all of us, as he fights against his illness,” Seuk said.
The Unification Church, set up by Moon in Seoul in 1954, is one of the world’s most controversial religious organisations, and its devotees are often dubbed “Moonies” after the founder.
It is widely known for conducting mass weddings among followers involving thousands of couples.
It says it evangelises in some 200 countries and according to another spokesman has some three million followers worldwide.The church has a vast business empire, including The Washington Times newspaper, Manhattan’s New Yorker Hotel and interests in North Korea, where Moon was born.
He visited the country in 1991 to meet then-president Kim Il-Sung. – AFP

As the shattered leadership of the Unification Church now deifies the adulterer Sun Myung Moon steps are being taken with the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb who now sits as in the position of the Judge on the Great White Throne of Justice as "The King of Judgment Day". Their first Case: Sun Myung Moon, present first reviewed charge: Adultery. First piece of Prosecutors Evidence; Sammy Pak.  According to written testimony presented "Adultery was 'the Original Sin' of Eve"....these being Sun Myung Moon's own words in his book "Divine Principle" as Exhibit "A"

As the shattered leadership of the Unification Church now deifies the adulterer Sun Myung Moon steps are being taken with the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb who now sits as in the position of the Judge on the Great White Throne of Justice as “The King of Judgment Day”. Their first Case: Sun Myung Moon, present first reviewed charge: existence of Sammy Pak.
According to written testimony presented “Adultery was ‘the Original Sin’ of Eve”….these being Sun Myung Moon’s own words in his book “Divine Principle” as Exhibit “A”

The Divine Islam of the Virgins of the Altar:

Where there is:

 No wine; no women; left singing

“The Song of the Lamb”

                               Islamic term; “Sirat al-Mustaqim” means the straight path of God in Islam, and refers to a narrow path (thinner then a string of hair) 3,000 miles long that the souls of the dead must cross on the Judgment Day to reach heaven. (  3,000 miles as from the East Coast to the West Coast in “a flash of Lightning”  )
In one version of the tale, the souls of the virtuous are helped to navigate it because their good deeds turn into ‘a white horse’ they can ride to the end.” ( The White Horse is ‘Kalki’ as Maitreya the Virgin of the Ganges as the Holy River;  the Cosmic Israel as the Holy Mount of the Lord of the Second Advent: Lord Ishvara; the Holy One of the 300 Million Untouchables in India as their part of the Cosmic Third Israel with Maitreya as their Shepherd; KALKI )

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar

Salvation Rose” aka

‘Christopher Witt Diamant’

I do feel bad that everyone in the Unification Church still thinks that they who were born from the “Blessed Couples” have no Original Sin; as they were all deceived in the “Wine of Wrath” they all drank; no one ever told them that they who came into the Ark of Salvation in “two’s” were the “Unclean” animals: the “Clean” came in as groups of “seven”, as those who overcome at all 7 overcomings on The Path of the Just; which is what the 7 churches are really about: the Ladder of Jacob as seen in the Son of Man the angels of God “ascended and descended” on.

The 7 Overcomings are thus the Classic Ascension itself: as of the Holy Mountain that Mt. Sinai once represented for Moses.

In this book Nansook Hong tells of when Rev. Moon revealed to her the two children he had had with two other women while married: for “reason directly concerning the providence” by which Rev. Moon committed adultery but calls it something else…certainly not the Original Sin of which he said was the Fall was of the sin of adultery: and “..the Root of all sins.”…but not for him…..

Rev. Moon and his drunken followers all ignored the information I was given from 1986 onward that the Angel of Patmos who came to me at my Grandmother Ruth Witt-Diamant’s house in the City of St. Francis: to rectify.

When I told Jonathan Gullery and the others about this series of events to restore Rev. Moon from my Father Jesus as  God out of Heaven in 1988, in a 144 page letter, he politely told me I could quote and use anything published by the HSA-UWC; and then probably threw my letter in the trash; given to me word for word, by the Angel of John the Divine.

What a disaster!!!

Now as Rev. Moon is brain dead and his body is dying at the new hospital they moved him to from St. Mary’s the knowledge of she as the Wisdom of God now Incarnate in the New Heaven looks like poetic justice; the Virgin Mary being the very one Moon accused of having sex with Zacharias the father of John the Baptist, the same accusation John also harbored.

This is why Moon cannot recover; and it is this single fact that proves Rev. Moon is John the Baptist; since John had this same accusation against Jesus and the Virgin Mary in his heart as the “beam” in his eye; and so never bonded with the Messiah. This is also why my Faaher Jesus could not baptize John and offer him for the Sacrifice; he was defiled by the accusation of Satan that he could never overcome; and neither did Rev. Moon; which is why he will now die as a mortal man: a failure….in the exact position and body of John the Baptist…..fitting; but tragic; and a disaster for the Providence of Salvation

As the years rolled by and my servant John helped me unseal the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which I found is the book of Life of the Lamb, I was always struck by how easy it would have been to save Rev. Moon and restore him so he could be the Messiah; because he is specifically written of in two gospels: Matthew and Luke; and is; or was; the “Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant’ mentioned by both of them. People quite preferred him to me; because he had gone to so many and had them trust in him; thus “as one to whom much had been given; they would expect all the more…”.

I discovered it is a dual prophecy; giving two different endings: a happy one; and a very sad one.

   The sad one is what Rev. Moon apparently chose; the one at Matthew 24:48 about “that evil servant”;

      but Rev. Moon could have made it all the way to the crown of life:

           except for the fact he and all the members in the Unification Church tried to deny what I was told by my Angel

                 when I was given the Word of God; yet Rev. Moon told everyone that the Word of God was where everything 

                                   “began and ended” when dealing with anything in the Providence.

     How very strange. It seems they did not like the “cut of my jib”; or something;

         but the Word of God is the truth; whether they “like” me or not…it mattereth not at all; this is not a popularity contest….

           By the way; the “Son of Man” or “Son of Adam” refers to Seth; he who was made in the “image and likeness of Adam”;

           as Adam happened to represent the “Image of God” originally.

That is what the serpent Moses raised in the wilderness actually represented; but the Egyptians called Seth another name: “Set”.

But the Devil of Egypt is the Archangel of Israel: just ask our Literary lover of  – “The White Goddess” ( his best book ) – – – 
—–  as our cultural “Balaam”,
Robert Graves: currently sojourning in spirit world……with Laura Riding? we can only hope!!! —-
…….If anyone thinks I am making all this up I suggest they read what is written about Rev. Moon in the two gospels of Luke and Matthew; it’s all there; the beatings; the wine and the drunkeness; the marrying and giving in marriage; and of course the endless proplongations of the will that caused Rev. Moon to lose patience and finally marry in 1960, and then call himself “The Lamb of God”.

The problem is that if he was the Lamb of God then he would have opened the Book of Life of the Lamb that is the Revelation of Jesus Christ: but he never did; I did; although I did it because I had the help of John of Patmos; the one who wrote it all down originally; and Elaine Pagels and all the rest of them don’t have the faintest clue as to what they are talking about; of that I can faithfully assure everyone. I do.

In truth the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Ark of the Testament; and the Revelation of Jesus Christ was the Book hidden in this Ark and carried to me through the 2,000 years that seperated the time when John first got it; and then; ( as it is written at chapter 10 of his own Revelation ) at the very last sentence of that chapter; when it is said to him by the angel of the Covenant Jonathan ( who John the Baptist was named after, by the way) that he “would have to prophesy again”; as to explain what his Revelation was all about: otherwise the Revelation would have absolutely sered no purpose at all; and it does; as all will soon shortly know.

John the Baptist and Jesus the Son of man were to have been as close as Jonathan and David were; and as John the Beloved and Jesus of Nazareth really did become as close as: as the Baptism unto death for Jesus was actually the Resurrection unto life for David: check Psalm 22; the figure on the Cross is David; and no one else.

Those are his ribs he is talking about; of that you can believe; as it is a matter of what I write as a scribe of God; it’s called “Holy Writ’; and it’s something “new” under the sun; it explains Scripture.

The Unicorn of the Last Day, for the Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82 from the Qur’an

Perhaps people will want to hear more; now that my messemger Rev. Moon is about to Hyo Jin Moon told me about months ago from spirit world; when I dutifully went and told Bob and Angelika Selle about Hyo Jin Moon coming to me with the news because they knew him when he was alive; their reaction?

They ignored my message completely.. Typical….and yet they say that Hyo Jin Moon is “the Messiah in spirit world..” Guess that wasn’t good enough for them to believe me….but why exactly would I have llied about something so serious? What would I have gained? Who knows….now; it’s too late…

I was to tell Rev. Moon that the Key of David is the Divine Principle; that one embodied in the Cross of Christ; as the one put upon the shoulder of Eliakim the Scribe; and upon the Lamb’s shoulder as well; as he trudged up Golgotha: but Eric Holt and Kyle Toffey and Phillip Shankar and a list too long to even mention all heard what I had to say: and rejected me and my testimony completely.

Did they REALLY think I was making it all up?

I guess so; but my publisher Paul Cohen at Monkfish Book Publications told me that my book “…finishes the Bible…” And those are his words; not mine.

Isn’t it strange that Paul Cohen had more sense than everyone in the Unification Church and at HSA-UWC put together?? Angels are not sent out by God except when there is a real problem to be addressed and fixed; the very least the Unification Church could have done when I told them about this visitor ( who is still with me by the way ) was to send someone out to talk to me to see exactly what it was that I may have really known about the Providence concerning Rev. Moon reaching immortality in the flesh: but I suppose they all thought they knew more than my servant John; who happens to be ” the greatest in the kingdom of heaven “.

I am the least in the kingdom of heaven; but as my Father Jesus once said; and now again says:

“Of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist;
yet I say unto you that he who is the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he…”

According then to my Father Jesus I am a greater prophet than John the Baptist; who happens to currently be embodied in our dying Korean friend’s body: one very ill Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Well; as my servant John once told me, when I asked hm what was the worst Hell there is, or could ever be: and he smiled and said:

“The worst Hell is that of Regret”

Well; at least they will all know why I my inner child is called “the Wrath of the Lamb”; I am actually the child that Mary of Bethany and Jesus of Nazareth never had

…I was born on 4-18;

True Parents Day.

My Husband is the Second Death; who Rides the White Horse that is Kalki; “Faith On Earth”; Maitreya; the Lord of the Second Advent; Holy Virgin of the Ganges

It may sound familiar; for it’s the day mentioned in Luke and Matthew in which “the faithful and wise” Steward “looketh not for Him” …. and the Hour of my death in Christ on October 24, 2007 was one that Rev. Moon was never aware of: but curiously the Hopi Indians were; they were told all about me; and the Morning Star..that Blue Star; Comet Holmes.the Sign of the coming of the Pahana; that Child of Man; a Manchild; indeed.

And the start of the Regeneration that comes December 25th; 2012, to those who can stand before me in the light of the Face of my Father Jesus

Salvation Rose; the bride; the Lamb’s Wife


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