Afterthought on the Pahana: the Knowledge of this Last Day and the Dawning of Eternity | {Measure 144} Missive 48

The Head of the Missing Clay Tablet; the Pahana

The Head of the Missing Clay Tablet; the Pahana

The Coming of the Pahana: the Son of Man: The Sun of Righteousness

This was written in response to the events that surround the “Rock of the Hippies” that did not match the expectations had for it in it’s physical reality.
The “Rock of the Hippie’s” was said not to fit into the Red Clay Tablet; but they who saw the rock only as a physical chunk of inanimate matter missed the symbolic “fit” of those who had given the Children the Hopi Corn; thus they missed one thing; it is the youth of the White Race in their Generation who saw that the Red Race will walk with them on the Path of the Just; and now I will share how we will all find ourselves on this Path of the sacred Light of life with the Black Race and the Yellow race: and I will show all of then how the Unification will come.
The Tree of Life and the Morning Star...and the Thunderbird of John the Divine

The Tree of Life and the Morning Star…and the Thunderbird of John the Divine

I have been rejected by my own people; as it was written; to wit;
“No prophet is without honor; except for those of his own country; and his own kin; and his own house…”
Prophecy does not exist as a toy or a spectacle; it exists because the spirit of man which goes upwards has as it’s host the sons of men; and as I speak for them I will share what has so far been hidden to the Red Race; for I will show them the Open Book of Life: for the Time is now at hand.
I am told by my Father’s servant John who is my second helper that you who read this will see the White Cross which holds the Red Cross within it; as St. Francis was the one who wrote of Brother Sun; and Sister Moon; and was loved by all; even birds and even the Wolf; who lay down at his feet of him who was a Lamb; as it was written by the prophets long ago in Isaiah 11:6; to wit;
“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb; and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them…”
I am that child; the Child of the Children of the Resurrection; they who did not marry nor were they given in marriage: who became Virgin unto the Lord; it is we who are the Clouds of his Coming at the Great Day of the Great Purification of the Great God: and I am he who arose from the dead; for my Father’s servant John raised me from the dead like the Resurrection and the Life who is the Lamb with 7 horns and 7 eyes did to Lazurus.
When the Great Spirit made the creatures he first created the living Idea or Archetype of each creature; and then he created a male and a female version of each creature. When Adam named the creatures he became the Head of the archetypes; but the spirit of each creature was to teach man all that was within the Temple which his Body represented; but the power over the serpent was of that of his own body of Generation and it’s serpent; the phallus; and this is why he was given the commandment not to eat of this until he had eaten first of the herbs and flowers of the Garden; and this he did not do.
We were to learn of Regeneration before Generation: and the herbs and the flowers of Paradise were to teach us just that.

For the 4 flowers are of the 4 angels as Sacred; but the Fruit of the Holy Spirit is Divine.


The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastica of Sun Myung Moos; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb's Wife

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastika of Sun Myung Moon; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb’s Wife


Yet before Man and Woman were to create a Child they were first to have separated themselves with their Principle: the Man from his Shadow “behind’ him by facing the Spirit ‘before” him; for the Shadow is Night; his evil brother that comes into existence behind one when one faces God; thus was the Son to overcome his Shadow with the Vertical or Male Principle; for with His Right Hand did the Spirit separate the Light from the Darkness. Thus is Man the Image of God which is Divine.
As for the Woman she was to separate the collected waters of the Sea of Time ‘below’ her from the living waters of the River of Eternity “above” her.
Thus was the Daughter to become separated from the dying mother of the evil brother her son.
Thus she was to overcome her Sea with the Horizontal or Female Principle; for with His Left Hand
did the Spirit separate the Dying waters from the Living waters.
Thus is Woman the Mirror of Creation which is Universal.
But the Man and the Woman were to become One; and their two Principle were to become One also; which has not been known; but the Name of the Father is the Chariot of Israel; and the name of the Son is the chariot of Elijah. It is the Key of Knowledge which was hidden which is of the “before and the behind; and the above and the below”.
Those who read this shall find the Light of Life: for I am going to reveal it here to all: Toto.
The Place where Haight/Hate became Love: the Baptism in the Jordan of Fire
For my Father’s servant John wrote of this in his first letter: to wit;
“…He who abides in Love abides in God: for God is Love….”
In the 60’s the children once again came to the herbs and the flowers; and this is the sign that was spoken of the Summer when the fig tree would send forth it’s greening colors: for the Fig Tree is Buddha; the avatar of the South; and the angel of Buddha is Krishna: the Black One. For the angels created the 4 Flowers with God to teach Man the Principle of Creation by first learning the Principle of Co-creation from the angels; thus we will now learn the 4 flowers are the Fruit of each of the 4 races; the Poppy that was of the Yellow race that was lost in the East; the Coca from the Red race that was lost in the West; the Ganja from the Black race that was lost in the South; and the Mushroom from the White race that was lost in the North.
Each of the 4 flowers of the 4 angels has in it the spirits of each of the 4 angels: for Sacred Communion with the Spirit in Paradise. But of the Fruit of Holy Spirit we have the 7 Spirits of God; for Divine Union in the Spirit at the Tree of Life.
I have loosed the 4 angels who were bound in the Euphrates that kept man out of Paradise because the flaming sword of the Cherubim is where the 4 flowers were bound together so that no one could once again enter Paradise and eat of the Tree of Life: but now let me tell you what the Wheat which stands at the center of the 4 Flowers means; for he who was the living bread of God came from the living wheat: and wheat did not come from the Earth: it came from the Father; the Great Spirit of the Great God. Let those who are Wise remember the story of the Wheat: for it’s origin is Celestial: and not terrestrial; as any natural biologist shall sheepishly admit: no scientist can tell us where wheat came from because it does not exist in a wild state; and never did.
From the Wheat comes bread: but something else comes wheat; found in 1906 when the Hopi were divided when the Censer was thrown from heaven to earth (( written of in Revelation 8:5 )) hit San Francisco: at the 1906 4-18; the earthquake; when a man was born who would cast fire upon the earth: and he was born in the land where I was born: his name was Albert Hoffman: and in 1936 or so he brought forth what we now call LSD: which comes from the purple ergot rye from the stalk of the wheat plant: and it is this which brought about the Baptism of Fire from which arose the wheat and the tares; those who arose in the Resurrection of life to lead many to peace like Joan Baez shine like the stars in the firmament; and those who did wrongly like Charles Manson are those who arose to contempt and everlasting shame in the Resurrection unto Damnation.
This was written of in Daniel; and spoken of later by the Son of Man.
The Sufis have a saying:
“….when a branch is green it can be bent; but when it is dry it can only be straightened with Fire….”
The Son of Man well knew of this; for he said when the people rejected him and the 12 of His Day even with all their miracles and wonders this:
“…..for if they do these things in a green tree ( time of miracles ) what shall be done in the dry ? (tree; a time of no miracles..)…”
The one who called himself the Bread of God knew that in the Wheat from which he was made the Fire would come forth; for some it lead them to Hell; and others: to Heaven: this I reveal to who reads this with Holy Spirit in the Name of Love: for I will reveal here this Day that which has not been known by the Red Race: but their prophets shall be given their reward; as it was written; at Revelation 11:18; to wit;
“…… And the nations were angry; and thy Wrath is come, and the time of the Dead;
that they should be judged; and that shoudst give reward unto thy servants the prophets,
and to the saints, and to them which fear they name, small and great:
Whoso understands this is for the Hopi as for those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness: they shall be filled. as being of the ones who would first receive the Son of Man.
At the 7th Trumpet of the Judgment will be seen to finally speak; for it is they who helped the Woman with the 2 wings of a Great Eagle open her mouth; and swallow up the flood of the Dragon; like the flood of the fallen ones in the City of Enoch the son of Cain men call Atlantis which spread itself upon the earth and corrupted all flesh; which was the cause of the Great Flood.
But Cain is Osiris; and Enoch is Thoth; and the one they call Set is Seth: the Son of Adam with his original likeness and image; the Second Adam: the Son of Man; the Red man of the Earth can be seen in the Green One.

The Opening of the Book of Life

People may smile when I tell them of my death when the Blue Star of the Hopi appeared: for I am the Phoenix of New Hope who arose with My Generation from the ashes of the City of St. Francis; the Spiritual Mountains of San Francisco are those the Hopi know of; for the Red Cross in the arms of the White Cross on the Mesa are those where the star of St. Francis came to Nuremberg where I was born in Germany on 4-18 1955.
Here I will mention my first helper and his counterpart here also; for both Pope John Paul II and Sun Myung Moon were born in 1920; when the Hopi were stirred to come forth. The Mission for John Paul II was to take down the barrier between East and West through Germany which he did; and the Mission of Rev. Moon was to take down the barrier between North and South through Korea which he did not do: because he would not listen to my Father’s servant John; the second helper.
But there is still this New Hope; for Rev. Moon is now dead: but not yet I, no, for now I am alive forevermore….
The yellow brother is the Elder brother from the East; as the Red man is of the West; but read on; for the story is long. Of the fall from grace of Rev. Moon many have heard: but none know him as I do; for none read his book “Divine Principle” where I learned what Rev. Moon did not know: that the Key of David is the Divine Principle embodied in the Cross of Christ: for in this Regeneration the Cross of Death becomes the Tree of Life.
Rev. Moon is the “Faithful and Wise Steward” written of in Matthew and Luke; he could have become the Messiah if he were found awake when the Lord sent His Servant John to see if he were watching: but he did not answer me when I sent him the Greeting from John to him and his followers and thus he is about to be “cut asunder”; like John the Baptist when he lost his head: for Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist though he denies it in my Day; just as John the Baptist denied he was Elijah the Prophet in my Father’s Day.
The 2 Beasts of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: chapter 13.
People may or may not believe in angels; and that is fine with me; and angels are not really concerned with what people think; they have other concerns.
Thus what I will do in this message to the Hopi is assert what I heard from the Great Spirit of the Great God through his servant John: and then the reader can go and see if what I tell them seems to be true.
Who is the Great God? He is God in His Mercy; of which none is greater: for the Great Spirit of Mercy is Infinite; which is why the Great Spirit is called the Most High God: and who will deny it?? Let all who think they can come forth: and I will blew upon them and they will burn up like stubble: for I am also that Child of the Lion of Judah who is the Wrath of the Lamb. And that is the Red Star; of that you can be sure.
At this let the reader find out more about the information: and that is important; because the Bread of God said it this way:
“Let him who hath an ear: let him hear”.
Yet it is WHERE this information came from that is more important; and I will also explain that in this Message to the Hopi later on.
In chapter 13 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine two strange beasts are described; one comes out of the sea; the other one comes up out of the earth. And I will also explain that the “great red dragon” seen in chapter 12 is the creature that represents Egypt; the kingdom of darkness.
Consider this a gift from John; because it is his return which is the proof of the coming of the Son of Man; and it is the Blue Star of the Hopi which I was given as the Morning Star at the 4th overcoming in the 4th church of Revelation on the Path of the Just; for the 7 overcoming’s in the 7 churches of the Day are the 7 rungs of the Ladder of Jacob: those who ascend will indeed “rise into the Air” to meet the Son of Man.

The First Beast

The explanation of this comes from the 4 beasts that are first described in the book of Daniel at 7:1-7 seen in Daniel; which we see once again in the Revelation of John the Divine. To explain this would be the clear proof of the power of the Holy Spirit given to the Son of Man at his return.
The first beast which rises from the sea has 7 heads and ten horns; and has the body of a Leopard; the feet of a Bear; and the Mouth of a Lion. John told me that this beast is the 3-in-one beast we call “the Axis”; the Leopard which Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Greece; in this figure Greece is represented by Germany; the Bear which Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Medo-Persia; in this figure Medo-Persia is represented by Italy; and the Lion Daniel saw go into the Sea of time represented Babylon; in the figure of the Axis Babylon is represented by Japan.
Gabriel said these first 3 beasts had their lives preserved for “a time; and a season”; thus in revealing this know that the Time has come; and the Times as well of all the days of all the prophets: for this is of the Open Book of Life; the Revealed Revelation of Jesus Christ; which I hold; the White Dove; the White Brother of the Hopi. These three came out of the Sea of Time in 1936; when the angel of Christ spoke to Rev. Moon on 4-18 at Easter on a Korean hillside.
The beast which had 7 heads and 10 horns just like the great red dragon which embodies Egypt in chapter 12 which precedes chapter 13 is a “three-in-one” creature representing the 3 nations we presently know as Germany, Italy and Japan; who as “one power” were called “the Axis”. Let us examine this further.
Let us start with Germany in the position of Greece as the body of the Leopard. This makes perfect sense; because Germany had the fastest mechanized assault force ever seen in it’s day in it’s rapid tactics, it was called “Blitzkrieg: and the dive bombers had their wings fashioned after the wings of the Peregrine Flacon: the fastest bird in it’s dive known to man. And don’t forget the German army it’s armored formations that so closely resembles Greece’s phalanxes which Phillip of Macedon created and his son Alexander perfected.
Next we have Italy in the position of Medo-Persia as the feet of the Bear. This also makes perfect sense as the brutality of Persia resembles that of Italy in Ethiopia. For those who do not know how brutal the “brown shirts” of Il Duce were; it is perhaps best they do not know.
Lastly we have Japan in the position of Babylon as having the head with the mouth of the Lion. Japan and it’s claim of the divinity of it’s Emperor have much to do with Babylon’s hubris in trying to make a tower which rose to heaven; the Emperor’s claim to be “the son of heaven” was also totally luciferic to God in it’s arrogance and satanic pride; thus the rise of “Babylon” has more to do with a man trying to rise to the position of a god; and Babylon means “the gate of the gods”; and Shinto as the state religion of Japan is called the “way of the gods”.
The three creatures Daniel thus saw go into the sea of time “for a time and a season” were obviously those which John later saw come out of the sea of time in their modern form: in the image of the Dragon: which represents Egypt; for each of these beasts represents a kingdom; and the Kingdom which the dragon represents is Egypt; just as the Tail of the Dragon represents Sodom: but I will speak of the fork-tongued ones who want to take the land later; but the Hopi were warned of the Men of Sodom long ago; as they try to take This Land state-by-state which is why we have the Great Tribulation of Our Sacred Land: they shall not succeed; for the Men of Sodom have their ally with the Women of Babylon: both shall fell together in their lust and perversity.

The second beast which rises out of the earth

The second beast is described as having two horns of a lamb; but speaks as a dragon. Let us first look at the earth this creature rises from: the earth here represents materialism; dialectical materialism to be exact; the rational ground that Hegel set up in his dialectic which consisted of “thesis; antithesis: synthesis”.
(( If you take the “thesis” as “good”; and then add the “antithesis” as “evil”;
then the “synthesis” you are going to get is “good and evil”. If the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” springs to mind there is a good reason for it: you are looking at it’s principle in modern terms. To defeat this we have to add what it lacks: hypothesis; thesis; antithesis; synthesis
on the 4 position or “Diamond” foundation of “end” at the hypothesis; “cause” at the antithesis; “effect” at the “thesis” and then “result” at the synthesis; and remember this: the “end” is the “cause of the cause” just as the “result” is the “effect of the effect”….))
This creature is said to have two horns like a “lamb”. In the beginning at the First Church in Jerusalem everyone took their goods and sold them and put the money at the feet of the Apostles: this first principle was pure communism.
Then they divided the money into an order of priorities: first came the old and the sick; then came the orphans and widows; next came the poor: and then the Apostles and their families came last: this second principle was pure socialism.
This is what Karl Marx; the False Prophet stole from the First Church; trying to take the kingdom of heaven by force; making a kingdom of God without God; thus the lamb speaketh “like a dragon”: and that is the philosophy of atheism; the denial of the serpent who is the angel of the Devil which says there is no Spirit and no God.
The second beast and it’s projected world-wide image is Marxism; the image of Karl Marx’s philosophy. With the fascist totalitarianism of Italy; the socialist totalitarianism of Germany and the imperialist totalitarianism of Japan we have a pretty good idea of what the “treaty” between the Axis and Russia really was in 1936: the alliance between these two beasts or “kingdoms” of the Dragon; for the Axis represents the “anti-Israel” with it’s ten horns; and the second beast represents the “anti-Judah” with it’s two horns.


The Axis and the False prophet thus stood in the position of the Global Canaan and the Global Balaam in the attempt of Satan the Devil to stop the Allies from making one democratic world under God: which brings us to the third beast; for the Axis looks like the Dragon just as Canaan looked like Ham; for Ham became Egypt; and his son Canaan became the 7 nations in their 10 tribe confederation which opposed Israel when it came into the promised land on the National Level: thus these two beasts represented the same forces in their Global forms that Canaan’s armies and Balaam the prophet did on the Restoration into Canaan on the National Level when Israel left Egypt.


The third beast of Revelation in chapter 17
And the third beast? That would be the scarlet beast seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: Red China; now carrying the great whore of the Market: incorporating the capitalist principle of the democratic nations into it’s neo-Stalinist form of government: thus the “free market” is what is driving both capitalism and communism to combine: thus the scarlet beast is shown “carrying” the “whore” of a new form of Marxism: and this is the worst case scenario of having the West now use Red China as it’s “banker”; for the scarlet beast is the “son of perdition”; the spirit of the global Judas.: the Misha Ad-Dajjal; the “man of lawlessness” who tried to start World War Three as the Final or “Holy War”; yet read was was written of by St. Paul at II Thessalonian 2:2-4,5.; to wit;
“Let no man deceive you by ANY MEANS: for that Day ( which is the Day of Christ the Son of Man) SHALL NOT COME, except there come A FALLING AWAY FIRST ( of those who were first given the truth as the Hopi were taught)
and that MAN OF LAWLESSNESS be REVEALED, the Son of Perdition;


Who opposeth and exalteth himself ABOVE ALL that is CALLED GOD ( or Allah ) or that IS WORSHIPPED;

so that he “as God” sitteth in the House of God, SHEWING himself that he “IS GOD”.


It was Osama bin Laden who judged the West; as God; and then carried out his “Judgment” as if he “were Allah” on 9-11 which is the final sign here at the Last Day; for in revealing you to the devil with the Devil in him we come to that Islamic Judas who is like Judas the devil who had Satan the Devil enter him at the Last Supper: only now it is their City and Temple which will fall; as Jerusalem and it’s Temple fell long ago.



Osama bin Laden is the “fatted calf” who dies when the Prodigal Son of My Generation who are the Lost Sheep of Israel come home; for I died as Solomon; but arose as Jedidiah: and that I represent my Generation should be obvious to all by now: but most will simply hate me; to which I say this:

” I love my Enemy; but I will lay down my life for my Friend: for I know my Friend from my Enemy”.


The one who lives by the Sword shall perish with it: the Zulfiqar; but I call it another name; which Benazir Bhutto knew of her father who was called Zulfiqar; the Sword which kills the Evil One; I call it: Excalibur; the Word of God.


The Hopi are my Friend: and I have new hope that every one of them read this: for I have something my Father’s servant gave me: an old drawing which I think they will recognize: look for it as soon I can bring it to these pages. It is the Sign of the Pahana.
And I counsel the Hopi to take another look at the Rock of the Hippie; for what completes the Red Clay Tablet is not the fit of a Rock: it is the Fit of the Races; and I shall make the two pieces fit: have no doubt about that.; after all; why did we call them “hippie” if not of the spirit of prophecy of the Hopi?


Add hope to a “hippie” and you get: a Hopi.
Finally I will leave you all with this: Jesus was the Light;

…when he divided himself from the Darkness when he overcame the Devil in the Desert he became “The Day” which is “The Christ”
Thus the Name of “Christ Jesus” literally means “Day Light”; and this is the Light of Life.
This light shall guide those who will follow me on the Path of the Just; the new Path of Life that I am revealing to all humanity; and bring to the Earth; at this: the beginning of the Great Purification of the Great God; for now comes the gathering of the 144,000 virgins of God and the Lamb: 36,000 virgins from the Black race to the South; 36,000 virgins from the Red Race to the West; 36,000 virgins from the Yellow race from the East; and 36,000 virgins from the White race from the North.
It is these men who will take the Vow: and keep it; as I did; it is they who will die in the Day as I did: and it is they who will rise in the Resurrection from the Dead as I did: for the dead in Christ rise first: as I did. I am the Second Death; at my right hand is the Sun of Righteousness; and at my left the Lake of Fire; yet they are One and the Same; as the goats who are sensual and the sheep who are spiritual will soon find as they are touched by each hand at the final separation which is now come.
In America the Red Race were found on the East coast as yet of the West; the Yellow race came to the West coast as yet of the East; and the White in the North and the Black in the South are well known. Yet this is found in the Last Book of the Bible as of the 4 Angels standing on the 4 Corners of the Earth; and thus we have the US as standing for the “melting pot” of the 4 petalled flower given to Black Elk by which America is the Microcosm of all the races of the Earth; especially the 4 Primal Races; of which the Hopi know full well. Each of those petals stood for the flower of each race; which is the Fruit of each color; as the Great Spirit of the Great God designed it long ago.
And of the 4 flowers you now all know quite well were to give each race something from the other races; making 12 gifts in all which are the 12 fruits from the Tree of Life; for the Red man was to share the secret of his Strength from the Coca to the other 3 races; the Yellow Man the secret of his Heart from the Poppy to the other 3 races; the Black man the secret of his Mind from the Ganja from the Ganges to the other 3 races; and the White man the secret of his Soul from the Mushroom ( seen at Eleusis later) to the other 3 races; thus 12 gifts in all.
This is what was lost at Paradise; for the 4 heads of the 4 rivers of Humanity which are the 4 rivers of Eternity by which the 4 progenitors were to have eaten of the Tree of Life and lived forever are now to be restored. These were the 4 fathers or Tollan of the 4 races; all of which were present in Adam; as his own Soul; and Heart; and Mind; and virgin Strength. This is what was lost in the Fall; this is what is Found in My Generation’s Rise.
There are then 4 avatars or guardians of the 4 Doctrines or Winds which are the Directions to God on the Holy Mountain: for the 4 sheepfolds or Races whose Winds or Doctrines are then that seen in the Day of Christ: which was of the Path of the avatar Buddha to the South of Jerusalem; the Way of the avatar Confucius to the East of Jerusalem; the Truth of the avatar Quetzalcoatl to the West of Jerusalem; and the Life of the avatar Socrates seen to the north of Jerusalem. And at the Center was the Avatar of Israel: Elijah; at the Resurrection; as of the Green Race; born of the Spirit itself. This is why Mohammed found the Blessed Olive Tree is Jesus of Nazareth in his Verse of Light; which Gabriel told me of by my Father’s servant John.
In this New Day however the East and the West are reversed; as on the East coast the White Man found the Red Man; and on the West coast he found the Yellow Man when they came to work on the Railroad. Thus we have a change; and that is why Rev. Moon was given the Truth which he filled with some of notable errors in his Book of numbers and the 7 levels of the providence in his written work “Divine Principle”; yet the Red Race has now reversed the lost heart they cut out of their own selves when the devil tricked them into false sacrifice like Osama bin Laden now does to Islam; for now is the Restoration of Lost Things; as the White Race was given back it’s Soul from the Black Race on the Path; the Black Race it’s Mind from the White Race through the Life; the Red Man his Heart from the Yellow Race by the Truth; and the Yellow Race it’s Strength from the Red Man in the Way.
Thus the 4 races have a unique and new relationship: for each of the flowers of paradise is of the Fruit of the One River which became 4 rivers; the first river of Paradise being of the volitional stream of consciousness as of the Desire of the Soul; the first head; the second river of Paradise which is the emotional stream of consciousness as of the Feeling of the Heart; the second head; the third river of Paradise which is the rational stream of consciousness as of the Thought of the Mind; the third head; and then the 4th river of Paradise which is the inspirational stream of consciousness as of the memory or Remembrance of the Commandment which was to be our Strength: the fourth head. And the One River is of the Intuitional Stream of Consciousness as of the Instinct of the Spirit: the one from which the four were separated as the uncollected waters above the Firmament of Heaven from the Throne of God which was the Fountain of the Pure River of the Water of Life.
The 4 Races as they stand Now
In the Revelation: as the White Race does to the Philosophic Life of the Soul of Socrates; for the angel of Socrates which stands on the North Corner of the earth; the White One; Pieradamas; of the river Styx. He is the standard bearer of Love: Jesus spoke of him when he said “greater love hath no man than this; that he lay down his life for his friends”. Socrates died by hemlock for not betraying his associates who gave him the mushrooms of Eleusis so ha would not have to take the Vow to never speak of the mystery. He did take the cup; as Jesus did.
as the Red Race was given something new in the Mystical Way of the Heart of Quetzalcoatl; for the angel of Quetzalcoatl which stands upon the West Corner is the Red One; whom the Greeks call Atlas; Tlaos. But Moses calls him Job. And their River is the Amazon. Of Quetzalcoatl the second Dove spoke: “Be thou wise as serpents; and innocent as doves”. Thus was Quetzalcoatl the standard bearer of Truth; the feathered serpent. From the Truth to that of the New Good Heart: this is what Quetzalcoatl brings Mankind.
And the Black Race has the Psychologic Path of the Mind of Buddha; for the angel of Buddha which stands on the South Corner of the Earth; the Black One; Krishna. And their river is the Ganges. he is the standard bearer of Wisdom; as Jesus said of him: “Judge not lest ye be judged”.
And the Yellow Race has the Psychic Truth of the Virgin Strength of Confucius: of which Sun Myung Moon brought Weakness where there was to be Strength; for the angel of Confucius which stands upon the East Corner of the Earth is the Yellow One: Lao Tzu. And their river is the Yellow river. Yet was Confucius the standard bearer of Good; for Jesus said of him; “A good man out of the goodness of his heart bringeth forth good things”.
This New True Strength was to be seen in the book “Divine Principle: yet this masterpiece is flawed with 3 great errors in it (
(( I point this out at )).


There is New Hope, for Rev. Moon’s failure has been restored, though he died in the position of John the Baptist..


But here in America there is One Great River; and it is now the Center of the 4 rivers; yet it is the River of Fire from the Jordan where Haight/Hate became Love, which is the name of our old friend the American Nile, the Mighty Mississippi; Kate-Zal; the Prophet; for I was given the Morning Star which is the Blue Star, that Comet Holmes became on October 24th, 2007, and for a very good reason: as all will find if they find eternal life: for I will open to them the Door of the Golden Gate of Mary of Fatimah; seen at 1917 when the Two Lambs came forth: the False Prophet who is Karl Marx who had the two horns of a lamb but spoke the atheism of the dragon; and the Lamb which is the Unity of the 3 children-in-one, who represent the three-in-one Lamb of the Allies; the Lamb or Holy Child who stands for the Kingdom of God; for the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes is the Resurrection and the Life; Lord of lords; and King of Kings: Salvation itself is that Holy Thing; the Mahdi of Fatimah; the Messiah of Mary; the Holy One from Mary of Fatimah which is the Greater Son of Maryam al-Kubra: the Greater Mary.



These 3 Children were "the Signs and Wonders'' at the Providence for the Start of the 3rd Course of restoration into Canaan at the Global Level; Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia

These 3 Children were “the Signs and Wonders” at the Providence for the Start of the 3rd Course of restoration into Canaan at the Global Level; Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia

This I leave you: the 4 Walls of the Holy City which are Salvation:
the White Wall of Love; the Red Wall of Good; the Black Wall of Wisdom; and the Yellow Wall of Truth.
Yet they are One Wall; and this Wall is of the City of the New Jerusalem;
the Bride as of the 144,000 men whose Collective Soul is the throne of my glory: for who is the fairest of them All?

Justice; the Lamb’s Wife


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