The Pillar of Fire and the Spiral Staircase; Called in the Dream at 1226 Masonic; a Vision | Measure 144: Missive #21


It is the arrival of the Lady of the Lake of Fire which shall confound this world and it's false Messianic expectations....with that little one whose measure is "144"; the Virgin of the Holy City....the bride; the Lamb's Wife.....

It is the arrival of the Lady of the Lake of Fire which shall confound this world and it’s false Messianic expectations….with that little one whose measure is “144”; the Virgin of the Holy City….the bride; the Lamb’s Wife…..

The Kingdom of Ephraim; What was Lost but the Lost 10 Tribes??

     Witness of the Silly Dove of Ephraim

My Generation and The Return of the Prodigal Son

The New Day Star

The angelic spirit of man that goeth upwards; and the demonic spirit of the beast that goeth downwards…the libido; and the id…


The Controversy comes to light…

The Testimony of Don Curtis on the Command by God to the angels to Worship Adam; as seen in Hebrews, where Paul is quoting from the classic scholarly Septuagint: not the unrefined and more common Masoretic text.

As when he begins;

“Here, again, is the next verse that the Writer quotes:

And when He again brings the firstborn into the world

He says, “And let all the angels of God worship Him.” (Hebrews 1:6, NASB 95)QQ

The Archangel of the Guardian Angels, Barakiel

Now here is where this quotation is interesting. Many of our Bible translations say that the Writer here quotes from Psalm 97:7:

“Let all those be ashamed who serve graven images, Who boast themselves of idols; Worship Him, all you gods.” (Psalm 97:7)

How does one get from “worship Him, all you gods” to “let all the angels of God worship Him?”

The context of Psalm 97:7 is idolatry and the fact that what ever beings are behind the idols should themselves worship God. The word for “gods” is elohim which means “gods.” Even application of the rabbinic interpretive modes makes the connection between Hebrews 1:6 and Psalm 97:7 hard to swallow.

Fortunately, there is a better candidate. Here is Deuteronomy 32:43:

“Rejoice, O nations, with His people; For He will avenge the blood of His servants, And will render vengeance on His adversaries, And will atone for His land and His people. (Deuteronomy 32:43)

And how, you might be saying, is this better? The answer is this. Our Old Testament translations rely most on the Masoretic text–and that is what is translated above. However, the Writer of Hebrews, and the other New Testament authors, used the Septuagint. The Septuagint adds a phrase to the above verse such that it would read like this:

Rejoice, O nations, with His people; and let all the angels worship him; For He will avenge the blood of His servants, And will render vengeance on His adversaries, And will atone for His land and His people. (Deuteronomy 32:43)

Now you can see the phrase that the Writer quotes. It is worth noting that the Dead Sea Scroll manuscripts also have this reading. For me this is more likely to be the source for Hebrews 1:6. You can see the roles of the Son in this passage and they match up well with Jesus ministry:

  • He will avenge the blood of his servants. See Revelation 6:10.
  • He will render vengeance to his adversaries
  • He will atone for his people.

The origins of this Old Testament quote raise an interesting issue. Here we have a case of a New Testament author quoting an Old Testament passage using a translation based on a different manuscript than that used by our common Old Testament translations.

The Writer of Hebrews quotes from the Septuagint, an early Jewish translation of the Old Testament into Hebrew. This is interesting in and of itself–and for those who are comfortable with the work of textual criticism to derive modern Greek and Hebrew manuscripts it is no big deal. But I would submit that it should properly challenge those who hold to the doctrine of the “received text” by which God supernaturally worked to preserve just the manuscript of the Bible that He wanted and this special manuscript culminated in the King James Translation of the Bible in 1611.

Those who hold to the received text consider revisions to the text of subsequent King James translations to the heretical–and the text used by modern translations are from the pit of hell. To see a balanced treatment of this subject visit The Majority Text and the Original Text: Are They Identical? and for an over the top unbalanced treatment see The New International Perversion

Most of the issues raised in the second reference are based on manuscript differences between the 1611 King James Version and the text used by good modern translations. In any case, here in Hebrews 1:6, the issue comes into focus.

The Writer quotes from other than the “received text.”

There are several conclusions that I can draw from this. First, the New Testament authorizes the use of translations to disseminate the Scriptures. This seems obvious today, but it was not obvious in the past–in 1536 William Tyndale was strangled and then his body burned for translating the Scriptures into English.

The Septuagint, in fact, was a key element to the spread of the gospel, because the message of the Old Testament was readily available to the Greek speaking world of that day. Second, the biblical texts that we have today have undergone some small alteration through the centuries.

Rather than strike fear in our hearts that they are, therefore, unreliable, the proliferation of alternate readings is an encouragement–precisely because the percentage of variant readings is so small. We have a record of faithful transmission of the scriptures. Third, a study of the variant readings is the key to deriving a text that is very close to the original.

Tomorrow, I will continue working through these scriptures that proclaim the Son as better than the angels

Test everything. Cling to what is good.

“Don Curtis”

Beginning of  the Redemption of  “the Preacher”  — the telling Tale of how Solomon a Rose:  from the Dead……alive, Gratefully Dead: in Christ

When and Why came that Visitation of  St. Francis at 1226 Masonic, with the Dream of God ? ? ?

Ask those who know; Reggie Mulville from Highland Church, and Michael Flynn, my brother in Christ; as well as our very own Elijah;

……..the red-haired Brad Bryant (Kent) Bufkin ( ”behold! I come as a thief!!” )

…Our Story told how this Salvation Rose Up from the Street…

Pope John Paul II and the New Image of God in Christ Jesus

Pope John Paul II and the New Image of God in Christ Jesus

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The Fallen Image of God as Adam and the Restored Image of God as Seth
.…………………………….The Son of Man as Seth; in the “original likeness and image of Adam”; as “the son of Adam”.
…………………..Where is it that Wisdom can be found???  A Visit from the Emerald Table of Justice;

Barakiel, Chief of the Guardian Angels

Barakiel, Chief of the Guardian Angels

…………………………..The Table and the restored Angelic Nature of Man. the Changing of the Guard;
…………………………………………………….andthe Shoe on the Other Foot
          ……………………………………Barakiel“; Chief of the Guardian Angels;
                        ……………………………………as “The Blessing of God 
1226 Masonic where the Pentecost occurred, and 1226 was the year that St. Francis died....

1226 Masonic where the Pentecost occurred, and 1226 was the year that St. Francis died….

The Dream of the Pillar of Fire in the Spiral Staircase: and the Black Limousine, how the Spirit came to 1226 Masonic


Part One: The End of the Beginning of the Innocence of the 60’s

(……First some background of Where and When I came up from the Abyss: and then I shall discuss How and Why…..)

For those who know me nor my City not, the Black Limousine that came to 1226 Masonic a few houses up from the intersection of Haight and Masonic will mean nothing, but for those who do know me or my City ( or both ), it shall begin to immediately mean something very specific; portentous tidings recounted, indeed….as when I instituted the Halkah at 1226 Masonic at the advice of the Rose of Baghdad Abdul-Qadir before I went to London in 1980; and weekly invited and sat with those of the Presence in the Circle of the Elect; who always came at his behest. In those days I was in a permanently altered state because of my relationship with Gabriel, the messenger of Michael the Archangel.

But my reverie was not to last untrammeled; it was the Ayatollah Khomeini who had other plans for the youth of America soon after he returned from exile in Paris to the land of Magog, which is called Iran, as the modern name for ancient Persia.

Trouble in Paradise

It was his calling card to the US which he called “the Great Satan” that he seemingly loved to hate; and he died with a curse on his lips for America bitter to the end, and his gift to My Generation was called “brown” on the Street; persian heroin; 97 per cent pure and smoked on tin foil in the streets of Tehran, and the most addictive substance going; everyone got strung out: badly. The dope fiends just put lemon juice on it in the spoon to break it down; but everyone else was soon “chasing the dragon”; adding free-base to it came later: in Marin County, not surprisingly.
When I ran into David Crosby at Roberto’s house off Union Street it dawned on me that trouble was on it’s way, as after Billy Idol and Steve Stevens had just left, I noticed David had an actual dwarf attending him, whose job seemed to be that of constantly making batches of freebase for him to mix with the persian Crosby was constantly smoking with Roberto; as what looked like to me was this dwarf’s permanent gig; but even as wrecked as Crosby was he did better in the long run than Jerry Garcia, who never quit using and later died from years of “salt and pepper”; as it was called in Marinated County. French Nick was another miscreant; but everyone and their mother soon got into the act.
 The damage for My Generation was very much like what Bono of U2 would describe later, when the English decided to quell unrest in northern Ireland by importing tons of cheap Pakistani heroin to control dissent; it’s documented in the album “The Unforgettable Fire”, in which an entire generation of Irish youth went down under the assault of the heroin that was suddenly everywhere: few escaped. For a few pence poverty was just a distant nightmare; the comforting envelope of the high of heroin made hunger and cold and the “troubles” far away concerns no longer important; warmth and food and even having a permanent home do not rate as necessary items to a junkie; he has other concerns: like getting high, staying high and not getting sick; period.

Of the dealers Masoud and Said were the worst, having proximity to the money supply by living down the road in Marin from Bob Weir; and the Saudi princes knocking on my door day and night from their mansions in Sea Cliff and castles in Pacific Heights to trade persian for cocaine arrived at all hours, driving in from even as far away as luxuriously soiled Hillsborough; and as they had diplomatic immunity from being searched they were bringing it in by the quarter pound in their ever-present attache cases; or even by private courier on almost every flight; my house became a Mecca no one had ever dreamed of….and I soon knew everyone in town.

But the police were also watching my house; and they watched it for 6 months before they made their move. I was oblivious; but destiny trumped fate on that occasion.

 The problem for me was on the day when the head of Narcotics in SF, one Napoleon Hendrix, and the rest of the S-Squad, were waiting for me as I came back from the Palms with Edie, the girlfriend of the local head of the FBI. She was cut loose immediately; but the narcotics squad’s more pressing problem was this: after they searched the house, and then me, the upshot for them after all their months of surveillance and evidence-taking on the traffic day and night at my flat was sadly this: there was nothing at all left in the house or on my person…I had run out and had yet to re-up.

The police arrested everyone before I had arrived; and further broke the law with entrapment by telling all who called on the phone that I was having “a party, and come on over!!”; …….and they arrested all they people who happily did accept their Open Invitation: but there were no drugs.

Napoleon Hendrix got demoted. It seems my guardian angel had other plans for me than the tender ministrations of the convicts in San Quentin.

Jerry Garcia and his high-rolling friends in Marin were all soon in very bad shape over the flood of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s jihad by persian heroin; an undeclared but costly war of attrition without any contrition indeed. It was later one dark and stormy night that Keith Godchaux drove off the road on his Harley with a quarter million dollars in his knapsack and enough coke to keep everyone high in Marin County for at least ten minutes; I believe he had a few ounces of persian on him as well;….I would have to see the Marin police report to refresh my memory; they were the ones who found him.

My friend Vince Wellnick, with that nine foot Bosendorfer in his tiny trailer along with his beautiful oriental wife in Daly City had played in the underground SF fave band The Tubes since they were the Beans from Phoenix, and finally seemed to have pay dirt as the replacement for Keith; but his career also came to an abrupt and tragic halt.

It seems that he didn’t do so well with all the rampant temptations that came with money and the endless partying going on with Jerry and the rest when he was hired to play piano and keyboards for the Dead; and all their keyboard players since Pigpen had also died in tragic circumstances: except Bruce Hornsby, whose karma must have been very good indeed to escape the curse of the Warlocks.

Eric and Jimi catching up on old friends

Part Two: Coming to Call: a friend of the Devil, the wit and wisdom of Oscar Wilde, and the dark shadow of my brother-in-Christ Michael J. Flynn: the man with the mark of the beast: Richard, the supernatural acolyte of Aleister Crowley

Thus did it Appear in the Sky….around a Burning Pillar of Fire…..

All Hell Breaks Loose

When the talented and striking Jane Dornaker, the statuesque leader of the band “Leila and the Snakes”,  walked her two dogs on Haight Street, she used to turn every head as she as she strolled down the lane;  and I would always give her a smile and a fond “hello” if ever I saw her; not knowing that she would die years not too many years later, after surviving one, but not the second, helicopter crash in NYC Harbor, that city where she was a radio commentator and engaging on-air personality. Her friend Kenny Ortega ( now working with Madonna ) was the choreographer with the Tubes at “Art For Art’s Sake” studio on Harrison; I was thrown out of every party when Super Joel caught me there as an uninvited guest time after time; but I met him later in very different circumstances, when David Bowie was staying there with him.
Jane’s band mate Pearly Gates had met up with me and my guitarist Chris Lind, up at Nomis Sound Studios, down in Shepherds Bush in London in 1980; but her offer to put a band together with her was a no-go, due to the heartless way she had ditched John and Hillary Stench in her own band “Pearl Harbor and the Explosions”. Pearly had ended  up marrying Cosmo Vinyl, after breaking up with Raphael, the powerhouse drummer from the Nuns; Cosmo was the manager and Emcee of the Clash; Chris and I had met Joe Strummer and Mick Jones back at the Automat when they were in SF doing their second album.
At that time Kathy Horton, my roommate from 2825 Sacramento Street, had taken my advice and gotten the job at the Automat as the receptionist for David Rubinson; working in the front office at the first all-digital studio in the world very happily as I recall…
My other roomate Don Evenson had taken his bulging portfolio down to get the job with Dirk Dirksen and Ness Aquino at Mabuhay Gardens, as their in-house graphic designer and poster wunderkind; in fact his “cut-and-paste” approach became “de rigueur” for all who followed him in the punk avant-garde.
Don Evenson’s gifts were quickly noticed and slavishly copied by everyone; and especially by the speedfreaks and friends of the Mutants at Psyclone Magazine; not long after Mary Monday had come down from Toronto with her Stripper girls “The Bitches”; and rented our PA from my band Atla’s Folsom Studios to do her introductory gig at the Mab; and then Dirk began renting our PA every weekend for the shows; and then wisely ended up buying one for the club; but by then the scene had exploded; with that madman Jerry Paulsen from Psyclone Magazine and that barracuda Marilyn stepping in, from Black Cat Productions; who proved to be Roberto Vasquez’s final and fatal femme fatale….but to open the floodgates of my memory now is premature; as what happened at 1226 Masonic is paramount.
All this had happened after I left Atla and moved in with that intuitive and captivating sweetheart Leslie, and her overly intellectual and also very beautiful twin sister Laurie Larsen, and after that folded up I had briefly hooked up with the kind and generous Francesca Bernbeck; but what was coming to 1226 Masonic overshadows all such memories; as Everest tops all other mountains..
……..Brad Bufkin my unfriend had moved in on Leslie after I left, and tried to get her to forget all about me, but such a relationship was not in the cards for Brad; and Leslie ended up marrying the mad and brilliant acid chemist Malachi before the police finally caught up with him. Brad’s next relationship with Roberta ended when she married the drummer for Todd’s band Utopia. Brad Bufkin had a resounding past, however: the Unification Church as the place where he had met Sun Myung Moon, and learned about the Providence of Salvation; which proved to be the very reason we were introduced by my friend Michael Carpenter; bassist extraordinare.
But both Brad and Michael had little use for me; as they considered me an adroit but naive fool…
The manager for the Dead Rock Scully; and the cross-dressing smuggler Dave Logan from the Alta Mira Hotel in Sausalito, and his psychotic running dog partner RB were more of the same; and the band Freestone had a lot to add at the final strokes with Ronco; but I was on a sacred quest, and soon found myself way over my head with Monique: the black unicorn; the discarnate shadow of pure goodness herself, as Stevie Winwood discovered not long after. As my servant John taught me years later: the real and worst Hell is: that of Regret.
This was back in and around 1977, when Aaron Presley had died in Memphis at the age of 42, in the days before I met Michael and had had “the Dream”; that one unforgettable experience in the Grail Castle where I was called by God. I look back at that turning point in my life with wry amusement; remembering the point when I had slowly begun to realize that my fantasy of becoming a world famous Rockstar beloved by millions was not going to happen anytime soon; apparently because it had at last dawned on me that absolutely everyone else who could strum a few chords, or bang a gong; had exactly the same idea.
So to keep the party going I had become a drug dealer; firstly to keep myself in supply for my perennial ongoing celebration of my impending superstardom; and secondly to make a few dollars to keep a roof over my head, and after Francesca came back from France I then concentrated on keeping her replacement, the beautiful and captivating Monique Tiffany Scott, in my perennially unmade bed….

Jane Dornaker, in her persona as the all-too-normal housewife lecturing people from the stage on “mucus”…of all things….

The Unicorn as the Vehicle of Salvation: The Who and Meher Baba


Looking back at the haze and the craze of those days I had a dim foreboding even then that I was not meant to become yet another burnt-out rock star living the rottenly good life in Marin County that made Mill Valley the award-wiining tagline of various names of ill-repute such as “Pill Valley, ‘Kill Valley’, and the always popular ‘Swill Valley’….”; these being all but too redundant; except when those talented but ill-starred musicians all fell to the angel of the Abyss; the Angel of “Self-Destruction” Apollyon the Nemesis of Solomon ( ….”throw thyself down!”…..); Apollo, the last of the gods of Baal Hermon; those like Scotty Quick, who died of an OD in the gas station bathroom on his way into the City of St. Francis.
The toll began to mount as dozens started to fall by the wayside, even as people paradoxically celebrated the decadence and excess that characterized the scene in all it’s disheartening and fallen glory.
But why did so many die? That question is answered a little further down this page; the real reason; as of the 42 children and the two she-bears of Elisha……and that generation which defeated the Axis; that three-in-one beast from the Sea of Time; as those now dressed in white who lived or died but won the victory over the Axis which was the Fallen Nature of Man at the Global Level; the Beast of Japan in the position of Babylon, Germany in the position of Greece; and Italy in the position of Medo-Persia; by the Lord of Hosts; that three nations of the Allies who symbolized the Lamb; America, England and France.


The black unicorn Monique Tiffany Scott; the discarnate shadow of that Pure Good: the girl who never existed…and still does…

As the First Fruit unto God and the Lamb it is not I but my husband, the Comforter within me, who can speak of these things; as regarding the children of the Pilgrimage in 1967 and after, in the historical context of the “generations”; coming from the 4 corners of the earth to the Table of Abraham.

 This happened at the conclusion of the “times of the gentiles” which ended 1,290 years after 627 in 1917; when the Seal Mohammed had the desert tribes stop facing Jerusalem and instead had them face Mecca; thus cutting off the old “holy city” and establishing the new one; the “New Jerusalem” then being Mecca. If we add the next number from Daniel of the 45 years after 1917 we have the date 1962; the year before JFK was killed.

The Table of Abraham was set by those who helped one Joshua Abraham Norton; in this case a man who appeared deranged and with a lost fortune which sent him off the deep end; and yet……

As I  shew in the Lamb’s Book the way San Francisco treated Josua Abraham was exactly how the Lamb told us to treat the least: as if they were “him”, thus did my City show it had the true spirit of St. Francis;  as later when the Elect sent one of their greatest Sufis that miraculously came to save me, so I could then in turn: save the Children of All the Tribes of Israel, in My Generation.
This happened after the ultimately destructive, yet eventually failed machinations,  from that enigmatic and charismatic man of Korea Sun Myung Moon, who ended up becoming that “Evil Servant” as “Lucifer’s friend”; written of him in the Gospel of Christ: Sun Myung Moon died September 3rd in 2012, in the position of the body of my very own John the Baptist;  for My Generation.( Matthew 24:48 )

  ……just as the Magi came to the baby Jesus for the Jews in his Generation; so did the Sufis come to me and My Generation 


The Three Kings of the North, South and East; but the Fourth was Herod the Great Fool; of the West



The House of The Pentecost; 1226 Masonic at Haight Street…and the Death of St. Francis

. with the players Willie Brown, the shadow of Molly ges Mundo, and the discovery of Michael “born again” Flynn, with the Lord Jesus Christ
All began to change rather suddenly before and then after the arrival of the jeweler Michael J. Flynn from New Hope PA; who moved into the apartment downstairs from my flat at 1226 Masonic; these things coming to the fore right alongside the other meetings with the Sufis after I had instituted the “Halkah”, or weekly gathering of the Elect at 1226 Masonic, at the silent but audible advice of “the Rose of Baghdad” Abdul-Qadir; and invited those at his behest living in the Presence of God to enter the Oval Ring of the Elect: we had set up that gathering in the chairs sitting before the fireplace in my living room as the “Altar Hearth” of God; the Ariel of the Fire of the Censer in 1906, when the Hopi were split into two camps; as “Manaheim”.

The Lion of God and the Spiral Staircase

This story begins with “Baghdad-by-the-Bay”, as Herb Caen once called it, but even though Sofia and Diana Theodus had once babysat his children when I first knew them the full story is unknown in it’s full particulars; and since “the Time is now at Hand” it behooves me to unfold the tale of how the world was to be forever changed.
So let us begin; with the events after Shiite Revolution that happened in Iran after the Shah was deposed and the agents of SAVAK had fled; and the Ayatollah Khomeini began the overnight transformation of Iran back into the land of Magog; as Iraq was indeed the land of Gog with that meglomanical psychopath Saddam Hussein; the CIA point man in the oil-rich strategic powderkeg of the Middle East.
My friends and I had just put together a band called “The Action” with Reed Ashby from Zolar X and Chris Lind from the Contraband of Dan Christy; and I was now entrenched in the scene; wasted, rarely sleeping for days, and subject to alternate states of consciousness; thus did I meet Michael Flynn; in about 1978; a year after Aaron Presley had died in Memphis; following our Moses; Dr. King, in that great city; which was turning to Sodom; in San Francisco; and was Egypt; for our “Aaron and Moses”; Aaron Presley and Dr. King; who both died in Memphis; the ancient capital of Egypts Two Kingdoms; the Upper and the Lower Kingdoms.
These corresponded to the Upper Kingdom as of the ruling three upper hells; and the Lower Kingdom being of the serving three lower heavens; dominion being reversed; what was below was actually ruling over what was above; Darkness ruling over Light is the Kingdom of ISIS; the Mirror of ISIS being where “Evil” is considered Good; and “Good” is considered to be Evil; Bitter Sin for Sweet Delight; and Sweet Chastity; for Bitter Bondage.
At any rate I was involved with Gabriel and the Circle of the Elect as I was talking one night after meeting Michael and beginning to explain what I was doing at all hours; but I would answer his questions about spirituality and philosophy with where I would jokingly ape Oscar Wilde, with sayings like “I know that I am God; for when I pray, I find that I am talking to myself…”. These types of remarks I found amusing; Michael, born-again Christian as he was found them much less so; he could see I was a libertine; with some hard and fast rules perhaps; and some smarts on occasion; but no real lodestone except the music itself; which I loved.
Michael was a born-again Christian; but had been tutored by a hardcore Crowleyite named Richard; but the further problem was that Richard had the Mark of the Beast; both on the Hand and the Forehead; and could do evil miracles; of which Michael had been unduly impressed. In fact when Michael and I had our first conversation it was that very night where I had the Dream that changed my life; and certainly changed the trajectory of My Generation; as I had no idea who I was; and Michael even less so; but Gabriel had been coming by to see me upon occasion; although in the heightened world of cocaine and heroin which I took everyday my powers of explanation were considered mere drug-induced ravings of a gentle and idealistic lunatic; and they humored me with a nod and a smile that I thought was genuine; yet in truth they all thought I was mad and totally deranged.
Michael was not so sure however; and began to see that my relationship with Gabriel was real; but could not discern why; until he began to see that Gabriel had, in fact, been the one who made all this incredible music “happen” in the City of St. Francis as this “San Francisco Sound” that everyone had been writing about and playing the prophetic and universal music which made the City the New Mecca of the Visitation of God in the Name of Love; and I knew that he was responsible because he was the Horn of Michael; the Messenger of the Archangel.
But Brad thought I was merely intoxicated and dis-inspired; and Michael believed the devil was my master and I but another pitiful slave and hapless drug-addict. Monique told me about her favorite vein of the tainted waters of paradise which swirled around the figure of “Abraxas; the god of Good and Evil”; and this was indeed who he was; but this figure had much to do with another figure who entered my house in the form of Sun Myung Moon; especially when Brad gave me his copy of the 1973 edition of the Black Book; “Divine Principle” on Valentines Day; 1980 before I went to London to interview Peter Townsend.
As Arthur Ford’s familiar spirit “Fletcher” had noted; Sun Myung Moon stood for the truth; “Incarnate AND Discarnate“; and this explains why in the Gospel of Christ seen in the two of the four faces of the Holy Mountain the Gospel is that Sun Myung Moon is described as “that Faithful and Wise Steward”; and the dual prophecy of his tragic Fate and/or glorious Destiny is spelled out there in exact detail, as I discovered years later when I received the Word of the Living God after I died in Christ.


The Crown of Glory      

That was actually the reason the band “the Who”/ ( for the sound of “Hu” as of the Call of the Dervishes) channeled the sufic impulse to the West to the Children of the Resurrection.

This was seen in conceptual projections of the 4 members of the Who themselves and later in “Quadrophenia” as regarding the stations of Sufism especially seen in the Rock Opera album “Tommy”; produced under the spiritual influence and guidance from that “winetaster” of the the Sufis that Peter Townsend knew as Meher Baba.

When Thee Unicorns Came Down; and Why

The Trumpet of Allah sounds at the Last Day

The Curse of Pandora’s Box: The Curse of the Ark of Moses.

Idries Shah had Robert Graves write the Introduction to his book “The Sufis”: but Robert Graves for My Generation is Balaam himself.

The fallen Prophet of the Gentiles; as Robert’s own analeptic trances he learned with his muse; Laura Riding 

The End was “A Long Time Coming”; and Now the Time is at Hand.

Heady stuff; but a long time coming: and THIS time: we were packing Insurance.

And it didn’t come cheap.

The Djinn represent the evil spirits of the plagues of Egypt that were seen best when Miriam sat as Isis the White Goddess; outside the Camp and “Leprous White” for 7 days outside the camp: Babylon the Great herself,’ and Leprous White; for her and Aaron as having been Racist against Moses for marrying a Black Cushite princess and making her his queen.

This is why Aaron and Miriam were punished and why they rose up against their brother Moses because of their hatred of this black Abyssinian woman; and this is why God Almighty intervened.

And Abyssinia is Ethiopia.

As Isis Miriam sat for those 7 days; the 7 heads of the Dragon are then the 7 planets of the Solar System;  with the 7 crowns is of the 7 days of the Week with the 7 Names of the 7  gods of the Aion.

The Sufis were the first Unificationists

The Mark of the ‘Evil Servant’ of Matthew 24:48


The Coming of the Day in which the Son of Man is Revealed

                             The Unicorn as the Vehicle of Salvation           

        If all this is unclear then I will make it clearer to you; or perhaps you can bring someone to this post who does know of what is written in Book of Mormon concerning “the Jew” mentioned in I Nephi 14:22 where it was foretold exactly what would happen: for it has indeed happened as the Prophet Jospeh Smith said.

          Furthermore John the Revelator is truly not dead: as his pen is still upon the page on Patmos: in other words he is “now seeing” the events of our Day while STILL ALIVE: which means that through the “OPEN DOOR” that is “OPENED” between us I can communicate with John as he “lives and breathes” even now: this is the “Regeneration” of which my Father Jesus spoke; for John the Revelator will indeed NEVER DIE: as Time will End before that happens; for this is the Last Day.

           The Child of the Resurrection is the Wrath of the Lamb

 The Mormon church is the 6th of the 7 churches of the True Vine; as I write in my book: “A City Not Forsaken”; the 7 churches  (of which the 7 Paul built were the blueprint of the entire spread of Christianity to come as the “Holy Mountain”)  stretch from Jerusalem with Peter as the first shepherd at the Pentecostal Church all the way to Korea; at the 7th Church: but due to the fall of the 7th church I started the New Church of New Hope to lay the Foundation of Salvation for the Kingdom of God here in America at the 50 States.

Not only has the 6th church of the True Vine as the Church of the Living God is thus the one which foretold of mine angel: that of John the Revelator whom Joseph Smith spoke of: the “Jew”; it is my Father’s servant John who taught me.

 He is written of in the book of Mormon: at I Nephi 14:22; John the Revelator; who Joseph the 6th shepherd of the Church of the Living God saw. That was it’s “Vision” as of the Vision of the 6th Church; what I cal “The Archaic Branch”; and this is why the 6th church is not told to repent as the 5 of the 7 are: only the 2nd and the 6th have no mention of having to repent that Lord Jesus says of at Revelation chapter two and three that are the Testimony of Jesus in Revelation.

            Thus Joseph Smith wrote of my Father’s servant John whom He sent to help me; which no one foresaw; thus of my servant John it is said by him in my book this:

  “Behold: I come as a Thief”

 The 6th Star of Enoch in the Hand of the Amen:  the Faithful and True Witness

 The Mormon church is the 6th of the 7 churches of the True Vine; as I write in my book: “A City Not Forsaken”; the 7 churches  (of which the 7 Paul built were the blueprint of the entire spread of Christianity to come as the “Holy Mountain”)  stretch from Jerusalem with Peter as the first shepherd at the Pentecostal Church all the way to Korea; at the 7th Church: but due to the fall of the 7th church I started the New Church of New Hope to lay the Foundation of Salvation for the Kingdom of God here in America at the 50 States.

  Not only has the 6th church of the True Vine as the Church of the Living God is thus the one which foretold of mine angel: that of John the Revelator whom Joseph Smith spoke of: the “Jew”; it is he who taught me.

  He is written of in the book of Mormon: at I Nephi 14:22; John the Revelator; who Joseph the 6th shepherd of the Church of the Living God saw. That was it’s “Vision” as of the Vision of the 6th Church; what I cal “The Archaic Branch”; and this is why the 6th church is not told to repent as the 5 of the 7 are: only the 2nd and the 6th have no mention of having to repent that Lord Jesus says of at Revelation chapter two and three that are the Testimony of Jesus in Revelation.

 Thus Joseph Smith wrote of my Father’s servant John whom He sent to help me; which no one foresaw; thus of my servant John it is said by him in my book this:

             “Behold: I come as a Thief”


     And then we have the Vengeance of Jehovah; as that of the “Red Star”: Mira; 418 Light Years away; is the one as of the Wrath of the Lamb, the Offspring of David; having a Tail 13 light-years long: for the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb, The Red Star of His Vengeance as the Wrath of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World: the 12 and the One; the 13 itself; these are some of the signs in the stars.  


The Crown of Glory

   Mary of Bethany

Gabriel is the Voice of God 

Gabriel is the Voice of God

The Cross of Christ Jesus the Last

Barakiel, Chief of the Guardian Angels

Barakiel, Chief of the Guardian Angels

 The Three of Ophiuchus 

The 13th Sign of the Zodiac:

the Hidden One


….. in the New House of the Pahana: from the Snake Handlers of Christ


The Constellation of Maitreya

The Glyph of Seth


The Sigil of the Pahana ( True White Brother )




The Ancient Controversy of the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad, and the Adversary Iblis, and the End of the Matter

This old cause of the civil war which split the angels reveals the angels who followed Iblis at the Fall are actually the origin of mankind’s racism in angelic racism: of that hatred and scorn they had of God’s creation  of Adam, where the angels thought man should serve them permanently; and not have angels serve man.
This is what is hidden in the Qur’an; the ancient controversy between the angels and man: and then Islam and Christ. It is based on the fact that God first told the angels to worship and serve only him; and then later told them to worship Adam one time, after he had created him and placed him in Paradise. Two thirds quickly obeyed; but one third did not; claiming that God had told them to only worship Him. 
They then politely accused Him of testing their hearts, and chided God for tempting them, and that they would not obey in good conscience his second command, as they would then have to disobey His first commandment to worship only Him to fulfill this 
‘new’ innovation; of His second commandment; which was to worship Adam.
The test they claimed God was subjecting them to was never real of course, and even though He had only told them to do it once, in order to give Adam that ineffable grace of their “Baraka”, for these proud angels it was impossible: since they claimed that their “love” for God was so great they could not be “unfaithful” to Him.
But the real reason behind their claim of Divine Principle to justify their disobedience was simply jealousy of Adam and hatred of the human race itself.
Thus the attitude of Islam seen in the Qur’an, to not honoring Christ, is exactly the disobedient attitude of that one third of the Angelic Host towards not obeying God and honoring  Adam, and the attitude of Christianity to Christ is then that of the two thirds who obeyed God and honored His Son as they would the Image of the Living God..
That attitude toward this controversy between God and the angels by the Jews is lukewarm at best, still to this rejecting what Moses, and Daniel, and Isaiah, told them about the coming of my Father Lord Jesus, and some of them not even believing in angels or the resurrection as well. Instead they worship the Torah!
The host one thus hears in the Qur’an is the voice of the host of the high ones “on high”; for in the Jews killing Jesus these rebel angels felt they now had the final justification for not worshipping Adam at the beginning, when they proclaimed to God that the race of  man was inferior to them due to his being of an earthly flesh, and they as formed of celestial light.

 This was their reasoning; for had not God sent His Son and seen that men killed him like a sacrificial scapegoat for their own sins due to John the Baptist’s rejection of him???.

Thus they claimed in sight of the other obedient angels that men were inherently inferior to angels, and thus Adam was not worthy to be worshiped: what had really happened to the Lamb was in their eyes the event that proved all along that they were really the “Elect” who had “seen through” this “test” of God which he had placed before them at the Beginning to worship Adam that one time.

What then occurred is that this host now informed the other angels that God had “tempted” them by first giving them the commandment to worship no one than Him: and then later commanding them to worship Adam; which contradicted the first commandment.

And they said they had “triumphed” and were “more holy” and “more perfect” than any of the other angels for having “passed” this “test”.

But they were just a terrible bunch of deluded divine spiritual hypocrites in the 6th heaven; full of concealed and hidden cancerous Pride.

 Rotten to the Core.

Their apparent “triumph” was that God had made a ‘mistake’ in even making man at all; because now they were the Face that Israel would see in His Vengeance going back to the Curse of Moses for not listening to the one God would send that Moses told them if they did not listen to ( which he reminded them in at the last paragraph of Malachi ) he would personally require their lives.

They didn’t listen and thus Israel was given the full curse of a Mercliess God that was their own Self: blind and pitiless; for God had now turned away His face from them. What they were given was later seen in the sword of Mohammed who carried out the start of this Curse of Moses; the “sword drawn out after them” was the sword of “Anti-Semetism”. And they know it.

 Or should; it was the “Day cruel with wrath, burning like an Oven”.

Sound familiar?

This is what happens in the Qur’an: the broken sentences of a broken-hearted God; the Host which now speaks for him says this by the Voice of God in the pages of the Qur’an……

“God forbid that He should have a Son!”

This is what Mohammed wrote: but it is not all that he heard: for what Gabriel said after every one of these statements was what God would not let anyone hear at the time but the Seal of the Prophets: which was the nature of the Curse that fell on the descendents of Jacob in losing the title of Israel as God’s elect for having killed the Lamb of God who was His Mercy Incarnate: thus they were disinherited for eternity. What Mohammed the Servant of God heard, but did not write, were these words that he “sealed up” in his own book: the Eternal Qur’an.

 These words I now reveal that Mohammed also heard each time but was commanded by Gabriel to not write; thus until now no one knew what the Seal was not allowed to reveal each time; until now…..for what was always said after God denied he had a Son was this;


That men would have treated him the way my trusted servants did!!”

This is the realCurse of Allah. As Malachi promised would come upon the earth; and it did....


For in not hearing the whole sentence men never knew the whole truth of the broken heart of God:

for the 7 Vials of Wrath are they which held the 7 Tears of God.

Thus we now find out why David said….

“My God; My God; why hast thou forsaken me??”, at Psalm 22

…. But for the reason heretofore unknown; that God did not abandon David when He turned His Face away from him;

and did so: not to forsake His Son,

………but turned His Face because He did not want His Son to see Him crying..

”….those who are worthy to have the Resurrection from the dead…..”

……and that is where these 7 Tears of God came from; held in the 7 Vials of His Wrath. It was those 7 Vials that were given to St. Francis when the Eagle came down to him at the end of the 40 days fast that he finished on that Mountain in Italy; where it said that “the night was lit up bright as day for miles around” when the fourth living creature of the Throne of God came down with the 7 Vials of the Wrath of God to give to his Christbearer; until the Book would be opened…..and the  7 vials poured out….in their ways; as the 7 trumpets were sounded; in their days…..



One comment

  1. An Appeal to Sanctuary Church

    Hyung Jin Moon, Timothy Elder, Yasue Erikawa, Richard Panzer, Richard Urban, David Konn, Nikolaus Beutl, Jamal Johnson, Somiya Chapman, Mi-Ran Kim, Peter Graham, Greg Noll, Thormar Jonsson, Herwig Schmid, Mark Alexander, Rick Hunter, Andy Davies, Helen Brown, Mohamed Ayad, Tim Huish, Robert Pickell, Kyle Toffey, Lisa Zanin, Christen Quinn, John Hessell, Cliff Yasutake, Paul Rotondo, James Reid White, and others in support of Hyung Jin Moon and the Sanctuary Church Movement:

    I commend your hunger for righteousness, much of the vision you have inherited from Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and your passion for the lineage of God. You have already assembled a global movement, and you are right that these are, in many ways, the last days. Revelation speaks into these days, and we know that things may be dark, but the Lamb shall receive all the glory. Your willingness to have your reputation completely destroyed and your worldly glory obliterated so that you may follow the Messiah is the most valuable trait.

    But Sun Myung Moon was not the Messiah.

    He was called to prepare the way. His sufferings will be counted to him, but his enjoyment of the love of man hindered his intimacy with God, and ultimately he never handed the baton to the true Messiah. This true messiah was but a humble disciple of his; one he avoided, and one that lacked all vanity. Providence was completely turned upside down by Moon’s failure to hand over the Kingdom to the true inheritor, and the world was more devastated by this failure than we’ll ever understand. The rolling on of providence, the pushing aside of victory, led to the death of many and the further destruction of this world.

    But God re-established his throne in the heart of a new man: Salvation Rose.

    Salvation Rose is a simple man. Despite his many words, the core of his message is the Kingdom of God, and truly it is at hand. His message is in line with Jesus, and will bring the completion of all ages. His knowledge of the true Divine Principle, not just the fallible textbook, often is misunderstood, and rarely received. But when your heart meets the Logos, the Word, in him, you will know how to live in these last days.

    Brothers and sisters, you have been faithful servants. But you are very quickly going into dangerous territory. This is a call for you to be humbled and learn how to repent. Salvation Rose has come to call in a new day. It is a not an easy road of discipleship, but it is worth it.


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