An Open Letter to the Remnants of the Unification Church: the FFWPU, and the Regeneration in the Advent of Salvation Rose


The Beginning of the Creation of God 



Salvation Rose, the Bride, the Lamb's Wife

Salvation Rose, the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife


    “….Where the carcase is; there shall the eagles be gathered together…”

Going forth in Faith

“To be perfectly happy it does not suffice to possess happiness;
it is necessary to have deserved it”
Victor Hugo
The end of the Unification Church came because Sun Myung Moon was not “watching” for his Lord’s return,
 yet it was the Angel of John the Divine, who appeared to me to rectify the unholy situation
of the 7th shepherd of the 7th Church of the True Vine;
namely, he who is now in the grave,
Sun Myung Moon,
the tragic news being that it is now indeed too late for him to be shown where he had erred,
and then simply have him correct himself.
It would seem to be child’s play for one who could have reached immortality
in his own lifetime from the position of the Messenger John the Baptist
to that of the position of Jesus the Messiah, had he but passed the Final Test.

But; alas! 

It was not to be!!

But Moon’s watchmen were all dumb dogs:
unable to even realize the import of St. John the Divine’s return,
thus they have rejected me and have ignored my Father’s Scribe,
as they did the 144 page letter this scribe of God sent Jonathan Gullery back in 1988
At HSA-UWC was this message sent,
 written just as it was dictated to me by my Father’s servant John;
 and thus those who were to present this to Rev. Moon decided
that it was better that their master Rev. Moon be left to simply die;
unaware that any other option is even at all possible!
What a catastrophe!! 
At the Cross of Aaron Presley: Salvation Rose at Graceland

At the Cross of Aaron Presley: Salvation Rose at Graceland

A Look into the

Open Book of Life of the Lamb,

which is,   


the Revelation of Jesus Christ   


      Let us look at the 7 Trumpets of the Resurrection and the Judgment of His Justice, and the 7 vials of the Regeneration and the Vengeance of His Wrath. It is the 7 angels of the 7 churches who represent the 7 external senses of the Body of Christ; and the 7 angels in white who represent the 7 internal senses of the Spirit of Christ.

As the angel who come out of the Temple in Heaven for that reason.

It is here we have the root of the problem uncovered with Rev. Moon
positing 5 external senses and 5 spiritual senses in his book “Divine Principle”; proof of how he missed entirely the relationship of the 4 organs of Adam we know of as the soul and the heart (as the internal character and internal form) and the mind and the strength (as the external character and the external form) in their relation to that of the 7 internal senses of the soul (as that which lives within the internal body we call “the heart”) and the 7 external senses of the mind (as that which lives within the external body we call “the strength”). 

Remember; the mind is actually the “external character”,

from the saying;

“as a man thinks; so is he…”

“…..The Mind is the measure of all things…”


and so we come to this:



( as the golden girdle, of the yoke, which is easy,

……as having a clean breast of a clear conscience )             


( as the white garment, as of the burden, which is light,

… the righteousness of the Saints )




   It is this 4 position foundation and the 7 angels which make up “The Kingdom” in which we have “The Body”; even as the 7 angels in white have to do with “The Garment” as of “It’s Righteousness”, as of “my yoke is easy; and my burden is light”; for the yoke is that of the body; and the burden is the the garment. The 7 trumpets have then to do with the 7 external senses of the body as of “the Kingdom”; and the 7 vials have to do with with the 7 internal senses of the body as of “the Garment” or purity and the righteousness within as in which we appear before the eyes of God spiritually.     

    It is the 7 internal senses in their interrelationship with the internal “body of the heart” in which the soul lives through the intermediary life in the blood that make up our “essential character”; just as it is the 7 external senses in their interrelationship with the external “body of the strength” in which the mind lives through the intermediary spark in the nervous system that make up our “essential form”. It is this actual arrangement that has remained unknown to Rev. Moon in his flawed analysis of 5 internal “spiritual” senses of the body with 5 external “physical” senses that show he never found the 7 angels of the Son of Man seen in chapter 14:14 of the Revelation.         

   It is these that are intermediary to the 7 in the body of Man as the external Temple on Earth and the 7 of the body of the Archangel as the internal Temple in Heaven. These 7 are thus they who belong to the “5 wise virgins” of God which were seen in Mary of Bethany; as do all those who come to the understanding of the 7 external senses seen as the 7 angels with the 7 trumpets in their relationship to the 7 internal senses as the 7 angels in white with the 7 vials.

The 7 external senses as the receptacles of the 7 “inner stars” are only known in their reality as the 3 of the higher senses above the 4th sense of sight in relation to the 3 of the lower senses below the 4th sense of sight are embedded in the microcosmic Body of Man to apprehend the 7 fold macrocosmic Creation of God of the 3 upper heavens above the Firmament in relation to the 3 lower heavens below the Firmament. This arrangement is hidden in plain sight in “The Book of Life of the Lamb” that is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” to the one who John of Patmos initiated into it, as his inheritance.

The 4 organs in the Body of Man are then the 4 receptacles of the 4 “inner limbs” of the invisible Spirit of Man as it’s two “arms” and two “legs” by which it “swims” in the Infinite Spirit of God through the 7 heavens that make up the Throne of God in their Unity. The 4 Organs are then the receptacles by which the Spirit of Man comprehends the 4 square Foundation they stand on that God created in Paradise with the 4 Fountains or “heads” of the Heart and the Soul; the Mind and the Strength as the “4 channels” and the 4 Rivers or “bodies” which are the “4 streams of consciousness”. This only begins to reveal the truth of our existence in it’s actuality that is fully revealed in the Book of life of the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the earth.

Rev. Moon thus “blindly” existed on the essential “4 position foundation” on which his own heart and soul and mind and strength stood 4 square; unaware of the quintessential or fifth position which is the epicenter of the Diamond of these 4 positions seen so clearly in that of the 4 positions of the 4 Seraphim on each side of the Throne of God.  
       The Unification Church and their Shepherd Rev. Moon thus stand in the position of the 5 unwise virgins who are the “unity” of his doctrine as of the “5” senses of a “left hand” as of he who unwisely took the position of the Lamb at his wedding in 1960 yet never even opened the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the Earth; or he never would have defined the senses as only 5 in number.

At his return it is the “Reed like unto a Rod” that John holds in his return that has heretofore been unknown; for as John the Baptist represented the “Reed shaken by the Wind” as in his doubts about Jesus the “Reed like unto a Rod” represents something that cannot be shaken. But as John stands as the Messenger for the One who comes in the Name of Jesus Christ who is “Christ Jesus” or “Day Light” himself it is this Day of Christ Jesus in which the Son of Man is revealed.

Who is raised from the dead at the Last Day?

The Lady of the Lake of Fire...the Soul of the Lamb made the Bride; the Lamb's of the Second Death...

The Lady of the Lake of Fire…the Soul of the Lamb made flesh….as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife…as of the Second Death…

The Bride, the Lamb's Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

The Nightstand of Albert Einstein

The Nightstand of Albert Einstein

The Phoenix of New Hope from the Ashes of the City of St. Francis It is perhaps the time when those who doubt the Last Day has arrived who will now take stock of  what the attack on the Two Towers by Osama bin Laden as that Advent of the Antichrist; 
those who have hated their brother and remain in darkness until now;
for whoso hates his brother abides not in God; nor does he know Him; for as John said so simply;
………..If one hates one’s brother who one can clearly see;                                             
how then can one claim to love God whom one hath not seen?
It is said we are bought with a price; but at the End we are redeemed as they who die in Christ rise first;       
 as the clouds themselves; the Children of the Resurrection; and from them;
the Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake; who lost their lives for his sake;
and the Gospel written in the Blood of the Lamb itself.
It is they who find their lives after having lost them for his sake and to fulfill the Gospel;  
that end up keeping them; the Children of God;
being the Children of the Resurrection,
who did not marry: 
nor were they given in marriage;
not by Rev. Moon; or anyone else.
They are the virgins; 
who overcome this World; the Flesh; and the Devil.
Those who reach the Grail reach Perfection;
and few indeed there are who find it…….
… was

Those at the Resurrection of the Just

What was given to Mary of Bethany that was this Everlasting Sign in the death and regeneration of her brother Lazurus shows that the Lord has the Power of Regeneration; as it represents the Scepter or Rod of Aaron that budded after it was “cut off”.

It is held by John the Divine as being the Messenger for him who reaches the White Cloud, which is the Spirit of Christ; he whose overcoming on the Path of the Just shows one with the Faith on earth to walk in his footsteps following the Lamb.

He it is who has the Seal of the Living God.  


At his return it is the “Reed like unto a Rod” that John holds in his return that has heretofore been unknown; for as John the Baptist represented the “Reed shaken by the Wind” as in his doubts about Jesus the “Reed like unto a Rod” represents something that cannot be shaken. But as John stands as the Messenger for the One who comes in the Name of Jesus Christ who is “Christ Jesus” or “Day Light” himself it is this Day of Christ Jesus in which the Son of Man is revealed. Who is raised from the dead at the Last Day? Those at the Resurrection of the Just.

What was given to Mary of Bethany that was this Everlasting Sign in the death and regeneration of her brother Lazarus shows that the Lord has the Power of Regeneration; as it represents the Scepter or Rod of Aaron that budded after it was “cut off”. 

It is held by John the Divine as being the Messenger for him who reaches the White Cloud which is the Spirit of Christ;

he whose overcoming on the Path of the Just shows one with the Faith on earth to walk in his footsteps following the Lamb.
He it is who has the Seal of the Living God.   


       The Test of the Citadel and the watchman at the Hour


In olden times, when men were put on guard duty at the Citadel, it was the duty of the captain of the watch to make sure the men at their posts were vigilant, so would come in the dead of night, and go before each gate and knock; if the guard was awake he would open the door immediately.
If at the knock there was no answer the commander of the watch would produce the master key and open the gate; 
and if the guard was found asleep or not at attention inside at his post he was stripped of his clothes and sent home naked through the streets in the morning before the eyes of the entire City.

Thus it says in the Revelation these words as a further elucidation; 
           “Blessed is he that remains awake and watcheth; and keepth his garments;                 
                     that he not walk ( home ) naked and they see his shame.                                         
      ( that he was caught ‘napping’ )                                 
  as Rev. Moon was at the Day and the Hour
when the LORD came to see if he was “watching”.
               As Christians the Lord bid us always be ready; for “in such an hour as ye think not that you need be ready any longer”: then the Son of Man cometh.
The message I bring begins in one prophecy about the one ruling the household at the last prolongation of the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent; the one called the faithful and wise steward in St. Luke; the faithful and wise servant in St. Matthew.
Here was my first question to Rev. Moon which all his servants had made quite sure he never saw:
(  And it is the leadership of the Unification Church who rejected me,
….and know not that it is they who have done evil; 
shielding Rev. Moon from his own Salvation,
by which my Father Jesus tried to save him from himself,                                         
    ….. and they will end not being able to save their master, by their ignorant  and willful treachery )
                      “….Reverend Moon;  seen as this figure of the “Faithful and Wise Steward / servant”, seen in Luke and Matthew ( 24:35-48 ): not you yourself? Is it not you who was set up over the Household; the House, which is the Church of the Living God here in America? Was it not this prophetic house that Joseph Smith, of the church of Mormon first set up as that House you were then to finish as the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation, the one coming after the Mormon Church, which was the 6th branch of the True Vine? 



Was it not you who gave the servants of the House their ‘meat in due season’ ,as the history of the 7 Levels of the Providence in the book later published in 1973, known as the “Divine Principle”? And was not that information as the “meat” of divine knowledge that was unveiled first in the “Summer of Love” for the spiritual famine of the Children of the Resurrection for the Word, even as of Joseph feeding Israel in Egypt; as when God set up Joseph for Israel to survive and come into Egypt for their caprivity beginning in that famine?
That food was the very “Meat in Due Season” as being the information in your book “Divine Principle”,  and the other writings, which you published along with those other less known writings within the Church” did you not?
I trow that it is.
And what is the due season?

Is it not written that in the Last Days;  the time in which I aver it is said; that there would ”not be a famine for bread”, as in the time of Joseph; but ”a famine for the Word of God”,  even for one in the position of Joseph now??….”
The Coming of the Bride of Christ
With the Word of God as the Rider on the White Horse: Lord Ishvara: as "ISHI"

With the Word of God as the Rider on the White Horse: Lord Ishvara: as “ISHI”


As it was written of Rev. Moon;


“…..Blessed is that servant ( the Messenger) ,

whom his lord when he cometh

shall find so doing.

Of a truth I say unto you:

‘ That he will make him

ruler ( Messiah )

over all that he hath’…….”


The Church of the Living God,

                     the Pillar and the Ground of the Truth

Mercy and Compassion are the Everlasting Arms of God
Mercy and Compassion are the Everlasting Arms of God

 Here it is that we who seek The Truth find it!


Let us first take a look at what the 7 churches written of in the Revelation of St. John the Divine really are; the hidden “Blueprint” for the coming growth and expansion of Christianity as the True Vine representing the Global Body of Christianity stretching from the time he left until the time of his return.

It is to sustain itself and to last so as to be there at the  Lord’s return which was the ultimate purpose of those 7 churches that Peter designed; Paul built and John addressed in Asia, that now stand revealed not as 7 buildings that eroded over the course of the ages; but as a Process built from earth to heaven as that “tower” the Lamb first sat down to count of cost of making first.

This is the Tower of Salvation my Father Jesus sat down to count the cost of before he began: the one that takes us up to God.

The Design as of Providence was what was to come to the first 6 prophetically; and especially what would face the 7th church in the position of Laodecia standing at the Last Day.

That Last Day is Now; as of the 7th Branch of the True Vine; that of the Unification Church, as the Last Church of the Tower of Salvation; the Church of the Living God.

It is this Tower which is the Church of the Living God; which is now to be revealed as those in the Unification Church: which no longer ixists.

Yet I counsel the reader to suspend their disbelief and invoke their faith: for the Time is at Hand; let us observe the 7 Shepherds of the House; the Sheepfold.

The strange situation I find myself in at this Last Day is manifold; for on the one hand I defend Rev. Moon as knowing he is the prophetic figure unknown to the world but known to me through the angel of John and the Gospel as “the faithful and wise steward” from all those who call him a charlatan and a false prophet; yet I also know that he is now is the fallen position of the “evil servant” in that very prophecy from the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Luke and Matthew as “the scarlet colored beast” that is that of the kingdom of Red China; the entire yellow race as now having gone from Japan  with Hirohito at the Formation stage of the spirit of the son of perdition; to China with Mao at the Growth stage of this spirit of the antichrist; and then Korea with Kim Il Sung as the Perfection Stage of the spirit of the Antichrist.

I find myself thus telling people not to “judge” Rev. Moon as I recognize that his “appearence” as one of the prophetic and destined figures of the Gospel is a “living sign” in the “Sun and the Moon” as seen at the 6th Seal; he is “the snare” itself; the one they all “judge” and thus “fall” into the snare with by having to share in his fate: as having himself “judged” John the Baptist in his book “Divine Principle” as being guilty of the Death of Jesus: when I know for a divine fact that Rev. Moon IS “John the Baptist’s” new body: the “new wineskin” itself.

This is he who was given the chance in one lifetime of going from the position of “John” as the Messenger to that of “Jesus” as the Messiah; as is seen in the Position of Joseph as “Over the House” with his book as “the meat in due season” that it really IS; as also a “divine fact”.

Had he been watching at the Day and Hour then Rev. Moon would have noticed me as the Sign of the Lord’s return: and thus been himself eligible for the position then of the “Messiah” as made “the ruler over all things” as was written of him “who waited and watched”.

But Rev. Moon did not watch: nor wait.

Yet I must defend the book of Rev. Moon on the one hand as containing things that are true; for in his exposition of the 7 domains of the Providence and the 7 lords of Restoration Rev. Moon has indeed restored the knowledge that was lost when John lost the head.

Yet on the other hand I then also have to part ways with Rev. Moon in what he wrote in his book “Divine Principle” which I characterize as “the Stumbling”; then “The 3 Great Errors”; and finally “The Fainting”;  which I criticize as things that must be seperated from the true things Rev. Moon did correctly interpret; thus in my book I have to alternately show what is “true” in this “meat” from what is proven to me in my experince in the Holy Spirit as then being what I deem as false: on the other hand of the argument of “the meat” that I “digested” over time.

Rev. Moon is then the “snare” at the Last Hour of Temptation by which christianity is destroyed; as having judged Rev. Moon they are then “judged”; and are all wrong as to what he has REALLY done and in what way that he failed in his portion of responsibility.

And as I have written elsewhere; Osama bin Laden is the “Man of Lawlessness” as the “Global Terrorist” in the position of the Antichrist to the West and Christianity and the Masih ad-Dajjal of the East to Islam.
It is here that the dialogue of truth must begin: at the Revealing of the Light of the Seven Days: the Seven Lampstands that stand Illuminating the Path of the Just; for it is that Straight Path which Muhammed promised to the Ummah at the Last day for those who found the Mercy of Allah; as of Lord Jesus whom he called 


The Word of Allah.


Let us take a quick look at the progression of the “True Vine” which is central to this exposition;

following the progression of the True Vine as of the Royal House we have:

Based on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Based on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

   The Lighting of the 7 Lamps


         Who was The shepherd of the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation; whose city is Seoul?
             Was it not Rev. Moon? As he was the shepherd of the 7th Church, as the 7th Star in the right hand of the Amen?
Even so;
   The Unification Church; 7th Branch of the True Vine:
                              The Sufic One
I believe it was on Seoul as the 7th City of the Nations where the 7th Lampstand of the 7th Church of Revelation was placed; the Lampstand of Laodecia: as the Lightbearer of the Seventh Day.
…..even as Joseph Smith was the shepherd of the 6th church, as the sixth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Salt Lake City?
       The Mormon Church,  6th Branch of the True Vine:
The Archaic One
It was on Salt Lake City as the 6th City of the Nations that the 6th Lampstand of the 6th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Philadelphia: as the Lightbearer of the Sixth Day.
 ………as Emanuel Swedenborg was the shepherd of the 5th church, the fifth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is now Bryn Athyn?
         The Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem, the 5th Branch of the True Vine:
                          The Noetic One
It is on the 5th City of Bryn Athyn that the 5th Lampstand of the 5th Church is placed; the Lampstand of Sardis as the Lightbearer of the Fifth Day.
   ……….as George Fox was the shepherd of the 4th church, the fourth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is London?
                The Quaker Church of the  Friends,  The 4th Branch of the True Vine:
                      The Gnostic One.

It is on the fourth City which is the City of London that the 4th Lampstand of the 4th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Laodecia as the Lightbearer of the Fourth Day.

…..even as Martin Luther was the  shepherd of the 3rd church, the third star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Berlin?

             The  Lutheran Church of Protest, the 3rd Branch of the True Vine:
                     The Edenic One

It is on the 3rd City of the Nations which is the City of Berlin that the 3rd Lampstand of the 3rd Church of Revelation is placed: the Lampstand of Pergamos: as the Lightbearer of the Third Day.

……even as Augustine was the shepherd of the 2nd church, the second star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Rome?
      The Catholic Church,  the 2nd Branch of the True Vine:
                    The Catholic One
It is on Rome as the 2nd City of the Nations that the 2nd Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 2nd Church of Revelation: the Lampstand of Smyrna: as the Lightbearer of the Second Day.
 ….. and then lastly: as Peter was the shepherd of the 1st church, the first star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Jerusalem?
        The Pentecostal Church,  the 1st Branch of the True Vine:
                  The Apostolic One
And it is on Jerusalem as the first City of the Nations that the 1st Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 1st Church of Revelation: the Lampstand of Ephesus: as the Lightbearer of the First Day.
       To all my Brother Nazarenes: it is the Straight Path: that I know my Father promised before: that he would save the Rightly Guided and true Muslims with at the Last Day: Yea:

The Path of the Just: the Child of the Resurrection; but to the Jews I have another name: Jedidiah; the name that the lost sheep of Israel returns with: who repented and returned: and then was given his Father’s help to restore all things: and thus redeem himself and then his whole Generation a Thousandfold.

Saved then is the Blessed State of they who attend Salvation in the Revelation of Salvation.
But let us examine the ramifications of the True Vine; and how he who comes walks first and then wrote down those 7 Footsteps in the footprints of John showed that he who overcomes is he who becomes a Son of man; and thus it is the Overcoming: that is the Coming of the Son of man; by those who follow his example in the 7 Churches at the 7 Overcomings.

                  Is this not the Destiny of Righteousness?  
For they who wait on the Return of the Lord  ??
               Is not the shepherd of the 7th church the one who was in the position of the Priest; the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts?
The position of John? Was it not in the time before the End when the people mused in their hearts about John; whether he might be the Messiah?
  In the final prolongation the condition of indemnity you Mr. Sun Myung Moon were to fulfill was to wait with patience; the final test before you would have been given the position of the Messiah himself, as ruler over the Creation; as Joseph was given the throne of Egypt over Pharaoh: so you were to be given the throne of this earth over Satan.
And of Joseph the sun and moon who represented the parents Abraham and Sarah were to bow;
seen in Jacob and Rachel.
Thus would dominion been given to that faithful and wise servant:
even immortality;
As the crown of life, and the power of regeneration.
Such was to have been your reward.
To have revealed the 7 levels of the Providence through the individual, familial, tribal, racial, national, global (at “the earth”) and then the final universal level (of “heaven and earth”)  was to have prepared the sheep for the End.

And it is this final barrier between heaven and earth (which is the cosmic wall of Babylon) that blocks the  restoration into Canaan on the Cosmic level. It is of this Lord Jesus spoke when he said: “For now the Kingdom of heaven is preached; and every man presseth into it.”  To leave mortality, or the bitterness of Nature is to leave Egypt or this earth which is the City of the Dead. The House of Bondage is the earth where we live and die; to reach heaven requires what is hidden in the Revelation of St. John the Divine itself: the Path of the Just and the 7 overcomings on it.
Of this John comes to reveal the entire Providence; and this comes after the 430 years of slavery in America as the “Egypt” for christianity in it’s aspect in the internal restoration from Racism. 
As you may recall it was the hatred of the Hebrews by the Egyptians which was racism on the national level.  This is the same indemnity that the black race has suffered in North America since 1492 when Columbus arrived: 1922 is  about 430 years later; 1920 when you were born. Thus we have the black race in the position of the Israelites in Egypt long ago;  something that the Unification church never mentioned.
For the black race and the white race to unify is the foundation for the unification of every race in the world;  and the music that had this happen is the Trumpet being lifted up. If America is the second Israel then the American christians are the children of Israel;  they who you Rev. Moon sacrificed your own nation for. 
But now this debt must be paid back.
              At this moment of victory; when universal messiahhood is being preached from the King and Queen of Righteousness there is the matter of what you Rev. Moon have written in your book “Divine Principle” and what you have done to the members of your own church. And then there is the matter of judging John the Baptist.
  Is it not written:
“But and if that evil servant says in his heart,
My lord delayeth his coming’;   
                                                 and shall begin to beat the 
                                           menservants and maidservents,
                                                      and to eat and drink, and to be drunken;
                          The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him,
                                  and at an hour when he is not aware,
and shall cut him in sunder, 
                                    and will appoint him his portion
with the unbelievers.”?
                   Is this not the Fate of Unrighteousness? 
All you have to do, Mr. Moon, is to show you are awake.
Thus we will have no wailing and gnashing of teeth;
as they did when Noah shut the Door. 
The 7 last days of Noah, which might yet ring some bells to they with ears to hear, being observant.  
   My Failure
in the Restoration
of Rev. Moon
Abraxas, the god of Good and Evil; with Sun and Moon of Sun Myung Moon

Abraxas, the god of Good and Evil; with Sun and Moon of Sun Myung Moon


              The Angel of Patmos came to me in 1986 in order that Mr. and Mrs Moon were to have been restored ,
and the Unification Church reborn.
This is what I wrote:
 “….. I will bring forth the three main problems which face you all. The first is that of  two assertions in the book of Syn Myung Moon  called the “Divine Principle”.  The second problem has to do with the false and demonic assertion that Jesus Christ did have had an earthly father.  And the third problem has to do with the return of St. John the Divine himself.  If all goes well then we need not have the “cutting asunder” of the “faithful and wise servant” as distinct from the “evil servant”.  The actual contest of this letter is to be found in the book I wrote about John’s return and my encounter with him in the continuation of a dream, which I write down as the first chapter of my first Gospel which is called the Gospel of Peace….”


           The Revealing of the first two Beasts of Revelation:
             from the Open Book of Life of the Lamb;
      and the third and final beast: the Scarlet Colored Beast:
carrying the Great Whore of Capitalism 
The Scarlet Beast is Red China:
bearing the Whore as the “Lover of Money”,
 — whose love is: “The Root of All Evil”
         In this series of speeches in which those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb all sit down at the table where the invited guests eat the Supper of the Great God  it is John who informs those gathered about the Revelation of Jesus Christ as the Book of life of the Lamb.
The two beasts of revelation end up being the main courses of a meal which few we even forget; yet those who know the book of Job will find these two beasts who come out of the sea and the earth to look strangely familiar; as what Job the Saint suffered through the entire earth must also endure; especially those who follow the Lamb.
That these two creatures represented the fallen nature of Man, and fallen image of God in Man at the Individual level is not known.
Yet the first beast is the Axis and the second beast, the  False Prophet, Karl Marx Karl Marx, representing the Fallen Nature of Man and the Fallen Image of God in Man, at the Global Level.
What this means is that what Job overcame in the Test of God at his Great Tribulation was evidently the sign that Job was the first visitor to the Last Judgment. Thus what Job suffered individually, the entire world was going to suffer collectively; and globally, at the World wide level. But this is also about the Third Course of restoration into Canaan at the Global level; of course..
What is seen with the Axis beast and the second beast of the False Prophet
at the Global level against the Allies in the Kingdom,
 is exactly was what was once seen at the National level with Moses and Aaron,
as  of the Armies standing in the Promised Land against Joshua with Israel,
… the Advesary of the 7-10 nations at the tribal level Confederacy of the seven nation / 10 tribe Confederacy of Canaan as a False Christ, and the attack beforehand by Balaam who died as the False Prophet.
  Simply put, the first beast which John saw coming out of the Sea of Time is the three-in-one beast we called the “Axis”;  at the Supper John described to me how the Japanese, German and Italian nations at World War II came forth in the positions of the three beasts of the four seen at Daniel, whose lives were preserved ” for a time and a season “.
The fourth beast see in Daniel swallowed up by fire from the Throne was that one which represented Rome; whose 10 horns represented the first 10 Caesars, each one representing a broken commandment of God. 
It is these three beasts, which represented three Kingdoms, as seen at Daniel 7:12, that John sees come out of the Sea of Time, and then come forth and stand as One Beast, the Son as the Global Canaan in the exact image of the Great Red Dragon, the Dragon being the discarnate creature representing the global Egypt or “Kingdom of Darkness” it’s father: as Japan comes forth in the position of the Kingdom of Babylon, which in Daniel is the one with the head of a Lion, the 7 Islands of Japan representing the 7 heads of the Dragon seen in the 7 heads of the Beast.
The Mouth of the Lion of Babylon is thus seen “Roaring”, as their claim that their Emperor was Divine.
Germany as the Body of the Beast came forth in the position of the Kingdom Greece, as the body of the Beast which is that of a Leopard, but the Leopard in Daniel which had the four wings stood for the Kingdom of Greece, and the four wings stood for the 4 Generals, who later each had a fourth share of Alexander’s Empire after he died in baylon at the age of 30, and the parallels of Greece with Germany can first be seen as when Phillip of Macedon gave his son Alexander his Army after having perfected the Phalanx, each one being a trained fighting force in a single massed formation of men, fighting and advancing as a mobile vehicle, all fighting as one unit in concert with other units.
The Nation of Germany thus saw the same endowment of the Army, as with King Phillip of Macedon with his son Alexander, as when the Kaiser ( which is German for Caesar  ) gave the “Armor” from the “father” of the “Fatherland” to Hitler, as “the Hammer” given by Odin toThor  \  “Seigried” from the Germanic Odin \  or “Wotan”; thus we see once again in the Army of the Reich given to their “Hammer” as when Hindenburg was retired from WWI, as being Hitler’s “spiritual progenitor”, and the massed armor columns of the German Tanks, along with their Blitzkrieg squadrons of Aircraft, echoed those of ancient Greece, especially in their lightning fast striking capability, ushering in modern warfare.
This is especially seen in the attacks in formation of armored mechanized armor on the battlefield, attacking together in unison and uniformed movements, much like the Phalanxes of Alexander. 
 The Nation of Italy came forth in this beast as seen in the position of Medo-Persia,  which Daniel describes as a Bear and  Germany in the position of Greece, which Daniel describes as a Leopard. ( Daniel  7:12)

The second beast is the false prophet which is Marxism;  that it has two horns like a lamb but speaks as a dragon is another way of saying that the two horns are communisn and socialism;  stolen from the first church as the Keys of the Kingdom seen and the two first principles which Peter was given that were the basis of the community of Christ; the first key as when they who had property and goods thus all sold their goods and brought them to the feet of Peter as the head of  the 12 Apostles; which is pure communism where there is no private property, the first key being the left hand key of the the kingdom as the collective principle;  then Peter and the Apostles then took the goods of the flock and set priorities; and thus allocated the money first for the Old and Sick, then secondly the Widows and Orphans, then, thirdly; for the Imprisoned and the Poor , and finally: themselves. 
 This is the second key of the kingdom, as the right hand key of the distributive principle, which is pure socialism.
That Marx tried to forestall the Kingdom of God established by Peter at it’s foundation by stealing these two first princuiple of the Church of the Living God, and making with them the State as God: in his own self-image, as the kingdom of the dragon.
Thus what we see here is the kingdom of God: without God! Marx the False Prophet of Revelation then shows us that at the global level the two beasts stand in the advesarial positions with the first beast of the Axis standing for  the 7-10 tribe/nation confederacy of a Global Canaan or “Anti-Israel” as of 10 horns;  and the False Prophet in the position of a Global Balaam or “Anti-Judah” as having two horns. 
That the false prophet that speaks as a dragon can be understood as Karl Marx and his doctrine of scientific atheism predicated on the Deniel of the the existence of God on Evolutionary grounds as of Darwin. Looking like this lamb as preaching about communism and socialism was then completely reversed by the State being then set up as “God”, and made in Karl Marx’s own self-image as the Marxist State Itself.
That this second beast comes up out of the Earth can be seen as representing the foundation of the left-wing Hegelians with Dialectical Materialism, a Diabolic Manifestation, and speaking “like a dragon” being what comes off the lying tongue of this beast that is Frederick Engels, originator of the Total Denial of God, seen as the Modern Scientific and Darwinistically founded Doctrine of Atheism; a “Religion” without any God but the man-made State.
We can now see that the red dragon is the beast which symbolizes the nation of Egypt as the Global Kingdom of Darkness, and in  whose image the Axis comes forth, fighting the Alies who embody the Spirit of Christ as the Lamb as the Word Made Flesh or Holy Thing, that symbolized the Kingdom of God; thus we see the beast of the Axis and then Karl Marx the False prophet battling the Host of the Lamb for world or global domination.
The Beast comes forth as the Global Canaan in the form of having the 10 horns of the dragon seen in the 10 dictators of Rome; whose 10 horns were the first 10 Caesars;  this is why they all have “the same” or “one mind”; they are the 10 crowns on the 10 horns as each received their hour with the beast of Rome that the Axis in Rome’s image tried to take over the world with.
Kaiser is German for “Caesar”. 
And of course we have the scarlet beast of chapter 17 of the Book of Life of the Lamb revealed as Red China; the one that inhabits it’s host: Osama bin Laden; the Antichrist; the Islamic Judas or “Ad-Dajjal”. In the position of Judas at the table of Mecca he is the “fatted calf” who God dispatches at the return of Solomon from the dead like Lazurus: with the Zulfiqar; which we in the west call by another name: EXCALIBUR.

This is all rather obvious after John explains it; the fact that no one has known what the two beasts from the sea and the earth are, or what they truly did represent shows us that John proves his identity at this Last Day by showing humanity what the Revelation really is:  the Word of God. 
This Open Letter is, in fact,  my last attempt to reach the Unification Church and make it New, and become it’s sheperd with the Word; as I am sure that few on earth would dare deny the truth once it is revealed.
Once my book is published it will be quite futile for any to try to contrvene what I reveal from my Father or dispute with His Sevant John who guides and upholds me with the Right Hand, of my Father’s Right Arm: of Mercy, for I am held in the Right Hand of His Peace. 
Thus John asked me to send this letter many years ago as a last ditch attempt to contact Rev. Moon with what could have restored him. and to ahve allowed him to finally reach his goal;  for to reach perfection is to reach the Grail; which Rev. Moon does not know even exists. 
To be perfect and holy is thus what the Holy Grail is all about;  but only those who have the Seal of John, by keeping their seed in their bodies, faithfully unto the death in Christ are those who have kept “the Word of his Patience”. 
As my Father Lord Jesus said:
“….Now!  The Seed is the Word of God…..”.

Lord Jesus died a virgin;  those who become virgins follow him on the White Horse of Revelation on their white horses; faithful unto death.  While still alive the dead in Christ first rise:  I bring the Unification Church which no longer exists a chance to be restored and to be the first to receive the news of John’s return.  St. John the Divine is certainly someone of which Muhammed  had heard;  but that John would return to prophesy again he made no mention of,  though he might not have called himself the Last Prophet if he had understood the report. Perhaps he didn’t think it was possible.
 As everyone in the Unification Church knows, or should know, to restore something back to it’s original form one has to find where it went off course and then go back to that exact place and begin again.  For instance;  you Rev. Moon state in your book that the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Cloud represent the Holy Spirit and the Son of God.  Unfortunately it was the Tabernacle which represented the Son of God;  the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Cloud actually represented the Covenant of Night and the Covenant of Day;  the Two Witnesses.
Where they fell is where you Rev. Moon fainted in your understanding.  In the external course out of Egypt  it was the pillar of fire which represented the witness of the earth;  the pillar of cloud represented the witness of heaven. In the internal course of restoration into Canaan on the global level which John began when he received the Word of God in the wilderness John said he spoke of the earth and of earthly things because he was in the position himself of the Pillar of Fire which represented the indirect Word as the external Law guiding man till he could receive the Word directly in the sphere of Day or direct dominion as opposed to the Night which was the sphere of indirect dominion.
The Pillar of Cloud was that of the direct Word as the internal Law;  which is why John said Lord Jesus was above all and came from heaven as being the one in the position of the Word itself.  It was for this reason that Lord Jesus raised the standard of the Law to the internal level of the Word.  Lord Jesus taught in the Temple as the Pillar of Cloud which stood over the Tabernacle did in the old days in the wilderness.
John the Baptist was to guide Israel in the “Night” with the Law as the Pillar of Fire until they could receive the Word in the “Day” with the Pillar of Cloud or Jesus the Christ. As it was written; the Law out of Zion;  or John out of Elisabeth or the House of Zion; the Word from Jerusalem as Jesus out of Mary or Zion herself.  The relationship between Lord Jesus and John is easily seen as the one between Michael and Gabriel;  operating with Moses and Aaron;  both men being in the position as the personal messenger or “holy one” of the Younger.
It is for this reason  of each of the two being in the position of the two pillars that Lord Jesus said he had a greater witness than that of John; as being one with a greater mission. This is proof enough of the identity of the Two Covenants;  and why the messenger is called the angel of the Covenant;  who was Lord Jesus himself.  Does not the moon just reflect the light of the Sun?  Even as a messenger brings us the word from his Master.
Rev. Moon’s portion of responsibility was to remain awake until his Lord returned. If the world has been waiting for the return of Lord Jesus then Rev. Moon is the witness of this return of the Second Advent;  but Mr. Moon was to prepare the earth for his master’s return: the prolongation is due to the fact that the final test comes down to that of faith; and the test of Faith in this case is akin to what will shortly befall the earth with what is in my book, for as it was in the days of Noah, it was only those believers who believed Noah at those last 7 days, when he went out every day, and begged those mockers outside to repent and come in: only those with the Faith came on board the Ark..  When he shut the Door and the Rain or Proof came then everybody believed Noah; but it was too late:  they had to believe BEFORE the proof showed up.  It is the same now.
To make things even more clear it is the Revelation of St. John the Divine which is the Ark of the Testament: the Word of God.  The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb: the Will of the Father placed IN that Ark;  just as it was when they came out of Egypt and put the Book of the Law in the Ark of the Covenant thereby transforming it into the Ark of the Testament, in the external course
But this is the internal course;  coming out of Egypt means leaving the earth; and coming into Canaan means entering Pardise and the kingdom of heaven.  Mortality must put on immortality;  and corruption must put on incorruption. 
The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

            The front line which divided good and evil was not just the line that divides north and south Korea and the world of Bond and Free;  it was also the line that divided east and west Germany and the world of Bond and Free;  of communist and democratic nations. Mr. Moon’s counterpart was Pope Paul II who knocked down the wall between east and west just as Mr. Moon was to knock down the wall between north and south.
This wall was the Iron Curtain in Europe; but in the East the Great Wall is seen of China as being the one between north and south Korea: all that remain of the barrier of the Global Balaam or Marx;  the  first beast of theAxis is already in the Lake of Fire;  with the fall of the wall in 1987 it is only a matter of time before the second beast of Marxism also goes into the Fire. China is communist in name only;  and North Korea is the last gasp of the False Prophet. The scarlet beast of Revelation seen in chapter 17 is Red China.

That it looks like the red dragon shows us the identity of the son of Egypt  the Dragon:  the son of Satan the Devil.  That Mr. Moon mischaracterized the Pillar of Fire as the Holy Spirit is one thing:  but that to say the Holy Spirit is a female spirit brings us to another problem: the female holy spirit has another name: ISIS. And she is not the Bride of Jesus Christ; Isis is the Whore. More than that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; as the Spirit is male Rev. Moon and the Unification Church will someday soon know because John has asked me to reveal the Mystery of God to the Church and signify it by the Seal of the the Living God.

That you, Rev. Moon have said that Jesus is married to the Holy Spirit is where Sodom invades;  because Lord Jesus himself testified the Holy Spirit was male;  thus “marrying” Lord Jesus to a male spirit is akin to marrying two men. It is for this mistake that men are now invading the Church and marrying each other by trying to claim that God made them that way.  That you Rev. Moon have characterized the Holy Spirit as female is where Egypt’s queen invades;  and “she” is called Isis. Marrying Lord Jesus to her is to marry the Lamb to Isis or Mystery;  this will also not stand. 
           Sodom and Egypt is where our Lord is crucified in the book of Sun Myung Moon named the Divine Principle.  But the Divine Principle has another form:  it is called the Cross of Christ;  and the Cross of Christ has another name:  the Key of David.
At this point there would be little left to say ordinarily;  but even if np one in the Unification Church is awake enough to recognize John’s revealing of the identity of the two beasts I doubt that there is anyone in the church who would missbeing given the Seal of the Living God.  I had hoped to meet Rev. Moon and speak to him of these matters face to face;  but this is how it seem the final test will be made.
The Reason that John did not Bond with Jesus
        The reason that  John the Baptist did not bond with Lord Jesus is that John unconsciously harbored in his heart a secret accusation about Mary and his own father; who happened to be Zacharias.  John believed that Mary had come to his house and laid with his father to produce Jesus;  and it was this that made John jealous of what he believed his own status as having been “robbed’ by his younger brother.  It is curious that Rev. Moon judged John the Baptist so harshly because it is this one fact that proves that Rev. Moon is John;  because John is Elijah. 

And just as John denied he was Elijah and blocked the way for the Jewish people so has Mr. Moon denied he is Elijah and thereby once again proved he is John;  because he has made the same mistake and holds the same accusation.  That Rev. Moon judged John the Baptist now becomes even more meaningful because he has judged himself.  Zacharias was not Lord Jesus’s father however;  and I have the Seal to prove it.  That John denied he was the Christ shows he had the spirit of Elijah:  but that he did no miracles nor anything miraculous shows he did not have the Power of Elijah; and this is why Lod Jesus told John’s disciples when they came to him from John in prison that he did miracles and gave blind people their sight and so on: this is what John was supposed to have been doing before his face just as Aaron had done before the face of Moses.

The Seal of Elijah is the one of which Lord Jesus said: “The Law and the prophets were until John: now the kingdom of God is preached and every man presseth into it”. As the messenger or Elijah John was the Seal of the Prophets;  but that he harbored the accusation about Zacharias is the reason that he himself failed in his mission. And this is exactly the reason for the failure of the mission of Sun Myung Moon.  To restore this I have been sent to bring the true facts of Jesus and his conception to light for the Unification Church before my book is published:  this is New Hope indeed.


The Altar of Abraham
……and the Failure of Rev. Moon
Restore the Sacrifice:
…….the 10 pieces of the Providence of Salvation.
       The significance of the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove that came down on Lord Jesus and abode upon him at the Jordan has to do with the fact that the Nation of Israel entering Cannan was as Adam  “symbolically” re-entering Paradise; going over the Jordan dryshod was as Adam going over  through the “symbolic”  Gate through  the “barrier” of the great wall of Babylon that is the great river Euphrates.  And that the 12 were also baptized in this same Jordan also had tremendous meaning,  When Gabriel came to Elisabeth and Mary it was to confirm two miracles;  but these two miracles were like a pigeon in comparison to a dove. 
This is because the conception of John in comparison to that of Jesus was like that of a pigeon to that of a dove;
and John and Jesus were cousins by blood;
although brothers in Spirit.
           As you may recall it was not one dove that was placed on the Altar of Abraham as Mr. Moon has written in his book: it was a Pigeon for Ishmael and a Dove for Issac. Furthermore the she-goat represented Hagar and the heifer which represented Sarah. The ram represented Abraham himself.  The she-goat being separated represented the left half as the fall of Eve with the Archangel and the right half as the fall of Eve with Adam.  At the first fall we have the satanic virgin;  virgin physically but not spiritually. At the second fall we have the satanic bride; having tempted Adam Eve was the satanic bride because she had come to Adam in the position of the serpent or the angel of the devil; thus she came to Adam as the angel of Death.  Separating the she-goat meant that Eve had been separated from the fall with the archangel,
  as one thing from the fall with Adam as the other. 


This meant that the body Eve had formed with the serpent was seperated from the body she had formed with Adam.
The heifer being seperated represented the left half as the conception of Cain with Adam by Eve and the right half as the conception of Abel with Adam by Eve.  Because the first conception was done in the position of the first fall with the serpent this first conception was of Eve in the position of the satanic wife; now no virgin physically but unfortunately not a virgin spiritually; thus corrupt.
Thus the child produced in this union was a murderer. At the second conception this represented Eve in the position of the second fall with Adam this second conception was of Eve in the position of the satanic mother: giving birth to a chiild who was to be killed by the first child. Seperating the heifer meant seperating the conception of Cain from the conception of Abel;  thus on the basis of the she-goat being seperated this meant that the mother was no longer satanic as the satanic wife  had been seperated from the mother by seperating Eve into two women: Hagar and Sarah.

The heifer in two represented Sarai and Sarah;  just as the ram being seperated represented Abrahm as the left half or the “fallen” Adam with Eve after her relation with the serpent  and the right half with Abraham as the now “unfallen” Adam with Eve; who had not had relations with the serpent: namely Pharoah whom Sarai was able to resist; thus restoring the position of Eve; as Abraham did that of Adam by rescuing her from Pharoah who was in the position of Satan. 
That the pigeon represented Ishmael as being in Cain’s position and the dove Issac as being in Abel’s now can be seen in it’s true light:  something of which Mr. Moon did not know or share with the Unification Church because of his tragic failure at restoring the Sacrifice at the Altar in his book.
  Abraham’s relations with these two women represented two covenants; one with Hagar or Egypt was that of Bondage;  that of Sarah or Israel was that of Freedom; as it is written: where the Spirit of the Lord is; there is freedom.

Hagar is Sinai;  and Egypt.  Sarah is Zion: and heavenly Jerusalem; and Paradise; as Canaan is the Son of Ham; who is the father of the Hamitic race: Egypt; thus to subdue the earth as Adam was to have it is Israel who must subdue Canaan as it finally did.
Remember: the great red dragon represents the kingdom of Egypt; which is why the first beast from the sea looks just like him:
as Canaan resembled his father Ham. Taking Canaan was then another way of despoiling Efypt as Canaan represented the “son” of Ham as the “father” of Egypt;
this is why the Treaty Egypt and Israel signed was so important symbolically and then substantially.
   The Seal of the Living God
          The Seal of the Living God is therefore that which was to have been given to the Unification Church by Sun Myung Moon in which he would have been given all the Lord had; including his position as being not just ruler over the household but over all things.  To enlighten Rev. Moon about the true nature of the conception of Lord Jesus John has had me put down enough of a foundation in the last 21 years that it is possible to stop the sun or masculine principle and the moon or feminine principle where they stand.  When Gabriel who is the Voice of God who was singing in the garden when the fall took place came to Mary he did not “breath” the Word into Mary so that she conceived as the Qur’an states; this is just Mary with an angel repeating the pattern of the fall by Eve with the archangel; this being Mohammed’s way of hiding the fact that it was the Holy Spirit as the “Breath of God” which was the Father of Jesus..  You may remember when Lord Jesus “breathed” into the faces of the 12 Apostle’s and said; to wit;

“Receive ye the Holy Spirit”.
After Gabriel told Mary about Elisabeth Mary did not go down to Elisabeth’s house to lay with Zacharias as those in the Unification Church believe; as this rendering of the events merely repeating the pattern of the fall by Eve with Adam,  this being John the Baptist’s mistake. Mr. Moon missed Muhammed’s hint but not John’s accusation.  Thus  what really happened was this: when Gabriel visited Mary she went out of her house into the countryside on the way to Judah in the south. She believed the miracle of Elisabeth; and this became the foundation of substance by which she received the Messiah.
This is why it said that “Mary Rose”; in fact; she “rose” in the Holy Spirit; as I once did. At a certain point in her journey Mary was overshadowed by the Power of the Most High:  she was turned into a female Celestial Dove and the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah in the form of a male Divine Celestial Dove came to her. What is revealed as the Seal is that Jehovah in in Form of a Divine Celestial Male Dove impregnated Mary in the form of a female Celestial Dove.
These Two Celestial Doves conceived the Lamb differently than the terrestrial ones; for the Celestial Doves conceived by a Holy Kiss of which the Seal is thus of the 4 Wings of the Cherubim over the Mercyseat where the 2 wings of the one at the right meet the 2 wings of the cherub on the left; and where they “doubly”  touch is then symbolic of where Adam and Eve were to have joined each other as one flesh “aboe and below”; the terrestrial doves seem to conceive as any other bird.  
To create the Holy Thing that was the Lamb of God it was in the “strange act” that the Spirit of Jehovah Transformed Himself into the Form of a Divine Celestial Dove; manifesting the Seed which was to become the Word made flesh as the Word on the Tongue of this Holy Dove;  and as the Power came over Mary when she was transformed into the Female Celestial Dove under the wings of the Vestal Host of the Holy Angels.
Then she united with the Holy Spirit in the form of a Divine Celestial that was the Lord Jehovah.
Thus the Female Dove of Mary conceived that Holy Thing we know of as the Lamb from the Male Dove of Jehovah. 
Mary was then returned to her human form as a female virgin..

The Holy Sprit in the form of a Dove that came down on Lord Jesus at the Jordan was thus the one which had been with Mary when she was turned into the Celestial Female Dove. After Mary conceived in the form of the Celestial Dove she was turned back into the  woman who ended up later being given the 2 wings of a Great Eagle: and still the Virgin Daughter of Jerusalem. 
This Knowledge should resolve the confusion that unfortunately besets  Reverend Sun Myung Moon;  and Wisdom is justified of all her children;  she is the True Mother of the Lamb;  just as the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove is the True Father of the Lamb;  and the Holy Kiss is the Seal of God. Furthermore it is Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany who are the True Parents of Mankind; which is why the Lord God called them “JESUS”. As for the male nature of the Holy Spirit I will shew any who care to look the following passage where the masculine nature of the Holy Spirit is mentioned 7 times from the gospel of St. John  16:13; to wit;

“How be it  when he, the Spirit of truth, is come,
 he will guide you into all truth:
for  he shall not speak of  himself;
but whatsoever  he shall hear, 
that shall  he  speak”,
and  he  will shew you things to come.”
           This is known by he who has the Seal of Elijah; the Seal of the Living God.  Furthermore the Holy Spirit is in Truth the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God on the 4 position foundation of the 4 Seraphim: and it is not at all female, as Rev. Moon states twice in his book “Divine Principle”;  in fact the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself in the aspect of God as the Creator who is “The Lover”;  which is what happened when the Spirit “moved” on the waters:  in the Holy Act of Love. This is the reason that man out of all creatures on the earth makes love to the woman face to face: as God did. “Let there be Light”; this was  the “Word/Ejaculation/Revelation “;  and “there was Light”  was instantaneous birth.

It was with His Right Hand by  which He separated the Light “before” His Face from the Darkness “behind”  Him. Thus God giving Adam the Word in the Form of the Commandment was Vertically from “God to Man”  this represented the “Divine”  Principle.  Thus Adam would now represent the Right Hand of God Himself; for the 2 Hands of God are the spirit and soul; which is why the Word in the Form of the Commandment was first to have separated them until both reached their individual separations with each of their respective principles; the Vertical One from God to Adam being the Divine Principle and the Horizontal One from Adam to Eve being the Universal Principle.

After Eve had seperated the uncollected waters of Eternity “above” from the collected waters of Time “below” with the keeping of the Commandment she was given from Adam as Horizontally or “Man to Woman”  it was the horizontal or female principle called Heaven that she would have embodied as the Universal Essence within herself.
It was in this way that she would have accomplished her portion of responsibility by keeping the Commandment as the Word of God from Adam.  Doing this she would have made herself the incarnation or  vessel on Earth as the Left Hand of God that embodied the Universal Principle called Heaven or the Throne that seperated the living waters above the Firmament called “the Kingdom” from those dying waters below the Firmament called “the Sea” that were the “finite” aspect of the Deep; which was the Mother.  Heaven thus represented the “Soul of Eve” as the Earth represented the “Body of Eve”.

Thus in the Act of Love that is the Creation of God it was Adam and Eve as One Intertwined Hand from the Two “hands” clasping  or  two “bodies”  embracing  that would have been the realization of realized “Prayer of God” being answered that was to have occured after both reached their seperation at the age of 21 years in Time within Paradise; thus the Blessing which endows Immortality would have been manifested to Adam and Eve in the Holy Act would have actively substantiated His Dream coming True as the entire Creation would have been substantially embodied in Adam and Eve as “One” in TRUTH.
The Human Body as the Microcosm of the “Living Atom” of the “House” of the Macrocosmic “Solar System” would then have been Incarnated; and the Body of Eve as representing the Earth itself within the “House” of the Solar System thus seen as having come “from” the Body of Adam would then have been seen as the Microscopic level of this Living Atom that our “Solar System” really is Macroscopically as the Body of Adam.  I have heard that Gurdjieff also said something similar to this; although I never read his book “All and Everything”; since I believe him to have been demonically possessed; along with Crowley and Blavatsky.

And after Adam had seperated the Light of Day which was good “before”  from the Shadow of Darkness as evil “behind” with the Vertical or Archangelic Principal called the Day-star he would have accomplished his portion of responsibility by keeping the Commandment as The Light seperated from Darkness which is The Day.

Only after each reached the position of a Hand of God that had seperated the distaff aspect internally in themselves that God had seperated externally as Light before and Darkness behind for Adam  and the Waters above from the Waters below for Eve would Adam and Eve THEN been brought together;  the horizontal or Univeral principle being brought together with the vertical or Divine principle;  the “firmament placed in the midst of the Daylight.” Then their becoming “one flesh” would have been where they entered the Door  eating of the Fruit of the Tree of life entering Eternity by perfoming the Divine Act of God by theproper understanding of the Principle of Co-Creation itself.  Thus the Divine Act alone is substantially the “re-enacting” of the Holy One of God Himself that “opens” the Door into Eternity. This is why my Father Jesus said; to wit;
“I am the Door of the Sheep”.

Mr. and Mrs. Moon did not do this as they did not know anything about this as the Key of Knowledge is of the Chariot of Elijah; dealing with the “Before and Behind; and the Above and Velow” over which the Jews placed a “Curse” to anyone who investigated the “Chariot of Elijah” that disclose the hidden meaning of the first paragraph of Genesis. 
It was this ignorance on behalf of Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon so they Fell in the position of Adam and Eve from which My Generation then entirely fell later in 1967; seen at the 6th Seal from the Lamb’s Open Book which is  now revealing the 6th Seal as representing the events at 1960-1969; as each Seal is revealed  with it’s corresponding Trumpet; for the 7 Seals are of the 7 Decades of the 70 year Period of Babylonian Captivity Russia went through from 1917 to 1987.
Thus from 1910-1919 at the First Seal to the Last One at 1970-1979.  The Trumpets each go off in the 7th year of each Seal; thus the first went off at the 7th year of the first decade which began in 1910; which brings us to 1917; where the 2 kingdoms came up and were the establishing of the two sovereignties which were to fight over the Final Dominion; one at Russia for the Marxist foundation with the lamb of 2 horns who is Karl Marx the False Prophet; and the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes who is the Resurrection and the Life as that One representing the 3 Nations of “the Allies”, seen in the 3 Children as The Holy One of Mary of Fatimah, for the Idealist foundation.
  Their diametric opposite is the opposing  “3-in-one” creature of John made up of the 3 seen at Daniel 7:12; thus the “Axis” that came up in one creature from the Sea of Time shows that 3 nations which were “the Axis”  came up in 1936 with Italy and Germany and Japan. It was at this time the Angel  of Christ came to Rev. Moon on 4-18 at Easter on the Korean hillside with the Mission of first using his body to restore the cut asunder body and head of John the Baptist; so then John as Elijah could restore all things.

Thus the first trumpet went off at 1917-1927; the second at 1927-1937; the third at 1937-1947; all the way to 1977 to 1987; when the Wall  of Babylon came down after the 6th Decade of 1960 to 1969 had passed and their Trumpet which blasted from 1967 to 1977; as with Joshua at Jericho after the 6 days had passed of the 144 hours. Some may remember the 6 Days War; the 144 Hours being those of the Measure of a Man and an Angel: 144 being the Wall of the Holy City. It is this Wall whic is symbolized by the 144,000 bricks which those of the 144,000 Virgins as One: the Body of the Bride. 
         As John reveals in my book the Fall actually took place while God was sleeping after the Creation; he put the Archangel  in charge to watch over things untill He returned and everyone was basically to have left Adam and Eve alone till He got back.  Because he had been worsted in the exchange with Adam in the naming of the archetypes because God helped Adam the serpent or angel of the devil decided to strike when God was not around to help Adam out: and that is why he was cursed; otherwise he was just doing his job as the Adversary Adam was to subdue to earn his position and be held equal to the angels; something which could not be bestowed but had to be earned.

God did not tell Adam to destroy the earth but merely to subdue it;  the serpent and the earth had the relation to Adam as the phallus and the body; moreover Adam was told not to eat of the tree of the Knowledge before God created Eve;  the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents the “essence” or “fruit” of the Duality of the Nature of the Principle of Light and Darkness;  just as the fruit of the tree of life represents the “essence” or  “fruit” of the Unity of the Nature of the Principle of Good.  John explains that the Fall was actually incest;  because when God divided the waters it was the “mother”  whom He divided with the Firmament;  the upper and uncollected waters then being the “Daughter”  above the collected waters of time in the Sea below the firmament.

Thus it was that Rahab had been divided by God;  Adam and Eve were to re-enact the Holy Act of God and bring forth children just as God had brought forth the Light.  Who is the Son of Man? The Son of Adam:  Seth.  And it is where the book of the generations of Seth begins at Genesis 5 where the book of life of the Lamb begins;  Sth being in the original image and likeness of Adam who was the original Image of God;  for Eve came out of Adam just as the Creation came out of the Light of Day;  the Day in which God created the heavens and the earth is thus the Aion or eternal week;  the Day of 7 days Light;  the Light of 7 Days. 


The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

 The Marriage of Sun Myung Moon 
The marriage of Mr and Mrs. Moon was therefore to restore the Sun or masculine principle of the creation and the Moon or feminine principle of the Creation.  In fact Mr. and Mrs. Moon themselves are the signs in the sun and the moon the Lord spoke of.  Furthermore the signs in the stars show that it is my fallen generation who fell in the position of the sons of God that the English “stars” represented as in the days of Noah who came down to the daughters of men;  the stars falling from heaven represents those of the English whom the daughters of America in My Generation then fell as the “daughters of men” had once fallen for the angels the English musicians symbolized.

After the golden calf of Elvis had been overcome being being “superceded by Dylan with his connection to James Marshall hendrix by which the Black Race united with the Jewish Race ( in the name of a Welshman who represented Parcifal ) still the Second Fall seen with Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon created the hysteria and falleness as when the angels and women and men of Sodom fell in the pattern of the Archangel and Eve and Adam. It was these unknown but now plainly revealed factors that characterized the idolization of the musicians by women as it had also happened before the Flood in Enoch; the City named after the son of Cain: Atlantis. 
But this brings us again to Rev. Moon and the members of the Unification Church which is now no more; thus the New Unification Church had to be erected as the 7th Church of the True Vine. This is to restore those who married of My Generation as those who followed Rev. Moon. This was to take the virthright from My Generation and the 144,000 Virgins who were to be Virgins: not marrying nor given in marriage; the Eunuchs of the Kingdom of Heaven as of the Virgin Priesthood known as the Ancient Order of Melchizedek.  John the Baptist was a Virgin of this Order; and his Soul also stood surrogate for the Bride until Lord Jesus married; which is what the Secret of the Grail is all about: and which I now reveal as having reached Perfection: the Grail itself.
          So; here is a little “blast” from the Horn of the Archangel to Rev. Moon as he now faces death and disgrace; to wit:
“Now that you have exalted yourself and declared that all conditions of indemnity have been met I have been instructed by John the Apostle of Love to have you reconsider two things;  one being the actual truth of how the Lamb that holy thing was created;  and the other being the reason John and  yourself are known to be one and the same;  since you  have made exactly the  same mistakes John did and for the same reasons. 
The position you find yourself in is the same as when the people mused in their hearts about John; whether or not he might be the Messiah.

Consider this as you sit in the Golden Cage of Babylon which to you seems to be a Palace of Gold; but is in reality the Palace of Herod where John finally died: cut asunder; the “Moon cleft Asunder” that is written by my Messenger Muhammed at Sura 54:1; the Witness of the Last Day; along with Job; who returns in Essence, as the Saint himself.  
That this is the position of the Faithful and Wise Steward who is given charge of the Household or Church till the Lord returns is also your story: but this story has two endings;  the good ending which is the happy ending:  and the bad ending which is that of wailing and gnashing of teeth; which is what happened when Noah shut the Door and the “sudden true believers”  found they could not enter:  when the Door was shut on the 7th Day it was before the Rain arrived;  even so it shall be so now:  those who believe what is written in the two Gospels in my book and overcome on the Path of the Just which is hidden in the 7 overcomings of the 7 churches will enter the Holy City: for the Street of pure gold is the Path of the Just itself;  who overcomes enters the Holy City;  for the Gospel is the Holy Mountain that grew from a stone to fill the earth:  and the Revelation is the Holy City which sits on top of it. 

The Wine and the Oil.

        The year and the month were given to you Rev. Moon  to bring forth meat in due season that was in your book “Divine Principle” at the Famine for the Word in these Last Days;  but the Day and the Hour are those which face the Faithful and Wise servant at the End;  and that is now.
  If you do not heed what is written in this letter I will bring you one message from the Lord Christ Jesus:  read the story of Shebna and Eliakim if you would like to see what is to happen to you and to your ministry and work;  for that story is the one to which Lord Jesus referred to in his prophecy about you as the Faithful and Wise Steward:  placed in charge of the Providence along with your counterpart in the West who was also born in 1920:  Pope John Paul the Second.: your counterpart in the Work of the Cross where the Vertical and Horizontal were to have met on the Global Level.

It was Lord Jesus who raised the standard so that one did not enter at the risk of one’s life but only at the cost of it: no man has or can enter the Kingdom:  in the wilderness the external Israelites all died and only the “younger” or under 20 finally entered. 
Lord Jesus changed this to the following scenario:  you had to go and die and be reborn as a Child to enter the Kingdom;  all who enter are thus as Israel: “when Israel was a Child then I loved him: and I called my Son out of Egypt”. 
  That America is the Third Israel ( as Islam was the Second ), means that it’s children are the Children of Israel;  and the Manchild seen in chapter 12 of the Revelation is America;  the nation following in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus:  he is the Child of Israel;  the woman with the two wings of a great eagle is the Zion of the Holy One of Israel;  also known as the Mother of Jesus. 
The Manchild comes forth in the Name of Christ Jesus;  Emmanuel !  You can see him him in the Revelation of Jesus Christ which is the Book of Life of the Lamb at chapter 14 sitting on a white cloud which is the Spirit of Christ:  he comes on a cloud.
        What happened to Shebna;  the “secret identity” of the Faithful and Wise servant when he goes astray and teaches the sheep things which are untrue?  He goes from being the greatest in the kingdom of heaven to that of less than the least in the kingdom of heaven
And it is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven who stands in the position of Joshua who is John the Divine himself;  and it is the holy child in the Name of Christ Jesus who stands in the position of the Tabernacle of God. The messenger of this Child is John; the Cosmic Messenger;  the Servant of all.  And it is this Child who sits on the Mercyseat on the dried up riverbed of the Euphrates with the Book of Life opened on his lap who is the King of Judgment Day:  the one with the Book of Life is the Lord of the Second Advent; Last of All; and Servant of All: Faithful and True. 
And the Tabernacle of God? That is the one wherein the Altar of Incense is the Soul of Christ;  and the Golden Censer is the Heart of Christ;  and the Golden Lampstand with it’s 7 Lamps lit that is the Mind of Christ:  and the Reed like unto a Rod is the Strength of Christ. 
As the representative of the global body of humanity the Body of Christ represents the 4 organs which we call the soul and the heart; the mind and the strength, as four limbs or two arms and two legs of the Spirit of Christ: seen substantially as the Ark of the Testament itself; upon which sits the Mercyseat.  He who forgave his enemies from the heart on the Cross was he in the Spirit upon the Mercyseat itself: his true position.      
                    When the lightning flashed it was the Veil which was removed: the Revelation was that the Son had set down with God on His Throne; faithful unto Death by the Passion of the Cross. In the Tabernacle of God there is no Veil;  but here it is the Holy Mountain or Holy Place which is seen as the Gospel of Christ;  and the Holy City 12,000 by 12,000 or the Holy of Holies which is seen as the Revelation of Christ;  the Bride of Christ: the Lamb’s Wife.
And there is no Veil in this Tabernacle: thus saith the Holy Child:
” Here the Lamb is set down with God on His Throne. “
At the Cross of Aaron Presley: Salvation Rose at Graceland

At the Cross of Aaron Presley: Salvation Rose at Graceland

I am not in any doubt that Rev. Moon is going to suffer the fate of the Rich Man; unable to enter the Kingdom after his death because he was not supposed to die but to reach the Crown of Life while on earth to fulfill his portion of responsibility; but this seems unlikely to be reached since he and I will probably never meet; as I am now little more than a penniless beggar and he has sold himself to become a billionaire.
             My Father Jesus once spoke of this when he said it would be easier for a heavily laden camel to come through that narrow pass of the travelling merchants called “the eye of the Needle”, as the “danger spot”, where the bandits waited for heavily laden camels to rob them; thus my Father likened this “strait gate” as the place of difficulty, corresponding to the Judgement for a “rich man”, consumed by his own wealth; to enter at the point of his place in life after death; also known as “the Kingdom of Heaven”.  
         It is the Holy Mountain which is the new earth: and it is the Holy City which is the new heaven.  But getting there requires that mankind and my generation pay the indemnity DOUBLE;  the golden cup in the hand of the whore is the cosmic principle of indemnity; I suggest that you Rev. Moon study what the Lamb being given the Book of life from God as his final portion of responsibility really entails:  overcoming the two beasts  of the Axis and the false prophet at the restoration into Canaan on the Global level;  then overcoming the cosmic or universal son of Ham or Egypt which is the scarlet beast of Canaan himself;  his mother is Babylon:  the Cosmic Jezebel;  just as Herodias stood as the global Jezebel to the global Elijah her enemy who she beheaded as John:  settling old scores.

To gather the 144,000 virgins to restore the 144,000 married couples of the Unification church it is those who die the double death of Christ: as a man and also as a virgin, who defeat the destroying mountain of the evil princess who dreams she is an invincible queen. But it is the 144,000 virgins she cannot absorb: the cup she poured for Christ to drink she now has filled to her double:  the name of the City of my God is Bethlehem Ephraim:  the House of Bread doubly fruitful.
               As was written in the book “Divine Principle” Mr. Moon said that with even only “one man” standing on the foundation of the tabernacle it was Joshua who represented his whole nation.  Thus the greatest in the kingdom of heaven believing on the Child in his Name is as Joshua believing on the Tabernacle;  and even though I be only one standing with my seed in my body I can stand as that Tabernacle and John as my servant to say this:  as John said:  
                               “Whoever is born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him;      
                                              and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God.”

I have redeemed My Generation; I now stand as the least in the Kingdom of heaven: but still greater than Sun Myung Moon; and thus the die is cast; yet even now there is New Hope; as Rev. Moon is still alive; and could come to me and repent of his Accusation of Mary and recant of what he wrote in his 3 Great Errors; as impossible as this seems yet still Nothing with God is impossible: even this.

It was Adam was to have kept his seed within him as the condition of indemnity to gain the crown of life by co-creating with God using the Principle of Creation which is the 7 lamps of fire burning;  the act of Love was to have been the revelation of the Holy Spirit from beginning to end; for the Holy Spirt is God in the aspect of the Lover; as when he moved upon the waters and created the Light;  those who have the seal of the Holy Spirit know the Sheperd because the Sheperd is the Holy Spirit as the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God;  starting with the Holy Spirit of Grace.

In coming to the closing I will not at this point reveal what John reveals in my book about the 7 trumpets of the Archangel or the Judgment of Heaven and Hell which concerns the 3 heavens above the earth which are the lower heavens under the firmament and the 3 hells below the earth which are the upper hells above Apollyon and the fallen holy city which is Sodom and Egypt celestially: Babylon the Great: whose wall is the barrier between heaven and earth;  Mystery: the veil of Isis;  the mother of harlots who sells what is holy for a price.
       At the global level it is the armies of Gog or Iraq and Iran or Magog that underlie the problem that in the year 2,000 half of the population of the Soviet Union was Moslem.  Because the 7 seals of the Book loose 7 decades starting from 1910 at the first seal and then going from 1917 which is when the 2nd beast laid the foundation of the false prophet Marx what began for Russia after 930 years of Christianity (which was the age at which Adam dies by the way) followed by 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity suffered until 1987 when the global wall between East and West  comes down.

Which is symbolically the old designation of the Euphrates as the division between east and west. It is here that John let’s us see that the 7 decades of the 7 seals of the Lamb’s Book each being a decade of ten years also demonstrate that it is Babylon who is that great city who takes over Russia that 70 years from 1917 to 1987.  Especially interesting is John’s exposition of the 3rd seal between 1930 to 1939; the 4th seal between 1940 to 1949 and then the 5th and 6th seals which cover the 50’s and the 60’s respectively. 
If anyone in the Unification has ears to hear or eyes to see they will know what I am relating to them from John out of my book is  the Truth; not hypothetically.  Before I discuss with Rev. Moon the fate of Shebna his alter ego I will share one more thing. The little book opened in the hand of the angel which John consumes in chapter 10 of the Revelation is the little book of Enoch;  which if one reads will give one the identity of the 7 stars in the right hand of the Angel of Christ;  the seven stars of Enoch; whom Jude quoted from in the letter of Jude immediately before the Revelation.

John surveying the Last Judgment stands in the position of Enoch surveying the coming Judgement of the Flood;  but while Enoch left after seeing Noah and the Ark of Salvation by walking with God on the Path of the Just and becoming translated as do all who follow the Lamb as Enoch did;  in John’s case it is he who comes in the position of Noah with the Ark of Salvation;  to enter the Church of the Living God is to enter the Tower of Salvation; but this requires one overcome in the 7 churches one by one. And he who stands at the Door of Fatima is John. 
The 3 children of Fatima seen at the first seal of the Book of life are for the signs and wonders which begin the third course course of restoration into Cannan on the Global level: whose victory is seen at the destruction of the first two beasts of Revelation by the one on the White Horse who is the Lamb who came forth to earth in 1916 at Fatimah as the bright and morning star:  the Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings;  remove not the Crucified Christ from the churches: remove the fig leaf with with you cover your own shame that covers his Glory;  and thus cover you own glory to your shame.

Jesus Christ died naked on that Cross of Christ which is the Key of David he carried on his shoulder to Golgotha long before he entered Jerusalem.  It is the Cross of Christ that represents the divine principle: the sceptre of the Grail;  but the Blood of Christ represents the divine essence: the Cup of the Grail.  And it is the Gospel of Christ that represents the divine value: the Stone of the Grail; and the Doctrine of Christ is the divine virtue: the Spear of the Grail. And it is the Judgement seat of Christ at the epicenter of the 4 Grail Hallows which is the divine “light” of the 4 Hallows of the Grail: the Sword of the Grail.
The Grail is Perfection

The Grail is Perfection

      In closing I realize that much of what I have written here will be simply unacceptable or even quite completely impossible to many of you in the Unification Church and even to you Rev. Sun Myung Moon.  In my behalf I can only write what John the Servant of all; the greatest in the kingdom of heaven bids me to do.  Lord Jesus in the prophecy regarding the Faithful and Wise servant, says that while all are eating and drinking the Son of Man arrives, to see who is watching for his arrival. 
This recalls what is said of Shebna at Isaiah 22:13 when Isaiah says of the present times when the antichrist or Osama bin Laden as the Lawless One or global terrorist is up and around there should be weeping and  mourning, for baldness and for girding with sackcloth as when Ninevah repented at the preaching of Jonah;  for the Sign of Jonah is the Sign of the Dove; for Jonah means “Dove”.
Thus the beginning of the third “day” or third 1,000 years since Christ’s death and Resurrection starts at 2001;  the dead body rises up;  for anyone who overcomes on the Path of the Just becomes a son of man because they walk in the Lamb’s footsteps: remember those who entered two by two into the Ark of Noah were the unclean, or those who come later in the position of the “goats”, as they with unwashed robes;  they who entered 7 by 7 as 3 or 4 females with 3 or 4 males, were the clean, or those who came later in the position of the “sheep”, as with washed robes. 
          Thus it is written for you Rev. Moon at Isaiah 22:13:
                                     “But instead, joy and gladness,
                                         Slaying oxen and killing sheep
                                             Eating meat and drinking wine:
                                                          “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!”
             Because Rev. Moon has not eaten of the Tree of life and become immortal many in the Unification Church have become bitter;  and do not understand that while they have paid tons of indemnity their children are still being born with original sin.  They wine they drank at the marriage ceremonies is symbolic at best; at worst it is the wine of wrath;  for this all to be restored requires you Rev. Moon and they of the Unification Church who read this letter to take it seriously: because I didn’t write this letter;  John did.  If no one is watching at the Day having arrived and the Hour which is John’s then in my book John enjoins thiese passages in explaining the fate of Sun Myung Moon, to wit:
                        Isaiah 22:15:
                                    “Thus says the Lord God of Hosts”
                                                        “Go, proceed to this Steward,
                                                              To Shebna, who is over the House, and say:
                                                                           ‘What have you here, and whom have you here,
                                                                              That you have hewn a sepulcher here,
                                                                                As he who hews himself a sepulcher on high,
                                                                                           —— Who carves  a tomb or himself in a rock?’
              Lord Jesus once said to him that hath would be given; and that to he who hath not, even that which he seemth to have would be taken from him and given to he who hath. But hath what?  An ear to hear;  for he who has an ear hears the voice of the sheperd; the voice of the Holy Spirit.  The Good Sheperd is thus the Son in the Holy Spirit; the Lamb with the Dove on his shoulder did those miracles with Michael;  the finger of God.
That Rev. Moon be cut asunder or divided means that he would be removed from his position over the household as lord of restoration at the 6th or  global level of the Providence as a Joseph ruling over my people Egypt or they in captivity in the global level as poor or in bondage;  the poor being the non-industrialized nations of the southern hemisphere and the bond being the communistic nations of the eastern hemisphere.  But at the 7th level of restoration into Canaan on the universal  or cosmic level of heaven and earth we find that to leave the Egypt of mortality and eat of the tree of life one must overcome at the first church: in fact; the only way to leave earth and ascend through the 7 heavens to the Throne of God and serve Him for eternity one must overcome on the Path of the Just which is the Ladder that stands for those who leave Egypt or this earth and reach heaven or the Kingdom wherein immortality and incorruption are won.

The barrier between Heaven and Earth is thus the cosmic wall of Mystery between the earth at the horizontal level and the heavens which stand as the vertical; who reaches the Tree of life will find themselves at the position of David; at the center of God’s affection or Heart; for it is God’s Heart which is the Paradise of God. To remove the 7 veils of the Whore and her Mystery which stands to hide the mother of harlots in the act with her son;  the Whore with the scarlet beast one must pour out the 7 vials of Vengance;  and who follows the Lamb overcomes Death and Hell just as he did.
Thus says the Lord to he who has no further interest in the return of his Lord;
                                                                                Isaiah 22: 17, to wit;
                                                      “Indeed, the Lord Jehovah will throw you away violently,
                                                                                      O Mighty Man”
               This refers to Sun Myung Moon going to the medium and warlock Arthur Ford, just as Saul went to the witch of Endor to enquire from Samuel; this is what we see in going to the Warlock; and his familiar spirit; the Djinn; “Fletcher”; but worse than this travesty of going to a sorceror is the fact that Saul died in the position of a fallen Christ by claiming he would go out as the Sacrifice of God; and Samuel said he would surely die.
And David was given all that Saul had had. 
The replacement of Shebna by Eliakim has this echo of Saul being replaced by David  as “one better”. .
Isaiah then says, to wit:  
                                                  (( Isaiah 22  ))
                “And will surely seize you.
                    He will surely turn violently and toss you like a ball into a large country;
                         There you shall die;
                                  And there the chariots of your glory
                                            Shall be the shame of your master’s house.
                    So I will drive you out of your office,
                             And from your position he will pull you down.
                     “Then it shall be in that day
                              That I will call My servant
                                      Eliakim the son of Hilkiah;
                                                I will clothe him with your robe
                                                       And strengthen him with your belt;
                                                                   I will commit your responsibility into his hand.
                                He shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem
                                        And to the House of Judah.
                                                The key of the House of David will I
                                                              lay on his shoulder;
                                    So he shall open,
                                                 And no one shall shut;
                                     And he shall shut;
                                                  And no one shall open.
                                I will fasten him as a peg in a secure place,
                                                 And he will become a throne of glory to his father’s house”.
                       If this sounds familiar one should remember my Father Lord Jesus when he said the Son of man would return in his own glory and the glory of his Father and the glory of the holy angels;  and then he would sit on the “throne of his glory”.  This throne recalls Eliakim;  having the Key of David or the Cross of Christ lets us see that the Christbearer carries the Cross upon which was his Lord; but now that position is the White Throne of Justice;  for she is his Reward: the fairest of them all: the Emerald as the Power behind His Throne:  Justice is the Duty God reserves as His Vengance in His Mercy. 
                        Even as one virgin I can stand in Joshua’s position by exalting and believing on the Holy Child who comes in his Name as in the place of the tabernacle of God; by standing in John’s position as his brother; even though he be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven and I but a thief Christ saved;  but I can stand for the entire 144.000 virgins or the entire generation because I know that the hippies and radicals of my day in San Francisco during the Advent of Love were but the returned Nazarenes and Zealots  of Jesus’s Day in Jerusalem during the Advent of the God who is Love as John the Apostle of Love said. 
God is Love; who abides in love abides in God.”
                  Where Haight became Love; even hate became love is at that river of fire where the Baptism of fire took place: at that street where Truth fell and Justice stood far off. The Children of the Resurrection do not marry nor are they given in marriage;  the Children of Israel are the Children of the Resurrection who are the Children of the Sixties;  even as Israel entered the Promised land and fell so did we enter and fall: our story is that of the Prodigal Son: but the Prodigal Son is Solomon:  my Generation return in the name of Ephraim; the northern kingdom who followed Solomon into the abyss;  it is they who come out of the Abyss when Solomon repents and comes back to God the Father;  as I did and must now lead my generation to do: that for the white race; the red race; the black race and the yellow race 36,000 of each color must take the Vow and become virgins unto the Lord: faithful unto Death.

It is they whose 144,000 souls are the collective Soul of the Bride; for there is little doubt that Eve represented Adam’s visable soul;  and the Song of Songs is about just this aspect of those who give themselves to the Lord as his Bride. The soul of the eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake thus keep their seed within them just as Adam was to have done and Lord Jesus did.
Thus are they written in his Book.  It is these who are not hurt of the second death;  the one you Sun Myung Moon denied rose in the flesh after harrowing hell for three days as is seen in the last three trumpets and the last three vials;  for the Word came to me when John showed me that the one on the White Horse in the Open Heavens in chapter 19 of the revelation has a name no man knows but he who receives it: the One on that Horse why never before a man sat is the Second Death.  It is he who destroys Death on the fourth horse and Hell;  the Second Death has another name as well:  it is called THE WORD OF GOD, which comprises every word of the Revelation of St. John the Divine:  they are One and the Same. 
The Word in the form of this letter is not Death: the Word in the form of this letter is the Second Death.
                If the Unification Church and you Rev. Moon do not hear my voice and just ignore this letter this is the remainder of the matter in regards to Eliakim being given Shebna’s position and the Key of David: to wit Isaiah 22:24;
                       ‘They will hang on him all the glory of his father’s house, the offspring and the posterity, all vessels of small quantity, from the cups to all the pitchers.
                       ‘ In that Day,’ says the Lord of Hosts ‘the peg that is fastened in the secure place will be removed and be cut down and fall, and the burden that was on it will be cut off; for the Lord has spoken.’ “
                      Reflect and consider, O Children of Israel!  The Seal of the Living God is not a myth; nor is the reward of those who believe the truth.
                        In the Name of the Holy Child Christ Jesus I end this letter;  please remember that it was this Child who Lord Jesus pulled out of the crowd in his Wrath when the disciples were fighting over their status when his body was not even cold yet. On the Cosmic level it is the Word which each one of us must face individually; even as Job did as the Witness of the Last Judgment of which he was one of the first to endure as we all must when our books are opened as his is at the End; as the Archetypal Saint; even as Enoch is the Archetypal Scribe,  Moses the Archetypal Prophet and Aaron the Archetypal Priest. At the center we have Melchizedek as the Archetypal  King
                        I pray that you Rev. Moon consider what is written in this letter; and those who also are awake in the Unification Church as well.
                        If any want to answer my questions about my contention that the Holy Spirit is not female nor is Lord Jesus married to the same as his Bride I earnestly ask that they read about the Seal of the Living  God and how Doves mate;  for the Dove that came down on Lord Jesus at the Jordan recognized it’s own: it was for this reason that the Voice of God said “This is my beloved Son: hear him!” when the Dove stayed on the Lamb.

                                           Bless you all in the name of Christ Jesus: 

              as Day Light itself

                                      In the service of my brother John


    in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ



And Bless thee all in the Name of my Father Jesus,

as the Seal of Christ Jesus;                  

    that the Name of Jesus Christ be glorified again…

for that is the glory which sent me….                                                                   





    1. The Creator of All Things

      The Grail is Perfection

      The Sufis; the real Unificationists

      and the Secret of the Teaching:

      The Design of Providence

      Crowned himself; as did Napoleon; but an adulterous marriage will not stand before the Son of Man who returns as “the Wrath of the Lamb” to the Unification ChurchCrowned himself; as did Napoleon; but an adulterous marriage will not stand before the Son of Man who returns as “the Wrath of the Lamb” to the Unification Church

      The 7 Levels of the Design of the

      Providence of Restoration

      The Plan of Salvation by God and His Elect: the Beginning of the Creation of God: the book “Adventures in Arabia” by William Seabrook and his meeting with the Sheikh of the Druse






      Global and

      Universal levels

      The New Unification Church and the Sufic foundation of the Global Unification: a look at the Providence from the book of Moon; to wit,

      “Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent must come to restore the whole of mankind to be children of God’s direct lineage. Consequently, he must be born on earth, in flesh, as Jesus was. By so doing he must restore through indemnity the course of Jesus, by walking it again.

      Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent must establish substantially, the foundation to receive the Messiah, according to the “providence for the start”, centering on the Word; and by engrafting the whole of mankind both spiritually and physically on this foundation, he must restore them to be children of God’s direct lineage, having removed the original sin.

      Jesus established the family-level foundation by setting up twelve apostles centering on the three main ones, and then broadened it to the tribe-level foundation by setting up the 70 disciples, in order to restore through indemnity the position of Jacob, who had been the central figure of the family-level foundation for the Messiah.

      In the same manner, the Lord of the Second Advent, must also restore the foundation to receive the Messiah substantially, starting from family level, and gradually broadening it to tribal level, racial level, national level, world level and then to the cosmic level. On that foundation, he must finally be able to establish the Kingdom of heaven on earth.”

      The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers
      The untold story of the Secret book of the Druse; the “Kitab el-Hikmet” and the the role of it’s revealing in the destiny of Korea, and their revealed gifts of God’s Blessings, in the book of Rev. Moon:

      A large portriat; of a “Larger-than-life” man of God; not to be judged by man; but by the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; my Father Jesus the Judge; “King of Judgment Day”A large portriat; of a “Larger-than-life” man of God; not to be judged by man; but by the Jury of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; with my Father Jesus the Judge; “King of Judgment Day”
      ….as recounted from the “Divine Principle”, as the 7 stolen thunders of the Sufis; and then seen in the 7 voices of

      Sun Myung Moon’s 7 sentences of failure about the 7 lords of the Restoration in the 7 levels of the Providence, which John the Divine heard but was told to “write not”; and then having Sealed the 7 thunders waited for the next messenger for the 7 Sealed Thunders to be revealed: 1960 years later —- by Rev. Moon.

      The Providence of Salvation

      On page of 206 of this book Seabrook has this passage; exemplifying the fact that Sun Myung Moon did not originate his interpretation of the 7 levels of the Providence; he was well anticipated by the Elect; as seen plainly here.

      This story was recounted to William by Sheik Faris of the Druse.

      ◊ _____________ ◊

      “You see”, he said “that we are pure unitarians.

      We have a story, not in our scriptures, that, after God created heaven and earth, men sinned.

      God began sending prophets to lead them back into the right path.

      He sent Noah, but only his own family followed him.

      He sent Abraham, and his own tribe followed him.

      He sent Moses, and all the tribes of Israel followed him.

      He sent Jesus, and the Gentiles followed him.

      He sent Mohamet and the entire world followed—-except the Druses.

      Then God sent the Angel Gabriel and spoke through him to the Druses, saying,

      “I have sent many true prophets, and all the world has accepted one or another, but you have followed none.”

      The Druses sent back word by the Angel Gabriel:

      “God is good enough for us.”

      This is proof enough that the concept of the enlargings of the Design of the Providence of God without a doubt followed a certain proscribed pattern and one that was was well known: to the Elect.

      The Sufis and the Design of Providence: the first Real Unificationists.

      But this was known to the Druse; and once again also to the Sufis; as Sayed Idries Shah makes mention of the same doctrine in what is called ” the system” and the technical terms taught in “the school”; as the analogy of the vine and the grapes.

      This can be found in his own book “The Sufis” on page 296,

      quoting from Lt. Colonel Wilberforce Clarke, a Sufi.


      The book is called the

      “….Awarif el-Maarif….”

      ( ….’Gifts of [ Deep } Knowledge’… )

      —-written in the 13th century,

      and studied by the members of all the orders;

      and certainly the 4 Major Orders.

      He writes about the parallel Sufic lore to that of the first Assemblies from the 1st and 4th Caliphs after Mohammed; which sees Sufism as a continuum, and as Clarke recorded, used the “wine” allegory to show the gradual development of the Teaching until it became a more or less public manifestation; before retreating back into the Tariks in the 17th century: until now. To wit; ( page 296 )

      “This is expressed thus:

      “…The seed of Sufism

      …..was sown in the time of Adam

      …..germinated in the time of Noah

      …..budded in the time of Abraham,

      …..began to develop in the tme of Moses

      …..reached maturity in the time of Jesus

      …..produced pure wine in the time of Mohammed….”

      This a rather clear indication the levels of the Providence were studied quite closely; long before Sun Myung Moon arrived and claimed “he alone” knew of the 7 levels of the Providence of Salvation.


      The Sufis; the first Unificationists, had already established the Foundation of Substance on the Prophet’s Foundation of Faith.


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