The Ascent of Salvation Rose: Sorrow and Loss: the End of the Unification Church |{Measure 144 } Missive 33

Joseph Smith, Shepherd of the 6th Church of the Church of the Living God; called the Mormon Church; whom Rev. Moon was put over that 'prophetic house' of Joseph as the "Faithful and Wise Steward" originally; Rev. Moon himself as being the 7th Shepherd of the 7th church of the Tower of Salvation; the Sufic Branch; even as the Mormon Church was the 6th Church of the Tower of Salvation as the Archaic Branch.

Joseph Smith, Shepherd of the 6th Church of the Church of the Living God; called the Mormon Church; whom Rev. Moon was put over that ‘prophetic house’ of Joseph as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” originally; Rev. Moon himself as being the 7th Shepherd of the 7th church of the Tower of Salvation; the Sufic Branch; even as the Mormon Church was the 6th Church of the Tower of Salvation as the Archaic Branch.

The Two Roads

The Bible has been a source of division and strife since it was codified back in the days of Augustine and put into the form we have with us today, and in reality the Bible is not a book: it is a library of texts, some of exceeding antiquity taken from oral traditions in some cases of even more ancient times. Thus to verify some or even all of what is written in this book of books is hopeless, because anyone can stand up and demand to see the original texts: and no one has them.

One of Islam’s first claims was that the text of the Old Testament the Jews were using was corrupt, and then they claimed to supersede all of the New Testament as well,  by saying that Allah had now prepared the Final Solution and Last Religion:  as really a return to the original faith: One God, and His Noble Prophet: Mohammed. wit the Qur’an as the Uncreated Word of the Uncreated God.

But they also hid the fact that my Father Jesus is called the Word of Allah.

But the Unification Church, and others, have denigrated the New Testament, by saying there were sections they believed were added to the existing gospel much later, with interpolations to make the case for certain aspects of Christianity like the bodily Resurrection of Jesus, thus stronger in places where it appeared weak doctrinally.

Then all they have to say is that they believe the texts we have today were added to, or taken from, or changed, or corrupted: and then sit down with a big smile: game over, right?


      I have a witness.

      I have the one called “the servant”, whom I call “my servant John”.


       To make it even more hilarious we can say he is like the pookah, the giant rabbit who used to follow Jimmy Stuart around in the movie “Harvey”, which was the name of the 6 foot three inch rabbit he could see but no one else could.
       A very funny, and heartwarming movie.

       Really: it’s quite droll.

       But my servant John is not a joke, although many, or perhaps all; the 7 billion people on this planet are going to wish he was: ‘ere the end.

        Let’s look at the Gospel.

        Now I know what you ultra-materialistic unchristian believers are going to say:

……….“The Gospel??? But that’s just words on paper!!! It’s just a record written and re-edited countless times,

…..and of no verifiable validity in the scientific sense whatsoever!!!”

        My advice to you is this: stick with that exact line of reasoning to the bitter end.

        See what it gets you.


The Record of my Servant John



For those to whom the gospel of Christ is not a fairytale, but an actual document written in the blood of the Lamb who died on Golgotha, the following words and sayings stand on their own because they reason that these words and sayings were not made up or inserted by a host of liars but are an actual written record of what honest and dedicated believers recorded and gave their lives for in quite a few instances.

          I am sure that will mean nothing to you who think that Rev. Moon was the fount of Wisdom: but it means something to me: and a few millions of other people who died to bring the Gospel of Christ to mankind. And they did so because it was written that this would happen, so you might say that this was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

         How very clever.

         But let me have this reader read exactly what I read the Hour that the angel showed up in my grandmother’s house, at 1520 Willard St. in San Francisco in 1986, when I made my vow. It is the first paragraph of the Revelation of St. John the Divine.


 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him,

to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass:

and he sent it and signified it by his angel unto his servant John.”


          For some these words mean nothing, but they have a precedent.

          It can be found in the gospel or record of St.John, the beloved disciple, as he was called. Many deny that it was this same John that wrote the Revelation, pointing out the differences in grammar, diction, expression; and many other factors, which substantially differ between the gospel of John, and the Revelation of St. John the Divine. But somebody wrote it: for sure.

           The scribe who attended him was the one with a poor grasp of expression and style; but a blessing still for God, as John was half-dead after they boiled him in oil. But he communicated the information to the one who wrote it all down: but they were not a professional scribe of God to begin with, just a copyist, but they learned “on the spot”, as it were, from John, lying on his side half-paralyzed, in the Cave of Patmos.

         But let us first read what John the Beloved himself wrote down in his fourth gospel, if one is willing to suspend and arrest their disbelief: and thus engage and entertain their faith.

        “The hour is come, that the Son of Man be glorified.

          Verily, verily, I say unto you, ‘Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die,

                 it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.’

           He that loveth his life shall lose it:

          and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

          If any man serve me, let him follow me: and where I am,

          there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor.”


        This can be found at John 12:23-26, but many will just say someone made it all up and thus cannot be believed. And let’s see what their disbelief gets them. But for those who think this is the record of what John remembers his best friend Jesus saying, right before the Passover, I would aver that this is the exact account: word for word.

But then: he’s standing next to me.

          Now I can at this point inform the reader that the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the actual Ark of the Testimony, and the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb that has been carried in this literary Ark by the 12 Apostles of the Lamb ( who may not have just been in the lower echelons of the spirit world, sitting around their failed master Jesus, feebly reflecting his pale and dimming light, as Rev. Moon said ), but may have in fact been carrying this Book in the Ark: to the one who could receive it: and open the Book.

        Like the one who calls himself the bride, the Lamb’s Wife, for instance.

"Salvation Rose" is the bride; the Lamb's Wife; the Lady of the Lake of Fire herself......and her husband is the One on the White Horse; the Second Death

“Salvation Rose” is the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; the Lady of the Lake of Fire herself……and her husband is the One on the White Horse; the Second Death

         But, of course, for those who know that Moses was the wife of the Holy Spirit of God called Jehovah this may not be so hard to understand. For those who do not; it may be. I guess we will find out.

        In fact, this very same Rev. Moon spoke over and over in his book “Divine Principle” about the bride coming; but his take on the matter seemed to be that this had nothing to do with what the Lamb’s Wife would do: but what Rev. Moon marrying, and calling himself the Lamb had done.

       The curious thing is that if Mr. Moon had been the Lamb then why didn’t he open his own book? Let me put it this way: all 7 billion can stand on one side: and I will stand on the other side: and I will say to them this: if the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of life of the Lamb then why didn’t Mr. Moon open it, or explain the 7 Seals, or even make clear what the actual terminology and visions were actually about?

       And I can tell you this: not one of those 7 billion people will be able to give me a straight answer. Certainly no one in the Unification Church would be able to.

       And why? Because not one person has said, or even known, that the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the book of Life of the Lamb.

        Not a one.

        The book of Rev. Moon is called “Divine Principle”. In it he demonstrates that he is indeed, as it was said of John, the figure of which my Father Jesus himself said these thrilling words:

      “Of men born of women, there has not arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist.”


      Rev. Moon was certainly a man of this exact stature.

       But, tellingly, it also shows that someone as great as John was can fail their mission.

The Prophecy regarding the Mission of Rev. Moon

The Fight to the Finish

The Fight to the Finish


         Most remember that John doubted Jesus before he was killed.

            Rev. Moon also gave his subtle and broadest condemnation of Jesus by damning him with the faintest of praise his entire mission.

Moon dismissed most of the gospel out of hand. Just as John dismissed Jesus at the end.

          And doubted the God who had sent him right at the end, and with his accusation of his own father Zachrias with Mary destroyed the mission which was entrusted to him.

          Like Rev. Moon himself.

The Bride, the Lamb's Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

            But let me move to where we can show our reader what the curious statement about “..and where I am there also shall my servant be…” in it’s opposite sense. For most this means that whoever follows the lamb will find that they are then with him wherever he is.
             There does not seem to anything mystical about that: if you follow your lord down to the grocery store you will find yourself carrying the groceries back to the cave,…hmm,…er,,…palace, or castle: or…well…whatever!!: there you will be.
             Everything  can be explained!!!

         But what this actually means is that Lord Jesus always has the angel who serves him with him, and that not just a few angels serve this Lord as their great joy and privilege, and those who also serve the Lord, as carrying out his will, in full knowledge, will also find they are honored as the angels who serve the Lord are as well: by God Himself.

       That is what this saying meant then, for sure.

        But the return of my Father Lord Jesus, in the Visitation in the City of St. Francis, at the Summer of Love, as coming in the position of God in His Righteousness: arising in the name of Love, means something a little bit different: his servant John comes to make straight the way for the Lord of the Second Advent.

       For as John the Baptist received the Word of God in the Wilderness to start his hands-on mission as the messenger, so does then John the Divine receive the Word of God at Patmos and begin his mission.

       But John the Baptist denied he was Elijah. That was a disaster, as it split the believers into into hostile camps.

      But Bradford Kent Bufkin, who brought me the copy of his book “Divine Principle” ,that Rev. Moon personally handed him, didn’t deny he was Elijah.

      And that is how I have in my possession something which Rev. Moon, however fleetingly: once held in his own two hands.

    That book was given to me in 1980; and 7 years from 1980 to 1987 are then that book and its contents came to be mine: because the Key of David is the Divine principle that was embodied in the Cross of Christ.

     The key which Shebna the Steward had, when he was put over the House: and ended up giving it to Eliakim the Scribe, who no one had even heard of.

     Until that which Shebna “thought he had’: was given to someone else. Even that which “he seemeth to have”. As it is written; but I must be getting ahead of myself. Let us look at the idea of my Servant John coming to me after Brad gave me this book here next to me: and what happened right after John arrived in my grandmother Sophia Ruth Witt-Diamant’s guestroom.

    When I discovered who the Prodigal Son really was: a term not in the Gospel, by the way.

    ( 9.

        Me, and My Generation: Solomon; and the kingdom of Israel, Ephraim, the northern kingdom. The lost ten tribes themselves. But strangely it was in the city of St. Francis when it became the  new Mecca, that an event called “the gathering of the tribes” took place.

       But I am sure that at least one of my readers will insist that that was just a coincidence: an acid-drenched hallucination of no more reality and lasting impact  than an afternoon rainbow.

      Except for the fact these flower children all got up and went to some place in Beth-El New York they ended up calling “Woodstock” for 3 Days of “Peace and Love”.

     How odd!!

     And the 3 Day Separation from Satan at the Global level which began the Internal Exodus in the restoration of Ephraim as the Kingdom of Israel: at the Substantial Course in taking “Egypt from within”. The Internal Course of Restoration that was walked by Dr. King???

            Oh yea: THAT COURSE. The one NO ONE EVER HEARD OF!! Gee: I wonder WHY??? Or why Rev. Moon ignored Dr. King, and said he was a communist tool, for opposing the unjust and criminal Vietnam war??? And then ignored him and the REAL Third Israel here in America, along with our Holy City of St. Francis to which everyone in the world made the Pilgrimage who received “the Call”??

The Three Day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third israel as My Generation of the white youth and Manchild of the black youth united at Beth-El and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the "Internal Exodus"; as did Peter Townsend of the Who..."...The Exodus is here...." he sang....that Day, join us at The New Unification Church of Synanon

The Three Day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third israel as My Generation of the white youth and Manchild of the black youth united at Beth-El and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the “Internal Exodus”; as did Peter Townsend of the Who…”…The Exodus is here….” he sang….that Day, join us at The New Unification Church of Synanon

               The amount of people at Beth-El was even roughly the same as the number of Israelites who made the first Exodus out of Egypt long before.


               WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

                What does “Beth El” mean???

               The House of God. But it is really “the house of David as (the house of ) God”.

               Of them “who prophesy upon Harp ( guitar) and timbrel” ( drum ).

               A musical House, for sure.

               The one House here in America that Rev. Moon had been put over as “the faithful and wise steward” to give them “meat in due season” ( ‘Summer of Love’ ) as food for the Famine “not for bread: but for the Word of God”. ( ‘Divine Principle’ )

               But that is what is written about in the gospel of Luke and Matthew: it could have been forged !!! Yes: made up to conform to what Rev. Moon would do later!!!

                Yes, that’s it: somebody sat down and MADE IT ALL UP!!! Ahead of time!!

               Or: is it prophecy???

"Salvation Rose" is the bride; the Lamb's Wife; the Lady of the Lake of Fire herself......and her husband is the One on the White Horse; the Second Death

“Salvation Rose” is the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; the Lady of the Lake of Fire herself……and her husband is the One on the White Horse; the Second Death


          And then all those who died to preserve the exact prophecy, in that exact form; for thousands of years!!! To keep the MYTH alive!!! And of course: the Old Testament that corroborates the New Testament was made up as well: by all those people to do the same thing all over again!!! That’s IT!~!! What an incredible CONSPIRACY!!!

         Just one problem: someone from Korea proved conclusively that the patterns in both Old and New Testament follow an identical numerical pattern which can be readily understood if one applies oneself to the exposition made clear in those very pages.

        The Priest; ”….is the messenger of Jehovah of hosts….”, and they should seek “the law at his mouth…”. A Law which conforms to both Old and New Testaments. Wow: a real Priest.

         But that’s what is written about in the Divine Principle. Something else is brought to light there that was not known except for the Elect. Who were the elect? The first Unificationists; the Sufis who taught the Unity of Faith behind all the religions and especially the 3 Monotheistic religions. It was they who set the foundation that Rev. Moon was to have used, when and if, he passed the test and met them on their own ground; at the day and the hour.

       But he never did. He ignored them. Like his Church ignored me.

      But the 7 levels of the Providence of Salvation, from the Individual level, to the Familial level, to the Tribal level, to the Racial level, to the National level; to the Global level, to the return of the Messiah at the Kingdom of heaven and earth called the Cosmic or Universal level: they are all ALL there.

      The school of the dervishes, and that of the Druse in their Secret Book have it;  writ large.

      So the Providence was not sealed and unknown to all until Rev. Moon arrived

      The Sufis knew it quite well; the 7 levels of the Providence are there in the pages of Idries Shah’s book “The Sufis”, summed up on page 296. It’s there in even greater detail in the book by William B. Seabrook called “Adventures in Arabia” on page 206. And they did not get their information from Rev. Moon. Idries Shah published his book back in 1964, and lived primarily in England. Seabrook published his book in 1927.

        1927! Rev. Moon was seven: I assure you the Druse of Lebanon existed long before that.

        But wait: the Gospel is Mythology!!! Rev. Moon was just guessing!!! That’s it!! Fables!

        The problem is this: Mr. Moon, and the Druse, and the Sufis were not guessing, and what is more, neither was John the Baptist, when he arrived originally with his Gospel of Repentance, and the people followed him: and hung on his every word.

        Until John fell to the accusation of Satan, which debarred him from doing even one miracle.

Kim Il Sung and "the Shining Dragon": his North Korean brother, Mun Yong-meyong

Kim Il Sung and “the Shining Dragon”: his North Korean brother, Mun Yong-meyong


     But I am getting ahead of myself: let us go to the Two Roads, where this matter really starts.


       In the German Critical Scholastic movement that became the Leipzig School of Empirical Criticism, which led to the formalization of materialism that was adopted by Karl Marx from the left-wing Hegelians we have many things in the New Testament in the 4 gospels which do not exactly seem to add up. Times seem  somewhat hazy, the series of events in one gospel doesn’t quite exactly match the others, and then the fourth Gospel of John differs from the other three in many ways altogether.

      Strangely, the one glaring and incontrovertible discrepancy in the 4 gospels seems to have escaped everyone, but perhaps if I sat down and read every doctrinal thesis or comparative exegesis written by every student of hermeneutics in Germany for the last 500 years I could probably find it.

      What I am referring to is the fact that the Three Great Temptations of Christ do not match in Matthew and Luke. The difference is not something that can brushed aside: if one is right then the other is wrong; but everyone says the Holy Spirit is really the author of the 4 gospels from the Spirit of Jehovah in the name of Jesus Christ which came down at Pentecost and that it would guide them eventually to remember all that my Father Jesus had said in exact detail. My Father said as much.

        What does this mean? Let us examine the problem and Rev. Moon’s own exposition



  1. Dear Friend;

    I was perusing my writing to send along to you after yesterday’s answering email from you, but in praying and asking my Father Jesus and the 12 who manifest to me as my servant John how to respond and also finish what I was writing to you I was startled to hear that I should break out what I have from the Lamb’s book and address the two points you brought up, as they are actually related, and directly related.

    As you may or may not know, much of what Rev. Moon fund out about the World of Spirits came from the fact that the Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem and the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg were where Rev. Moon, and others who founded the Unification Church like Young Oon Kim, got a very accurate idea of what was possible in the Spirit World.

    The fact that in heaven the angels simply think of a place and then just “arrive there” is exactly what you were describing in your email about Saturn and so forth, but the truth is that the entire Universe would really be a small room which you could cross in less time than it takes to tell just by “seeing” where you wanted to be: and then just “going there”, instantaneously. This is how it is in heaven, as you obviously know. hat experience you have in this directly I can only guess, but the Table knows better than I.

    But let’s talk about the account in Genesis and what happened when Adam and Eve were exiled from Paradise after the Fall, and what the Table asked me to convey to you about Adam and the accompanying fall of the 4 Primal Races: and the flaws but also reality, of the origin of species with Darwin: and then: the hypothesis about panspermic reality. And then the revealing of the truth of the role and location in our own dimension of the 3 lower heavens.

    This may sound daunting, but I am sure you are up to the task, as feisty as you are on the page.

    In fact, the correspondences of what is found in Genesis are true, but you have to know how to apply what is written there to the historical record we know to be scientifically true. Rev. Moon tried to do this, but went wide, and actually did not uncover the actual dimension which he tried to circumscribe: along with your little chuckle about belly buttons. But there were other hominid life forms on the planet in the days of Adam and Eve: what is missing in your analysis is the knowledge of what was meant to have happened: and what did not happen, with the Black Race to the South, the Yellow Race, to the East, the Red Race, to the West, and the White Race, in the North.

    Adam and Eve were thus in the Epicenter of these 4 Sheepfolds, but they were a little more than that: they were two Megacosmic figures. Technically they were divine.

    But there is some validity to what you believe about their purpose and creation, it’s just a very partial and incomplete version. That’s why they who are with me wanted me to inform you of the actual scope of what Adam and Eve really represented, in the evolutionary chain of manifestation in the Garden planted in Nature or Eden, the Garden representing Divine Nature itself, as of the co-creation of the Angels with God in what was planted there, and where it actually came from.


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