The Unification Church and the Fruit of Bearing False Witness: A Lesson in Lying From the Lake of Fire: “The Wrath of the Lamb”


 “…Nothing is more Arcane than the Truth:

but nothing can be made as Plain as English:

the most colorful of written languages, and most descriptive of all the tongues….”

Salvation Rose

The Priest and the Levite: and the Good Samaritan

The Priest and the Levite: and the Good Samaritan


The Way,

The Truth:

and the Resurrection and the Life,

on the Path of the Just 


 It is now the moment when the four position foundation with the Order of Destiny at the Realm of the First or Central Position ,
the Estate of Eternity in the Realm of the Second or Reciprocal Position,
the Pattern of Fate in the Third or Neutral Position
and the Design of Providence in the Fourth or Integral Position,
are seen to revolve
 around the Epicentral Position of the Throne
in the Realm of God’s own personal responsibility or Dharma: 

 The Duty of Justice

The Bride, the Lamb's Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah


The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)




The Cutting Asunder of Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon;


A Visit from the Sword of the Spirit:


the Restoration of All Things


         “…and a little child shall lead them…”

In the first analysis of the factors that led to the demise and fall of the Unification Church there are some unenlightened souls who would brand Rev. Moon as either a false prophet or false Christ, and then wash their hands of the entire Christian Korean phenomenon seen in his ministry, as being but an episodic aberration in the religious development of Christianity.

But to throw away the baby of the book “Divine Principle”, along with the water of Rev. Moon’s tragic and bitter end at Las Vegas’s gaming tables, is to take as gospel a tissue of lies and hyperbole from ignorant citizens of no heaven, but the hell of their own false witness, as their judgments are built up around the errant perception that Rev. Moon was just another failed charismatic leader who went too far: but any and all who do make such a judgment are really judging wrongly and not righteously: and thus delivering themselves into the power of Satan.

Moon was no ordinary man. But what was he??? I alone on earth know the answer to that question.

Rev. Moon had a specific Fate if he slept and missed the Day and the Hour, and a specific Destiny if he was found watching: two very different destinations indeed.

Rev. Moon could have gone from the position of John the Baptist as Messenger to the position of Jesus the Christ as the Second Coming of the Messiah in one lifetime, had he but listened to my Father Jesus with the message I was given for him, a message: and a little something else….

The Crown of Life

Crown of Life; AMEN

The Crown of Life; AMEN


I discovered from John, the Apostle of Christ, that all who judged Moon were accounted sinners before the Emerald Table of the Last Judgment,  for Sun Myung Moon was indeed a prophetic entity written of in the Gospel of Christ at both Luke and Matthew, and chosen and charged by my Father Jesus with a very specific mission and role, as an historic  figure whose influence on the world is little understood to this day, and even less realized by even those who knew him in actuality, right in his own church.

The Mystery of Rev. Moon

The truth as to who he really was is unknown in Korea right to this very moment, and most egregiously by his own children and widow, as the guardian supporters of their father’s and her dead husbands monumentally  failed church.

In fact, no one on this earth really knows who he was but I myself.

How can this be possible??

Let me make the mystery of Rev. Moon as clear as transparent glass…..


Based on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Based on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

The Dual Prophecy of my Father Jesus

about Rev. Moon:

The Faithful and Wise Servant / Steward of Luke and Matthew

As I begin the work of showing the Unification Church and the rest of humanity the actual reasons behind the current catastrophic impasse we face,
as the Nations fiddle even while the Earth burns, I am forced to go back to where Rev. Moon appears in the Gospel, using the version from Luke,
which differs slightly from that of Matthew ( 24:45:51) by one word:
here is the version recorded at the gospel of Luke, 12:42-48
Luke 12:42
Then Peter said unto him,
“Lord, speakest thou this parable unto us, or even to all?”

42 And the Lord said,

“Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household,

to give them their portion of meat in due season?

43 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

44 Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath.

45 But and if that servant say in his heart,

( in Matthew 24:48 it reads “But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart…)

“My lord delayeth his coming;

and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens,

and to eat and drink, and to be drunken;

46 The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him,

and at an hour when he is not aware,

and will cut him in sunder,

and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.

47 And that servant, which knew his lord’s will,

and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will,

shall be beaten with many stripes.

48 But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes,

shall be beaten with few stripes.

For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:

and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Violence and the Unification Church Beatings to Pay Indemnity

My seemingly and apparently steadfastly ex-friend Brad Bryant Bufkin once confided in me back in 1982 about the fact that senior members in the UC were routinely beaten to pay “extra indemnity”, so it could all be paid off quicker. The practice was secret, of course, but Brad knew many higher echelon members and quite a few senior members from Korea who were the original “core group”.
But the truth of this was back in 1980 and even after, when Rev. Moon was in deep trouble due to the fact that my Father Jesus had now cut off his entire church and it’s founder for failing to keep the promises he made of revealing his true identity as the new body of John the Baptist at Yankee Stadium in 1976; and then most especially the ones about all the money; which Rev. Moon had promised to use to prepare the Foundation to Receive the Messiah, but now spent entirely on himself, as if he were the Messiah.
“…..The use of violence by the African “Heung Jin” was defended by some Church leaders as equivalent to acts of penance and contrition in the Catholic Church. This rationalization may have had merit, if all we were talking of were a slap on the face and the imposition of conditions of fasting and prayer — and in most cases, that’s all it was.
But in other cases — not just isolated cases, but nearly everywhere this African Heung Jin preached — acts of serious violence were carried out.
In Washington, D.C. the Church’s doors were locked to prevent people from leaving.
Members, both men and women, were handcuffed to radiators. Several were beaten strongly, not just slapped.
In Barrytown, one member’s nose was broken; another was sent to the hospital with broken ribs.
In New York, a member was beaten so severely that he spent a week in the hospital with severe head and body injuries, and later required surgery.
In Japan, several more members were sent to the hospital.
“Heung Jin” also walked around armed with a pistol and threatened severe punishment, including death (to be executed by God, not himself) for those who failed to unite with him.
I realize the use of violence has been condoned even lately, by Church leaders.
Rev. Moon’s living son Hyun Jin, for example, states that:
‘When Heung Jin Nim came in the black brother’s body, you thought,
“that can’t be Heung Jin Nim.”
And some of you were upset about him beating you…
If I got hit by Heung Jin Nim, I would say “great.”
Physical pain will go away. But the failures you have in life could stay with you for eternity.” ‘
The fact remains that if the principle of institutionalized violence — even in the name of True Love — is left unchallenged, we are leaving a very dangerous precedent for future generations. The violence which the African “Heung Jin” did to the members of the Unification Church is a blot on Rev. Moon’s record which can only be erased, in my opinion, by a frank recognition by the True Family that it was wrong — if not in principle at least in the actual degree to which it was carried out.
Nan Sook Hong:
“Sun Myung Moon seemed to take pleasure in the reports that filtered back to East Garden
of the beatings being administered by the Black Heung Jin.
He would laugh raucously if someone out of favor had been dealt an especially hard blow.”
( From: In The Shadow of The Moons, by Nansook Hong )
The Black Heung Jin was a passing phenomenon in the Unification Church.
Moon’s maid, Won Ju McDevitt, a Korean who married an American church member,
appeared one morning with a blackened eye and covered with purple bruises.
The Black Heung Jin had beaten her with a chair.
He beat Bo Hi Pak —- a man in his sixties —- so badly that he was hospitalized for a week in Georgetown Hospital.
He told doctors he had fallen down a flight of stairs.
He later needed surgery to repair a blood vessel in his head.
Sun Myung Moon knew when to cut his losses. When you are the “messiah,” it is easy to make a course correction.
Once it became clear that he had to disassociate himself from the violence he had let loose on the membership, Sun Myung Moon simply announced that “Heung Jin’s spirit had left the Zimbabwean’s body and ascended into Heaven”. The Zimbabwean was not quite so ready to get off the gravy train.
At last sighting, he had established a breakaway cult in Africa with himself in the role of Messiah……”


The Arcane as the Unexplained

As Seeing how

The Way of Holiness,

The Truth of Jehovah,

and the Resurrection and Life of the World,

are altogether meet,


the Path of the Just….



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