The Daughter of El Elion, Salman Rushdie’s Abdal, Abdul al-Rauf: before the Face of Allah | Measure 144; Missive # 12

                   The Habit of Defying Death:

A Dead Man now walking towards being written in the Lamb’s Book…..Salman the Persian  arises

On the base it says these words: “FATIMA” as of Mary of Fatima; even “Maryam al Kubra”; she who is:
“The Greater Mary” of that New Golden Gate

…..the Story of Salman the Persian, the “Satanic Verses” of Mohammed, and the 7 Disputing Companions of the Bench,

…..and the advent of “the Owl”; Salman Rushdie: the Hero of Malala Yousafzai; the Child of  BenazirZulfiqarBhutto; soon to be given the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize; the youngest possible candidate ever?

Has he stood up and become; in the twinkling of an eye: another man?….

Is this startling transformation of Salman Rushdie into an “Abdal”, by definition a human who has transcended death and become translated  from conventional existence; has, in a sense “died” and “risen” as an angel…. taken place in Islam without a witness; aside from myself, and Abdul Feisel al-Rauf of NYC???


Tis’ not possible, yet:

  — even so!!!

I invite my friends like Imam Abdul Feisel al-Rauf to contend and bring Shakyh Hisham Kabbani and other voices of reason to the Discourse..

    ..The Set Table of Abraham; the Feast of Hospitality;

Imam Mahdi the final Sayyid Royal Messenger Elijah speaks; as Khidr Elias

        The Supper of the Great God 

        The Eye of Akiane Kramarik

and the Judgment of Sun Myung Moon

( The question remains of why Akiane Ktamarik felt compelled to put her judgment of Sun Myung Moon, from the angel of God who guides her visions: onto canvas. At this moment I am attempting to purchase this painting and speak to her about it’s history…stay tuned; there is more to this than meets the eye…Hyo Jin Moon brings new information on his father Sun Myung Moon’s present judgment in this Last Day, as being the first to stand before the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; the Lamb on the Great White Throne of Justice; who is the Judge “King of Judgment Day“, at this Last Judgment, beginning 12-25-2012 )


Akiane Kramarik: the Child of God as “The Wonder”

                  Akiane Kramarik: the Child of God the Wonder

       Akiane Kramarik and Colton Burpo as the Two Doorposts of Maryam al Kubra


The Setting up of the Two Doorposts of the New Door of the Sheep

The Miracle of the Sun of Mary as seen in the three-in-0ne Door of the Hidden Imam of the Shia;  the 30 fold; 60 fold: and 100 fold.
 The “Bab” of the Shia; and the Baraka of the Bahai;
…….the return of Sayed Idries Shah at the “Gate of Fatima az Zahra”; and the Rising of the Three Children of Mary of Fatima
Akiane and Colton in this Last Day; Colton as the Sign and Akiane as the Wonder

Colton Burpo; the Child of God as  “The Sign”

Colton Burpo and the Test of Faith in the Last Day, and the journey of his father the Pastor;

The Proof of the book “Heaven is for Real“,  as a glimpse into the Living Sign of Faith for this Last Day 


The Coming of His Peace: 1906 and the Great Earthquake and Fire from the Censer of the Altar

The Cosmic Grail of the Regeneration

                                                  The Cosmic Grail of the Regeneration

 Revelation 8:5,

  “….And the Angel (Gabriel) took the censer,

and  filled it with fire of the Altar, and cast it into the earth:

and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake…”

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the Altar Hearth of God; the Sign of Ariel to the Hopi Elect; as seen at the division of the tribes in 1906; the 7 Seals of the 7 Decades which start at 1910 are therefore presaged by what happened in the city of St. Francis; the first trumpet at 1917 is that one which accompanies the events loosed by the first seal; and falls squarely upon Islam as the “first third of the trees” of the Monotheistic religions; that “all green grass ” was burned up refers to the 4 Sheepfolds of the 4 Doctrines as the 4 Directions to God for the 4 Races, which were the Mystic Way of Confucious for the Yellow Race as their Sheepfold, the Psychologic Path of Buddha for the Black Race, the Philosophic Life of Socrates for the White Race; and the Psychic Truth of Quetzacoatl for the Red Race: and at the epicenter of the Diamond is the Mythic Resurrection of Elijah for that Green Race, as of those olive skinned ones: which John the Baptist ruined by wrongfully and foolishly denying he was Elijah.
This happened because of his own heart’s dark-minded accusation which invaded him from Satan, regarding the conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit of God was who Jehovah in the form of a Dove; which unconscious doubt and internal accusation of Mary was the dark place in his heart, that debarred John from attaining the Seal of the Living God in his position as “the elder brother”, as Ishmael ( “friend of the Bridegroom”), the messenger of his cousin but also spiritually “younger brother” Jesus: who stood in the position of Isaac ( The Bridegroom himself ).
This Lie of the Devil is then that cause which destroyed John; and then was the same Lie that ruined Sun Myung Moon and his marriage; as he who stood in the position of John the Baptist for the White Youth ( of “My Generation”), and the Black Christian Race, ( as “The Manchild in the Promised Land”), and duly and rashly proved to be utterly disloyal to “the children of all the tribes of Israel”.
Together these two races of black and white here in America brought into existence the Foundation to receive the Messiah; as these two races bonded at “the house of David as God at Beth-El / Woodstock”, and we rose together from the mud as “The Third Israel”. Taylor Branch and David Gurgen of CNN know of this all too well. Oprah Winfrey is rather too unconcerned with Taylor Branch and myself; but will soon change her tune; I am assured….
 This accusation of Mary with Zacharias ( the father of John the Baptist ) was the “Lie of Satan” that Rev. Moon taught in his church as the errant view and accusation that Moon held that Jesus had really been created by an act of adultery of the Virgin Mary with John the Baptist’s own  father Zacharias; which Sun Myung Moon, the reborn body for  John the Baptist once again still stubbornly held onto as “true”; even in his “second chance” from God to redeem himself; and reach the Seal of the living God that he, as John in Spirit, never permanently attained, when born in 1920 and then meeting the Angel of Christ the Amen in 1935 in Korea.
This sin against the Virgin Mary, and the Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah, is now before the Emerald Table of Justice, where sit the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb as the Jury, at Moon’s trial, which is even now taking place in the start of the Last Judgment as it’s first case; he standing in naked shame before the Great White Throne of God, where the Judge, my Father Jesus as Christ Almighty, now sits: “King of Judgment Day”.
Sun Myung Moon has no clothes, because he denied my Father Jesus rose in “his flesh and bone” in his book “Divine Principle”, even though this account is written clearly and distinctly in the Gospel; thus Moon did not even reach the standard of “Doubting Thomas”, and stands as being seen by the 12 Guardians of Eternity as essentially “faithless”.
Moon said my Father Jesus rose as a “spirit” or some shadowy “will-o-the-wisp” in his resurrection; as if he were some ephemeral “ghost” sitting in Paradise with the 12 Apostles who are in reality “The Jury” of the Last Judgment, the Lamb now on the Throne of God being the sitting Judge. 

Akiane and her take on the New Image of God in Christ

Portugal and Russia; 1917 in Fatima and 1917 in Moscow 
The Two Foundations and the Manifesting of the Archangel Michael
before the Rising of the Sun of Righteousness;
at the Hidden City of the Enlightened Sufis.
These 3 Children were “the Signs and Wonders” at the Providence for the Start
of the 3rd Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level;
Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia

Mary the Virgin at the Bethlehem of Islam, the Pearl of Islam:

and the emergence of  “The City of Fatima the Dyer” in Portugal

                                                               Portugal, 1917 at the Foundation of Light
The Place of the Emanation of Khidr Rumi;
and The Setting of the Seal of Universal Sainthood by Ibn El-Arabi.

We are  all witnesses in our time of the secret Pilgrimage of the Andalusian Sufi who is that mysterious figure known to Ibn El-Arabi and Rabia the enlightened woman Sufi who initiated him; and who was instrumental in achieving what was revealed of the Work of Khidr Rumi to all mankind at the City of Fatima in Portugal in 1917….

 The  Internal Sign of the Revelation at chapter and verse 19:17 and 19:18

The Second Death as the Sun of Righteousness at 1917 at Fatima

“The Harvest of the Barley in 1917 and the Harvest of the Wheat in 1967”

My Two Helpers; Sun Myung Moon; and my servant John; who the Hopi showed me conclusively in this petroglyph,
proving that they were “the elect God chose” to help me, as the “True White Brother”


The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the 13 rayed Lunar Sun; that backward swastica of Sun Myung Moon; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die in Christ and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb’s Wife

The Bird Flu of 1918, in light of  “The Feast of Fowls of Heaven” at Revelation 19:18

This secret of this internal sign of the Revelation of St. John the Divine is now revealed as of the advent of the Three Children of Fatima;

as substantiating the “Three Heights of the Door”, last seen by those entering the Ark of Noah before the Flood. 

And let us observe the Opening of the Golden Gate of the New Mecca 50 years after the Pentecost of 1917, in the City of St. Francis at the Harvest or Pentecost of the Wheat in 1967.

This was the Pilgrimage of the Children of “all the Tribes of Israel” in 1967 as that “due season” called the “Summer of Love”; the one written of in relation to the advent of the “faithful and wise steward”, who was the controversial but undoubted prophetic figure known to the world as Sun Myung Moon; 7 years after his  own ill-fated marriage.

The Fall of Sun Myung Moon

It was his Fall by his acts of Adultery and espeially the creation of his illegitimate son Sammy Pak which was covered up by Bo Hui Pak who adoted the child. It was this event and similar one’s that occured over and over; which were just the signals of the start of Moon’s decline in 1960 into just another billionaire; followed by what his eldest son Hyo Jin Moon told me from spirit world of his father’s Satanic strategy of marrying off to perdition all the Children of the Resurrection to each other; even though he knew the Children of the 60’s who were the Children of the Resurrection were they that were “not to marry; nor be given in marriage”.

I sat riveted on my bed, as Hyo Jin sadly recounted why he was so tormented and lost in his own life, speaking to me from spirit world with tears of regret and shame, and sincere embarrassment on his own part because of his father’s strategy of sinking the Foundation of Substance in America and destroying  Martin Luther King as their central figure in the position of Moses in the Third Israel. It was the unprincipled nature of the attempted theft of the Blessing from the Black Christian Race given to them by God for their victory over racism and persecution and their hard-won triumph in acheiving social equality; and all of this done peacefully with the principle on non-violent resistance, in spite of incredible suffering for over four hundred years.

This meant nothing to our Korean friend in 1965 however, when he mixed the soil of Korea with that of all 50 states here in America, one by one; “marrying” the land: but for a unprincipled reason: to steal the blessing of God on America, and to systematically disassemble the true Third Israel. The hidden agenda of Rev. Moon as told to me by the angel of Hyo Jin Moon was totally mindblowing; but it had come with Hyo Jin ministering to me as the successor to his father after my 40 days of overcoming the 3 temptations of Satan, by which Hyo Jin had now appeared at the establishing of the New Unification Church by my Father Jesus, with the making of the New Covenant by Hyo Jin with me from sprit world with the aim of creating the foundation for the New Unification Church.


Hyo Jin Moon on his axe...laid to the rotten root of his own father's family tree

Hyo Jin Moon on his axe…laid to the rotten root of his own father’s family tree

The Angel of Hyo Jin Moon in 2009,

at Bay City, Michigan

Hyo Jin Moon told me about his father’s designs on America in 2009; during an extraordinary series of visitations.

The testimony was gut-wrenching…..

In these meetings in the Presence of the Lamb by my servant John I was overwhelmed when Hyo Jin Moon, himself standing in the presence of the holy angels of the Vestal Host, then told me why his father Sun Myung Moon branded Dr. King as being an unwitting tool of the Communists, and thus philosophically on the side of Karl Marx, the False Prophet and the Global Balaam. Moon did this when he said that Dr. King was deceived by Satan in standing with My Generation, as all being totally against the Vietnam War. In this moral stance which was eminently justified it was Moon who condemned us all who protested; as implying we were committing a national act of treason against America’s government by giving comfort to the enemy.

The one that Rev. Moon never walked with; and branded as

The one that Rev. Moon never walked with; and branded as “pro-communist”; as of the beast from the abyss of Rev. Moon’s envy and ignorance’ and his attempt to steal the Blessing from the Third Israel. Let us not forget that when Dr. King was given the Nobel Peace Prize the Providence of the Internal Restoration in America as Egypt went from the National level to the Global Level…for Canaan restored “from within” as the land of Equality for the Foundation to Receive the Messiah…Barack Hussein Obama is thus “our David”….feeble as he is……

But Sun Myung Moon was himself only interested in discrediting the Black Christian Race and their Champion Dr. King, with his Nobel Peace Prize in 1965, that being when Moon came to America to steal the Blessing of God on the Third Israel for himself and Korea. Moon supported the Vietnam War, but was not morally correct, in spite of the fact the Red Chinese supported Hanoi. Rev. Moon was only interested in discrediting  Dr. King in his moral stance even though he was entirely right; but by calling him ‘pro-communist’ Moon gave the spiritual means to Satan for his attack; Satan was then with Sun Myung Moon’s consent then was able to invade and kill Dr. King, and therefore leave the field open for the Unifcation Church to spread unopposed.

Hyo Jin had a great love for the black race, but his father did not.

It is these acts by Sun Myung Moon which have now proved to be of the three acts of Moon’s faithlessness and anger; the calling down of the Curse of God on the 2 World Trade Towers in NYC when he was sentenced to Danbury Federal Prison can be seen on page 93 of his book “God’s Warning to the World”; his bitter Malediction being that very cause which allowed the Antichrist Osama bin Laden to invade America as being another disaster of his judgment; these three acts of his pseudo-Jacobic design on stealing the Blessing of God from the Third Israel, in which he tried to reenact the craftiness and wisdom of the shrewd Jacob, the younger brother, who stole the Blessing from his brother, the  foolish Esau; the elder brother.

But the Black Christian Race was no “profane and undeserving Esau”, as Rev. Moon tried to brainwash his eldest son into swallowing as an article of faith that justified his concealing the real nature of the Third Israel. Rev. Moon has said America represented the Second Israel which had failed; so Korea was the final and Third Israel. But Islam was the Real Second Israel, as the Crusaders discovered when they could not defeat them, especially the Templars, who then became their steadfast friends. Rev. Moon never mentioned Islam; ever, for just this reason.

Rev. Moon’s main plan was to destroy the Flower Children of the Resurrection who were not supposed to marry, by getting them to marry and drink his semen that he always put in the wine of his fornication with all the wives of the first 36 blessed couples, and then everyone else he could seduce with his claim of being the Messiah; and thus all who married of My Generation were then to be disqualified to receive the crown of life, and become equal unto the angels.

But this strategy backfired because I never married and was knowledgeable about his plans and the Divine principle because I was given that book in 1973 by a member of the Unification Church.

My story is then that as the one spoken by my Father of the widow who threw in two mites but was considered more than the rich man because it comprised ALL she had; my Vow of Chastity and foregoing of female companionship, was the sacrifice of the restoration of all things that was accepted on the Altar of God as being ALL I had left to give; and not Mr. Moon’s vast works nor all his money was even considered close to that treasure that I gave.

His standard was that of “the risk of one’s life” as being only a “hireling”; my Standard is “at the COST of one’s life”; and very different, as the “Death in Christ proved to be on October 24th; 2007. That is when the “mustard seed” of Faith on Earth I represented suddenly became that full blown tree “larger than all the herb bearing trees”, in whose widespread branches all the host of the mid-heavens were gathered; as the tiny three-mile Comet Holmes became a celestial body larger than the Sun when it magnified one million times in One Day: October 2th, 2007.

That it went AROUND THE SUN every 7 years shows it represented the Cycle of Generation where every cell in the human body is replaced every 7 years; if done completely we would live forever as it was in Paradise;  and thus represents the Cycle of Regeneration; but if not, as now in our exiled state, we begin to die around the age of 30 or so, because the Regeneration is not complete for all our somatic cells perfectly; as  seen at the age of 30 when the Lamb began his mission.


What could have been: if Jonathan Gullery...and Bob Selle: had listened to me...

What could have been: if Jonathan Gullery…and Bob Selle: had listened to me…

This entire fall and destruction of Sun Myung Moon is seen at the Pentecost and Visitation of God in the Name of Love in the”due season” called the Summer of Love; at the City of St. Francis he willfully then ignored.

Moon did try to steal our ideology of “Love and Peace” as his own theology; as if he had “originated” it; but he was only a hireling who shrank from the “Death in Christ” I embraced; a thief who tried to take away the Blessing from the White Youth of My Generation then bonding with the Black Christian Manchild, that together produced the Global Foundation of Substance; and then with Barack being elected we had the Foundation to Receive the Messiah set up after Barack’s 21 month course, on the basis of my 21 years in New Hope after 4-18-1986; 210 years ( 212 years actually)  after Paul Revere’s ride on 4-18-1775; culminating in 2007 at my “Death in Christ”.

This was  followed by the Civil Victory of Barack Hussein’s election, as President of these 50 United States of America. My 21 Days in Canada at Christmas in 2008 was followed by the 19 days in America, as of my 40 Days of Temptation; and then after that my 21 minutes with Hyo Jin Moon, who miraculously appeared to me in the Holy Spirit in Bay City Michigan, after I overcame the 3 great temptations of Satan; and we wrote the Song of the Lamb together called “So Unbelievable”. Kyle Toffey, of course,  wasn’t interested when I contacted him; and so failed his personal portion of resonsibility, along with Phillip Burton. to unite me with Sun Myung Moon, before he then tragically died without reaching the Crown of life that my servant John was holding for him: if and only if  he passed the Final Test which I represented as of the Day and the Hour.

This was predestined for me, due to the fact of Moon as the resurrected body of John the Baptist being in the position of “Joseph” over the House; and myself as the resurrected body of  Solomon, the Prodigal Son of David, as in the position of “Ephraim”, as the “son of Joseph”, due to my birthdate of 4-18; True Parents Day. This is seen in Luke, and especially Matthew (24:25-48). Kyle did not even see fit to even tell  Hyo Jin’s brother; Hyung Jin Moon, about me, and the incredibly beautiful song we wrote together; writing me off totally.

If he had seen the tears on the face of the Angel of the New Covenant, Hyo Jin Moon, he would have realized what a huge mistake he made; as he is largely responsible for the death of the Messenger of Korea who should have become the Messiah of the entire World; but is now dead and an utter failure in the 7 Eyes of the Lamb; and the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes, is “The Resurrection and the Life”: the husband. of my soul; given to him as part of his “reward” as of the 144,000 Virgins who are his Prize.  And Pentecost also means “Fifty”.

The Unknown Cause of the “Satanic Verses”;

Author James Kritzeck and the ‘fatwa’ on Salman Rushdie

Even So:  Why is Salman Rushdie still Alive??

Salman Rushdie and Friend Aita Ighodaro

………Because there is a God of Justice!!!

For all those who actually do read books and collect information that an unregenerate scholar might overlook ( out of religious bias ), or ignore ( out of fundamentalist denial ),  I have found that the fall of Islam going back to the genocide of the Armenians in 1915 is the real reason Islam felt the Blessing of God, the Baraka of Allah; which Islam felt to be “slipping away from them”, as they began to be replaced by the Third Israel here in the West in 1917 at Fatima; and then conclusively in 1920 when America set the condition of Indemnity for the Kingdom with Prohibition, along with the birth of Sun Myung Moon in Korea and Pope John Paul II; Karol Woyjtla in Poland, in the positions of “the two olive trees”.

The following terms come from Isaiah; as the ‘Eunuch’ or dry tree being that of the Pope; and the green tree as of the ‘Married’ one being Mr. Moon.

But then God dried up the green tree of Mr. Moon as High Priest due to his adultery in his marriage, ( which produced Sammy Pak, and then again another child ); as God then made green the dry tree of the High Priest of Poland; with myself engaged within my soul in his position, as having taken my Vow of Eternal Chastity, as entering the Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek, ( The “First Order” as the “Head” of the 4 Orders of the Sufis, as the “4 Limbs” of that Elect Body of Light ).

The Most Ancient Order  that I joined in my Vow under the gaze of Michael Beebe, a Suhrawardi Sufi of the Path of the Rose, had come into being after the Flood.

That Day after the morning meeting with the Angel of Christ from Patmos in my grandmother’s guestroom,  I was initiated as “a eunnuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake”; being that of “The Clouds” who are the reconstituted  Priests of the Virgin Priesthood. (Shem, as father of the Semetic Race; is reputed to have been none other than “Melchizedek” himself ).

This happened in 1986 in San Francisco, which was cleansed by the Fire on April 18th in 1906, as the Altar-Hearth ( Ariel  “The Lion of God”/ St. Francis ), the position of St. Francis, as internally attaining to the status of the immortal Bride, as incarnating the Soul of Christ, which event occurred in the City of St. Francis in California in 1986, before I was led out of SF to New Hope to begin my instruction into the Kingdom by the angels; as I finally incarnated as the Bride, raised by God at my “death in Christ Jesus” , which happened on October 24th, 2007; completed 21 years,  ( as the 21 year course of Jacob ), after my Vow of Eternal Chastity was initially made.

In New Hope, and, after “the 21 year course of Jacob in Haran” there to restore the Foundation of Substance Mr. Moon had destroyed with his adultery, my soul was wed at last to the Comforter, as the Lamb’s Wife, after my 40 days of Temptation in the Wilderness where I overcame the three great temptations of Satan; sitting in Bay City Michigan; where Barack was able to turn the tide after his first perfect 21 months to be elected the first time; and then repeated, defeating Mr. Moon, who died supporting the candidate of Satan: Newt Gingrich and all the fallen political conservative right-wing Tea Party Corporate Facist backers like the Koch Brothers; seeking to overthrow the Constitution, and establish a permanent ‘Plutocracy’ in America as the “Republic of Mammon.”

The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death

The Problem of Alone Knowing Islam was at the “Last Day” ,

which they refused to Recognize

Thus, due to the “KafirOsama bin Laden and his allies like Red China “that Evil Servant“, with the ‘discarnate incarnate’ National Spirit of the Evil Servant and Global Judas of the Nations now rampant, we reached the Last Day.

The Antichrist at the Individual, then Familial, then Tribal, and finally Racial and National ( as of Yemen ) Judas of Islam being Osama bin Laden.

After bin Laden’s death from the Zulfiqar of the Global Mahdi of Islam, Barack Hussein the Obama it was Osama who was then replaced with the Global Judas; the National Son of Perdition Red China, and the Royal Dynasty of Satan at the Perfection Stage in North Korea that they support.

This failure of Sun Myung Moon in overcoming the Wall of the DMZ that symbolizes the Strength of Original Sin now showing that Red China has indeed enshrined the spirit of the Antichrist by eulogizing the death of Osama bin Laden as having the spirit of the Antichrist: the spirit of Death itself as that which the “Scarlet Colored Beast” now embodies; carrying the Great Whore of Babylon, who is Capitalism herself, as “the lover of Money / Mammon”.

Here again it is the Second Israel of Islam that is the one that began in 1915 with the genocide in Turkey of the million Armenians where the Template of the True Vine, the 7 churches, were first built.

Thus, as seen at II Thessalonians 2:2-5, Islam was firmly set to “fall away” into the apostasy of the Masih ad-Dajjal in the East, and the thick darkness from the Two Witnesses destroyed in 9/11; as struck by the Antichrist of the West. Islam, now fallen by the rise of the suicidal acolytes of Osama, in their unremitting hatred of the two other monotheistic Faiths, and thus their own brothers, as was written of them at this Last Day, and others: at II Thessalonians 2:2-5, so we now see that “Day of Christ” Jesus now has come.

The Supermoon...and my Father; Lord Jesus

The Supermoon…and my Father; Lord Jesus

The problem is that this denial of Islam is what causes the “Dabbat al-ard”, who is the ant given wings, seen in myth as Icarus; who is actually known to me as representing my own Jewish self as Solomon, the Prodigal Son of David, which advent is to be now revealed to Islam at this Last Day, starting with my revealing to the Ummah at Sura 27:82, where I am brought up from the dead in the  position of Apollo from the Abyss, with all those from the Northern Kingdom of Israel which consisted of “The Lost 10 tribes of Ephraim” also, which happened to me due to my racial archetype as half Jewish by blood: directly after dying in Christ.

Few know and fewer understandand in which my resurrection is described as ordained, being done by the Spirit of Allah who is my Father Isa; to convict the unbelievers or “Kafir” of Islam ,who deny the advent of this; the Last Day.

Even with my testimony it is this resurrection of Solomon in the name of Jedidiah “Beloved of Jah” that Islam still denies, along with the witless Unification Church and unbelieving Christians worldwide, and of course by the blind followers of the outmoded external interpretation of the Mosaic Law, as the National Idol of the State of regathered Israel, in it’s continued absurd rejection of God and His Christ, as Islam also holds as written in the Qur’an, to “try the faith” of all who come to God in the Name of Jesus Christ; as the Word of Salvation. Islam says there is no original sin and no need for salvation.

The Second Israel as the Desert Tribes which took the place of the decimated once 12 to only 2 remaining tribes of Israel and had Mecca as their New Jerusalem. Yet after the Turk genocide of the Armenians is sight of Mt. Ararat Islam was then replaced by God with the Third Israel: the Black Christian “Manchild in the Promised Land” as was written in the book of that title, by an almost unknown black writer by the name of Claude Brown; but the introduction was written by James Baldwin; who has been heard of….
For writers like Claude Brown, the years after the Civil War that produced the Civil Rights Movement were pivotal; and then 30 years later the Election of Barack Hussein ‘the Obama’ as that Civil Victory over “Egypt”; as partially beginning the dispelling of the racist Shadow of  Egypt over America, as when Egypt drowned the firstborn of Israel in the Nile:  after the black race had finally been led to the 3 Great Blessings of God after the payment of indemnity at the national level in their 430 years of slavery as “the dues and their blues” here in the “Egyptian West”; from 1492 ( and then 1500 when Columbus returned), to the date 1929; when Dr. King was born: which caused the Crash, due to America’s continued racist social injustice and oppression of their fellow christian black brothers and sisters in total hypocrisy and spiritual darkness.
Dylan and Barack, touching base.....our Joshua

Dylan and Barack, touching base…..our Joshua” and our “David”


Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks, and the Foundation of Faith in the Civil War;

and then that of Substance in the Civil Rights Movement

Let us not forget that Rosa Parks was born the year that Harriet Tubman “as the black servant of God in the position of the black Cushite queen, and wife of  Moses” had died; who had gone from the Individual level when she escaped to the North; to that of the Familial level when returning at incredible personal risk by taking her own family to the North when she bravely came back to the South; and then to the Tribal Level when she returned once again and got all her friends and neighbors to come North to freedom; and then continued to come back and bring more and more of her race to the North as the Promised Land; thus broadening her mission to the Racial level. Rosa Parks thus built on this Foundation by refusing to give up her “seat”; and thus we came to the National level with her; as that Rose of Freedom; and Dr. King; who went from the National level to that of the Global level when he was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965.
Sun Myung Moon ignored Dr. King and the Black Christian Race here in America as the Third Israel as he was too busy trying to steal the Blessing of God upon them; but he was unsucessful in trying to “walk over” the dead bodies of the two prophets Malcolm X and Dr. King to the Kingdom. Malcolm X was not a prophet when he changed his direction with the racist Black Muslims, who he saw were just the inverse mirror of the KKK; and he then went to Mecca;.
He was not a prophet when he went to Mecca; but he sure was when he returned; and he was dead within 42 months afterwards; just as it was written of him and Dr. King in chapter 11 of the Revelation; Dr. King was dead within 42 months;  ( 1,260 days ), of Malcolm’s death as well.
Thus God raised up their Deliverer for the Black Manchild in the romised Land in the Internal Restoration of the Kindom from that of Egypt to the Kingdom of God; and the Third Israel began to solidly form with My Generation joining their black brothers and sisters in the Freedom Riders at the Internal Exodus from societal slavery; and whose spiritual and moral leader; and “Moses”, was Dr. Martin Luther King, as a true spiritual king: of Peace.
Thus: a Lion of God; for a king is a Lion.  But Salman is an Owl; and an interesting one….
The white youth of My Generation joined the black Manchild at Our City: “A City Not Forsaken” it is called; as the working title of my book. But the City of the Altar Hearth is where the Altar stands; and the House of David as God at Beth-El; that they called “Woodstock”; as in the song of that name by Crosby, Stills & Nash. Nash is like “Nahash” as well; the designer of the Bezel of the Diamond Stone, set in the Engagement Ring of the Bride; worn now openly as the Lamb’s Wife; Salvation Rose. Soon we all stood together; as seen in the documentary “Woodstock” produced by Michael Lang; as the “servant the Branch” became manifested at the 3 Days of Love and Peace at the baptism of water and the Holy Spirit that took place. That of Fire was seen at the Altar on the Altar Hearth as that sign of ‘Ariel’ to the Hopi Indians; at the City of St. Francis in the Summer of Love which came after the seperation of Old and New in 1906 for the Hopi Tribe, when the Altar Hearth for the emergence of the “True White Brother” as My Generation truly was altogether formed to be, that was coming to the Holy City in the Pilgrimage of the Children of all the Tribes of Israel.
This happened in the providence of Restoration at the first course of the Internal Level of the Restoration of Canaan at the Gathering of the Tribes, for the advent of the Nation of the Third Israel, where Hate became Love; clear as transparent glass to anyone who has eyes….
That is where the Pillar of the Third Israel stands; the “Pillar and Ground of the Truth”. That is because it is where the House of David as “The House of God” ( which is what “Beth-El” means );  stands; and as Dr. King was our Moses, so it was Aaron Presley as the High Priest of the parents to My Generation who “wed” us to black culture and so was in the position of our Aaron before he fell to become the “golden calf” of Hollywood that we rejected, in that “Generation Gap” between those of the Idol of Gold on his Gold Cadillac called “the King” and what we saw as being more representative of our values in the man Johnny Cash as “the man in black” and his successor, a Jew. Thus we had Elvis on the one side with our parents and their culture; and to him that replaced him as our own Joshua: one jewish kid called Bob Zimmerman: who took the name of he who died in the street of our City of St. Francis when truth fell: Dylan Thomas.
And Aaron Presley fell to being the Golden Calf of that IDOL of “Elvis” in gold lame standing on his gold cadillac; King of Las Vegas: our Gomorrah, spiritually. And the name of “Cadillac” was actually the name of a forgotten tribe of Indians; named after their chief; strangely enough….and gold lame is “lame” in many ways….
But both Aaron and Dr. King died at Memphis; as in the street of that great city “…which is Sodom; and Egypt…”   as Memphis was the ancient capital of Egypt.”…the City of Destruction it shall be called..”..and San Francisco fell to become another Sodom, from out of which I was then led out even as Lot had been out of his Sodom; Lot was led by the angels to Zoar; as I was led by my Father’s servant John to New Hope PA…thus was it written…of the Days of the Coming of the Son of Man…
Bob Dylan is our Joshua. As in the Exodus; Joshua was first our Captain; but in the Promised Land he became the Leader in place of Moses; upon whom the spirit of Moses rested as having been “invested” in him; and so is our “Joshua” who was recently awarded the highest civilian Honor as the Medal of Freedom by Barack Hussein himself. Let us not forget that when James Marshall Hendrix played at the Monterey Pop festival he did a song called “Like a Rolling Stone”; even as Brian Jones watched offstage.
But what we had was a black cat; part Cherokee; playing a song by a Jewish cat called Bob Dylan; who had named himself “Dylan” after Dylan Thomas; who was Welsh. If people think all this is was mere coincidence then they had better study theAcausal Connecting Principlewhich Jung called “Synchroncity”, as that Invisible Net of Peter the Fisher of Men, which ends up “connecting everything” in a “flash”.
As My Generation bonded with our black brothers and sisters we replaced the Jews and Arabs who were fighting in 1967 for their fallen measure rejected by God in their 144 hours, in the 6 days War and it’s Hatred; as in 1967 as we had our Season as the Summer of Love and Peace. The black and white races here in America now meant the black race were in the position of the Hebrews in the ghetto of Goshen; and the white oppressors were in the position of their nationally racist and murderous Egyptian taskmaters: pitiless and ruthless; drowning all the first born males in the Nile; in the 1960’s we sent them off to die on the front lines at Vietname: or locked them up in ghettoes and inner city slums, to die an even slower death.
Yet when Israel left Egypt many of the Egyptians went with them into the Wilderness; just as My Generation did with the Black Christian Race in the 60’s; thus the Generation Gap was seen by those who held onto their racist and sexually reactionary and backward genetic past as of those “over 20” ( we said “don’t trust anyone over 30” ); but those who took LSD as our own Baptism of Fire ( as of those “under 20”;  in that Summer as those who saw that “The Times they are A’Changin” was prophetic and true; and came through the Experience of LSD after taking it, with due respect for it’s power, as seen by those like Charles Dederich of the Church of Synanon and others at Esalen, and other places, with those called names like “The Merry Pranksters” or “Peter Coyote”, who were internally and then externally transfomed. It was they who were the Wheat of the Harvest, like those of Paul McCartney and others like him; while those who fell after taking LSD became the Tares; like Charles Manson and his ilk…LSD comes from the stalk of the Wheat shaft; thus the Lamb had said, “I am the Living Bread of God which came down from heaven”, because he fully knew what he meant in this enigmatic saying; to wit…..
The Lorraine hotel where Dr. King was killed while the FBI watched, not even putting out an APB: why? But we know why

The Lorraine hotel where Dr. King was killed while the FBI watched, not even putting out an APB: why? But we know why

“If they do these things in a green tree; then what will they do in a dry?…”

It was he who provided the answer to that question:


On that Street,

where Hate became Love;

made from the Royal Purple Ergot Rye,

on the Stalk and Shaft of Wheat

But the Arabs and the Jews, in their 144 hours in the “6 Days War” entered judgment as the two brothers “who hated each other”, of the first and second Israel’s; and thus were in darkness spiritually; as becoming  outcasts, as now incarnating as they written in chapter 11 of the Revelation of my servant John as now of the “outer court”, without the Altar and the Temple: that is now what the black and white races having bonded at the state level in Monterey in 1967 and which led to us being the new “Mecca”: for all the world, as that was what we had become in the advent of the City of St. Francis as “that City New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven”: yet all too briefly.
The Men of Sodom with the fallen “Angels of Light” like Scrumbley and the rest made sure of that dire fate, as with “The Cockettes” and others; taking License to exalt their Scarlet Rag of Lust, as subverting the Ideal of the Summer of Love which was the one held dearly by the Flower Children of the Resurrection and their Liberty to uphold the Crimson Banner of Love over all of us who believed: even the Star Spangled Banner of Love, seen played at Beth-El, that location in New York that men called “Woodstock”.


        The Fall Of the City of St. Francis

The Cockettes at the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park

The Cockettes at the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park

The “Angels of Light”, and their pals in the Cockettes then spent the declining days of our Holy City, as it fell into their clutches, by parading their falleness and incredible promiscuity around as a stinking badge of dishonor, represented by the music they wrote with their chanteuse Sylvester, at the Palace Theater on Columbus, presenting their diversions into flagrant homosexuality at the “Nocturnal Dream Shows”.
Sylvester: beautiful, talented, fallen: and one of the few who became a recording artist

Sylvester: beautiful, talented, fallen: and one of the few who became a recording artist

But as that child who went down to the Haight in 1967 I am now the Lamb’s witness; 12 years old in the Summer of Love as our “Due Season” at the Pilgrimage to the Passover of 1967: I stood on the Golden Road, and I saw the Jordan of Fire.
We had the “inner court; and the ‘altar and the temple”; as we who loved our brother “were in the light”. The “Times, Time and dividing of Time” started as the 1,290 days from 627 with Mohammed at the Turning from Jerusalem to Mecca; to 1962; before Kennedy was killed and we came to “the Times of the Gentiles” having ‘been fulfilled’ with the killing of our “sacred king” JFK: now My Generation was going to pass to the New Creation; as all was to be now fulfilled. I have the entire story of course; I am as the Witness of these Last Days as was the Scribe Enoch in his Last Days; the Recording Angel being more like the historian and writer Taylor Branch; there with the facts and dates of our Moses, Dr. King; and the Providential mission Dr. King and his followers underwent in our Internal Exodus that Dr King led. Taylor Branch, in his trilogy on the Civil Rights Movement, documents this struggle from it’s beginning to the present in dramatic and clear detail.
But our City is where they turned from the old Mecca of the Second Israel of Arabia: to the New Mecca as the City of St. Francis; that was our “New Jerusalem”; and the Tribes gathering at the Birth of the Third Israel; and how Dr. King stood as our Moses; whose principle of non-violence and passive resistance showed us first how to fight; and secondly to stand on our Moral High Ground as that Holy Mountain: even as it was said:
We of My Generation showed the world that we would then fight; and even die for peace: but the Law of the Sheep is and was this;

“…..Yea; we shall die for Peace; but we will not KILL for it..”


Thus it was that the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus; the Comforter, was with us….
The civil disobedience of Thoreau and the other acts that many participated in or inagurated, in the countless sit-ins and endless demonstrations of the 60’s revealed to My Generation the solidarity with their black sisters and brothers, and the place to stand; the “Shade of the Rock” cast by the Stand of Dr. King who”smote Egypt; and healed it” as written in Isaiah; shielded My Generation from the glaring Political and Racist Sun of Oppression, by Corrupt and Hidebound Authority; and was where we found our “respite”; and also gave us the strength in our growing nimbers to where en masse we all began to Protest the Vietnam War as being Pointless Militarily; since we could not occupy all of Vietnam forever; and Wrong Morally because Communism cannot be defeated with guns and bombs; but with books, and education, and that rarest of all things: True Christian Compassion for the Downtrodden.
It was My Generation as we took the Mission to Save the World from Itself that was the Internal Exodus of the Third Israel’ and it was one seen by the prophets of My Generation who prophesied upon “harp / guitar and timbrel / drums” of the coming of the Kingdom of that “God of Peace and Love” that St. aul wrote about who is the True “God of the Whole Earth”; and Dylan as our Joshua still lives at Beth-El; the Keeper of the Flame; waiting for me to reveal myself to him, for whom he has waited so long; the Son of Man’s other Half.

Does this mean that Barack Hussein is our “David”? You better ”Obama” believe it…

     for it is written;

“…and he who is feeble shall be as David…”

And who was our Saul? Ah yes; Sun Myung Moon; he who visited the Warlock Arthur Ford; 

whose familiar spirit was called “Fletcher”; and for which he was cut off….

just as King Saul visited the Witch of Endor: the raise the shade of Samuel….and was also cut off….


The Visitation of God

The City of St. Francis is indeed where the Tribes of the Third Israel were Gathered unbeknownst to Sun Myung Moon; who ignored them but who stole the entire philolosophy of Peace and Love they held as their Standard as the banner over them: “was Love”……. and then pretended he had originated it: but the truth was far from his private and incorrect interpretation;  as we who were the children of  ALL the tribes of Israel met at Beth-El; and so the Third Israel was born in that muddy baptism at Woodstock.

Our Captain our Captain…….the least who we treated “as Christ” in the spirit of St. Francis; and at whose Table we thus saved our City……

But what of the Second Israel the Templars found was Islam??



In the  years when it became a waning mainstream religion it was considered quite staid and reactionary; very conservative and hidebound by My Generation due to it’s strict rules of conformity and the Veil of the Bride; thus the Islamic influence on the youth in the 60’s was minimal. My Generation was more drawn to the international spiritual scene where the yogins of India and romantic mystics of all the eastern cultures were being approached en masse; as we searched for answers to the mysteries of life and it’s hidden secret;  and many with the means began travelling abroad to study everything from the meditations of Indian fakirs alongside the doctrine of Celibate Buddhism and also studies of people like Ouspensky and his “Fourth Way” Sufism.
We looked into things as far flung as Tantra and Zen; Animistic Taoism and Tibetan Theology; and also were drawn to Meher Baba’s teachings with Peter Townsend of the Who, easily seen reflected in the first Rock Opera “Tommy” while others like the Beatles studied with the Maharishi; who turned our to be a contemptible fraud.
Yet it was what that began to be explored by My Generation outside of the conservative and backwards Islamic nations that had little contact with western youth until the advent of radical Islam in the 1990’s which culminated in 9/11 and which was presaged by the Shiite Revolution in Iran as the land of Magog; Iraq being the land of Gog; as George Bush discovered from Rev. Moon.
But for Gog and Magog to arrive as two basically Shiite nations we have to wonder about the role Iraq and Iran play at the end and it seems pivotal; to say the least.
Here at this Last Day that Islam and Christianity all deny; I can readily see that only Sun Myung Moon declared with certain knowledge that we were in the Last Days; and where the truth fell it seems now that Salvation Rose up from that Street: and prevailed with God and the Lamb to Open the Book of Life; the Final Test: and not just for My Generation who I represent; but for something even larger: for the Throne of God and the Lamb is the Throne of Mary.
In standing at this Last Day upon the Foundation of the Church of Synanon in California whose Virgin Priest I am on the foundation of all the men who got vascetomies when Chuck Dederich, in the position of the Messiah; had them all become eunuchs, basically. That church of Synanon where my mother Jeanne also lived is the one that I “emerged” from; and by taking my Vow of celibacy and then keeping it I also represent all in the world who drowned in the sea: the flood of the dragon to destroy My Generation which deluge was so successful at the End in luring them all to Apollyon: the Angel of Self-Destruction…”throw yourself down from this Temple…”….and then he says…”…God has said that the angels will catch thee…”

Apollyon: the Angel of Self-Destruction

The angelic spirit of man that goeth upwards; and the demonic spirit of the beast that goeth downwards...the libido; and the id...

The angelic spirit of man that goeth upwards; and the demonic spirit of the beast that goeth downwards…the libido; and the id…

As of old…….  

“throw yourself down from this Temple…”

                                  …and then he says…

“…God has said that His angels will catch thee…,

lest thou dash thy foot against a stone….”


Islam in it’s descent into Salafist fundamentalism decided to emerge as some kind of powerbase that had an influence on the West by redefining Islam in a modern contest; but it was found that only handle the Islamic nations to influence Western hegemonic policy was limited to one thing, fuel: so the House of Saud as holders of Mecca and Medina began to flex the only muscle they had in their culture that the West was interested in: Oil.

But this was not the Oil of the Five Wise Virgins from the gospel’s stasis of the 10 Virgins of the Kingdom at the End; it was physical fossil-fuel polluting Oil that was made for the West’s economic machine, and not the Oil of Gladness the Sufis as the true Unificationists knew of, that Oil that the 5 wise virgins collected for the coming of the Bridegroom the Messiah was the only thing fit to light the Lamp of Love. Sun Myung Moon passed on the teaching of the Sufis and fell; Islam passed on the true Oil by the Blessed Olive Tree Jesus of Nazareth who had lit the Lamp of Allah; and descended into nihilistic forms of rampant jihadism and thinly veiled vendetta.
Islam was denied their true status as the Second Israel in Rev. Moons book "Divine Principle". Infact they are not even mentioned as having any bearing on the Providence at all.

Islam was denied their true status as the Second Israel in Rev. Moons book “Divine Principle”. Infact they are not even mentioned as having any bearing on the Providence at all.

The House of Saud and the Foundation of Sand

But the House of Saud after the fall of the 3-in-one-beast of the Axis ( the three whose lives were preserved for the End as seen at Daniel 7:12 ) never changed course once. It stayed independent although it denied Hitler oil for his war machine at no little risk ( which was the Wall of Babylon the Great ) the Saudi Royal Family had gone and built their House on Sand, as the energy suppliers to the Western Industrialized World and it’s materialistic economy; and it was this almost unchanged postworldwar II world that Osama bin Laden brought to an abrupt end; and Mecca then came to it’s prophetically foretold total spiritual destruction “where one stone was not left upon another” ( as another prescient hadith of Mohammed ), because of Osama bin Laden, and where he sat spiritually when he Judged the West, “as if he were God”, by invisibly sitting on the throne of Mecca: as if somehow secretly esconced in the Shrine itself.
As the biblically defined “son of perdition” at II Thessalonians 2:2-5, who was one of 12 sons descended from the “One-eyed Dajjal” of Yemen ”Laden senior” Osama bin Laden was a devil with the Devil in him; discarnate incarnate; the Global Judas of the Second Israel. And he indeed destroyed Meeca and it’s temple: spiritually.
 For the Sufis like the “changed one” the “Abdal” known to western media as Adul al-Rauf in NYC it was Laden senior as the “One-eyed Dajjal” whose arrival at the End so oppressed  Mohammed really concerned him and other Sufis like Sayed Hisham Kabbani most.
Seeing that Mohammed had “feared greatly” when he was told what destruction was to come by Gabriel about the Masih ad-Dajjal this invisible invasion of Mecca and the Shrine of the Black Cube and the Seat within it was no hard thing to imagine Osama so doing. But after all; this was the Antichrist; afraid of nothing and no one….the wayward wicked son of the Devil himself.
But the Sufis were on to Osama and his band of cut-throats when he rose with the Mujahidin-e Khalq in Afghanistan, the Islamic fighters that Senator John McCain and the CIA built to fight a proxy war with Russia.
Due to his fanaticism and hatred of first Russia and then the West the Sufis knew Osama was bad news; very bad tidings indeed. John McCain personally apologized to the tribes of Afghanistan about the CIA’s betrayal of them when he ran for President; but it was too little; and way too late to mend all the anger from all the broken promises the US had never kept. Blood feuds in the Pashtun tribal region are mother’s milk for them.
But now let us look at the figure of one Salman the Persian; reborn with the literary career of one Salman Rushdie as the resurrection unto life of one of the most controversial of the 7 Companions of the Bench of Mohammed at their resurrection unto damnation.
Salman the Persian is mentioned by name from Mohammed when he began to air their arguments and disputes as the core material of some of the Suras where he answered them from the utterances given to him from Allah by Gabriel, even complaining to Gabriel about how long the intervals between revelations was; but was rebuked for his complaining swiftly.
The fact is that he received his Word in utter seclusion from anyone; and brought back only what he could remember as he was illiterate: but he had a very good resource: the angel of the testimony; the recording Angel himself; the angel of the book of truth. All that was first created was first written; as God did not proceed without first establishing everthing exactly as He created it as what it’s ultimate function and lasting form were to be: written in the Original Light of the Creation itself.
This was “the Day in which he created heaven and earth”; that is: the Day of that 7 Fold light  in which he dreamed up the entire Design of the Creation to come as being One Seventh of the original light for each of the 7 Heavens; a theory first put forth in literary form by Dante himself; but claimed as the Irfan by the Sufis of the Gnosis all the way back to Mohammed’s Ascension over Mount Moriah when the new Covenant was established with Mecca and the Apostle of God to build it anew.
The doctrine of the 7 heavens abounds in  not just a few references to it in the Qur’an; far more than those written in the Old Testament.

Salman the Persian and the Daughters of Allah

Looking at the book where the historical truth of the origin of  the “Satanic Verses” of  the Seal of the Prophets Mohammed when he was fighting against the Meccans we find that the verified record of this prophetic event which Mohammed later repudiated as having possibly been taken from what we now find to be a harmless and innocuous textbook called “Anthology of Islamic Literature” that was published in 1964 by James Kritzeck and basically unnoticed by anyone; and still is almost never found except in some public libraries as being almost out of print.
But let us look at pages 28 and 29. First let us take a look at the first quotation; no doubt deserving of death by the mentally bereft Muslims, who are but blinded pawns of the Antichrist; busy shooting 14 year old girls in the head to make sure they don’t get an education.

In speaking of how Mohammed rose with the Seal of the prophets author James Kritzeck begins his first conclusions almost offhandedly; not striking home anything but some broad insights about the Meccan period of the 12 years.

During this time  he says “Mohammed liked to appeal, though somewhat vaguely, to the authority of the bible for his teachings: “All this is written in earlier scriptures, the scriptures and Abraham and Moses. “( Sura 87.18 ).
Of course this writer does not mention that it was the wife of Mohammed who could read, and did read to him from the Christian Gospels; and older Testaments like those of Moses and the Torah.
He does make one very bold statement on page 28 in his chapter titled “The Qur’an: Scripture and Literature”; a distinction which today would put him on a death list but the forces of the Antichrist.
He says “Later, when Jews and Christians proved unwilling to accept his claim in sufficient numbers, he emphasized that they had deformed God’s pure religion ( as seen in the 7 sentences of “The Excordium”), and that the Qur’an invalidated their scriptures, which had been corrupted.”

He then says this; “He represented Ishmael, the father of the Arabs according to Jewish lore,

as coheir with Issac to God’s covenant with Abraham.”

He then goes on to say this on page 29; to wit;

“In Mecca, Mohammed’s message was first met with indifference, then countered with opposition. The Meccans, and in particular Mohammed’s wealthier relatives who profited from the pilgrimage trade to the pagan shrine of the Kaa’bah, took his monotheistic warnings very much to heart, but not in the manner he intended. They planned the elimination of his small sect.

Some new material, aimed at coming to terms with these opponents, was introduced into the Koran.

Three pagan goddesses, for instance, were aknowledged to bedaughters of God  (Allah),” whose cults might therefore be expected to continue. But such devices neither convinced nor placated the Meccans, and Mohammed himself soon regretted these “Satanic suggestions” and repudiated them.

Ultimately a good many verses of the Koran were abrogated in this fashion.”

This is, of course, entirely correct in the historical narrative surrounding the production of what was gathered later into the book called “The Holy Qur’an”, although this author does not explain why this was so; only that it was. Let me add some light to his insightful though somewhat offhand and dry words.

For this accurate rendering of the historical facts I am sure Kritzeck would have had his head chopped off by the zealous bigots who have destroyed Islam in every manner conceivable; as in the wave of the Salafist killings of Sufis far and wide in Islam, as it self-destructs. The destruction of Sufi shrines and the hallowed tombs of their saints also continues unabated.

Why we have is perhaps because it says what happened with Mohammed later, when bargaining with the Meccans and then repudiated later, that Salman Rushdie called the “Satanic Verses“, are here called a somewhat gentler expression “Satanic Suggestions“.  Is that why there were no death threats against Kritzeck?

Or did no one read his book?

But here we have the genesis of the story of the Daughters of Allah; and the sun goddess Al-Lat of Sun Myung Moon; his ‘female spirit’ of the Sun which represents the masculine principle turned into a false “feminine’ symbol; who he and the Desert Arabs; and the Japanese also, made into a woman deity.

In Shinto she is called “Amaterasu” (or Amateratsu) as a Shinto Sun goddess; she is the mythical ancestress of the royal family of Japan. Her full name is Amaterasu-o-mi-kami ( 天照大神 ) and it means “glorious goddess who shines in the heavens”.

The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

It is this mythologocal figure that is actually the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon: she is the Solar ISIS known as “Al-Lat” in Arabia, in Japan her most important shrine is located in Ise, Japan in the island of Honshu. The temple is torn down and rebuilt every twenty years. In the temple she is represented as a mirror. But it is the “Mirror of ISIS” the Great Whore.

Until the end of World War II, the Japanese royal family claimed descent from Amaterasu, and the Emperor was officially considered divine.

That ended when he abdicated; the last cup of tea of the “divine” emperor drank before he walked on deck to sing the papers of unconditional surrender is worth millions now. After that signing he became mortal apparently; although the novelist Mishima, who my grandmother revered as a writer, held onto the “cult of the Emperor” until he died.

What is the Book of Illyium? Is it the book of El Elion “The Most High”?



 The Barque of the Baraka of Fatima az Zahra, the Work of Ibn El Arabi and Rumi’s Whirling Dervishes;

The Revelation of the Chaste Pearl of Great Price at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 and the Freemasonic enemies of the 3 Children of Mary of Fatima.

The Work of the Khidr Rumi and the Sufis at the Coming of the “Dancing Sun of Righteousness” that was seen to have “Whirled” 3 Times in the Sky;

as the Emanation of the Whirling Dervishes in their “Cosmic Dance of the Sun”, engineered by Shams of Tabriz; the Mysterious Guide of Rumi;

who was the Angel of St. Francis at the Right Hand of God

The Seal of that ‘One’ of the Work of Shams of Tabriz that came down upon the Earth: and the Destiny of Fatima the Dyer at the Resurrection of the Just, the Originator of the Tie Dye in the City of St. Francis in 1967

The Last Day of Islam;

 the Salvation of the Ummah and Fatimah the Dyer as “the Judge of the Hereafter”;


  Fatima az Zahra; the Cosmic Bride of the Sun of Righteousness;

              …..the Chaste Pearl of Great Price, as the Virgin of Islam: and the Manifestation of Maryam al Kubra

The Manifesting of the Hidden Master of “The Path of the Rose”; the Enlightened Sufi, Michael Beebe

The revealing of the story of how the Dabbat al-Ard Rose, as the Rose of Baghdad-by-the-Bay;

with the hidden means of the Master Occultist and Illuminist; the Suhrawardi Sufi; Michael Beebe, sent by his Order to bring Solomon back.

Where does Wisdom dwell?

The Judge; and the 12 Apostles of the Lamb as the Jury:
“Judge not according to the appearence: but judge righteous judgement”
Sealed with the Seal of the Living God

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar


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