The 7 Seals of the Book of life of the Lamb are the 7 Divine Names of Divine Knowledge | “The Measure144” Missive #5

 My husband is the Second Death …

“….as my soul liveth…”

                                     My husband; the Second Death

“Where the Carcase is; there shall the Vultures be gathered…”

Now that we have a moment to look at the present situation of the fallen capitalist world and the future of the Providence of the Restoration of Salvation with the coming death of the 7th lord of that Restoration Rev. Moon, we must see what is really on the Table for the/my Last Hour on December 25th; 2012: The Grail is Perfection; and few there are who Reach it”


are the 7 Seals of the Lamb’s Book

The 7 Divine Names of Divine Knowledge

as the 7 Seals of the Lamb’s Book now revealed on those 7 Decades of the Babylonian Captivity of Russia from 1917 to 1987:

that was counterpoised to the City of Fatima in Portugal with Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia: to the City of Hrushiv in the Ukraine with Josyp Terelya

which were sealed by my servant John

First Seal: the Divine Name of Divine Love as the Seal of the 7th Heaven,

The Divine Celestial World

Second Seal: the Divine Name of Divine Love as the Seal of the 6th Heaven

The Divine Spiritual World

Third Seal: the Divine Name of Divine Wisdom as the Seal of the 5th Heaven

The Divine Archetypal World

Fourth Seal: the Divine Name of Divine Truth as the Seal of the 4th Heaven

The Divine Natural World

Fifth Seal: the Divine Name of Divine Will as the Seal of the Third Heaven

The Celestial World

Sixth Seal: the Divine Name of Divine Purity as the Seal of the Second Heaven

The Spiritual World

Seventh Seal: the Divine Name of Divine Understanding as the Seal of the First Heaven

The Archetypal World of the 7 Senses


The 7 Seals Loosed

They reveal the 7 Decades from 1910 at the First Seal

to 1970 at the 7th Seal 


In the Churchyard at Easter; with Merlin far away; yet once a Sword was taken from the Stone,

through the Iron of the Anvil: by the Child King; Arthur.

And it thus signified:

“…..That when the Lord of the Second Advent arrived, in that Day that comes unseen as a Thief in the Night,

that he would take the Word of Jesus from the Gospel,

through the Seal of the Revelation: by the Child; King of the Resurrection at his return:

as of 

‘…….lightning from one part under heaven; to another…..’…”

When We are called to Witness and do so…..

And this is where it begins; right at the first Seal at 1910 and the accompanying first Trumpet at 1917.

The one central personage of the providence of the 430 years of time-indemnity here in the West from 1492 to Dr. Kings birth roughly 430 years later in 1929 at the Momentous Crash was Rev. Moon. None knew the cause of the Crash of 1929 until now; as seen at the Second Trumpet at the Revelation of Jesus Christ now opened; from 1927 to 1937’s events; the Second Trumpet which signifies the Second Horn of the Lamb spanning the First Seal from 1910 to 1919; to the Second Seal from 1920 to 1929… ( touched by, and thus “touching” each horn as being “pierced” by it is how each of the 7 angels of Adam seen in the book of “the little scroll” John ate called the “book of Enoch”).

Each angel does repent in the Church of the Living God that the 7 churches represent; and then each angel is restored in the Universal Body of Christ as the Tabernacle of body as that New Earth; his Footstool actually; the bride; the Lamb’s Wife….)

 Our black Moses; that Rev. Moon never walked with; and spitefully branded as being “pro-communist” and an unwittingly tool of the communist forces who beat us so badly in Vietnam; as the emanated spirit of the beast from the abyss that our Korean friend called up out of that bottomless pit of his dark luciferic vanity and unconsciously racist but clearly Satanic arrogance; starting from Rev. Moon’s tragic envy of Dr. King for winning the Nobel Peace Prize and being unable to hear King’s soaring rhetoric, and of course his brilliant philosophic understanding and application of nonviolent and Thoreau-instilled, Emerson-inspired “passive resistance” that King said he had learned from studying the example of Gandhi; and which illuminated his grasp of the love and the peace within the spiritual warfare hid in the sayings in the Gospel of Christ.

Here is a sample of the simple but profound words of our black Moses;

“It is pretty difficu;t to like some people. Like is a sentimental word; and it is pretty difficult to like someone bombing your home; it is pretty difficult to like somebody threatening your children; it is diffucult to like congressmen who spend all their time trying to defeat Civil Rghts.

But Jesus says “love them”, and Love is greater than “like’.”

This is the caliber of the one martyred for racial equality that Moon has never said one kind word about: not even to this very day…and now it is too late; Rev. Moon is gone from us and shall not rise, as he denied that my Father Jesus rose in his own flesh and bone; directly contradicting the gospel of Luke and John…

With Rev. Moon all we find is envy and ignorance for the Black Race of the Third Israel; especially our Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein; the Mahdi of Islam at the Global Level for killing the Antichrist Osama bin Laden the “Masih ad-Dajjal” or “Son of the Devil”; and then Moon’s racist attempt in 1965 to blatantly steal the Blessing from the Third Israel; as of My Generation who bonded spiritually with and then culturally united with total determination as the Black Christian Race so richly Blessed by god for all they have suffered here in this spiritual Egypt; as the “Manchild in the Promised Land“; that was the “Third Jacob”; overcoming total subjugation in the South and violent persecution there as well by the KKK and others; all for the coming foundation established of the high moral ground of Social Justice and Equality as the basis for the victory of the Black Christian Race here in the West as taking Egypt from within; as the Internal Restoration of the Third Israel at the New Canaan at the 430 years of time – Indemnity from roughly 1492 to 1929 when our Moses Dr. King was born; and now our “David” Barack Hussein sits calmly at his coming re-election in November and then his Victory to be celebrated when he is Anointed as the King of the Third Israel with the arrival of my Father Jesus on December 25th, 2012; right there on the White House lawn; as the Global Abel and de facto leader of the Free World, that the writer Claude Brown wrote about so forcefully, in seeing what was to come to the Black Manchild of Zion.

Let us not forget that when Dr. King was given the Nobel Peace Prize the Providence of the Internal Restoration in America, ( as Egypt spiritually). went from the National level to the Global Level…for Canaan was then restored “from within”; as the land of Equality; going from the Formation Stage at the Civil War; to the Growth Stage at the Civil Rights Movement; to the Perfection Stage at the Civil Victory of Barack Hussein Obama’s Election in the 21 month course of his Campaign in 2008; after the 210 ( well 212 years actually ) years from 4-18-1775 with Paul Revere’s Ride until I arrived in New Hope from SF after my birthday on 4-18-1986; then the 21 years of my Course of Jacob in Haran; with Alice for the 14 years as my “Leah” and Sharon Cardone as my “Rachel” for the 7 years; Barack did a perfect 21 month course to become President; and then I did my 21 Days in Ottawa at Christmas during the first half of my 40 Days of Temptation to break my Vow; which I did not break but kept.

And then the 21 minutes when Hyo Jin Moon and I wrote the song of Victory “So Unbelievable” that Kyle Toffey heard about; and then decided to ignore me about publishing and recording for Rev. Moon to have heard; even though Kyle was to have been watching for this very thing to have happened and then alerted Rev. Moon and Hung Jn Moon; but he decided to stand in the position of Satan and let the Providence fail totally for the Unification Church: and so let Rev. Moon die without meeting me, who an angel from God was sent to with the Seal of the Living God to specifically save Moon from dying a mortal death; Bravo Kyle Toffey!!! You have accomplished the will of Satan!

Then Hyo Jin Moon arrived to minister to me in Bay City Michigan in 2009 after I defeated Satan the Devil.

It was our Work as the Youth of America and later Ireland with U2 for the Foundation to Receive the Messiah…Barack Hussein Obama is thus “our David”….feeble as he is……

Rev. Moon and Dr. King; a study in contrasts in the Dichotomy of Faith

Love we had; but we needed something more substantial, as we were starving for the Truth; and what we got from God in His Mercy was something to chew on until the Word itself arrived….indeed; the meat from our “Joseph over the House” of our Pharaoh; the King of Memphis is Egypt spiritually fallen as Aaron was with the “golden calf”; ours we simply called “Elvis”.

Rev. Moon was given Knowledge of the Providence by the Sufis in the World of Spirits in the Imaginal World; this being done as he was then to feed the children of all the tribes of Israel.

But Hyo Jin Moon told me what Rev. Moon turned this into: as a Jacob from Korea to steal the Blessing from Esau  as My Generation here in America; and his book “Divine Principle” for the “pottage of lentils” we were to have bought with our birthright.

And as the Children of the Resurrection who Rev. Moon knew “were not supposed to marry nor be given in marriage” he then deceived into marrying as many of them as he could find; to take the Blessing from God given to the Third Israel here in America; as Jacob once did from Esau; which his mother Rebecca helped Jacob do because his brother Esau had married women from the idolatrous Canaanites; thus incurring his parents displeasure, and by inference; God’s wrath as well.

Rev. Moon did us a similar favor.

But my husband the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus ruined his plans…I never married; I vowed; and PAID

Hyo Jin Moon revealed to me how his father Moon mixed the soil of Korea with the soil from all 50 American states; and with the information in his doctrine of the book “Divine Principle” he turned it into a “pottage of lentils” for his American “brother” to despoil him of his inheritance.

The Hopi warned of the fall of the “first helper” into deceit from one who was to have “helped” the “Lost White Brother” who are My Generation to unite with the Red Race; Hyo Jin explained it as premeditated pure treachery; plain and simple….

The Petroglyph of the Hopi

The backward swastika of Sun Myung Moon ( First Helper );

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastica of Sun Myung Moon; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb's Wife

Double Maltese Cross of my servant John ( Second Helper )

The Petroglyph of the Hopi with the backward swastika of Sun Myung Moon ( First Helper ). and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John ( Second Helper ); who helped me die the Death in Christ and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb’s Wife

There are no high ranking black people in the Unification Church in any positions of authority; Rev. Moon considers them “inferior”; and white American youth he characterizes as a bunch of hedonistic “grasshoppers”; singing and dancing unlike the hardworking “ants” of Korea.

For his “help” in our famine that he had us unwittingly, and unknowingly, trade our birthright as “equal unto the angels” for instead the role of a profane and lazy Esau; marrying; and being given in marriage; when we were to have been gathered and initiated into the Ancient Order of Melchizedek to become eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake;  Virgins consecrated to the Altar of Christ as his Bride… 

I found that of the doctrine contained in the pages of the book “Divine Principle” to be only about two thirds true; and about one third false. Thus the book is discarnate as something which “is, and is not”. The opposite of the truth is not falsehood; the diamatric opposite of the truth is “half the truth”; as the diamatric opposite of good is not evil; the opposite of good is “good and evil”.

 Rev. Moon said my Father Jesus rose without a body of flesh and bone; and also said he “never performed any of the duties of the Messiah”; forgetting about “the Coronation by Israel“, when he entered Jeruslam through the Golden Gate on Palm Sunday; when even the Stones would Sing and Dance! As in the Kingdom of David….did you overlook this: Rev. Moon ? ? ?

Or did you just pretend it never happened ? ? ?

The Death of John the Baptist; and the Body of the Messenger Elijah, as Sun Myung Moon

A:  The Seven Spirits of God 

7 Spirits of God    =   in 7 Lamps   as   “7 Days”

        7 Stars            =   in 7 Heavens as  7 Worlds

         7 Angels       =   in  7 Houses  as  7 Senses

The Straight Path of the Just and the Classic Ascension of the 7 Churches

Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia in 1917 at the Harvest of the Barley; the Three Children as symbolizing the Three Heights of the Door of Noah; the Secret Imam, as that “One Child of the Resurrection” seen 50 years later at 1967 at the Harvest of the Wheat in the City of St. Francis; that Holy City for Francisco….at the Pentecost of the New Mecca: “Pentecost” also means “50”; as well as the term Neil Young used: “Harvest”

Jabal Al Lawz in Arabia…


This was the Abomination that caused the Desolation in the Catholic Church with the “father priests” and the “altar boys”.

Few Catholic priests and nuns who fell even really know why they were overpowered by Satan and ISIS to do such unspeakable acts; but I know; and so will the whole world, as this truth comes to light about what is in the book “Divine Principle” as the repository of lies and half-truths.

Thus record of lies in Rev. Moon’s book is the hidden cause of why the priesthood of the Catholic Church all fell; as the priests as the “fathers” now could seduce their “sons”; due to Satan having invaded Rev. Moon and his book; making it and him Satan’s “discarnate subject” and “discarnate object”.

The definition of the discarnate is that “which is and is not”; being half true; and half false.

Like Rev. Moon in his book saying that “Jesus is the True Father”; which is true; but then saying: “the Holy Spirit is the True Mother” which is absolutely false; thus this statement is ‘discarnate’, as being one sentence that is indeed “half the truth: and half a lie”.

Rev. Moon’s book “Divine Principle” is riddled with these half-truths.

That is why his book is itself a discarnate thing; half good; and half evil; like Rev. Moon himself at the end, as described in St. Matthew’s gospel at chapter 24: 48; as being called “that Evil Servant“; who represents that Evil Servant of the Nations: Red China; as it’s leading ruler in the Yellow Race due to them being the race that was Originally the First God made as “the Golden One“;  as being that one that was in Paradise, until they fell and lost their Light, and became the “unlit yellow” or “oriental race” that is presently known as “the Elder Brother” by the Hopi Indians.

The Sign of the Evil Servant of Matthew 24:48

 The Second Israel of Islam and Mohammed as the Envoy or “Presence” of Moses.

Islamic term called “Sirat al-Mustaqim” means “the straight path of God” in Islam, and refers to a narrow path (thinner then a string of hair) 3,000 miles long that the souls of the dead must cross on the judgment day to reach heaven. In one version of the tale, the souls of the virtuous are helped to navigate it because their good deeds turn into a white horse they can ride to the end.

Part II: THE Last Day: and the Denial of Islam’s Pillar of Faith: the End of Mecca;

and the Rebirth of the City of St. Francis

Few know and fewer understand the relationship between Mohammad and Jesus is that of Ishmael; as who Mohammed represented as the friend of the Bridegroom; and Jesus; who was Issac; the Bridegroom; to whom he gave the Kingdom to to punish the Elders of Judah and let the  4 square Curse of Moses fall upon the first Israel; as the Blessing at the same time on the second Israel of Islam; the Qur’an being a curse to the Jews; but the Blessing to the Arabs.

 New Mecca and the fall of the Nazarenes; the men of Sodom and the Captivity of the Holy City

  A.) The Holy Virgin of Assisi and the Restoration of Holy Jerusalem.

For the Lamp of Allah is the Creation of God; and as the Light of the heavens and the earth it is Allah who is the Book in which everything in the creation is inscribed: or it would not exist; because for something to exist it must be written; and this is Allah: the Day in which God created the heavens and the earth.

B.)  The Town of Salem and New Salem, which is Jerusalem, New Jerusalem as New NEW Salem

C.. ) The Virgins of Assisi: the Town which the Pope made into “Jerusalem”

During the middle ages the Pope declared the hometown of St. Francis of “Assisi” to be the “Jerusalem” of the yearly Pilgrimage when the Saracens controlled the Holy City and none could enter; so it became “Jerusalem” for the Christians that year; but there was more to this than met the eye; especially during 1967.

 D, )  The Gathering of the 12 Tribes and the 12 Bands of the Kingdom

Todd Rundgren of the Nazz had a run in with Alice Cooper; about the name “The Nazz”.

.Some used to joke; “Todd is God”; but the Runt was more more than that. He walked a few miles in some very big shoes; and he was part of the reason many stayed along  for the ride: even if it seemed like the Last Ride.

Todd was a singing  prophet of the seed of David; and so were those in his band; Utopia; a real one.

The Kingdom of David itself; seen gathered at the Internal Exodus beginning at Beth-El; men call “Woodstock”; for “The Branch” that Name is.

The New Heaven and New Earth

 It is here that the reader may notice that once again we have a seeming problem between that seen in the “first” Qur’an heard by men and the “second” Qur’an heard only by Muhammed; just as we had the problem seen with the angels at the the “first” commandment God gave them to worship “only Him” and the “second” commandment He gave them: to “worship Adam” just once; just as with the Archangel who was created first had issues of jealousy with  Adam made second; and then the later problem resurfaced again with Cain and Abel: and then Ishmael and Issac: and then John the Baptist and Jesus the Son of Man; even unto the present day with Rev. Moon and myself..

So now the cause is laid bare. But all who do not see what the real source of the Blessing that came to Muhammed in it’s origin and the reason for it will never attain to the ranks of the Elect.

      The Ship of the Sufis: the Barque of the Islamic Salvation for Mankind

Once again it must be revealed that for the elders to have betrayed God’s will by killing Jesus out of envy just happened just so that they might be able live out until their old ages with ease and plenty: instead of having to follow the troublesome and demanding Messiah in very trying circumstances under the heel of Rome; and certainly in a contest of being in an internal restoration with love as holy fire in the taking Rome from the inside did not appeal to the businessmen posing as spiritual members of the majority group in the congregation known as Pharisees in Jerusalem; they were just common spiritual thieves posing as merchants; not men of God and found to be wanting in all measures at the End; just as Joseph did in Egypt and Daniel did in Babylon: the keepers of the vineyard decided to keep it for themselves: which is why my Father Lord Jesus gave the land away to another nation: the one where one would stand loyal in the position of the elder brother: the Cain position.

This was Islam until Turkey killed the Armenians; and began to leave their position; and lose the Blessing of the Lamb by which Islam was given the “Baraka” of the Jews when they lost God’s favor.

The favor they enjoyed when Mohammed became the Messenger of God by clearing the Kaa’ba.

 This is what Muhammed did when he cleared the Court: or “came back and found it swept”; the Hanifs with Mohammed being they who swept it; as is written of him in the gospel; though few know it; for the failure of the elders came about due to one who was disloyal in the Abel position: John the Baptist; because he denied he was Elijah.

The Crucifixion came about because John contradicted the Testimony of Lord Jesus; thus people did not know who to believe; for Jesus said John was Elijah; and John denied the fact. That meant one of them was a liar; or that one of them was deluded: not an easy situation for people who did not spend much time convening with angels.

That this has all been unknown can be seen in other places; but it is now a part of the uncovering of all that has been hidden; as Lord Jesus said it would be.

That this is being discussed is because a certain preparation is being made with mankind before it receives it’s final Warning before the Last Judgement: for God is not going to let any have the grounds to say “I didn’t know these things” and so have a cloak for their sin of ignorance.

This is why the Messenger Muhammed was sent with the Warning: but now we stand at the Last Day.

Thus it is revealed at the End that the Qur’an is the Final Warning to Mankind for the Last Judgement: so that none might say:

We did not know of these things!”

…..when they stand with their books in their left hand who are the heirs of the Lake of Fire.

the Christians saying in the West:

“Was Osama bin Laden really the Antichrist? I thought he was just a Radical Muslim Global Terrorist!”

The Muslims saying in the East:

 Was Osama bin Laden really the Masih ad-Dajjal?

The one withKafirwritten on his forehead?

I thought he was the great Sword of Islam!”

For those who do not understand the Judgement which comes at the End that Muhammed spoke of they will never live past the Tribulation that precedes the Last Judgement; for have no doubt; the fact that what is being disclosed here on these pages is even being revealed has more to it than what meets the eye on the surface; for the Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the Night.

Who endures to the end will find they need the patience of the Archetypal Saint: Job; the Witness of the Last Day.

And Muhammed was the Other Witness as the Archetypal Prophet: having the Blessing of Jesus that came to him as seen in the Verse of Light: from the Blessed Olive Tree Jesus of Nazareth; the Word of Allah.

This is obviously known to the Naqshbandi of Islam in their war against the Antichrist that Muhammad warned them of when he spoke to the Ummah when describing Osama bin Laden over a 1400 years ago: and they know it; they see the angel of death in all those who think they fly to Paradise when they have been tricked into Hell.

Let us embrace all who come through the Door that the 3 children as the One “Hidden One” whp represents the Door of the Ark” who is the “Iman”; indeed he is “the Door”; for the Pearl of Great Price is the One from which the Gate of Heaven is Opened for those written in the Glorious Book of the Lamb of Fatima: the Lion of God. The Book of Illyium; the one I wrote which is “The Gospel of Salvation”.

That  Christ was this Light incarnate means little to those he left on earth who believed not when he ascended; but for those who knew this Jesus appears as indeed more than a prophet; he appears as The Word of Allah: and the Last Word has now come to the earth to begin the Last Judgement: one which will find the Judgment fallen on those who call themselves faithful in Islam and Christianity and Judaism will be found to be no more than arrogant hypocrites and liars: too many who believe they are blessed and to whom God has given riches and power and status: they will inherit the embrace of the Fiery Lake.

And why?

Because they have rejected the Unity that is the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

Written in the Holy Qur’an it is said that Jesus is the Word of Allah; yet few understand what this will mean at the End: but it is known to me from the Circle of the Elect. It is this which makes the Denial of God that He has had a Son seem so troubling: but none have known that the Curse was in those tears that God never let anyone see when He turned His face from the Cross so that Jesus could not see His Tears; and none have know this: but the little one in whose hands fell those 7 vials of Wrath which hold the 7 Tears of God where they were collected when the Eagle gave them:

He gave them to St. Francis from the Eagle with 6 Wings

 who hath the Omniprescience of God as His Own Ear:

for that is His Witness.

But let us look closer at the Islam of Christ: the Rod of Iron.

Few know that it is Islam to whom the land of the kingdom was given for the Crime against Man of killing the Heir; and thus the “nation bringing forth the fruits” of the Kingdom Jesus said would be given what Israel lost would thus become the new Israel: thus Muhammad ascending over Jerusalem and Mt. Moriah which men call Mt. Zion meant Hagar over Sarah; now desolate; as the desert tribes now faced Mecca instead of Jeruslaem and made their yearly pilgrimage there.

Thus as Jesus was “Isaac” it was Muhammad being loyal in the Cain or older brother position that became “Ishmael”.

Here is revealed the Knowledge of the Elect; and why Jesus gave his Bride for safekeeping until his return; that is why his brother had her Covered until the Bridegroom returned; as the Elect know; and thus the blessed one who now reads and hears: for “Ishmael” means “Allah Hears”

This is why the Word of Allah said:

“Let him who hath an ear to hear: let him hear!

And Jesus as the Sacrificial One who would die on the Cross as that dead brother gave the kingdom to his “older brother”: Muhammed.

That is why Muhammed made a grave for Jesus next to his at Medina: for Issac was Ishmael’s brother; just as Muhammed was Jesus’s.

That Muhammed had 12 wives but no male heir happened for one specific reason; it was to make sure that he did not produce an heir who would have made Islam dynastic intead of prophetic; and it is to the extent that Islam did become dynastic that it subsequently lost it’s prophetic immediacy; the Sunni chosing to “stop time” at about the third century after Muhammed; and the Shi’a then seeing it was the coming of the Islamic Messiah which would break the Sunni hold on Mecca: and the continuing Providence of God; which God did at the Sun of Fatimah; when the Baraka of Muhammed from the Blessed Olive Tree we call Jesus of Nazareth fell upon the 3 children of Maryam-al-Kubra; the Greater Mary.

Thus it is the Greater Son of the Greater Mary;

                          who is the Mahdi; The Son of Mary of Fatima

The Unicorn of the Last Day, for the Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82 from the Qur'an

The Unicorn of the Last Day, for the Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82 from the Qur’an

This points out the actual dimension of what the true holy war really is; against the old ego; the “old serpent” itself, the enemy within; the real one.

The heaviest authority of the one-eyed or “evil one” Muhammed saw in his vision of the Ad-Dajjal that Gabriel showed him is in this hadith where Muhammed described the one characteristic by which the “Ad-Dajjal” would be known: he would offer men “Jannat” or “Heaven”; but really deliver them into “Jahannah/ “Gehenna: the dung heap”.

“Whoso toucheth thee toucheth the Apple of My Eye.”

But if we see that these 3 children represent “One Child” we have the “Hidden One” that the Bah’ai call the “Bab” or “Gate”; the terminology being that of “Babylon” which means “gate of the gods”. But this Child is the Door himself. The Gate of Heaven is the Pearl of Great Price itself.

God gave Fatimah the Mahdi in place of her murdered husband Ali just as He gave Mary a Son when she was espoused to Joseph. Some at Fatimah, Portugal, in 1917 even saw these figures above the earth: the children had the Vision when God righted what had been wronged at the Miscarriage of Justice that resulted in the death of Ali and his child with Fatimah; the daughter of Muhammed was thus avenged by God Himself.

It must needs now be the Word of Allah now reveals the Messiah as the Grandson or heir of Muhammed; the Son of Mary; the Islamic Christ; the Iron Rod. But none knew what was to happen because none saw the Children who were themselves the Signs and the Wonders at the Providence of the start in the 3rd course of the restoration into Canaan on the Global level. For this was written in the Sealed Book.

The “people of the Book” is what Muhammed calls the people of Faith in the Qur’an; but what was this “book”? It was the Book of Moses and the testimony of the Prophets. And where St. Paul of Damascus and Muhammed of Medina agree is where the Truth stands: let they of the earth who then profess to love the truth see if they can live with it as well; if they are not hypocrites. As now when the West tries to circumvent the shifting sands of the Saudia Arabian hold on the House of Mecca it might behoove we who care about the future of America and Israel to acquire some perspective that might advance our understanding in confronting the basis on which we are being judged by radical Islam and the west’s blind reaction to it.

Those in the West who have never even opened a Qu’ran or even studied the culture which produced the Taliban and other regressive movements in the tribal patchwork which makes up the fabric of what is now a torn garment of the body politic in the theocratic and autocratic rulership of Sunni and Shia belief systems should perhaps take a look at some writer’s whose prophetic understanding might cast some light on our friend; Osama bin Laden; the Global Terrorist: here revealed by St. Paul of Damascus.

If one rereads Thessalonians II 2:2-4,5 one will get

what I call a “shock” of recognition.

Here is the quote in full after St. Paul discusses the Day of Christ to come;

“Let no one deceive you by any means;

for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed,

the son of perdition,

who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped,

so that he sits as God in the House of God,

showing himself that he is God.”

The “falling away” St. Paul of the Light of Damascus is what happened in Islam; it’s fall was started by the killing of the million Armenians; and then ended with 9/11 and then the War of Terror that was the false “Jihad” of Osama bin laden as the “false Mahdi” of Islam; the Masih ad-Dajjal; the Antichrist.

But for those who hear from he who was given the Irfan of Damascus we can see our way to the “Straight Path” promised to Mohammed the Envoy of Moses by his brother: the Blessed Olive Tree who lit the Lamp of Allah; as the Wisdom of Mohammed itself…

While some might be amused by such recondite blasphemy as when Osama decided the West was Satan it certainly seems that Osama bin Laden had judged the West and, apparently with Allah’s help, had carried out his judgment.

This sat well with those whose hatred of the “great Satan” of the corrupt West seemed overdue; if Osama were indeed the “Avenger of Islam” as if he were, indeed; to the West; as “God”.

Just as Moses was “as God” to Pharaoh……

By sitting on the throne of Mecca spiritually it is Osama who has done more than just begun World War III; he has made sure that it will be the last War; the Holy War; the showdown between what radical Islam calls “the people of God” and the fallen West. While some might smile at such antics with the power the west possesses in it’s arsenal we might look again at the prophetic core of belief that is driving the forces intent on their coming Armageddon.

Can it be avoided? My answer is yes; we can bring about an “internal Jihad” which Muhammed always said was the true struggle as opposed to the frankly profane “external Jihad”; as can be seen in one of his most famous sayings, to wit;

“The ink of the learned is holier than the blood of the martyr”.

This sounds very much like Osama bin Laden’s offers of virgins to those who die for him as the payment of the holy warrior as of the 7th heaven. But the hadith or “saying” of Muhammad further states that the Ad-Dajjal or Antichrist will try to put his enemies in the camp of “Satan” or even “Satan the Devil” as of “Jahannah”: but they are actually the “peacemakers” that Lord Jesus said would be called “the children of the Most High”. It is these who Muhammad said would be called “his people: the People of Salvation”.

Thus they are all; Jew. Christian or Muslim who die for peace: but they will not kill for it.

It is those who are the meek of the earth who will die for peace yet not kill for: the diametric opposite of those who kill for peace but will not peacably die defending it: they in reality want to destroy peace itself: forever; to provide the eternal conflict which is the nature of hell on earth: the kingdom of the Antichrist.

This is how the sheep will win; as their Shepherd of the Sheep the Lamb won before; for he was the Word of Allah. And it is his word that stands at the Last Day: and it is I; the Lost Sheep of Israel; back from the dead; as Solomon; as We who came back from being lost; even as Ephraim: My Generation itself.

The Sufis have said it:

…..He who lives by the Sword of Allah shall perish with it….”

It is they who know that Osama the son of perdition shall be killed: and with what; the sword named after he whose daughter Benazir died for it: the Zulfiqar; which we in the West call by another name; from another time; and yet our Day: and that sword is called: Excalibur.



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