Eden and Nature, the Garden of Divine Nature: Part II, The Bread of God | {Measure 144} Missive 38

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

( Continued Post from Missive 37 )
Dear Friends of God;
Now let us see where Darwin himself gave up trying to explain how man went from primitive hunter-gatherer to a state of an advanced Civilization, comparatively, in a few generations. This is by the scientist Francis Crick.
“….Francis Crick, 1981, pg. 117]
This may seem a wide departure from the mainstream for a man who is credited with being the co-discoverer of the shape of the DNA molecule, however Crick’s treatment of this topic was mostly from a rigorous, scientific perspective. He did not delve into history’s mysteries but into a variety of scientific topics including the nature of DNA and RNA as well as what was then known about when life originated on earth. “The earliest traces of life we can detect at the present time are found associated with rocks dated to about 3.6 billion yeas ago…but the fossil record, formed by simple animals whose hard parts have been preserved, is only 0.6 billion years old.” (1)
In his book Crick pointed out that it took the simplest, single cell organisms about 1.4 billion years to evolve. The next decisive step up in complexity to multicellular organisms took almost 2 billion years more. Mammals appeared on the scene about 200 million years ago and complexity took a quantum leap. It would seem that the process of biological evolution on the earth is counter-intuitive….”

Now let us look a little deeper at the flaws Darwin himself admitted. But let us see where he agrees with Darwin first.

“….We would expect that it should have taken a shorter time period for the simplest life forms to evolve and much longer for the most complex organisms yet mammals took only a fraction of the time to develop compared to the earliest and simplest organisms.
We have to keep in mind that the book was published more than 20 years ago, decades before the Human Genome Project (HGP) finished decoding the DNA blueprint. However, at the time one of the central mysteries that puzzled Crick was “Such an astonishing degree of uniformity was hardly suspected as little as forty years ago.” (2) He was referring to findings that showed that all living things use the same four-letter DNA language to transmit genetic information. This seemed to point to the probability that all life on earth arose from one very primitive population, which developed the singular, genetic code.
At that time it was believed that the human gene count, and that of other higher animals, would naturally be greater than the lower plant and animal species. It was also assumed that humans had branched of from the great apes but no one specifically singled out the chimp. Both of those assumptions were based upon a Darwinian view. However, the HGP and other more recent studies have shown those predictions were incorrect.
The human gene count turned out to be less than the rice genome and only double that of the lowly roundworm and Homo sapiens DNA is 98.5 percent the same as the chimpanzee. These results surprised and mystified mainstream scientists.
The HGP did confirm that all of life is very closely related on the genetic level and we can accurately refer to earth’s biological system as the ‘Genetic Tree of Life’.
 Crick alluded to the underlying issue raised by this finding with the following statement:
 “We see, then, that one way to approach the origin of life is to try to imagine how this remarkable uniformity first arose.”
(3) The question is how could the primordial earth have randomly synthesized the first nucleic acids or proteins from the chemical soup that existed billions of years ago?
 It might appear that the recent genetic findings support Darwinism, the theory that life originated on earth through blind chance. On the surface it would seem that the very uniformity that the genetic code displays argues for life originating on this planet on its own.
 However, that is not necessarily the case; the scenario poses problems. For starters, if Nature was operating via a long series of random events that eventually clicked and produced simple one-celled organisms, why weren’t there a variety of these random combinations that resulted in numerous DNA codes instead of a single branching genetic tree?……..
The problem is that even though we have almost 90 per cent of the DNA of a chimp is that humans don’t look like them  Let us take a look at George Raft in a three-piece suit.
Doesn’t look much like a chimpanzee. But at least you don’t think nature did it all by blind chance like the Marxists and staunch atheists.
Let’s look at the findings of Crick, to wit;
“……It can be argued that the very uniformity of the genetic language seems to imply that this process had been tested and packaged before on some other planet and then transplanted to the earth.
The one-pass-through success of life on our planet would seem to indicate that a high degree of intelligence and bio-engineering was involved because whoever conducted it bet everything on one roll of the dice, a single genetic pathway as if on a sure thing. A purely random process should have produced at least several genetic lines with varying bases and languages in order to insure that one would succeed….’
Crick later posed the following question:
“…… Can we marshal any convincing evidence which might support or refute Directed Panspermia? One possible line of evidence is contained within the organisms we have today. In spite of the great variety of molecules and chemical reactions produced by evolution, there are certain features, which appear common to all living things. We can begin to piece together the family trees of certain molecules – transfer RNA molecules, for example -…the one feature, which is so invariant that it immediately attracts attention. This is the genetic code…
This would not be surprising if there were an obvious structural reason for the details of the code; if certain amino acids had necessarily to go with certain codons because, for example, their shapes neatly fitted together. It seems most improbable…that all the details of the code were decided by purely chemical reasons…One is mildly surprised that several versions of the code did not emerge.”
This is a telling observation. Then he says this;
“……(4)  He later summed up his interpretation of the evidence:
….. “The fact that the code is so uniform lends a small measure of support for Directed Panspermia.”
(5) Crick also pointed to the element molybdenum, which is more abundant in living things than it is in rocks, as another support for extraterrestrial intervention. Stronger evidence in support for Directed Panspermia came in the fossil record.
According to Crick his theory predicted that microorganisms should appear suddenly, “without any evidence of prebiotic systems or very primitive organisms.”
(6) This, in fact, is what the fossil record shows and we would suspect if an advanced civilization had suddenly decided it was time to ‘seed’ the earth.
Directed Panspermia offers a better explanation for the gaps in the fossil record since ‘missing links’ could have existed solely on the ‘sender’ planet and never on earth.
Darwinism is actually crushed by the ‘missing links’ problem.
 Crick raised another very good point about the sudden emergence of a type of blue-green algae dated to a very early time in the life of the earth. The problem for mainstream evolutionists is explaining how this primitive plant evolved to a fully formed stage so quickly.
This would suggest that the plant went through an earlier evolution on a planet similar to earth and was transplanted here by a technically advanced civilization.
Crick’s theory could also explain the abrupt appearance of flowering plants (angiosperms) and the lack of transitional species in the fossil record between the primitive non-flowering plants (gymnosperms) and the angiosperms.
Darwin referred to this gap as the “abominable problem”.
 From the above we can see that the mechanisms of Directed Panspermia pass some basic scientific criteria in several regards, the available evidence conforms to its predictions and it appears to explain some phenomena better than currently accepted theories…..’
Behold! The Tabernacle of God!

Behold! The Tabernacle of God!

I am not one who holds with an alien race coming here to begin life as does classic panspermic theory, as with Von Daniken’s “Chariot of the Gods” scenarios. But the ”abominable problem” of Darwin’s theory, is precisely because what Adam and Eve were to have done was to have catapulted the 4 Primal races into “a great evolutionary jump ahead”, into what would have been very advanced technologically, and far superior to even what we have now, not the brutal world we had before the last 500 years of discovery as our divine nature began to reappear.
As you may recall, in heaven one can manifest almost anything just by thinking of it, as the angels do.
We are far from that here, but it was where we should have been after only 21 years, in a time continuum in nearby Eden where we were under a specific Commandment of the Garden,  so we would not make a mistake and leave Eternity as God’s Presence, while we were still able to be tempted, and get “stuck” there; but that’s exactly what occurred.
We did not pass the “test”, even though it happened cause the serpent broke the truce on the Sabbath, and did not wait until God had returned as he had promised. So let’s look at what you said, to wit;

God told them that the day they ate of the tree, they would die. They ate but did not die. Their death was metaphorical, spiritual.

These stories were written, supposedly by Moses, 4,000 years ago. Metaphor, symbols and parables were widely used to convey lessons. Jesus taught with parables.
But this is not what had really been the case, as what God told Adam was not a parable or metaphor: it was a dire promise: period.
The problem is that Adam had not exactly broken the commandment in the way God had said 
What he had done was “spilled” a little amount of seed by accident.
About a third of what he had, actually.
But the Archangel didn’t want to take the chance of letting Azrael kill Adam for breaking the Covenant for just a third of the seed; and being scared of making a mistake, he “stopped” everything from happening: by invoking the Power of God. He commanded Azrael to spare Adam.
Thus the Fall also involved the flawed judgment of the Archangel in charge  as well, Archangel stopped Azrael from killing Adam on the spot by exercising “the Mercy of God“, which he could do because he was in charge on the Throne.
Normally only God could have exercised this option.
This is where we get the origin of the Devil claiming to be the ‘father of mankind’: by exercising this act of Mercy was really due to his confusion in the face of some situation he was caught off guard by. Eve was still a virgin: a satanic virgin, actually, but Adam had the responsibility as God gave him the Word directly, which Adam had given Eve, but then and then he also added “neither touch it”, which was then “the Law.” as an extra addition to God’s word.
So his temporary solution was to hit the “panic button” to stop Azrael the Angel of Death from killing Adam, which he could do while sitting on the Throne; as “God”
 And this was false mercy, and the “thunderbolt” of Zeus/ Azazyel as the “fallen Strength of God’ was that he NULLIFIED the WORD OF GOD thereby, when God said “the day thou eatest thou will surely die”. SURELY. But now: it hadn’t happened. THIS was the disaster.
THIS is why the serpent said to EVE when he tempted her: ”…..You won’t die…”.because he knew that touching it would not kill Eve, as Adam had said to her.
 So when she touched it and didn’t die she then did not really  believe anything Adam had told her.
This was the mistake of Adam the serpent took advantage of. What he added to the Word of God was actually not true…it was really due to Adam loving Eve a little TOO much by “adding” the “extra insurance” of telling her to “not even touch the phallus” or she would die, so she would be safe.
But this was really the major problem of adding something to the Word that is not absolutely true, that the serpent then took inmmediate advantage of when he betrayed God by breaking the Sabbath before God returned..
Because he also knew the Archangel wanted Adams position, and the serpent wanted Adam’s wife Eve for himself, as he represented the creature who symbolized the phallus of the Archangel, who really was jealous of Adam.
Thus the Archangel was also being tested and tempted by God when He put him on the Throne, and vanished on the Sabbath for His “Day of Rest.”
This has not been known.
 But if you look at the “faithful and wise steward” in Luke and Matthew, who was Rev. Moon, you will see that he was “put over the house” as in charge of the providence in America until God returned.
Same situation all over again: but now you know why.
Adam’s death wasn’t going to be “a metaphor”, I can tell you that. But it became one because what the Archangel ended up nullifying the Will of God: and this is why God had Jesus take the Cross after John failed to embody the Seal by believing his mother over the accusation of the Devil of why Jesus was born nine months after Mary came to the house.
John failed to reach the Power of Elijah to perform miracles by being defiled internally against the Holy Spirit: by falling to the Lie of Satan about Zacharias and Mary, as in Paradise the Desire of God was fulfilled but not His Will, so Jesus had to perform God’s Will, but certainly not fulfill His Desire.
Thus Mr. Moon also believing Satan over John’s mother Elisabeth’s own testimony that Mary was already “the mother of my Lord” when she walked into the Door: because she entered the house “already pregnant”. Moon doubted this, and that is the reason he, like John, is dead.
But now, at least, you have some real information.
The Cross of Jerusalem; when the City of St. Francis became the New Mecca; as Mecca had once become the New Jerusalem: even as Jerusalem was the New Salem...this is my City Not Forsakenthat as the Third Israel's "New Jerusalem"

The Cross of Jerusalem; when the City of St. Francis became the New Mecca; as Mecca had once become the New Jerusalem: even as Jerusalem was the New Salem…this is my City Not Forsakenthat as the Third Israel’s “New Jerusalem

The food that was planted in the Garden was the Rice, Barley, Wheat and Corn and Rye, and this was what came forth with Eve which now had to be cultivated with sweat and tears, as the earth was now ‘inhospitable’ an did not bring forth easily, because God cursed the earth itself, as of the fallen nature Adam and Eve now represented.
So your knowledge now comes to the matter of lower heavens, and the star systems in which these grains were originated, as the government of each world was the way in which the organs in the Body of Adam were to actually perform, in digesting and metabolizing the food. These star systems are thus “the lower heavens” in that we share this dimension with those who can “appear here” in craft, just by “thinking” of it, basically.
Their propulsion units are for dealing with our gravity once they get here to observe us. Glenn Emery had two encounters with women who told him these flying saucers were of God and Satan locked in mortal combat; but the truth is that Satan does not want us to know there are sentient worlds of beings basically angelic, watching over us in our own dimension.
Thus we have “flying saucers”.
But they are from the Constellations known to the ancients where we got the grains planted in the Garden, and others as well, now even less understood.
That is why the Crop circles and such phenomena happen: the origin itself of these grains was that of our neighbors in the lower three heavens, in nearby outer space; under the firmament as in our own “threshold of consciousness”; the three heavens above the Firmament being as the upper heavens, along with the Crystal of the “Crystalline Primum’ or Heaven itself, which separates us from the One who sits above it, being above our ordinary threshold of awareness.
So no: we are not alone.
I am sure this will bring forth some little doubt on your behalf, but that is up to you, I am telling you what I hear from the Table.
But at least you know where Adam was created by God directly really was in relation to the 4 Primal Races, and what the nature of the Fall that each race got  and why it happened.
And there is more to the story:
much more…..

THE THREE GREAT ERRORS of the book “Divine Principle”

The Stumbling in Judgment.

Where he stumbled is by marrying a Korean woman who was obviously not a black Christian Baptist or Pentecostal member of God’s Third Israel; by which they are and were given the Blessing by God Himself for paying the ‘dues’ and singing the ‘blues’ of those who carried their crosses to Golgotha here in the land of the Free.
They PAID the ‘Dues’;  which Moon calls by the term “indemnity”;  and instead of revealing who they really were Rev. Moon ignored the Black Christians as they marched and were beaten and killed and instead vilified them and Dr. King and married a Korean from a powerful clan that he wanted to tie to his own tribal clan; thus not seeing that Sheba sits in Judgment as “queen of the South” that was made for America to accept and the Third Israel to exalt as the Black Christian Race here in the West to they who could receive it;  after 430 years from 1492 until 1922; or 400 years from 1517 until 1917; adding 30 years bringing us to Dr. King turning 18 at 1947 right at the time, and not coincidentally, at the moment of the creation of the new Nation of Israel; at the ships, and mine estimation is the years of 1500 AD until 1929; when Dr. Martin Luther King was born; a tragic missed opportunity by Rev. Moon to become Blessed by God.
He could have become an interracial Standard Bearer and Champion by being there for Dr. King, but King and the Black Muslims were really where King saved them from being the mirror image of their white counterparts: the KKK.
This could have been, but Moon married a Korean. instead of a black Christian and southern woman, who alone represents the Soul of America as the Land of the New Canaan for the Third Israel. But he is given the standard of hypocrisy as a total hypocrite,  for not doing what he had others in his own church do: marry someone from another race…
Moon would have been Solomon. King of the North: and his wife: Sheba, queen of the South.

The First Great Mistake is that Rev. Moon said that my Father Jesus did not arise in the flesh; and bone; as of the Resurrection; as even Doubting Thomas had to admit; thus Rev. Moon lost his “wedding garment” as having “sold” it to buy the double-edged sword his book “”Divine Principle” really became; but it could have been a Scepter of Resurrection had he said he was Elijah! It tuned into a sword both incarnate and discarnate; cutting both ways.

 But Rev. Moon did not even rise to the standard of the least of the Apostle’s that Thomas really was: no faith; no real progress on the Path of the Just. When he goes to spirit world Rev. Moon will find he has “no garment” as it was written of one who would be cast out “speechless” for just this reason. But Rev. Moon does not think the Word refers to him at all: he thinks he is “above” the Gospel for some unknown reason. Yet much of it is directed right at him.

 The Second Great Mistake Rev. Moon made was in saying that the Holy Spirit is a “female spirit”; when the Seal ( had he reached it)  would have shown him that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; and this cannot be known until one has the Seal as I was given it when John came to me; to Seal the 144,000 that Rev. Moon Married when he was to Seal them instead; which would have been the Baptism of Fire where the Hate seen by the Arabs and the Jews in 1967 at the 144 hours of War and Hatred became seen opposed the the Summer of Love and Peace by the Children of all the Tribes of Israel. 
        At the Gathering of the Tribes that began at the Pilgrimage it was the Street of Love as Haight Street became our Jordan: he missed this at the Visitation of God, to begin to raise the 144,000 Virgins from My Generation: the Children of the Resurrection who do not marry nor are they to be given in marriage; which Rev. Moon ignored. Yet these virgins are the Clouds themselves who first rise: dead in Christ, faithful into Death. They rise first.  
           It is We who are the Clouds; the Virgins who are the First Fruits unto God and the Lamb; and I speak for them as the least: for we stand for the Bride my City really is: a City Not Forsaken it shall be called: the City of St. Francis.
 The Third Great Mistake Rev. Moon made was in then ”Marrying” the Lamb to the Holy Spirit as his “Bride”; being as how the Holy Spirit is that of Jehovah Himself this is quite a bad mistake spiritually;  for here Rev. Moon allowed the Gospel of Love and the Revelation of Truth as the 2 Olive Branches held in the 2 Hands of God that are the Spirit and the Soul seen in the Symbols of the Sun and the Moon which are the two Olive Branches: they are the two that fell in the Street of Babylon. 
            These two were thus invaded by Satan as they symbolized the Bride and the Bridegroom; the Bride being she who was to abide in Love and thus from God to “prepare herself” for the Bridegroom as the Truth Incarnate; what happened instead is that San Francisco fell in the position of SODOM spiritually which then happened due to the fact that in his book “Divine Principle” on page 216 we have the picture of Rev. Moon marrying the 2 “male entities” of “Jesus the Son” and the ‘Holy Spirit of God Jehovah’ who is the “Shepherd” and “Father of Mercy” .
This is where “Sodom” as the “Tail of the Dragon” invaded. The ‘great red dragon’ represents “Egypt: itself; the Kingdom of darkness.
                 And as the Holy Spirit represents Jehovah the Shepherd or Lover of the Bride it was Rev. Moon who taught his followers wrongly that the Holy Spirit was “female”; his misrepresenting of the Holy Spirit of God is what allowed “Isis” as the “queen” of Egypt; the “counterfeit” female ‘holy spirit” whose name is “Mystery”  to invade his book: and his work thus does not stand to the Fire of the Test by which God sees what is the True Gold; thus for Moon in his book theologically and themantically this was a complete literary disaster.
But for America it was the avenue by which the Men of Sodom and their allies, in the camp of Jezebel by the  women of Babylon, to set up their foundation of Damnation here on our Nation’s soil, since Rev. Moon had mixed the soil of Korea with each of the 50 States; which now has polluted our country with his own white goddess Robert Graves identified as ISIS as that discarnate influence that is spoken of by his drunken followers with high praise in numerous errors in every portion of scripture that deal with the Holy Spirit. Thus Jezebel now has her own Asherah set up around which the Unification Church dances as the Maypole itself of Asherah, in the Groves of Ahab. the fallen King of Israel.
(( Why? Because “Mystery” holds “the Golden Cup” seen in chapter 17 and then 18 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: the Principle of Indemnity itself; and thus exacts God’s penalty upon all for their own sins; but never for her own Crime; for holding the Cup she was until now beyond Judgment, which was why she was hidden as Hell Herself: the throne of Death. But now is her Day and Hour come upon her; and she will not escape. ))
So Why must Rev. Moon die as a Mortal Man as John the Baptist Did?  
The reasons are varied but because he denied that the Resurrection started as with himself as John in the position of Elijah; and thus is not eligible for the Regeneration; by which alone one can reach Incarnation and thus attain Immortality. 
 For this following tragic and unnecessary reason: where Rev. Moon Fainted Completely is when and where in his own testimony he decided that he would consciously speak The Accusation of Satan the Devil that John the Baptist dared not even admit to himself. 
Yet John secretly feared that the report he heard within his mind was true; and so could not reject and defeat this whispering voice within his own breast, and so Satan invaded him and he died: the Accusation of Satan being that his father Zacharias had committed an act of Adultery with Mary by which Jesus was conceived: and this is what “killed” the Unification Church: the Error of John that was the “beam” in his “eye”; the “delusion” of his “mind“.
It is this; and THIS ALONE that is the “deadly wound” of Rev. Moon; as our very own sick King of the ”Grail”; the “fallen  Messenger”; but yet I could  with the knowledge of the Grail I hold, as the Cosmic Parcifal, after my own death in Christ by which I rose could I have “healed” him with; as of  having him recant the 3 Great Errors he had made, and then remarrying, with at the very least a Black Christian Woman from the South here in America, and adopting a black child, to heal the division he made by saying Dr. King was somehow “pro-communist”; wrongly echoing J. Edgar Hoover;, which would  at least have symbolically fit his divine role to bring together the races,  even as Paul once “healed” the poisoned waters of the spring with blessed salt: for the Grail is Perfection itself; and few there be who will ever hold it.
The Cockettes at the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park

The Cockettes at the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park

The men of Sodom are now trying to take America: state by state.  Thus we see the result of Rev. Moon marrying the two male entities of  my Father Jesus and the Holy Spirit, because he insisted that Jehovah, the Holy Spirit of God, was “female”. But in reality the Holy Sprit sent to earth 2,000 years ago at the Pentecost was sent “in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord”, and was then also male. And Rev. Moon obviously never encountered the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus in his life, which explains why so many tares of half-truth are mixed with the wheat of divine truth, in the sentences of his epochal book, “Divine Principle”.
The progress of the Men of Sodom in creating the Kingdom of Sodom to swallow up America is being fought by all people of real  faith; but many are wavering in how to do so without judging them, or becoming intolerant of their agenda of ungodly sensuality, due to Rev. Moon’s having created such confusion in his Unification Church doctrine over this one area, which still remains in his Church even after his demise,  even to this very day.


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