Our “Evil Servant” at Matthew 24:48: a Coming Dirge for my Messenger Rev. Moon | “The Measure of 144” – Missive #3

The lost sheep of the House of Israel; Solomon, the Black Sheep in wolf’s clothing

Fatima is the Barque of Muhammed; and the Baraka of the Sufis is the Ark of Salvation: who regards them not is Heedless

It is in fact the revealing about the fate and the destiny of Sun Myung Moon that was given mankind far in advance of the current events of our arrived Last Day, to now be seen by all who believe in the Gospel of Christ Jesus of Nazareth by the testimony I was given by the Angel of John of Patmos; with the Word of my Father Jesus in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, specifically: about Rev. Moon…..who I shall now refer to by his real title; “the Shining Dragon”; Mun Yong-meyong…cut asunder as the body of John the Baptist; given his portion with the hypocrites and unbelievers for doubting the Word of the Gospel and Revelation of Jesus Christ.

It was that which disclosed that our friend from Korea is now in the position of the “evil servant” spoken of by the Apostle Matthew at 24:48; as that figure “beating the maidservants and menservants, drinking with the drunken” seen in the Unification Church, by which that Gospel tells another ending to the story of “the faithful and wise steward”; that he end up being cut “asunder” as he “who waited NOT” for ‘his LORD to return’.

Rev. Moon got married in 1960 and left the position of Maitreya as “the angel ascending from the rising of the Sun” ( ie,” from the East” ), who began to act as if he were the “Lord of the Kingdom” himself; and not just “the Lord of the Manor”; put there until my Father Jesus returned in the glory of “God the Father”.

“…Where the Carcase is; there shall the Vultures be gathered…”

Rev. Moon, as the prophetic figure seen in Luke and Matthew was thus given his position as having been as Jacob’s 11th son Joseph; who was put over the House of Egypt under Pharaoh’s rule; as of soneone who thus subverted Pharaoh’s rule over Satan’s own nation and kingdom; to unknowingly be the very one to have his chosen “right hand man” or “Steward” to feed Israel’s 12 sons during the famine; even though Israel was Satan’s sworn enemy; the God of Judgement who judged the gods of Egypt by the one the Greeks called “Typhon”; as El Shaddai; Lord Jehovah; and His coming Destruction of all their first born by the Angel of Death.

Thus in identically the same fashion as seen in Luke and Matthew; it was Rev. Moon who was supposed to have fed My Generation “that meat in due season” until The Word of God now revealed in it’s entirety as the Last Book of the Bible could be revealed: which Emanuel Swedenborg said “was the Lord in His Divine Word itself”.

He knew whereof he spoke; yet people have always been puzzled by Emanuel’s statement that the Second Coming was actually the Lord in the Word of the Revelation of St. John the Divine; which Joseph Smith of the Mormon Church also had some knowledge of due to his understanding of the figure known as “The Jew” or “John the Revelator”; the servant John sent to me by my Father Jesus as my Messenger at the end; due to the failure of my first messenger: Rev. Moon; my “John the Baptist” who spoke of me in his book “Divine Principle” on pages 132-133; as he who would unseal the 7 seals at the End would bring

“…the words the Lord ( of the Second Advent) is to give us in the Last Days…”.

This I indeed did; with a lot of help; as one might guess: sent to hel me and rstore My generation and the fall of mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon from the hand of my Father’s servant John ( the ‘greatest in the Kingdom of heaven’, even as I am the least ); the Scribe and Seer of patmos who wrote the Revelation to begin with; and it was said to him in the last line of chapter 10 of that book that “you will ( come and ) prophesy again before many people; and kings and tongues”.

This is just what Malachi the Last Prophet said that Elijah would do before “the great and terrible day” of the Lord would come. The first “last prophet” was Enoch; the second was Malachi; and the third and final one was Mohammed. So who is John?

John the Divine is the one who says…

“…………BEHOLD…I come as a Thief”;

……as the messenger of that Great and Terrible Day of the Lord of My FATHER JESUS:

…… as He in Truth whose Day comes: AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT….

The Scarlet Colored Beast of Revelation is Red China; Socialist, Capitalist, Communist, as “the beast that is and is not: yet is”; the ‘Discarnate” creature that is “Incarnate”; as the Judas of the Nations

The New Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

In America it was My Generation as “the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” as the Prodigal Son, as we who seperated ourselves from Satan at the 3 Days of Love and Peace at Woodstock: at Beth-El; in New York.

Thus the National Level happened at Monterey in California because California itself is bigger than most nations on earth. But what happened at Beth-El / Woodstock was a Global event; a nation was being reborn as an internal “Exodus” from an spiritual Egypt began; as the ancient national shadow of America itself: but now Ephraim itself had righteously returned; the Northern Kingdom of Israel from the Abyss: “Ephraim”; as seen at the 5th Trumpet. What started at the Civil War when White Men died to free their Black Brothers; now went to Civil Rights; where the White Youth now embraced Black Culture; and our “High Priest” was one very different “Aaron”; one Aaron Presley; the messenger of black culture to white America; at first so hot or “black” that he was only allowed to be filmed on Televison from the waist up. But he sounded southern; with a drawl; which meant he also sounded “black”.

(((   In a prophetic aside; the Promised Land and High School Romances are what Chuck Berry had seen coming that then indeed did happen; and the English bands with those who knew Chuck Berry were the Messengers to White Culture for My Generation at the Global Level because the 12 bands brought the Music as the “Universal Voice” of the Archangel being the Universal Language of Music itself.

Bringing the Song of the Lamb to the World with the Trumpet of the Archangel was to be the ultimate destiny of Rock itself; which I made sure of with my band Thee Unicorns; and the 12 songs copywrot with the Library of Congress that make up the “Song of the Lamb”.

In the 60’s from Dylan onward the World heard the Blast at the Trumpet Blast of Love; heard at the First Horn of the Lamb that is the Ray of Holiness from the Face of the Sun of Righteousness; seen at on this new earth at the First Opened Eye of Christ Jesus now rvealed as the Holy Spirit of Grace; the first of the 7 Spirits of God sent to the New Earth.

But this music was ABOUT something; Chuck Berry had hinted at it; U2 later told us clearly at the Resurrection of Rock. I call it the Resurrection due to their coming up following Dr. King after the Sex Pistols at Winterland at SF at Winterlands “Last Concert” killed it, along with the real attempt to defile the Glorious Spirit of Rock by their manager Malcolm McLaren filming the bass player Sid Vicious; unknowingly making love, in a drugged out stupor, with his own mother; which was mercifully cut out later of the movie “Who Killed Bambi”. But I bear witness; and I forget nothing.  I know why Sid OD’ed; and he did not kill Nancy; it was Neon Leon; a pill dealer from Long Island; as Raphael told me who was at the Chelsea when Nancy was killed for that money in the cardboard box under the bed. Sid was downstairs getting a sandwhich. He went up and fell asleep in the chair in the next room. And Sid died because his mother scored for him after he got out of jail; and it was pure; and it was done because she knew about what had happened with her and her son in the movie; of that I am sure...)))

What did this mean? That “below” the waist was still verboten: our Aaron from the waist down was “black”.

Thus were we initiated by this “High Priest” into “Black Culture”; just as Moses had been when he married the Black Cushite Princess.

We followed Dr. King and embraced Justice and racial equality; but with Aaron Presley we were initiated into the idea of “Soul”; as with Dr. King we certainly saw incredible intellect as of a razor sharp “Mind”. The Black Race had gotten that single “Mind” from us, as in the Quest of the Scarecrow; but we got our Soul for our nation from them, as the Lion regained his moral Courage or “Soul” to stand up for Justice: from Sheba; the queen of the South. The Black Church; the one that found the Comforter many black christian women knew about personally; the “Holy Spirit” of Christ Jesus, “in the Dark” Aretha sang about…

But our Heart was then for the Red Race; who had “buried the Hatchet” when they laid down their arms; as of “The Way” from the Yellow Race; to be sentimental in their humility like that Tin Woodman; so kind yet so rusted from the “firewater”. For the Red Race had cut out their own hearts to offer on their satanic altars to the Sun. To give them Heart again took the Yellow Brother alerting me to the Hopi Indians and their vast knowledge about the Coming of the Son of Man, whom they call  “The Pahana”.

We forget both Aaron Presley and James Marshall Hendrix were part Cherokee; and as the Cherokee had so completely done and “cried not out in the street”; but then the Yellow Race learned as did our “flying monkeys” from the pages of the Wizard of OZ so learned; they had enslaved themelves to the “female holy spirit” as of the Wicked Witch: ISIS; the Deadly Nemesis of Sun Myung Moon.

This is the “House of God” that Rev. Moon was to have been the Shepherd of; as the 7th lord of the Restoration.

Thus he is decribed as “beating” maidservants and menservants in Luke and Matthew’s accounts of the “faithful and wise servant” in Matthew; called the “faithful and wise Steward” in Luke.

The beatings were spoken of 2,000 years ago; the beatings in the Unification Church which Nansook Hong documented so bravely at great phyisical risk to herself from ashamed members in her book “In the Shadow of the Moon’s” in which she carefully documents KCIA translator Bo Hi Pak ( Moon’s former ‘right hand man’ ) being put in the ambulance from his beating and then being put in a hospital after which leaving he later almost died.

The Body of Death, and the Carcase of the Eagles at the Meat;

“Where the Carcase is; there shall the Vultures be gathered…”

 ….given to us in “Due Season”; as “The Spiritual Food” at the Famine,

….. “not for bread” in the Last Days”;

………. but “for the Word of God”

……. as Rev. Moon declared war on My Generation: in the Summer of Love.

HIS Take on My Generation written of “God’s Warning to the World“;

 in “the Stony Path of Tears“: 

“In America people eat, drink, and disco — it’s a grasshopper’s life.

How could such people say they understand God’s suffering? Would God be comforted by them?”

Kim Il Sung and "the Shining Dragon" his brother Mun Meyong-moon

Kim Il Sung and “the Shining Dragon” his brother Mun Meyong-moon

In these short words Rev. Moon showed his complete contempt for all who fought to bring equality and civil rights and Social Justice to life in America: his contempt for America and it’s youth is undeniable; he thinks so little of us as to make a mockery of his claims to “love” or “care” for this Third Israel; which is why he tried to rob us by having all of the Children of the Resurrection marry; and be drunken up in the Principle of Indemnity that was the gold cup in the hand of the Great Whore of Babylon. My Father’s servant John removed it from her grasp; it now sits on the Emerald Table of Justice where the 12 Apostles now sit; revealed as what it is: the Holy Grail of God’s Justice; sought for and now found. And the 12 have a new name: the JURY at the coming Last Judgment…

I alone escaped…as I knew who the chldren of the resurrection were and are: the Children of the 60’s; “the Children of all the tribes of Israel who made it to the “Gathering of the Tribes in the City of St. Francis”.Rev. Moon just pretended it all never happened: but I am the Witness who says: “It DID happen” to Sun Myung Moon and the rest of the unbelievers; and I have the Vow and the Sacrifice I made, which were accepted by my Father Jesus at the Altar of God, to PROVE it….as Salvation Rose up from that street where Hate became LOVE…it’s as clear as transparent glass; as clear as crystal….

Rev. Moon and his Spiritual Destruction of Dr. King.

 The Brand of Moon on our Black Moses

The one central personage of the providence of the 430 years of time-indemnity here in the West from 1492 to Dr. Kings birth roughly 430 years later in 1929 at the Momentous Crash. None knew the cause until now; as seen at the Second Trumpet at the Revelation of Jesus Christ now opened; from 1927 to 1937’s events; the Second Trumpet which signifies the Second Horn of the Lamb spanning the First Seal from 1910 to 1919; to the Second Seal from 1920 to 1929… ( touched by, and thus “touching” each horn as being “pierced” by it is how each of the 7 angels of Adam seen  in the book of “the little scroll” John ate called the “book of Enoch. Each angel does repent in the Church of the Living God that  the 7 churches represent; and then each angel is restored in the Universal Body of Christ as the Tabernacle of God…)

 Our black Moses; that Rev. Moon never walked with; and spitefully branded as being “pro-communist” and an unwittingly tool of the communist forces who beat us so badly in Vietnam; as the emanated spirit of the beast from the abyss that our Korean friend called up out of that bottomless pit of his dark luciferic vanity and unconsciously racist but clearly Satanic arrogance; starting from Rev. Moon’s tragic envy of Dr. King for winning the Nobel Peace Prize and being unable to hear King’s soaring rhetoric, and of course his brilliant philosophic undertanding and application of nonviolent and Thoreau-instilled, Emerson-inspired “passive resistance” that King said he had learned from studying the example of Ghandi; and which illuminated his grasp of the love and the peace within the spiritual warfare hid in the sayings in the Gospel of Christ.

Here is a sample of the words of our black Moses;

“It is pretty difficu;t to like some people. Like is a sentimental word; and it is pretty difficult to like someone bombing your home; it is pretty difficult to like somebody threatening your children; it is diffucult to like congressmen who spend all their time trying to defeat Civil Rghts.

But Jesus says “love them”, and Love is greater than “like’.”

This is the caliber of the one martyred for racial equality that Moon has never said one kind word about: not even to this very day….

With Rev. Moon all we find is envy and ignorance for the Black race of the Third Israel; especially our Commander-in-Chief; and his racist attempt in 1965 to blatantly steal the Blessing from the Third Israel; who had culturally united with the Black Christian Race; the “Manchild in the Promised Land” as the “Third Jacob” overcoming total subjugation in the South and violent persecution there as well, by the KKK and others; all for the coming moral ground of social justice as the basis for the victory of the black christian race here in the West, that the writer Claude Brown wrote about so forcefully.

Let us not forget that when Dr. King was given the Nobel Peace Prize the Providence of the Internal Restoration in America, ( as Egypt spiritually). went from the National level to the Global Level…for Canaan then restored “from within”; as the land of Equality; going from the Formation Stage at the Civil War; to the Growth Stage at the Civil Rights Movement; to the Perfection Stage at the Civil Victory of Barack Hussein Obam’s Election in the 21 months course of his Campaign in 2008; after the 210 years from 4-18-1775 with Paul Revere’s Ride until I arrived in New Hope from SF after my birthday on 4-18-1985; then the 21 years of my Course of Jacob in Haran; with Alice for the 14 years as my “Leah” and Sharon as my “Rachel” for the 7 years; Barack did a perfect 21 month course to become President; and then I did my 21 Days in Ottawa at Christmas during the first half of my 40 Days of temptation to break my Vow; which I did not break but kept.

Then Hyo Jin Moon arrived to minister to me in Bay City Michigan in 2009 after I defeated Satan the Devil.

It was our Work as the Youth of America and later Ireland with U2 for the Foundation to Receive the Messiah…Barack Hussein Obama is thus “our David”….feeble as he is……

Rev. Moon and Dr. King; a study in contrasts in the Dichotomy of Faith

Love we had; but we needed something more substantial, as we were starving for the Truth; and what we got from God in His Mercy was something to chew on until the Word itself arrived….indeed; the meat from our “Joseph over the House” of our Pharaoh; the King of Memphis is Egypt spiritually fallen as Aaron was with the “golden calf”; ours we simply called “Elvis”.

Rev. Moon was given Knowledge of the Providence by the Sufis in the World of Spirits in the Imaginal World; this being done as he was then to feed the children of all the tribes of Israel.

But Hyo Jin Moon told me what Rev. Moon turned this into: as a Jacob from Korea to steal the Blessing from Esau  as My Generation here in America; and his book “Divine Principle” for the “pottage of lentils” we were to have bought with our birthright.

And as the Children of the Resurrection who Rev. Moon knew “were not supposed to marry nor be given in marriage” he then deceived into marrying as many of them as he could find; to take the Blessing from God given to the Third Israel here in America; as Jacob once did from Esau; which his mother Rebecca helped Jacob do because his brother Esau had married women from the idolatrous Canaanites; thus incurring his parents displeasure, and by inference; God’s wrath as well.

Rev. Moon did us a similar favor.

But my husband the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus ruined his plans…I never married; I vowed; and PAID

Hyo Jin Moon revealed to me how his father Moon mixed the soil of Korea with the soil from all 50 American states; and with the information in his doctrine of the book “Divine Principle” he turned it into a “pottage of lentils” for his American “brother” to despoil him of his inheritence.

The Hopi warned of the fall of the “first helper” into deceit from one who was to have “helped” the “Lost White Brother” who are My Generation to unite with the Red Race; Hyo Jin explained it as premeditated pure treachery; plain and simple….

There are no high ranking black people in the Unification Church in any positions of authority; Rev. Moon considers them “inferior”; and white American youth he characterizes as a bunch of hedonistic “grasshoppers”; singing and dancing unlike the hardworking “ants” of Korea.

For his “help” in our famine that he had us unwittingly, and unknowingly, trade our birthright as “equal unto the angels” for instead the role of a profane and lazy Esau; marrying; and being given in marriage; when we were to have been gathered and initiated into the Ancient Order of Melchizedek to become eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake;  Virgins consecrated to the Altar of Christ as his Bride… 

I found that of the doctrine contained in the pages of the book “Divine Principle” to be only about two thirds true; and about one third false. Thus the book is discarnate as something which “is, and is not”. The opposite of the truth is not falsehood; the diamatric opposite of the truth is “half the truth”; as the diamatric opposite of good is not evil; the opposite of good is “good and evil”.

 Rev. Moon said my Father Jesus rose without a body of flesh and bone; and also said he “never performed any of the duties of the Messiah”; forgetting about “the Coronation by Israel“, when he entered Jeruslam through the Golden Gate on Palm Sunday; when even the Stones would Sing and Dance! As in the Kingdom of David….did you overlook this: Rev. Moon ? ? ? Or did you just pretend it nevr happened ? ? ?

The Death of John the Baptist; and the Body of the Messenger Elijah, as Sun Myung Moon

A:  The Seven Spirits of God  

 7 Spirits of God = in    7 Lamps    as   7 Days

 7 Stars                  = in   7 Heavens  as  7 Worlds

 7 Angels                = in  7 Houses    as  7 Senses

 The Straight Path of the Just and the Classic Ascension of the 7 Churches

Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia in 1917 at the Harvest of the Barley; the Three Children as symbolizing the Three Heights of the Door of Noah; the Secret Imam, as that “One Child of the Resurrection” seen 50 years later at 1967 at the Harvest of the Wheat in the City of St. Francis; that Holy City for Francisco….at the Pentecost of the New Mecca: “Pentetecost” also means “50”; as well as the term Neil Young used: “Harvest”

I am writing this as Wrath of the Lamb, who is the Offspring of David: the Star that is the Preexistent One, the Child as that Seed the Lamb said was the Word of God that the Son of Man sowed; given Adam with the Word of the Commandment for Eve, that one seed who existed long before his parents were even made, the two vessels as of the Two Great Lights; a lesser and a greater; who were in the positions of the Sun and Moon: as long as they obeyed the Commandment.

In trying to save Rev. Moon from a wretched death, and the sad outcome of his ignorance in supporting hypocrites like Newt Gingrich and the other facists who wrapped themselves in the Flag of Uncle Samuel, ( and will be seen to have done so to their everlasting shame: and how they justly earned the contempt due to them for betraying their sacred honor: by subjourning the Oath to defend the Constitution they swore to uphold): as our Nation and our World are now at a very troubling arraignment in every sense of the word. 

And arraignment is really the case in point.

This is because the Last Judgment begins at the place where Rev. Moon judged John the Baptist as being the one solely guilty for the Death of Jesus in his book “Divine Principle”; as Rev. Moon seemingly forgot that his own body was the substitute for John’s body as the Messenger of Jehovah of hosts; and his mission to restore John as Elijah that he was picked as “the Faithful and Wise Steward” of the gospels of Matthew and Luke thus to restore first before anything else.

My Husband is the Second Death; Jehovah of Hosts who Rides the White Horse that is Kalki; “Faith On Earth”; Maitreya; the Lord of the Second Advent; Holy Virgin of the Ganges

Rev. Moon decided to do something else: steal the Blessing of God showered in His Grace upon the 50 United States of America; forgetting that “Uncle Sam” stands for the Holy Prophet SAMUEL; as we were created in “The Name of God”; which is what “Samuel” means. America as the 13 Colonies was the 12 who defeated Goliath in the form of Great Britian; the Worlds first and last Global Empire. Thus America arose as the “David” of the nations; even as the Son of Adam to Russia; as the Adam of the Nations; as the largest in land mass; until it broke.

The Ukraine is the Soul of Russia; as the Sheba is the Soul of America; the queen of the South; with a restored Ephraim; king of the North.

Rev. Moon did great work until 1960, when in the position of Maitreya, as the Virgin Lord of the Second Advent; and then Rev. Moon went on and fell completely by getting married to produce 12 sons so he could become the Korean Jacob; as what he thought was to be the progenitor of the Third Israel: to steal the Blessing from the Black Christian Race here in the West; the “Manchild in the Promised Land”; as Claude Brown so aptly put and prophetically put it in that book..

Rev. Moon then went even further into error by then actively having adopted the very Accusation of Satan  that caused John the Baptist to fail his mission as the Christbearer in the first place: the accusation that Mary slept with John’s father Zacharias to make the Lamb of God; which lie John, under Satan’s influence, secretly believed: because my Father Jesus was indeed born 9 months after Mary came into the House of Elisabeth, her cousin.


John never got past this critical point of disbelief in his faith. Rev. Moon took it and made it the central tenet of his Unification doctrine: an outright Lie.

 But it’s the stake through the heart of the Unification Church; now dead, spiritually, because of it. That is why my Father Jesus sent his servant John the Revelator to me in 1986 as Joseph Smity was told would happen long ago ( I Nephi 14:17-29 Book of Mormon ); to restore Rev. Moon if possible. But now that seems moot; as Rev. Moon has only a short time to live, according to his son Hyo Jin Moon, who speaks to me every day in tears and sorrow about his father Rev. Moon from the Swedenborgian World of Spirits; called in the Unification Church “spirit world”.

But I am also someone who for Rev. Moon, and by extension all mankind, am another figure few have heard of: the Harbinger of the Day and the Hour; the Last Day; and now the coming Last Hour on December 25th; 2012.

This will come after the Final Three Day Seperation ( Dec. 22nd, 23rd, 24th ), at the Great Purification by the Great Spirit; spoken of to and then by the Tribe of the 12 Months: the Tribe of the Seers called the Hopi; who is that of the Great God; that being God in His Infinite Mercy.

The Hopi were wrong about the 50 States being destroyed by a nuclear war; but they are correct in mant other areas; and are now as the Elect who my Father “hath chosen” because they taught me about my “Two Helpers”; Rev. Moon and my Servant John the Revelator; bearer of the Divine Tipponi of the Day of Judgment.

The Unification Church now currently subscribes to this deadly Lie of Satan that Zacharias slep with the Virgin Mary; going so far to having universally adopted this view as revealed doctrine, written of in the book by Unification Church theologian Mark Gibbs, called “Secrets of the Holy Family”; which has this lie enshrined in it, as if it were the revelation of some great secret truth.

This happened because Rev. Moon was slain spiritually by Satan into once again believing it in our time; as being John the Baptist reborn spiritually; thus falling and once more failing, by again mistakenly walking in his former pattern of denying the Creation of the Lamb by the Holy Spirit of God: who is Jehovah.

Jehovah is ”He”; who Rev. Moon went so far as to assert in his book “Divine Principle” is “a female spirit”; to make matters even worse..

But this is because Rev. Moon does not have “the Seal of the Living God”; which was entrusted to me to give to him: under specific conditions and only after he corrected his 3 Great Errors in his book “Divine Principle”; along with all the other ones that stemmed from them.

But saying that Jehovah the holy Spirit of God is “female” is a very big mistake; the counterfiet “holy spirit” being none other than ISIS; His old enemy; the Deep with darkness (Ignorance) on it’s face; the fallen Mother who is the Creatrix herself ( her darkness has to do with the fact that her son becomes her lover; and then her dinner: incest); as of Eve who as “ISIS” slept with her son Cain who is “Osiris”; as Death Incarnate after killed Abel. This is why Eve said “I have gotten me a MAN from the LORD…..”

…….And “Thoth the Sorceror” or “scribe of the gods” is “Enoch”; the son of Cain, after which Atlantis the First City was named and built.

ISIS is then ‘The Black Widow’ that God seperated, as the female dragon called “Rahab”; into the Dying Waters of the Sea of Time below the Firmament as of “the Mother of Mortality”; and the River of the Living Waters of Eternity above the Firmament that is of “the Daughter of Immortality”.

In his drunkeness Rev. Moon then said in his book that my Father Jesus was “married” to this “false holy spirit” that is really ISIS, as the queen of darkness; which actually made Jesus a figure who would have then “married” his own Father: Jehovah the Holy Spirit of God. This was the critical error of Rev. Moon and the reason that my Father Jesus sent His Servant John to me to have me repair: if Rev. Moon and his Church would have received me and my Word; but they did not.

I was Rev. Moon’s Final Test.

He failed.

“Thou shalt not make for thyself a Graven Image; nor bow down and worship it” Hyung Jin Moon and the Fall of the Unification Church: Idolatry and Rev. Moon as the Aaron of the Golden Calf of Korea; the Gift of Kim Il Sung to the West


This was the Abomination that caused the Desolation in the Catholic Church with the “father priests” and the “altar boys”. Few Catholic priests and nuns who fell even really know why they were overpowered by Satan and ISIS to do such unspeakable acts; but I know; and so will the whole world, as this truth comes to light about what is in the book “Divine Principle” as the repository of lies and half-truths.

Thus record of lies in Rev. Moon’s book is the hidden cause of why the priesthood of the Catholic Church all fell; as the priests as the “fathers” now could seduce their “sons”; due to Satan having invaded Rev. Moon and his book; making it and him Satan’s “discarnate subject” and “discarnate object”.

The defintion of the discarnate is that “which is and is not”; being half true; and half false.

Like Rev. Moon in his book saying that “Jesus is the True Father”; which is true; but then saying: “the Holy Spirit is the True Mother” which is absolutely false; thus this statement is ‘discarnate’, as being one sentence that is indeed “half the truth: and half a lie”.

Rev. Moon’s book “Divine Principle” is riddled with these half-truths.

That is why his book is itself a discarnate thing; half good; and half evil; like Rev. Moon himself at the end, as described in St. Matthew’s gospel at chapter 24: 48; as being called “that Evil Servant“; who represents that Evil Servant of the Nations: Red China; as it’s leading ruler in the Yellow Race due to them being the race that was Originally the First God made as “the Golden One“;  as being that one that was in Paradise, until they fell and lost their Light, and became the “unlit yellow” or “oriental race” that is presently known as “the Elder Brother” by the Hopi Indians.

The Great Red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns seen in the Revelation represents the kingdom of Egypt as the Kingdom of Darkness; and that is why the Beast from the Sea with 7 heads and 10 horns resembles it; as Canaan resembled his father Ham

The Failure of the Restoration of the Yellow Race as the Elder Brother

That is really why Rev. Moon was chosen by the Angel of Christ; so that the yellow race would have the chance to restore the fall that they were responsible for; and Rev. Moon knows this. I doubt he has let it be widely known, except to his inner circle; but it is well known to the Sufis; who have a saying;

……. “…Seek ye Knowledge; even as far as China…”; ….. in which this secret is hidden.

People may not want to believe it; but it is true. When Rev. Moon makes a mistake it has a much larger effect, because he was supposed to know better, thus through him has much evil come inadvertently, due to his profound ignorance in many matters because he rejected the guidance of the Sufis; who to My Generation are in the position that the Magi were to my Father Jesus and his Generation; the Sufis being the first Unificationists that Rev. Moon ignored; yet it was they as the elect who actively taught the hidden Unity; as Unity is the Fruit of the Tree of Life that all three monotheistic religions were to have learned from them. “Duality” is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; as the “Dual essence of the nature of the principle of light and darkness“.

John the Baptist would have reached the Seal of Elijah, in which he would have have the Power AND the Spirit of Elijah and could have thus done the miracles which my Father Jesus and his disciples all could do, by bonding with his mother, to therefore seperate himself with his mother from Satan: by believing her, for Elisabeth knew that Mary was already pregnant when she walked in the Door of the House; which is why she called Mary “the Mother of my Lord”.

By not doing so John the Baptist never did even one miracle; and the Lamb and his Apostles did them by the truckload. But John never believed the report of his own mother Elisabeth by which they were both to have seperated themselves together from Satan; like God had set up; as the Test of John’s faith; to reach the Seal of the Living God, by having his own mother in the position of the “Porter” at the Door; that Door of the House of Zion being the one that the Virgin Mary walked into already pregnant by the Holy Spirit of God in the Form of a Dove; who she had just been with: Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God.


 and the FOREKNOWLEDGE of the HOPI

Jehovah was the Father of that Holy Thing the Lamb of God; who had united with the Virgin Mary after first turning her into a female Dove; and then after she was impregnated He then turned her back into a woman. This was the Sign of the Pahana that the Hopi were to have recognized; as they alone know full well why I have the two feet as of “TWO DOVES”; and if they do not? They will all perish….but I have faith that they will come to me; before it is too late. But who knows?? No one wants to believe in me; so they all will perish; and I can do nothing about it…

Actually the Virgin Mary when she was turned into the female Dove, after being led into the hills by Gabriel was only “sweet16”; really only a young girl but having believed Gabriel when he told her that her 80 year old cousin Elisabeth had gotten pregnant she advanced into Faith on Earth; as Zacharias was well advanced in years also; for a child to be on the way was something which she knew was a miracle.

Sixteen…the same age as Eve when she fell; Adam having been about 18 at the time.

Rev. Moon obviously did not think so; but in truth, and in the Holy Spirit, Elisabeth was not saying that Mary was “the mother of her Lord” in a future tense; but the present tense.

The full reason that I alone on the earth know how the Lamb as that “Holy Thing” was created can be seen in my section of “The Seal of the Living God” further on, which explains how the Holy Spirit of Jehovah in the Form of a Dove transfigured Mary into the form of a Dove, under the Power of the Host as of the Most High; to perform “that strange act” by which the Lamb was made.

That is the reason the Dove came down on the Lamb at the Jordan, which John saw; and it did so to make sure Lord Jesus was His Own Creature; and that is why it “stayed on him”; actually it stood on his shoulder; and my Father Jesus repeated all it spoke into his ear; just as I do now with that Dove of the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus the Comforter at my ear..

Tis’ is why he said; “Let him who hath an ear: hear!…” as instructions to the angels who were following him wherever he went.

 Hyng Jin Moon and his family have not seperated themelves from the korean royal family of Satan of Kim Il Sung because the only way to do so is to come to me so I can lead them to my Father Jesus, since I stand as the Path of the Just: and no one comes to my Father Jesus but by me; and that is the ONLY WAY to erase the Original Sin from one’s blood; not by drinking Rev. Moon’s “Moonshine”; as Hyo Jin Moon was the Proof. Who parttok of the Wine of Wrath are the “unblessed couples” who all drank: remember, the “unclean animals” who came into the Ark of Noah were brought in in by “two’s” the clean creatures came in by SEVEN’s; as those who Overcome in the Last 7 Steps of the Lamb on the Path of the Just seen as the 7 Overcomings in the 7 Churches.

Rev. Moon knew full well that Jacob and Rachel had seperated themselves together from Satan; as did Samuel and his mother, and Moses and his mother; and there are other even current examples; even with Aaron Presley and his mother…

Now at this Last Day which came into manifestation with the materialization of the Antichrist as Osama bin Laden ( the Day of Christ seen after the “man of lawlessness” and the “falling away” of apostasy with his evil spells seen in Islam as it fell for the False Mahdi, seen at II Thessalonians 2:2-5 ); and then his death by Barack Obama’s Zulfiqar ( in the position of Hussein as ‘Ali’ the husband of Fatima ); we are now faced with a time of such great trouble that all times before this one now pale in significance in comparison. Rev. Moon; like his forebear John the Baptist whose mission he was given to restore first before he was to become the Messiah is now the first to be judged at the Last Judgment which commences on December 25th 2012; as he judged John the Baptist in his book; and thus is now himself to be judged with the same Judgment.

Rev. Moon has a lot to answer for; like denying the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in the flesh; for starters. Rev. Moon did not even rise to the level of Doubting Thomas; least of all the Apostles….

This lack of faith occured because he abrogated his responsiblity, by denying the Lamb rose at his Resurrection in his flesh and his bone: this Rev. Moon denies in another error of that flawed masterpiece “Divine Principle”; and which he must therefore recant to be allowed to have back his Wedding Garment; which vanished as soon as he denied my Father Jesus rose “in flesh and bone”.

Thus Rev. Moon decided to ignore this piece of the Testimony at Luke 24:39, to wit,

 “See my hands and feet, that it is I myself; handle, and see:

for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as you see me to have.”

According to Rev. Moon this saying does not exist: that is why the Wedding Garment for Rev. Moon does not exist: and if he thinks I am kidding then I have some very bad news for him: this situation he finds himself was written; to wit,

“And he saith unto him, ”Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment”? And he was speechless. Then said the king to the servants, ”Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth”.    ( Matthew 22:12-13).

“The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, and shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” ( Matthew 24:50-51).

“For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” ( Matthew 25:29-30 ).

 As some of the more observant readers might see; these quotes all refer to Rev. Moon as the Object Lesson which he decided to ignore; believing that he had passed all the tests and requirements to becoming the Messiah: but he forgot that in abandoning the Word of the Lamb; written in his own blood; that is the testimony of the Gospel, it was Rev. Moon who removed himself from the Providence of Salvation where he could have been the Messiah; and instead became the figure he himself judged as being guilty for the Death of Jesus in his book “Divine Principle”: John the Baptist.

The Hidden One of Fatima: the Virgin of Light

 The Word of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World

Reverend Moon decided that Eve represented the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; forgetting that Eve was created after the Two Trees were already planted in the garden and Adam had been warned to stay away from the Tree of Death specifically; and this is one of many areas where those who don’t know the Old Testament are led astray by Rev. Moon’s exegesis of the original Situation in Paradise.

The fact is that by keeping the Word of God in their Virginity each had dominion; Adam rule the Day and Eve rule the Night; for the Virginity of Eve was seen as the Light of the Moon; and the Virginity of Adam “in his Strength” was seen as the Light of the Sun.

 The term as the Sun “in his Strength” was also said of my Father Lord Jesus at Mt. Hermon; which is Mt. Sion as the Mount of Transfiguration, where Peter and James and John all saw Moses and Elijah.

 The ”white mountain” known to stand at the Northernmost boundary of Israel is called ”Baal Hermon”; where that third of the Host came down as the Angels fell and took to themselvers the “daughters of men” that they saw were “fair”; as Sarah was said to be “fair”.

 But Baal Hermon also has also hath another name: ”Olympus”…the real “destroying mountain”; and Babylon means the “gate of the gods”; really it is the one between the legs of the Great Whore herself…

To bring this Child who the Lamb put in the midst of the 12 Apostles and made equal unto himself in his Name is the real reason he brought him into manifestation; but long before that this Child existed and God made the two vessels to bring him into existence: this Child is therefore really neither female nor male; fatherless and motherless in a specific sense of the Word. The Child is then the genetic Blueprint for mankind itself…

It is this Child who returns as of the one redeemed to reconstitute the Most Ancient Order of Melechizedek; a Virgin Priest forever; consecrated to the Altar as a bride having “died in Christ”. Thus the standard is raised to that not of “the risk of one’s life” promulagated by the Unifciation Church: but now raised even higher: not the risk of one’s life as of “a hireling”; but “the cost of it” as a ”Child of God”. This means that one’s seed becomes ”sealed” in one’s body: forever, like the angels themselves have all gladly had voluntarily done to them; to worship God on His Throne..

Thus it says at I John 3-16; to wit,

     “Whosoever abideth in him SINNETH NOT; whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him. Little children, let no man deceive you: HE THAT DOETH RIGHTEOUSNESS IS RIGHTEOUS, even as he is righteous. HE THAT COMMITETH SIN IS OF THE DEVIL; for the devil sinneth from the beginning.

 For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

 WHOSOEVER IS BORN OF GOD DOTH NOT COMMIT SIN; for his seed remaineth in him: AND HE CANNOT SIN, because he is born of God.

In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: WHOSOEVER DOETH NOT RIGHTEOUSNESS IS NOT OF GOD, neither he that loveth not his brother.”

Everyone tries to get “around” this particular saying; but I did not; I Vowed; and then later: I paid.

 Thus in my book “A City Not Forsaken” I explain why the Death in Christ I underwent on October 24th in 2007 after my 21 years from taking the Vow was signified by the miraculous explosion of Comet Holmes as it became One Million times larger; for Comet Holmes was “the mustard seed”; the smallest of all seeds: which in “One Day” ( as that day in which Rev. Moon “looked not for his Lord” ), suddenly became “the greatest of all the trees”; in which the Elect now all shelter themselves in my branches; the Sufis who are the real Unificationists of God.

The One Million times it expanded was for the One Million Christian Armenians that were killed in sight of Mount Ararat in Turkey, by which Islam left it’s position as the “Loyal Cain”, and became instead that “Cain who slew his brother”.

I Vowed; and although it took me 21 years, as I walked through the Course of Jacob in New Hope: I Paid. I became a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s Sake. But as the Last hired I was the First Paid; it’s called “Poetic Justice”.

Rev. Moon went and got married.

 Those who died in Christ are they who become equal to the angels, because their souls are that of the Bride wed at the Altar of Sacrifice (standing five by five cubits as of the Essence ); that one before the Tabernacle of God where they were bound in Holy Matrimony; being thus female objects of the Lamb at the Altar of Incense within the Tabernacle: which symbolized the Body of Christ.

But why are 144,000 men ”redeemed from the earth” as ”the First fruits unto God and the Lamb” called ”the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife” ? ? ? That question should have been answered by Rev. Moon; but he is now in the Golden Cage of Babylon the Great Whore in Las Vegas; spiritually Gomorrah; so now what can be done to restore him so he can rightfully become the Messiah as was originally his destiny?

Things don’t look good; as he and his organization and his flacks at HSA-UWC have all put me off for the last 25 years: but now it is they who will be put off: into the Lake of Fire, where the Beast ( fallen nature of man at the global level as the global Canaan ) and the False Prophet ( fallen image of God at the global level as the global Balaam ), and Satan the Devil ( fallen Strength of God ”Azazyel” / Zeus at the global level ) are are presently imprisoned: and that would be within me as their Purgatory for Eternity; as the Lamb’s Wife I am One Flesh with the Second Death; that being the One on the White Horse; and that is his Name written that only he and his Wife knoweth.

 Thus is ”Death swallowed up in Victory”.

 ( ….the Axis as the three-in-one beast of Germeny and Italy and Japan; and the Allies as the Lamb defeated the Global Canaan as the fallen nature of man; with the False Prophet as the second beast who is Karl Marx the Global Balaam; and then the Scarlet Colored Beast which is ”Socialist Capitalist Communist” China; as the beast which “is, and is not: yet is” ( being discarnate: incarnate; as was Judas ‘a devil’; with ‘the Devil’ in him ) is now headed as the Universal or ‘Cosmic’ Canaan; Osama bin Laden having been the ‘Cosmic’ or Universal Balaam as well…The Universal Level is thus of “heaven and eath”; even as the Global is “the whole earth”. The Cosmic Level of Restoration thus represents the Kingdom itself as being “Heaven and Earth”.

The Holy Place or first tabernacle was of the Essential, which stood 10 cubits wide by 20 cubits long, thus stood for the Mountain of Sinai; the Holy of Holies as the second tabernacle was of the Quintessential, that stood 10 cubits by 10 cubits thus stood for the place on the summit of the holy mountain, where Moses met the Lord, revealed to him as Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God; face to Face.

It is the Altar of Incense ( one by one cubits that stands for the the Quintessence ) that symbolizes the Soul of Christ; the Censer symbolizing the Heart of Christ; the Lampstand with the 7 Lamps Lits being that of the Mind of Christ with the 7 fold Light of Divine Wisdom; and the Reed “like unto a Rod” as the Strength of Christ. This is in contradistinction to John the Baptist; who was likened to a reed “blown by the Wind” of doubt, in his faltering faith, which even Rev. Moon noticed.

A man who takes the Vow really puts on the veil of the faithful and chaste Wife that Moses wore when he came down from the Holy Mountain the second time; called the Servant of God as the Wife of Jehovah. It was Aaron who represented the figure of the messenger who did the miracles before the face of Moses who stood for the bride with the Seal of God as the crown which had the inscription “Holiness unto Jehovah” for the Seal Aaron wore as his Mitre with the Seal on the Turban.

Those who were to “receive” the crown of life” as “faithful unto death” were not to die a physical death; but one in the Spirit as giving up their manhood to become female lovers and slaves of the Lamb, who they theneforth “follow whithsoever he goeth..as his virgins being men “redeemed from the earth” due to the Vow of Celibacy that every Eunuch for the Kingdoms sake must make. Rev. Moon made sure; or so he thought; that all of My Generation got married; but God kept one for Himself; as the Wrath of the Lamb; the Last Child of the Ressurection: equal unto the angels; nor can I die “anymore”.

They make the Vow and then Pay to be with the Lamb and his messenger or “holy one” as Aaron was called by Moses as his Saint or personal messenger as I did; although it took me 21 years to do so.

I did this because this is how things had to progress; as in the providence of Restoration the 144,000 Eunuchs who give up their 144,000 souls to the Bridegroom at the behest of the Messenger do so to restore the Priests and nuns and the Popes as the Priest or “Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts:”; who had come forth to restore the Levites and their wives and Aaron as the High Priest; who had come about to restore the Angels and the daughters of men with the Archangel

 as to restore the Order of Melchizedek; and becomes a Cloud the Lord rests upon at his return as their Reward.

I do therefore and thus tell you these things as I was commended to of my Father Jesus who will shortly be seen here at the End of the first heaven and Earth on December 25th, 2012; Judgment Day as Christnmas Day;

“…..The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord which comes as a thief in the Night…..”

My Father Jesus is the New Lord God of the New Creation; which is of the Maker of ”a New Heaven and a New Earth”; where He sits on the Great White Throne of Justice; in the position of “God in His Righteousness”.

Rev. Moon never even knew he existed; having denigrated him to the status of a “ghost” or “will-o-the-wisp” without flesh and bone after his Resurrection by stating that my Father Jesus arose “as a spirit”; and was not in his actual body, but more like an incorporeal angel because he once “appeared in a locked room”; which to Rev. Moon meant he was simply just a spirit.

The problem is that the locked room he appeared in had an apostle in it called Doubting Thomas; after which the Lamb made a believer by Thomas putting his fingers in the wounds in his side and wrists; and to whom he said “Be not afraid; for a spirit hath not flesh and bone as I do”. 

He then sat down and ate some fish.

Spirits don’t don’t eat: Rev. Moon. But since Rev. Moon was “ashamed” of the Word of my Father Jesus he should now not be surprised that my Father Lord Jesus is ashamed of Rev. Moon and all his claptrap and bullshit. And I can say that word because Ezekiel the Son of man had to eat a plate of it as it symbolized the Sins of mankind: that is the reason that the Son of Man hath “power on earth to forgive sins”; he ate enough bullshit so that he didn’t have to eat any more; that is for sure…and he sure could forgive those who had sinned; because he had eaten their sins already if he chose to forgive theirs: it was totally up to him as being the receptacle: the Furnace; really.

The one that Rev. Moon never walked with; and branded as “pro-communist”; as of the beast from the abyss of Rev. Moon’s ‘envy and ignorance’ and his attempt to steal the Blessing from the Third Israel. Let us not forget that when Dr. King was given the Nobel Peace Prize the Providence of the Internal Restoration in America as Egypt went from the National level to the Global Level…for Canaan as the land of Equality for the Foundation to Receive the Messiah…

Christ Almighty is not too far afield of who my Father now is in TRUTH; and I am in my Soul the daughter of Allah; the Lamb’s Wife: Maryam al Kubra; the greater Mary of My Generations Mecca; the City of St. Francis for that Lost Kingdom that was Ephraim: now restored, as we took Egypt from within: and now the Third Israel as established to bring the Kingdom of God here to these 50 United States. First the Civil war; as the Foundation of Faith in the Indemnity paid; then the Civil Rights and the deaths of Malcolm X and Dr. King as the two prophets ( Malcolm X was not a prophet before he went to Mecca; but he sure was one when he came back..Inshallah!.) as the Foundation of Substance; and then the Civil Election as of the Leader of the Free World: Barack Hussein Obama as we then took “Egypt from within” in the 430 years of our Time Indemnity. Barack thus stands as our “David” in the position of America as the “David of the nations” as when it defeated Great Britain as the first and last Global Empire ever seen in the form of the United Kingdom of Wales, Scotland and England..

The times are seen in this rendering;  from 1492 – 1920, ( 1922 ); but 1920 is when Rev. Moon and Pope John Paul II were both born / 1517 – 1947 when the Nation of Israel was born and Dr. King became 18 years old; and 1500 – 1929 when Dr. King was born at the Crash.

PROBLEM  NUMBER  ONE: A  Mortal  Messiah

“Part II: Revealing the Eviternity of the Kingdom at December 25th 2012; at the Final Denouncement”

HERE we  have  THE PROBLEM laid out of HOW  Rev. Moon DECIDE D the Messiah would be “Mortal” and thus “die” as a mortal man.

This can be seen in the two versions of the same passage in his book “Divine Principle” which I have place together; the earlier version from the 1973 version of the top; and the later version from the 1993 book on the bottom.

HERE is the Original 1973 Version; to wit:

“However bitter a way he may walk, the Lord of the Second Advent will never come to die, not fulfilling the providence of restoration, as in the time of Jesus. This is because God’s providence to fulfill His purpose of creation, through the True Parents of mankind, has come down from Adam through Jesus, to the Lord of the Second Advent, and in the third instance, the providence will not fail to be realized.

Further, as will be later discussed (cf. Part II, Ch. 6, Sec. IV — 532), the spiritual providence of restoration for the 2,000 years after Jesus has achieved the age of democracy in order to create the society beneficial for the providence. Jesus was killed after being branded as a rebel against Judaism, but in the democratic society at the Second Advent, the Lord cannot walk the path of death, even though he may be bitterly persecuted as a heretic.

Therefore, however difficult a way the Lord of the Second Advent may walk, there will gather saints believing and serving him absolutely on the substantial foundation of faith which he will establish; and it will be certain that they will be able to set up the substantial foundation to receive the Messiah by setting up the foundation of substance, for the sake of the substantial course of the third worldwide restoration of Canaan.”

Now the first version is perfecly accurate and quite acceptable in light of the Providence, and the Doctrine taught at the College of the Shepherds by the servants of the Most High who is Allah;  where the 7 were given their training in the Tower of Salvation each Church was a Storey of and in the Work of the Lamb which is why Mohammed built 7 Mosques with his own hands as the “Bride” to this Tower; as he knew full well the Blessed Olive Tree Jesus of Nazareth would ultimately prevail; as it was he who lit the Lamp of Allah; as starting the New Creation of God.

Mohammed as the Seal of the prophets alone knew that the Blessed Olive Tree we hear of from the Verse of Light in the Qur’an was none other than Jesus of Nazareth; who had sworn him to secrecy at the start of delivering the Curse of Moses upon the First Israel of the Jews; even as the Qur’an was the Blessing of Allah on the Arabs as the Second Israel. Thus it is the Wine of Wrath for the first Israel; but for the Nazarenes of the Table that is Islam as they all foreswear drinking alcohol the Qur’an is the Word of God for them as the second Israel. But Rev. Moon skipped them entirely; learning nothing from the Templars and the others like those of the Order of the Garter in England who were initiated into the knowledge in the Holy Order of St. George of how the Second Israel came into existence.

Now —-

Here is the second version from the 1996 edition; and worded quite differently…………

“However arduous the path he may walk, Christ at the Second Advent will not die without fulfilling the providence of restoration. This is because God’s providence to raise up the True Parents of humankind225(cf. Christology 4.1.1)and fulfill

the purpose of creation through them will be successful on the third attempt.

This providence began with Adam, was prolonged through Jesus, and will bear its fruit without fail at the Second Advent. Moreover, as will be discussed below,226(cf. Parallels 7.2.6)God’s spiritual providence of restoration during the

two thousand years since Jesus’ day has prepared a democratic social and legal environment which will protect Christ at the Second Advent. Jesus was killed after being branded a heretic by the Jews and a rebel by the Roman Empire.In contrast, even if Christ at the Second Advent is persecuted as a heretic, in the democratic society to which he will come, such accusations will not be sufficient grounds for him to be condemned to death.

Therefore, no matter how bitter his tribulations may be, Christ at the Second Advent will be able to lay the foundation of faith on the earth. Standing upon it, he will gather disciples of indomitable faith. He will guide these followers to fulfill the indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature and establish the foundation of substance. The foundation for the Messiah for the substantial course in the third worldwide course will be established without fail.”

In a clear and plain way both versions provide a very differnt view of how Rev. Moon decided he would approach his mission; the first is accurate prophetically; the second is totally faithless……….and that is the one that Magnus and tossa Cromwell insist is “the same” as the first rendition; but it is, in fact, nothing of the sort: it is an admission of defeat and a failure of nerve from Sun Myung moon to now aver the mortality of a common mortal man; himself.

But the True Messiah is he, who in actuality: brings Immortality to mankind in the Kingdom of God




Thus it is here that it must begin in defining first the terms of how Rev. Moon departed conclusively from the truth of his own original text; and then revealing it so it cannot be denied to the entire world.

 Now I must indeed bring about an “internal Jihad”;

as that which Muhammed always said was the true struggle,

as opposed to the frankly profane “external Jihad”;

as can be seen in one of his most famous sayings, to wit;

“The ink of the learned is holier than the blood of the martyr”.

The Apostle of Mercy: Sister Faustina; the Messenger of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

No Messiah but “…the Son of Mary…” ( hadith of Muhammed ); once again: the Proof

The Judge is the King of Judgment-Day

Khabbani writes in that Prescence of his Master as in the revealing of the Unity which is the Fruit of the Tree of Life: for this is that which is only known to those who enter the eternal realm of the Kingdom: his influence from the 4th Order of the Sufis is Immense; reminiscent of Khidr Rumi and some others like Ibn El-Arabi

“Vengeance is Mine”; saith the Lord  

           “I Will Repay”.

………… to those who walk the Path of the Just in these Last Days; for the Divine Islam of the Virgins of Gethsemene shall find it is the Straight Path….”Sirat al-Mustaqim”…..



The End of the World; Eviternity, the Dawn of Eternity

 Little did I know that the Fame and Fortune I had sold myself for are but the Name and Number of the beast that was SOLOMON, he who had gotten 666 talents of gold in that One Year; ( as seen at I Kings 10:14 ); but my enlightenment was not long in coming: and with a Vengeance.


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