Gordon Ross, the Young Healer; and how Rev. Moon was cured of the Demonic Infestation of Kim il Sung, before he died of Pancreatic Cancer | ”Measure 144″ Missive #27

…The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord

"The True Cildren of Peace; who died for Peace; but would not kill for it...."

The True Cildren of Peace; who died for Peace; but would not kill for it….”

The Future University and College of the Shepherds for the New Unification Church

The Future University and College of the Shepherds for the New Unification Church

……so comes as “….a thief in the Night…”

My Father Jesus on the Great White Throne of His Glory; the Lord God of the New Creation

My Father Jesus on the Great White Throne of His Glory; the Lord God of the New Creation

The Final Analysis: Uncovering the Legacy of the High Priest of Korea

In the beginning: a First Analysis

And then revealing: who is writing the Final Script.

Part One: Moon’s Failure to Announce he was John the Baptist at Yankee Stadium in 1976 

    (1.) When Moon’s illness  with pancreatic cancer was thought to be ‘irreversible’, and how he was cured by a young man with remarkable gifts

Part Two: The Proof of the testimony of my servant John, and the revealing of the Origin and Tragedy of the Stolen Blessing of the Unification Church

    (2.)  How the carcase of the young healer who Moon destroyed to save his own life is the sacrificial lamb of My Generation, and how his fate  at the hands of Rev. Moon was finally brought to light, when I learned of it three scant months ago after Moon’s death: from a former Unification Church member, and friend of Gordon Ross.

“…..Where the carcase is; there will the Eagles be gathered…..”

Part One: The Failure of Rev. Moon at Yankee Stadium in 1976 and the Storm that was the Wrath of God for his failure to do so..
             (1.) Rev. Moon and his claim to be the Messiah as the Lamb of God, instead of telling the truth of being His Messenger; John the Baptist, in 1976

              Let us begin in the words of Rev. Moon himself in his book “Divine Principle”, speaking with a certainty that seemed to comprise his last vestige of faith, with these bold words: “the Lord of the Second Advent will never come to die……..“. In dying we have then the proof that Moon was not the Messiah from his own proclamation; but later interpolations reveal that he changed this message to where it was then writ a man could come and die: and still claim to be the Messiah, even though this goes against what is written as well in the Gospel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

But Rev. Moon never believed the entirety of the testimony written in the Gospel of Christ as he thought he knew better, and never went anywhere near the Revelation, except tangentially, and only in a few very small phrases, cherry-picking his way through the Gospel in much the same way. Things he could not explain he either ignored or tried to insinuate that they had been added later to the Gospel, and were therefore false.

But this was not how things were originally when Gordon Ross drove Rev. Moon everywhere, as in the grueling ordeal driving in his old Plymouth Fury, to all 48 states, where they mixed the soil of Korea with that of America; a very important ritual, of which the Hopi Tribe  finally know all the particulars of his “holy sites”, in Moon’s effort to take the land itself: which he later found he could not do: because of the Covenant of the Hopi Tribe with the Great Spirit of the Great God, as the Messengers of  the coming of the Pahana, the True White Brother of My Generation: the Son of Jeanne Lynch, now known as one that Mohammed the Seal called “the Son of Mary”.

Gordon Ross also had another task for Rev. Moon, including taking him to his momentous meeting with former President General Eisenhower.


Gordon Ross June 25, 1965 Washington,

DC New Age Frontiers — July 15, 1965

The problem is that the 4 gospels were so constructed as to be seen as the 4 faces of the Holy Mountain the Gospel is, as that New Earth itself, so that anyone with real faith and the Holy Spirit would come to know the truth of those words beyong a shadow of a doubt. But Rev. Moon became faithless relatively early when he spiritually contracted pancreatic cancer due to his incarceration in the prison labor camp in North Korea and given this spiritual disease by the demons who staffed it, and that this malady was found to exist was due to the profound anger it caused Rev. Moon to manifest at those closest to him, and to accuse and belittle as well, even though they were innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever. Mose Durst was one of these victims. Peter Kim actually had the cancer first, but Howie Comis paid the price….

The condition was found to have advanced to almost total possession by these demonic spirits of anger and sorrow by 1977, the year Aaron Presley died, at the age of 42. At that point Howie was brought into the circle for a healing while unaware of the real malady he was to cure. The ritual rendered by which Peter Kim was cured turned Howie Comis into an almost mental vegetable, paralyzed by the spiritual malice of these demonic spirits of North Korea’s Kim il Sung; the Discarnate Christ of the False Prophet; Karl Marx.

But others were also aware that Rev. Moon had discovered the young man in San Francisco, who God had picked for him to declare as the “little child to lead them”, and to be kept under his wing as the Messenger. All Rev. Moon would have had to do was to reveal he was “the faithful and wise steward / servant” who been made the Messenger as being “put over “the House of God”, set to rule it until his Lord’s return. Had Moon passed the final test Howie would have then become Elijah reborn, and Rev. Moon as Christ.

This dual prophecy is mentioned in both Matthew and Luke; and it prophecy also states that if Rev. Moon had been found awake and aware at his Lord’s return at “the Day and the Hour” he would have been “given all things”. his means he would have gone from the position of the Messenger to that of the Messiah.

I was the one who was sent to the Unification Church, after the Angel was sent to my house in 1986, and then I was given the Seal and sent to see if they were indeed watching for a sign or visitation from my Father Jesus for Rev. Moon.

I wrote a 144 page letter in 1988 and sent it to Jonathan Gullery at HSA-UWC, and spoke to him multiple times; even intimating to him that I had been sent as the “Final Test”  to see of Rev. Moon would respond to my Father’s message; and even though I tried for the next 25 years, I was unable to break through the barrier they erected to keep me and Rev. Moon apart.

Howie Comis had been a young UC member who was found to have a remarkable power, triggered in his reception of the “Divine Principle”, amongst other gifts: but the ability to heal people by taking their illness into his own body and then gradually nullifying it with his growing power of regeneration was met with concern as there were those who thought he might become too powerful if allowed to grow to perfection.

Moon decided to take the life of this man and gave him his own malady of mental disassociation and uncontrollable anger in exchange for his own health, even though the young man was then eventually killed after leaving the church; and thus in finding his own life Moon then lost it, as it was written of him.  

The young man he tricked into healing him by talking the demons into his own body sustained major brain damage and systemic failure bodily; but recovered enough to walk and speak a few garbled words: but he made no sense, and was seen to have become a mental cripple and rendered an almost witless variety of hapless undifferentiated schizophrenia.

But Moon stole the gift of his own powers of healing as the Blessing of the Third Israel; and saved his own life: and let the young healer later wander adrift and abandoned in the streets of New York as a street person in Harlem called “Zebra”, deranged and violently deluded. But Howie had been the one white member who had become one with the Blessing given the Black Christian Race in America

Indeed it was that black soul that had been transformed, by as of the alchemical transmutation of culturally “assimilating” the ‘Manchild in the Promised Land, by paying “the dues” of those Blues they had, the Blues for carrying the Cross in that 430 years of their Bondage in America as their “Egypt”, which began going back to 1500, when Columbus returned after 1492 for the second time, and began at the first with the immediate genocide and total degradation of the Caribbean natives, and then the eventual enslavement of the Native Red Race as well as the imported Black Race.

Yet to the observant another scenario was apparent; as we saw in 1967  on Haight Street, it was the bonding of the Red and the Black Races with My Generation, who were the Youth of the White Race that embraced Dr. Kng and their Just Cause, and joined him to use the Principle of Non-violence and the Right to Protest; as that cultural and spiritual phenomena that produced the  Third Israel, that Nation which rose at Beth-El, and that men called “Woodstock”, as Baptized by that Rain and Thunderstorm there in the 3 Day Separation from Satan at the Global Level.

Meanwhile Rev. Moon ran around the world with his knowledge of the providence of salvation that God had entrusted to him, with which he was to train My Generation with, and after he destroyed that young man went and kept telling everyone he was the Messiah, though very few ever really believed him even after his vainglorious marriage in 1960 to a Korean girl of his own race,  which is when he said he was the Lamb of God. The Unification Church had spiritually died when the young man Howie Comis was robbed of his spiritual gift and his mental health.

When I was informed of these matters by someone who had been in the Unification Church I was dumbfounded. This person was there;  and had seen firsthand what happened when Moon stole the Blessing from My Generation they had inherited from our spiritual First Couple of  Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, who we followed in their and then our bonding with the Black Christian Race, with the idealistic youth then walking wth the black protesters for Civil Rights.

t was seen as we began to protest the Vietnam War and then marching with Dr. King as well as in Whites and Blacks Freedom Riding and protesting segregation and racism, all of which was because we were adopted by Dr. King as America’s very Moses.

At that point I was aghast: but it fit with what Hyo Jin Moon had told me in Bay City when I completed my 40 days in the Wilderness overcoming Satan and three temptation in 2008-2009. Kyle Toffey also knows of this, but refused to later listen to me and my criticism’s of Rev. Moon,  nor could he help me in any way financially, due to his dire circumstances as well.


       (2.) Gordon Ross, Young Oon Kim: and Hyo Jin Moon and his message to me in Bay City in 2009,

 That Rev. Moon knew who was really to have been the one who was intended to be candidate for being his Messenger when and if he had reached the position of the Messiah by receiving the Lord at his return as the Final Test was unknown.

It was the disaster that happened with the Wrath of the Lamb as that reason for the Storm when Rev. Moon did not do as he had promised to God to fulfill the scripture in restoring all things, firstly by announcing he was indeed  John the Baptist Reborn at Yankee Stadium in 1976. This fact is known to only a few elders in the Unification Church, Gordon Ross among them. Gordon left the Church after having been the one who had driven Rev. Moon all over the 48 United States in that old Plymouth Fury in 1965, when Moon was busy preparing ‘sacred grounds’ in each state, where he carefully mixed the soil of Korea with American soil.

But Gordon left when Rev. Moon had Young Oon Kim and others change the truth in the book later known as “Divine Principle” from it’s earlier version, which showed Moon was completing the mission of John the Baptist without any doubt. Gordon Ross felt personally betrayed, as well as many others. But they were met with ostracization and scorn. Yet Rev. Moon could have reached the position of the Messiah had he trusted the Word of my Father Jesus plainly seen in the Gospel of Christ in Matthew and Luke, which Rev. Moon full well knew, but decided to ignore; to his imminent peril and even causing his eventual death

This change is actually the reason that Moon developed the foreground in his death at the age of 93 of pancreatic cancer, as he had adulterated the Word, and so had allowed Satan to invade the new body of John the Baptist. Bo Hi Pak and Moon’s wife, as well as many others knew of this, but they were bought off or shamed and then silenced. And some are dead, like Hyo Jin Moon, who miraculously came to minister to me after my 40 days in the Wilderness, after I had happily overcome Satan’s three temptations, finally ending my 40 days of the Trial in 2009, at Bay City, Michigan. But what he told me was heartbreaking.

His father had stolen the Blessing from the Third Israel,

as Jacob had once stolen it from Esau with Isaac.

Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is "cut off' from the congregation of Israel: forever..."

Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is “cut off’ from the congregation of Israel: forever…”

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers

Crowned himself; as did Napoleon; but an adulterous marriage will not stand before the Son of Man who returns as "the Wrath of the Lamb" to the Unification Church

Crowned himself; as did Napoleon; but an adulterous marriage will not stand before the Son of Man who returns as “the Wrath of the Lamb” to the Unification Church

Gordon Ross had followed Rev. Moon, as well as many others because at that point Rev. Moon was in position as God’s Messenger; but when he changed his testimony and failed to announce he was John the Baptist in 1976 after having met the young man who really was to have been anointed by him as the Messiah Gordon Ross left the Unification Church in disgust. But a few others stayed, to see how things might pan out. The story was shocking and sad to the extreme for me when my worst fears were realized of how what Hyo Jin Moon had told me was correct and accurate when we met in Bay City in 2009, where he appeared to me from the World of Spirits..

The Hopi Indians never knew of this mixing of the soil with that of Korea in 1965, but in the beginning it was to “marry” the soil of America with that of Korea; and only later a tool to try to steal the Sovereignty of the Spirit of America for the Blessing God had shed on us with as His Country.

He met the Messiah of My Generation here in America who had the gift of healing, and could have grown to do much more Moon decided to steal this gift by having this young man cure Peter Kim of his cancer; which turned our Messiah from San Francisco into a vegetable bereft of his senses, and the cancer almost killed him and did considerable damage to his brain and other organs in absorbing Moon’s illness.

The Gospel and Revelation of my Father, the Lord Jesus, was abrogated by Moon in many places.

He considered it a fairytale that meant nothing, just as he believed that my Father Jesus made statement s that meant nothing or could be twisted by our Korean friend into anything he wanted people to believe: but he never realized that God actually had planned on the very course of action he veered off on when he abrogated to himself the title of messiah, and killed the man whose gift of healing actually put him in the position of the actual Messiah of My Generation; from whom Rev. Moon stole the blessing of the Third Israel for himself and Korea; or so he thought.

Later his earlier statements far outweigh what was then written in his name; as here seen in the first testimonial in print in America of which he testified his truth, with these words, on page 365 of that book, to wit;
“…….Therefore, just as Jesus form the time of his coming onwards, had to walk anew on his spiritual course of providence by abandoning the First Israel of God’s summons and by setting up Christians as his second chosen nation, the Lord of the Second Advent, may have to achieve the providential course, substantially, by abandoning the Christians of the second summons, and calling anew the Third Israel, if the Christians should fall into faithlessness. If, at the Second Advent, the heralds, coming with the mission of John the Baptist (John 1:23), to make his way straight should fail in carrying out their mission, just as at the first coming, the Lord of the Second Advent himself must establish substantially the foundation of faith for the third providence of the worldwide restoration of Canaan from the position of John the Baptist, thus having to walk the path of tribulation.
However bitter a way he may walk, the Lord of the Second Advent will never come to die, not fulfilling the providence of restoration, as in the time of Jesus. This is because God’s providence to fulfill His purpose of creation, through the True Parents of mankind, has come down from Adam through Jesus, to the Lord of the Second Advent, and in the third instance, the providence will not fail to be realized. Further, as will be later discussed (cf. Part II, Ch. 6, Sec. IV–532), the spiritual providence of restoration for the 2,000 years after Jesus has achieved the age of democracy in order to create the society beneficial for the providence. Jesus was killed after being branded as a rebel against Judaism, but in the democratic society at the Second Advent, the Lord cannot walk the path of death, even though he may be bitterly persecuted as a heretic.
Therefore, however difficult a way the Lord of the Second Advent may walk, there will gather saints believing and serving him absolutely on the substantial foundation of faith which he will establish; and it will be certain that they will be able to set up the substantial foundation to receive the Messiah by setting up the foundation of substance, for the sake of the substantial course of the third worldwide restoration of Canaan…”.  
Therefore, if the Lord of the 2nd Advent would  ”never come to die” ; then his own death, by his own words; proved that he was not the Messiah.
But the tragedy seen in the Gospel of “the faithful and wise steward” is that he was to have been my Messenger had he been watching for the “return of his Lord”; just as John the Baptist was to have been for my Father Jesus….
For answers about the true reality about the prophetic figure born as Mun Yong-meyong, the “Shining Dragon”, we must first look at North Korea, where Moon was born, when it was partioned in 1948 by Russia and America. At that time it was divided and taken above the 48th parallel for Communism as for the negative Marxist power of the False Prophet Karl Marx; and below it for Democracy as of the positive Idealist power of Rev. Moon who stood as God’s Messenger. Here we define “negative” as “evil” and “positive” as “good”, unlike in Rev. Moon’s book “Divine Principle” which defines “negativity” as “feminine” and “positivity” as “masculine”; saying “positivity and negativity together is the Word”. This was the first of many mistakes in his book, even after he had Young Oon Kim change it so that he no longer claimed the position of John the Baptist as the Priest or Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts, as was written originally, but decided he was now the Messiah the Prince; and got married in 1960 claiming to be the Lamb of God.
Even in saying “masulinity is positivity” and “femininity is negativity” they still would never be “the Word”, as this was based upon Moon’s incorrect assertion that God was composed of male and female characteristics; which is an utterly false statement. God as a Spirit has that Uncreated side which we could call “The Father”, and with a loving Heart that we could indeed say is that of “a Mother” in Essence; but even this is far from accurate, being a rather general universalization about His Nature that does not even come close to equalling the Truth of Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God whose 7 fold Unity is that of the 7 Spirits of God. Rev. Moon never even came close to understanding the Holy Spirit, claiming it was a female spirit and married to jesus as his bride; all of which completely confused everyone because so much of what Mr. Moon wrote about the providence of salvation was completely accurate. How then did he depart so radically from the Truth?
To answer this we would have to understand how John the Baptist could have been given the Word of God in the Wilderness; but when he finally met the Lamb he never followed him, said he was not Elijah even though the Lamb of God said he was, and then entirely doubted him, and even accused him of being a fraud, when he had his two disciples ask him ,

“Are ye the One? Or do we look for another?”.

Since everyone held John to be a prophet, it is the fact that he ended up ‘cut asunder’ like our “faithful and wise steward” Rev. Moon simply because he did not rightfully answer the Pharisees and claim he was Elijah, and never did minister to Jesus as his Chief Apostle and follower as he was specifically born, and by miraculous means: to have done exactly that very thing. John was even named “John” for Jonathan, David’s best friend, which was exactly how close John the Baptist and Jesus the Son of man were to have been. For the quick in understanding it is clear that John, the beloved disciple, was the one who reached the position of Jonathan; not John the Baptist.
But Rev. Moon did write in his book that John the Baptist failed his mission: badly.
Just like Rev. Moon; whose body substituted for John’s to “restore all things”, starting with the position of the Messenger Elijah. He changed his book, and his doctrine substantially, culminating in his debacle in 1976 at Yankee Stadium, when he was supposed to have announced he WAS John the baptist; but did not. At thst Point God in Jis Wrath destroyed all the celebratory designs and ornaments in the stadium because rev. Moon had statred to leave his position; and to deny the person who he was supposed to have embraced as the Messiah. But Moon had other plans. He decided to accept Bo Hi Pak as John the Baptist: which he was not, and from thence to claim he was the Messiah: which he was not even close to having become.
His earlier attempts to confuse this issue of the positions of Messiah and Messenger can be seen in his book “Divine Principle”; where he tries to state that Jesus died in the position of John the Baptist, and never completed any of the duties of the Messiah.
Apparently he forgot that my Father Jesus came into Zion riding on a holy mount “on whom never a man had sat”: on what came to be known as Palm Sunday: with Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead. lazarus was thus standing in place to testify to Jesus as th messiah directly inplace of John the Baptist; who should have been the one going before him proclaiming he was the Messiah. But Lazarus was just as effective as John to believe for most people: and could testify personally; and did.
That is when the Pharisees and scribes; the businessmen and lawyers of that day; decided that Lazarus had to die too; as Jesus was converting even more people to his side because everyone could see the living miracle of a very dead man raised to life in plain sight.

Rev. Moon then compounded John’s error by never restoring him, and then adopting his accusation from Satan of Mary sleeping with Zacharias to create the Lamb: and many other errors, all which led to his imprisonment for tax evasion and eventual death, having by then wasted his entre life by trading his gift and calling in amassing an obscene amount of wealth. John also was imprisoned for voicing an unwise accusation and later died in the palace of Herod. In hindsight it can be seen that Rev. Moon walked John’s path exactly, and Rev. Moon never did bond with my Father Jesus, considering him a failure because he never married and had children. I will also answer this falsehood in perspective and doctrine as well.

This entire question of Rev. Moon as John the Baptist and the denial of my Father Jesus and his mission will be looked at after I explain where and in what areas of his revelation that Rev. Moon was first entirely correct, so that we do not “throw the shiny baby of uncovered truth, out with the lukewarm bathwater of dirty falsity”.

                                                         “He visited the country in 1991 to meet then-president Kim Il-Sung”. – AFP

Kim Il Sung and "the Shining Dragon": his North Korean brother, Mun Yong-meyong

The Discarnate Christ of Korea, Kim Il Sung and “the Shining Dragon”: his North Korean brother and Messenger, Mun Yong-meyong

The Divine Islam of the 144,000 Consecrated Virgins of the Altar of Christ:

……. no wine and no women …….

and singing “The Song of the Lamb”

                               Islamic term; “Sirat al-Mustaqim” means the straight path of God in Islam, and refers to a narrow path (thinner then a string of hair) 3,000 miles long that the souls of the dead must cross on the judgment day to reach heaven. (  3,000 miles as from the East Coast to the West Coast in “a flash of Lightning”  )
In one version of the tale, the souls of the virtuous are helped to navigate it because their good deeds turn into ‘a white horse’ they can ride to the end.”
( The White Horse is ‘Kalki’ as Maitreya returns, the Virgin of the Ganges, as the spirit as the Holy River.
We have the Cosmic Israel as the Holy Mount of the Lord of the Second Advent: Lord Ishvara; the Holy One,
the Redeemer of the 300 Million Untouchables in India, as their part of joining the Cosmic Third Israel ,
with Maitreya as their Shepherd; with the name of the final 10th avatar of Vishnu: KALKI )

The Seal of the Commandment is the Crown of the Altar

“…..Self Interest blinds some men;……but helps others to see the Light…..”
de la Rochefoucauld
"Dividing even Between the Soul and the Spirit"
“Dividing even Between the Soul and the Spirit”
This is because I am the Path; even as the Lamb was the Way, the Truth and the Life; thus at Proverbs 4:18;

“For the Path of the Just is as a growing light,

shining more and more unto a Perfect Day”.

Rochefoucauld said “Death and the Sun are two things that no man can outstare…”
thus showing us the Sun is the Face of Death; but my Father Jesus did outstare that face,,,,

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