The Nature of Eden, and the Garden of Divine Nature: the Grains and their Origins |{Measure 144} Missive 37

Dearest  Friend;
I was perusing my writing to send along to you after yesterday’s answering email from you, but in praying and asking my Father Jesus and the 12 who manifest to me as my servant John how to respond and also finish what I was writing to you I was startled to hear that I should break out what I have from the Lamb’s book, and address the two points you brought up, as they are actually related, and directly related.
As you may or may not know, much of what Rev. Moon fund out about the World of Spirits came from the fact that the Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem and the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg were where Rev. Moon, and others who founded the Unification Church like Young Oon Kim, got a very accurate idea of what was possible in the Spirit World.
The fact that in heaven the angels simply think of a place and then just “arrive there” is exactly what you were describing in your email about Saturn and so forth, but the truth is that the entire Universe would really be a small room which you could cross in less time than it takes to tell just by “seeing” where you wanted to be: and then just “going there”, instantaneously. This is how it is in heaven, as you obviously know. hat experience you have in this directly I can only guess, but the Table knows better than I.
But let’s talk about the account in Genesis and what happened when Adam and Eve were exiled from Paradise after the Fall, and what the Table asked me to convey to you about Adam and the accompanying fall of the 4 Primal Races: and the flaws but also reality, of the origin of species with Darwin: and then: the hypothesis about panspermic reality. And then the revealing of the truth of the role and location in our own dimension of the 3 lower heavens.
This may sound daunting, but I am sure you are up to the task, as feisty as you are on the page.
In fact, the correspondences of what is found in Genesis are true, but you have to know how to apply what is written there to the historical record we know to be scientifically true. Rev. Moon tried to do this, but went wide, and actually did not uncover the actual dimension which he tried to circumscribe: along with your little chuckle about belly buttons. But there were other hominid life forms on the planet in the days of Adam and Eve: what is missing in your analysis is the knowledge of what was meant to have happened: and what did not happen, with the Black Race to the South, the Yellow Race, to the East, the Red Race, to the West, and the White Race, in the North.
Adam and Eve were thus in the Epicenter of these 4 Sheepfolds, but they were a little more than that: they were two Megacosmic figures. Technically they were divine.
But there is some validity to what you believe about their purpose and creation, it’s just a very partial and incomplete version. That’s why they who are with me wanted me to inform you of the actual scope of what Adam and Eve really represented, in the evolutionary chain of manifestation in the Garden planted in Nature or Eden, the Garden representing Divine Nature itself, as of the co-creation of the Angels with God in what was planted there, and where it actually came from.
First let us look at the account of how Cain, who planted crops, was a fixed city dweller, and thus set up his offering, while Abel, who was a nomad, offered of his flocks, and his offering was accepted. Actually it was the son of Cain, Enoch, after which the first City was named, although the Egyptians have another name for Enoch: they called him Thoth, the scribe of the gods. The Greeks called him Hermes, the god of thieves, and the Herm or upright phallus was considered his altar. He was thus the Greek equivalent.
But is there more to this? The part which is hidden in this account is that the Nomadic cattle-centered civilization was wiped out, by the City dwelling, crop planting river civilization. In Egypt shepherds, and those who kept sheep, were considered anathema: they were verboten and not allowed in the entire nation; why? For the same reason that Cain is said to have killed Abel? The metaphor seems to be where we get the real dimension of the Fall, for there is no record of Eve ever dying, only Adam.
Furthermore it is known from the remains found that the hunter-gatherer communities all over the earth at one point all began to plant crops and advance almost instantaneously to an more advanced city dwelling culture: too quickly to even be explained.
....In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer...... " ~Albert Camus

….In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer…… “
~Albert Camus


Here is one quote,

“….If you think that our modern geneticists and plant scientists know the answers and can point to the evidence showing how our primitive Stone Age ancestors domesticated wild plants, you are a victim of a scientific shell game.
That is what you are supposed to assume. However, the history of plant domestication is fuzzy, full of ‘missing links’ and logical inconsistencies though the public is given the impression that the history of agriculture holds no real mysteries.
We are told in our history and anthropological textbooks that our first civilizations were spawned on the heels of the ‘agricultural revolution’, which occurred in major river valleys. What the textbooks fail to tell us is that our Stone Age predecessors did not harvest and eat the seeds of wild grasses during their long sojourn through the Paleolithic era.
They were hunter-gathers who subsisted on leafy greens and lean muscle meats. How come they suddenly figured out how to domesticate and turn into major food sources circa 5,000 BC?
This raises some obvious and very sticky questions concerning the period of trial and error experimentation and development that must have gone into domesticating wild wheat into bread wheat and wild corn into the domesticated variety….”
What is being said here raises some other questions, but let us look for a moment at Adam and something else; the Solar System, or House of the Heavens itself. what is the connection? There is little doubt that the Solar System resembles nothing else but something very small: the Atom. So we could look at the Body of Adam as representing a microcosmic Atom as the Solar System itself: or House.
Or Temple.
Thus the Solar System could then represent the Macrocosmic Body of Adam, seen in it’s ACTUAL unseen or invisible dimensional reality: which means that the Planets in the Solar Atom then symbolize the Organs in the Body of Adam, and the Body of Adam is the Microcosmic Atom itself: in it’s Visible Form of organization.
The Solar Temple. But let us examine another discrepancy in the drwinian view, but a good indication of what was SUPPOSED to happen in Paradise which would have then become manifest in the 4 Races which seem to have stood for the Four Major Centers of the Body of Adam also, the white race as of the soul of man, the red race for the heart of man, the black race for the mind of man, and the yellow race for the strength of man. The Spirit was thus at the center of the global 4 positions of the 4 Races themselves, one for each corner of North, South, East and West. Thus we have One River, the Intuitional Stream of Mega-Consciousness out of which 4 heads were made, and from which 4 rivers were then made manifest.
Thus the 4 Races were the externalized aspect the 4 limbs of the Human Race of which Adam was the Head, as having the Spirit of Man,  of what the 4 rivers represented: namely the 4 Streams of Consciousness for each center or “head” for each river, as the 4 Heads or Fountain of each Body of Water,
“A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers. The name of the first is the Pishon. It is the one that flowed around the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold. And the gold of that land is good; bdellium and onyx stone are there. The name of the second river is the Gihon. It is the one that flowed around the whole land of Cush. And the name of the third river is the Tigris, which flows east of Assyria. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.”
Thus the Soul as the Fountain of the First river the Pishon as Volitional Stream of Consciousness, the Heart as the Fountain of the Emotional Sream of Consciousness or Second river of Paradise called Gihon, the Mind as the Fountain for the Tigris as the Rational Stream and the Strength as the Fountain of the Euphrates as the Inspirational Stream of Consciousness.
But let us return to the topic of the 4 races on the earth while Adam was then created.
According to you he was taken from “the dust of the earth” as of what races were on earth already, which God “ennobled” by breathing His Breath into him. It’s close, but it’s wrong.
Adam was completely above the entire threshold of what had ever existed before: his nature was Angelic, and he communed with the Angels daily. Eve was his origin and looked just like an angel only without a penis, and Adam was incomparably handsome, which is why the Archangel, as firstborn, was jealous of him, this being the origin of Cain’s hatred of Abel.
Adam was of God’s Direct Lineage as the Image of God, and Eve represented the Mirror of Creation.
You believe differently, but I had to tell you what I know.
Here is some background on what happened because of the Fall, but what was made manifest regardless because of the fact that Adam fell as still good up to that point and was “Good”, and Eve who tempted him in the position of the Serpent was Evil, thus their united body represented “Good and Evil” itself.
Rev. Moon says Eve represented “the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” but he’s wrong, Adam was told to stay away from that Tree by the Commandment before EVE was EVER created. The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was the head of the phallus of the Archangel, that Fruit of the Tree of Life was the head of the phallus of Adam. When soft the Archangel was then “good”, when hard: the serpent, as then “evil’ as a temptation.
The Archangel knew what good and evil were: Adam did not. the serpent who was the tempter who was created a;long with the commandment was therefore “the angel of the Devil”, for to grow meant Adam had to overcome the temptation. No Victory, no overcoming. God Himself could not give man equality with the angels; it had to be EARNED, that Adam would be considered equal to the angels in their eyes as well.
Just so you know. My overcoming in my 3 Temptations in that 40 days spanning December 2008 to January 2009 is how Hyo Jin Moon came to me, and ministered to me in Bay City, as the angels did when my Father Jesus overcame; which is a little different than those who claim to have seen or talked with Hyo Jin: he was there when we wrote that song I told Kyle Toffey about.
         The Fruit   of the    Tree     of the   Knowledge of    Good and Evil  is           Discarnate: half good and half evil
   or      Essence of the   Nature of the    Principle   of    Light and Darkness:   which is “Duality”
The Fruit or “Essence” of the Tree of Life is “Unity”.     
That is why the “two become one flesh”, and thus “one name”, as God called Adam and Eve their name as afterward being “Adam“.
Just so you know: you are under no obligation to believe the truth, however.

But here’s some facts:

“…..Let us begin with the enigma of the modern corn plant.
 The humble origin of corn remains mysterious because the ancestral wild plant has never been located.
It is an established, scientific fact that corn is a cultigen, a plant engineered by humans. This means that it has become so altered by humans that it cannot reproduce naturally and is entirely dependent upon man’s continued cultivation. In short, it is now a manmade plant and has been for some time.
 Scientists have not been able to trace the lineage of corn to the ancestral wild plant.
How can this be if the ‘agricultural revolution’ only occurred 7-8,000 years ago?
Corn is a form of wild grass, as are the majority of the other major crop plants, there is no good reason for the ancestral variety to have vanished and/or become extinct. 10,000 years may seem like a long time in human terms yet it is a very short time in terms of the evolution and life span of a plant species. There are ancient plants that have existed continuously for hundreds of millions of years.
If you believe that our ancestors domesticated crop plants, you have to start by assuming that people without any agricultural experience were brilliant enough to select and breed the best wild seed candidates to turn into major cereal crops.
It is a historical fact that in spite of 5,000 years of continuous agricultural development we have not genetically bred a new major crop from a wild species. Just how ingenious were out Stone Age predecessors who performed this agronomic feat without any agricultural or genetic knowledge?
Basing the agricultural revolution on the notion that people who lacked any understanding of the scientific basis of plant breeding created seems a very shaky premise. Skepticism is warranted due to the fact that, if it actually occurred, this was the riskiest of gambles, since it represented a complete departure from the only way of life and only food sources that Stone Age people knew.
But first let’s step back to an earlier point and ask how we know that 100,000 generations of Stone Age humans did not eat wild grass seeds. Our guts are still not adapted to digest uncooked grains. After all we are not birds.
 In addition, our Paleolithic ancestors lacked the technology to harvest, thresh, process and cook wild grass seeds.
The seeds of wild species are miniscule and they are attached to the seed heads making them difficult to harvest and hardly worth the effort.
These are little known facts that raise deeper issues.
Our hunter-gatherer ancestors mainly subsisted on leafy greens and lean muscle meats. If they lacked an extended experience with wild grasses how did they know which ones to select to turn into wheat, rye, corn, barley and rice?
 In other words these are still the principal food crops that our civilizations are based upon. After at least 5,000 years of continuous agriculture we do not seem to have improved upon the first selections of our ‘scientifically ignorant’ ancestors.
That hardly seems logical.
This amazingly prescient selection of wild seeds seems not only more than a little surprising it looks to border on being a minor miracle. There are an estimated 195,000 flowering plants that they could have turned into food sources and primitive man chose less than .01 to base agriculture upon. This happened at a point in time when people had no concept of domesticating plants or animals, which means no experience with artificial selection.
To further appreciate the paradox that this situation imposes upon us we have to understand, domesticated crop plants are nothing like their wild ancestors. Farmers have long known this fact. The differences are so great that most of the specific ancestral locations of our cereal crops remain a mystery. We must ponder what this really means.
What are the implications of our scientists not being able to trace the specific wild ancestors of modern corn, wheat, rye, barely and rice?
When we look at the problem of how our ancestors, lacking in both tools and knowledge, domesticated wild plants it is really tantamount to pondering how the Great Pyramid was conceived, designed, engineered and constructed with stone tools and primitive methods. There is something out of focus in the picture we have of the history of civilization on this planet, how and when agriculture and precision-engineered architecture were developed and by whom.
It is as if our ancestors were gathered around the campfire inside a cave and one was using his hands and fingers to tell stories by throwing shadows against the wall one minute; the next minute they are watching satellite TV and giddily channel surfing.
 That is how great the gaps are between the late Stone Age and the birth of agriculture and civilization.
How were these quantum leaps made and where is the evidence to support the orthodox theory that humans engineered them?
The real problem with the orthodox scenario is the lack of a long incubation period during which early humans experimented with selective breeding and with constructing megalithic stone monuments. Agriculture should — and not doubt actually does– extend back tens of thousands of years and not the 9,000 that modern science contends. The creation of dogs from wild wolves, a true genetic engineering feat, is proof of this…..”
EVITERNITY: the Dawn of Eternity

EVITERNITY: the Dawn of Eternity

This should give you some idea of what “happened” when Adam and Eve were tossed out of Paradise: the Creation they made when Adam lost his seed was not in the classic sexual act; it was an act repeating the act of what the serpent showed Eve: not sex in the traditional sense. As John told me, they were close when Eve lowered her head and began to do what she had done with the head of the serpent with the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was the creature that symbolized what was the soft phallus of the Archangel. The hard phallus was thus of the Tree of Life, the phallus of Adam.
Eve had already lost her “light” as the Aura she had was that of the Light of the Moon which represented the virginity of Eve. She came to Adam in the Day. When he lost HIS light, as the Aura he had represented the Light of the Sun as the Virginity of Adam is when he knew he had sinned.:
First Adam lost his Light. He went from golden to dull pale urine yellow color. This was Instinctual Darkening as “Dimness” or Loss of Face, which had sent out actual rays before.
Thus this became the Fall of the Yellow Race, which became pale, and not resplendent and golden as they were originally.
Adam was then closer in appearance to the Yellow Race above the other 3 Primal Races, and the yellow virgin was really closest to Eve in her fall as well. This is why the woman “died” spiritually was in the position of the primal Creatrix who Rev. Moon made love to, those three times in those three hours in the P’ikareun ceremony Glenn Emery and Gordon Ross knew about. Gordon Ross drove Rev. Moon to all 48 states in that Plymouth Fury back in 1965. She who initiated Rev. Moon in the ritual he went through with in  the “Inside the Belly Church” actually WAS “Eve” symbolically, but in a very substantial, physical way. This was the ruinous result at the start of his mission  for Rev. Moon in his initiation by the “Wife of Jehovah”
Secondly Adam became white as a ghost: because he had broken the Covenant of his Promise to God. Thus he had lost the Word as His Seed. This was the Fall for the White Race, that of Instinctual Terror.
Thirdly he became ashamed and red-faced because of his nakedness before God in having lost his light through losing his seed, and began blushing incredibly, and ran and hid, with Eve following him, as they then sewed  fig leaves together to cover their sexual parts, thus we had the Fall of the Red Race: as that of Instinctual Shame.
Fourthly he and then Eve, who was hiding with him,  were then too terrified at breaking the Commandment to respond to Gabriel, the Voice of God, was walking and singing in the Garden. Gabriel called out to them but realized something was wrong when he saw them hiding, and not answering. Thus they went from blue to black to almost purple because they literally held their breath so as not to be found. This was the Fall of the Black Race, as that of Instinctual Guilt, as attempting to be “invisible”.
Thus every church with a man on a cross, with a loin cloth, is re-presenting the Fig Leaf and reenacting the Fall, as of the Image of the Beast,
a false Christ, as the fallen image of God.
My Father Jesus was naked on that Cross, his one piece white garment, that the Roman soldiers cast lots to see who would get it, was all he ever wore 
So; now you know. When Adam and Eve came out of Paradise God cursed the ground so that Adam and Eve would have the exact mirror and image of what they done in their fallen act; a World of creation that was half-good, as from Adam and half-evil, as from Eve. So what we have is two alternate 4 dimensional universes trapped together in One Discarnate Dimension. Thus we have a universe of good where we can do good, and then the bad one where people get murdered; the one Cain made manifest.
But the 4 Races then met, over time, the goddess: Eve, called Ceres, for Cereal. Adam died after 930 years. There is no record of Eve ever dying. Why? Because she is ISIS, the Fallen Nature of the Earth incarnate, and Cain, when born, she said “I have gotten my ( ‘a MAN’ ) from the LORD”. Cain is then Osiris, the god of Death, the husband of ISIS. That is why in Egypt the Pharaoh always married his sister, to honor the incestual ancestual origin.
Her full title is “The fallen mother of all living in the valley of the shadow of Death”, that valley being the one between her legs. All who go there produce food for the serpent, her first lover; as dust for the serpent to eat.
As a further aside the dragon was created when the Serpent tried to stand on principle when trying to defend his act of breaking the Truce on the Sabbath when God was resting and had left the Archangel in charge until he came back. God cut off his leg. That is why he had to go on his belly. When he grabbed the planet Jupiter as the one that is over the organ of the Liver, which is the only regenerative organ left in the body, he grew his leg back, but still walks with a limp.
Ah yes.
Now let us see where Darwin himself gave up trying to explain how man went from primitive hunter-gatherer to a state of an advanced Civilization, comparatively, in a few generations. This is by the scientist Francis Crick.
“….Francis Crick, 1981, pg. 117]
This may seem a wide departure from the mainstream for a man who is credited with being the co-discoverer of the shape of the DNA molecule, however Crick’s treatment of this topic was mostly from a rigorous, scientific perspective. He did not delve into history’s mysteries but into a variety of scientific topics including the nature of DNA and RNA as well as what was then known about when life originated on earth. “The earliest traces of life we can detect at the present time are found associated with rocks dated to about 3.6 billion yeas ago…but the fossil record, formed by simple animals whose hard parts have been preserved, is only 0.6 billion years old.” (1)
In his book Crick pointed out that it took the simplest, single cell organisms about 1.4 billion years to evolve. The next decisive step up in complexity to multicellular organisms took almost 2 billion years more. Mammals appeared on the scene about 200 million years ago and complexity took a quantum leap. It would seem that the process of biological evolution on the earth is counter-intuitive….”
Now let us look a little deeper at the flaws Darwin himself admitted. But let us see where he agrees with Darwin first.
“….We would expect that it should have taken a shorter time period for the simplest life forms to evolve and much longer for the most complex organisms yet mammals took only a fraction of the time to develop compared to the earliest and simplest organisms.
We have to keep in mind that the book was published more than 20 years ago, decades before the Human Genome Project (HGP) finished decoding the DNA blueprint. However, at the time one of the central mysteries that puzzled Crick was “Such an astonishing degree of uniformity was hardly suspected as little as forty years ago.” (2) He was referring to findings that showed that all living things use the same four-letter DNA language to transmit genetic information. This seemed to point to the probability that all life on earth arose from one very primitive population, which developed the singular, genetic code.
At that time it was believed that the human gene count, and that of other higher animals, would naturally be greater than the lower plant and animal species. It was also assumed that humans had branched of from the great apes but no one specifically singled out the chimp. Both of those assumptions were based upon a Darwinian view. However, the HGP and other more recent studies have shown those predictions were incorrect.
The human gene count turned out to be less than the rice genome and only double that of the lowly roundworm and Homo sapiens DNA is 98.5 percent the same as the chimpanzee. These results surprised and mystified mainstream scientists.
The HGP did confirm that all of life is very closely related on the genetic level and we can accurately refer to earth’s biological system as the ‘Genetic Tree of Life’.
 Crick alluded to the underlying issue raised by this finding with the following statement:
 “We see, then, that one way to approach the origin of life is to try to imagine how this remarkable uniformity first arose.”
(3) The question is how could the primordial earth have randomly synthesized the first nucleic acids or proteins from the chemical soup that existed billions of years ago?
 It might appear that the recent genetic findings support Darwinism, the theory that life originated on earth through blind chance. On the surface it would seem that the very uniformity that the genetic code displays argues for life originating on this planet on its own.
 However, that is not necessarily the case; the scenario poses problems. For starters, if Nature was operating via a long series of random events that eventually clicked and produced simple one-celled organisms, why weren’t there a variety of these random combinations that resulted in numerous DNA codes instead of a single branching genetic tree?……..

 ( to be continued in Missive 38, Part II)


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