The Son of Rafael Cruz: the False Christ of the Tea Party, Ted Cruz; the KKKoch’s Curse on President Obama, the Anointed King of the Third Israel


The Dawn of Eternity: and the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb



The Victory of the Word of Substance in the Constitution written on Hemp



Dylan and Barack, touching base.....our Joshua" and our "David"

Dylan and Barack, touching base…..our Joshua” and our “David”

The taking of Egypt from Within in the Internal Providence of Salvation

As it stands now:

The War on the Poor and the Manifest Politics of Political Euthanasia:

A Story of the End of Representative Democracy:

and the Liquidation of the Middle Class:

Returning to the war now being politically fought over the most universal,

gross, economic inequality in place on earth: 


The economic  inequality put in place by the Oligarchic Koch Brother Dynasty…..


Rafael Cruz and his satanic son, Ted

Judas Priest Rafael Cruz, and the False Tea Party Christ Ted Cruz his Son

                         Judas Priest Rafael Cruz, and the False Tea Party Christ Ted Cruz his Son

Two agents of Fidel Castro, the witting one and the one unwitting



The above authenticated evidence proves that Ted Cruz was born Canadian in 1970 and remained a legal citizen of Canada until renouncing his Canadian citizenship in May of 2014.

Article I Section 3 Clause 3 “No person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.”

These official documents also prove that Ted Cruz was a legal citizen of Canada in 2012, when he sought and claimed a seat in the U.S. Senate as a legal US citizen.…/…


Talk to Action reported a few days later that Ted Cruz had actually been anointed as messiah (in Iowa, of course) on June 19, 2013

“by pastors who claim the Constitution is based on the Old Testament, appear to endorse biblical slavery, depict gay marriage as a socialist plot against the traditional family, and call for a Christian war on secular society,,”


One of those pastors was David Lane, whose conference in South Carolina Cruz will now attend, who, Talk to Action reminds us, is in turn is a creature of the American Family Association.

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that Lane wrote a column at World Net Daily calling for a “war to restore a Christian America” (it has since been removed).

At the anointing this prayer was offered over Cruz:

“….Father, we believe that, indeed, no weapon formed against him will prosper, and every tongue that rises up against him in judgment will be condemned – for this is the heritage of the servant of the Lord.

And his righteousness is of you, Lord. Fahter, you have said that, and we believe that today.

Father, we ask today that you would give him the tongue of the learned to speak that word. Father, we ask that your blessing would come upon our nation. Father, those like our senator, father, that they would receive these words….”

Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody calls Cruz’s political career “a thing of God” when he interviewed Rafael in America’s Galilee, Iowa, and what Rafael had to say in answer reveals to America why Cruz acts like he does:

Here is the Demonic “Blessing of Satan” from Rafael Cruz: 

“…Yes, but you know something, it is not something that started a couple of years ago. Let me just go back to when he was maybe four. When he was four I used to read Bible stories to him all the time. And I would declare and proclaim the word of God over him. And I would just say,

You know Ted, you have been gifted above any man that I know and God has destined you for greatness’.

And I started making declarations about the Word of God to him every day. When he was eight years old I was very active in an organization called the Religious Roundtable….”

Ian Reifowitz at Daily Kos writes that Ted Cruz always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and GQ’s Jason Zengerle wrote that Cruz “has come to the reluctant but unavoidable conclusion that he is simply more intelligent, more principled, more right—in both senses of the word—than pretty much everyone else in our nation’s capital.”

But it is more than that. Cruz didn’t get his arrogance simply by being a Harvard man.

In all likelihood, Cruz actually thinks he is the anointed messiah. The Religious Right leaders who are not simply using him to further their own agenda think he is the anointed messiah. The base sure acts like they think he is the messiah just as they once thought Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and others have been anointed messiahs


The historic turning of the battle to the Gate,

as the Pope takes up the Standard of Christ

for the Prophetic Cause of Social Justice…..



A New Pope stands up:

In October, Pope Francis called ideological Christianity “an illness” that needs to be more in line with the teachings of Jesus.

“In ideologies there is not Jesus: in his tenderness, his love, his meekness,” the pontiff declared during a daily Mass. “And ideologies are rigid, always. Of every sign: rigid. And when a Christian becomes a disciple of the ideology, he has lost the faith: he is no longer a disciple of Jesus, he is a disciple of this attitude of thought…

A Different “Final Solution”

We face today something unseen since the fall of the Third Reich: the rise of a right-wing reactionary corporate power whose goal is to rule us by economic deprivation and social conditioning by any and all advertising means. Doublespeak and KGB style disinformation to destroy a Presidency and sacrifice the American people are making Putin an unwilling ally of Barack more every day, since their stars are tied to each other: one an uncrowned monarch, as  absolute master of the Kremlin, the other an anointed king with no kingdom but having the heart that is our Camp David. It is Barack because of his social conscience, that is the Blessing of God coming to the American people. 
Even David Gurgen at CNN, on the night Barack was first elected, said that “…Martin Luther King was our Moses: and Barack:…..” He looked off and never finished the sentence…but they all did…

“…. Messiah…. ”  thought Chris Matthews,

…….and Barbara Walters

“….Leader of the Free World ….”

within himself

    George Stephanophalous   ……said…. 

 ‘  Our  unanointed king!!!  ‘

…..and Jesse Jackson cried

Promised Land

by Walter Trout


 The royal house of Israel without a crown!!  

That is the presidency itself…

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?
Truly and in truth: he is our anointed King; as my Father had me anoint him on January 21st, 2013;
gaining that crown of his dominion by combat: for winning the election twice; each time being a first, with high odds the first time, and then almost impossible odds against the money the second time: and we still won!
                                                                         So, Gurgen knew all this that first presidential victory night,
                                                                                         “…..this man is our David: our King…….”
That is why the right-wing has gone off the deep end.
That is why they have built their chrome-plated Messiah: a textbook narcissist with delusions, of grandeur; saying that the voices he hears in his satanic brain are of God. This religious sociopath is called Ted Cruz. And he is the evilly accomplished  fruit of his evil Castro supported  father, Rafael Cruz: and as my Father Jesus said:

“…….By their fruits will ye know them….”

As we all know, and know well:

My Generation bonded with the Black Christian Race as “The Manchild in the Promised Land”, as Claude Brown described it in his book, for even Taylor Branch openly refers to the Internal Exodus, admitting the historical reality self-evident as pattern again being seen of the Restoration of Canaan, written in the titles of the three  volumes in his trilogy on the Civil Rights Movement.

This is seen following the Foundation of the Civil War, where the North insisted the South become a non-slave holding society; and the blood being spilled by families on either side of the Civil War: as objects seperated upon the Altar of Abraham seen with Abraham Lincoln; as the Formation Stage of the Restoration; beginning to make the Constitution as the Conditional Object to remove the fallen nature at the National Level; by which it became an Article of Faith we fought for to prove that “All Men are created Equal” under the eyes of the Law.

Thus we see the progression from the United Kingdom, with the Magna Carta, to these United States; with the Constitution and Bill of Rights; to the United Nations, and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man.

We thus saw the Ideal of the Kingdom as it grew into a Universal Vehicle of Faith; as we saw in the Civil Rights Movement for those who died fighting for a Universal Equality between the races; that sacrifice and determination of those Freedom Riders and protesters that showed why the fact that the Universal Sentence that laid the Foundation of Faith was that “All Men are created Equal” should then be allowed to vote, and go to schools with other children who happened to be white.

We then finally the proof that was made manifest as these words in our Constitution as it then became the Living Epistle of American Faith; with Barack Hussein now made our President; for faith seen is no longer faith: but a Fact; thus the Fact of Barack Hussein Obama becoming President and leader of the Free World makes this universal sentence an Epistle: of the Truth of America’s Faith in God, a document of Truth acheived by a united effort, and the work and sacrifice that made it COME TRUE by the Will of the People, who are His People as being then manifestly “His Sheep”; as the fulfilling of that part of the American Dream itself. 

This Civil War is where the North as Ephraim reached the Formation Stage; in the position of God with Abraham Lincoln and John Brown in the position of Moses and Aaron; which made more sense when seeing what happened to US Grant, as being like Joshua; Grant was first general, then President, just as Joshua was first Captain of the Host, and then the Ruler and Leader of Israel in place of Moses, just as General Grant replaced the slain Lincoln.

This was the Growth Stage of the Restoration of the northern Kingdom of Ephraim; the lost Ten Tribes as being the kingdom of Israel. What we saw at the Civil Rights Movement was then the Growth Stage of the Restoration of the Kingdom, by the North insisting the South give Black Christians equal status and Equal Rights, and then the laying of the pieces on top of each other to bleed out; as happened with the North and it’s dead over the South in their dead; in the worlds bloodiest war, as the pigeon that is now Korea must be separated and then have the two halves laid on top of each other; and with the Southern over the Northern half; of course.


The father of the Koch Brother: and Co-founder of the John Birch Society

The father of the Koch Brothers: and Co-founder of the John Birch Society


 My internal mission of restoration in America…

( with my servant John and the divine celestial advent of Hyo Jin Moon, after my 40 days in the Wilderness)

Hyo Jin Moon, as the new angel of the New Covenant with my Father Jesus, and the New Unification Church, Rev. Moon in the position of the one who was sentenced to death,  as when King Saul claimed to be the Sacrifice of God: as then being a false Christ, after going to the Witch of Endor, to have her raise the shade of Samuel.

This parallel is then just the same as when Rev. Moon went to the Warlock Arthur Ford, to get a reading from the spirits of Darkness through “Fletcher”, Arthur Ford’s familiar spirit. The séance of Rev. Moon and Bo Hui Pak was called into account by Ford the sorcerer, written in his book “Unknown but Known”.

Ford was also visited by Rev. Bishop Pike, as he had questions he wanted to ask his son, after his son died in mysterious circumstances…..


With Hyo Jin Moon as my “Jonathan” [ {for whom John the Baptist was originally named} ]

and myself as being he who is  “…feeble: as David”

The breaking of “the Bruised Reed” of Egypt and the “quenching” of Sodom as the “smoking flax”,
            at the Internal Restoration into Canaan on the Universal Level,
     ….  the Internal Restoration of Salvation
at which the Internal Exodus began
as the city of Beth-El men called  “Woodstock” 
….in our 3 Day Separation of Light and Darkness;


    ……………….seen at the Destruction of that Great City that is
     ” Sodom and Egypt”;
where also my Father Lord Jesus
“was Crucified”
How Far we Have Come!


 Part IA Story of Two Families; the Korean North and the American South
   In looking at the rather remarkable events of the past few weeks as Barack Obama now sees the face of Satan (without the veil) as he witnesses the full visage of the demonic powers that rule the Republican Party and their mission to destroy America as a democratic nation under God ( they much prefer their god: Mammon )  I was called to the Pen this morning to provide my readers with some insight on why Rev. Moon has so far stubbornly refused to admit that Barack Obama now stands as the Messiah for the Black Christian Race at the National Level on the 430 year foundation of time- indemnity paid for from 1492  {with Columbus} to 1920 with Rev. Moon and Karol Wojytla ( who became Pope John Paul II ) ; or rather 1500 to 1929 when Dr. Martin Luther King was born:  with a loud “Bang”, and the very large “Crash” which happened that year.
If any of my Unification Church readers have any doubts about this I suggest that they take at look at the Second Trumpet of the 7 Trumpets of Judgment  in the Revelation of St. John the Divine which went off with the Second Trumpet in it’s 10 year blast from 1927 to the year 1937.


( shadowing the Second Seal on the Book of Life of the Lamb which is the Second Divine Name of “Divine Good”) 
 { as my readers are no doubt aware
it is the 7 Seals on the Book
which are the 7 Divine Names of Divine Knowledge


…..( the second seal which was loosed was from the Decade from 1920 to 1929 ):

At the first trumpet you will see a ‘mountain burning with fire’ dumped into the sea: that’s what accompanied our Black Moses at his birth:  his own ‘Mt.  Sinai’  for America’s 50 United States, to be “smitten and healed”  in the position of a “racist Egypt”;

( Mt. Sinai  was a Volcano that “went off”, by the way; that’s how the Tablets were engraved when they were written the first time: with  lava, and also the second time, as Moses had watched how God did it. Moses went and then “scratched” the rock, and then let the lava “etch” itself, with the help of Michael, the Angel of Jehovah …. )
For Dr. King at the Second Trumpet which illustrates the 10 years from 1927 to 1936, we have that Mountain of which he spoke as that one ‘burning with fire’ as our own Black Moses; that “Mountain” he went up to in his Dream; as our Moses at his own ‘Mt. Nebo’ ascended shortly, before he then died.
It is this mountain falling into the Sea of Time as that one which precipitated the Wall St. Crash that began the Great Depression.  And as I reveal this I hope that the reader understands I am copying down what I heard from the one holding the Open Book itself; but my friends are they who listen; as did Hagar when they named her child with the name Ishmael; which means “God hears”.
What does that mean? It is seen at the Second Seal: God and the Lamb are Omnipresent. Back with Hagar in the Desert then it meant “God is Omnipresent” because the Lamb had not yet been physically created; although the Incarnation always did exist, as within Man’s Divine Nature itself, his Potential there in his Humanity, which appears as solidly Universal, but has something hid deep within it that comes forth only with Patience; if one has the Zeal to wait one will end wearing the Crown of Victory.
That is the ‘Bow of the Covenant’ as the ‘Commandment’ my Father Lord Jesus was given; as what he would ‘do and say’  seen at the First Rider at the First Wind of heaven; the White Horse who is the East Wind as the Universal Soul; and his Crown as the one with his name as he who came in the Name of the Father which is the Chariot of Israel as Elisha called out, when he saw it…; as at the Acceptable Year of the 12 Months of the book opened at Luke 4:18 where it was once closed: the Lamb of God on the Throne of God and his 12 Apostles now not as 12 Hours of the Day or ‘Christ’ but as the 12 Months of the Year.


We must look to find the One who is the God of Love and Peace that the least of the apostle’s St. Paul spoke of; “the God of the Whole Earth shall he be called” and as the “hidden God” we see the Light; of the Son of Man.


This Light of Life as of hidden  “Day Light” or the Name “Christ Jesus”; but now the 12 Apostle’s stand as the 12 Months of the Year of our “Father Jesus”; at which His New Name veing revealed this world officially ends; or rather is suspended at this “Eviternity”; the dawn of Eternity itself that is the Coming of the Kingdom; and with this Kingdom and the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb, as the Jury for the Last Judgment comes it’s Judge; King of Judgment Day.
And the “sharp sword” in the Mouth of the Second Death is “Christ’s Revelation” itself; the Will of the Father as he who was “Slain from the Foundation of the World” and thus was given that Sharp Sword; sharper than any twoedged sword as the very Tongue of God itself: or any Principle; as above them being “Single-Edged” or the Word of the Living God on that Tongue of God; the Lion faced one who is Omnipotent as the Nature of Divine Love is then that Divine Tongue in the Mouth of God, which is Omnipresent as the Calf faced one; which represents the Nature of Divine Good.


But it is the Lamb who represents the Word which is spoke by that Mouth ( as the Calf faced living creature represents the Omnipresence of God ) and sent forth from that Tongue ( as the Lion being that creature which represents the Omnipotence of God ) in that Mouth;
the Innermost of the Four Living Creatures is then the Fifth who represents the Word of the Living God.


Part II: The Coming of the King and the Missed Salvation of Rev. Moon

This comes only with his national and public Recognition of Barack Obama as the Messiah of the Black Christian Race and White Christian Race as well at the National level for the Black Race; but now also the Global level for the White Race; it’s unavoidable, as he now controls a large part of the earth through his Administration of it.
Barack ( which means Blessing): as with the Envoy of Moses’, Mohammed’s admonition to Rev. Moon from the Assembly, around the Table

              Which of the LORD’S Blessing would YOU DENY???”


Rev. Moon has; by not coming into the “House” of this Victory and so stands “outside” the Providence he helped to engineer; simply by refusing to admit that as the Third Israel it was the Black Race which “took” Egypt from within on the 430 years condition of Indemnity: and the Civil Rights Movement as the Foundation of Substance on that of the Civil War as our Foundation of Faith as we who belived in the Humanity of every race: and expecially that for which John Brown as the Prophet of Abraham Lincoln : which means we paid Double Indemnity to free the Black Christian Race as the Third Israel from the South in the position of Egypt
As freeing the Third Israel the North in the position of God redeemed itself; standing in the Position of Ephraim or the “Northern Kingdom” by freeing the Slaves of the South at a huge cost in blood: and a lot of it was Irish blood. 
Incidentally it was then Jefferson Davis who was then as our ” Pharaoh”; and Abraham and John Brown as our Moses and Aaron; with Ulysses S. Grant and Sherman as our Captain and his right hand man; in the position of Joshua and Caleb against Amalek.
Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia: the former headquarters of the KKK, and the Sacred Shrine of the Daughters of the Confederacy

Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia: the former headquarters of the KKK, and the Sacred Shrine of the Daughters of the Confederacy


But let us not forget that Abraham the Patriarch of Israel  freed all his slaves shortly before he died;
as did our Abraham the President of America….and Washington
And then we have Barack after his 21 Months of time-indemnity in his 21 month perfect Campaign; seen by all of us who followed him and voted for him in his Presidential Campaign: and then he won fair and square, so coming to Washington DC  for him meant My Generation taking the Capital City of Canaan which was Salem and erecting the Temple and installing our Leader all at once.
Thus the Third Israel had won; taking Egypt from within: but Rev. Moon never admitted this:
even to himself: even now; which is why he is in the grave of death, as an eternal prison: a prison of his own pride and ignorance.
This was the Foundation of Substance when Abraham freed the Slaves until Barack became President: and a long time Coming which was the Victory at Taking of Egypt at the Internal Restoration: at the Providence of Salvation itself at the National Level being the Cosmic Foundation of Faith for all to see.
Going further we can now see that in the End we have the Cosmic Foundation as the Holy Mountain and Cosmic Bride as the Holy City itself revealed together; shown by and now in the revealing of “The Gospel and Revelation of Jesus Christ”; this unfolding now with the Gospel of Jesus Christ ( the First ) revealed as the Holy Mountain; and the Sharp Sword of Christ Jesus  ( the Last )  revealing by the Revelation of Jesus Christ {from the Opened Book of Life of the Lamb}  his Revelation stands itself as the Holy City.
Which is when the Women of Islam take off their veils: and burn them; to meet the Bridegroom; as Fatima meets her Husband who has now Avenged her on the death of her Child with Ali; the Messiah rights every wrong; even taking his slain brother’s Wife as His Own to raise up Seed to: as it is Written one’s Brother should do.
 Thus is Ali avenged by Allah by the Messiah; the Sun of Fatimah being her Savior;
and the 3 Children of Mary of Fatima given her were Francisco; Jacinta and Lucia;
the 3 Heights of the New Door of the New Ark of Noah,
the Secret Imam of the Shia; the Three Children as that One Child reveal the Mahdi;
the Deliverer of the Faithful seen in the Multicolored Sun  Whirling 3 Times  in the Sky of Fatima the Dyer;
the Seal of Khidr Rumi and the Work of the Whirling Dervishes of the Sun of Tabriz.

The Zulfiqar: the Sword of Ali that Killed Osama bin Laden; the Masih ad-Dajjal

The Story of Ali when they took the Zulfiqar from him
Thus it is Ali who is raised at the Resurrection of the Just:  as that other Lamb  slain from the Foundation of the Islamic World; when the false Muslims despoiled Fatima and himself of the fertile garden of the Herat given to them by Mohammed by force, and when they took the Zulfiqar from Ali, that Mohammed had given him, they “killed” Ali spiritually: because they ‘unmanned’ him.
Unknown in the West, this fact is the founding of the Shia and their Cause, as of the story of the Widow by the Lamb, and that was the worst Injustice of them all: that’s what earned them the Curse of Allah; who is the Most High: as What is Written itself in the Light is Allah Himself: as that Chain of Scripture itself that Cannot be Broken.
The Lamb said..
“…For the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and men of violence take it by force….”
What Moses raised in the Wilderness represented the Most High; and those who know that will know me: who was sent that they would be brought to the Revealing of the 7 Overcomings, long hidden in the 7 churches, which uncovered are now to be seen: as the 7 Last Overcomings on the Path of the Just.
As it is written,

                   Proverbs 4:18

        “…….For the Path of the Just is as a Growing Light:
Shining More and More unto a Perfect Day….”

The Magi for My Generation are the Sufis

And that Day is Today; in which Reverend Moon looks for the appearance of the Messiah no more; which of course is when he arrives; Rev. Moon having failed the Test of the Last Day; and Rev. Moon is certainly not aware of the December 25th Date of the Last Judgment as that of the Test at the Last Hour ( “and who can stand?”  ); following the Last 3 Day Seperation of the Cosmic Light from the Cosmic  Darkness from the 21st seen on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December as the Great Purification spoken of by the prophets of the Hopi; right before Christmas Day; 2012; the beginning of the Last Judgment Itself.
At that point on Christmas Eve 2012, I was brought by the Spirit to the Washington Monument; and was then prepared to meet one man who symbolized, embodied and now established the 555 feet of the Washington Monument itself, my Father’s servant John, now incarnating in the flesh: Glenn David Emery. In the Cosmic sense he represents Abraham, with Stone Mountain for Hebron, and I represent his nephew Lot, with New Hope for Zoar
On December 25th I was brought to the Washington Monument in the Spirit;
and shown the End of the Kingdom of darkness at the Hand of His Servant
and of the End of the Dominion of Satan….
Thus began Eviternity,
… the day in which the Son of Man is Revealed:
the Last Day
The Heart of the Confederacy: a Stone Mountain of Hatred: or a Monument to Heal our Nation??

The Heart of the Confederacy: a Stone Mountain of Hatred: or a Monument to Heal our Nation??

Equal unto the angels is how I discovered this: this I was given from my Father Jesus.

Who hath an Ear; to hear:

let him hear.

And as the Path of the Just I can say this: no one comes rightfully to my Father Jeus but by me; the New Door; the One with the 7 Steps in the Entrance; in the 7 Trances of the Golden Gate.
Even the fact that Rev. Moon never used his own date of 1517 when Martin Luther tacked up his 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg as the start of the 430 years before the coming of the Messiah makes you wonder why he did not just add 430 to 1517 and get 1947; when Dr. King was 18 and Israel became a Nation in the boats it was packed in off the coast of Palestine: Rev. Moon just ignored his own figures; even to add 400 to 1517 would have given both the dte 1917 of Fatima in Portugal and 1917 when the Bolsheviks took Moscow: showing the Foundation of Light on our side and the Foundation of Darkness on their side: but he muffed it; missed it completely.
Oh well; that’s why my Father Jesus sent His servant John to me at my grandmother’s house that fateful day when I took my Vow and began my 21 year course as Jacob in Haran which began in earnest with working for the ” Haran ” Clan at Mother’s Restaurant in New Hope and; this all began after  the angel  led me out of the fallen holy city of St. Francis ( which the men of Sodom had overun by that time ) to New Hope; under the auspices of my friend Michael Flynn; just as Lot was led out of Sodom by Gabriel under the wings of Michael the archangel.
But thus as it was written:

                    “And as it was in the days of Lot; when he was led out of Sodom;

                              so shall it be in the days of the Coming of the Son of Man.”


But let us look at the story of two families; that of Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il in North Korea; and that of George Bush Sr. and his son George Bush here in America: and the one man who stands as the link between them: Reverend Sun Myung Moon.
People are not aware of how Satan’s own “Royal Family” in North Korea of Kim Il Sung and then Kim Jong Il represents the Incarnation of Satan at the Perfection Stage; just as Rev. Moon and his family would have reached the Incarnation of Christ at the Perfection Stage if he had listened to me when I brought him news from my Father Jesus by the hand of my Father’s servant John and the 144 page Message I gave to Jonathan Gullery at HSA-UWC about this and a few other things in New York; but it mattereth not; not now anyway.
Rev. Moon anointed Neil Bush as a “prince” of the Unification Church in a ceremony that few witnessed and even fewer understood; but by that time Rev. Moon had decided to still hide the fact of the Black Christian Race here in America and those who marched with our Black Moses out of Racist Egypt which was the Shadow of America as being the Third Israel.
It was clearly the Third after that of the Jews with Moses,  and then Islam with Mohammed the Envoy of Moses; so what Rev. Moon decided to do was make the Bush family his own providential “start” of the Korean Branch of the Third Israel as “homegrown” here in America and then graft himself and his own family’s Home Church onto it: but it didn’t work, because by then I was on the scene: in the position of the Son of Man in New Hope, which is the foundation he had unknowingly laid for me, when I received the Word after my 21 years course here in New Hope from 4-18-1987 until my death in Christ in 2008 when Comer Holmes then “exploded”.
The "Death in Christ"; October 24th; 2007: Comet Holmes expands one Million Times; the Mustard seed; becomes a full grown mustard tree: in One Day. This is the Blue Star of the Hopi: this is the Morning Star I was given by my Father Jesus.

The “Death in Christ”; October 24th; 2007: Comet Holmes expands one Million Times; the Mustard seed; becomes a full grown mustard tree: in One Day. This is the Blue Star of the Hopi: this is the Morning Star I was given by my Father Jesus.

It became 1,000,000 times larger; becoming larger than the Sun;
the Mustard Seed itself now become the “largest of all herbs”.


Thus it was when I “received it”; and it was the Word of God in the Act of God which is the Act of Love; and the 7 Lamps of Fire Burning before the Throne are the Principle of Creation itself.
This had culminated for me beginning way back when I was on Skid Row on Mission St. in the City of St. Francis; but after I called on the Name to Save me ( 4-18 1986) the Angel then soon manifested who lifted me up; and then took me to New Hope Pennsylvania as I left the City of St. Francis in 1986; to 2007 when I died in Christ: which was set up on the 210 year foundation which began with the ride of Paul Revere from 4-18-1776 ( well it was 1775; but why quibble? ) to 1987 when I arrived.
After the 210 Years here in America on the 12 original colonial states and my 21 Years in New Hope we then had the 21 Month course of Barack Obama when he did his Great Campaign and who then Won the Presidency: and then I did my 21 Days in Canada and received the Royal Crown in the middle of my 40 Days of Temptation which culminated with the appearence of Hyo Jin Moon in the position of the “ministering angel of the Covenant” as when the angels minstered to Jesus after his 40 Days Temptation in the Wilderness.
It was then that Hyo Jin Moon and I wrote a song called “So Unbelievable” in about: 21 Minutes? I then contacted the Unification Church and a young Pastor called Kyle Toffey to which I sent some of the lyrics to later; but that went nowhere; as by that time the Unification Church thought they could make Hyung Jin Moon the replacement for Preston Moon; thus Hyo Jin now stands in the position between me and his father Rev. Moon as did Jonathan for David to King Saul; and Rev. Moon reached King Saul’s position for going to the Warlock Arthur Ford and his familiar spirit Fletcher to receive their demonic “shade of testimony” as did King Saul when he went to the Witch of Endor and her  familiar spirit to raise the unholy “shade of Samuel”; for which he was cut off.
Rev. Moon was perhaps unaware that for America “Uncle Sam” represents Samuel,
as “The Name of God”,
as that Name in which America was founded
It is deeply tragic to have to say; but Rev. Moon missed a lot of things in his decision to steal the Blessing of the Third Israel from the Second Israel which he thought was America: but it was Islam who was the Nation to which was given the Blessing to “bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom”; the 144,000 starting with me; as by the Suif who were the Original Unificationists the Sufis that unfortunately Rev. Moon never paid the slightest heed to: unaware of the fact that the Sufis stand to me and My Generation as the Magi did to Jesus and His Generation; given to him by His Father’s Hand: from whom no one and nothing could ever take them.
But let us explore this further in the parts ahead; a clean breast to made for Rev. Moon; so that one of his henchmen can bring him back word of this: and he might at last gather his wits: and come to see that one Witt Diamant Christopher he should know now is the Last Sign he will ever see: like the Sign of John was that flash he had as the sword-blade came down and he was cut “asunder” as the fate of the fallen “faithful and wise steward when he becomes “faithless” at least in appearance: Epicurean; like Shebna was when they all thought they were going to die: and feasted and drank: believing themselves martyrs and savior’s of Israel: when all they were plunderers; thieves and robbers like the gods in whose positions they stood in Judgment; as do all the gods.
Let us first shed some light on what brought me at Last to the Word: and how; peculaiarly it was Rev. Moon himself who nrought me to that Realization: although surely not in the way he intended!!!
As the Sufis taught me in the story of the Saki and the Nightingale of Sahil; one coming and singing the “tune” off key might “jar” the other one “back” into possession of the entire story: because hearing it “close” but a little off might indeed “reawaken” something buried and forgotten: in a flash: that is really what the Story the Sufis tell is always about: the flash of enlightenment in each of their sayings and stories as the whole panacea of Virtue itself, the Robe of the Dervish is how each man himself becomes a thread in the Design of Providence, etched by the Pattern of Fate, written by the Order of Destiny, and thus placed finally in that location in the Estate of Eternity that all will finally ened up spending in it.
the Lake of Fire;
or the Sun of Righteousness.
It’s one or the Other : my friends.
The Sacred Chapel of the Three Holy Ones at Hrushiv, 1987 for the Three Children of Fatima 1917

The Sacred Chapel of the Three Holy Ones at Hrushiv, 1987 for the Three Children of Fatima 1917

Part III: The Four Avatars and the coming of the Magi;

               the Four Cherubim and the Coming of the Sufis

In an astonishing way it was what Rev. Moon finally brought to light that showed me he had indeed reached the position of Maitreya: right up to the point he got married; again, in 1960.
But he wasn’t a virgin; even if the Korean bride who really should have been Sheba; the queen of the South; a Black Christian Queen from our Deep South: who really should have been his bride when he mixed the soil of his nation with all 50 United States: which began without his knowing the Final Pentecost: the Harvest of the Last Judgment: when it all gets sorted out: and Quick; because then everyone is standing before God: and all activity ceases: that it becomes evident who is doing what: a very tough thing to discern when everyone is using the same Energy to do a lot of very different things: morally; the Terrain of Actuality; for what you do in your heart is where the “actuality” lives: where you made it a home in your heart.
 But at the end people will not be able to live with some of the things they gave a home to in their hearts: and they all leave in the Name of Christ Jesus; but then you have to face why you accepted those incorrect things in the first place.
The Four Avatars that Sun Myung Moon did not have these: but he did get three of them; and that’s pretty good.  About 430 years before the arrival of John and Jesus we got the 4 Avatars or Universal Men who were sent out when Ezekiel the Son of Man saw them first at the Chariot of Israel which is the Name of the Father.

The 4 Cherubim of the Son of Man: the Original Sending of Ezekiel

Each One had four faces representing their 4 square or “Universal Nature”; first the Volitional Nature; as the Lion’s Face; the Emotional Nature; as the Calf’s Face; the Rational Nature; as the Man’s Face; and the Inspirational Nature as the Eagle; the wing for the Lion was the Wing of Desire; for the Calf it was the Wing of Feeling; for the Man it was the Wing of Thought; and for the Eagle it was the Wing of Memory.
Of course these were Socrates, at theNorth; Confucious, at the East; and Buddha, at the South.
Rev. Moon Moon missed the Fourth One: it was Quetzacoatl: at the West. Tlaos; as the Angel of Quetzacoatl we have Tlaos as “the god who suffers”; but this is Atlas: Atlaos: Tlaos: and Atlas is Job; as the gods well knew when they had Hermes as Thoth “cover him” with their myth so that he would never be found: but everything becomes uncovered at the End; my friends.
and the Seal of the Living God
The Avatar of Israel wa Elijah; the one who didn’t die; but ascended; thus John was to begin the Resurrection with Elijah: the only place it could have started; but John denied he was Eljah the Seal; just as Rev. Moon has denied he is John the Baptist.
That I stand in the position of the Lamb as the Least for having identified him is what was written of me; as my Father said: “but he who is least in the Kingdom is greater than he ( John the Baptist)”; thus as it is today; and this was foreseen even as it was before; for did not my Father Jesus say
                                                   “Even as you have it to one of the least of these: ye did it unto me“;
………………… thus identifying his very divinity with the least of all humanity????.

I aver he did.

And remember : Thoth is Enoch: the Son of Cain; and Cain is Osiris; and Isis is Eve; the (fallen) mother  of all living ( in the Valley of the Shadow of Death ), and mother and lover of Cain; as the fallen Creatrix herelf; recall; there is no record of Eve dying in the Bible; she enters history again as Ceres enters the story of the gods; when Pan arose; and made her laugh with dirty jokes; or so the story goes.
As Ceres it was Eve who taught men how to grow and plant; for she was Nature Embodied: but not Incarnate; which looks the same: but isn’t; for but one is Temporary; the other is Permanent. Hell is Regret; at the End it is Eve who sees she sold herself for naught; she could have had it all: if she had but waited: for it was hers from the beginning: and that’s what burns her up: inside; which is; after all; the “real location”; the place we “carry things with us” is inside: it’s always there.
At any rate when the Magi came to Jerusalem each represented one of the Avatars: Herod stood as the 4th Avatar: for Quetzacoatl; but as Lord Jesus said of Quetzacoatl this description to the Apostles; to wit;
                  “Be ye therefore Wise as Serpents: and Innocent as Doves”
Part V: The Feathered Serpent, and Herod the Great
This “feathered serpent” who Lord Jesus identified was Quetzacoatl; but Herod was far from harmless; in fact he began an infanticied as when Pharaoh had all the first born of Israel in Egypt drowned in the Nile.
John was in born before the Magi arrived: so the one in the position of the quintessential one as the Avatar of Israel was already present in the house of Zacharias with Elisabeth; he who as “the messenger of Jehovah of hosts” represented the Horn of Salvation of the returned Ephraim: the Unicorn itself whose horns were Mannasses and Ephraim: the Rhinocerous having a little horn ( the 1,000 of Mannasses ) and then a very large horn ( and the 10,000’s of Ephraim ).

This was what was to “make straight the Way of the Lord”;

and as anyone who has ever seen a charge from a Rhino knows:

they go straight at the obstacle in their Path: and remove it.

"...then look up; for your Redemption draweth nigh..."

“…then look up; for your Redemption draweth nigh…”

“…Make Straight the way of the Lord…….”             the REAL “UNICORN” John was supposed to be…to remove all obstacles….

That is what John was SUPPOSED to have done for Jesus.
The Son of Joseph was then he representing the lost Kingdom:  and then to gather it’s flock; “the lost sheep of the House of Israel”;  which had to be restored, of course, and first. But John and his disciples did not follow Jesus: they went their seperate way: and fell into the ditch.
Herod the Great was thus in the position of the 4th
of the three avatars the Magi represented;
but he was evil;
so they were warned of him
after it was too late to save the children
in the Slaughter of the Innocents.
“Wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove “
this is how Lord Jesus had referred to the “feathered serpent” itself; but Herod was far from harmless; which is why Lord Jesus said this: Herod murdered 22,000 children with what the Magi told him; thus in my generation we had a huge amount of children killed from what came from the Hindu side of the Euphrates; charlatans; fakirs, magicians and sorcerors and what have you: that was the Sufis “distaff” side they always warned everyone against; as Meher Baba also did to his pupil at the time: Peter Townsend. 
The reigning king of our day was Lucifer; but his fall and my rise are not a coincidence; it’s that my worship of him ended as soon as Solomon was found and gradually reawakened as to his true identity; but slowly; so the shock wouldn’t kill him: or send him over the Edge; which of course U2 like the “Cather in the Rye” group of all time did so well: brought us all back to what Rock really was: and what it Meant; and I did that on purpose; like I always do. 
Herod was not “harmless” thus he is called “the Fox” but this referred to both him and his son; married to his stepmother: Herodias: but this was just Eve and Cain; Osiris and Isis; Ahab and Jezebel: Elijah’s old enemies: this is why Lord Jesus aid John was Elijah: by John going up against Herod and Herodias as the two in the position of the “parental figures” of Israel; Jesus saw that it was Jezebel and Ahab that Elijah was really fighting: in their new forms but in the same positions spiritually: but John did not see this untile the sword was coming down; the only difference between Baptist John and Rev. Moon is that Rev. Moon could still be pulled away from the Swrod if he contacted me; John never had that chance; but this is the End: Eviternity itself; so until December 25th 2012 or Rev. Moon dies: we still have time left to save him.
Why am I starting to reveal all this now? Because it is Time being divided itself at the End; but something like that comes with The Trumpet Blast: for the Whole Earth; not just one or two nations. The Time is indeed at Hand. What do they think holds this Pen? Not mine; my Friends; not mine.
At the point where I realized that Quetzalcoatl was the 4th Avatar it was then far after the 1973 publication of the book of Moon called “Divine Principle”; but as at first the Angel of John and then John himself ( at the Table with the entire 12 Assembled at the Assembly of the Just at this the Resurrection of the Just ) told me it was David who really stood as Christ at the Formation Stage with the Key of David; then Jesus as Christ in the Growth Stage with the Key of David now made Concrete in the Cross of Christ; and then at the Third or Perfection Stage of Christ; what was seen as “Jesus Christ” at the Growth stage being a title of the Son of Man; meaning “Jesus the Christ”; at the End we have Christ Jesus; but that is his Name: it means “Day Light”; the Light of Life revealed for the Faithful at the End; and the Key of David we saw as the Cross of Christ now becomes Operational as the Principle of Divinity: the “Divine Principle” or “Iron Rod” itself.
But my grasp of it is better than Rev. Moon’s; and my hold on it is greater; as he was told; “let the younger be the greater”;  but in truth he began to let the Divine Principle of the Cross go long ago when he began to “beat the menservants and the maidservants” after he became tired at all the endless “proplongations” of the Will; as it was written; “and as the Bridegroom “tarried”……; which is why Moon went to live in Tarrytown in the first place. 

But now he died, having fallen where our Golden Calf called Elvis also fell; living in Las Vegas.

Our Very own Sodom AND Gommorrah: with Egypt thrown in at it’s Casino or Temple; and there he plans to die: with the Idols in the Courtyard of a Culture gone terribly terribly wrong. But here comes the Praised One: the Son of Mary: with the Daughter of Islam: Fatima of the Submission; as the Bride; to be the Lamb’s Wife: Islam must Submit to the Messiah as the bridegroom at the End: when the Veil Falls: and the Mystery of Mecca is no more that hid The Mystery of God; the Veil of Isis itself; which veiled the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies: this Day it falls: for “Revelation” properly means “the removal of the Veil”; as at Golgotha when the Lamb died; the Veil was ripped down Top to Bottom; even as I reveal in my book that the Book of Life begins at the 7th Seal: and then works it’s way down: starting at the Top at the Seventh Heaven.
This reversed the loosing of the Seals; of course; it reversed Everything.
 And it is this which must now begin to be revealed; line by line; page by page: for the Time is at Hand.


Part VI: Reverend Moon and Maitreya
At this, the Last Day: which began when I picked up the Pen this morning: but not my Hand picked up that Pen: not mine; my friends. More to say that it picked me up: and carried me in the Spirit to where I write this: after the End; no longer even in this world: much less of it. But let us take a look how Rev. Moon lived through the death camp: but then left the position of the Virgin and lost his light.
The Avatar of Israel was Elijah; the one who didn’t die; but ascended. Rev. Moon to the children of the 60’s really stood in the position of the archangel; but he married; and left the position of the returned Maitreya.
Many believe Moon is Maitreya; and when his body was full of light he was; but he lost this light when he married in 1960; because he was no longer a Virgin even after he had redeemed himself at his first marriage as Prince Shakamuni did when he left his first wife and child and began his journey on the Path as he followed the Way.
He left Maya as Illusion just as Israel left Egypt as the Kingdom of Darkness; thus he stood in the very position of Israel itself at the Racial level of the 4 Avatars or Shepherds of the 4 Sheepfolds.
This was the present God gave mankind of the “level playing field” for the Providence to advance from the National to the Global level as of the Whole Earth; and from there to the Universal level of the Whole Heaven and the Whole Earth; the Kingdom of God itself.

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