Wantok, Squaw of the Cinders: “the Dead in Christ Rise First”, the Reward of the Lamb | “Measure 144” Missive #19


For it is Written

“…The Day of the Lord

The etroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swayica of Sun Myung Moos; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb's Wife

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward Nazi swastica of Sun Myung Moon my fallen first helper is not that correct one of the Lakota; and the Double Maltese Cross with the Red Cross in the Arms of the White One; as of my servant John; that second good helper who helped me die in Christ and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb’s Wife; as the Pahana whose soul is the Squaw of the Great Spirit

……so cometh as a thief in the Night…” 

 The Final And Last Jihad:

to Save this Earth

Just as it is written in the Revelation of St. John the Divine; at the 7th trumpet; the last Trump…

“……. And to destroy those who destroy the earth……”

Did the current cardboard Christians think that those words mean nothing? Probably.. 

But the Native Americans do, both in the US and in Canada; thus they will replace these cardboard Christians with those who DO see the peril our planet is in….the Red Race is that one who opened the mouth of the earth to swallow up the flood of the Dragon: Materialism, Atheism and Consumerism.

One more version....of the Glyph of the Hopi
One more version….of the Glyph of the Hopi

Let us here read what is says in the Revelation of my servant John of the Divine Tipponi; Revelation 11:18, at the 7th Trumpet that began in 1977; to wit;

“..And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth ..”


It is now the culmination of what became known as the Ecology Movement in the 60’s, and now we see what it stood for was something far larger…..and that the True White Brother embraced with his Red Brother; for that one called the Pahana is My Generation entirely; as I am their Voice…

……as he who returned from the dead…

The Head of the Missing Clay Tablet; the Pahana

The Head of the Missing Clay Tablet; the Pahana

Corporations are “persons” according to the Supreme Court; if so then they are the beasts of the earth; whose love of money as their bottom line shows why that love of filthy lucre is the root of all evil. Money is the Excrement of the Devil; that is why his Mark is on all who use it…it’s the Stain of his filth we have rubbed all over ourselves….an evil inanimate object that rules animate beings; the living enslaved by what is dead..

but the Corporate Feudalism that would make us all techno-serfs of a New Dark Ages is the real maleficient brand of Satanic Mills “…cog upon cog, and gear tyrannic..”: now bent on killing all life on this planet…for money. Did they consider how useless money is if there are no crops that can grow or air that we can breath?

But these beasts worship only one god: Mammon; who is Dis, the god of Hades, the Osiric king of the Plutonian Underworld…now seen as our atomically infested world….of our coming Universal Megadeath; the extinction of all life.

It is this one characteristic that shows the Corporations are the ravening destroyers of all resources and everything they can defile and package for a profit: thus they are the universal enemy of mankind and the nemesis of this fragile earth… and will certainly have to be destroyed, before they destroy all of us..

The Lady of the Lake of Fire...the Soul of the Lamb made flesh....as the Bride; the Lamb's Wife...as of the Second Death...

The Lady of the Lake of Fire…the Soul of the Lamb made flesh….as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife…as of the Second Death…

….and our rapidly growing wasteland of a Planet…these beasts of profit who would tear down an entire mountain range for money; and empty the oceans of all their  fish for a few more dollars; like the robber baron  fishing vessels of the Unification Church despoiling the seas for ever larger revenues; as their Sushi monopoly has now has taken over the American seafood industry entirely….but not a whisper from Washington DC…

…….but money is not my God even if it is theirs…..corrupt and hellbent liars who practice deception as their philosophy of deceit, that leads to their coming reward: to go sit in the Lake of Fire; made especially “…for all liars…”.

 Perhaps “Sun Myung Moon” ( which in Korean means the ”Shining Truth” ), who in his sad demise is now revealed as a consumate master of self-deception: as he who was bornMun Yong-myeong“; which meansShining Dragon“, perhaps he should have told them God is not a liar; neither by adopting an immoral blanket policy to fool people, or adopting a bland oriental cliche of ritual disemblance; a leadership deceptively contrived to have America ruled by a single corrupted Korean family and Nation, and bent on retaining their ongoing policy of “heavenly deception”; which is just satanically inspired KGB-style “politic evasion”;  made for evading many questions about largescale, yet legally doubtful operations, which they know are better left to be permanently unknown by the prying eyes and newspapers of the AMERICAN public;

…….like using their ballet troupeThe Little Angelsas a front for laundering drug money. This was Bo Hui Pak’s brainstorm; and it has worked like a charm; with a front of shiny little ballerinas to operate behind….utterly satanic…

And the Unification Church is still doing it to this very day; the payoff for the US government must be and has been of enormous military value; no doubt a reward  for doing covert intelligence work against North Korea….

Shall we stand by forever???

…….watching Red China burn more and more coal…….and poison the sky of humanity and their own people without conscience nor let; and then merrily go live in their air conditioned splendor, while their own people, who do not live in climate controlled dwellings, must now choke to death on soot, or we in the US now die of heatstroke, as we all melt in the incredible soaring heat blanketing  especially the Midwest in the heartland now with every summer hotteer than the last; or shiver and freeze in the uncommon cold we now find in even Southern California???

It is time that the Servants of the Great Spirit of the Great God stand up and begin to fight…….and help all people of this earth to find, as they now at last see in Red China; that we cannot breath worse and now worsening pollution….and the acidic and stifled waters where our fish now gasp for oxygen have also now risen, and Venice is no more……and worse is to come….for every coastal plain…..every town or city by the Sea….

It is at this time we must see what is meant by these words of the coming global environmentalists for “immediate planetary change”, where we, the environmentally conscious people of this world, must actively take a hand to save this planet, that all of our irresponsible governments seem oblivious to even doing a thing about; as they embrace nihilistically driven schemes for political gain, and totally suicidal economic policies; continuing to ignore the environment, and refusing to do anything about it;

“…..Apres moi; les deluge…..” is their motto;

…..as of King Louis the 17th;

After me; the Deluge“.

The next king of France was beheaded, of course. The 18th……I believe there was some kind of a popular national revolt about some very bad conditions……looks like we in America are way overdue…..for a needful change….

I suggest people notify the President and all their elected representatives that the tar sands will spell the death knell for saving this Planet: period.

Stand with the tribes of the Native Americans and the Canadians; NOW

Wantok; the little scout of the great Spirit is the Bride of the Cinders; it would be best if the people of the earth heeded her word; for to ignore it means this world will perish;

Amen; heed this call to arms and bless all thee who have an ear to hear in the Name of my Father Jesus; and come now to the Supper of the Great God, as the bride of that Great Spirit bids thee to thus enjoin; Inshallah….

"Salvation Rose" is the bride; the Lamb's Wife; the Lady of the Lake of Fire herself......and her husband is the One on the White Horse; the Second Death

“Salvation Rose” is the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; the Lady of the Lake of Fire herself……and her husband is the One on the White Horse; the Second Death

The Divine Islam of the 144,000 Virgins of the Altar at this Last Day:

 For the 144,000 there is no wine; and no women;

only they who are redeemed and are written can sing

“The Song of the Lamb”

                 Here we find the Islamic term; “Sirat al-Mustaqim means “the straight path of God” in Islam, and refers to a narrow path (thinner then a string of hair) 3,000 miles long that the suls of the dead must cross on the judgment day to reach heaven. (  3,000 miles as from the East Coast to the West Coast in “a flash of Lightning”  )
In one version of the tale, the souls of the virtuous are helped to navigate it because their good deeds turn into ”a white horse’ they can ride to the end.” ( The White Horse is ‘Kalki’ as Maitreya; Buddha the Virgin of the Ganges as the Bearer of the Khata of the Holy River;  the Moses of the 300 million Untouchables in India who are the Cosmic Israel, and Maitreya as the ” Angel ascending from the Sun Rising in the East, having the Seal of the Living God” ( Rev. 7:2 ).
Buddha returns for his people as their Moses,  as the Vehicle of Salvation that is the Holy Mount of the Lord of the Second Advent: Lord Ishvara; the Holy One who comes to save now as of those in India’s Evil Hierachial Caste Society considered the lowest af the low; the impoverished and oppressed 300 Million Untouchables in India whose System of caste is the Staff of mammon as the Tradition of Oppresssion by “the beast with a hand”; Mega Therion “The Great Beast” as the fallen universal mind of Satan; with Ganesha in every household as the henotheistic god of the masses in India, under the sway of the iron Age of the Kali Yuga, as their Redemption arrives as to now become part of the Cosmic and Universal Third Israel here in the 50 United States of America, with Maitreya as their Shepherd; whose name is that of “the Zeal of Jehovah of Hosts”; revealed now as KALKI, the White Horse.
And he who rides that White Horse is my Husband: he whose face is uncovered as that of the Blue Kachina Dancer; that dancer who is revealed as Siva; and the Mask removed shows the Face of the Second Death…..Faithful and True.
For in the End;

……”Death is swallowed up in  Victory…….”


The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar

Salvation Rose” aka ‘Christopher Witt Diamant’

I do feel bad that everyone in the Unification Church still thinks that they who were born from the “Blessed Couples” have no Original Sin; as they were all deceived in the “Wine of Wrath” they all drank; no one ever told them that they who came into the Ark of Salvation in “two’s” were the “Unclean” animals: the “Clean” came in as groups of “seven“, as those who overcome at all 7 overcomings on The Path of the Just; which is what the 7 churches are really about: the Ladder of Jacob as seen in the Son of Man the angels of God “ascended and descended” on.

In this book Nansook Hong tells of when Rev. Moon revealed to her the two children he had had with two other women while married: for “reason directly concerning the providence” by which Rev. Moon committed adultery but calls it something else…certainly not the Original Sin of which he said was the Fall was of the sin of adultery: and “..the Root of all sins.”…but not for him…..

Rev. Moon and his drunken followers all ignored the information I was given from 1986 onward that the Angel of Patmos who came to me at my Grandmother Ruth Witt-Diamant’s house in the City of St. Francis to rectify.

When I told Jonathan Gullery and the others about this in 1988, in a 144 page letter, he politely told me I could quote and use anything published by the HSA-UWC; and then probably threw my letter in the trash; given to me word for word by the Angel of John the Divine.

What a disaster.

Now as Rev. Moon is officially dead and his body is lying at histomb that they moved him to it is the Wisdom of God now Incarnate as Mary of Bethlehhem that in the New Heaven looks like a measure of poetic justice; the Virgin Mary being the very one Moon accused of having sex with Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, the same accusation John also harbored.

This is why Moon cannot resurrect; and it is this single fact that proves Rev. Moon is cut asunder as John the Baptist; since John had this same accusation against Jesus and the Virgin Mary in his heart, as the “beam” in his eye; and so never bonded with the Messiah.

This is also why my Faaher Jesus could not baptize John and offer him for the Sacrifice; he was blinded by the accusation of Satan that he could never overcome; and neither did Rev. Moon as John reborn do so; which is why he died as a mortal man: a failure….in the exact position and body of John the Baptist…..fitting; but tragic; and a disaster for the Providence of Salvation

As the years rolled by and my servant John helped me unseal the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which I found is the Book of Life of the Lamb, I was always struck by how easy it would have been to save Rev. Moon and restore him so he could be the Messiah; because he is specifically written of in two gospels: Matthew and Luke; and is; or was; the “Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant’ mentioned by both of them.

People quite preferred him to me; because he had gone to so many and had them trust in him; thus

as one to whom much had been given; they would expect all the more…”.

I discovered it is a dual prophecy; giving two different endings: a happy one; and a very sad one.

   The sad one is what Rev. Moon apparently chose; the one at Matthew 24:48 about “that evil servant”;

      but Rev. Moon could have made it all to the crown of life:

           except for the fact he and all the members in the Unification Church tried to deny what I was told by my Angel

                 when I was given the Word of God; yet Rev. Moon told everyone that the Word of God was where everything 

                                   “began and ended” when dealing with anything in the Providence.

     How very strange.

It seems they did not like the “cut of my jib”; or something;

         but the Word of God is the truth; whether they “like” me or not…it mattereth not at all; this is not a popularity contest….

           By the way; the “Son of Man” or “Son of Adam” refers to Seth; he who was made in the “image and likeness of Adam”;

           as Adam happened to represent the “Image of God” originally.

That is what the serpent Moses raised in the wilderness actually represented; but the Egyptians called Seth annother name: “Set”.

     But the Devil of Egypt is the God of Israel……….ask our Literary lover of  – “The White Goddess”  – – –   as our cultrual “Balaam”;…….Robert Graves: currently sojourning – – – – in spirit world..
Kim Il Sung and "the Shining Dragon" his brother

Kim Il Sung and “the Shining Dragon” his brother

Moon Sun-myung (left) meets North Korean founder Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang in December 1991. (Yonhap News)

If anyone thinks I am making all this up I suggest they read what is written about Rev. Moon is the two gospels of Luke and Matthew; it’s all there; the beatings; the wine and the drunkeness; the marrying and giving in marriage; and of course the endless proplongations of the will that caused Rev. Moon to lose patience and finally marry in 1960, and then call himself “The Lamb of God”.

The problem is that if he was the Lamb of God then he would have opened the Book of Life of the Lamb that is the Revelation of Jesus Christ: but he never did; I did; although I did it because I had the help of John of Patmos; the one who wrote it all down originally; and Elaine Pagels and all the rest of them don’t have the faintest clue as to what they are talking about; of that I can faithfully assure everyone.

I do.

In truth the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Ark of the Testament; and the Revelation of Jesus Christ was the Book hidden in this Ark and carried to me through the 2,000 years that seperated the time when John first got it; and then; ( as it is written at chapter 10 of his own Revelation ) at the very last sentence of that chapter; when it is said to him by the angel of the Covenant Jonathan ( who John the Baptist was named after, by the way) that he “would have to prophesy again”; as to explain what his Revelation was all about: otherwise the Revelation would have absolutely served no purpose at all; and it does; as all will soon shortly know.

John the Baptist and Jesus the Son of man were to have been as close as Jonathan and David were; and as John the Beloved and Jesus of Nazareth really did become as close as: as the Baptism unto death for Jesus was actually the Resurrection unto life for David: check Psalm 22; the figure on the Cross is David; and no one else.

Those are his ribs he is talking about; of that you can believe; as it is a matter of what I write as a scribe of God; it’s called “Holy Writ’; and it’s something “new” under the sun; it explains Scripture.

The Unicorn of the Last Day, for the Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82 from the Qur’an

Perhaps people will want to hear more; now that my messemger Rev. Moon is about to die..as Hyo Jin Moon told me about months ago from spirit world; when I dutifully went and told Bob and Angelika Selle about Hyo Jin Moon coming to me with the news because they knew him when he was alive; their reaction?

They ignored my message completely.. Typical….and yet they say that Hyo Jin Moon is “the Messiah in spirit world..”  Well perhaps Heung Jin moon was a better candidate.

Guess that wasn’t good enough for them to believe me….but why exactly would I have llied about something so serious? What would I have gained? Who knows….now; it’s too late…

I was to tell Rev. Moon that the Key of David is the Divine Principle; that one embodied in the Cross of Christ; as the one put upon the shoulder of Eliakim the Scribe; and upon the Lamb’s shoulder as well; as he trudged up Golgotha: but Eric Holt and Kyle Toffey and Phillip Shankar and a list too long to even mention all heard what I had to say: and rejected me and my testimony completely.

Did they REALLY think I was making it all up?

I guess so; but my publisher Paul Cohen at Monkfish Book Publications told me that my book “…finishes the Bible…” And those are his words; not mine.

Isn’t it strange that Paul Cohen had more sense than everyone in the Unification Church and at HSA-UWC put together?? Angels are not sent out by God except when there is a real problem to be addressed and fixed; the very least the Unification Church could have done when I told them about this visitor ( who is still with me by the way ) was to send someone out to talk to me to see exactly what it was that I may have really known about the Providence concerning Rev. Moon reaching immortality in the flesh: but I suppose they all thought they knew more than my servant John;

…who happens to be ” the greatest in the kingdom of heaven “.

I am the least in the kingdom of heaven; but as my Father Jesus once said; and now again says:

Of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist;
yet I say unto you that he who is the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he…”

Who crowned himself? Our very own Napoleon………


According then to my Father Jesus I am a greater prophet than John the Baptist; who happens to currently be embodied in our Korean friend’s Luciferic body: one very dead and now ‘cut asunder’ ;  Sun Myung Moon? Nay; now we see ‘Mun Yong-myeong’; the “Shining Dragon” in Korean.

Well; as my servant John once told me, when I asked hm what was the worst Hell there is, or could ever be: and he smiled and said: “The worst Hell is that of Regret

Well; at least they will all know why I my inner child is called “the Wrath of the Lamb”; I am actually the child that Mary of Bethany and Jesus of Nazareth never had…I was born on 4-18;

True Parents Day.

My Husband is the Second Death; who Rides the White Horse that is Kalki; “Faith On Earth”; Maitreya; the Lord of the Second Advent; Holy Virgin of the Ganges

It may sound familiar; for it’s the day mentioned in Luke and Matthew in which “the faithful and wise” Steward “looketh not for Him” …. and the Hour of my death in Christ on October 24, 2007 was one that Rev. Moon was never aware of: but curiously the Hopi Indians were; they were told all about me; and the Morning Star..that Blue Star; Comet Holmes.the Sign of the coming of the Pahana; that Child of Man; a Manchild; indeed.
And the start of the Regeneration that comes December 25th; 2012, to those who can stand before me in the light of the Face of my Father Jesus
Salvation Rose; the bride; the Lamb’s Wife
“…..Self Interest blinds some men;……but helps others to see the Light…..”
de la Rochefoucauld
"Dividing even Between the Soul and the Spirit"
“Dividing even Between the Soul and the Spirit”

The set of events which culminated with the meeting with Hyo Jin in Bay City Michigan came after the 40 days of temptation I had that had been set off by a very unusual dream I had with Rev. Moon in it. This was a major event in my life; with far reachng consequences for me: and the world.

I will relate some of the elements of this dream so you will understand how unusual the circumstances are that now no longer face Rev. Moon but do face the Unification Church; for I was chosen to restore Rev. Moon due to another set of circumstances that goes back to why the angel of John led me from the City of St. Francis after it fell; and brought me to New Hope PA in 1987.

To condense the information: I was chosen to bring the Book of Life of the Lamb to Light because it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ; but this happened because the 210 years of time-indemnity had been paid from 4-18-1776 when Paul Revere’s rode to warn of the British that were coming to that of my birthday here in PA on 4-18-1986; ((4-18 being the date of the old “True Parents Day”)).

After the 210 year period was fulfilled I then began in New Hope to write the book there for the next 21 years; as Rev. Moon in his two volumes called “New Hope” had actually restored the town of New Hope itself; although Rev. Moon may have been unaware of this; but everything he does comes from a divine end and cause; thus it always has a divine effect and result. With the angel of John of Patmos I copied down the information by which the Word of God was gradually revealed to me in it’s entirety.
This is my mother; Jeanne.....when I visited her in Santa Monica at the Red Brick Armory before they bought the Casa Del Mar.....Life Magazine did a spread on our reunion in their March 9th issue back in 1962 when I was 7 years old....

This is my mother; Jeanne…..when I visited her in Santa Monica at the Red Brick Armory before they bought the Casa Del Mar…..Life Magazine did a spread on our reunion in their March 9th issue back in 1962 when I was 7 years old….

After my 21 year course events were unleashed in the “21” being fulfilled in Barack Obama’s 21 month campaign for President; after which came the 21 days when I was sent to Ottawa. As for the number “4-18” it happens to be my birthday; as I was born on 4-18-1955 in Nuremburg; Germany; 10 Years After the Judgement there on the legally elected but totally corrupt government of Axis Germany. It was also the day that Albert Einstein died; which is another synchronicity of which you are now another witness; for it is obvious that on 4-18-1936 when the Angel of Christ apeared to Sun Myung Moon on that Korean Hillside it was Easter; and that is what “4-18” means: Easter; Resurrection; but also Regenration; for the Resurrection of Jesus was also the Regeneration of David; just as the Baptism of Jesus was the Resurrection of David; which is all set down in full as explaining Psalm 22 in my book.
Who died on the Cross: David or Jesus?
The answer can be found in the fact that the Key of David is the Divine Principle embodied in the Cross of Christ; a fact Rev. Moon missed.
This is because I am the Path; even as the Lamb was the Way, the Truth and the Life; thus at Proverbs 4:18;

“For the Path of the Just is as a growing light,

shining more and more unto a Perfect Day”.

Rochefoucauld said “Death and the Sun are two things that no man can outstare…”
thus showing us the Sun is the Face of Death; but my Father Jesus did outstare that face….
The Path of the Just is that of the 7 Overcomings hidden in the 7 churches of Revelation which I reveal in the Gospel of Peace as the Open Book that is the first section of my book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine”.
You might also recall that in 1987 the Wall fell in Germany; and that happened for the reason that it was the end of Russia’s 70 Years of Babylonian Captivity from the date 1917 when the False Prophet Karl Marx took over until 1987; 1,000 years after Russia converted to Christianity in 987.
Of this “70” years I can here reveal to you that it is these 7 decades from 1910-1919; the next at 1920-29; the third from 1930-39;the fourth from1940-49; the fifth from 1950-59; the next from 1960-69; and the last at 1970-79. It is these that are seen now loosed at the 7 Seals on the Lamb’s Book; and if you look you will see that the first seal was from the events of 1910 until 1919; the Second Seal was from 1920 until 1929; and so on. Each Trumpet then “resounds” at the 7th year of each Seal for 10 years; the first Trumpet at 1917 until 1927; the Second Trumpet at 1927 until 1937 and so on; of course this is a very short version of something far more complex; as in the relationship seen at the events on earth at the Seals loosed in Heaven and heaven’s response to them at the Trumpets sounded on Earth is simple but not easily understood without guidance; but this should be enough for you to see the Revelation being Revealed is that of the Lamb’s Book itself being opened; and it is this Book I now hold.
But let us look at what presaged the meeting with Hyo Jin Moon in Bay City Michigan at the end of my 40 days of Temptation after I left New Hope and my home in Newtown for the first 21 days in Canada of the 40 day course to restore the first 40 years of Rev. Moon’s own life: which I did. And then I also restore his Fall and that of My Generation: also; standing in the position of the Sacrifice ITSELF; a Virgin unto God and the Lamb.
The 40 Day Course of the Restoration of Sun Myung Moon
Whoso Overcometh shall eat of the Tree of Life.."

“……Whoso Overcometh shall eat of the Tree of Life..”

The Tabernacle of the Lamb and the Joshua of My Generation

The dream I had with Rev. Moon was a life-changing event for me, of course; but what I reveal here to you is known in full by none; although I did share one part of this dream with my partner Sharon Cardone before I went out of her house to begin my 40 days of Temptation that started by spending 21 days in Ottawa for the Christmas Holidays with an old friend whose husband had died and who I joined as she did not want to spend Christmas alone. When I went to Canada this last Christmas in my 21 day course it was by that time I had begun to reach those who do believe on me; but I could not do this as long as I was in America; I had to go to another country; for as Lord Jesus once said in the Gospel these words; to wit;

No prophet is without honor: except in his own country; by his own kin; and in his own house

Though she was what one would call an “unbeliever” she still unconsciously sought the Comforter who is the Holy Spirit in His Name that we believers know of on earth as the Spirit of Christ; whose tabernacle I currently am; just as Rev. Moon was in the position of Joshua until John came and replaced him due to his leaving his position by crowning himself.

As you might recall Rev. Moon says Joshua is the figure who represented the Lord of the Second Advent; but actually the Tabernacle with the Spirit of God within it symbolized the future Body of Christ with the Father in him as the substantial incarnation of the Lord; Joshua represented the position seen later at John to “make straight the Way of the Lord” as Joshua had cleared the Path for the Tabernacle to follow; which should be clear as “transparent glass” in being completely self-evident.

The Dream of Sun Myung Moon

He who holds the Key of David bears the Cross of Christ: the Divine Principle itself.

The Coming of the Tabernacle of God; the Lamb’s Wife
The dream I had with Rev. Moon was on this wise; it happened right before the 21 months of Barack Obama’s Campaign; which was the extension of the Providence of Salvation that continued the 210 years being fulfilled in America from 4-18-1776 to 1986; followed by my 21 years in New Hope; and then came the 21 months of what all have said was a “perfect campaign” for Barack as reaching the position of Messiah for the Black race on their 430 year Foundation from 1492 in the West at the National level; as indeed it was; but I was given something before it started that I did not understand until much later. But let me give you this dream with some of it’s context in my own life and mission.
In this dream with Rev. Moon and Joe Biden it happened the night before Barack Obama announced who was going to be his runningmate as VP. But I was told in the dream it would be Joe Biden as I was told to give him a set of keys I had to a ran van; which signified his being “put in charge”; by God; a he knew DC better than Barack and would be his guide.
I was in a place that corresponded to what the beginning of the choosing of the next President would bring to America; by now I hope you realize that even though I am the least in the kingdom of heaven my Father’s servant John is the greatest: thus in the Kingdom all from the least to the greatest are present for their books to be opened; and this is why this dream was given to me: it was a sign of what was to come; for the Messiah comes to begin the Last Judgment.
This is that dream; as God is my Judge; and the 12 Apostles’ of the Lamb are my Witness;
I stood upon a street in which was a red van; very much like the van by which Sharon and I went to work at our store in New Hope from our home in Newtown everyday; but as I looked down this street I saw a cloud descend; and on this cloud I saw the most beautiful Oriental girl I had ever seen. That she was Korean should be no surprise; but she came over to me directly.
((At this time in my life I was still trying to make headway with Eric Holt and Jonathan Gullery at HSA-UWC Publications in New York in having them contact Rev. Moon so I could share what my Father’s servant John had told me about Rev. Moon’s mission and how things could be fixed so Rev. Moon could be the Messiah; but to no avail. By John of Patmos revealing to me that Rev. Moon was in fact the “faithful and wise steward/servant” seen at Matthew and Luke I was given the understanding of Rev. Moon’s possible Destiny in being “given all” which signifies the Crown of Glory and the Immortality that goes with it to be “crowned” the Messiah if he were found “awake” at the Lord’s return; but I was also given the understanding of Rev. Moon’s Fate if not found to be receptive to the Lord and His Servant John by which he would be then “cut asunder” and suffer the death John the Baptist had in the palace of Herod and Herodias.
Herod and Herodias were in reality Elijah’s old foes Ahab and Jezebel; which John was aware of unconsciously; for had he admitted he was Elijah he would have consciously known who Herod and Herodias really were long before; and never gone up against the presnet incarnation of King Ahab and the High Priestess who was the daughter of the king of Sidon: Jezebel. As Elijah John would have never been so foolhardy to take on his old two enemies without Lord Jesus. Going up alone against them he was doomed; and deluded into thinking the Angel who gave him the Word would save him if anything went wrong; thus he put his trust in the Angel rather than the Lord; a big mistake. ))
Her words at this point were this:

Will you leave Rev. Moon Alone?”

It seemed that this virgin’s left breast which was before me at my right hand signified the choice to “leave Rev. Moon Alone”; thus to stop trying to correct the mistakes in the book Divine Principle and everything else I was trying to do to advance the Providence; but this was tantamount to letting Mr. Moon believe he had reached the position of the Messiah and just agree that he was, in fact, the Messiah; even though I knew full well how far he was from this final goal of his in truth. This would have then been a temptation to lie to myself by just “letting” Rev. Moon go his way; and just write him off. But this I would never do; for I know who he really is because John told me.

If I agreed with this choice I was to kiss the virgin on her right breast.

“…Or will you leave Rev. Moon go Home?…..”
If I agreed with this choice I was to kiss her on the left breast.
The virgin’s right breast which was at my left signified the choice before me “to leave Mr. Moon go Home”; thus to let him die as the “evil servant” written of in the prophecy about the “faithful and wise steward” in the Gospel and thus let him”suffer his fate”.

This temptation was therefore one of purposely letting Rev. Moon fail with my tacit consent; and even judge him as “the evil servant” and letting him die unrestored; though I was given the Seal to restore him for just the opposite reason by John.

In telling you of this dream I am; of course, letting the reader know far more than I should; but on the basis of the tears at the grave of Hyo Jin Moon shed by those who did indeed know and love him I will tell you what happened but also tell you that it is now incumbent upon whosoever read this to follow this post to it’s conclusion; for this is of a spiritual matter that has a bearing on the Providence of God.  Nothing happens by accident in the Design of Providence.

The Temptation and the Resolution.

Faced with this Decision that now laid before these two Choices I looked back and forth at these two breasts; each like a beautiful hill; yet as I am guided with the Seal I fought down any unclean desire and tried to see how to overcome the nature of the Temptation before me and yet reply truthfully.

Our fall and our tempter....

(…..I am no stranger to temptation; indeed I have overcome them all which beset and destroyed my entire Generation; as they are the lost sheep of the House of Israel; Ephraim at the National level being thus Solomon magnified from the Individual level; for it was Solomon as the “Prodigal Son” whose fall caused the Fall of Israel into two and then the subsequent loss of the northern kingdom of Ephraim as of the 10 tribes which were then lost; leaving only Jerusalem and that kingdom of Judah as the one tribe with little Benjamin; all that remained due to the fall of Solomon as the Lost Sheep of Israel himself……)

As I am rightly guided by the Holy Spirit of God who is Jehovah Himself the answer came to me in a flash: so I bent down and kissed neither breast of the Korean Virgin: but I kissed instead the area between them over the virgin’s heart in the center of her chest: and my message was this:

“I will not let Rev. Moon alone”

( even though trying to restore him has been like banging my head against the Wall);

“Nor will I let Mr. Moon go home” ( even though if he dies I will then become the Messiah):
but I will restore him”.
As soon as I did this the Beautiful Virgin came over to me me and kissed me on the right side of my neck below my right ear: and I felt it so strongly that I rememember it to this day: for I felt it physically even though that is impossible: yet the Blessing conveyed in it happened because I had made the Right Decision.
It is then I was again further tempted to take the Virgin and lead her to the Red Van; which I knew to be another Temptation which would be even more disasterous;  I had the keys in my hands but I would not open it’s doors,  for I knew what would follow if I did.
My First Love
(The beautiful Korean girl who came to me in this dream knew all about this; but she also was there to test me; as I discovered quickly; for I was given a temptation by her: as my attention was drawn from her utterly radiant fact to her gown; which was sheer white; and then the gown was parted; so that her chest became uncovered. That I was speechless is an understatement.)

So I did not yield to this temptation either; and as I fought off this Temptation of the Virgin I saw Senator Joe Biden come walking up the street to me; and as he walked over to me I gave him the keys to the Red Van; which signified that he had been chosen to become the Vice President by Barack Obama. Then something very unusual happened again: the Van which was parked up against the building at my right side moved away with Joe Biden driving it off; and a door appeared that the Korean Virgin led me too: and we entered the building.


My Meeting with Rev. Moon.

Only the Pure of Heart can see God as Love

The Crown of the Altar is the Seal of the Commandment
The Crown of the Altar is the Seal of the Commandment

The Korean Virgin in White led me into a vast Hall; in this Hall were many tables as if there had just been a great banquet; but it seemd to be over; as there was no one there but the busboys cleaning up; and they all semed to be very sad; as if something wrong had happened.

For those who doubt this I suggest they take a long hard look at the golden calf of Elvis; along with the conditions set up and fulfilled by the Black Race with their White supporters on the basis of the time-indemnity of the 430 years that Israel suffered in Egypt; by which Barack thus reached the position for the Black Christian Race as Messiah on the National Level.

I found out here by the Virgin that Rev. Moon did not want Barack Obama to be President; so that is why all those at this Banquet were not too pleased; for with Joe Biden being picked it was a foregone conclusion that Barack would win and come to stand on the 430 year foundation of time-indemnity that the Black Race had paid here in Amercia from 1492 in the West; the foundation laid by Rev. King in the position of a Black Moses working with a White Aaron who happened to be Aaron Presley; whose Voice brought together the 2 races so effectively.

As an aside it is those who marched with Servant King who are then those who were in the position of those Egyptians who converted and left Egypt with Israel when they left it for the Promised Land; these being the Egyptians who hid in the houses of the Israelities when the Angel of Death walked the streets that Passover night.
The Korean Virgin now went to another Door that stood at the back of the Hall; there were flowers wilting on the tables; but the odor was wonderful even still; and I followed her until she opened the Door and I went in.
Rev. Moon sat at a round table that seemed very large; he had people around him who were constantly bending and whispering in his ears; and he was not smiling; in fact he seemed to be both tired and upset. The Korean Virgin went to him and told him I was there; which is because he had not even raised his head to look at me; but he did look at me at this point; and on the table in front of him were many pieces of paper with writing on them; some typed; some handwritten.

Islam was denied their true status as the Second Israel in Rev. Moons book “Divine Principle”.
In fact they are not even mentioned as having any bearing on the Providence at all.

THE MEETING WITH REV. MOON: and what Followed

Again the people on either side of Rev. Moon whispered into his ears; and I was drawn to his table although I did not sit down; I stood at his right hand; and I then took a piece of paper and wrote a little diagram: which was of the City of St. Francis called San Francisco in the position of the Southern Kingdom of Judah with SF in the position of the New Jerusalem restored from the fallen position of Sodom and across the Golden Gate from San Francisco the area to it’s North called Marin County, which therefore signified the Northern Kingdom of Israel: thus I showed him that for there to be One United Kingdom it was the Golden Gate Bridge which signified the means by which this Unification was to take place.
Rev. Moon seemd to frown; but the Virgin standing in back of him in front of me looked at me to continue even though it did not seem to make anyone happy.
The lights in this room were dim; almost a half-light of shadow and light; gloomy is how I would describe it.
I then spoke to Rev. Moon about what the Golden Gate represented in the Providence; for the Golden Gate for San Francisco as the New Jerusalem represented the Golden Gate of Jerusalem that my Father Lord Jesus rode into on Palm Sunday that was the fulfillment of the Chief portion or “Lion’s Share” of responsibility that was done for the sake of the fulfilling of the Scripture by the Messiah in His first Coming: the point being that Rev. Moon had insisted that my Father Lord Jesus fulfilled none of the duties of the Messiah; which was therefore not true; thus this was a place clearly seen where “untruth” had once again entered his book “Divine Principle”.
This news did not bring joy to those standing around Mr. Moon; as I showed him that what he had written was also the reason he did not see that Love which came to my City in 1967 was itself the Visitation of God he had missed as being the “REAL” Rapture: for God is Love; and My Generation thus represented the Children of the Resurrection as those children of all the tribes of Israel later seen gathered at Beth-El when the Internal Exodus began: at the 3 Day Seperation from Satan that the 3 days at Beth-El really represented at not the National level, but at the Universal level of “Heaven and Earth”; the Global Level being just “the whole Earth”; but our three days happened at the Universal Level; because we as the children of all the tribes of israel as “Ephraim” or the “Kingdom” restored then stood with the Black Manchild, bonding in the common mud of our Baptism of Water, after that of the Fire on the Street at San Francisco in “Our Jordan of Fire” due to LSD: from the Wheat stalk of ergot rye; which is what LSD is distilled from;  and the Harvest of the Wheat was for they who “passed the Acid test” and fought and overcame their demons…; some of “the Tares” like  Charles Manson clearly did not… of course.
Then as My Generation joined with the Black Race called “the Manchild” we then become “The Third Israel”; at what men call “Woodstock”.
But it is of the Seed of David; the singing prophets; OURS, who “prophesy on harp ( guitar)….. and timbrel….(drums)….”
And it is as that little child in his Name who I symbolize that represents the Child of the Resurrection; as that eunuch for the kingdom of heaven’s sake who took the Vow and died in Christ for them; for he who comes in the Name of Christ Jesus is he who comes in the Name of Love: which is the Name of God.
At this point in the dream Rev. Moon looked at me with no expression at all; in fact he seemed to be looking right through me.
He never talked to me; but I sure did talk to him with the pen and paper; but I did not speak either; as in this dream I seemed to know what everyone was thinking in words that were silent but audible.
At that point it seemed that it had gotten very late; so everyone prepared to leave; but I do remember that we seemed to shake hands; although I cannot be sure if this was what I wanted to do or something that actually happened; perhaps it will come to pass in the future.
At the point when all came and ushered Rev. Moon out of the Banquet I woke up; but I told my partner Sharon that I had had a dream with Rev. Moon in it and that Joe Biden was going to be the choice of vice president for Barack Obama. She did not believe me; of course. But that is one of the reasons we are not together at this time as we split when I went out on my 40 days of Temptation course in the wilderness. Perhaps when the Crown is finely seen she will accept my Testimony.
The beautiful Korean girl who came to me in this dream knew all about this; but she also was there to test me; as I discovered quickly; for I was given a temptation by her: as my attention was drawn from her utterly radiant fact to her gown; which was sheer white; and then the gown was parted; so that her chest became uncovered. That I was speechless is an understatement.

After I told Sharon of my dream we went downstairs and heard Barack Obama say Joe Biden would be his Vice President; but Sharon still did not believe on me; even after this Sign to her from God. This is what ended up separating us in a way; but we may still be brought together; for she is; was; and always will be: the last and greatest love of my life.

So now I will discuss what led me to Hyo Jin Moon through Bethlehem and then Bay City; as I have established the literary foundation by the hand of my Father’s servant John.

Bay City Michigan and Hyo Jin Moon.

The Coming of the Wrath of the Lamb
The Coming of the Wrath of the Lamb

((The Music which I wrote with Gabriel can be heard at http://www.myspace.com/TheeUnicornswhere my band Thee Unicorns is heard playing the 10 songs which make up the Song of the Lamb; copywrit with the Library of Congress.))

It is  the fact that I knew that Hyo Jin Moon sang and played guitar came to me long ago from my friend Bradford Kent Bufkin of the Unification Church, who taught me the Principle and gave me his copy of the Black Book; Divine Principle 1973 edition in 1980 on Valentines Day; which Rev. Moon had personally given him. I went off to London with Chris Lind soon after to Shepherds Bush; the Who’s old stomping grounds; to Nomis Sound Studio…Pearly Gates was there; and everyone else….she had married Cosmo Vinyl; the manager of the Clash; although I could be off on the name; it’s been awhile….might be getting him confused with Don Vinyl….

Brad (Bryant/Kent) Bufkin went in and out of the Unification Church 3 times, trying to decide to marry Robin and see if Moon was really the Messiah; Brad picked Robin as his girl before her that he loved Roberta had married Todd Rundgren’s drummer in Utopia; and even though he now will not even talk to me I am eternally grateful to him as one of my two brothers in Christ; Michael J. Flynn the born-again Christian who taught me two things: the Gospel about the Word and our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ being the other back in the day at 1226 Masonic at Haight; who I now know as my Father Jesus. 1226 is the year in which St. Francis of Assisi died; by the way….

Thus when I went to Canada as my new “adopted country” those in America began to llisten to my message; although the media has slandered Rev. Moon so badly that even though I have showed many that Rev. Moon is a central figure in the Providence in these Last Days very few want to hear it as they have judged him; and are therefore also judged; which even though I have warned them not to do they still call him a false prophet and a false christ even though he is not; being the “Faithful and Wsie Steward” as in the Original Position of Joseph over the House of Egypt at the national level; except at the 7th or Cosmic level of Restoration into Canaan at the Universal level the entire Earth is in the position as mankind trapped in mortality as the House of Mortal Bondage called Egypt; and the entire Heaven is in the position as the Kingdom of Immortality that is the Cosmic Canaan. At this point John was put in the position of the 7th Shepherd as Rev. Moon left his position by crowning himself.
Crown of Life; AMEN

Crown of Life; AMEN

In the Time at Hand

If any reader’s here are fluent in the terminology of the Providence that Rev. Moon brought as the Blessing itself to mankind I will now unravel the circumstances of how Hyo Jin Moon came into my life after the dream I had with his father; for the keys I gave Joe Biden in my dream with the Korean Virgin represented the keys to the future Providence here in America at the National level; but as Rev. Moon is now at the position of the Korean Moses at the National Level I must do what I can to get him to the next position from that of Joshua here in America at the National level; which he indeed is fallen exactly there: which Joshua never was: but it is the one in the position of the Tabernacle who is the Child in the Name of Jesus Christ who is the Messiah; but my Father’s servant John, who now stands as Joshua in Rev. Moon’s fallen position, says Rev. Moon must be restored no matter how impossible it seems before he shortly dies; which I am to try make sure does not happen; as John always says this to me about saving Rev. Moon, to wit;
  “he to whom men have entrusted much: shall much be required”
When I came to Bethlehem I was on my way from Camp Hill where I had met with one of my followers; but it was when I came to Bay City that things began to come together; for I knew that I was facing the point in my 40 days of temptation where the women men and fallen angels who I had spent the days resisting were going to make their last attack against me; so John told me plainly that he would have to let me face the last battle on my own.
This was because the equality with the angels that Adam was to have gained in Paradise by subduing the serpent or “angel of the devil” was for the reason that this equality with the angels cannot be given to anyone; even by God: it must be earned in the plain sight of the Host of Heaven by single combat; thus it is said that the Children of the Resurrection are equal unto the angels because they reach the number of “144” or Perfection; this being the Grail; ” the measure of a man; that is: the angel ” as that of the Wall itself which represents the “Naked holy arm of Jehovah” that protects the Bride; which the Collective Soul of the 144,000 actually is; as Mary of Bethany at the Cosmic level; even as Ephraim is the Friend of the Bridegroom; as My Generation at the Cosmic level.
Yet to overcome we also have the potential to reach the position of the Messiah if Rev. Moon dies a mortal death and so fails in his portion of responsibility; but let us talk of Hyo Jin Moon and the song “So Unbelievable”.
As I approached the 40th day of my temptation I had overcome all the temptations of the flesh a virgin might have to deal with who has vowed the Vow that is keeping one’s seed in one’s body as it is “the Word of His Patience” that Adam lost in Paradise; thus I began to sing in my heart as the Victory of my 40 days was seen as the reality it was to be; for these 40 days thus were to restore the 40 years where the Fall took place which are those from 1920 in the 40 years until 1960 when Rev. Moon decided to marry instead of recapturing his virginity and “waiting upon the Lord”.
Rev. Moon did not realize that the numbers of 1920 to 1960 were of the “20-40-60” that were those of those who were “under 20” went out and came back to enter the Promised land “40 years later” as “60 or younger” and those over 20 all went out and died: this being where the “Generation Gap” Elijah was to have healed really was about in the Resurrection; as the “heart of the sons being turned to the fathers; and the heart of the fathers being turned to the sons”; which never happened as John who was Elijah was to have started this at the Resurrection; which was to start with the Resurrection of Elijah himsefl: as the “first” who had been “the last” one left alive by Ahab and Jezebel in his first advent.
Thus the “Resurrection” was of those who would stand as they who went out to die in the Wildreness and their Children who had entered when Israel was divided that dark day: this is the real failure of John the Baptist.
                                               Our God is a Consuming Fire.
Virgin unto the Lord God
Virgin unto the Lord God

It is this which I restored; and as I crossed the 40th day and it’s temptations one came to me with and angel of John in the positions of those angels who came to minister to the Lord when he defeated Satan after John the Baptist baptized him; and one of these angels was Hyo Jin Moon.

This happened because I had mourned when the first son of Rev. Moon Heung Jin Moon had been killed in an accident many years before; which few know of; but Brad had told me when I was still living in the City of St. Francis.

When I had mourned over the first child of Rev. Moon who died after Brad told me of the tragic circumstances surrounding the accident I had heard a fountain opened in my head that semed to come from the center of my mind; this I have also never forgotten; although I never told anyone about it; as it seemed too strange to explain to anyone; although now it makes perfect sense.

As I was singing my song of Victory (which was just a melody in my head that I could hear Gabriel was humming; I suddenly heard the voice of Hyo Jin Moon as I could see his face spiritually as started singing the words; to wit,

“So unbelievable: they’ll be no more crying;”

So I sang to him: “Quite unbelievable! and no more dying;”
and then he sang ” Un-unbelievable: A New Morning Star a’ Shining:” and then we sang this together:
“Nothing is Impossible now….”
As I usually write the lyrics with Gabriel this was a departure for me; but Hyo Jin began singing to me about what the Korean Virgin had said to me in the dream 21 months and 40 days before; slighty paraphrased:
God helps those who helps others
God helps those who helps others
“O let the Blood Red Moon alone? Or let the Blackened Sun go home?
And leave Sister Moon “alone”? And leave Brother Sun “go home”?
(( Now as soon as I heard this I realized Hyo Jin was referring to the 6th seal which starts at 1960 when Rev. Moon got married; Mrs. Moon and Mr. Sun; but here he was using the lyrics of the Song of the Sun by St. Francis; of “Brother Sun and Sister Moon”; which was the first song ever written in the Italian Provencal tongue in Italy; for St. Francis’s real name was Giovanni; for John; he was called Francis because his father brought cloth in from France; as he was a dressmaker.))
But I then knew that Hyo Jin knew about the Dream with his father Rev. Moon and the Korean Virgin in white; but he had already been dead at that time I think; so it was he perhaps who may have sent her to me; to see if I was really the one; so then I knew he had seen me kiss her over the heart to restore Rev. Moon:
So I sang this back to him:
“But I won’t….
No I won’t….
I will redeem them both!
So I won’t;
Christ knows I won’t:

So help me God Just save them both”

Bless thee in all ways: always.

Of course Kyle Toffey would not give me the money to record this so I could have given Rev. Moon a copy; I think it would have comforted him.

Bless all  of ye who read this in the Name of my Father Jesus: the Father of Righteousness;

Even as I am the least in the kingdom of heaven; as my Father’s servant John is the greatest;
And to any and all who believeth my Testimony and my Witness in the Holy Spirit of Truth which is the Seventh of the 7 Spirits of God: whose 7 fold Unity is that of the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah: believe then this and be sealed with the sure promise of the Spirit of Holiness: for the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; and accept then this: my Blessing; to wit;

“Bless thee in the Name of my Father Jesus; as the Day of Christ Jesus; that the Name of Jesus Christ be Glorified again: Amen…

For that is the Glory which sent me! “

The 3 Children of Fatimah as One are the Image of the Lamb; and the Children thus represent the Kingdom
  “Mary of Fatimah in 1917: the 3 Children of the Sun of Maryam al-Kubra as the Signs and Wonders”

The Providence for the Start: 40 Days and the Temptation of the Virgin.

For those who have read this I say:
The 3rd Course of Restoration into Canaan on the Global level. The 3rd Course of Restoration into Canaan on the Global level: ( the coming Blog is Number #4…#6; #7 )

1917 is then the Year of the two foundations set; one of light; one of darkness; Moscow and Russia 930 years after 987 when Russia first converted to Christianity as it’s State religion; 930 years after 987 in 1917 thus signified the death of Adam in the nations; as Adam died when he was 930 years old; and as the largest land mass nation it was Russia who represented the Adam of the Nations; along with it’s angel; but it is saved by the herald of Mary at Hrushiv, “that Mighty Angel” as of the revelation in chapter 19; the Holy Angel of the Ukraine; as Ukraine represents the Soul or “Eve restored” as it’s Daughter of Wisdom as the “virgin daughter of Zion” of Russia; ask Josyp Terelya who was there at 1987 when the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity of Russia from 1917 ended; with the 500,000 who saw The Virgin Mary at Hrushiv ( seen in his book “Witness” by Josyp Terelya ); the new daystar; Son of Michael…Rev. Moon missed this…I don’t know how…. and Fatima in Portugal; and then 1917 to 1947 where Israel was regathered in that 30 years is the Month ( “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel” is Mary the Mother of Jesus; seen in position on the Moon ( Mary of Magdala; Hill of Zion ) dressed in Sunlight as “naked and unashamed” ( Mary of Bethlehem, Zion ); at chapter 12 of the Revelation where she has the crown of 12 stars ( signifying Mary of Bethany; virgin daughter of Zion ).

The Three Mary’s all represent as One Mary the figure of Wisdom; Incarnate; as of Wisdom who put ‘three measures into one loaf’; until “the whole loaf was leavened”

The Wall falling in 1987 is then ‘of’ the Day; and the time of my death in 2007 on October 24th with the Comet Holmes when it “exploded” one miilion times it’s size as the “Mustard Seed”;  that became the “greatest of all Herb Trees” in that one Day.
That “Great and Terrible “Day” of the Lord” that “comes as a Thief in the night..”….as now seen at the death of the Messenger Rev. Moon; September 3rd; as of September 11th…9/11;  is then ‘of’ the Hour at the 3 Day Seperation of Light and Darkness December 22nd; 23rd; 24th; and then December  25th 2012; the Day of Judgment,
The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers on page 93 of "God's Warning to The World'  which opened the Door for Osama bin Laden the Antichrist to Attack America
The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers on page 93 of “God’s Warning to The World’ which opened the Door for Osama bin Laden the Antichrist to Attack America
The Man who did marry Sheba; the queen of the South
"....Thou shalt make unto thee no graven image; nor bow down and worship it..."

“….Thou shalt make unto thee no graven image; nor bow down and worship it…”


“….Thou shall not make for thee any graven image; nor bow down and worship it…”

And is saying that Rev. Moon is the “one and only Messiah in human history” really wise since it is a false statement??

Further it is the proof of this in that Rev. Moon himself said in his book “Divine Principle” on page 365  these words; to wit;

that the……………   

 “…….Messiah will never come to die…” 

Therefore, if he dies, by his own admission: he is not the Messiah. But he was my Messenger; just as John the Baptist was for my Father Jesus

SEOUL (Aug 31, 2012):
The illness of Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon is “irreversible”, the church said Friday, after he was hospitalised with complications from pneumonia more than two weeks ago. Moon, 92, has critical organ failure and is on life support, it said in a statement.
Spokesman Ahn Ho-Yeol told AFP that Moon would be transferred from Seoul’s St Mary’s Hospital later Friday to a medical centre at the church’s estate east of the capital.
Treating him on “holy ground” would have “greater providential significance”, the church’s International Vice-President Joon Ho Seuk said in a statement.
Seuk said that Moon’s condition had appeared to be improving for a while, but in the past few days his doctors reported he had entered “an irreversible stage of his condition”.
Moon’s “kidneys have ceased to function, and the function of his liver is deteriorating rapidly”, he said. “He can no longer sustain his life without the supply of oxygen artificially produced by a machine.”
In these circumstances, the officials at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital informed us that ‘there is no longer any way to improve True Father’s condition through modern medical technology’,” said Seuk
The phrase “True Father” refers to Moon, who the church says is “the one and only messiah in human history”.

“The seven billion people of this world should stay up all night in prayer wishing for the recovery of True Father, who is so precious and dear to all of us, as he fights against his illness,” Seuk said.

The Unification Church, set up by Moon in Seoul in 1954, is one of the world’s most controversial religious organisations, and its devotees are often dubbed “Moonies” after the founder.

It is widely known for conducting mass weddings among followers involving thousands of couples.

It says it evangelises in some 200 countries and according to another spokesman has some three million followers worldwide.The church has a vast business empire, including The Washington Times newspaper, Manhattan’s New Yorker Hotel and interests in North Korea, where Moon was born.

Kim Il Sung and "the Shining Dragon" his brother

Kim Il Sung and “the Shining Dragon” his brother

Moon Sun-myung (left) meets North Korean founder Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang in December 1991. (Yonhap News)

He visited the country in 1991 to meet then-president Kim Il-Sung. – AFP


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  1. The illness of Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon is “irreversible”, the church said Friday, after he was hospitalised with complications from pneumonia more than two weeks ago. Moon, 92, has critical organ failure and is on life support, it said in a statement.

    Spokesman Ahn Ho-Yeol told AFP that Moon would be transferred from Seoul’s St Mary’s Hospital later Friday to a medical centre at the church’s estate east of the capital.

    Treating him on “holy ground” would have “greater providential significance”, the church’s International Vice-President Joon Ho Seuk said in a statement.

    Seuk said that Moon’s condition had appeared to be improving for a while, but in the past few days his doctors reported he had entered “an irreversible stage of his condition”.

    Moon’s “kidneys have ceased to function, and the function of his liver is deteriorating rapidly”, he said. “He can no longer sustain his life without the supply of oxygen artificially produced by a machine.”


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