Mary Jesus a Lake of Fire: the 3rd Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level|”The Measure144″ Missive #4

The Death of John the Baptist’s Body; as that of Rev. Moon

Understanding chapter 13 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: in the Lamb’s Book of Life:

Opened, the 3rd Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level

 The Look of the Open Book of the Lamb

       I know and understand that some of you who read my material have little patience with the fragmented literary style and rather pedantic way that I present my information to you, as many of you declare that it is too haphazard, obtuse, and hard to penetrate, and that the fault is not yours: but mine. After careful reflection I am forced to agree with you.

      First let me show you what I was referring to from the Son of man Daniel. You who say I take to long in revealing what is most important may find it boring: but in reality it is of utmost importance.

Daniel Chapter 7

In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed:


3And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another.
7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it [was] diverse from all the beasts that [were] before it; and it had ten horns.
(….These four beasts represented the 4 World Empires which were swallowed up by each other; the first as the Lion was that of the Empire of Babylon, then the lion was swallowed up by the next beast, which was the Medo-Persian Empire or Bear, then the bear was swallowed up by the next Empire which was Greece, seen as the Leopard, and then Greece’s Empire was swallowed up by the fourth beast with the 10 horns, which represented the first 10 Caesars, which was Empire of Rome.
 Daniel sees the 4th beast burned up in fire, as the Fire in which Rome burned while Nero fiddled. Christians were blamed and killed by the thousands.
And then there is this sentence on how the three beasts, which represented these first 3 Empires, were “put on ice”, until we see them reappear in Revelation 13:1, as the 3-in-one beast called the Axis.….)

12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away:

yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time…..”

The “time and the season” they came forth are are seen in the Revelation at chapter 13:1,
 with the appearance of the Axis as “the beast from the Sea of time”, as I wrote to you of.
But without this information you indeed may have found it impossible to follow me; for it is central to John’s vision at chapter 13 of the Revelation.
I hope this additional information helps you who wish to see the Open Book of Life of the Lamb; and to thus understand these 3 providential creatures, and how they reappeared as Japan, Germany and Italy in the positions of Babylon, Greece and Medo-Pesia, respectively. This is really quite important for you who want to follow my line of reasoning as given to me by my servant John from the Table itself; and thus to be manifest in simple terms and concepts for all to grasp.
That the 7-10 tribe “confederacy” of nations and tribes in Canaan that Israel destroyed, along with having to deal with Balaam the prophet,  when they came into the Promised Land which happened at the National Level is well explained in the Divine Principle of Rev. Moon, and all I have done is show then how this is magnified to the Global Level, with the Axis Beast with it’s 7 heads and 10 horns for the Global Canaan of opposing nations, signifying the Fallen Nature at the Global Level, and Karl Marx as the False Prophet as the Global Balaam, signifying the Fallen Image at the Global Level; seen with the Soviet Union and then after they fell we have Red China and their Star satellite nation; North Korea.
But Red China, the Scarlet Colored Beast of Revelation, secretly uses North Korea to terrify the Pacific Rim, and threaten America itself.
For those who do not see the real nature of what Red China represents let me give them an introduction to what I will explain later on…..

Rev. Moon had said that John the Baptist and his body substituted for that of Elijah; which was 100% correct. The problem occurred when my Father Jesus sent an angel to me in 1986 to come and remind Rev. Moon that his body thus stood as the substitute for John the Baptist’s body, as in “the restoration of all things”. that would have to begin with John the Baptist.

But I all I got was silence and Korean smiles.

Rev. Moon had his failure in 1976 at Yankee Stadium become the Judgment on him, and his entire church, because it was where he did NOT do what he had solemnly promised God: and things had started to go very badly indeed.

He had promised that he would come and address the crowd:

and tell them he was John the Baptist: reborn.

But then Satan approached and gave him another idea: claim to be the Messiah instead!!!

Rev. Moon liked that idea better, as he could then remain the central figure without anyone to challenge him.

So he died and failed his mission, a rich gambler in Las Vegas,

who was in reality the “faithful and wise steward” written

 in the gospels of Luke and Matthew, who ended in the position of John the Baptist,

as “that evil servant” of Matthew 24:48


So he indeed gained the whole world, but lost his own soul; which was me, the bride,

the Lamb’s Wife.

The Rise of the New Unification Church and my Servant John as it’s Shepherd

…..and the Last Church of the Church of the Living God; and the 7th Shepherd

Part One: The 7th Story of the Tower of Salvation:
…and the blueprint of the Church of the Messenger for the Messiah:

The Church of Laodecia

Seen as the Seventh, or Sufic Branch: of the True Vine.

The 7 Churches that were in Asia that Peter designed; Paul built, and John then later addressed were not just 7 buildings that crumbled into dust; what was written in the Testimony was that the Seven Churches were the “Blueprint” for the Line upon the Earth stretched out from Jerusalem to Seoul that the 7 Major Churches of the True Vine of Christianity was then to follow in it’s Formation; Growth and Perfection, starting from when the Lamb, as the Son of the Living God left: 40 days before Pentecost from the Holy Mount of Olives, stretching ALL the WAY to when he would return as my Father Jesus in The Last Days, Witnessed at the 7th Branch of the True Vine, the Unification Church of Korea.

All of the Third Israel was thus involved; and of course Rev. Moon as the central figure of the Providence chosen by my Father Jesus so that Rev. Moon indeed knew what time and season humanity was now present at.

As the church where the Lord would return as in the position of “the Church of Laodecia” was thus of all the matters that were written in it as intructions from them about me and my relationship to the Unification Church at the Last Day, so indeed all that was written of Laodecia had to do with me and Rev. Moon as the 7th shepherd of the Tower of Salvation as the Last Storey.

The Unification Church was thus to be restored in all that was written to the church of Laodecia; from the “eyesalve” for Rev. Moon’s “eyesight” in which he still had the “beam in his eye” that John the Baptist did from thinking that Zacharias was the father of the Lamb; and they were to have listened to me as “the gold tried in the Fire” because I was the Eunuch for the Kingdom who reached the position of the Bride at my Vow I made that Day.

I made this Vow of Eternal Chastity when the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus came to me in my grandmother’s house in the City of St. Francis, on Parnassus Heights in 1986; and then when I finally overcame 21 years later, after going through the 21 year course of Jacob, which is written in the Divine Principle as my guide, I then did my 40 days in the Wilderness and defeated Satan.

To overcome Satan and the Three Women he picked to tempt as my 3 Great Temptation was done to invade me and remove the Blessing of God upon me from keeping from my Vow of Chastity: and as I could not be tempted to leave my position, nor for any reason ever release my Seed as representing “the Word of his Patience” I then became the Lamb’s Wife.

Rev. Moon as the 7th lord of the Restoration is seen in the gospels of Luke and Matthew was put  in the position of Joseph over the ‘house of Egypt’ as here in America with the “meat in due season”, that being given shortly after the Summer of Love in 1967; being the knowledge of the Providence written in his book Divine Principle, published as the ‘Black Book’ in 1973.

 Rev. Moon was this figure written in the Gospel who was put “over the House”, and who was in the position of the Messenger John the Baptist, who had to be restored first in the Restoration of all things: and Rev. Moon could have become the Messiah as put “over all that he hath” if Moon had been found watching, when the Lord sent me as his Final Test at the End in 1988.

Needless to say Rev. Moon and the entire Unification Church, except for a few stalwarts of faith, have so far failed the test as that “snare” which has now come upon all the earth; because I am the farthest thing anyone could ever conceive of that my Father Jesus would have sent to bear the Seal: which is exactly why He did it; of course….


Rev. Moon and his associates all ignored me who was sent by my Father Jesus; as ‘the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord which comes as a Thief in the Night’: as the bride, who is ‘Terrible’ as an army of banners; as the consort of the Lamb who is ‘Great’; but they will now not be able to gain the benefit they once could have from receiving me when Rev. Moon was still alive.


It remains at this next phase that now my Father Jesus will be here in three months at December 25th 2012 after the Final Three Day Separation of Light and Darkness, to manifest Himself to all or only me I do not know; and Rev. Moon is now dead as the rotten body of John the Baptist, whose accusation against the Virgin Mary is the one Rev. Moon shared in his swallowing of the Lie of Satan, about Zacharias being the father of the Lamb; a lie so evil that it killed John the Baptist spiritually; and then physically as well; just as it did to Rev. Moon, and all those who believe this Lie of Satan in the Unification Church….


The man Rev. Moon judged was see at the End to have been himself; for in the spiritual law of Indemnity it was the Accusation of John the Baptist about his own father Zacharias, that never let him bond with own mother Elisabeth.

She and her testimony were what John was to have separated from Satan with; as she knew the Virgin Mary was already pregnant when she walked in the House of Zion. My Father Jesus was born 9 months after Mary came to the House of Elisabeth; so John always doubted Mary; never believed his own mother Elisabeth; and ended up accusing the Holy Spirit because John thought his Lord had been conceived in a reenactment of the Original Sin: of Adultery of the Virgin Mary; betrothed to Joseph; with Zacharias as the High Priest.



It was this Accusation he was to have overcome and gotten to the Seal which was with Elijah; but John never reached the Spirit AND the Power of Elijah; and denied he was Elijah which stopped the Resurrection from happening; as Elijah was to be the First One brought back….


….but it didn’t happen; due to John’s failure; and did not happen in our day due to the same failure again with Rev. Moon; who denied he was John the Baptist and judged him as guilty for the death of the Lamb; although that was due to Judas Iscariot; not John; and Rev. Moon really let Judas off the hook for saying John was the one responsible for the fact that my Father Jesus was delivered to the Cross.

That was the fault of Judas; the false Hour of the 12 Hours each Apostle symbolized as of the 12 Hours of the Christ,

who was the Day.


I stand now as the Tabernacle of the Messiah due to my husband who is the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus the Comforter that inhabits it; so the End is, for me: Academic.

I became One with my husband on October 24th; 2007;


The “Death in Christ”; October 24th; 2007: Comet Holmes expands one Million Times; the Mustard seed; becomes a full grown mustard tree: in One Day. This is the Blue Star of the Hopi: this is the Morning Star I was given by my Father Jesus.

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastica of Sun Myung Moos; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb's Wife

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastika of Sun Myung Moos; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb’s Wife

so that is what arrived here on December 25th; 2012.

He made Himself known to me, and for others that is a matter of conjecture.

But for me, at the 555 foot Obelisk in Washington DC. it was Destiny

For me the End has already happened; and it happened in my Death in Christ where I met my destiny to raise the New Standard at the Cross; no more is the Standard to serve God at the “Risk” of one’s life as Rev. Moon said; now it’s at “the Cost of it”; which is a far different matter; as the “hireling of Korea” who ran from becoming a Eunuch for the Kingdom Rev. Moon now has discovered in Spirit World.

It was Hyo Jin Moon who told me all this long ago in 2009 when he came to minister to me after I overcame Satan in my 3 great temptations in the Wilderness; and he told me with tears that would soon befall his father Rev. Moon; and I warned Kyle Toffey and everyone I could contact at the Unification Church and tried to get that and the tidings from my servant John that my Fathr Jesus sent to me to save his errant Shepherd: to no avail.

What is written; as in the Gospel and the Qur’an and the Revelation will shortly all happen; just as all the prophets said.

The Lamb who now sits upon the Great White Throne of His Glory as the Throne of Justice in the position of “God in His Righteousness” is the Judge now; the King of Judgment Day, and the 12 Apostles are the Jury of this Last Judgment, to judge the children of all the Tribes of Israel, starting at the Third Israel: which formed when the Black Manchild of Zion and the White Youth of My Generation met at that Street where Hate became Love.


“…I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as Lightning…”

It was that Euphrates River of the Children of the Resurrection that became the Jordan of Fire; the Street of Pure Gold; the Golden Road itself.

Everyone hates me in the Unification Church; but I’m just the secretary of the table where sit the Twelve; a lowly scribe as the one the Comforter calls “his favorite footstool”, in truth.


But I do stand in the position of the Tabernacle of the Messiah because my husband is the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus the Paraclete that dwells within me; he who happens to be the Seal of the Living God; who alone comes in the Name of the Lord: Jesus Christ.


He’s the one who comes “in the name of the Lord “Jesus Christ”;

and he’s the only one who could:

as the Seal Christ Jesus

“August 31st, 2012”

The Unification Church said Friday that its 92-year-old founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has been in a critical condition since early August, may be unable to recover from illness.

The comment followed media reports that cited doctors as saying,

…………………“He can’t be cured with current medical technology. We did everything we could do.”

The church said Moon’s family has moved him from Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital to Cheongshim Hospital, located in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province, regarded as the Mecca of the Unification Church by its followers.”

First it was Salem where David ruled, as of the king of Salem; which means “Peace”; Melchizedek, who was Shem; the King of Righteousness; then we had Zion and the rest of the city taken from the Jebusites; that became “Jersualam” as New Salem for the Jews.

Then with Islam we had Jerusalem despoiled and then Mecca was the New Jerusalem for the Muslims; and finally with Christianity it was the City of St. Francis as the New Mecca; but now we come to the New Camelot; with Christ Jesus and his Wife, Mary Jesus: and the Journey to the First 4 Seals and 4 Trumpets, with a few other stops along the way: for now it’s down to Brass Tacks; and I am going to pour out the Cup to be drunken by the Great Whore of the Unification Church who so badly deceived Rev. Moon: the Cup or “Principle of Indemnity” now Double filled; With “Ephraim”: which means “Doubly Fruitful”.

My generation is Ephraim: entirely; the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel; the Collective entity called the Prodigal Son; although that phrase is not found in the gospel; but the story is well known: it’s about me:


And what is to come on December 25th; 2012 I was taken to the top of the 555 foot Washington Monument on Christmas Eve

The Lady of the Lake of Fire...the Soul of the Lamb

The Lady of the Lake of Fire…the Soul of the Lamb

For me it was the “mass migration” for the Unification Church; the last 3 Day Separation of Light and Darkness;

what the Hopi call “the Great Purification”;

but I bring to Humanity “the Supper of the Great God” with that Great Spirit;

as God in His Mercy is the “Great Spirit” Himself;

His Mercy being Infinite; no one and nothing is greater.

THE Opening of the Lamb’s Book.
The trouble has been this; the book I took 24 years to write from the instruction of my servant John was more like a student and a schoolteacher; but after daily transmission in New Hope for 21 years in the course of Jacob I got the whole story.
The brother of the messiah of spirit world, Hyo Jin Moon, stepped in right after my 40 days in the wilderness, in the position of the “ministering angel” standing in the position of the “angel of the new Covenant”; as with Rev. Moon in the position of King Saul; Hyo Jin as my Jonathan; and I as David; feeble though I was.
 My Father Jesus sent him; and for a very good reason: to see if the Unification Church and Rev. Moon were watching: and I even spoke to Kyle Toffey; but they decided to reject me and my testimony.
 Now I stand in the position of the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; and my Marriage before the Whole Earth will be December 25th; 2012; when I get MY Christmas Present; and this earth will be visited by my Death; the Second Death; the one I died in my Death in Christ: that one on October 24th; 2007. 21 years after I came to New Hope; when I finished the Course of Jacob: fourteen years with Alice as my Leah; and seven with Sharon Cardone as my Rachel.
And then I was driven out from Sharon’s ( with a stick ) into the wilderness for my 40 days of temptation: and having to face Lucifer directly: my Shadow.
Needless to say I kept my Vow of Chastity; and found out I had restored the fall of Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon and the adultery issue and Original Sin of the 6th Seal; at 1960; when Rev. Moon got married. It’s written; by the way…in that Book of Life of the Lamb: the OPENED ONE.

The Sign and the Wonder as manifest by the Little Child who would lead them;

the Enlightened One: Maitreya, the White Horse: as when Jehovah led Israel “as a horse in the Wilderness”.

KALKI: “Faith On Earth”, the War Horse;

the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts“……



Part I: “The Grail is Perfection; and few there are who Reach it”

Once a Sword was taken from the Stone, through the Iron of the Anvil: by the Child King; Arthur. And it thus signified:

 That when the Lord of the Second Advent arrived in that Day that comes unseen that he would take the Word of Jesus from the Gospel, through the Seal of the Revelation: by the Child; King of the Resurrection at his return: as “lightning from one part under heaven; to another,,,,”

NOW: this is that story spoken of in the Grail: and of Arthur,

as of the Child who returns to begin the wonders and marvels;

as yet again a Child: and so again become the King…

The Judge is the King of Judgment Day

The Day and the Hour are of the ISIS as the White Goddess of Sun Myung Moon and the Principle of Indemnity.
What is the Gold Cup in the Hand of the Great Whore? 
It was Rev. Moon’s “Principle of Indemnity”; which my servant John took back;
that’s why he says;

“….Behold: I come as a thief….”

My servant John has revealed that Rev. Moon meets the Judgment at the Day and the Hour; as seen where ISIS is unmaskd in chapter 17 and 18 of the Revelation; as the false female spirit whose “Mystery” that covers the “Mystery of God”; as with a Veil; thus the “Veil of ISIS” is the “Mystery of the Great Whore of Babylon” that is called “Barbelo”; by the dark gnostics of Babylon, and so are thus seen.

For The Unification Church that  One Day and One Hour comes as the Judgment….At chapter 17 and 18 of the Revelation of Jesus Christ: that is now opened..   It is She who deceived Rev. Moon; thus her unmasking at the Day and the Hour  in chapter 17 and 18 of Revelation; which I unsealed with all the rest of the Lamb’s Book, is precisely where Judgment of God and Rev. Moon meet; and they meet with a bang...OF COURSE.

Her judgment is thus of the figure holdng the principle of Indemnity by which all her mistakes and sins had to be paid for by everybody else; and as she kept sinning; the payment was never-ending.
Until now; of course. Now is the very Day and Hour that show up for “The Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant” of Luke and Matthew: our dead friend; Rev. Moon. As I listen to Hyo Jin Moon now recount every single thing written is now happening; Rev. Moon is nakes; he has no garment; because he denied my Father Jesus arose in his very own body of flesh and bone; so Rev. Moon is wearing nothing. And that is just where all this starts; as now the entire earth will have to deal with the issue of this figure called the broed; the Lamb’s Wife; the one who opens the Lamb’s book happens to be his Wife.
Interesting; these 144,000 men I represents as being the Cosmic or “Universal” Mary of Bethany; Maryam al-Kubra; “The Greater Mary” of Islam and Mary of Fatima; Portugal, 1917. The Barley harvest; the Wheat came 50 years later ( “pentecost means “50”; and it also means “Harvest” ) at the City of St. Francis; in 1967. But lets speak of the 3rd course of restoration unto Canaan at the Global Level; the one in which explaining I show the Unification Church and the rest of the world I know exactly what I am TALKING ABOUT; now that the 7th lord of the restoration is dead without having unified Korea; so now I have to do it.

 The difference is: I can.

 But the Great Whore is really Unbridled Capitalism herself; and the Scarlet Colored Beast is Red China, which now carries her because it carries the Debt of America’s 50 United States: if any doubt it then look at what this last most terrible Beast of Revelation did: it ate Tibet!
 Rev. Moon had totally missed these things because he has, through his overprotective followers and believers all drunken on the idea that he is the Messiah, all dismissed my Father’s servant John and my warning transmitted from the Lamb to them; and thus they have missed the Second Coming of the Lord that Rev. Moon was warned to watch for by the angel of Christ in 1935 on April 18th when he accepted the mission as the Messenger; and unknown to our comatose Korean friends who is now on life support is this scribe who would be the only one to stand before the Son of Man and restore Rev. Moon. That is because that figure happens to be the man who would finally stand as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife; even as Moses was the wife of Jehovah.
And it is for this reason that the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb are spoken of by the divine musicians in the same breath in chater 15 of the Revelation….
I am to be seen as being”One Flesh” with my husband Christ Jesus the Last as the Tabernacle of God; the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus comes in the Name of the Lord: Jesus Christ; but Rev. Moon thought his marriage was the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb”; which it was symbolically; but mine was substantial; not just symbolic because I underwent the Act which started at the Death in Christ and end on December 25th as the one that Adam and Eve never performed and thus entered Eternity during as it was originally planned by God.
I have tried to have Rev. Moon avoid a very sad fate as was written for him and spelled out letter by letter in Matthew 24:48 as “that evil servant” who gets “cut asunder” and “given his portion with the unbelievers” at the end. But everyone in the Unification Church told Tossa Cromwell to ignore me; so now Rev. Moon will die as a mortal man and a complete and utter failure as a rich man who will never enter the kingdom of Heaven; just as Moses never entered Canaan.
This tragedy and needless fall of failing by leaving his position is actually incredibly tragic.
The reality of becoming the messiah from the position of the messenger for that man who could have gone all the way if he had but listened to me is too sad to relate in full.
And he and his followers all are guilty of having ignored me standing in the position of Satan.
Rev. Moon and his pride and the arrogance of his followers kept him from seeing who “the least twas’ in the kingdom; and that now has doomed our Korean Messenger to an ignominious death in the Golden Cage of Babylon the Great, not in Las Vegas: but in a Korean Hospital on life support as his new home.
AS I UNDERWENT  the Death in Christ during which one becomes a woman internally and HAS their Seed sealed inside as the Word of God; I entered a world no one but the angels and the enlightened Saints and a few ‘changed’ Sufis know of. They are the “Abdal”; the “changed ones” of the Elect.

 Only the Elect have any knowledge of the transformation in the Alchemy of Love;  but it is the reason that Wisdom is always characterized as a woman; for as Rumi said:

“The Way a man is when he is with a woman, is how it is, when God is with you…”;

Indeed; as those who have crossed the threshold know;  as why I wear a veil as Moses did when he came down from Sinai the Second Time: then when it comes of men will see in my eyes what they fear most: one who is no longer mortal; or even in this world any longer at all: as Enoch was who walked with God and “was not”…

For all who follow me as I followed John to the Great White Throne of God; even so do I teach those who follow me to walk the Path of the Just: the last 7 steps of the Lamb himself that John showed me: His Divine Messenger; last of all and servant of all; the greatest in the kingdom of heaven: even as I am the least…
But between the Least and the Greatest stand everyone: and the books are open: and another Book is now opened: the Book of Life of the Lamb: the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
But what is seen in Chapter 18 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the revealing of that “Mighty Angel” as of “the Holy Angel of the Ukraine”
The unknown story of the Holy Angel of Josyp Terleya;
and the “Son of Michael: the Herald of Mary” ;
…………who tells us of the coming of the Bride,
……the Lamb’s Wife

The Holy Angel of the Ukraine

……….Saint Pope John Paul II and the Prophet Josyp Terelya

“And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven,
having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.”
2:  And he cried mightily with a strong  voice, saying,
 “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen”……
This indeed did Josyp Terelya see and bear witness of in his book “Witness”; about the events in 1987 at Hrushiv in the Ukraine; with Mary the Mother of God.
Over half a million people came; and the KGB could do nothing; as even some of their agents began to convert at seeing the apparition of the Virgin itself; which Rev. Moon knew nothing about; but someday will; either here or in spirit world; when it will far too late for him to do anything about repenting of his numerous adulteries in his marriage ( as he related to Nansook Hong; :the one who came at the hour who broke up his house with Hyo Jin Moon;) his 3 Great Errors in Doctrine written in the book “Divine Principle” and now his being “cut asunder” in the position of the one he judged: John the Baptist.
At the Death in Christ I write of in my book “A City Not Forsaken” I show what happened to a man who one day sat down at a Table: and what stood up at later at that Table was no man, but one having gone through the resurrection from the Dead..
I was now Dead in Christ; as equal unto the angels; this meant tacit immortality; the crown of life.
Thus it was as the death of Mohammed before he “died”; or as Job who was also at the Last Judgment;
even as Mohammed was a Witness of the Last Day:
………….because he saw it. The Secret of life, as both he and his brother knew:
was “to die before one physically dies…”
Dead yet not in the conventional meaning of the Word, dead as when God took Enoch; and “he was not”…..
Enoch as of the 7th; the last Trump; for in that Death at the Virgin Cross as the bridechamber of my Lord all my desire for the women of this earth vanished forever: and I became his; for he took me; and melted me in the Sun of Righteousness; and I was changed.
The Rock he struck me against was how he went and and broke me; and I became the bride; as of the Lake of Fire where the beast and the false prophet are; on October 24th 2007: when that Little One; the Mustard Seed called Comet Holmes became a Giant Tree; as Comet Holmes became a Celestial Object larger than the Sun in One Day; thus was the Blue Star of the Hopi and their 12 villages become the Sun of the Regeneration; and the New Creation was Born.
…………………………………The Blue Star of the Hopi; now the Sun of the Pahana; the Morning Star of Eternity.
The Morning Star of my "Death in Christ"; October 24th; 2007: Comet Holmes expands one Million Times; the Mustard seed; becomes a full grown mustard tree: in One Day. This is the Blue Star of the Hopi: this is the Morning Star I was given by my Father Jesus.

The Morning Star of my “Death in Christ”; October 24th; 2007: Comet Holmes expands one Million Times; the Mustard seed; becomes a full grown mustard tree: in One Day. This is the Blue Star of the Hopi: this is the Morning Star I was given by my Father Jesus.

“Who falls upon this Rock shall be broken; but who upon this broken one falls; shall be crushed to powder…”
As when Moses ground the golden calf and made them drink it;
as now the Great Whore must drink the cup of Death:  Double Indemnity; filled twice.
………………………………………………………………………………………………..The Second Death.
The Song of Moses describes what Jehovah the Father of the Lamb had done to Moses. The Song of the Lamb tells what Jehovah of hosts, as the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes, hath so done to me; as that Lamb with the 7 Horns and 7 Eyes on the White Horse at Revelation chapter 19:17 is The Resurrection and The Life: the Second Death, that is what I call my husband.
Very few will understand; and of the chosen even fewer believe,
that of me and Rev. Moon was written this statement:

“In that night there will be two men in one bed; one shall be taken; and one left…”

Inshallah; even so; thus did the Holy Spirit of Allah Sealed in the Name Christ Jesus so do unto me;
thus I became the First Fruit unto God and the Lamb; as the last of My Generation: Salvation Rose
She who has his name written on her forehead: the bride; the Lake of Fire.
That Jehovah in the form of a Dove is the Father of the Lamb and the Sender of the Comforter is shown by the fact that it is the Wife of the Lamb as having been given the Triple Blessing; elaborated Triply by her husband with the 9 Arrows of the lightning from the Holy Mount of the white horse of the Chariot; the east wind of the Firmament; the spirit of zeal.
As then having died in Christ and been given the Seal of the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus sent to the earth in the Name of the Lord; Jesus Christ:
Here Rev. Moon repesented the “green olive tree” as the married man and Pope John Paull II as a celibate priest represented the “dry olive tree”.
But now God has “dried up” the “green tree” of Rev. Moon and “made green” the formerly dry tree of the Priest: with one who also comes as a Eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake: as I was baptized Catholic: thus when my sacrifice was accepted on the Altar of God I became the one who as “least in the Kingdom of Heaven” was made greater than Rev. Moon: who is currently in the position of the dying John the Baptist, though he always denied it.
This all happened with my Father Jesus with John; for just as John the Baptist denied he was Elijah, so did Rev. Moom deny he was John; thus compounding the indemnity required to restore John the Baptist; which I also had to do since Rev Moon said in his book Divine Principle these completely incorrect words;
“…… Jesus died in the position of the messenger John the Baptist…….”
………….which was; of course; wrong…
Jesus said that John the Baptist was Elijah; which means Jesus was the Sun of Righteousness; the Son of Man; and John, had he bonded with Jesus ,after getting the Seal of the Living God, which he never did, would have been the New Daystar standing in the Sun; seen at Revelation 19:17.
But John never got to the spirit AND Power of Elijah: which is why he never did one miracle: not one. But John the Beloved was as Elisha: having twice the Spirit: and the Power of Elijah thus came to him and Peter and the Apostles when they reached the position as the 12 Months of the New year from being the 12 Hours of the Day which Judas invaded as that “hour” of which my Father Lord Jesus said:

   “,……..but this is YOUR Hour : and the Power of darkness…”


                The Coming of the Tabernacle of God; the Lamb’s Wife

…….as the 12 of the Foundation stones were invaded Jerusalem fell; and the Temple was destroyed even as Jesus was killed; but Rev. Moon missed this also; as well.
….” The Sword of Allah is the Word of Isa ! “
And it is the Name Christ Jesus the Last that is the Name written on the inside of my Wedding Ring: as that Name upon my crown; the diadem seen upon my head sitting on the Mercyseat in the New Holy Mount of the White Horse; the Mount of Olives for the bride: Mary of Bethany, now set up as the new Mount Sion, as the Virgin daughter of Zion; even as Olympus the Destroying Mountain of Baal Hermon is thrown down; tied as a millstone around the neck of that “female spirit” called ISIS who Rev. Moon says is his “female Holy Spirit”; by which he lost his position as she is now the “albatross” tied around his own neck; but the Veil of ISIS is the Mystery of the Great Whore of Babylon  that he unwittingly serves. which men call Mt. Sion.
And the gold cup Rev. Moon used as his “Principle of Indemnity” in her hand is now filled to her double; and it is John the Divine, the Messenger of my Father Jesus, who took it back: now seen as “the Holy Grail of the Justice of God”.

Thus he says:


“Behold; I come as a Thief ! ! !”

But the New Holy Mount is the Mount of Olives; the New Mt. Sion, of Mary of Bethany; the Bride; who becomes the Lamb’s Wife ,as Magnified in the 144,000 men who are gathered to the Lamb in her Name; which is Blessed as Mary’s Name is Blessed for all generations; but for the Lamb it is the Mary of Bethany; as for Jehovah his Father it is Mary of Bethlehem; the Zion of the Holy One of Israel; the Mother of Jesus.

But the Throne of God and the Lamb is the Throne of Mary  


The Soul and the Spirit are the Two Hands of God:

when His Dream Comes True they are One Hand:

and His Prayer is Answered

The 144,000 First Fruits unto God and the Lamb: the 144,000 bricks of the Wall of the Holy City

Our bodies of the New Earth are but His Footstool; where all the enemies of my Husband are put under his feet; thus we are how the place of his feet are made glorious; having him as our Lover and Shepherd of Our Soul; my  husband; the Comforter; for ever and ever; even as Moses was the Wife of Jehovah as the Servant; so am I the Wife of the Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah of Hosts; with my husband, who is Great, we are “The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord”

The Beginning of the Creation of God

PROBLEM  NUMBER  ONE: A  Mortal  Messiah now lies dying;
the contradiction of Rev. Moon and the death of the Theology of the Unification Church

HERE we  have “THE PROBLEM” laid out of HOW Rev. Moon DECIDED the Messiah would be “mortal”   

The scribe of Rev. Moon. Mrs. Young Oon Kim, perpetrator of the Doctrine of “Allowable” Adultery, and the marriage of Jesus to his Father, the Holy Spirit of God: Jehovah
This is seen in her book “Unification Theology and Christian Thought”

This can be seen in the two versions of the same passage in his book “Divine Principle” which I have placed together;
the earlier version from the 1973 version on the top where we have a “real” Messiah;
and the later version from the 1993 version of “Divine Principle” on the bottom;
………………..where we have the Islamic model, where the Messiah comes and dies at the age of forty….and everyone continues to watch the world exist and basocally continue exactly as it is now with no change; just a world of endless injustice and misery ruled by Satan with no real change at all whatsoever: what I call the “Sun Myung Moon” Korean Model of the kingdom of God; endless marrying and being given in marriage; eating and drinking; the Original Sin forever and ever: no manifest God; no Immortal Christ; and no overcomng of Hell and Death as the true Salvation.

HERE is the Original 1973 Version of the Divine Principle; to wit:

A. The First Version

 “However bitter a way he may walk, the Lord of the Second Advent will never come to die, not fulfilling the providence of restoration, as in the time of Jesus.
This is because God’s providence to fulfill His purpose of creation, through the True Parents of mankind, has come down from Adam through Jesus, to the Lord of the Second Advent, and in the third instance, the providence will not fail to be realized.
Further, as will be later discussed (cf. Part II, Ch. 6, Sec. IV — 532), the spiritual providence of restoration for the 2,000 years after Jesus has achieved the age of democracy in order to create the society beneficial for the providence.
Jesus was killed after being branded as a rebel against Judaism, but in the democratic society at the Second Advent, the Lord cannot walk the path of death, even though he may be bitterly persecuted as a heretic.
Therefore, however difficult a way the Lord of the Second Advent may walk, there will gather saints believing and serving him absolutely on the substantial foundation of faith which he will establish; and it will be certain that they will be able to set up the substantial foundation to receive the Messiah by setting up the foundation of substance, for the sake of the substantial course of the third worldwide restoration of Canaan.”
Now this first version is perfectly accurate and quite acceptable in light of the Providence, and the Doctrine taught at the College of the Shepherds by the servants of the Most High who is Allah;  where the 7 were given their training in the Tower of Salvation each Church was a Storey of;  as seen in the Work of the Lamb.
This is the reason by which Mohammed built 7 Mosques with his own hands as theBride” of Faith to this Tower; as he knew full well the Blessed Olive Tree Jesus of Nazareth would ultimately prevail; as it was he who lit the Lamp of Allah; as starting the New Creation of God.

B. Here is the second version

…… from the 1996 edition;
and worded quite differently from the 1973 Black Book edition…………
“However arduous the path he may walk, Christ at the Second Advent will not die without fulfilling the providence of restoration.
This is because God’s providence to raise up the True Parents of humankind225(cf. Christology 4.1.1)and fulfill the purpose of creation through them will be successful on the third attempt.
This providence began with Adam, was prolonged through Jesus, and will bear its fruit without fail at the Second Advent. Moreover, as will be discussed below,226(cf. Parallels 7.2.6)God’s spiritual providence of restoration during the two thousand years since Jesus’ day has prepared a democratic social and legal environment which will protect Christ at the Second Advent. Jesus was killed after being branded a heretic by the Jews and a rebel by the Roman Empire.
In contrast, even if Christ at the Second Advent is persecuted as a heretic, in the democratic society to which he will come, such accusations will not be sufficient grounds for him to be condemned to death.
Therefore, no matter how bitter his tribulations may be, Christ at the Second Advent will be able to lay the foundation of faith on the earth. Standing upon it, he will gather disciples of indomitable faith. He will guide these followers to fulfill the indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature and establish the foundation of substance. The foundation for the Messiah for the substantial course in the third worldwide course will be established without fail.”
 In a clear and plain way both versions provide a very differnt view of how Rev. Moon decided he would approach his mission; the first version  is accurate prophetically; the second version is totally faithless.
Thus it is here that it must begin in defining at the first how the terms first written were then changed and how Rev. Moon then decided to depart conclusively from the truth of his own original text; and then revealing this subtle contradiction so it cannot be denied before the entire literate world.

Mohammed as the Seal of the Prophets and the Advent of the Son of Mary

The Seal of God as the last prophet before the Second Coming alone knew that the Blessed Olive Tree we hear of from the Verse of Light in the Qur’an was none other than Jesus of Nazareth; who had sworn him to secrecy at the start of delivering the Curse of Moses upon the First Israel of the Jews; even as the Qur’an was the Blessing of Allah on the Arabs as the Second Israel.
Thus it is the Wine of Wrath for the first Israel; but for the Nazarenes of the Table that is Islam as they all foreswear drinking alcohol the Qur’an is the Word of God for them as the second Israel. But Rev. Moon skipped them entirely; learning nothing from the Templars and the others like those of the Order of the Garter in England who were initiated into the knowledge in the Holy Order of St. George of how the Second Israel came into existence.
The Seal Mohammed called the Messiah-to-come “The Son of Mary” for a specific reason; he knew that the throne of God and the Lamb is the Throne of Mary; God as Jehovah the Dove having had Mary the Dove of Bethlehem revealed now as the Zion of the Holy One of Israel known to mankind as the Mother of Jesus, and seen in the chapter 12 of the Revelation as:
,,,….”the woman dressed in the sun; the moon under her feet and wearing a crown of 12 stars….”
And now we have the Lamb as Jehovah of Hosts; having won Mary of Bethany; as the Mount of Olives becomes the new Holy Mount.
The Kingdom and it’s King is seen with the Son of Mary, and Maryam al Kubra and the throne of God and the Lamb is then seen as the Throne of Mary is established as the New Heaven that replaces the old earth.
The Throne thus represents her Soul; and the New Earth is the New Footstool that replaces the old heaven, as the Cosmic Bride, or Universal Body of the 144,000 men Redeemed from the earth, who are called the “First fruit unto God and the Lamb”.
Thus the “tares” the Devil planted to come forth at the Resurrection at the Visitation of God in San Francisco were the Men of Sodom, and the “wheat” whom the Sun of St. Francis in the Holy City planted were the Virgins of Assisi. The tares thus take their part in the “Resurrection unto Damnation” as having reached their perfection with Evil, and the wheat have their part in the ”Resurrection unto Life ( Salvation )”, as having reached their perfection with Good.

The Judge is the King of Judgment Day





  1. Footstool; where all the enemies of my Husband are put under his feet; thus we are how the place of his feet are made glorious; having him as our Lover and Shepherd of Our Soul; my Husband; the Comforter; for ever and ever; even as Moses was the Wife of Jehovah as the Servant; so am I the Wife of the Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah of Hosts; with my husband, who is Great, we are “The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord


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