The Lady of the Lake of Fire: A New Hell for the Beast, the False Prophet, and Satan the Devil | {Measure 144} Missive 40

The Bride, the Lamb's Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers

Salvation Rose in Memphis with Glenn Emery

Salvation Rose in Memphis with Glenn Emery

Chuck and Betty; the queen of the South representing Sheba; who he married and replaced Rev. Moon in the Foundation to receive the Messiah; as the Synaon Church is where I grew up.

Chuck and Betty; the queen of the South representing Sheba; who he married and replaced Rev. Moon in the Foundation to receive the Messiah; as the Synanon Church where I grew up.


Understanding chapter 13 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: in the Lamb’s Book of Life:

Opened, the 3rd Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level

 The Look of the Open Book of the Lamb

       I know and understand that some of you who read my material have little patience with the fragmented literary style and rather pedantic way that I present my information to you, as many of you declare that it is too haphazard, obtuse, and hard to penetrate, and that the fault is not yours: but mine. After careful reflection I am forced to agree with you.

      First let me show you what I was referring to from the Son of man Daniel. You who say I take to long in revealing what is most important may find it boring: but in reality it is of utmost importance.

Daniel Chapter 7

In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed:


3And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another.
7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it [was] diverse from all the beasts that [were] before it; and it had ten horns.
(….These four beasts represented the 4 World Empires which were swallowed up by each other; the first as the Lion was that of the Empire of Babylon, then it was swallowed up by the next beast, which was the Medo-Persian Empire or Bear, then the bear was swallowed up by the next Empire which was Greece, seen as the leopard, and then Greece’s Empire was swallowed up by the fourth beast with the 10 horns which represented the first 10 Caesars, which was Empire of Rome.
 Daniel sees the 4th beast burned up in fire, as the Fire in which Rome burned while Nero fiddled. Christians were blamed and killed by the thousands.
And then there is this sentence on how the three beasts, which represented these first 3 Empires, were “put on ice”, until we see them reappear in Revelation 13:1, as the 3-in-one beast called the Axis.….)

12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away:

yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time…..”

The “time and the season” they came forth are are seen in the Revelation at chapter 13:1,
 with the appearance of the Axis as “the beast from the Sea of time”, as I wrote to you of.
But without this information you indeed may have found it impossible to follow me; for it is central to John’s vision at chapter 13 of the Revelation.
I hope this additional information helps you who wish to see the Open Book of Life of the Lamb; and to thus understand these 3 providential creatures, and how they reappeared as Japan, Germany and Italy in the positions of Babylon, Greece and Medo-Pesia, respectively. This is really quite important for you who want to follow my line of reasoning as given to me by my servant John from the Table itself; and thus to be manifest in simple terms and concepts for all to grasp.
That the 7-10 tribe “confederacy” of nations and tribes in Canaan that Israel destroyed, along with having to deal with Balaam the prophet,  when they came into the Promised Land which happened at the National Level is well explained in the Divine Principle of Rev. Moon, and all I have done is show then how this is magnified to the Global Level, with the Axis Beast with it’s 7 heads and 10 horns for the Global Canaan of opposing nations, and Karl Marx as the False Prophet as the Global Balaam; seen with the Soviet Union and then after they fell we have Red China and their Star satellite nation; North Korea.
But Red China, the Scarlet Colored Beast of Revelation, secretly uses North Korea to terrify the Pacific Rim, and threaten America itself.
For those who do not see the real nature of what Red China represents let me give them an introduction to what I will explain later on…..
They ( Red China ) sold us bad drywall that ruined all the houses it was put in, sold us toxic crayons to poison our children, put lead paint on toys so our kids would have brain damage, gave us treats for our pets that killed hundreds of dogs, put “back doors” on their computer chips to illegally steal access to mainframe computers and steal all the data, and invade our security safeguards, and hold our National Debt so they can use it to make the Yuan the new World Reserve Currency, by replacing the dollar and destroying America economically…..

Does anybody understand who “Red China” really is??

I do…and so does Barack Obama, as he said,


“The greatest threat to our National Security is ( Red ) China”

The Great Red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns seen in the Revelation represents the kingdom of Egypt as the Kingdom of Darkness; and that is why the Beast from the Sea with 7 head and 10 horns resembles it; as Canaan resembled his father Ham

The Great Red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns seen in the Revelation represents the kingdom of Egypt as the Kingdom of Darkness; and that is why the Beast from the Sea with 7 head and 10 horns resembles it; as Canaan resembled his father Ham. Red China is the Scarlet Colored Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns as the Last Beast of Revelation….and it is this beast who carries the great Whore of Capitalism on it’s back….good old “Creative Destruction” herself….

Just as the US has South Korea as our Star satellite nation.

Simple, really.
Once again: it is of the utmost importance that you understand this, as it explains the Third Course of the Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level,
and what comes next.
As you know, the Allies as the three nations united as One represented the Lamb of God, as that creature who symbolizes the Kingdom of God, as the other opposing 3 beasts-in-one called the Axis represent the Kingdom of Satan the Devil.
Once again: that you grasp the symbology and meaning of this information is of utmost import.  In fact the entire destiny of mankind may well depend upon it: and no; I am not joking: I am in deadly earnest.
Let me put it to you in as simple of terms as my feeble intellect can articulate: if you don’t understand this information and can see what I am writing to you about is manifest from my grasp of the Word of God then all is lost.
And while you can smile and brush off the fact that the Angel who stands beside me is of the devil, and I am just some spaced-out SF hippie with delusions of grandeur: then I can assure you that you are entirely mistaken in every way.

This Angel I call my servant John is actually the one who taught me something that I am now going to teach you.

“….When Jesus came, his name actually represented “the True Light”……..

     ……..And when he went out and overcame the Devil in that 40 days, he then became the Christ“;
    which represents the Light separated from the Darkness which is called “the Day“.
Thus the name “Christ Jesus” literally as well as symbolically:
means “Day Light.
It is this name which is then the “Light of life”, for all who overcome on the Path of the Just which is that of the 7 overcoming’s seen in the 7 churches of Revelation.
Now: if you who read this really think that this Angel who taught me this who stands beside me is the devil, or some evil spirit, then all I can say to you is that I hope you reconsider your accusation and heed well the warning which I send to you from the Emerald Table where the 12 Apostles of the Lamb sit: who are known in the New Heaven as “The Jury” of the Last Judgment, even as my Father Jesus is known there as “The Judge”.

And I would also counsel you with this information that the Judge does not pass judgment on those who appear before them when their book is opened: it is The Jury whose responsibility it is.


The Judge just makes sure everyone gets a fair trial.

If you would like to laughingly brush off what I am telling you right now then all I can tell you is this:

 you are making the biggest mistake of your entire life.

Now let me address two questions, before I go into my other mode of dealing with the situation I am now confronted with: one of almost absolute defiance and denial.
Personally I don’t care if you who follow this actually think I am the bride, the Lamb’s Wife, and that I and the Lamb are One, as being married in the Eyes of God.
 Your knowledge of how I ended up with the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus is of no concern to me whatsoever, as I exist in a realm that you would now have no way of even recognizing, since you think my Father Jesus was a failure and Rev. Moon is the Messiah. And of that matter I do not even care to explain the actual facts, since your resistance to the Reality in which you are in almost total denial is more than I have time to deal with: instead I am going to answer these two points:
“….We have spent all this time with you trying to convince me you’re God’s chosen messenger,
 that we never discussed what it is you plan to do in order to wipe away original sin and solve human conflict…”
And again my critics have said:
 “……        After all this time, you still have not made clear to me:

                1.  Your authority to guide God’s Providence

                  2.  What your messianic program is.          ……”

It is not my fault. It is your fault.
You are responsible to communicate your message
in a way that people can understand….”
In this you are entirely correct because the condition of indemnity for me is the suffering I have to undergo in the crucifixion of my poverty while trying to save those who think they are in need of nothing, with that as my crown of thorns, in having to deal with you and your Church as they squabble over uncounted tens of millions of dollars.
Meanwhile I am the one begging for pennies in the street. And if think my Father Jesus is happy about this current state of affairs then you are in for the biggest shock of your existence.

As you and those in the Unification Church who failed utterly to establish the Kingdom of God on earth now sit there patting yourselves on the back with Dr. Han Hak-ja as your Tribal Matriarch, and your Korean leadership fighting over the inheritance with Rev. Moon’s progeny over the bulging coffers of her private piggy bank of 1.73 trillion dollars I can only weep tears of total frustration and sorrow, while dealing with those with the unbridled arrogance of their safe fast ignorance, coupled with an absolute destitution in the world that they have now left to spin into destruction: all with with no admission of the dead end they now face of their failed mission in the providence.

The Unlawful End of Democracy, why did Senatr Lindsey Graham help crown Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon? And end the 1st Amendment, and the Separation of Church and State???

The Unlawful End of Democracy, why did Senatr Lindsey Graham help crown Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon? And end the 1st Amendment, and the Separation of Church and State???

And all this while I sit here in my one room piled to the ceiling with books and papers, with almost no resources to speak of, and try to convince you of something that you have no intention of admitting is the truth, under any circumstances, no matter what I say.

Wonderful. Let us start this with a simple parable of how I can do all of what you have asked here by explaining how it came to pass in the first place, and on what grounds.
That might help you understand how my sacrifice outweighed Rev. Moon’s and that of the entire Unification Church, before you run off to attend to your earthshaking matters like raking fallen leaves, or mowing the lawn, or collecting June bugs. All very important, much more important than offering to help or assist me in any way: I understand.

Here is the story, found at Luke 21: 1-4:


‘…..And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, 

and He saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites. 

3So He said,

                         “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; 

                         for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God,

                           but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.”


Now I am in no confusion over the fact that you will simply say you don’t understand my point, and that this is far too complicated and obtuse an example for you to compare to my situation: but let me offer you my help.

I gave all: and everybody else gave what they could.

My sacrifice on behalf of My Generation was accepted on the Altar of God: and that of Rev. Moon on the behalf of his Church WAS NOT.

Is that easy enough to understand??

Let me make it clearer: we read in Genesis 4:4-5 of how Cain and Abel made offerings to God.

Abel’s sacrifice of his flock was ACCEPTED.

Cain’s of his crops was NOT.

Do you get the picture???

I hope so.

Because Rev. Moon was in the position of the Elder brother, as of the Yellow Race, and I am in the position of the Younger brother: as of the White Race, although by ancestry I am also of Jewish blood; as well as the Irish blood from me mother as well.
 But I call no man on earth my father; for
“One is my Father Jesus; who sits on the Great White Throne of His Glory,
in the position of God in His Righteousness, as the Lord God of the New Creation:
of the New Heaven, and the New Earth”.
Things are about to change for the human race as I unify it with the Word of God: and quite dramatically.
Now let us look how I shall do this by addressing these two points of yours:
Point #1   ‘…..what it is you plan to do in order to wipe away original sin…..’
Point #2   ‘…..solve human conflict.………’

Let’s take it slowly;

________________           __          _
wipe away Original Sin
Let us apply what is written in the “Divine Principle” on page 296 in the 1973 edition,

(3) The Foundation to Receive the Messiah

“…If and when Moses had restored through indemnity the foundation of faith on the national level and the Israelites, centering on Moses, had restored through indemnity the foundation of substance on the national level, that would have become the foundation on the national level to receive the Messiah.

If the Israelites, on that foundation, had received the Messiah, removed the original sin through rebirth, and restored the original nature endowed at the creation by becoming one body with God in heart and feeling, they would have been able to become “perfected substantial individuals”. ….”
This seems like a good place to start. So lets take care of Original Sin first. There are then three steps and their result, in the pattern on the 4 position foundation of “End, Cause, Effect: and Result”
#1: Receive the Messiah                                                               End            Providence
#2: Remove the Original Sin through rebirth                   Cause        Fate
#3: Become One Body with God in Heart and Feeling    Effect        Destiny
#4; Become “Perfected Substantial Individuals”             Result        Eternity
The End is the cause of the Cause, as the Result is the effect of the Effect, is a pretty simple way of explaining it. “Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis” as the pattern for “Origin, Division, Union” leaves out “Hypothesis as End, Antithesis as Cause, Thesis as Effect, and Synthesis as Result”.
Mine is actually the REAL four position foundation; in the shape of a Diamond
    end  ◊ result
Why do I state this? Because the secret is to go from End to “Direct Effect” as Cause into “Direct Effect” as Result without the Antithetic Cause of “Fate”.
So how do we achieve this???

First; “Receive the Messiah“.


This would be to accept me as “The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife”.

Why would we do this? Because “I and the Lamb are One Flesh”.


But this would be hard; because then people would have to actually have to see how a man, who stand in his male body as the Bridegroom Symbolically, called “the friend of the Bridegroom”, but actually I have with my soul, which is female, the virtue of being in the position of being wed to the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus, which was sent here 2,000 years at Pentecost in Jerusalem.

This I achieved by successfully fulfilling my Vow of Eternal Chastity as my Sacrifice on the Altar of God when I died in Christ.

 Thus the Comforter is the Bridegroom SUBSTANTIALLY, and my body is then in the position ofThe Tabernacle of God“.
Oh and by the way: the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus is MALE.
Not “female”, as Rev. Moon announced incorrectly, to all who would listen.
In my Death in Christ, on October 24th, 2007, I discovered that the Holy Spirit of God is JEHOVAH himself.

How she called “Mystery” covered the true “Mystery of God”


But this is the finishing of the “Mystery of God” by defeating the “Mystery” of Sun Myung Moon, which was his concept of a “female holy spirit”, but in the Revelation at chapter 17:5 we see it clearly, to wit;
“….And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth…”.
Thus the “Veil of Babylon” at whose burning the “smoke goes up forever”, reveals the Truth, because that “Veil” of Babylon the Great is now revealed as the “Mystery of ISIS”.

Thus the “denouement for Rev. Moon as the “faithful and wise steward”, is of the “Day and Hour” of which he is unconscious and ignorant;

in the Revealing of his “false holy spirit” as the Veil that hid the  “Whore of Babylon” in my Advent:

Salvation Rose; the Son of Mary


What does this mean? It means that ISIS, the Queen of Egypt, was she who ruled as Nature on Earth, as the Kingdom of Darkness,
and she is one masquerading as ISIS pretending to be the “female holy spirit” of Rev. Moon, and Mark Gibbs,  the Eboinites: and all the rest.

Who were deceived by her.

The White Goddess

The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

And ISIS was Eve, the white goddess, whose death is nowhere written in Genesis or anywhere else, and for good reason: she didn’t die. And she was the Whore, who then wed Cain, who is Osiris her husband, and their son is Enoch, also the name of the first City, which was called Atlantis. But Enoch in Egypt is called Thoth, the scribe of the gods.
Uh oh; am I putting in too much information again??
Pray forgive me. So; step #1: “Receive the Messiah”.
Let’s make it simple: let’s just say that stand in the position of the Messiah as the Son of man, due to the fact that I am Solomon back from the dead at this Last Day. and my vow of eternal chastity as ” a priest forever, after the Order of Melchizedek” is then my atonement for all Eternity for having fallen: and who now declares that my Father Jesus is sitting on the Throne of God: and with the face of David.
No sweat, right?
I mean, this is the factual reason that when Jesus came out of the tomb no one recognized him.

In revealing this I show why “heaven and earth flee away from the face of him upon the Great White Throne” 

Only when Peter and John and James remembered the face “shining like the sun in it’s strength” that they had seen when he took them up to Mount Sion was it then clear; and swore them to secrecy, until after he rose from the dead, when could they then divulge what they had seen: and knew. Remember it say: “…and his visage was changed…”
Pretty tricky of my Father, wouldn’t you agree???  If you read Pslam 22 now you will understand. Or: maybe not. After all, it is said that when the Son of man comes that he would separate the “quick from the dead”.
Now you know how I will do it. On this very point.
THAT is why Doubting Thomas had to touch the BODY of Christ, to make sure it was JESUS who had this new face.
Makes sense, does it not??? Why wouldn’t have seeing Jesus been enough for Thomas? Now you know why. Mary Magdalene told the 11 about his appearance, and that is why they dismissed her report. When Jesus was walking with the two men to Emmaus they only knew him by the way he broke the bread, as they had seen him break bread before: the minute they saw him break the bread they then “recognized” him: and he vanished.
So: simple enough for you???
I hope so. Now: step #2Remove the Original Sin through Rebirth
For those who accept that I am Solomon, the Prodigal Son of David, back from the dead, raised at this Last Day: we should have no problem at all. They shall be reborn by simply saying,
                       “Blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord“,  
As being the one having the Seal of “Christ Jesus” that means “Day Light”; which  he will then show is the “Light of life”. Just as I showed you.
It is then he alone with that Seal of the Living God: who comes in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Those who receive me then as the New Door of the Sheep will discover that I am the Path of the Just: and there is no way to my Father Jesus but by ME. Rev. Moon never knew my Father, because he never knew the Hoy Spirit who is Jehovah. Never did even one tiny miracle, just like John the Baptist.
Thus to become the children of my Father Jesus we would have to have them accept that Jesus Christ now is no longer called “Jesus Christ”, because a child does not call his father by his proper name; but by his RELATIONSHIP: thus they would call him “Father”. This is then that “Rebirth”.
 And these children would then have no more Original Sin, as they who had passed through and arose up through the Fire of the Altar with 4 horns do so in the 7 Overcomings.
These 7 overcomingzs are those in the Ascension of the Lamb who John followed to the End, and that are written of in the 7 churches:
which are those 7 Steps of the Lamb on the Path of the Just that culminate in the 7th overcoming: to wit;
 “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in His Throne.”
They who now listen to the fact that I hold the Lamb’s Book, now Opened,  will hear me as I write their names in that Book, when I tell them that the Lamb did not just receive the Book of life at God’s Right hand, and then go about being the Son of God t the right hand forever: no, what I show then is written at Revelation 21:5-8,
when the Lamb that John had followed to the End and was seen on the Great White Throne of God, seen at Revelation 20:11, now reveals Himself as sitting in the position of His Father.
Here, read the passage:
And He who SAT ( some versions say “was SEATED” ) on the ( Great White ) throne said, “Behold, I make all things new!”
And he said unto me, “Write: for these words are true and faithful.”
And He said to me:
It is done. I am Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give unto him that is athirst the fountain of the water of life freely.”
But now at least you know what it is that was “DONE.”
And who was “writing” all this?
My servant John.
The one standing next to me who you said was the devil. Or something.
“But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”
 Matthew 12;36-37
At any rate we now have the idea of this “rebirth” seen in it’s true context,
for it requires the 7 Overcomings on the Path as the Direct Vertical Ascension itself.
And the vertical relationship between Adam and God is usually defined as being the position of the Archangel.
Because the Divine Principle is that of the Right Hand, for when God separated Light from Darkness it was by the vertical motion of His Right Hand, and when he separated the waters above from the waters below He did so with the horizontal motion of His Left Hand, as then being the Universal Principle.
So: the rebirth. To then no more call him “Jesus Christ” but now Father is what characterizes this Rebirth, and His Children therefore have not the Original Sin, as being the Children of the Resurrection, who are the Children then: “of God”.
For “their seed remaineth in them  I John 3:9, it says; this,
“Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.
In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother…’
This seed of those chosen to become eunuchs for the kingdoms sake is called “the Word of His Patience”.
Remember when my Father said: “Now the Seed is the Word of God”??
He wasn’t kidding.
 But this is why Rev. Moon tempted as many as he could to marry: because this automatically disqualified them from attaining immortality with the crown of life.
( I never married. That is why I was led out of SF by the Holy Angels when it fell to the men of Sodom and brought to New Hope, just as Lot was led out by the angels from Sodom to Zoar. Thus to the Unification Church I appeared at first as “the Wrath of the Lamb” as when I wrote that 144 pages letter I sent to Jonathan Gullery, as I was the Last Child of the Resurrection. But at my death in Christ I became the bride, the Lamb’s Wife: the Lake of fire. )

Step #3: Become One Body with God in Heart and Feeling
This requires in one’s heart that one would then bond with the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife,  as the Tabernacle of God, and receive the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus to undergo the Death in Christ. This requires one die in Christ. For the virgins they would then have to learn and be able to sing the 12 songs which make up the new Song of Songs, which is the Song of the Lamb. I would then teach them this song as they learn how to “die” when they take the Vow, for to do so and die in Christ before one “dies” physically is the secret of life, and now they who learn this shall never die.
I can reveal this in this example, seen in the one who was present when Judas came with the soldiers.
51 And there followed him a certain young man, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body;
    and the young men laid hold on him:
52 And he left the linen cloth, and fled from them naked….”
 I do now indeed sit at the Right Hand of God while this first heaven and earth pass away, and am quite present in the flesh in the position of the Son of Man, but t he appearance of that is far different than the reality of the Marriage of the Lamb, as of my Soul being eternally united with the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus, that shall be revealed when my father manifests to show my body is just his symbolic footstool representing the new earth, and my soul is then the symbolic  “throne of his glory” symbolizing His new heaven.
But attaining deity is no easy matter. But who does these 4 steps does reach this:
 #4; Become “Perfected Substantial Individuals”
That is indeed what happens to those who reach the grail. And what is Grail?
It is Perfection.
Perfection is "the Grail' and few there are that find it.......

Perfection is “the Grail’ and few there are that find it…….

There are many who say this is impossible. But my Father said “be thou perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect”.
He wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t possible; he never wasted his breath preaching vanity or falsehood, or intentionally deceiving people because it is so very convenient.
 ‘…..solve human conflict……….’.
To do this requires having One World. This can be done through teaching everyone the Song of the Lamb, for all can play it, although only the virgins can sing it. But this, along with all the other great music that has been written, can indeed unite the world. And now we have this:
.“……        After all this time, you still have not made clear to me:
                1.  Your authority to guide God’s Providence
I believe I have just done this. Normally, when someone reveals things that were completely unknown before as the Word of God then people would recognize this gift of prophecy as being definitive proof that even as “the least in the kingdom of heaven: that I stand in the position of the Son of Man.
The problem is that you who are willful and pride filled in your insistence that Rev. Moon was the Messiah even though he fell in his accusation of Zacharias having adulterous sex with the Virgin Mary as his false “Mystery” by which he utterly corrupted his Church; will still not acknowledge my authority no matter what I say here on the page.

So be it:

 Perish in your gainsaying


The Authority you speak of is that which comes with governing mankind, and that is of the Key of David, as seen in the Divine Principle that was embodied in the Cross of Christ, as that Principle for which he died was then considered by him to be more important than himself.
But in stretching himself out in the form of the Cross he became a cross, as I realized when I died the virgin death in Christ and reached him on the Cross in spirit and in truth, as of the wedding bed itself.


The Revealing of the Double Death of Jesus

The revealing of this “Double death” of Jesus is that when he was Baptized to his death it was the Resurrection of  David to Eternal Life; 
and as before the Rebirth from the Tomb in the Regeneration of David as the Resurrected Jesus with his New Face: that Magdalene saw..
..and then the 10, and then the 11, with doubting Thomas,
who heard of the new face and said, therefore, he had to touch the body,
somewhat understandably now…as the full story is now revealed.
As you now know, my Father died a double death to indemnify what sins he had done as King David.
First he died as a man, to pay for have killed the husband of Bathsheba Uriah, by sending him yon to the front line, with the message to Joab to then cause his own death. This is why he officially sent Judas who he knew was going to betray him, and told him to hurry, thus reversing what he had done to Uriah by then doing the same thing to himself.
And secondly he died as a virgin, to indemnify having taken Bathsheba as another man’s wife. Thus he was the one on the Cross, and became perfected because he had indemnified the two sins which stopped him from reaching immortality in his lifetime. And now, we have this:
           2.  What your messianic program is.          ……”


I must reach all of you in the Unification Church with this information, and make it clear enough, with your help,
as to who I am. But with you first, and if not, then all is lost.
Thus you would have to stand in the position of Peter; and me in the position of my Father Jesus, as Rev. Moon died in the position of  John the Baptist as when John was killed in Herod’s palace, having been cut asunder in two, and Peter took John’s place, although Rev. Moon says Jesus was only going to die in the Baptist’s position: which is false, as after John was killed there was no one left standing but my Father Jesus: and he entered Jerusalem and then Zion on the colt’s foal on Palm Sunday, and did indeed perform the Duty of the Messiah, as written in Zechariah; sure enough.
But first let me see if you get this, and then we can proceed.

My program has to do with opening the College of the Shepherds, both online and in a physical location. People in the New Unification Church will have to relearn much before they can understand and teach others. Glenn Emery said as much, and so do you. But: all things made New. That is what New Hope and my being led out here from SF was all about.


It’s you who would have to be the main man though; that is obvious. I hope you are smiling.!!
The writer and musician Taylor Branch is on board with his Pulitzer winning trilogy about the Civil Rights Movement, that Oprah Winfrey shall hire me as a consultant for, when she does the 7 part series on the Own Network. And then there is the position for running the place I hope to have with Davetta Holder, and, of course, my secret friend Tossa Cromwell.
And of course the unending tour I and my band Thee Unicorns will be on to promote “The Lamb’s Book: A City Not Forsaken”, with whom I am now rerecording material from 15 years ago, and more written recently. But there is more to the story…

Jesus as the son of God went without protest.

Rev. Moon considered him to have died in John the Baptist’s position,

but John was not the Son of God.

         Christ was the Son of the living God, as Peter said, with whom he identified Jesus.

         No one ever said that about John.

         But let us first establish before all mankind who really died on the Cross:

DAVID, as seen at Psalm 22


The Two Roads


 The Bible has been a source of division and strife since it was codified back in the days of Augustine and put into the form we have with us today, and in reality the Bible is not a book: it is a library of texts, some of exceeding antiquity taken from oral traditions in some cases of even more ancient times. Thus to verify some or even all of what is written in this book of books is hopeless, because anyone can stand up and demand to see the original texts: and no one has them. Then all they have to say is that they believe the texts we have today were added to, or taken from, or changed, or corrupted: and then sit down with a big smile: game over, right?


      I have a witness.

      I have the one called “the servant”, whom I call “my servant John”.

       To make it even more hilarious we can say he is like the pookah, the giant rabbit who used to follow Jimmy Stuart around in the movie “Harvey”, which was the name of the 6 foot three inch rabbit he could see but no one else could.

A very funny, and heartwarming movie.

       Really: it’s quite droll.

       But my servant John is not a joke, although many, or perhaps all; the 7 billion people on this planet are going to wish he was: ‘ere the end.

        Let’s look at the Gospel.

        Now I know what you are going to say: “The Gospel??? But that’s just words on paper!!! It’s just a record written and re-edited countless times, and of no verifiable validity in the scientific sense whatsoever!!!”

        My advice to you is this: stick with that exact line of reasoning to the end.

        See what it gets you.

The Record of my Servant John

          For those to whom the Gospel of Christ is not a fairytale, but an actual document written in the blood of the Lamb who died on Golgotha, the following words and sayings stand on their own because they reason that these words and sayings were not made up or inserted by a host of liars, but are an actual written record of what honest and dedicated believers recorded, and gave their lives for, in quite a few instances.

          I am sure that will mean nothing to you who doubt my testimony: but it means something to me: and a few millions of other people who died to bring the gospel of Christ to mankind. And they did so because it was written that this would happen, so you might say that this was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

         How very clever.

         But let me have this reader read exactly what I read the hour that the angel showed up in my grandmother’s house at 1520 Willard St. in San Francisco in 1986, when I made my vow. It is the first paragraph of the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

         “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him

to shew unto his servant things which must shortlly must come to pass:

and he sent it and signified it by his angel unto his servant John”

For some these words mean nothing, but they have a precedent.

          It can be found in the gospel or record of St. John, the beloved disciple, as he was called. Many deny that it was this same john that wrote the Revelation, pointing out the differences in grammar, diction, expression; and many other factors, which substantially differ between the gospel of John, and the Revelation of St. John the Divine. But somebody wrote it: for sure.

         But let us first read what John the Beloved himself wrote down in his gospel, if one is willing to suspend and arrest their disbelief: and thus engage and entertain their faith.

“The hour is come, that the Son of Man be glorified.

          Verily, verily, I say unto you, ‘Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die,

                 it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.’

              He that loveth his life shall lose it:

          and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

          If any man serve me, let him follow me: and where I am,

          there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor.”


        This can be found at John 12:23-26, but many will just say someone made it all up and thus cannot be believed. And let’s see what their disbelief gets them. But for those who think this is the record of what John remembers his best friend Jesus saying, right before the Passover, I would aver that this is the exact account: word for word. But then: he’s standing next to me.

          Now I can at this point inform the reader that the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the actual Ark of the testimony, and the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb that has been carried in this literary Ark by the 12 Apostles of the Lamb ( who may not have just been in the lower echelons of the spirit world, sitting around their failed master Jesus, feebly reflecting his pale and dimming light, as Rev. Moon said), but may have in fact been carrying this Book in the Ark: to one who could receive it: and open the Book.

        Like the one who calls themselves his bride, the Lamb’s Wife, for instance.

        But, of course, for those who know that Moses was the wife of the Holy Spirit of God called Jehovah this may not be so hard to understand. For those who do not; it may be. I guess we will find out.

        In fact, this very same Rev. Moon spoke over and over in his book “Divine Principle” about the bride coming; but his take on the matter seemed to be that this had nothing to do with what the Lamb’s Wife would do: but what Rev. Moon marrying and calling himself the Lamb had done.

       The curious thing is that if Mr. Moon had been the Lamb then why didn’t he open his own book? Let me put it this way: all 7 billion can stand on one side: and I will stand on the other side: and I will say to them this: if the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of life of the Lamb then why didn’t Mr. Moon open it, or explain the 7 Seals, or even make clear what the actual terminology and visions were actually about?

       And I can tell you this: not one of those 7 billion people will be able to give me a straight answer. Certainly no one in the Unification Church would be able to.

       And why? Because not one person has said, or even known, that the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the book of Life of the Lamb.

        Not a one.

The petroglyph with the two signs of the two helpers; Sun Myung Moon as the backwards swastica or "fire wheel" on the Lunar Sun, with the 13 rays for the Lunar Calender of Islam and his "female spirit" of Islam's Al Lat the Solar Isis; and my Servant John; of the Red Cross in the White Cross: who carried my soul as washed white in the Red Blood of the Lamb; to be wed to the Holy Spirit

The petroglyph with the two signs of the two helpers; Sun Myung Moon as the backwards swastica or “fire wheel” on the Lunar Sun, with the 13 rays for the Lunar Calender of Islam and his “female spirit” of Islam’s Al Lat the Solar Isis; and my Servant John; of the Red Cross in the White Cross: who carried my soul as washed white in the Red Blood of the Lamb; to be wed to the Holy Spirit

  “DIVINE PRINCIPLE”: The Document of Record

The book of Rev. Moon is called “Divine Principle”.

        In it he demonstrates that he is indeed, as it was said of John,

       the figure of which my Father Jesus himself said these thrilling words:

“Of men born of women,

there has not arisen a greater prophet

than John the Baptist.”

         Rev. Moon was certainly a man of this exact stature.

        But, tellingly, it also shows that someone as great as John was: can fail their mission.


        And doubt the God who sent them, and destroy the mission which was entrusted to them.

       Like Rev. Moon himself.


        Me, and My Generation: Solomon; and the kingdom of Israel, Ephraim, the northern kingdom.

        The lost ten tribes themselves. But strangely it was in the city of St. Francis when it became the  new Mecca, that an event called “the gathering of the tribes” took place.

       But I am sure that at least one of my readers will insist that that was just a coincidence: an acid-drenched hallucination of no more reality and lasting impact  than an afternoon rainbow.

      Except for the fact these flower children all got up and went to some place in Beth-El New York they ended up calling “Woodstock” for 3 Days of “Peace and Love”. How odd!!

     And the 3 Day Separation from Satan at the Global Level which began the Internal Exodus in the restoration of Ephraim as the Kingdom of Israel: at the Substantial Course in taking “Egypt from within”.

           The Internal Course of Restoration that was walked by Dr. King???

            Oh yea: THAT COURSE. The one NO ONE EVER HEARD OF!!

           Gee: I wonder WHY??? Or why Rev. Moon ignored Dr. King, and said he was a communist tool, for opposing the unjust and criminal Vietnam war??? And then ignored him and the REAL Third Israel here in America, along with our Holy City of St. Francis, to which everyone in the world made the Pilgrimage who received “the Call”???

               The amount of people at Beth-El was even roughly the same as the number of Israelites who made the first Exodus out of Egypt long before.



                What does “Beth El” mean???

               The House of God. But it is really “the house of David as (the house of ) God”.

               Of them “who prophesy upon Harp ( guitar) and timbrel” ( drum ).

The Three Day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third israel as My Generation of the white youth and Manchild of the black youth united at Beth-El and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the "Internal Exodus"; as did Peter Townsend of the Who..."...The Exodus is here...." he sang....that Day, join us at The New Unification Church of Synanon

The Three Day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third israel as My Generation of the white youth and Manchild of the black youth united at Beth-El and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the “Internal Exodus”; as did Peter Townsend of the Who…”…The Exodus is here….” he sang….that Day, join us at The New Unification Church of Synanon

               A musical House, for sure.

               The one House here in America that Rev. Moon had been put over as “the faithful and wise steward” to give them “meat in due season” ( ‘Summer of Love’ ) as food for the Famine “not for bread: but for the Word of God”. ( ‘Divine Principle’ )

               But that is what is written about in the gospel of Luke and Matthew: it could have been forged !!! Yes: made up to conform to what Rev. Moon would do later!!!

                Yes, that’s it: somebody sat down and MADE IT ALL UP!!! Ahead of time!!

               Or: is it prophecy???

And then all those who died to preserve the exact prophecy, in that exact form; for thousands of years!!! To keep the MYTH alive!!! And of course: the Old Testament that corroborates the New Testament was made up as well: by all those people to do the same thing all over again!!! That’s IT!~!! What an incredible CONSPIRACY!!!

         Just one problem: someone from Korea proved conclusively that the patterns in both Old and New Testament follow an identical numerical pattern which can be readily understood if one applies oneself to the exposition made clear in those very pages.

        The Priest; ”….is the messenger of Jehovah of hosts….”, and they should seek “the law at his mouth…”. A Law which conforms to both Old and New Testaments. Wow: a real Priest.

         But that’s what is written about in the Divine Principle. Something else is brought to light there that was not known except for the Elect. Who were the elect? The first Unificationists; the Sufis who taught the Unity of Faith behind all the religions and especially the 3 Monotheistic religions. It was they who set the foundation that Rev. Moon was to have used, when and if, he passed the test and met them on their own ground; at the day and the hour.

       But he never did. He ignored them. Like his Church ignored me.

      But the 7 levels of the Providence of Salvation, from the Individual level, to the Familial, to the Tribal, to Racial, to the National; to the Global,to the return of the Messiah at the Kingdom of heaven and earth called the Cosmic or Universal: they are all ALL there.

      The school of the dervishes, and that of the Druse in their Secret Book have it;  writ large.

      So the Providence was not sealed and unknown to all until Rev. Moon arrived

      The Sufis knew it quite well; the 7 levels of the Providence are there in the pages of Idries Shah’s book “The Sufis”, summed up on page 296. It’s there in even greater detail in the book by William B. Seabrook called “Adventures in Arabia” on page 206. And they did not get their information from Rev. Moon. Idries Shah published his book back in 1964, and lived primarily in England. Seabrook published his book in 1927.

        1927!  Rev. Moon was seven: I assure you the Druse of Lebanon existed long before that.

        But wait: the Gospel is Mythology!!! Rev. Moon was just guessing!!! That’s it!! Fables!

        The problem is this: Mr. Moon, and the Druse, and the Sufis were not guessing, and what is more, neither was John the Baptist, when he arrived originally with his Gospel of Repentance, and the people followed him: and hung on his every word.

        Until John fell to the accusation of Satan, which debarred him from doing even one miracle.

The 40 days in the wilderness were not done from the position of john the baptist as Sun Myung Moon incorrectly states.

The 40 days in the wilderness  by Jesus were not done from the position of John the Baptist as Sun Myung Moon incorrectly states. Why? Because John was STILL ALIVE


     But I am getting ahead of myself: let us go to the Two Roads, where this matter really starts.

     If you’re still here, my friend: why, it’s a miracle!!!! See: they do happen!!!

       In the German Critical Scholastic movement that became the Leipzig School of Empirical Criticism, which led to the formalization of materialism that was adopted by Karl Marx from the left-wing Hegelians we have many things in the New Testament in the 4 gospels which do not exactly seem to add up. Times seem  somewhat hazy, the series of events in one gospel doesn’t quite exactly match the others, and then the fourth Gospel of John differs from the other three in many ways altogether.

      Strangely, the one glaring and incontrovertible discrepancy in the 4 gospels seems to have escaped everyone, but perhaps if I sat down and read every doctrinal thesis or comparative exegesis written by every student of hermeneutics in Germany for the last 500 years I could probably find it.

      What I am referring to is the fact that the Three Great Temptation of Christ do not match in Matthew and Luke. The difference is not something that can brushed aside: if one is right then the other is wrong; but everyone says the Holy Spirit is really the author of the 4 gospels from the Spirit of Jehovah in the name of Jesus Christ which came down at Pentecost and that it would guide them eventually to remember all that my Father Jesus had said in exact detail. My Father said as much.

        What does this mean? Let us examine the problem and Rev. Moon’s own exposition.

Preparing for death: the Hireling of Korea;  the "Standard Bearer who Fainteth"

Preparing for death: the Hireling of Korea; the “Standard Bearer who Fainteth”

The Three Great Blessings.


       There is little doubt that Rev. Moon was the first one to find the pattern of the three great blessings, and how the restoration of these Three Blessings was to be found at every level of the 7 levels of the providence by the 7 lords of the restoration: and conclusively.

        It would be idiotic to deny that this was actually something that each providential and central figure was doing to fulfill the will of God, since Rev. Moon shows exactly how Jacob, Abraham, Moses and others were set in doing this very thing. The numerical evidence alone outweighs any denial: and rev. moon did not originate or make up these things, they are now there clearly revealed to the entire world, or at least to those now or formerly in the Unification Church, and lastly myself, as one who learned how to read at an early age.


       Starting at about page 351 of the black book we have Rev. Moon’s exposition of the 3 great temptations in the correspondent course of the pattern of these 3 great blessing in an exact parallel, showing how Jesus restores these blessings in his 40 day course in the Wilderness at the global level.

        This makes perfect sense until Mr. Moon says my Father was a failure who was crucified in the position of John the Baptist and who did not even resurrect in his flesh and bone, as my Father Jesus conclusively states and says to Doubting Thomas in the Gospel, but for Rev. Moon the Gospel can be dispensed with; and for those who are truly wise like himself we must aver that Jesus was just a “spirit” after his resurrection, wandering now as a ghost transcendent of “space and time”, who could even appear in locked rooms and was therefore not in a physical body because that would be IMPOSSIBLE: according to Rev. Moon.

     Rev. Moon then says my Father Jesus died without performing any of the duties of the Messiah ( forgetting Palm Sunday, when he entered Zion in Glory with Lazarus who he raised from the dead in the position of John the Baptists dead body, fulfilled the Scripture as Christ the Lord beyond the shadow of a doubt ) and then Mr. Moon leaves the Gospel of Christ with Korean punctuality as soon as it suited him: which was immediately after 1960 when he said he was the Lamb and that he had fulfilled all of the scripture and that Bo Hui Pak was then John the Baptist and….well……we know what happened next at Yankee Stadium in 1976 when it went so terribly terribly wrong.

         But the three great blessings of “be fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth and have dominion; were clearly pointed out as being what the pattern was when the devil asked Jesus to turn stone into bread ( as being fruitful in attaining the powers of Adam or “son of God”), and then to throw himself down ( as the angels would catch him because he was “the son of God” ), and then to worship him and be given the whole earth as the dominion ( because then he would have dominion as the “son of God” )

        Rev. Moon clearly stated that Jesus overcame the devil and that the three great blessings were then restored in this exact pattern: but then, we have a problem: this is not the version we see in Luke.

       The version we see in luke is different, and the terminology and the tone are completely as well. If one is wrong then the other is right: but rev. moon showed that matthew was the exact pattern of the 3 Blessings restored; so now we have some flawed human who got it all wrong and we can move one: right?

       No.. Not at all. 


        We can’t. And we can’t because this was meant to be this way, for the one who would take the road of Joseph, who becomes the one called “the faithful and wise steward / servant” of Luke and Matthew, and for the Son of Joseph, who is unknown: but is the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel. 

 The Prodigal Son of David:



Salvation Rose in Memphis with Glenn Emery

Salvation Rose in Memphis with Glenn Emery

       But this Solomon is the one who built the 3 altars on the Mount of Olives to the Triple Goddess, for which now can be revealed that this was the real reason that my Father Jesus prayed 3 times to God that the Cup of Death would pass from him at Gethsemene: and now you will know why that happened.

       The one that my Father Jesus was really fighting with in the wilderness for that 40 days: the one who had sold himself to the Devil and been given all the kingdoms of the earth long before Jesus ever walked in Galilee: that fallen one was Solomon.

       Solomon, Apollyon, the black sheep; the one lost of the 100 was the lost sheep, as that one who had to be restored of the 99 to once again have the 100. This is why my Father said “…For the son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost..” He wasn’t talking about mankind itself in a generailty: he was specifically referring to Solomon, the prodigal son of David, who had fallen into the cluthes of the devil and who which the 10 tribes had also then followed inton the abyss as well because Solomon dragged them down with him.

       That is why the garment that had been that of the king was ripped into 12 pieces by the prophet and the ten were lost, as the 10 tribes were soon to become lost; and only two pieces remained, which were all of the kingdom of  Judha remaining.

        This is why, although few know the reason why this is written in the Old testament.

        I do.

       Solomon was he who feared Death more than God, and who sold himself to Satan the Devil and became Apollo, the one that Zeus, or Azazyel, the fallen Strength of God, who was the Archangel in Paradise, called the god of the sun: Apollo, the last of the gods. The one who gained the whole earth: but lost his soul. “For all the evil under the sun” That was the refrain of Solomon: but none knew why.

      Until now.

      If you look at the order of the temptations in Luke you will see it was: stone into bread: fall down and worship me, and then; he was taken to the pinnacle of the Temple: and then told, throw yourself down.


      But this order of temptations does not match the pattern of the three great blessings.

      What does this mean? It means that this different order is for someone other than he who would walk in the footsteps of “Joseph over the House of Egypt” who was “the Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant” known to me as Sun Myung Moon, who was sent to restore John the Baptist/ Messenger and complete his mission as Elijah the Seal: as his new body.

       His name changed and became “Sun Myung Moon” as “The Shining Truth”

      So now we come to the “Son of Joseph” who is “the lost sheep of the House of Israel” known as the Prodigal Son of David, sent to restore the Silly Dove of Ephraim, and restore the Northern Kingdom of Israel/ Dove and complete his mission as Solomon the Preacher: as his new body.

      Sheep is a name both plural and singular, like fish: and seed. And there’s a reason for that.

       His name changes and becomes “Jedidiah” or “Beloved of Jah”. And it is where the term “Jedi” came from: the name ‘Jedidiah’ that Nathan named Solomon with: originally.

Two Graphs of The Prophetic Grid:

        Sun Myung Moon,                   and:           Christopher Witt Diamant
                 Saul            Reward     Actuality     Pre-Destiny   David
                      Shebna       End       Finality        Destiny          Eliakim
              John Baptist        Role     Reality         Identity          Solomon
             Joseph            Heaven      Hierarchy     Position   Ephraim  ( Son of Joseph)
             Tarrytown   Earth          Society         Location        New Hope


                              John the Baptist,                                    and:           Jesus the Son of man
               Messenger of Jehovah of hosts  Reward    Actuality  Pre-Destiny  Jehovah of hosts:  12 legions of Angels
                 Elijah /  Altar  / Ariel                         End    Finality   Destiny   House of  David as God / Bethlehem
Priest / Friend of Bridegroom / yet: Jonathan Role  Reality      Identity     Bridegroom/  yet: David/ a King
 “ Sodom and Egypt’ /actually Ishmael       Heaven Hierarchy  Position   “Jehovah is There”  /actually Isaac                                                                                                  
“an Isaac from Zion”  Law from Zion           Earth     Society      Location   Word from Jerusalem / “an Ishmael of Egypt”                                                                                                                               
                                     Elisabeth as ‘an Sarah’            Mary as “an Hagar”                                            
 Elisabeth is as Sarah, a birth in old age By ‘appearance’     —–       By ‘appearance’    Mary is as poor, Hagar from Egypt

      Solomon, the archetypically spoiled brat, was ‘he who destroyed himself’. But it is he who is raised at this time, the Last Day, to finish his Father’s business. And there is more to this story, that of the Two Roads. And some unfinished, and very messy: business.

       Very unfinished, and a very messy business, indeed.

       Thus it does match one set of temptations: and for one person alone, the ones in which Solomon fell when he was tempted the three times: and fell at the first one with the mark on the hand; commanding the fallen angels with the ring for sorcery, and then the second, with the mark on the forehead for worshipping the dragon and to be able to disappear anytime he desired with the cloak of invisibility, and then the third, to be given the power to “go between”, and appear anywhere he desired on earth, which was that evil gift of the winged shoes, from Satan as of his fallen dominion; as ruling over the invisible realms of the jinn or spirits in the 3 lower heavens above the earth and the 3 upper hells below it with the djinn:  becoming that Angel of the Abyss, the King of his and then others ‘’Self Destruction”.

       But . “…He who has brought a Jew for a servant has bought himself a master, as the saying goes…..”

      There are then three Solomon’s, the younger one, as we see in the Song of Songs, where he finds the female aspect of the soul in his kingship, and then the middle-aged vision of the wise but cynical king in Proverbs, and then at the end the bitter and skeptically adrift king in Ecclesiastes. But it was in his old age that Solomon began to seek how to circumvent his coming death, as the Devil had by that time convinced him that nothing of life would be his portion but the grave; annihilation, in short, the end of every man.

    The devil was able to do this by showing him how David had earned nothing from God for all his faith, and died as a  man of common dust: but this was not the case, as I shall show.

    The Word in its letter is death: in the stark utterances of Moses and others Solomon interpreted the texts with a more and more concrete literalism; the vision we finally see in Ecclesiastes: no possibility of resurrection, and no place after life but the grave. Man and the beast both have the same life; and are the same in sharing equally the same death.

       The question is then this; who destroyed Solomon? His own shadow, materialism, Midas.

        The 666 talents of gold that we see Solomon collect is in I Kings 10:14, in “one year”. This “Midas touch” was of his own spiritual materialism.

       This is Apollo, rational delusion as Apollyon: self-destruction, the nemesis of Solomon: he who fell in love with his own life or soul, loving only his own life itself, as they of the Northern Kingdom who fell in love with themselves as seen in the myth of Narcissus, the silly dove of Ephraim, in love with their own vain image of themselves: the internal imagination created of their idolization of themselves.

       Thus the tale of the Sufi, who pulled out his sleeve the full blown Rose that was produced in the dead of winter, suspended over the Bowl of Water they brought out to him to show that “the city was Full” and no more could enter; was the means by which he manifested to the Elect the fact that he, Abdul Qadir, was the one who had restored the Rose, albeit symbolically, and when he entered Baghdad it was on their shoulders in jubilation.

    After all, one has to start somewhere, and he had made the first move to bring ‘back from the dead” the Prodigal Son of David, as ‘that which was lost” afterwards, due to his fall, was the entire Northern Kingdom of Israel.

    What did this Sign of the Rose floating atop the bowl of water portend?

    It was in reality the Rose of Sharon suspended over the Abyss, which is Solomon in love with staring at his own reflection: as the figure of Narcissus, and the Red Rose of Sharon is then the Spirit of his Kingdom, as when he said “and the Banner over us was Love”; but it is this very thing that he loses by trying to hold onto it above all else. Love is not all: one also needs Truth.

       The White Lily of the Valley is then his female soul of which he thinks he will now have forever. But he lost it instead. And he did by the same means by which he tried to have Jesus fall down and worship him with the same promise.

       But Jesus was not who seemed to be, as Solomon quickly discovered when all his angels came and left him, and then went and ministered to Jesus after he won the Crown of Dominion that took the power of Solomon’s Ring.

      Thus was “the strong man” despoiled “of his goods”. But now here is the question:

       So who does the devil worship? He says he worships nothing, as God does not worship anything. This can be simply seen, because Solomon said “All is Vanity”. But he meant God is Vain, and that the Creation is just His Mirror of His Genius and Omnipotence.

       If God worshiped His Creation that would indeed be Vanity, as the Mirror of Creation was what Eve symbolized by the fact the light of the Moon is the reflected light of the Sun. And if He worshipped Himself that would be Idolatry, as Adam represented the Image of God, seen in the sun the moon is then the mirror of.

       So what does the devil really worship, even though he says he worships nothing and is therefore identical to God?

      He’s a liar, as my Father Jesus knew: the devil worships one thing only:


       Solomon destroyed himself, he was his own worst enemy, like David was with Bathsheba, but this happened because his fear of Death and the thought that there was nothing after this life but the grave was able to be so pressed into his mind by Satan that he sold himself to continue his existence at any price or cost, although he thought he had made the best of a bad situation in the bargain for his terms.

        He worshipped Satan upon the Mercyseat of the Ark that Moses had commissioned that Bezaleel build, and Solomon had then brought this treasure into the very Temple he had built.

        But he ruined his own ideal.

        Sensual lust was only part of it, the rest was the desire for immortality at any cost.

        Thus he traded the Ark for his own life, or so he thought.

       And that is when the Ark vanished: right to Baal Hermon, the White Mountain at the northernmost boundary of Israel, the real ‘Olympus’ where the third of the host of the angels came down when they fell, and took wives of the daughters of men. This is seen in the stories of the gods of Olympus, and their endless adulteries and affairs.

        And now we shall have a little voyage of discovery. It’s very much like the yacht called New Hope that Rev. Moon used to sail around on: except that the reason that I was brought out from San Francisco after it fell: to start over in New Hope; is the same reason that it was said that the coming of the Son of Man would be as when Lot was led out of Sodom after it was judged; to start a new family in Zoar.

         As I said, the full story was the one I decided to tell you right from the start, a partial or incomplete explanation at this point would be worse than none at all.

         Right now it is you, my friend, who represent the Last Hoe of the Unification Church. Glenn Emery is considered a pariah, and I am not even considered to be anyone of account by the inverse racism of the fact I am not a Korean.

          There is little doubt that you placed high in the estimation of those you served because they saw something in you they decided to reward. But my servant John knows the real reason of your reward: and now both he and my Father Jesus have brought things to this pass, so that you will have a real choice; not a fake one.

           Amen, and so be it.

           Let us examine Psalm 22, and see who really died on the Cross of Christ that is the Key of David that Eliakim had put on his shoulder, as Jesus did much later, showing us: as in Isaiah 22.


Golgotha and the Great and High Mountain

And the Most High


                       The man who was Raised Up from the earth:

the Ant who was given Wings: the Icarus of Sura 27:82

 The Dabbat Al-Ard

       The conventional wisdom is that Jesus indeed died on the Cross and paid for the original sin of Adam. Apparently at the Fall God’s Desire was fulfilled but not his Will, thus at the Cup of Death God’s Will this time was fulfilled; but certainly not His Desire. It was this which was the true Islam, seen first at Job, then at Isaac, and then at Jesus.

       With Job we have the saying “Though He slay me: yet shall I trust in Him”.

       This was the Standard ‘Met’. 4th position, Integral as Reverential for Truth

( 17.

      Then with Isaac we have the question he asked his father: “Where is the Sacrifice”. Knowing it was to be himself. But he died with his father right there on the spot, their will was united in mutual annihilation or “fana”. This was then the Standard ‘Borne’, as he went to get wood for his own Holocaust, to be a burnt offering; as of the Altar. 3rd position: Neutral as Impartial, for Wisdom.

       This Raised the Standard of Job: as two became one. Job’s own wife had said “Curse God and die”, just as the devil said Job would do: which apparently his wife had momentarily become as the Angel of Death herself, although this time she failed, unlike Eve. This was their bonding beyond death; which was then the Standard ‘Raised’. Thus, 2nd position, Reciprocal as Beneficial, for Good. As the Lamb had said: “I and my Father are One”. ( “One is good, that is: God” )

        And then, without protest or struggle; Isaac laid himself down on the Altar. The knife went up: and he moved not a muscle nor said a word for mercy. This was the Standard ‘Set’, which only one went further than: 1st position, Central, as Self-Sacrificial: for Love.

        Isaac was spared: but God did not spare the Lamb who is the Shepherd of the Sheep: Jesus, who then became the Ram which had died for Isaac, symbolically. Jesus died; stretched out on the Cross: dying in the Form of the Cross, so he was the Standard ‘Become’.

This was Epicentral at the 5th position, at the heart of the Diamond of the 4 positions:

Epicentral as Crucial: for the Restoration of God’s  Trust

The Reasons for the First Stumbling

It was undeniably the First Stumbling Rev. Moon symbolically made in his role of Joseph as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” written of in the Gospel, to feed the lost sheep of the House of Israel in the famine ‘not for bread, but for the Word of God’ in the Last Days that began his decline to that personage known as “that evil servant” in Matthew 24:48.
This charge of positions from the Messenger to the Evil Servant happened because he who was to become the Messiah, had he passed the Final Test, came about long after having being put over the “House of Egypt”, as the formerly institutionalized, and governmentally racist America he came to in 1965.
Rejecting the “Hippies” of the City of St. Francis as having missed the fact that the “Summer of Love” was the “due season” of the “Faithful and Wise servant” to come forth and embrace me as the little child of 12 in 1967 and My Generation, it was then his unwise decision to leave the position of Maitreya as the Lord of the Second Advent and instead get married in 1960 that became the reason the 6th Seal that is of the decade from 1960 to 1969 to where his “marriage” became the embodiment the Second Fall. The description of the Moon that is as red “as blood” was because his wife was a virgin; and the Sun “black as sackcloth” because he rejected the Child who came in the Name of Love: as the Name of God.
Thus his “marriage” symbolized the Second Fall of Adam and Eve; and My Generation as “the stars that all fell from heaven” who entered his church and got married when they were to have been first sealed as not “marrying not being given in marriage” as they who would obtain the “Resurrection from the Dead”,  and then, after taking their vows to become “eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of heaven” as postulants for entry into the Virgin Priesthood that would have then begun the Initiation in the 7 Overcomings in the Last 7 Footsteps on the Lamb.
These 7 Footsteps that his Servant John walked who was the first who followed the Lamb all the way to the End would have then been seen in the revealed 7 Churches of the True Vine of Christianity that are the 7 Lampstands of the new Seven Heavens for the 7 New Days of the New Creation.
The 7 Lampstands as the 7 “Lightbearers” we know as the 7 Shepherds were to have been revealed as first Peter; then Augustine; then Martin Luther; then George Fox; then Emanuel Swedenborg, followed by Joseph Smith and then lastly Sun Myung Moon as the Messenger and then finally the Messiah: if he overcame the at the 7 Overcomings as going through all  7 Steps on the Path of the Just, with the help of the 7 angels of the 7 Days that St Paul chose to accompany him.
These were they he assigned to each of the 7 churches in Asia that John the Servant of God later addressed in the Revelation. ,
The 7 men chosen by Peter, seen in Acts 6:3 originally, after Pentecost, were Stephen, Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor; and Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicholas, a proselyte of Antioch.
Of Stephen it was said he was “a man full of faith and power”,
also said of him “…a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit….”, who became the first martyr.
These 7 churches that Peter designed, and that the Messenger Paul built,
and that John later addressed which are revealed in my book,
as being thus the original ‘blueprint’ for the growth of Christianity’s seven main churches:
the 7 men with Paul were Sopater of Berea, Aristarchus and Secundus of the Thessalonians,
Gaius of Derbe, Timotheus, and from Asia, Tychicus and lastly Trophimus.
As each Church of the True Vine came into existence a “Star” was placed on each “Lampstand” in each of the 7 Cities where the Seven Churches of the True Vine were each manifested in the 7 Transmissions of the Original Holy Spirit sent back to the earth as the ‘Paraclete’,  or ‘Comforter’ of Christ Jesus.
The 7 Churches of the True Vine as the 7 Stories of the Tower of Salvation my Father Jesus first sat down to count the cost of before starting: with himself as the Son of man as the Ladder of Jacob in the Tower of the New 7 Heavens at each overcoming, on which they who ascended vertically would then rise up on; as he said;
             ”And if I am lifted up; then I will raise all men to me”. 
Thus we overcome who ascend and become rays who reach the face of Him as that Sun of Righteousness; thus of he it was said:
                   “…… the Righteous will shine forth ‘like the Sun’…….”.
Thus the First City was Jerusalem for Peter’s Apostolic Church of the Pentecostal Tongues for all 12 Apostle’s and all the Nations United as they restored the foundation of the Tower of Babel where the tongues were first divided; then Rome for Augustine’s Catholic Church and the Latin Tongue for the Passionate Nuns and Priests, then Wittenburg for Martin Luther’s Reformic Church and the Teutonic Tongue for the Protestants, then London for George Fox’s Gnostic Church and the English Tongue for the Quakers or ‘Friends”, then Stockholm, and then later Bryn Athyn in Pennsylvania for Emanuel Swedenborg’s Swedish Tongue to the English Togue also for ”The Church of the New Jerusalem’; and then Salt Lake City for Joseph Smith and the Mormon Tongue for the ‘Church of Latter Day Saints; and then Seoul/Soul for Sun Myung Moon’s Sufic Church and the Korean Tongue for the Unification Church; which had to be changed because Rev. Moon mischaracterized the Holy Spirit as a “unholy female spirit” which is, in Reality that of the Creatrix who is Infernal Eve as “the White Goddess”; as mankind’s own fallen “second nature” which he considers his own; being that of the ‘fallen Eden’ as the queen of darkness herself; thus the Holy Spirit of God which is Jehovah Himself was said by Rev. Moon to be the bride that the Son had “married”; but since that would have made Jehovah the Father of the Lamb his ”Wife” of Christ the truth was that Rev. Moon unknowingly married Christ to Isis herself in his book on page 216 where he has the two “act out the act of love” in technical terms; and thus has her invade his work and corrupt the text and it’s message.
The bride. the Lamb's Wife??  "..Judge not according to the appearance....but judge righteous judgment..."

The bride. the Lamb’s Wife?? “..Judge not according to the appearance….but judge righteous judgment…”

ISIS as the mother of Cain who is Osiris that she them “marries” as the false “Egyptian queen of heaven” can be seen in that old saying as “having one’s cake; and eating it too”.  One’s cake is useless unless one can eat it; but what this conceals as of the operation of the “Black Widow” or female spider; who first as Eve has her son Cain as her husband and her lover as ‘having’ her cake; and then finally as her dinner as “eating it too” with Osiris who is the Pharaoh continually replaced upon her throne as of “she whose sins reach into heaven”.
 It is ISIS who is Jehovah’s ancient foe and is called “Rahab”;  the dragon he cut in half into fallen mother of the Sea of time and risen daughter of the River of Eternity out of that of which John wrote: “And there was no more Sea. “Sea” meaning ‘Time’ .
 And it was the high priestess of ISIS who is MYSTERY who Solomon married that finally was the one who brought him down; he who was said to have been one of the wisest men who ever lived; and yet who ended by selling himself to the Devil and worshipping him on the Mercyseat of the Ark; by which it was taken to Ba’al Hermon or Mt. Sion’s other peak: Mount Hermon at the North of Israel where my Father Jesus brought John and James and Peter when they met Moses and Elijah.
Mount Hermon or “Ba’al Hermon” is where the angels who left their firt estate in Eternity, who were the fallen third of the Host, came down to take wives of the daughters of men: thus Ba’al Hermon is Olympus; the real one.
By Rev. Moon teaching his follower this untruth about the Holy Spirit due to his ignorance ISIS invaded the entire transmission of the Holy Spirit in all of the 7 churches; so the Seventh City of Seoul was changed to New Hope from Seoul/Soul.
Thus it was that my Father’s servant John He sent to me in my house at 1520 Willard St. in the City of St. Francis came to rectify the situation where the Theology of the Unification Church had become corrupted; just as the City of St. Francis was now invaded by the Men of Sodom due to Rev. Moon’s mistake. Therefore John the Divine was made the 7th Shepherd of the New Unification Church to replace Rev. Moon until he was either restored by repenting of his error, or he died; whichever came first.
The main reason the angel led me to New Hope where the New Unification Church was started was to fulfill the scripture; so that just as Lot had been led out of Sodom to Zoar so was I led out of the fallen City of St. Francis to New Hope in Pennsylvania.
My city that had fallen to the Men of Sodom due to Rev. Moon marrying the Son to the false Bride or “ISIS” as the ‘unholy female spirit’ of fallen Unification Church theology was written about in many places in the otherwise accurate book “Divine Principle”. 
The fact Rev. Moon taught this and other errors was why he is also called “the least in the kingdom of heaven”.  But there are “two leasts”; the good one and the bad one; the good one being he to whom my Father Jesus referred when he said:

“…of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist;

yet I say unto you that he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he..”

By this he meant that he who was born of the Spirit was greater than he born of the flesh; even one as myself; of who in My Generation it was Rev. Moon who was the John the Baptist; and myself as that one who was least: yet still greater than he; as having risen born of the Spirit as being dead in Christ: and they rise first.
Thus of these “two leasts” is the meaning now made clear, of when he said:

 ”In that Night there will be two men in one bed; one will be taken; and one left”

As each of the 7 Shepherds of each of the 7 Churches of the True Vine that had “overcame” were then to be seen as the “7 Stars” are placed on each of the Seven Lampstands on the Straight Path of the Just in each Overcoming; so that the Light of 7 Days can be seen as the Way of the Just for they who walk the Path of the Just; and they who overcome in the 7 Overcomings who follow my Father’s servant John are they who are to Rise through the Air as becoming the Clouds the Lord comes on when they went through the 7 fold Death in Christ.
Ascending as the Eunuchs who are revealed as the Clouds they Redeemed from the earth are of the Number restored of the Host of the New Heaven; the Virgin Priesthood of the Most Ancient Order of Melchizedek;  and who go Vertically up the Spiral Path of the Just in the 4 positions through all 7 Churches. It is they who become the 144,000 Virgins who reach Him at the Great White Throne of His Glory at the Seventh Overcoming on the Path; and become His Bride.
 Rev. Moon could have at least been one wise enough to see that to Marry a Black American Woman who truly symbolizes the Soul of America in the Position of the queen of the South or Sheba would have put him in the position of restoring Solomon for not marrying the queen of the South when he had the chance.
Thus he showed first and last that he did not do himself what he made others do in marrying inside his own race and culture while he had everyone but his Korea family marry inter-racially; but not him or his immediate family.
Thus for the Black Christian women who paid the indemnity for their race and our nation we have the beginning of the slow descent into the denial of the 430 year course of the Black Race as the Third Israel; thus leaving her as “the Widow of Israel”. This was a serious misstep for one who gave up his calling to embrace and exalt virginity as Maitreya to leave his high estate and to claim the position of the Marriage of the Lamb by deciding to marry; and yet Rev. Moon through away a golden opportunity to march with Dr. King and instead married a Korean woman instead of an American.
Yet he made many Americans marry Oriental wives and those of different colors to promote harmony between the races and for others: yet himself did not keep the inter- racial principle in his own marriage as the example it could have been.  Why? Because of two factors:  
                  A. )     He decided to play it safe for the political reality of the tribal structure of Korean society.    
                  B. )      He became centered in his position at his own nation of Korea in which he decided to father 12 sons and become the Korean Jacob; by investing totally in his marriage to a woman of his own race while arranging marriages with others who joined his church and yet at the same time insisting Unificationists practice racial equality by having them marry other races and become inter-racial couples as his standard of racial equity and international Christian righteousness in light of the unification of all races on the Foundation of Salvation to be set up by the Messenger until the Messiah arrived and in which Rev. Moon was put in charge until as “over the House” or “Church” itself in the position of the Bride. 
 Leaving his position at the end my Father’s servant John in the position to me of Elijah at once appeared to me and told me my soul thus stood surrogate for the Bride as the Messenger after being given the Seal of the Living God to gather the 144,000 virgins as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife from the Children of the Resurrection who were those of the 60′s who did not marry nor were they given in marriage: which means they did not join the Unification Church where marriage was ‘de facto’ mandatory.    
                At this point God then raised me up, to avenge the Black Widow of the Third Israel; the abandoned and exploited black Christian woman here in the USA, they who Rev. Moon was sent to Champion: but whom he seemingly despised as inferior to Korean women by not marrying one himself. So just as Elijah once did, in avenging the widow at God’s behest when King Ahab married a Zidonian princess who was a high priestess of Baal it was God by Elijah sent by God  to avenge her in Zarepta ( in direct opposition to she in Zidon who became the king’s wife and began to have them worship Baal: Jezebel )  to bring to life again her child.
Improbably this is what I then was sent to do for the queen of the South and her child: the “Manchild in the Promised Land” that Claude Brown about, and in that introduction  written by James Baldwin this was confirmed; and who also wrote of the Black Christian Race so persecuted by the white and very unchristian hypocrites on this very subject in many of his books, like “The Fire Next Time”, and “Go Tell it On the Mountain”; all of which Rev. Moon never mentioned. I suppose Rev. Moon thought God would never have the truth comes to light: but it has; with a Vengeance; the Wrath of the Lamb is the Child of the Resurrection: me; who became Salvation Rose after my death in Christ. 

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