The Angel of the Last Hour: Independence Day; “Time No Longer”, and the Holy Angel of the Ukraine | “Measure 144” Missive 55

The woman with the Holy Angel of the Ukraine in her heart, the Guardian Angel of the Soul of Russia

The woman with the Holy Angel of the Ukraine in her heart, the Guardian Angel of the Soul of Russia–finance.html?soc_src=copy

Patriots will reverse the situation in eastern Ukraine

Candidate for president of Ukraine and leader of the Batkivshchyna Party Yulia Tymoshenko believes the special operation that was launched today in Slovyansk to free the city from terrorists, will help reverse the situation in eastern Ukraine.

“All the roadblocks are controlled, and the defense of the occupiers and terrorists leading to Slovyansk has been eliminated. I believe that we will start to reverse the situation. We will rely on those that do not retreat and are ready to sacrificially serve Ukraine and risk their lives to return our territory.

I think the situation will change,” Yulia Tymoshenko told the people of Zolochiv, Lviv oblast.

The leader of Batkivshchyna believes the situation in the east will also depend on those citizens that are currently joining territorial defense brigades.

“We have thousands of people coming and saying they are ready to go tomorrow and defend Ukraine. We took the first very important step,” Yulia Tymoshenko said.

Current update on May 2nd

Terrorists will be removed from UkraineCandidate for president of Ukraine and leader of the Batkivshchyna Party Yulia Tymoshenko is confident the situation in eastern Ukraine will be stabilized and attempts to disrupt the presidential elections will be thwarted.“I support all the anti-terrorist operations being conducted today in eastern Ukraine. I want to make it clear that the occupiers of Ukraine will face such resistance that they will not want to step foot on our country’s territory again. Ukraine will be freed from this terrorism,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during a press conference today in Lviv.The leader of Batkivshchyna is demanding Russian leadership stop trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. “Terror and the occupation of Ukraine will not succeed. Putin: stop all your attempts to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and prevent the presidential elections scheduled for May 25,” she said.“Stop all your attempts through a fifth column in Ukraine to promote separatist movements and demands to hold illegal referendums. Nothing doing. None of the Kremlin’s ultimatums will be met. There will be no change to the constitution based on their proposals, ultimatums or scenarios. Putin and his saboteurs and terrorists, occupier and fifth column will be removed form the territory of Ukraine quickly and forcefully. This has begun and there are positive results,” Yulia Tymoshenko said.
The Sacred Chapel of the Three Holy Ones at Hrushiv, 1987 for the Three Children of Fatima 1917

The Sacred Chapel of the Three Holy Ones at Hrushiv, 1987 for the Three Children of Fatima 1917

The Third Course of the Restoration into Canaan at the Global Level:

the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity of Russia,

by the False Prophet of Revelation: Karl Marx


The Unseen Holocaust:

The Six Million who Died in the Ukraine under Josef Stalin

Josef Stalin, who starved 6 millon Ukrainians to death, to force them to collectivize their farms.

Josef Stalin, who starved 6 millon Ukrainians to death, to force them to collectivize their farms, in the 1940’s


The Dual Prophecy regarding Rev. Moon in the Gospel of Christ,
the true nature of the Condition to Remove the Fallen Nature to be fulfilled by the Lord of the Second Advent:
and the order of the Three Conditions to be Absolutely Accomplished and Totally Fulfilled by the Messiah,
 written in the Book of Rev. Moon
In Rev. Moon’s revolutionary and epochal book “Divine Principle”, which was the Key of David seen manifest in the Cross of Christ, anyone can see that it incontrovertibly explains the connection between the Old and New Testaments, and explains this relationship scientifically, concisely, and logically.
But Rev. Moon also had writings in this book, which pointed to the original message in a version that was deeply hidden under the adulterated text published in 1973 here in America,. It was this original manuscript that he had changed, and which was edited by Dr. Choi into a much different creature from the one in the original Korean: and done under Rev. Moon’s strictly personal and complete direction.  
The earliest manuscript of the Divine Principle was lost in North Korea during the Korean War. Upon arriving as a refugee in Pusan, Reverend Moon wrote and dictated a manuscript called Wolli Wonbon (Original Text of the Divine Principle). He then guided Hyo Won Eu, the first president of the Unification Church of Korea, to prepare more systematic presentations of his teaching with biblical, historical and scientific illustrations.
Reverend Moon gave President Eu special instruction regarding the content of these texts and then checked them over meticulously. These efforts resulted in Wolli Hesul (Explanation of the Divine Principle) published in 1957 and Wolli Kangron (Exposition of the Divine Principle) published in 1966. For the past thirty years, Wolli Kangron has been the text of Reverend Moon’s basic teaching.
The first English translation, “The Divine Principle”, was made in 1973 by Dr. Won Pok Choi. Dr. Choi labored with considerable erudition to select the proper terminology and convey the complex thought of this text. Aware of its sacred nature, she made a point of producing a literal translation. Through this work, she laid the foundation for the teaching of the Divine Principle in the Western world..
 The version that was published in 1973 called “the Black Book” was a far cry from what was first done by Hyo Won Eu in Korea.
Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

In the original version that Rev. Moon had orally presented to his scribe  from Korea he had him write that he stood in the position of the messenger, as the new body of John the Baptist, just as John the Baptist’s own body substituted for that of Elijah.
Thus much of what was in the heavily changed and adulterated text of the Black Book of 1973 by Dr. Choi still spoke directly to the one who would come after Rev. Moon completed certain conditions of his mission as the messenger, which he knew would occur, even after he left the position of Maitreya who to gather the 144,000 from the newly reconstituted 12 Tribes, to be Sealed.

1.) The Actual Nature of the Dual Prophecy written about Rev. Moon,
      in the two differing versions of Luke and Matthew 
He had survived the North Korean death sentence in the Labor Camp because he was then spiritually in the position of Buddha himself at his return, seen in the figure in Revelation chapter 7:2, the “Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant” of Luke and Matthew ( 24:35-48 ) written in the Gospel, and seen as “the Angel Ascending from the Rising of the Sun in the East”, the one whom he was originally given the position of as Buddha reborn at his return, coming with the divine mission of Kalki, as the White Horse “Faith on Earth”, to prepare the way of the Lord, and to lay the foundation for the Messiah.
It was that mission he had first spoken of as having been given it by the True Father Lord Jesus originally, written in the “Divine Principle”, as he first had forcefully told to all who would first listen to him in Korea: as being his original purpose and the dynamic center of his mission. But while the Holy Spirit was working with the female ministers in Korea, the Fire had come to the children of Peace and Love, in California, the Promised Land of America: as the Microcosm of the World, the Cup where all mankind was stirred together, the melting pot, as it was  once called.
This was when he was sincere, and preached about what he had been given in all honesty, after escaping death in the North Korean slave labor camp, and spoke of to all quite  forthrightly, without any of the later subterfuge which culminated in his fall when he got married in 1960, and quite arrogantly, and mistakenly; called himself “The Lamb of God”.
He knew quite well that he was not this figure however, as that was who he was given the mission by the Angel of my Father Jesus to begin preparing the foundation for in 1935, on April 18th, after wrestling with the Angel all night on April 17th: when he accepted his mission as the Messenger for preparing the ground of the true Messiah, who Rev. Moon called “The Lord of the Second Advent”. But in the dual prophecy of Like and Matthew it was Rev. Moon himself who could have gone to the position of the Messiah, had he watched for the one that my Father would send in His Name, to see if Moon was watching at the Day and the Hour: the Final Test.
Even in the Black Book Rev. Moon never directly claimed to be the Lamb of God. It was this personage, whose position he claimed to be in at his marriage in 1960, but secretly only hoped against hope it could end being himself, as he vainly tried to fulfill all the conditions of that Second Coming, when he first decided in his interpretation of the Gospel that he knew that Jesus would not return in the manner everyone had expected, but would be reborn. But Moon did this with some care, as he knew that Jesus at his second coming would be far different than what was seen at his first advent.
This was borne out by the  fact of just how different it was from expectation with what Malachi had writ about Elijah coming before the Messiah, as all expected Elijah to descend to earth in the same chariot he had departed in.
No one thought that Elijah would come in a new body, as John the Baptist. Thus the Resurrection was to have begun when John told people he was the Seal of the Prophets, who had been sent to them in the Spirit and Power of Elijah, as his own father Zacharias had been told by Gabriel.
In this radical assertion it was proof Rev. Moon was thinking that he knew better about the true nature of the Second Advent than what was commonly expected by most Christians; whose beliefs were based on what was written in the Gospel, and also in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. But the literal truth was not the correct explanation, as with Malachi and his news about the Day Star, the Turner of Hearts, who was to arrive before the Sun of Righteousness, the Son of Man.
2. )  The Three Conditions to be Fulfilled at the Coming of the Lord of the Second Advent, as written in the Book of Rev. Moon 
The Three Immediate Conditions are:  
 ( 1. ) Finish the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan on the Global Level…..
( 2. )  Erase Original Sin…..
( 3. )  Unify Korea…..
 The Third Course of Restoration into Canaan 
On the Worldwide or Global Level
For anyone who calls themselves a “Christian” the real warning sign for humanity and especially in these Last Days arrived when Rev. Moon published this book in 1973 here in America. He had come to America in 1965, a year after Dr. King had set the Global Stage from the National Stage, by receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, thus elevating the Providence from the National to the Global Level. This Dr. King did by bringing the cause of the Black Christian Race here in America to the world as now a Global Crusade, no longer just a National Crusade for Equal Rights, as one set here only of concern to those here in America. Now the principle of non-violence as the Principle of the Sheep as the Scepter of Righteousness was seen as something that had an application for every nation, providing the oppressed race could pay the indemnity at the risk and cost of their lives to ascend internally and transform their respective nations.
This principle stated this: we would die for Peace, but we wouldn’t kill for it. Thus the Spirit was with us, as it had been with Gandhi. Dr. King learned quite a bit from him, but also was aware of the seed of Peace planted here in Turtle Island, when the Red Race buried the Hatchet. This is what was watered with the blood, sweat, and tears of the Red and Black Children of the Third Israel, in their 430 years of Captivity from 1492, and really 1500, when Columbus returned with a Spanish Armada, and began the Genocide of the entire Native Population of the West, starting with the numerous islands in the Caribbean. Thus Dr. Kings birth in 1929, 430 years from 1500, really fulfilled the numerical condition of time-indemnity almost perfectly, if we included 1500 as the first year, and added 429 years to it: giving us 1929, the sign being the year Dr. King was born was also the year the Stock market had the Crash, and then the Great Depression.
This is plainly seen at the second trumpet starting in 1927 about the second Seal which was loosed in 1920, when Prohibition began to shift the Islamic Foundation of the Nazarenes of the table of the Second Israel here to America since Islam lost the Foundation when the Mulim Turks slaughtered one million of the Christian Armenians, and moved out of the position of the Second Israel that Islam had had since 627, as loyal in the Cain position, the standard being the one set by Mohammed the Envoy of Moses,  in the position of Eliezer of Damascus, the servant of Abraham.
I use the word “internal” because no race was now going to leave their home nation: the goal was to transform each society from within into a more just one, as in South Africa, and this was the model seen when Christianity took Rome from within in the 430 years that ended with the death of Saint Augustine. Thus every nation was going through an internal restoration into canaan at the national level, because with the publishing of Rev. Moon’s book the entire standard of Judgment had been raised at the Global Level.
But few knew this.
And Rev. Moon was no ordinary man. He was chosen. He knew this.
Now it involved the self determination of every race on earth, every nation now having their respective Moses, Elijah, Joshua and Christ figures, as all nations now were given the status of either an Egypt of Slavery, or a Promised Land of Freedom. Examples are Mandela in South Africa, another Moses figure, Sun Myung Moon for Korea, beginning as an Elijah, now seen as having attempted to reach the position of Christ, and U2, Messiah at the National Level in Ireland.
And there are many others, but the main point is that this book had now changed the balance of Power in the world completely, because now the Yellow Race had two things in revealing the Gospel and the Torah, which the White Race did not: lacking both an Explanation of world events and Providential history, and a Leader with this Knowledge.
Korea had both. But let us look at what Rev. Moon sais about my advent, and what it directly concerns, which is the connection I now shall explain about  the Signs and Wonders in the Providence for the Start at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917: and the events at Hrushiv, in the Ukraine; 70 years later.
The book "Witness", by Josyp Terelya, of which I have a copy signed by Terelya himself.

The book “Witness”, by Josyp Terelya, of which I have a copy signed by Terelya himself.

These events were written in a book by Josyp Terelya, who was there in 1987, three months after he was finally released from 20 years of many imprisonments in the worst prisons and gulags imaginable, for actively fighting for religious freedom for the Ukraine, and being a practicing Catholic.
The Holy Angel of the Ukraine, on the street where later 80 died by nipper fire before their violent and criminal thief of a president fled to Moscow. He had stolen 35 billion dollars in three years, emptying the National Treasury

The Holy Angel of the Ukraine, on the street where later 80 died by sniper fire, before their violent and criminal thief of a president fled to Moscow. He had stolen 35 billion dollars in three years, emptying the National Treasury

           The Soul of Russia; and the Holy Angel of the Ukraine. Yulia Tymoshenko: in the position of the Widow of Israel
                       She who escaped and who now Stands:
The Soul of Russia and the Nemesis of Vlad Putin;
                 Guarded by the Holy Angel of the Ukraine:
     Yulia Tymoshenko: in the position of the Widow of Israel


                     Joshua Abraham;  Norton the First


         The Head of the Missing Clay Tablet; the Pahana           


The Head of the Missing Clay Tablet; the Pahana


The New Side of Daylight, the Cry Comes up:


The petroglyph with the two signs of the two helpers; Sun Myung Moon as the backwards swastica or "fire wheel" on the Lunar Sun, with the 13 rays for the Lunar Calender of Islam and his "female spirit" of Islam's Al Lat the Solar Isis; and my Servant John; of the Red Cross in the White Cross: who carried my soul as washed white in the red Blood of the Lamb; to be wed to the Holy Spirit

The petroglyph with the two signs of the two helpers; Sun Myung Moon as the backwards swastica or “fire wheel” on the Lunar Sun, with the 13 rays for the Lunar Calender of Islam and his “female spirit” of Islam’s Al Lat the Solar Isis; and my Servant John; of the Red Cross in the White Cross: who carried my soul as washed white in the red Blood of the Lamb; to be wed to the Holy Spirit

As we saw on earth, when December 21st came in 2012, when many who took the Mayan calendar ending as final,

and were prepared for the End,

and ran to the hills….as it was written,

“……And said to the Mountains and Rocks;

“…Fall on us,

and hide us from the Face of Him that sitteth on the Throne…

……..and from the Wrath of the Lamb:

For the Great Day of His Wrath hath come;

and who shall be able to stand?….”        

  ( Revelation 6:15-17 )

For those of the Hopi and the other Children of all the tribes of Israel I would ask that they now bear witness to that Sign in the Heavens that they themselves saw; as December 21st arrived at the end of the Mayan Calender of 144,000 Baktun; the Arrival of Eviternity; the Dawn of Eternity itself, with the Opening of the Door; and to witness what those people of the earth did as that Day arrived; exactly what was written at Revelation 6:15-17……
We all saw men and women frantically running to the mountains in Europe and in South America with the hope thay the hills and rocks would open and let them hide within them…in many places; in France, at Mt. Shasta, and others places of note, partying in and at the places made for the Maya at Palenque….fulfilling the scripture and indeed showing the Hopi that “…the time is at hand..”: indeed…..

……..and the Reward for the prophets of the Hopi is at Hand as well……

The Coming of the Tabernacle of God; the Lamb's Wife

The Coming of the Tabernacle of God; the Lamb’s Wife

At the unheard of reward for those saints of the Patience of Job the Saint, and the prophets of Seth the Son of Man; the Seers of the Great Spirit of the Great God

At the Days of the Voice of the 7th Angel; and the sounding of the Seventh Trumpet; at the Last Trump…..and the Mystery of God be finished…..

“……To Destroy those who Destroy the Earth…….”

…..and all other things that offend, “the voice from the Earth”: 1906 and the Altar-Hearth of St. Francis at 4-18…..the division of the Hopi and the Altar-Hearth of God

The Lion of God and the Guidance of  the younger Red Brother, The Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man

…….the storm of Whitecloud; the Horse with four winged feet; as of a little one called Christopher Two Doves; apearing before the rusted Tin eyes of the Red Race who ”buried the Axe”: and the earth opens her mouth;

 The guardians of Turtle Island Speak and the Ear of My Generation as the True White Brother listens

The Politics of the Great Red Dragon’s  Darwinian Flood; and The Ecology of Terra; the Reward of the Hopi prophets;

and the 7th Trump:

“Save me!!!” cries the Earth: “Help me!!”  

To look at the feet; where the Red Race "buried the ax"...

To look at the feet; where the Red Race “buried the ax”…

The Cutting Asunder of Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon;

…….from the Sword of the Spirit:

and the Restoration of All Things by the Scout, Wantok the Squaw;

and the Curious Rise on this Last Day of the Patron Saint of Steampunk 


         “…and a little child shall lead them…”

"...Even as ye have done it unto the least of these; ye have done it unto me..."

“…Even as ye have done it unto the least of these; ye have done it unto me…”


 My Father

Lord Jesus at the Jordan:

For the Baptism unto Death for Jesus,

was the Resurrection unto life for David;

….just as the Resurrection of Jesus later was in reality:

the Regeneration of David;

thus we have this song;

The Lamb 

Jesus was baptized in the river Styx:

….’twas Orpheus rose from Jordan’s Depth;

as David sang in God’s new Key,

…And Won the Crown of Life up on Christ’s Cross

 At Pentecost began the Baptism of the Holy Spirit sent to earth in His Name;

but this began with Lord Jesus at the Jordan;

when the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah came down on

him in the form of a Dove “and abode”;

Which means it stayed… I wrote to the Unification Church membership today; wit..

The Destiny of Sister Princess Maria Faustina of Poland as Chosen Vessel of Mercy

The Destiny of Sister Princess Maria Faustina of Poland as Chosen Vessel of Mercy

The First Fruit unto God and the Lamb

The First Fruit unto God and the Lamb

“…….Reject me? Yet this is no surprise… 

and well thus was it written, by those who copied down what my Father Jesus spoke;

the Divine Truth  from the Truth of Jehovah, in every saying and Word..

…… Mr. Moon flatly contradicted the Gospel of Christ in his tragically  flawed,

but also brilliantly original book, “Divine Principle“, writing down on page 131 these curious words,

….. so full of Mr. Moon’s brand of outright denial: 


“…Jesus did not say that his word was the truth….”    

….. oh; really

The Word of the Gospel of Christ says differently; to wit;


“……And because I tell you the Truth, ye believe me not…..Which of you convicteth me of sin?

And if I say the truth, why do you not believe me?” ; ( John 8:45-46 )

Thus we have Mr. Moon and his false assertion about the Gospel, plainly defeated by my Father’s very own Word; as my Father Jesus who the world  knew as the Lamb told us would occur long ago, speaking about “the hireling” from Korea;

……..and for that very reason he also said this about Sun Myung Moon, and the rest of the unbelievers:

……”He that rejecteth me; and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him:

the Word that I have spoken, the same shall Judge him at the Last Day…(John 12:48)”

….And this IS the “Last Day“….as the death of that Global Terrorist Osama bin Laden, the Antichrist;

the “man of lawlessness”, proved ( II Thessalonians 2:2-5); so in Truth; the Day of Christ is now at Hand…

….that came unannounced, like a thief in the Night….

……as I told those in the Unification Church, who have apparently decided to join the company with all who….

 “…loveth and maketh a lie….”;

….ostensibly to deliver themselves unbeknownst into the Lake of Fire

You  members in the Unification Church still think I am foolish?

If those of you drunkards in the Unification Church believe that the Virgin Mary slept with Zacharias: then you have all entered into Perdition with Sun Myung Moon, as the dead body of John the Baptist, who died because he also swallowed the Lie of Satan about Mary that John also once swallowed: and Moon died as also being “cut asunder” ( Matthew 24:48 ), just as John the Baptist was cut asunder, in the palace of Herod. 

The Three day Seperation from satan at the Global level for the Third israel as My Generation of the white youth and Manchild of the black youth united at Beth-El and seperated from Satan together. The Unification Church knows full well about the "Internal Exodus"; as did Peter Townsend of the Who..."...The Exodus is here...." he sang....that Day
The Three day Seperation from Satan at the Global level for the Third Israel as My Generation of the white youth, as Ephraim the Lost Kingdom of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel; and the Manchild in the Promised Land as the Black Christian Race in the West, as of the black youth, who united with My Generation at Beth-El,  and thus the two seperated from Satan together.
The Unification Church knows full well about the “Internal Exodus”, but chose to try to hide the fact from it’s black members for fear they would disscover why Mr. Moon tried to steal their Blessing from God; that the Kids were the members of this Internal Exodus was known by he who was guided by Meher Baba; Peter Townsend of the Who…

“…The Exodus is here….”, he sang….on that Day

The Seal of the Living God

Here we have what was sent for the HSA-UWC and the “eyesalve” for the blinded members of the congregation of the 7th or “Sufic branch” of the True Vine, seen in the message written in the Church of Laodecia;

….. that was meant in the Last Days for the Unification Church… I am “the gold tried in the fire” they were counselled to purchase… as of my Death in Christ;

… as the bride, the Lamb’s Wife…

“In fact it was the healing meant for Sun Myung Moon’s spiritual blindness, so he could have gone past the accusation of Satan that John the Baptist never could overcome as the “beam” in his eye that was the “delusion” in his mind about the Virgin Mary and the Lie of Satan the Devil that he wrongly believed of her, the falsehood of her being with his own father; and then this same lie invades his body, as that of Sun Myung Moon 1920 years later; in point of fact it was the very Dove that came down on the Lamb at the Jordan who was the Holy Father of Mercy: as that same Male Divine Celestial Dove who created the Lamb with Mary, who Jehovah, in the Form of that Divine Celestial Dove we see later at the Jordan, united with, when she was transformed briefly herself into another Dove, in “that strange act” by God Almighty; “El Shaddai”…

It was Jehovah in the Form of this Male Divine Celestial Dove that Mary thus was united with in those hills outside Nazareth, and she was therefore impregnated by Jehovah when God Almighty changed her into the likeness of a  female Celestial Dove to do so: as “His Strange Act”, and then changed her back into a Virgin, and so she was then found to be pregnant “by the Holy Spirit”; only no one but Mary knew it was Jehovah in the form of a Dove; she became a virgin mother-to-be, already with child, as she walked in the House of Zion, where Elisabeth and Zacharias lived….

…….You in the congregation of the Unification Church had better carefully read what I wrote to you all about again here, as I have for all these years: for your Salvation and everyone who still resides in the Unification Church verily depends on believing what I have shared with all of you about this matter;

….. of that can I can fully assure you, …… as God and the Lamb are verily my Witness…”

The Sign of the Season; the motto of "Chuck" Dederich:"...It Will Emerge..."

The Sign of the Season; the motto of “Chuck” Dederich:
“…It Will Emerge…”

The Sign of the "Evil Servant" of Matthew 24:48, who betrayed his guide and Initiator Mrs Pak; ''the wife of Jehovah"

The Sign of the “Evil Servant” of Matthew 24:48, who betrayed his guide and Initiator Mrs Pak; ”the wife of Jehovah”

The Jesus Church of Korea; and the one called  as John the Baptist  from being “In the Wilderness”

In trying to understand the events of these Last Days it is better to find that we are only operating in the Light if we can reach the Truth itself; and who know the Truth is made free;

but who knows the Son who is this Truth Incarnate is “free indeed”.

The Word made Flesh that was and is:

“The Truth of Jehovah”.

But let us first see where in Korea my errant Messenger Sun Myung Moon came from spiritually, and his relationship with the Korean prophetess Grandmother Pak Wol-yong; who called herself the “wife of Jehovah”.

THE JESUS CHURCH of KOREA and Sun Myung Moon

“Sun Myung Moon’s parents joined the Jesus Church Yesu Kyohoe when Moon was about 10 years old. The Jesus Church was born in Korea in the 1920s. The Jesus Church was founded based on the divine oracle of Ms. Yu Myong-hwa and Ms. Lee Yoo-shin. Ms. Yu Myong-hwa was the central figure in the new Jesus Church.

She claimed Jesus was incarnate in her body and leading the Jesus Church through her.

This proclamation took place in 1927. Ms. Yu Myong-hwa began to prophesy to her followers to have saintly children for God. The male leaders of the Jesus Church knelt down in front of her, worshipped her and listened to Jesus’ words through her. The most important male leaders of the new Jesus Church were Lee Yong-do and his seminary fellows Lee Ho-bin and Lee Hwan-shin, and Paek Nam-ju and Han Joon-myung. Officially the Jesus Church was founded in Seoul on January 3, 1933.

Throughout his high school days in Seoul Sun Myung Moon attended a local chapter of Yesu Kyohoe.

Sun Myung Moon lodged at the home of Ms. Lee Kee-bong and briefly at the house of her sister Ms. Lee Kee-ha.

These women were members of the Jesus Church. Sun Myung Moon was given the job of Sunday School teacher for about thirty children in the Jesus Church.

Sun Myung Moon graduated from the high school in 1941, and entered an engineering school at the junior college level in Tokyo in April 1941. Moon graduated in August 1943 and moved to Seoul.

Sun Myung Moon and Ms. Choi Sun-kil were married in 1943 in Cheolsan, North Pyong-an Province.

One of the cofounders of the Jesus Church, Rev. Lee Ho-bin, came by train from Pyongyang and conducted the marriage ceremony in the courtyard of Choi Sun-kil’s family house.

So Sun Myung Moon’s first marriage was blessed in the Jesus Church.

Sun Myung Moon joined the Israel Sudo-won ‘Israel Monastery’, led by a minister called Kim Paek-mun, in October 1945 in Seoul. Rev. Kim Paek-mun had joined the Jesus Church some time after Rev. Lee Yong-do had died. So the ‘Israel Monastery’ was an offshoot of the Jesus Church.

It had the same doctrines and ritual practices as the Jesus Church.

Sun Myung Moon’s work under Kim Paek-mun was mainly to minister to a local chapter of Kim’s group at Sangdo-dong in Seoul. It lasted for about six months.

Kim Paek-mun, on March 2, 1946, had a psychic experience, in which the Holy Spirit came down and Jesus appeared to him. After that experience he began to have continuous revelations concerning Korea’s role as the new chosen country.

Kim Paek-mun’s mission was that of the Holy Spirit in a new age that was to follow the New Testament Age.

Kim Paek-mun, who was influenced both by Ms. Kim Nam-jo, “Prophetess of Chongjin”, and by a cofounder of the Jesus Church, Rev. Paek Nam-ju in Wonsan, held that the virginity of Eve in the Garden of Eden was taken by a being described as “the serpent” in Genesis.

Kim Paek-mun wrote two books, Theology of the Holy Ghost and The Basic Principle of Christianity. Kim included in his book “Theology of the Holy Ghost” a chapter titled “Principle of Restoration” which was a theological basis for yongch’e or pigarum ceremonies for changing the blood lineage.

Through ritual sex the primeval fornication in the Garden of Eden could be reversed. Kim Paek-mun’s books are viewed as summation of the theology of Hwang Guk-ju and Lee Yong-do. Kim Paek-mun’s spiritual group practiced yongch’e ‘receiving a new spiritual body’ or pigarum ’change of blood lineage’ ceremonies in order to reverse the Fall and engraft fallen people into the blood lineage of God.

Grandmother Pak Wol-yong in Pyongyang was also a leader in the Jesus Church. Around 1945 she began to claim to her followers that she was the wife of Jehovah (Yahweh). She told she had sex with God and received a new spiritual body from God through their sexual intercourse.

So she became divine and God’s spouse in flesh, a goddess incarnated.

Ms. Pak’s messianic group had a local chapter in Seoul. The leader of this church was Kim Paek-mun and his group was called the “Israel Monastery”.

Sun Myung Moon was a member of Israel Monastery from October 1945 until the summer 1946.

Sun Myung Moon left Seoul for Pyongyang together with Kim Paek-mun and some of his followers in June 1946 in order to meet grandmother Pak in Pyongyang.

Sun Myung Moon arrived at her place on June 4th 1946.

Ms. Pak’s messianic group was called Kwang-ya Kyohoe “Wilderness Church”.

“Israel Monastery”, led by Kim Paek-mun, was in reality a branch of Kwang-ya Kyohoe. So Kim Paek-mun knew Pak Wol-yong.

Sun Myung Moon decided to stay in Ms. Pak’s spiritual group in Pyongyang. He was serving and obeying her completely. Rev. Moon’s work under her lasted longer than his previous work with Kim Paek-mun in “Israel Monastery”.

Rev. Moon’s work under her came to an end sometime in mid 1947, when she refused to accept his declaration that she should obey him from then on.

Ms. Pak got angry and demanded that the leader of “Israel Monastery”, Kim Paek-mun, must be brought to her to replace Sun Myung Moon.

‘The blood lineage exchange ceremony’ pigarum or ‘receiving a new spiritual body’ yongch’e is based on the idea that a divine being with pure blood can pass on his or her sanctity to another person through a sexual intercourse. Children who were going to be born through the yongch’e or pigarum ceremonies would be without original sin.

Sun Myung Moon and his associates practiced their blood lineage exchange ceremonies in private homes in Pyongyang and later in South Korea.

Sun Myung Moon had ritual sex with Ms. Pak; they had a pigarumceremony ‘change of blood lineage’ in June 1946 in Pyongyang. It was believed that he became purified and one with God through this ceremony.

After that Sun Myung Moon had ritual sex ceremonies with his female followers.

Sun Myung Moon’s understanding of the Fall was in no sense theologically original but was in fact highly derivative from the interpretations suggested by his Messiah predecessors during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s in Korea. ‘The blood lineage exchange ceremony’ pigarum or ‘receiving a new spiritual body ceremony’ yongch’e was adopted from his predecessors, too.

The leaders of different messianic groups in Korea had adopted their interpretation of the Fall from the Jewish pseudepicgraphic literature which consists mainly of apocalypses. This Jewish literature originates from the 3rd to the 1st century BCE.This Jewish literature suggests that a fallen angel, Satan or the ‘Serpent’, seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden to have a spiritual sexual relationship with him.

Satan polluted Eve and she transferred this pollution further to Adam when she seduced him to have sex with her physically. Satan and Eve had a son, Cain, as a result of their sexual union. We thus have a Jewish doctrine of inherited corruption, which, derived from Satan, was transmitted by Eve to all her seed.”

As an aside; “Kirsti L. Nevalainen : Marriage with God : Shamanistic Rite of the Unification Church. [Tampere :] Mediapinta, 2009.”

{…..Inasmuch as the shamanic sexual activities described occur purely in “dreams” (p. 64), this fact alone must vitiate any direct likening of shamanism with Unification Church sexual activities, which (as described in this book) do not so occur.

The Unification Church is more alike to the Family of Love (Children of God) than it is to shamanism, in this regard……}



The Arrival of Lord Siva within Salvation Rose; and the divine creature called the “Dabbat al-Ard” from Sura 27:82 of the Qur’an on October 24th; 2007; arriving at the filling of the 144,000 Baktun of Pacal Votan, who arrived in Central America in 631 AD, Palenque’s founder; arriving as of the Spirit upon the death of  Mohammed in 630 AD… Medina….as Ishmael’s body buried next to the empty grave of Issac his brother; who rose first…

at the 7th trump; at the Voice of the Earth.

The Sura of the Verse of Light

Only the Holy Spirit of Allah can explain who Jesus of Nazareth was; the one Muhammed knew as “The Blessed Olive Tree” mentioned in the Verse of Light in the section on the Lamp of Allah; which is the Creation of God; as the Elect all know; and only my Father Jesus can reveal the fulness of the Holy Spirit who was sent in his Name after he Ascended.

 As one who died in Christ standing in the position of the least in the Kingdom of heaven I was given the Seal of the Living God; and with it I do Baptize in the Holy Spirit all who come to the River of Fire where Haight became Love;

 ……..for in this New Pentecost the tongues of flame which came down on the inhabitants of 1226 Masonic in that Time and Season….

  Even as the Song of our Moses was “We  Shall  Overcome!”

Does anyone recall the 430 years of time-indemnity we paid in the New World? It began in 1492; and then 430 years in earnest from the year 1500, when Christopher Columbus returned; thus started the beginning of what was to become the Third Israel in the West, for the Black Race in it’s Captivity in the West in that 430 years…..And then in 1929 was Dr. King born……our Moses…..
                                                                                                                        Making friends in North Korea???   Futile

It is this 430 years which was the foundation on which the Black Race stood in their overcoming in the position of the 430 years of Israel in Egypt; as all who find the emegence of these modern Children of Israel will attest; we who walked with Servant King and gave ourselves to the southern Voice of Prince Aaron indeed left the Racist Egypt America had as it’s Egyptian shadow. This was the legacy of My generation that Rev. Moon squandered as he made us a money making engine to steal our blessing and become rich,,

… It was said; “For It must needs be in the last days, that evil shall come; but woe unto them through whom it comes!!!”

Rev. Moon forgot all about that….

Yet we did not drown the young first born black men in the Nile: we sent them to die in Vietnam; much easier; and just as effective.  All who heard were baptize as of the English tongue of fire itself; and in that Music of Universal Love we see the Trumpet of the Archangel Michael himself; thus the English “tongue of Fire” became the one that swept over the earth to prepare the earth for the lifting up of the Horn of the Archangel; the Horn of Salvation; though which alone would come the Song of the Lamb: the Destiny of the True Rock!

"...but that which ye have; hold fast; that no man take thy crown..."
“…but that which ye have; hold fast; that no man take thy crown…”

But we all know who the Black Moses and the White Aaron were; seen in our Servant King and our Prince Aaron as they were working together unbeknownst to themselves. For those who doubt we were walking out of Egypt I suggest you take a long hard look at the Golden Calf of Elvis where he fell as an Idol we worshipped with the Gold Cadillac Hollywood had him dance in fron of: and on.

Yet before Prince Aaron fell and became King Elvis of the Golden Calf, as that golden one before which our Generations parents gambolled and imitated; and of whose self-idolatry My Generation rebelled as we rose up against our elders: yes, I would counsel the reader to see in our Aaron the Voice that was given to our King to bring his message of racial unity to the North from the South; for this was as when Aaron was given to Moses as his Voice; but then the 430 years the black christian race suffered in America was on the foundation of the 430 years of the House of Bondage of that first Israel.

What then happened in the Street of the City of St. Francis was of a baptism in which the English tongue can alone of the languages of the earth define the Signs in the Sun and the Moon and reveal them to be seen; even as the Sun represents the masculine principle and the Moon the feminine principle; so did Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon get married in 1960; the Signs in the Sun and Moon being in the Unification church’s declaration that Sun Myung Moon represented the True Parents; which would have been their attempt to begin the restoration of the Creation by taking the Original Positions of Adam and Eve as those of the Sun to rule the Day and the Moon to rule the Night; as long as they both kept the Commandment and thus kept their respective position.

This was restoration as of themselves in the two original positions in Paradise of man and woman in the Cosmic sense of the Word; though few would believe it of the English revelation; except those who awakened all know that for Hate to become Love requires Fire; as of the Altar; which was in the City of St. Francis; just as Haight as a street of Babylon transformed by Love then changed into a Street of Pure Gold; clear as transparent glass.

Thus was the Path of the Just revealed before our Holy City fell into Sodom spiritually.
And both Dr. King and Aaron Presley both died in Memphis; the name of the ancient capital of Egypt; the only major American city named after a city of Egypt in the USA; the City of My Generation’s destruction; both for our Black Moses; and our White Aaron.Thus is the Baptism of Love the Baptism of Fire; for do you not recall the word of John: to wit;

“……for he will baptize with Fire; and the Holy Spirit….”

And the Fire was of Love; as we now know; but where did see that Fire again:

……..was it in the City of St. Francis?

I say it is So.

It was this that was the Fire of the Altar; the “burning coals” of “fire” on the Altar are the “essence” of “divine love” on the Principle of Divine Love which is the Altar itself; and it was this that Jesus sprinkled on those who came close enough to him; to catch fire; to find the Rapture of the Lamb: the Mercy of God Himself.

 Did not John the Divine say that God is Love?

Joshua Abraham Norton; as one who was ."...Even as ye have done it unto the least of these: ye have done it unto me..."

Prophet Joshua Abraham, as Norton the First; as one of who it was said.”…Even as ye have done it unto the least of these: ye have done it unto me…”

What little child entered the Golden gate in 1967 in the name of Love?

Only he who could be said to therefore stand in the Name of Jesus Christ himself; as the only Name of God in which there is Salvation.As I found when, at the last, beaten to my knees; I called upon the the name of Jesus Christ as having the power to save me.

And it did.

But there’s a little more to the story.

The Glory that sent me is that the name of “Christ Jesus” means “Day Light”; as “Jesus” himself  was “the Light”; and as seperated from “darkness” in his 40 daysof temptation as divided from his “shadow” the devil; he thus became as that Original “Light seperated from Darkness”: as then “the Day”, or what is called the “Christ”.

Thus the name of “Christ Jesus” literally means “Day Light:

the “Light of Life” that has now been revealed:

….and I am that Path of the Just; the Path of Salvation “Rose Up from the Street”.

The name of Jesus Christ became for me in 1986, back when I was saved, as the very Word of Salvation; and as I discovered years later, in my instruction from my Father’s servant John, it is that one who finally arrives as that little one at the End as he who died in Christ, as it is revealed now to all who would believe and be saved at this Last Hour; of this Last Day; in which the Door now stands open….
I so now reveal that glory I found which sent me, and that it would be this: 

That the name of Jesus Christ be “glorified again”;

….and that is my wish and my dream: and now it has come true:

……in the name of  “Christ Jesus”:

(From the Song of the Lamb;
by this band of God and His Christ; Thee Unicorns)

“Well in the name Christ Jesus………” True Light of life”;

…..and in the Name of Love; it’s the new Love Light,

…and well the Name Christ Jesus: well it means “Day Light”;

  and in that name: “This Rose Burns,

and Shines”: that’s the “Virgin Light”;

And the name Christ Jesus; well it means “Day Light”;

… call upon that Name:

you’ll see Salvation’s Might ;

And well as One you say that Name:

…you’ll both make Love Right; and the’ll be no more Shame:

One in His Blood: “wash white”. 

It is God’s Justice that one dead in Christ thus “rose first”;

…and thus that being the one with the Seal of Christ Jesus,

….. is “Blessed; is he who comes: in the Name of the Lord”….. Jesus Christ.

It is then “the One” who arrives as he who “is not”; the one who dies in Christ is consumed, a living sacrifice, like Enoch was “dead” or said to have “walked with God”, as being  “annihilated” or “taken over” by God; this one who writes this is then “dead in Christ” in exactly the same way; as the bride; the Lamb’s Wife: “Fana”
The Lake of Fire is exactly this: the Uncreated Spark which sets the Veil of ISIS hiding the Marriage of Heaven and Hell on Fire; it’s smoke “going up forever”.
But in 1967 we thus saw the Visitation of God; is this little figure:

“…and a little child shall lead them….”

Only in the Name of Love is that possible.

But now there is nothing that is impossible; for My Generation hath been redeemed; the Lost Sheep of Israel are Ephraim; the Lost Youth of our Nation; the Prodigal Son themselves: Solomon; the Lost Sheep of Israel himself in his Individual Stature…….known as Ephraim in his National Stature…..the Silly Dove who is the Kingdom that was Lost; but is now found….
….. but here we would speak of the 12 Names of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb which were hidden in the 12 Bands which gave our Generation their 12 “reports” of the Kingdom “within”, that the Lamb told us was the actual Kingdom itself. .

The premier band of Our Generation was the one who first mentioned it’s arrival, and this was said by the Who in their song “My Generation”; carrying in that name the first foundation stone of Peter the Apostle of the Lamb; on Peter Townsend himself! The “Substitute”.

It was within our own minds, as Stevie Winwood once said, as in the song “Heaven is in your Mind”, that must be discovered in it’s Truth as we become cleansed within before it can be manifested to the world without in it’s Love. Thus we did not care too much if we looked a little ragged; arond the edges ( which now we pay $120 a pair for carefully “ripped” jeans..), or scrubbed cleaner than a shiny new toy; or have each fingernail polished and burnished along with our Florsheims; we were about our Father’s business….

We then did as he had once said;

“Clean  first the inside of the Cup; and then worry about the outside”

But the hard lesson we discovered was like this:

“Truth without Love is too dry; and Love without Truth is too green.”

The Man who did marry his Sheba; the queen of the the church of California called the Church of Synanon where came I from: as he who "....emerged.." As Chuck always said: "....It will Emerge..."

The Man who did marry his Sheba; the queen of the South….in the church of California called the Church of Synanon where came I from: as he who “….emerged..” As Chuck always said: “….It will Emerge…”

Because of the failure of Rev. Moon and the Unification Church in bringing the 144,000 Virgins to the Lord and not married couples it was this undoing of the Will that Moon ignored written in the Revelation as written of at chapter 15 and tried to take the position of the Messiah by force; which ended in disaster.

Thus it was due to the Unification Church’s denial of my mission, and their refusal to let me help them that we ended up at the current moment so that no one in the Unification Church knew that the 12 Bands who had the 12 names of the 12 Apostles hidden in them were the 12 spies on the Global level,

…..who came to scout out the Kingdom of God as the New Promised Land: in California..

………the Golden State of the 50……

It was thus in the Experience that the name of James the Apostle of the Lamb written; carried on the second stone: writ on James Marshall Hendrix himself.

And of course we had Doubting Thomas the Apostle of the Lamb as that Tommi Iommi we found later, in Black Sabbath: with Tommi Iommi and the third stone; a doubter from way back: but “the day dawns Black over the Prophets”; yes: even a Black Sabbath.

Why did no one see in the name of Dave Bartholomew is where that Name of Bartholomew the Apostle of the Lamb was hidden on the fourth stone? He was the writer of the songs of Fats Domino!
Some say rock and roll began with him; and for good reason!
And that name of Simon the Zealot the Apostle of the Lamb in that band of Simon and Garfunkel on the fifth stone?
Or the name of Phillip the Apostle of the Lamb in that of Michael Phillip Jagger of the Stones on the sixth stone?
Or that of Matthew the Apostle of the Lamb in our own Matthew Fisher of Procol Harum on that seventh stone?
And for Judas or  Jude the Apostle of the Lamb ( not Iscariot; and surnamed “Jude” ) look no farther than  Paul McCartney for “Hey Jude“, …in his band Wings after the breakup of the Beatles on the eighth stone;
…. and even yet for Matthais the Apostle of the Lamb we have Marty Balin of the Airplane; though none knew where that name of the Apostle of the Lamb was hidden on the ninth stone.
And the other band the Doors had the stone on which was written the name of the other James the Apostle of the Lamb; on James Morrison himself as that tenth stone!
Look and you shall see! Look at Free; you will find the eleventh stone of Andrew the Apostle of the Lamb; with Andy Fraser.
Finally look at the Beatles: there you will find the stone of John the Apostle of the Lamb; written on John Lennon as the twelveth stone.
That Paul was there for Jude in his song “Hey Jude” was known later; that was no coincidence: it was providence: but no one knew it:
And none except the other James; the one James Morrison referred to these hidden 12 spies of the Kingdom when in one of the songs of the Doors was said:

“I am a spy in the House of Love…”

Thee Unicorns Rock with a Vengeance ...... for the Song of the Lamb is the Destiny of Rock ...... Amen!

Thee Unicorns Rock with a Vengeance
…… for the Song of the Lamb is the Destiny of Rock …… Amen!

Now we begin to see that the Revelation begins in the Tongue by which every tongue shall become unifed: just as at Pentecost in Jerusalem which unified all the tongues of man just as at the Tower of Babel they had all once been divided: thus the Tower of Pentecost was the the Tower of Salvation: which began in a House in Jerusalem; just as it did in the House of David as the House of God seen at Beth-El men called Woodstock; where began that Exodus on the internal level which culminated with our Black Christian First Couple in the White House of Equality.

This began in a dream I was given in the Haight in 1977; though few are still living who were there; for it was there that I met that holy child who would end up leading them all; though little did I know that my angel had found him: the inner Christchild himself.
Thus the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah in the Form of a Dove which came down upon the Son of God in the Jordan was the Holy Spirit; but John the Baptist did not call him the Messiah; he called Jesus the Lamb of God.
This meant that Jesus was coming as a Consecrated Sacrifice; something not seen since Samson; whose sacrifice was accepted to lay the foundation to overcome Mystery herself; the Veil of Isis which hides the Mystery of God; for in blinding Samson we see the coming Vengeance of God for touching the Apple of His Eye; for Samson was a Nazarene; and his hair was tied in 7 plaits; which foreshadows the 7 horns of the Lamb; who “was called a Nazarene”; just as “the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes” is “the Resurrection and the Life”: and having seen him in Truth as dead in Christ I arose last of my entire Generation.
Some might say that this sounds too obtuse; too prolonged in explaining all the particulars; but in truth I have only barely touched on it; for to reveal the mystery of the Holy Spirit is to reveal God in the Act of Creation; which is to know our Creator; for in the Holy Spirit did God move on the face of the waters; thus it is the Creator who is God in the Spirit; as the Lover.
For all those who read this shall know this is to have been seen the Act of Love; as the Creator creating the Light; which the living waters brought forth: as the Sun of Righteousness the Son of Man was the Light divided from the Darkness:

……for Jesus was then this Light; and was Light “divided from darkness”,

by defeating the devil in the wilderness;

…..and became called “the Day”;

……which is then “the Christ”.

Thus Jesus was “the Light” who became “the Day”; who is “the Christ”;

The Name “Christ Jesus” means then “Day Light”;

the Light of Life itself;

….. for all who will walk the Path of the Just shall have this Light to not stumble,,,
..and I have the Seal of Christ Jesus; as “he who comes in the name of the Lord: Jesus Christ”.
…….the Day of Christ Jesus which comes to Glorify the Name of Jesus Christ:
Again; and that is the Glory which sent me.

Called “The Vulva of Hagar”
At the Black Stone of Mecca…

And our White Stone at the New Mecca….

"For whoso toucheth thee toucheth the Apple of My Eye.."

 The Peace of His Right Hand; and the Justice of His Left

 In looking at the relationship of the  Jews to Christianity and Islam we must first look at where prophecy and the reality of it’s fulfillment come to pass; for only then can we see what is before us in this, the Last Day.

The key of realizing the origin of the relationship between these three is found in Isaiah; where it says; to wit:

“Egypt, my people, Assyria, the work of my hands, and Israel, mine inheritence”.

Ham became the father of the Hamitic race, which is of Egypt as his nation, Japeth became the father of  the Pathetic Race, with Greece as his nation that Paul later converted “as the prophet of the Gentiles”; thus restoring the position of Balaam, but not Balaam, only the position of Global Messenger which John the Baptist left in his fall; and Shem became the father of the Semites; the Semetic race; and their nation is Israel.

The relationship can be seen when Isaiah writes of making a highway out of Egypt for Israel to walk upon; and the Assyrian with him later; a sure sign of the Path on which the three races would unite.

Speaking of Peace at a moment when when Iran is rushing towards getting it’s hands on nuclear weapons would seem to be laughable;  as it seems the nation of the Shia are hellbent to rise to their perceived destiny to confront and bring about their Armageddon with Israel in a self-fulfilling prophecy of mutual destruction. Israel is now beginning to back away from the idea of attacking Iran if it continues it’s weapons building program precisely due to the fact that Armageddon is no place anyone wants to be: so what is to come?

This now stands in the city of the Sun, home of Sun records....the City of destruction for both Aaron Presley and our Moses; Dr. King

This now stands in the city of the Sun, home of Sun records….the City of destruction for both Aaron Presley and our Moses; Dr. King

Let us investigate this closer.

Our divisions in the 3 races ended when Islam took over Egypt; for then in that place where God had said “Ye are not my People” when He killed all the firstborn of Israel He now would say: ( to Fatimid Egypt ) “Ye are my people”.

And we also see when God delivered the Northern 10 tribes into the hands of the Assyrians; as of the land of Magog; ancient Persia where Cyrus later rose; as of “the right hand of God”..

Today we see that the claim of Islam is prescient; that it represents the first of the religions: for as Egypt it stands now as first son in the Abel position; a loyal Cain; thus the peace treaty Egypt signed with Israel signified tremendous reconciliation going back to Noah; Ham and Shem.

Between these two “hands” being clasped of Shem as Israel and Ham as Egypt there now remains Assyria; but here we have Arabia as of the fallen House of Saud; and Iraq and Iran: Gog and Magog; the Shia in the House of the Shiites. In this Christianity conquers Gog; which just happened; and then we liberated them: to choose their own Fate; or transcend it, and thus reach their Destiny.

This is the prophetic tableaux at which we now stand; as Sayed Hisham Kabbani and others have noted.

America as the Manchild of Israel; it’s younger sibling amongst the nations; for Israel existed historically as being relesed from Egypt; thus we see Ishmael from Hagar; in truth. But the Child who comes from Zion is David; dying on the Cross as the Altar of God in the position of Issac: in the form of Jesus; and thus Muhammed becomes the Elder brother wgo is given the Kingdom by his younger brother: unjustly slain; and not by Abraham; but in Jerusalem, as ishmael; just as the lamb was in the position of issac the bridegroom when he was killed.

Complex? Not really; for what we see is that the Monotheistic strain goes from Ham when Islam took Egypt; to Shem, when it made Peace with Egypt and thus inherited the blessing:

“Blessed are the Peacemakers: for they shall be called :

“The Children of the Most High”.

The God of Israel is a God who hides Himself

The God of Israel is a God who hides Himself

Thus we have something revealed at the End unseen; something no one considered: for with the moral support that Arabia has given Osama bin Laden the Ad-Dajjal who Muhammed spoke of long ago we really have the Rod of the Assyrian punishing America as it once punished Israel on God’s behalf; and for very much the same reason: Ephraim and his whoremongering and idolatry and musical assemblies of decadence and debauchery.

Sound familiar? It should; for these are the old roots; the old relationships that are the fountains of our present day life.

To see America and Israel as older and younger siblings as that of an elder brother and a younger one brings us to mind of a Saul; and a David; especially since America defeated Great Britan: the Goliath of the day; the first and last world empire; which set the foundation for the Song of the Lamb being in English; though few know of the Baptism of Fire where Haight became Love; where the Tongue of the English was heard at the Jordan of Fire that the Street of Pure Gold started to be seen.

Thus it is Assyria as the Shia of Iraq and Iran as Gog and Magog; with Israel divided between those on the ancient land in the position of Saul as the Jews for the global kingdom of Judah; and the younger half as Christianity here in America as the manchild of Israel; in the position of David for the global kingdom of Israel. For Assyria did once include both what became later Persia and Syria; and Arabia should be seen as the Division of the House of Mecca between the Shia and the Sunni: for a House divided against itself cannot stand.

     The Last Day and the Last Hour



Where can be found Mary of Fatimah?

Where can be found Mary of Fatimah?

Osama bin Laden is thus the architect behind the final sundering of the Shia from the Sunni; as the role the Antichrist to the West which he wore as as his Robe of Honor in the Assembly. But he is, in reality, the Judas of Islam, “he who would overturn the Table of Hospitality”.

With Iran we now then see Magog “the House of Gog” as being the home of the Shia spiritually; and with Israel we now see Shem; and Armageddon is where they will find they both shall be destroyed if they cannot live together; for if they cannot live together then they will die together; mutual extermination being the only “nation” left for them and their fraticidal hatred.

Hisham Kabbani is too polite in his thinly veiled allusions to the current realpolitik on the ground in the East; but he is skilled enough to point out the anti-sufic impulse of Wahhabism and then Osama’s “Qutbism” becomes apparent.

But here we have the question or “Matter of India”; whose conversion was the Mission of Islam from Allah. But they failed this miserably due to ignoring their own priests of Allah: the Sufis of the Table of the Nazarene.

The Day which comes as a Thief in the Night: who looks like: Night. So no one sees him. A sheep in wolf's clothing....

The Day which comes as a Thief in the Night: who looks like: Night.
So no one sees him. A sheep in wolf’s clothing….

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of "The Blessing of God"

Barachiel; or Barakiel; as of “The Blessing of God”

India is the “Elephant” of the old fable and the Blind Men; who the wise of Islam tried to define so as to convert it: that being the Mission of Islam on the Global Level: to convert India would thus symbolically destroy the stronghold of the throne of Death on Earth; for India is Hell on earth to those born on the wrong side of the destroying mountain of their caste system; three of the heavens and three of the hells making a permanent “marriage” of the lower heavens with the upper hells; the upper classes having access to the lower heavens; and the lower class having duress under the upper hells: thus is the Vine of the Earth revealed; like Jack and the Beanstalk.

Islam did not listen to the Sufis who were its own internal voice; thus after they killed Hallaj in the position of the Ram or Ishmael on the Altar of Abraham the Mongols destroyed their civilization; for the Mountains are Cultures; and the Islands are Civilizations.

Today we have an atomic cloud over the middle East, as “Shiva” now has the Bomb; and so does “Muhammed”, as Pakistan; the level of the gods as the nations and the races now becoming visible. The outcome can best be seen at Isvara; whom India will find is it’s Salvation; for the End comes by degrees; revealed only in it’s entirety right before the End.

Magog as the House or Nation of Khomeini still has the Hidden Imam of Ali; but with the rvealing of the true nature of the Sun of Fatimah in 1917 which came to earth the Light of Khidr Rumi shall be seen at the 3 Children of Maryam al Kubra become seen as One Pearl of Great Price: the triple Door of Noah being where the Three Children are seen as the Gate of Salvation: the Golden Gate indeed the People of Salvation enter.

Thus One Child Emerges as the New Door of the Sheep, through which all may come before my Father Jesus.

And there is “no other Door”.

All Three: Muslim, Jew and Christian will stand before this Door of this Ark and only they who believe in the Holy Child of Fatimah az Zahra, as the Virgin of Allah, will enter the Golden Gate of the New Heaven, being thus reborn. Thus the Shia will be requited; for their Hidden Imam will be seen as that Child who left and returned: and in what guise he comes; hidden to the world; but not the Elect.


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  1. Some might say that this sounds too obtuse; too prolonged in explaining all the particulars; but in truth I have only barely touched on it; for to reveal the mystery of the Holy Spirit is to reveal God in the Act of Creation; which is to know our Creator; for in the Holy Spirit did God move on the face of the waters; thus it is the Creator who is God in the Spirit; as the Lover.


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