Rev. Moon as ”that Evil Servant” of Matthew 24:48, as “The Shining Dragon” – Mun Yong-myeong | “Measure 144” Missive #25


The Sign of the "Evil Servant" of Matthew 24:48, who betrayed his guide and Initiator Mrs Pak; ''the wife of Jehovah"

The Sign of the “Evil Servant” of Matthew 24:48, who betrayed his guide and Initiator Mrs Pak; ”the wife of Jehovah”

The Sign of the Season; the motto of "Chuck" Dederich:"...It Will Emerge..."

The Sign of the Season; the motto of “Chuck” Dederich:
“…It Will Emerge…”

The Pope with the Witness: Josyp Terelya; Mary of Bethlehem as now become the Wisdom of God; "The Zion of the Holy One of Israel" who is "the Mother of Jesus" seen in chapter 12 of the Opened Book as she who wears the crown of the 12 Morning Stars of the New Creation of God; which signifieth Mary of Bethany; the Daughter of Wisdom who is the Bride; and the Moon under her feet signifying Mary of Magdala as the Sister of the Daughter of Wisdom

The Pope with the Witness: Josyp Terelya; Mary of Bethlehem has now become the Wisdom of God Uncreate; “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel”, who is “the Mother of Jesus”, seen in chapter 12 of the Opened Book of Revelation as she who wears the crown of the 12 Morning Stars of the New Creation of God; which signifieth Mary of Bethany; the Daughter of Wisdom who is the Bride; and the Moon under her feet signifying Mary of Magdala as the Sister of the Daughter of Wisdom

 The Reasoning of Sun Myung Moon on the Original Sin: the Testimony of the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

Part One: A Visit to Court on the Day of Discovery

As Hyo Jin Moon sits in Court, in the Real “World of Spirits” before the 12 Apostles of the Lamb, no smile is seen upon his face.
The 12 Apostles of the Lamb, who are now revealed as the 12 New Elders of the Kingdom of God, which goes by the name of “Eternity”, are now seen to have their 12 thrones of Light, made of the 12 wives collected for them by the strenuous efforts of that Servant of Allah: Mohammed, the Messenger of God. Indeed his 12 wives served this purpose, as did the 7 Mosques he built with his own hands as the 7 Heights of the 7 Heavens. The 7 heavens are what the 7 Circumambulations around the Black Stone in the Kaa’ba of Mecca were meant to symbolize: the 7 Ascents of the Holy Mountain of Sinai that 7 Churches represent as the 7 New Heavens. But Sinai is Hagar as the New Jerusalem, and her child Ishmael comes forth as Mohammed; the elder brother of the Bridegroom Jesus: as Jerusalem was Sarah, left childless since the Jews killed Jesus; who, as the Bridegroom, represented Issac.
And with no Isaac: no Jacob; and with no Jacob and his 12 sons there is no ISRAEL. This is why the Lamb said; “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do..”
My husband is the Comforter, as the Holy Spirit of Jehovah who was sent to the earth in the Name of Jesus Christ. It was he who descended on Pentecost; but could not be with the Bride until one armed with the Principle died in Christ; a process which took me 21 years from the time I made the Vow in 1986; until the time I finally kept it, and died in October 24th, 2007.
The "Death in Christ"; October 24th; 2007: Comet Holmes expands one Million Times; the Mustard seed; becomes a full grown mustard tree: in One Day. This is the Blue Star of the Hopi: this is the Morning Star I was given by my Father Jesus.
The “Death in Christ”; October 24th; 2007:
Comet Holmes expands one Million Times;
the Mustard seed; becomes a full grown mustard tree: in One Day.
This is the Blue Star of the Hopi: as the Morning Star I was given by my Father Jesus.
My Father Jesus as the Lord God of the New Heavens and the New Earth, is then the Secret Recreator of the Kingdom; the Maker of the New Creation of God, and sits on the Throne of God as the Judge; King of Judgment-Day.
The Judge and Jury are convened as the sitting Jury, looking at the pre-trial statements by Sun Myung Moon’s Defender Kim Il Sung, the discarnate Christ of Korea, and are studying the articles of indictment; and the written statements of the defense. Hyo Jin looks as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs; but his father Rev. Moon seems unperturbed, even though he is the first to come before the Court of the Last Judgment which begins with his judgment. as the first case.
But to see the face of Hyo Jin Moon, as he looks upon the Prosecutor Mrs. Pak, “the Wife of Jehovah”,  from the Korean Church of Jesus she founded who his father had regularly made love to, after his initiation into divinity, only sorrow remains. Heung Jin Moon sits in the second row, his face a mask of peace without a flicker of doubt or worry. 
Hyo Jin’s father had been taken into the bosom of Ms. Pak with the Korean Church of Jesus,being first a student as her lover and then her consort as her confidante, before he betrayed her trust in him by demanding she obey him as her master, and desecrated the confidence she had placed in him by telling him of her revelation from God she placed in his hands about the nature of the Holy Spirit of God.
She had taught that the Holy One of God cis He who is called Jehovah; and as Hyo Jin Moon watches the Prosecutor in this Trial prepare her first and last case, the outlook for his father’s sentence now appears to be grave indeed.
At the presenting of the evidence for and against the plaintiff to the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb, to weigh in the balances of Judgement as their First Case for what was to have been the Christmas Day sentencing of Sun Myung Moon as Judgment Day, has now dragged on into March. Kim Il Sung has successfully stalled the proceedings until he could call his main witness for the Defense to have the indictment of adultery thrown out due to mitigating circumstances, but no one has beleived anyone could present a case which would explain away the existence of Sammy Pak, a child Mr. Moon fathered out of wedlock during his own marriage; and had his right hand man Bo Hui Pak then adopt, to cover up the fact.
It is now the prosecutor Ms. Pak pwho resents the content of the first charge to the Jury in chambers for review: the most serious preliminary charge being that of Adultery. This is being contested so as not to be added to the Indictment by Moon’s counsel the discarnate Christ of Korea; a fellow Korean and old friend, who claims to be the proof that Satan actually bested God in the Providence by reaching the position of the Perfection of Evil before anyone reached the Perfection of Good, but that case is off the Table until that of Mun Yong-meyong, the “Shining Dragon” ( formerly known as Sun Myung Moon “the Shining Truth”),  is heard before the Court first.
The first piece of the Prosecutors Evidence is that of the living child of Mr. Moon and another woman, whom he had sexual relations with while he was married to Mrs. Moon; a child called ‘Sammy Pak”; who Bo Hui Pak secretly adopted, to apparently hide this adultery of Sun Myung Moon from the world. The case seems open and shut, but no one can read the face of Sun Myung Moon, who sits impassively next to his attorney, occasionally making a notation to show his attorney on a writing pad.

TROUBLE in the World of Spirits


According to written testimony being presented we have the statement that “…..Adultery was ‘the Original Sin’ of Eve……”; these being Sun Myung Moon’s own words, brought before the Court from from within his own book called “Divine Principle” as Exhibit “A”.
His counsel, and spiritual brother Kim Il Sung, seems unaware or unconcerned that adultery is considered unbecoming for a man who claimed to be the Lamb of God, Christ Incarnate:  and who claimed before God and all humanity that his own marriage in 1960 to a Korean woman to be the “Marriage of the Lamb” itself, and the fulfillment of the scripture of truth. After the preliminary evidence is seen and heard where it is proven that Mr. Moon did indeed father a son called Sammy Pak upon a family member outside his own family Kim Il Sung asks for his witness for the defense be allowed to take the stand, as the motion for the discovery of new evidence has been accepted by the prosecutor with the admonition from the Judge that she can cross-examine the witness at length.
The Table gives final assent, and the guardian angel Saraphiel goes to fetch the witness for the defense.
Adultery as the root of sin; according to Rev. Moon's book "Divine Principle" it is written there that "Adultery is the Original Sin itself..."

Adultery as the root of sin; according to Rev. Moon’s book “Divine Principle” it is written there that “Adultery is the Original Sin itself…”

The Defense brings a motion for new DISCOVERY;

and the new Evidence:

 A Witness steps forth.

In every trial there is always the chance for an upset; but now we see that Kim Il Sung is making a motion to have the indictment of adultery thrown out; as giving due cause for Rev. Moon’s many acts of seeming blatant adultery even whole married: because now he has produced a witness for the defense; to have the charges dismissed due to a perceived miracle on the side of the defense on the perfect and justified logic of why Moon said one thing in his written testimony but secretly practiced another. Even now it has been agreed that his own wife allowed this behavior and did nothing to stop him.

But what has been missing is the reason “why’. Kim Il Sung claims he will reveal this missing evidence to clear his client of the charge.

A Hush falls over the Court….

A Stranger Calls;

Witness for the Defense of Sun Myung Moon_________________________

A man enters the court room, he is sworn in and takes the stand.

“What is your name?” he is asked by Ms. Pak.
“I am a friend of Gordon Ross”, he says. “And that is all I am going to say.” He looks at the Jury of the 12 Apostles; the 12 looks up at the Judge…..
The whole court now looks at the Face of my Father Jesus,
He nods His head to the Jury of the 12 Apostles; they then give the go ahead to the Prosecutor;
                                                                                                        ….The testimony continues….
I look over at Rev. Moon and Kim Il Sung; I notice that both of them are starting to sweat.
In fact the entire room seems to get noticably warmer.
What is your connection to the defense?” he is asked by Ms. Pak.
“I seek that justice be done; which can only occur if the truth is first known…”, he says.
There is a long string of questions; the stranger answers each one with a smile, and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself.
“Are you or were you a friend of Mose Durst and his wife Onni?”
Yes” he says.
“Was this while you lived in San Francisco in Pacific Heights? Or in Oakland? Where?”
“Pacific Heights in San Francisco” he says.
“This affadavit reads that you were staying in San Francisco in 1975 and that you were invited to meet with some Church members ,
and after coverting to Christ  you then joined the Unification Church?
“Yes; that is what happened”, he says.
Ms. Pak then says; “…..And then you aver that you met Onni and Gordon Ross on a regular basis??”
The smiling stranger replies;
I only saw Onni a couple times in those six months. She was so elusive, and the long-time Oakland members practically worshipped her. I only recently learned, when I read the early history, how much of this she inherited from Papa-san choi, whom I never met. And Gordon Ross was the one who drove Rev. Moon around to establish the holy grounds the entire 48 states here in America, driving in an old Plymouth Fury….”
“When did you meet Mose Durst?” she asked
He says “Onni and Dr. Durst had taken over the Oakland family only a couple years earlier.
But no one ever said anything about that early history. They made it sound like Onni did everything.
Onni and Dr. Durst were like true parents.”
I notice that anoither woman has entered the courtroon: Young Oon Kim; the translator of the book “Divine Principle” into English.
I notice Rev. Moon ssems to be sweating profusely. She is going to be next on the stand after the stranger. But she is being called as a witness for the prosecution.
“Witness for the Prosecution” whispers the Bailiff to the Prosecuting attorney, Ms. Pak.
The whisper is so loud that the last child in the last row could hear it as clear as a bell.
She nods at Ms. Kim.
                                                                                                         They smile like old friends.
Ms. Pak then says to the stranger:
Please tell us what you know; please don’t mince any words. In these introductory documents for the defense you say that you are pleading extenuating circumstances for Mr. Moon because he thought he acheived divinity? And this was based on an extrordinary act of initiation in which the woman had him make love to her three times in three hours in this blood-changing ritual, and then died? Is that it? Hmmmmm? “
The stranger nods his assent. Ms. Pak then proceeds;
“And so, while while passing on to spirit world after she and Mr. Moon completed this rite of blood change as by which Rev. Moon then believed he had passed from having the blood from of original sin to that of divinity and the status of Adam as the Son of God??”
The courtroom gasps at the assertion; they wait to she if the witness will say the same thing while being under oath.

“Yes” he says..

.                                      ..a hush falls over the courtroom….

my Father Jesus seems to be entertaining the ghost of a smile on his lips….

The stranger warms to his task;  

“He believed he was incapable of sin because of p’ikareun. He believed anyone he had sex with would likewise be cleansed of original sin and be incapable of sinning from that point on, and anyone they had sex with would likewise would be cleansed and so on and so on, ad infinitum. and the children born of these unions also would be sinless and incapable of sinning.
This is what he believed.
Therefore, no matter what he did, he did not see it as a sin. At worst it would be a mistake.
I doubt he regarded Sammy Pak  ( Rev. Moon’s illeginimate son during his marriage ) as a mistake.
To him, Sammy Pak was just one of his many sinless children who would one day create a new world. Moon believed, incorrectly, that p’ikareun was the way to change the satanic blood lineage, and this was his downfall ultimately.
While he got many things right in DP, his theory about changing blood lineage thru p’ikareun was false and doomed his efforts in the end.
Blessed Couples undergo the ‘3-day ceremony’ when they consummate their marriage: the woman on top for intercourse the first two nights, and the man on top the third night. This was meant to both symbolically and literally change the blood lineage.” (….along with the holy wine ceremony, which is related but separate…..)
The prosecutor appears stunned at this defense; she quickly asks;
“You say that Rev. Moon believed that through P’ikareun with an 80 years old shaman woman Pastor of the “Inside the Belly Church” he thought he was provideing women with salvation by having sex with them? Yes?”
The stranger nods his head and then replies;
“Moon came to America with expectations he would openly practice p’ikareun, while his members remained celibate until the blessing. He believed having sex with as many women as possible was the quickest path to global and cosmic salvation. In other words, the kingdom of heaven on earth, but political realities made this impossible.
Americans would never accept a fornicator and adulterer, no matter how he justified it.
So he had to keep this part hidden.
And he always denied it when asked. but we now know he was covering up the truth. He engaged in p’ikareun in Korea, even went to prison for it, and believed it was God’s will he should have sex with as many partners as possible.”
I look around the courtroom and see consternation; Rev. Moon himself sits with a wistful smile on his face. My Father Jesus also has a wistful smile on His Face as well.
“How do you  know this?” says Ms. Pak
The stranger replies,
“How do we know this?
Because the 3-day ceremony that blessed couples must perform IS “P’ikareun”.
That how he practiced it in Korea.
He learned it from an old shaman woman in her eighties who had a church called the “Inside the Belly Church” in what is now North Korea during the 1930s.
She had a huge belly like she was pregnant, and she told her followers she would one day give birth to the new Jesus.
Moon (who did not have that name at the time, as you know), was a member of her church as a teenager and became convinced that her explanation of p’ikareun was correct ,because he also learned from her that the fall was a sexual union between lucifer and Eve, and then Eve and Adam.
Moon did not discover the DP.
He picked up bits and pieces from the different charismatic churches in and around Pyongyang when he was a young man.
He does deserve credit for putting all of these ideas together into a coherent narrative, but he did not discover these ideas himself.
He learned them from other people. ( ‘Even’ ) His name was taken from one of the prisoners who saved his life during the korean war when he was in a North Korean prison camp for practicing p’ikareun with his followers. P’ikareun was important to him because it was an almost impossible feat for anyone to accomplish.
( I suppose ) You and I would say, “…huh….? ” the stranger says with a rhetorical flourish,
“Just how is having sex with a woman three times an impossible act?”
I look around the courtroom; everyone seems to be transfixed by an almost plapable atmosphere of total concentration.
The stranger goes on,
“In the “Inside the Belly Church”, the pastor forbade marriage to indemnify the fall, and we then have the tragic story of how Moon ended up in the same jail with the pastor,
but his advice that she repudiate her revelation destroyed the foundation: she never met him, and the fairytale did not come true.
I t was when Moon went into the JESUS church that things then went terribly wrong, with his belief he was divine by partaking in the blood-changing sex ritual. but p’ikareun,
as the shaman woman taught it involved this: he would have to have sex with HER, the old woman, three times in three HOURS.
And if he couldn’t take it to completion three times, he would die.
The “holy wine” she gave him was moonshine mixed with chinese virility herbs, dried tiger penis, and opium.
Crowned himself; as did Napoleon; but an adulterous marriage will not stand before the Son of Man who returns as "the Wrath of the Lamb" to the Unification Church
Crowned himself; as did Napoleon; but an “open” one-sided marriage will not stand before the Son of Man,
who returns as “the Wrath of the Lamb” to the Unification Church

The stranger continues:

“He had no trouble completing the first two acts of intercourse because he was stoned out of his mind on the holy wine, which acted like viagra.
But the third time when he had to be on top, nearly killed him. She latched on to him with her vagina like a steel trap and would not let him go until he finished.
This time he didn’t have the holy wine to fortify him. He had to go all the way with this old woman fully conscious of what he was doing.
Somehow, he did it…( but )…it killed her..”
PANDEMONIUM!!! The question “Is this all of your testimony for now?” is barely heard with some now asking if this was an act of unpremeditated murder: as there is an tumultous uproar; the defense attorney for Mun Yong-meyong Kim Il Sung screams “Liar” and some epithets in Korean at the stranger, and then shouts,


     “I want this man declared as a HOSTILE WITNESS:
   and want him to declared as a witness for the Prosecution; not the Defense!!
   He added these uncalled-for comments, and did not declare he would make any statements,
   especially concerning anyone dying on the behalf of my clients actions”

He is restrained from further curses and obscenities and objections  by his client Rev. Moon himself; who grabs his lawyer and pins him against the podium.

 There are cries and accusations being hurled from every corner!!!!





Barakiel; the Chief of the guardian Angels and the Bearer of "The Triple Blessing of God"
Barakiel; the Chief of the guardian Angels and the Bearer of “The Triple Blessing of God

….booms “the Voice of the Archangel”!

The stranger goes on;

Afterward, he came to believe he had passed some huge initiation test from God and was now in God’s direct dominion and was no longer able to sin.

He carried this conviction with him for the rest of his life….

Ms. Pak says “This is because he believed in the power of this one act in the ritual of the Korean rite of P’ikareun?”
“Yes” says the stranger,
“This is what Moon believed. No one else ever really did, but all of his early followers went along anyway because they liked other parts of the DP.”
Ms. Pak appears amazed; “Do you really think so?”
The stranger continues,
“The amazing thing is Moon, even though he had this wrong-headed idea about how to change the blood, still accomplished a great deal in his life. and the reason is because God was willing to overlook the p’ikareun nonsense so that Moon would prepare a global foundation for the second coming when he arrived.
That’s the only reason God put up with Moon’s bullshit.
He was still doing his greater mission, so God let the rest slide.
Only when Moon failed to deliver the Messiah to the world in 1976 at Yankee Stadium did things start to unravel.
And Moon clung to the P’ikareun doctrine to the very end;
…..ok, I think I covered it.”
Ms. Pak seems to glower; “Is that all??”

The stranger replies, and smiles at the Jury;

“Thanks for your patience.”

At this point he is released from the witness stand…….

As seems to be the main problem  facing the defense in having seen the reaction that “the cat is out of the bag” about what happened in the “Inside the Belly Church”. and Rev. Moon’s extraordinary initiation, and then the testimony about his partners ritual sacrificial death in the act of P’ikareun by the shaman pastor as now paramount.
We then had “Mother Oak” take the stand.
“…… I understand that Rev. Moon was arrested at that time on the grounds that his meetings were those of the Bok Joong Gyo (Inside-Belly Church).

“Mother Oak”: That’s right. There was the Bok Joong Gyo, of which Mrs. Ho Bin Hur [Ho Ho Bin] was the founder. She and her followers had their special clothes made for the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. When the police heard of this, they came to arrest her and took away all the clothes.
Rev. Moon’s church was also considered the same sort of religious group, for which he was imprisoned for three months. He sent a note through a third party to Mrs. Hur, advising her to repudiate her Bok Joong Gyo and get out of jail, but the note was intercepted.
As a result, he was cruelly tortured by his jailers, bleeding a great deal and losing several of his teeth. At first he stayed with Mr. Na, but after his release he moved to Mr. Chong Hwa Kim’s. [Note: Chong-hwa Kim was a woman. (see Michael Breen ‘Sun Myung Moon’ page 81.)
Moon moved into her house and lived there until he was arrested again in 1948.

 This testimony revealed in open court in  front of the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb is now public record.


The defense can have no reason to deny what Moon actually practiced and of what he privately preached to his inner circle about what he really believed to them in private instruction about his belief he was removing the Original Sin from those he had sex with as the Act of Purification itself to establush the Kingdom of God; but the deception comes in the fact that he did not openly preach what it was he was truly practicing to those outside of the Church here in America….

In front of the Cheong-Pyeong "White Elephant“; The word “obelisk” literally means ‘Baal’s Shaft’ or Baal’s organ of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we realize that we have a gigantic obelisk in our nation’s capital known as the Washington Monument.” — Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated

In front of the Cheong-Pyeong “White Elephant“; The word “obelisk” literally means ‘Baal’s Shaft’ or Baal’s organ of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we realize that we have a gigantic obelisk in our nation’s capital known as the Washington Monument.” — Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated

Looking at Precedent; a Pattern of Deception by Conscious Deceit?
………or a series of Willful and Unbridled Sexual Acts committed in Ignorance, and done in All Innocence by Rev. Moon due to his belief he had attained divinity in the death of the Pastor of the “Inside the Belly Church” during the act of P’ikareun with her.
This fatal act by Mun Yong-meyong, in which he directly but accidentally caused the death of his initiator, no stands revealed.
The “Shining Dragon” as seen to have now been his birth name is now explained by his attorney that tells how rev. Moon later took the name “Sun Myung Moon” from a fellow prisoner in the North Korean concentration Camp he escaped from, after General Douglass McArthur came to ground at the American counter-invasion at Inchon and the guards all fled and let the remaining captives escape..

The Lady of the Lake of Fire...the Soul of the Lamb made the Bride; the Lamb's of the Second Death...

The Lady of the Lake of Fire…the Soul of the Lamb made flesh….as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife…as of the Second Death…

The Wine of Fornication with the Great Whore of Babylon

In looking at the words of Sun Myung Moon we have to weigh them very carefully because he was speaking from his gut; he spoke what he thought would have the greatest effect; and did not rely too much on terminology or scripture. Here is an example; from a speech Mr. Moon gave in 1989 called “The Completion of the Dispensation of Salvation and the Providential Age of Love”.

The following was presented in the court of Heaven  before the Emerald Table of Justice as factual data of Rev. Moon’s own doctrine.

This was of a more lengthy piece given on October 4, 1989  called “Father’s Speech at the Fourth Anniversary of the Day of Total Victory”


(Rev. Sun Myung Moon speaking to the gathering of his “tribal messiahs”)


All the indemnity of history is now solved. The remaining problem’s are man and woman unity and racial unity. But I have pioneered the solution. Every kind of love, every kind of person, wants to connect to me, because I am the cosmic center.

We have reached that point. Now the children must understand that their relationship with their parents is more important than with their spouse or child. Otherwise you cannot connect to the original center point of love.

Have you accomplished that kind of connection with True Parents? Once we do that, all problems will disappear.”

 It appears Mr. Moon also promised his followers quite specifically at the Mass Weddings that their blood would be cleansed from Original Sin, which was especially important  for their children to be removed from the direct lineage of Satan; but the  Korean “moonshine” from Sun Myung Moon about the Holy Wine Ceremony is now being refuted by the evidence of his own children; starting with the example by his own daughter Tatiana Moon, in her multiple affairs as brought to light by Tossa Cromwell, for which he was fired from his Unification Church job; and the birth certificate of her child born to her out of wedlock from the singer of the Lounge Lizards band is now in the public domain; and of course the numerous adulteries committed by “the Shining Dragon” Mun Yong-myeong/ aka ”Sun Myung Moon” himself, which produced Sammy Pak among some others, and then also those adulteries committed by his eldest son Hyo Jin Moon before his untimely death, as documented by his widow Nan Sook Hong in the tragic testimony about her beatings and abuse at his hands in her own book, “In the Shadow of the Moons”.
The problem with the two children Rev. Moon had out of wedlock when he was married means that his own words about adultery being the root of all sins as the Original Sin itself means that Rev. Moon; by his own standard: could never be the Lamb; or indeed a standardbearer of Christ; thus this is where he "fainted" in his seen in the book by Nansook Hong; wife of the eldest son of Rev. Moon; Hyo Jin; obviously having Original Sin in him from his parents as his drug addiction, wife beating and foul mouth aptly prove....

The problem with the two children Rev. Moon had out of wedlock when he was married means that his own words about adultery being the root of all sins as the Original Sin itself; thus as seen in the book by Nan Sook Hong in her story as wife of the eldest son of Rev. Moon; Hyo Jin Moon, obviously having the Original Sin in him transmitted from his parents as his adultery while married, drug addiction, wife beating and foul mouth aptly prove….

Thus Satan invaded this symbolic Unification Church ceremonial wine offering through the family of Sun Myung Moon, and it became nullified; and Mr. Moon demonstrated his own blood was still uncleansed from Original Sin by committing adultery in his marriage and then by passing his example of how to be a complete hypocrite about it to his own children. But lying and calling it “heavenly deception” only means that the “female spirit” of ISIS that Mr. Moon told everyone was the Holy Spirit had really seduced him completely; and had through him let her sins thus reach into heaven itself; by which the  3 lower heavens united with the 3 upper hells made the earth between them a discarnate battleground of good and evil; and the marriage of Mr. Sun with Mrs. Moon therefore symbolized this very thing; the marriage of heaven and hell; seen by William Blake, the Star with the key to the abyss, long ago.

But Nan Sook Hong at age 15 saw through her father-in-law like clear glass: as he had his proxy lay bets on the gaming tables at Las Vegas, and told her since his proxy was laying the bets that he was therefore not gambling himself. This is an great example of what kind of a person Sun Myung Moon really was: self-deceived and a ready buyer of his own bullshit: and that is exactly what it was.

Thus was the blood of the Lamb sullied by this “adulteration ceremony”, by which the Blood of the Lamb himself was subjected to Satan with little or no regard  for the consequences; thus it became the Wine of Wrath“. The Unification Church would have had a far different story had they listened to me however; but they decided to reject my warnings; and my advice. Now their corrupted leadership travels around making speeches and telling the impoverished members to give them even more money as they feel being billionaires isn’t quite good enough; it seems they want to serve Mammon with all their hearts: 24/7.

 Here is some testimony from the BBC program “Beyond Belief” featured on January 7, 2013; with a 30-minute discussion about the future of the Unification Church now that its founder and leader, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has passed away.

Joining host Ernie Rae were Professor Eileen Barker, Director of Inform, an Information Network focusing on New Religious Movements, George Chryssides, Honorary Research Fellow in Contemporary Religion at the University of Birmingham and Jack Corley, Director of the United Kingdom branch of the Unification Church; and Eileen Barker had a telling point in her statement, reprinted here;

(…..In the interview segment with Jack Corley Eileen Barker interjected this statemment, with the idea that the mass weddings were more than “symbolic affirmation”….)

“There was also the Holy Wine Ceremony, during [which] the blood lineage of the people would be changed in some important way so that the children born of their union would be born without original sin,” she said.

Barker and Chryssides cited examples of “heavenly deception,” or when members slipped holy wine into the drink of their loved ones outside the church in hopes that they would then gain access to the kingdom of heaven, yet Corley said that these church members were simply reaching out in “a very sincere way” with what they thought of as “an act of salvation.” 
In front of the Cheong-Pyeong "White Elephant“; The word “obelisk” literally means ‘Baal’s Shaft’ or Baal’s organ of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we realize that we have a gigantic obelisk in our nation’s capital known as the Washington Monument.” — Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated

In front of the Cheong-Pyeong “White Elephant“; The word “obelisk” literally means ‘Baal’s Shaft’ or Baal’s organ of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we realize that we have a gigantic obelisk in our nation’s capital known as the Washington Monument.” — Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated

          The Failure of Sun Myung Moon in his Global Mission:
                      at the Reunification of North and South Korea
Part I: The Last Judgment and the Strength of the Original Sin, as the Wall of the DMZ sttands as the Concrete Materialization of the Substantial Spiritual Barrier between Heaven and Earth at the failed First Course of the Restoration unto Canaan at the Universal or Cosmic Level of Heaven and Earth; due to the act of the adultery of the Korean Adam and his victim the divided and unrestored Nation of South Korea, symbolized as the victim he made of his own personal Eve he married in 1960, that had even then represented the fallen land of a sundered Korea, his wife Hak Ja Han; his humiliation of her by his faithlessness in his marriage and thus his betrayal of her clan and tribal ancestors and people of Sacrifice; as the Self-Evident Cause for a still divided and thus unrestored Korea at his death, the proof he had failed his Global Mission.
Moon failed his Global Mission, unlike his counterpart in the West, Pope John Paul II; who did Unite the Western Hemisphere over the Eastern Hemisphere as the Western Free Nations of the Idealist Countries victorious over the Eastern Bondsmen Nations of the Communist Countries, as seen in 1987, 1,000 years after Russia coverted to Christianity in 987, typified by Reagan’s speech in 1987 to Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”; the unfortunate secret hidden in those words was the “coded” phrase about the wall itself, which meant “proceed in your direction of Perestroika; the money we agreed upon is now deposited in the Swiss Bank Account”.
Kim Il Sung and "the Shining Dragon": his North Korean brother, Mun Yong-meyong

Kim Il Sung as the discarnate Christ of Korea, and “the Shining Dragon”: his North Korean brother and Messenger, Mun Yong-meyong, once known as Sun Myung Moon

Yet Red China as “the Evil Servant” of the Nations as their very own Judas Iscariot still stands, although all can see that Son of Perdition of the Nations in it’s relentless falsehoods and theft of patented goods while espousing friendship and harmony has now become a complete walking contradiction, since it’s economy is Capitalist, although it’s society is Socialist: and it’s government is Communist, as seen in the Revelation of St. John the Divine Messenger as the scarlet colored beast “…that is ( Marxist as “Socialist” ), and is not ( not Marxist as “Capitalist” ):…..yet is ( Marxist; as “Communist” )…..”. ( Revelation, Chapter 17:8 )
Further troubling to the American State Deartment and NSA is Red Chinas nationally orchestrated and governmentally funded covert campaign to destroy and injure Americans, first with toxic lead in the crayons it sold to American schools to poison our children, and then in the lead paint on the toys it made in further putting all the children of America at risk of permanent brain damage; and then it’s espionage trademark in putting ”back doors” in it’s cheap microchips so all security which was so unwise to use them could be penetrated, and then we have the poisoned drywall for housing that they shipped by the mega-ton to our shores; which ruined every house it was put in; and caused thousands to become ill and lose their homes as well.
If any have any illusions about Red China and it’s goal of complete world domination I suggest they realize that a nation that swallowed up Tibet is really capable of rationalizing anything in it’s satanic national interest to itself in it’s Marxist society, and Communistically oriented expansionist goals.
Part II: Kim il Sung and his brother; the Discarnate Christ; Mun Yong-myeong, known to millions as “Sun Myung Moon”; which was the name given to him in Trust by the Amen, the Angel of Christ, to fulfill his mission to reunify Korea on April 18th, 1935, at the age of 15 after wrestling all night with the Angel, who appeared on April 17th, 1935; although this was never revealed by Mr. Moon.
Part III:  The Shining Dragon”  Mun Yong-myeong; later also known as “Sun Myung Moon”  or “Shining Truth“:
before being now “cut asunder” at his death September 3rd written as predestined; the measure now meted as the substitute body of John the Baptist ( that “evil servant” of Matthew 24:48); having then judged himself; by judging John the Baptist as guilty for the death of the messiah Jesus Christ; as in his book “Divine Principle”; now opened at the Trial and now awaiting Sentencing after the Verdict is now to be read: according to Sun Myung Moon’s own mouth he is then guilty of the crime by which Jesus Christ the Lamb was delivered to the Cross; as in denying he is John the Baptist; he then made the identical error that John the Baptist made when he denied he was Elijah, doubling the error, for which Mr. Moon said that John’s denial is what forced Jesus to go the way of the Cross; and not complete his mission.
Therefore according to the saying of what would befall those who judged another without having the authority to do so now arrives. It is as the prosecuting attorney Ms. Pak “the Wife of Jehovah” who has now brought the evidence to the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb as their first case.
For them the Word of the Gospel is absolute; unlike as what has been seen in the testimony read from the book “Divine Principle” and other documents in which Mr. Moon denies, changes, misinterprets or ignores altogether almost every word Jesus Christ ever spok: except when it suited his purposes.The 12 Apostles will read the Sentence of the Saying of the lamb; and then apply Mr. Moon’s judgment to himself with his own standard.
When Thee Unicorns Came Down; and Why

When Thee Unicorns Came Down; and Why

The Justice inherent in the saying of the Lamb is that of a  fitting punishment for those who judge others; and it is then that sentence considered to be Just that is their own; and their own flawed standard must then be applied to themselves; which is always as unjust as it could possibly be; in comparison to that of the Infinite Mercy of God and the Just Judgment of the Lamb. It seems that Mr. Moon did not believe that the Lamb had anything to do with the Second Advent;  or that the 12 Apostles actually even co-existed with him in any real substantial reality in the Son of Man’s Fourth Coming, or even had any part to play at the Last Judgment: and when all of his remarks over the years were collected and read it was quite an upset to his defender Kim il Sung to then have to refute the words from his client the Plaintiff’s own mouth. In fact it proved impossible.
It took quite awhile to read all of them; but every blasphemous and insulting statement made brought a gasp from the spectators in the Courtroom: and looks of anger and even fury on the faces of the 12 Apostles; so demeaning to the truth and meaning of the Gospel and Revelation of Jesus Christ; and insulting in tone and interpretation to every promise made by the Son of man speaking his father’s words just as he heard them from God’s Own Mouth; Divine as they were.
Not to mention the point of view held by Mr. Moon about the parentage and conception of the Lamb of God, “that holy thing”, who was the Divine Creature as of the Mercy of God made Incarnate; created by Jehovah in the Form of a Dove with the Virgin Mary; who was also momentarily changed into a Celestial Female Dove for the Insemination of the Word, by which she became pregnant by the Divine Celestial Male Dove of Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God Almighty Himself. Thus was “that strange act” seen and mentioned by Isaiah fulfilled in all of it’s peculiar glory, and quietly and quickly done in a simple, yet cosmically symbolic execution, of God’s Will.
John the Baptist never reached the Spirit AND Power of Elijah, and never performed even one miracle; just as Sun Myung Moon also never did even one small miracle that was witnessed by anyone who ever knew him; evidence once again that he never reached the Seal of the living God by which he was to have sealed those who were to be given eternal life; not one member of the Unificaton Church reached that standard, as none ever died in Christ; thus none of thenm had the qualification to receive the resurrection from the dead that was reserved for the Children of the Resurrection who “…do not marry; nor are they given in marriage….”; acording to Mr. Moon it was exactly the opposite: only those who were married and blessed by him in the arranged marriages that he personally oversaw were told would have children born without original sin. Yet Mr. Moon in his own adulterous marriage let Satan invade every Blessed Couple right from the start; thus the entire movement became an utter failure. 
But at the trial it was seen that Mr. Moon was only saying this so that those who were tempted in earthly marriages as sensual lustful goats; and were those who showed themselves unworthy of eternal life for throwing away the promise of the Gospel for the promised of Sun Myung Moon. Thus they all were seen as if all had become like Esau; who sold his birthright of the firstborn for a mess of pottage and lentils; thinking that Issac would still bless him anyway over Jacob despite his “promise” to Jacob that he could have the position of the firstborn child; but God made that promise, and Esua’s arrangement with his brother Jacob: stick.
But this is now the Crime of Heedlessness for which Rev. Moon, by his own admission; is now guilty. This is why it is written;

“Judge not, lest ye be judged; for what Judgment ye judge by; ye will be judged with;

and the measure ye mete; that same measure shall then be meted unto you”.

For Mr. Moon to have his own judgment given back to him would then be fatal; and his defender; Kim Il Sung, whose title on earth was “Messiah of Satan for North Korea at the National Level at the Perfection Stage of divine formation, (… as Kim Jong Il represented the divine growth stage; and the new leader of this dynasty now represents the Messiah of Satan for North Korea at the divine perfection stage: thus according to strict reading of the Divine Principle; by the fact this new leader has a wife who has now given given birth: then Satan has “won” in the Contest of Providence as reaching Divine Perfection for his Children as “North Korea” the Royal House of Satan now stands; first; at the Cosmic or Universal Stage of the providence; the 7 levels for God now having failed 7 times; although the Universal Stage has one more course: the Third Course of the Restoration unto Canaan at the Cosmic Stage; the Universal Level of heaven and earth; as representing the Kingdom of Heaven itself.
Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of "The Blessing of God"

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of “The Blessing of God”

Basically this means the entire Creation itself. We lost the Global Level in the Eastern Hemisphere at North and South Korea because Mr. Moon failed his Global Mission to bring together that North “under” and that South “over”; as his counterpart Pope John Paul II did in his Global Mission in the Western Hemisphere;  by uniting the West “over” East Germany as “under’. Thus would the Dove and pigeon of the Altar at the Cosmic level now be “bled out” and restored had Mr. Moon succeeded.
But he fell; so the wall between North and South Korea represented unbroken the Strength of the Original Sin; which Mr. Moon did not break; but was instead broken by.
Pope John Paul II had one Global Victory however over the wall between East and West Germany which represented the Strength of Sin. Now it is obvious that Pope John Paul’s Mission was easier; as the Wall was powered by the Materialism of the East in their Marxists and our side was powered by the Idealism of the West in our Hippies. But our side won; the Music breaking own the wall in 1987 just as the 7th Blast at Jericho did; and the 7th Trumpet started in 1977; at Aaron Presley’s death at the age of 42; the final one to die of the providential 42 on My Generation who died due to their Irrereverence against our Elders, who stood in the Position of the Lamb as having saved the World from the Triple Beast called “the  Axis’, the Beast as that Satanic Creature of the Global Fallen Nature of the “Resurrection unto Damnation” at the Global Level of Japan, as their t headed beast for their 7 Islands; and Germany, their “body”; and Italy underfoot for the Triple Beast for Three which stood disunited for “the Kingdom of Abraxas” ( “the god of good and evil” ); with our Three Nations of God as the Allies;  with England as our Island Nation; then America as our “body”; and then France underfoot, for the Triple Lamb as that Divine Creature of the Risen Nature of the “Resurrection unto Life”, which shows the Lamb was the One Holy Thing which stood for “the Kingdom of God”. 
Mr. Moon in the East was to unite the South over the North; as symbolizing which half of the Earthly Pigeon; the communist half of the Pigeon would be put “under” the Idealist half of the Souths Earthly Pigeon; laid over the “earthly” pigeon of the two “married men”, The House of Kim Il Sung and the House of Sun Myung Moon; on the Altar of Abraham. Korea  for Ishmael, in the position of “the friend of the bridegroom”. Yet this is  still unrestored, due to the adultery of Sun Myung Moon by which he ended up embodying the dead body of Lucifer.
Yet for Global Victory won by the Pope John Paul II at the risk of his life when he was shot we have for the other half of the providence the “dry olive tree” or “eunuch’; now made “green”: and Moon’s as the “green olive tree” or “married” now made ”dry”. Thus was it written; thus has it now come to pass.
Thus as Sun Myung Moon was “married” as symbolizing the “green olive tree” born in 1920 we have now Pope John Paul II born in 1920 who was unmarried; as a celibate eunuch symbolizing the ”dry olive tree“; having now shown to be the one who won. As it was written; two were in the global field with global missions; one is taken; and one left. Thus Mr. Moon is now ”made dried up” as an adulterer who is become ”that evil servant” ( Matthew 24:48 ); and the Pope, John Paul II, in whose position I now stand as a virgin redeemed from the earth as a “first fruit unto God and the Lamb” that now is “made green“; as the Bride; the Lambs Wife.
It is thus we have standing in the position for Communist East Germany the half of the Dove cut in two put on the bottom or ‘under’  that of West Germany; and Idealist West Germany ‘over’ as then on the top; as the Heavenly Dove now divided to be restored from the Altar of Abraham,  Germany for Issac, in the position of “the Bridegroom”.
Kim Il Sung as “The Advesary of Good” , ( as the “Ha-Satan against Good” ) has made a Plea for Leniency to the Lamb as the Judge; based on the numerous times Mr. Moon forgave others for their trespasses against him: so he should be given Mercy; as he gave Mercy to others. And there is the fact that Mr. Moon fought against Karl Marx the False Prophet and his Satanic Ideology of materialism; and his Spiritual Doctrine of Atheism; based on the Denial of a God they say does not exist; thus affirming His Existence in a discarnate fashion; as one usually affirms what one denies: negatively speaking.
……and “given his portion with the unbelievers and hypocrites”: now begins the “weeping and gnashing of teeth” for the deceived goats at the Left Hand.

The Last Day and the 2 Anointed Ones; one to Destruction; one to Salvation

 Part One: A Visit to Court
As Hyo Jin Moon sits in Court in the Real “World of Spirits” before the 12 Apostles of the Lamb no smile is seen upon his face. The 12 Apostles of the Lamb, who are now revealed as the 12 New Elders of the Kingdom of God which is Eternity are now seen to have their 12 thrones of Light, made of the 12 wives collected for them by the strenuous efforts of that Servant of Allah: Mohammed, the Messenger of God. 
My souls husband the Lamb, as the Lord God of the New Heavens and the New Earth, Recreator of the New Creation of God, are convened as the sitting Jury, looking at the pre-trial statements by Sun Myung Moon’s Defender Kim Il Sung. But to see the face of Hyo Jin Moon, as he looks upon the Prosecutor Mrs. Pak, “the Wife of Jehovah”, from the Korean Church of Jesus she founded, who his father Rev. Moon once regularly made love to in his initiation into divinity, only sorrow remains.  
Hyo Jin’s father had been taken into her bosom with the Korean Church of Jesus as her lover and confidante, before he callously betrayed her and denied the confidence about her revelation from God she placed in him about the nature of the Holy Spirit of God being that of the Holy One of God called “Jehovah”; and as Hyo Jin Moon watches the Prosecutor in this Trial prepare her first and last case, the outlook for his father’s sentence now appears to be grave indeed.
At the presenting of the evidence for and against the plaintiff to the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb in their First Case for the Christmas Day sentencing of Sun Myung Moon, the prosecutor Ms. Pak presents the content of the first charge to the Jury in chambers for review: the most serious preliminary charge being that of Adultery. This is being contested so as not to be added to the Indictment by Moon’s counsel; a fellow Korean and old friend.
The first piece of the Prosecutors Evidence is that of the living child of Mr. Moon and another woman, whom he had sexual relations with while he was married to Mrs. Moon; a child called ‘Sammy Pak”; who Bo Hui Pak secretly adopted, to apparently hide the adultery of Sun Myung Moon from the world and his own wife.

According to written testimony being presented we have the statement that “…..Adultery was ‘the Original Sin’ of Eve……”; these being Sun Myung Moon’s own words, brought before the Court from within his own book called “Divine Principle” as Exhibit “A”.
His counsel, and spiritual brother Kim il Sung, seems unaware that adultery is considered unbecoming for a man who claimed to be the Lamb of God, Christ Incarnate:  and who claimed before God and all humanity that his own marriage in 1960 to a Korean woman to be the “Marriage of the Lamb” itself, and the fulfillment of the scripture of truth.

Looking at the past Precedent; a Pattern of Deception in “Heavenly Deception”;

……. or Willful Deceit as a way of life unto “spiritual death”:

…. for all those found to be “liars”,

……destined to meet their end at that Left Hand of the Wrath of the Lamb;

….. in the Lake of Fire????

In looking at the words of Sun Myung Moon we have to weigh them very carefully because he was speaking from his gut; he spoke what he thought would have the greatest effect; and did not rely too much on terminology or scripture. Here is an example; from a speech Mr. Moon gave in 1989 called “The Completion of the Dispensation of Salvation and the Providential Age of Love”. This was of a more lengthy piece given on October 4, 1989  called “Father’s Speech at the Fourth Anniversary of the Day of Total Victory”
(Rev. Sun Myung Moon speaking to the gathering of his “tribal messiahs”)

“All the indemnity of history is now solved.


The remaining problem’s are man and
woman unity and racial unity.


But I have pioneered the solution.


Every kind of
love, every kind of person, wants to connect to me, because I am the cosmic


We have reached that point. Now the children must understand that their
relationship with their parents is more important than with their spouse or


Otherwise you cannot connect to the original center point of love. Have
you accomplished that kind of connection with True Parents?


Once we do that, all
problems will disappear.”

Now for some these words would seem nonsenical, or even unimportant; but for those who were avidly listening to his every word with the utmost of prayerful concentration his speech was one of profound instruction. The very real problem with all this devotion aimed at Mr. Moon was that he betrayed all he spoke to and the Providence of God itself: because he committed adultery in his marriage; not once but many times. Had all indemnity been paid?  No; he increased it past the point of it ever being able to be paid; because he took the Blessing of God and turned it into license to steal; to lie; and to committ adultery while proclaiming to all he was the Messiah.
Calling him a false Christ or a false prophet isn’t going to change the fact that all those he betrayed are now lost forever.
Now the problem is how to undo all the harm he did to the Providence of Salvation as sabotaging the Restoration of all things; but the good news is that all this was, in fact, forseen. When Nan Sook Hong published her book “In the Shadow of the Moon’s” it was a wake-up call to the leadership and membership of the Unification Church; at that point they should have come to me and asked what could be done; and all would have been restored and then the Providence could have proceeded and the Messenger could have gone to the position of the Messiah and Immortality given to him after he recanted from his errors; and he would have lived forever with the crown of glory I was given to specifically give to him: with the Blessing of my Father Jesus with my servant John,  from having received the Seal of the Living God, at my Death in Christ, where I reached his position on the Cross in our Consummation: on the condition of his recognizing me from our meeting in Spirit World; and some other locations in the etheric plane where our paths crossed a number of times; due to the fact my birthday is also that of True Parents Day; 4-18.
But everyone at HSA-UWC like Jonathan Gullery and all the rest of the leadership decided to ignore me and stick with their adulterer: and now he is dead: along with the Unification Church itself.
Let us look at another example of how Mr. Moon decided to change the truth of the scripture to his own liking; in his book “God’s warning to the World” in which he talks about Mary in his chapter “God’s Providence in the Scriptures” starting on page 45. In these passages we can see how Mr. Moon twisted the truth into what he wanted to believe while also interjecting the rreality into his statements as well; here is an example; to wit… 
“Without having an entirely different beginning, there was no way that Jesus could be the Messiah, the begotten Son of God. What’s the difference between Jesus and any other child with physical parents? The difference is historical time; on the surface the parents may look the same but their backgrounds are entirely different. Mary was a historic figure. Throughout thousands of years of history God and Satan bargained and struggled and finally reached an agreement even before Mary herself came into being. God knew that He had to use a woman’s body to have His son born on this earth, and in order to have that one woman ready God prepared for thousands of years.”
Now what we have here in the statement that I underlined is Mr. Moon is here actually saying that my Father Jesus was born of physical parents; in fact he says it quite openly; but if you don’t know that Mr. Moon believed the Lie of Satan that John the Baptist also believed about his father Zacharias having had an act of adultery with the Virgin Mary that produced the Lamb then you would never catch this discarnate statement; one might think he was alluding to the fact that Mary was a physical woman no different than any other woman; even though that was far from the truth as well.
Let us examine the next statement Mr. Moon makes and see where his line of reasoning leads the reader; to wit;
“Nonetheless, from the point of view of the society of those days, Jesus was a fatherless child, an illegitimate child. In the sight of God he was conceived by the Holy Spirit, but there was no way to prove it to people! So set your thoughts in a realistic vein and just evaluate what I am going to say.
Mary conceived Jesus before marriage. Under the Jewish law, such a woman was to be condemned to death by stoning. Joseph suffered indignation because of Mary’s situation, and quietly waited until the right time to end their engagement. Then an angel appeared to Joseph and said to him, “You are to take Mary as your wife. Do not condemn her, for she has a special mission from God.” If Joseph had not been a righteous man, Mary would have been automatically condemned to death by stoning.
Now, do you think Joseph could have discussed this matter with his parents by saying, “Mother and father, my wife-to-be, my betrothed, has conceived a child, but an angel said that this is the will of God, so I must take her as my wife and care for her”? What would Joseph’s parents have said? There are many older couples in the audience tonight. Put yourself in the position of the parents of Joseph. You would not have believed Joseph if he spoke such things. Again, Joseph had to make a lonely decision. Without discussing the matter with anybody, he took his fiancée off to some secret hiding place.”
At what I underlined we have a statement that Mr. Moon made which is true; but because Mr. Moon said that the Holy Spirit was female; in fact being a female spirt; this statement is also discarnate; half-true and half-false spiritually; as he says that the Lamb was conceived with Mary and the Holy Spirit; but what Mr. Moon means here is that Mary and Zacharias had an adulterous sexual relation that God “allowed”, and THIS is what Mr. Moon calls “the Holy Spirit”. But nothing could be farther from the truth.
In fact, it is rank blasphemy; but not on the surface which appears innocent enough; if one does not know what Mr. Moon was really alluding to. William Haines is much more forthcoming about Sammy Pak and the fallen Unification theory and justification of this concept of “adultery is OK because the Virgin Mary conceived Jesus with Zacharias in an act of adultery” so it is “alright for someone who says they are the Messiah”…as being providential; because …”God lets Rev. Moon committ the Original Sin with as many women as he wanted because…” …….and on and on and on…..lie after lie; after mental fall after fall; the multiplication of sin exponentially repeated…and then: death; for John the Baptist; and then for his new body; Sun Myung Moon; and now for the entire Unification Church….the Lie of Satan the Devil…what a tragedy; Tatiana Moon being a perfect example…..
This can all be seen in Mark Gibbs bit of literary trash in his book called “Secrets of the Holy Family”; in which the Lie of Satan that John the Baptist and his second coming Rev. Moon also believed; the “secret” being that they say that the Lamb of God was born of an act of adultery between Mary and Zacharias touted as “revelation” by the now dead Sun Myung Moon; and that this “adultery” was sanctioned by God; another Lie multiplying the errors of the first one even worse.
That this act of sexual congress between the Virgin Mary, espoused to Joseph, and Zacharias, the father of John, would have been plain adultery is obvious; as the priest Zacharias was the father with Elisabeth of John; and his wife was blessed by God in her old age to do so, especially since Elisabeth was a prophetess and the mother of John the Baptist he was to have seperated from Satan with as well; but Mr. Moon believed that Zacharias was in the position of Abraham giving birth from his seed to another “Ishmael” as with John first; and then to another “Issac” as Jesus second.
Mr. Moon did not know that God divided the origin of Abraham; with Zacharias and Elisabeth as one in the position of Abram with Hagar as one for the “universal miracle” that produced John; as being of that seed that produced Ishmael as “the pigeon on the Altar”; since Abram was married to Sarai when he laid with Hagar, to make his heir with his wife’s permission and consent.
The Lamb was created with the Holy Spirit of Jehovah with Mary as one in the position of Abraham and Sarah as one for the “divine miracle” that produced Jesus; as being of that seed that produced Issac as “the dove on the Altar”.
Thus John and Jesus were indeed in the positions of Ishmael and Issac; just not in the manner that Mr. Moon imagined to be the truth. So he got to the right idea of Ishmael and Issac; John as an “earthly Messenger” as “the Pillar of Fire” in that Night for Israel before the Messiah arrived as their guide until then; and then Jesus as the “heavenly Messiah” as the “Pillar of Cloud” in that Day for Israel when the Messiah was to have been revealed by John after he reached the position of Elijah; as that Daystar for the Sun of Righteousness the Son of Man who was the Son of God.
This is,  in fact, why John said he was “of the earth, and spoke of the earth” because the Pillar of Fire was the “Covenant of the Night” itself that stood on the ground before the camp at night: as “the Witness of the Earth” waiting for daybreak, signifying Gabriel as representing the angels of Jehovah, and why John said Jesus was from “above” and “was above all” as signifying the Pillar of Cloud that travelled high in the sky; as of that “Covenant of the Day”, because during the day it was leading Israel to Canaan as “the Witness of Heaven”.
The Pillar of Fire was then the substitute of the Moon as the feminine principle and the Pillar of Cloud was then the substitute for the Sun as the masculine principle until they got to Mount Gibeon with the Sun above it and the Valley of Ajalon (Avalon) with the Moon above it as the two principles lost since the Fall were then restored; because Canaan was Paradise Symbolically; just as the Jordan represented thr Eurphrates symbolically; as all this was what was writ in “the Book of Jasher“.
Indeed the Pillar of Fire was of the power of the Archangel over the angels signifying Michael as the Archangel or the “Angel” of Jehovah; of whom Gabriel was the personal messenger; as clearly seen when Michael had his messenger Gabriel exlain to Daniel, in the position of the Son of man on all fours, about what was actually happening to him when he was transformed into the steed “Faith on Earth”: as symbolizing “the Holy Mount of Jehovah of Hosts” or His Warhorse, called in Isaiah by the name of “the Zeal of Jehovah of hosts”.
This may sound incredible; yet it is the real and prophetic truth; not a fabrication someone made up from half-knowledge to conform to their own point of view, like Mr. Moon unfortunately did, and then passed on as “the new truth” to anyone he could get to swallow such blasphemy as the Wine of Wrath it really was.
Mr. Moon indeed had a grasp of some of the elements which were true; but the route by which he reached this conclusion was wrong and only led him further astray later. To restore the error of the Altar by Abraham it was neccesary to “divide” the origin as what the Ram or Abraham represented; the She-goat being Hagar and the Heifer being Sarah; the Pigeon and the Dove representing Ishmael for the “dust of the earth” as the pigeon and Issac for the “stars of heaven” for the dove. When the elders of Judah killed the Lamb the inheritence in time reverted back to Ishmael as the firstborn; as in killing Jesus in the position of the bridegroom they symbolically killed “Issac”; the father of Jacob who is called Israel. No Issac; no Israel.
No Issac: no Israel; thus Islam arose and was given the land of the Kingdom for being “loyal in the Cain position” ( as was Eliezer of Damascus who got the bride for Issac); as the position restored to the elder brother Ishmael, as when Mohammed cleansed the courtyard of the Kaa’ba of all it’s 360 idols, one for each day of the Lunar Year. Islam finally brought the bride to the bridegroom; as seen in Mary of Fatima” in 1917 at the “providence for the start”, with the 3 Children of Fatima and the Sun of Tabriz as the “signs and wonders”; in the start for the finishing of the “third course of the restoration into Canaan at the global level”; which is what the 7 seals and 7 trumpets and 7 vials; and the 7 churches and 7 seals, are all about.
Mr. Moon never opened the Revelation of Jesus Christ which is the Book of Life of the Lamb; and the Timeline is mainly centered on “the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity of Russia” that started in 1917 until 1987; signifying the 1,000 years from 987 when Russia converted to 1987 when the Wall came down at Reagan’s speech spiritually; Mary the Mother of God appeared at the Trinity Chapel at Hrushiv in the Ukraine 70 years after Mary first appeared at Fatima in Portugal.
That Russia was taken by the Bolsheviks of the False Prophet Karl Marx is seen by the fact that 1917 came 930 years after 987 when Russia first converted; 930 years of age being that age when Adam died; as signifying the “death of Adam” at the Nations as Russia represented “Adam / Man” as the largest nation on earth; in land mass. America represented the “Son of Man / Son of Adam”.
This is the problem, as the Sufis always teach, of reaching correct conclusions by incorrect means; it always means trouble sooner or later; and with Mr. Moon this went double.
Now let us look at what Mr. Moon next said of Mary in his speech; once again I underline where he goes off the track..
“Now consider them going towards Bethlehem. It was almost the time for Mary to give birth. If the environment was such that she could have prepared things for the coming child, she would have done that, but she could not prepare anything for the child.When the child was born, she laid him in a stable manger and wrapped him in swaddling clothes. If Jesus had had physical relatives united with Mary and Joseph, would they not have helped Mary prepare the way beforehand? From all those things we can gather that Mary gave birth to the child in a lonely, lonely situation. At the time of Jesus’ birth, God sent three wise men. They were led to that place by God and should have ministered to Jesus, raising him until the day of his marriage. What would have happened if the wise men, when told to go back to their country through different ways than they expected to go, had taken mother Mary and the holy child with them back to their country? If Jesus had been raised there in concealment, the wise men would have become world-famous historical figures.
I don’t know if they were from one nationality or from three different nationalities; it would have been even better if they were from three different nationalities. If, after Jesus was brought to one of the three nations, he was still being persecuted, they could remove him to other nations. If they had helped Jesus to grow up wholesomely, completely safe from satanic invasion, how famous they would have become! Then the wise men could have been Jesus’ disciples. Things would have been much better. Since nothing like that took place, Jesus had to look for his own disciples, as you know.
The Messiah talking? Nope; this is our friend from Korea giving his opinion as if it were the Word of God; but it wasn’t; and I have the Word of God to prove it to all who believe. It’s not the Messiah who speaks at this point; we have our errant messenger from Korea in the position of the unbelieving John the Baptist;  who doubted Jesus was the Messiah after he was imprisoned, and he began to have some second thoughts about everything else as well; and that is the real reason God did not save him from Death.
Had Mr. Moon been the Messiah he never would have spoken like this about the Magi; as the three kings represented the three sheepfolds; and it was Herod who represented the fourth sheepfold; from the West; the three kings represented the North; the South and the East.
Furthermore the first course of Restoration on the Global level would have happened as the lightning quick 21 Day Course and would have been done IF and ONLY  if Herod; after meeting with the Magi; had accepted Jesus as the king of Israel; gone to him and raised him as his own son; then got the bride for him and seen him get married; and then given him the throne; indeed that was what he was SUPPOSED to have done. Instead he killed 22,000 children in Bethlehem and the parts around there to try to kill the Messiah.
The 3 Magi were WARNED by God by the angel about HEROD seeming to want to  go and “anoint the King with them”; but secretly planning to murder him; which they were then told about his real designs on Jesus by an angel; and left  quickly so he wouldn’t kill them as well for giving him the slip…as Mr. Moon apparently forgot to mention….By the way; the gold the Magi gave Joseph and Mary was used so they could escape to Egypt from Herod; so their did their part…as Mr. Moon also forgot to mention; strangely enough. Did he forget that Herod the Great would have killed the three Magi and Jesus and Mary and Joseph had he found them, as he did the 22,000 children from Bethlehem? Mr. Moon decided to forget what was written about of that account and just make up whatever he wanted: but the reality is far differnet from the fairytale world in which he lived; as he now is quite aware of.
Ask Hyo Jin Moon; after who I met at the end of my 40 days in the Wilderness in Bay City Michigan; after overcoming the three temptations of Satan and writing a song with him called “So Unbelievable”; so blown away by this I immediately went and I found; and then told Kyle Toffey and Bob Selle all about it; and was promptly and politely ignored. But they can’t say they never heard from me: thus they both failed in their portions of responsibility: 100%.
Now here is what Mr. Moon then adds to his “understanding” of the Virgin Mary; to wit;
“I am sure Joseph went through a most difficult period in which he was full of suspicion about Mary. Joseph must have asked his wife-to-be, “Mary, we are close and have no secrets from one another. Now tell me what really happened to you. Who is the true father of the baby in your womb?” I am sure any husband would be very curious about this matter. If I had been in the position of Joseph I would have asked Mary this question. But Mary was telling the truth when she said, “I really do not know who is the father of this child. It was conceived by God.” How many of us could believe her statement? It is easier to believe now, because we know who Jesus is, but this was not the case during the lifetime of Jesus.”
The entire problem is that this entire statement is outrightly fallacious and riddled with falsehood; and that I and my Father Jesus are well aware that Mr. Moon made up these words with absolutely no basis in fact is the gospel truth: Mr. Moon’s version of reality here is pure fantasy; and deceptively satanic in every single way: Mary knew exactly what had happened; and Elisabeth also knew; as Mary entered that house already PREGNANT.
That is why the baby John jumped in the womb of Elisabeth; because at the sound of Mary’s voice he knew even then that his Lord the Messiah had entered that house already alive in the womb of Mary; and Elisabeth well knew it; as did Mary.
Thus Mr. Moon’s “speech” here about Mary and Joseph is pure fantasy; and not even close to the truth, because he secretly thought; as did John the Baptist, who Mr. Moon was the reborn body of; and who died also falsely having accused Mary in his heart about; as that “dark place” hidden that John did not even dare admit to himself: that Jesus mentioned. It was John’s secret accusation against Jesus that his own father Zacharias was the adulterous father of Jesus; which was the Lie of Satan that John; and then the body of John, as Sun Myung Moon; also believed.

Now both are “cut asunder” by Death; as being “one-and-the-same” in Death as they were in life; for sharing and believing the same Lie of Satan the Devil.

William Haines also falls victim to this line of thought; as did Mark Gibbs in his book of outright blasphemy “Secrets of the Holy Family“, and Young Oon Kim more subtly in her book “Unification Theology and Christian Thought” alluding to the same error. But it was Bradford Kent Bufkin ( now “Bryant” ), who first told me in 1980 that Sun Myung Moon had personally confided to him that Zacharias was the “real father” of Jesus as the virgin birth was “impossible”.
Brad was destroyed by the resulting conflict this caused him; as he knew that Lazurus had been raised from the dead after he was already rotted to the point that when they opened his tomb all those in the vacinity started to vomit because the stench was so incredibly bad; yet five minutes later Lazurus walked out perfectly whole; as a demonstration of “regeneration” which most people have completely overlooked. Especially Sun Myung Moon: as I suppose it was “biologically impossible” !!
For Brad the problem was that he knew Sun Myung Moon was a major providential figure, the pillar of the age in fact; but he did not know, and neither did I at that point; that Sun  Myung Moon was the prophetic figure of the Gospel called in Luke and Matthew “the faithful and wise steward”, who God had put in charge until He returned; as he had once done with the Archangel on the Sabbath Day until he returned to Paradise after the Creator had created the Creation; the situation from 1935 when the Angel of Christ appeared to Sun Myung Moon on Easter Day being exactly the same.
The Angel appeared to Mr. Moon on April 17th; 1935; but wrestled with Moon that entire night until; on April 18th, 1935, Sub Myung Moon accepted the Mission.
And as Joseph was put over the house of Egypt to feed Israel in the famine, so was Mr. Moon put over the House of Joseph;  ( as of Joseph Smith here in America from the Mormons at the 6th Branch of the True Vine, as ‘the Archaic One’ where polygamy was allowed originally as in ancient Israel and present day Islam ); and the “meat in due season” given to me and My Generation was then the information in his book “Divine Principle” to feed us until the Word of god as the last book in the bible was revealed; which it now has been; and shall shortly be published.
The Unification Church has rejected me,  along with this information about Sun Myung Moon; but the fact I was given the Word of God has not been lost on all of them so far; although at some point they will all have to admit they were wrong and recognize me because my Father Jesus happens to be the Lord God of the New Creation itself; of which there is no way to approach except by me; as the new Door of the Sheep called “the Path of the Just”, on which all must walk to reach my Father Jesus in the new Great City: Holy Jerusalem.
The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The Seal of the Living God: and the Truth of the Dove of Jehovah

The Virgin Mary knew what happened to her when Gabriel led her out to the hills where the Host overshadowed her and Jehovah in the Form of a Dove came upon her, and in His Power turned her also into the likeness of a Female Dove; with which the Holy Spirit of Jehovah who came down also in the Form of a Male Dove united with: to produce that Holy Thing the Son of God; making the divine creature called “The Resurrection and the Life” who is ‘the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes”: who is, as we all know, the Son of God.
After this “Strange Act” Mary was transformed from the form of the Female Celestial Dove of the “Shekinah” back into a woman; and was still a Virgin physically as well.
The Seal of the Living God I was given consists of this Knowledge and some other things as well; and Mary as Zion herself or Wisdom Incarnate can testify to the truth of this, as  seen in the Instruction in the Kingdom that I was given by my servant John, not just about this but everything else Mr. Moon ruined that was then to be restored, and how: and that process was explained to me in detail in the 21 years I became a scribe of God “a householder”, in New Hope from 1987 to 2007 when I climaxed with the “Death in Christ”.
And I have the Seal of Christ Jesus who comes in the Name of the Lord; Jesus Christ; and my servant John, the Witness of God, in describing these events; because that Dove who created the Lamb was the same one who came down on him at the Jordan, even as John was told would be the sign of the Messiah to him; as the one on whom the Dove, ( who was the Holy Spirit of God as Jehovah Himself ), then STAYED and abode; and did not leave; that one was the Christ; and John saw it; even as it is written of in Matthew and Luke.Apparently Mr. Moon never reached the Seal of the living God; or he would have known this also.And Mary as the Zion of the Holy One of Israel told me this; as she is called that as Mary; the Mother of Jesus. She is the one who told me of these things in the presence of the Lamb the Judge, and in the presence of the holy angels of the Vestal Host when I reached the Grail; which is Perfection.
Now here is how Mr. Moon closes his “revelation” of his complete and utter ignorance:
“Therefore, Joseph had certain suspicions and injured feelings in his heart. He thought, “My wife is not truly honest with me.” Because of these circumstances there was emotional turmoil and upheaval in Jesus’ family after he was born.”
Of turmoil there was plenty; but not due to this; it was due to the fact that Mary thought her son should do what she told him to do and obey Joseph and just be a simple carpenter in Nazareth and get married; but the Lamb had his Father’s business to take care of; which was more than being the seeming son of “any man on earth”.
Mary never told him that Joseph was not his father; Jesus found this out when he was 12 in that 3 days when he was in Jerusalem by himself at the Temple with the scholars and wise men; during that time he doscovered who his father really was; and his parents had gone almost all the way BACK TO NAZARETH before they realized he was not with them. Jesus and Mary had problems ever after that time; and for good reason; because Mary knew that “a sword would go through her heart” when her child had to die if he became the Messiah; and she feared that moment above all; not surprisingly.

But now let us look at the key testimony of one expert witness for the defense; William Haines.

The Key Testimony of William Haines of the Unification Church;

in the Trial of Sun Myung Moon in the World of Spirits:

“At the Threshing Floor ; the Lie of Satan and the Downfall of the Unification Church”

A large portrait; for a “Larger-than-life” man of God; not to be judged by any man; but only by the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb: his peers, with my Father Jesus as the sitting Judge;

……….”Christ Almighty”

………”King of Judgment Day”

But now we have to weigh the evidence seen at this trial; we have seen some of what has been presented to the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; who sits as Judge in the position of the King of Saints as “God in His Righteousness”; but what of what Mr. Moon did do that was good, abd largely without fault in the eyes of God?

For those who do not know what the leadership thinks about Sammy Pak and Rev. Moon’s adultery the following article from their Alumni Association member William Haines should explain exactly why Moon fell and his Church no longer stands; and why I started the New Unification Church.

Here are William Haines and his remarks about Sammy Pak the illegimate son of Sun Myung Moon talking to another Unification Church member, who was disturbed about the stories he heard of Sammy Pak, as being the illegitimate son of Mr. Moon; which, of course; was and is the truth.

I have included in full the “explanation” about why it was “ok”  for Mr. Moon to committ adultery because the membership of the Unification Church in their Theological Semniary were taught as by Young Oon Kim  and Mark Gibbs that “the Virgin Mary committed an act of adultery with Zacharias” that was “sanctioned by God” so it was “OK” for Sun Myung Moon to “…..commit adultery for providential reasons….”: all of which is the work and Lie of Satan; that Lie which first destroyed John the Baptist; and then Sun Myung Moon who was John reborn; and is now is taking down anyone else who doesn’t know the truth.

Mr. William Haines begins his testimony at the Trial of Sun Myung Moon for the defense as an expert witness, speaking of the universally recognized but totally unprincipled and thus inexplicable adultery of Sun Myung Moon; in the manner of the spiritually transmitted Theology of the Unification Church; starting to speak of this matter with this rather offhand way of introduction; to wit;

 William Haines ( 2nd Genertion blessed couple ) begins;

“Thanks for writing. It is a difficult question and hard to explain in a way that makes sense or is acceptable.

It is something some 1G ( “First Generation blessed couples” ), have known about for a long time, but not something we talk about or tell others about for that reason.

It always reminds me of the Christian doctrine of the virgin birth. We know that Jesus was not born of a virgin as it is biologically impossible. Jesus had a natural father.

But we also know it wasn’t Joseph. The early church would have known that Joseph wasn’t Jesus father and they would have known that someone else was.

But it was very hard for them to explain that the messiah was illegitimate and that Mother Mary had committed adultery or at least fornication. A serious sin in those days. So they came up with the fiction that she conceived by the Holy Spirit. This was originally just a euphemism for the idea that the relationship she had was God’s will and not the result of lust and therefore not sinful. Through this they tried to protect Mary’s modesty and reputation and thus also the status of Jesus. Later this fiction evolved further into the idea of the virgin birth – that Mary conceived Jesus without a natural father.

In crude terms God, through the Holy Spirit, was Jesus’ father. This was supported by a mistranslation of a passage in Isaiah which in Hebrew says a ‘maiden shall give birth’.

This was translated into Greek and later Latin as ‘a virgin shall give birth’. So for two thousand years people were taught this and because they heard it from when they were young children they believed it and didn’t question it. Indeed questioning this doctrine would lead to accusations of heresy, being expelled from the church and possibly even losing one’s life. And yet, we know a virgin birth is impossible and Jesus must have had a natural father. But the church has continued to teach this to protect the reputation and modesty of Mother Mary and thus safe guard the status of Jesus as the sinless messiah and son of God. In fact it is argued that he could only have been born without original sin because he didn’t have a natural father.

 This is where the Unification Church now stand today; in the “Abomination of Desolation” standing where it surely should not; and this same Lie which felled John the Baptist; and then destroyed SUN MUYUNG MOON and the unification Church membership; as all fell  IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING; and as HAVING the SEAL of the Living God I know WHY and WHERE they fell; as they REJECTED ME; and thus never came to the knowledge of the truth and how Mary and Jehovah in the form of a Dove created that Holy Thing who was the Son of God as the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes that John the Divine saw in his Revelation.

What I underlined is precisely where they departed from the truth; as had John the Baptist before them as the reason he never bonded with Jesus as he thought he had been made in an adulterous act with his own father by the mother of Jesus the Virgin Mary. In fact this was the “beam in his eye” that the Lamb spoke of; which I was to have removed from Sun Myung Moon’s eye ( seen in the “Church of Laodecia” and the “eyesalve” which I “dead in Christ” was the “gold tried in the fire” they were to have purchased”; the UC  was that last church which represented the 7th Storey of the Tower of Salvation, being the 7th expansion of the Church of the Livng God which was “the True Vine”; as the Unification Church were the last growth to perfection of;  being the “Sufic Branch itself” ); had the leadership of the church ever let me meet him; which they refused to even consider.

They firmly believe that Mary did not create my Father Jesus with the Holy Spirit because they say “it is biologically impossible”: as if anything could be impossible with God!!! I suppose the fact of rasing Lazarus from the dead or bringing Jesus back as well was also “impossible” in their eyes: according to Mr. Moon and this poor misguided fool; they think the Gospel is a lie and Mr. Moon was the Messiah; but he was “the faithful and wise steward” written of who FELL and was “cut asunder”; as written of him at Matthew 24:48

Then this person goes on….

 “There is another reason why the church didn’t talk about the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus. The church taught that fornication and adultery were serious sins. How were they to explain that Mary had committed these sins and yet the fruit of this relationship was a sinless messiah? If Mary committed adultery guided by the Holy Spirit why shouldn’t I? People might easily be deceived or deceive themselves into thinking that the feelings they had for a person they were not married to were from God and should be followed. Thus people would be having sexual relations with people they weren’t married to believing they were ordained by God. This would cause incredible damage to individuals and families. Indeed from time to time such “sex cults” have emerged who taught such things. So the church invented a “white lie” and after a while thought it was the truth.

 As we know the course of restoration and the change of blood lineage has involved all sorts of complicated relationships which look immoral. There was the situation of Sarah going into Pharaoh’s palace and overcoming the temptation to become his queen; Tamar risking her life to have a child with Judah and thus continue his lineage; the story of Rahab the prostitute who changed her loyalty to the God of the people of Israel; Ruth who did the same and married Boaz; the affair of David and Bathsheba that produced King Solomon.

And of course the relationship that Mother Mary had with Zechariah who was already married to Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist.

When we look more deeply into these immoral relationships that are part of Jesus lineage we can see how the different characters were restoring some aspect of the fall. They weren’t acting out of lust and selfish desire but doing something at the risk of their life because they felt from God that it was the right thing to do. To explain each one in writing would take ages but may be worth doing sometime. Normally I cover these things in a lecture.”

 It is this satanic line of reasoning that shows the utter corruption that came to Sun Myung Moon when he rejected Ms. Pak his lover who called herself “The Wife of Jehovah”; knowing that Jehovah, who was her lover, who is a Male Spirit: is the Holy Spirit of God Himself. But Sun Myung Moon did what is wriiten of in the Revelation and warned about; specifically;

……written of at Revelation 22:14-15; to wit;

“…….Blessed are they that do His Commandments, that they may have right to the Tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.For without are dogs, and sorcerors, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters,

                and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie….

For Mr. Moon and likewise; John the Baptist; ( who he judged as guilty for the death of the Messiah and then found in the world of spirits that he had judged himself  ; he was told “Judge Not”; but, as usual he ignored the Gospel of Christ, ; and did what he damned well pleased…)the following revelation was quite a shock to him; as he never knew that Mary had been given a child by the Holy Spirit of Jehovah in the Form of a Male Divine Celestial Dove; as having been transformed into a female Celestial ( ie; “non-physical” ) Dove; and then; after the Power of the Holy Spirit had turned her back into a woman, she then walked the rest of the way to the door of the House of Zacharias: already pregnant.

That is why I have the Seal of the Living God; and why the Hopi Indians of the 12 villages know I represent My Generation as the True White Brother… “….Christopher two Doves..” my two  feet being the two doves, as that one “……who walks with the Seal, as leading all to walk upon the Path of the Just…”

This “teacher” of the Lie of Satan goes on,  Mr. Haines then saying, to wit;

“We don’t know about father’s lineage, whether or not such ‘strange’ relationships happened. Generally speaking we understand that Father was born on the foundation that was established in Jesus lineage.

Had this been true Mr. Moon would have known that the Lamb arose “in his flesh and his bone” as it is written of in the Gospel; but of course Mr. Moon denied the Gospel and the Resurrection in it’s reality; he said that Jesus arose “as a spirit” as a “will-o-the-wisp” with no body at all.

Mr Haines goes on to say, to wit:

“Father himself as the messiah has to restore through horizontal conditions of indemnity all the vertical conditions of indemnity. In other words to try to restore in his lifetime (horizontally) all the things that went wrong historically (vertically). Just as the 40 day flood was to restore the fact that the previous 1600 (400) year period to separate from Satan had been invaded by Satan.

 One of the things he and mother needed to restore was the Fall. Both needed to go through the same emotions as Adam and Eve and all the people in history and restore them by overcoming the temptation to react in the wrong way. I think one of these was that Father had sexual relations with a woman he wasn’t married to after he was blessed to Mother and this was a test for her to experience and overcome all the emotions and feelings that women have experienced when they have been betrayed by the man to whom they were married. So I don’t think Father did this out of lust or an incidental sexual desire but so as to set up a situation to enable restoration to take place. Much as Joseph put his brothers through a test to give them the opportunity to restore the mistake they had made before when they sold him into slavery. A kind of role play.

 Whether Father really needed to do this or not I don’t know. Maybe it was a mistake. It certainly had a bad effect on his family; and caused a lot of pain to his children, his daughters especially, the effects of which are still being played out.

 Why don’t we talk about it? The same reasons the early Christians didn’t talk about the questionable and scandalous circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus. It is hard to explain and justify. But we also don’t want other people to think that because Father did it so should they. It was only Father and Mother who as the True Parents had to do such things in the complicated process of restoration. It would have been easy for people to think that as they were national messiahs or tribal messiahs they should emulate Father and engage in similar relationships. Indeed I heard such a thing did happen in the US in the very early days when one leader went around and seduced several sisters claiming it was part of the process of restoration. There is one blessed brother I know in London who uses this as an excuse for the many relationships he has. So we didn’t want to make the same mistake that some other groups have made and become a sex cult. This is something Hyung Jin Moon wrote in “The House of Heaven’s Harmony”.

 Some forms of spiritual practice have made the grave mistake of believing that one can circumvent or ‘transcend’ conventional morality. . . . I assume that you the reader are already practising to restrain yourself from . . . adultery . . . There are those people who may believe that they have attained full perfection, enlightenment, divinity, mind/body unity while violating these fundamental precepts. . . . This work seeks to afford no solace to those who wish to exploit spiritual practice while pursuing a pathological and immoral lifestyle. No one is an exception to this principle and I certainly include myself under its authority.”

 I don’t know if this helps. It is not an easy question to wrestle with. At the end of the day when I look at all that Father accomplished and his spiritual state I don’t think he did anything that corrupted him but at the same time I think it was a mistake. But as I said maybe it was a providential necessity. I think Father certainly would have thought it was otherwise I don’t think he would have done it.

 Best wishes,

William Haines

As you all can see; the problems are greater than even I imagined;

but I have the solution; now that Judgment Day arrived on December 25th; 2013, and is now here.


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