The National Tea Party Cult of Intolerance: the GOP Priesthood without their White Hoods, The Racist South of the New Confederacy

The Messianic False Christ of the Tea Party: Ted Cruz

The Return of the Ideologic Race War,

and the Resurrection of the KKK

Everything Hitler did to seize power in Germany was Legal....just like the GOP and Tea Party: with unlimited Koch Money....

Everything Hitler did to seize power in Germany was Legal….just like the GOP and Tea Party: with unlimited Koch Money….

A Muslim girl reporter at the Texas Republican Party’s annual convention

 … June 7th, 2014

Now she recounts her ordeal  from “a True Cult of Intolerance”

“……The Texas Republican Party’s annual convention ended a week ago, but it’s still managing to make headlines.

The GOP gathering first attracted national attention by fast-tracking a new platform that includes endorsing “reparative therapy” for gays.

Some of the more moderate Republicans in attendance had hoped to address the matter, but the anti-gay topic was never allowed to come up for debate.

Now, a reporter who was covering the convention says she was targeted and taunted because of her Muslim headdress.

A 13th generation American in Texas: not a pretty picture....

A 13th generation American in Texas: not a pretty picture….

Heba Said, a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington, is the opinion editor of the school paper, The Shorthorn. The 22-year-old said she applied for media credentials and attended the convention hoping to share with her readers what it was like to sit in on panel discussions with delegates.

Instead, Said writes, “I discovered a cult-like hatred that is simply disgusting.” From her report:

As I walked through the halls, people stopped in their tracks and frowned and shook their heads at me. Panelists threw the word “Islamist” around as if it were perfectly OK, and one man even asked if I felt alone at a meeting. I was referred to as “you people” and “y’all Muslims” more times than I can count. The worst part was the way delegates looked at me, as if I were something to fear when I approached them.

“I did not observe any of this,” said Steve Munisteri, Texas GOP chairman. “I never heard a single anti-Muslim statement, and I never saw any anti-Muslim activity.”

Tea party star Ted Cruz made an appearance and snapped pictures with supporters. Said wanted to capture a few photos of the U.S. senator from Texas as well, but instead she had to worry about being profiled by police.


“….I found five police officers behind me, hands on holsters watching me intently. Armed with a press badge and an iPhone, I turned to them held up my media credentials and asked if I could help them with something, as my heart tried to escape my chest. They did not respond but broke up into groups of two and continued watching me. If I was the biggest threat at that convention, then I must be seriously underestimating myself…..”


Said will graduate next year with a degree in political science and a minor in Arabic. She intends on going to either law school or graduate school, and has aspirations to become a political correspondent.


“Because this happened, it means that there’s not enough diversity out there,” Said told Yahoo News. “It’s encouraged me.”


During a session on ways the GOP can bolster efforts to reach religious minority groups, Said finally spoke up and asked about their interest in Muslim voters.


After discussing with one candidate whether there were Muslim outreach plans, I almost didn’t feel like I was allowed to be American, as if what he said stripped me from my American identity. He asked me where I was from. When I responded, “Texas,” he asked me where I was really from, as if there were no way it could possibly be from Texas.


“On my mom’s side I’m thirteenth generation American,” she told Yahoo News.

The theme for this year’s convention was “Fight to Keep Texas Red.” Based on their reported actions, you have to wonder if a few of the Republicans are now red-faced to boot….”


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Before the Fall: a New Hope for America


How Far we Have Come! The new Hope of America: will the 18=25 year old vote this November 4th and Save America from the GOP fascists??

How Far we Have Come! What the GOP tried to destry, as “The New Hope of America”: but will the 18-25 year olds vote this November 4th; and Save America from the GOP fascists??

“Republicans Control All 11 Confederate State Legislatures After Virginia Senate Flips”


The GOP and the New Confederacy of our Next Civil War

The GOP and the New Confederacy of our Next Civil War

“……On Monday, Virginia Republicans snatched control of the state Senate

after reportedly bribing state Sen. Phillip P. Puckett (D) out of office, flipping control of the Senate to the GOP….”


It’s part of an effort to block Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s (D) plan to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to cover some 400,000 low-income Virginians, but it also has a broader, symbolic consequence: The unexpected flip means that the Republican Party has gained complete legislative control of all 11 Confederate states for the first second time since the early 1870s, or the post-Civil War era known as Reconstruction.

Throughout Reconstruction, freed slaves had real voting rights and protection from federal troops. Democrats were relegated to minority status as reform-minded Republicans launched a legislative push for civil rights and other progressive reforms that would later be unthinkable in the South. Democrats responded with a campaign of terrorism and murder that effectively ended the federal occupation and returned power to the former slave-owning elites.

The gains made by African-Americans were systematically rolled back and the Ku Klux Klan remained a powerful force within the Democratic Party into the 20th century.

From the end of Reconstruction in 1877, Democrats maintained unrivaled control in the Southern legislatures, a period known as the “Solid South” that spanned through the Jim Crow era and into the 1960s.


Chris Christie and the New Fascism

The New Face of the GOP, No Future for Democracy in their Amerika, as this armed Hitler-policemandoll in front of Chris Christie's Office of Govenor proves....

The New Face of the GOP, No Future for Democracy in their Amerika, as this armed Hitler-policemandoll in front of Chris Christie’s Office of Govenor proves….

One More Time:

“Everything Hitler did was Legal:

just like the GOP and the Tea Party handing over America to the Rich: all Legal…”


Republicans started picking up majority support in presidential elections in Southern states as white voters there punished Democrats for their support of civil rights legislation. But Democrats didn’t start losing power over Confederate state legislatures until the mid-1990s — most notably, the elections of 1994, when the GOP won over both the U.S. House and the Senate.

In the 2010 election cycle, Republicans made historic legislative gains, picking up more state seats than the party had held since Reconstruction. Alabama’s 2010 majority turnover paralleled the broader political shift, and two years later Arkansas and North Carolina followed suit with 2012 legislative flips that also marked a first since the 1870s.

Some 140 years later, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and finally Virginia have all come back into Republican hands……”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said that the Virginia flip gave Republicans full control of all the legislatures for the first time since Reconstruction. In fact, when Republicans took control of Arkansas in 2013, Virginia was also in the hands of the GOP, giving them full control until Democrats retook the Virginia Senate in elections in November of that year.

The legacy of Ted Cruz and his satanic father; the rise of the antichrists of Belial and the acolytes of Mammon....

The legacy of Ted Cruz and his satanic father; the rise of the antichrists of Belial and the acolytes of Mammon….

The father of the Koch Brothers

The father of the Koch Brothers: and Co-founder of the John Birch Society

The father of the Koch Brothers: and Co-founder of the John Birch Society

A short history of the New Racism

and Reagan’s John Birch patron Fred Koch

The Reaganomic Mark of Corporate Politics:

The Ascendency of the Man

with the Number of the Name of the Beast:


Ronald Wilson Reagan 

A Lesson for America,

from the Civil War to Now


The War on the Poor and the Manifest Politics of Political Euthanasia:

A Story of the End of Representative Democracy:

and the Liquidation of the Middle Class

Returning to the war on poverty and class separation, fought now over the most universal, gross economic inequality in place on earth: America


The Rise of an Unlikely Champion:

The Poor and the Rich…..

Pope Francis and the Resurrection of St. Francis.

A reincarnated St. Francis at the Resurrection of the Just??

A reincarnated St. Francis at the Resurrection of the Just??


“.. The historic turning of the battle to the Gate,

as the Pope takes up the Standard of Christ for the Prophetic Cause of Social Justice”..


A New Pope stands up: In October, Pope Francis called ideological Christianity “an illness”,

that needs to be more in line with the teachings of Jesus.

“In ideologies there is not Jesus: in his tenderness, his love, his meekness,”

the pontiff declared during a daily Mass. “And ideologies are rigid, always.

Of every sign: rigid.

And when a Christian becomes a disciple of the ideology,

he has lost the faith: he is no longer a disciple of Jesus, he is a disciple of this attitude of thought.”

Pope Francis faces the Wrath by Fox News

 of the GOP,

and Witnesses the Rise

— of  the Beast of Wall Street

The Coming Global Economic Collapse: the End of Capitalism, and Kingdom Come

The global economic system is near collapse, according to Pope Francis.

An economy built on money-worship and war and scarred by yawning inequality and youth unemployment cannot survive, the 77-year-old Roman Catholic leader suggested in a newly published interview.

“We are excluding an entire generation to sustain a system that is not good,” he told La Vanguardia’s Vatican reporter, Henrique Cymerman. (Read an English translation here.) “Our global economic system can’t take any more.”

The pontiff said he was especially concerned about youth unemployment, which hit 13.1 percent last year, according to a report by the International Labor Organization.

“The rate of unemployment is very worrisome to me, which in some countries is over 50 percent,” he said. “Someone told me that 75 million young Europeans under 25 years of age are unemployed. That is an atrocity.”

That 75 million is actually the total for the whole world, according to the ILO, but that is still too much youth unemployment.

Pope Francis denounced the influence of war and the military on the global economy in particular:

“We discard a whole generation to maintain an economic system that no longer endures,

a system that to survive has to make war, as the big empires have always done,” he said.

“But since we cannot wage the Third World War, we make regional wars,” he added.

“And what does that mean?

That we make and sell arms.

And with that the balance sheets of the idolatrous economies —

the big world economies that sacrifice man at the feet of the idol of money —

are obviously cleaned up.”

Pope Francis is gaining a reputation for pointed comments on the global economy.

In April, amid feverish media coverage of French economist Thomas Piketty’s bombshell book on income inequality,

he made clear his stance on the widening wealth gap with a tweet saying:


“Inequality is the root of social evil.”

The Priest and the Levite: and the Good Samaritan

The Priest and the Levite: and the Good Samaritan

A short history of race and politics in America from the Civil War to now…..

A Different Antichristian GOP “Final Solution”:

how Unoriginality in Right Wing Ideology means Death for the Poor

Thus we face today something unseen since the fall of the Third Reich: the rise of a right-wing reactionary corporate power whose goal is to rule us by economic deprivation and social conditioning by any and all advertising means.

Doublespeak and KGB style disinformation to destroy a Presidency and sacrifice the American people are making Putin an unwilling ally of Barack more every day, since their stars are tied to each other: one an uncrowned monarch, as absolute master of the Kremlin, the other an anointed king with no kingdom but having the heart that is our Camp David. It is Barack because of his social conscience, that is the Blessing of God coming to the American people.

Even David Gurgen at CNN, on the night Barack was first elected, said that “”Martin Luther King was our Moses: and Barack:……
He looked off and never finished the sentence….
but they all did….

“. Messiah”, thought Chris Matthews,

…..and Barbara Walters “The New Leader of the Free World “

and within himself said George Stephanophalous “ Our unanointed king!!!

..and Jesse Jackson cried…

The royal house of Israel without a crown!!

                                                                                                                                     That is the presidency itself !!!

Who is “Barack Hussein Obama”? In the mythic sense?

Truly and in truth: he is our anointed King; as my Father had me anoint him on January 21st, 2013 in Washington DC at the 21 guns salute as he was sworn in; gaining that crown of his dominion by combat: for winning the election twice; each time being a first, with high odds the first time, and then almost impossible odds against the money the second time: and we still won!
So, Gurgen knew all this that first presidential victory night,
                                                                                                                              “..this man is our David: our King…”
That is why the right-wing has gone off the deep end.
That is why they have built their chrome-plated Messiah: a textbook narcissist with delusions, of grandeur; saying that the voices he hears in his satanic brain are of God.
                                                                                                                                 This religious sociopath is called Ted Cruz.
And he is the evilly accomplished fruit of his Castro-supporting, and then Castro-betraying father, Rafael Cruz: and as my Father Jesus said:

“By their fruits will ye know them”.

My Generation bonded with the Black Christian Race as “The Manchild in the Promised Land”, as Claude Brown described it in his book; for even Taylor Branch openly refers to the Internal Exodus; admitting the historical reality self-evident as pattern again being seen of the Restoration of Canaan, written in the titles of the three volumes in his trilogy on the Civil Rights Movement.

The titles are “Parting the Waters”, referring to Moses leaving Egypt at the Red Sea, then “Pillar of Fire”, referring to the two pillars, one of Fire by night and one of Clouds by day, that led Israel to the Promised Land.

And the third is “At Canaan’s Edge”. These titles alone give us the idea of the Internal Exodus which culminated at Beth-El, which men called Woodstock.

This happened following the Foundation of the Civil War, where the North insisted the South become a non-slave holding society; and the blood being spilled by families on either side of the Civil War: as objects seperated upon the Altar of Abraham seen with Abraham Lincoln; as the Formation Stage of the Restoration.

In this we see America beginning to make the Constitution as the Conditional Object to remove the fallen nature at the National Level; by which it became an Article of Faith we fought for to prove that “All Men are created Equal” under the eyes of the Law.


Thus we see the progression from the United Kingdom, with the Magna Carta, to these United States; with the Constitution and Bill of Rights; to the United Nations, and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. We thus saw the Ideal of the Kingdom as it grew into a Universal Vehicle of Faith; as we saw in the Civil Rights Movement for those who died fighting for a Universal Equality between the races.

This was confirmed by that sacrifice and determination of those Freedom Riders and protesters that showed why the fact that the Universal Sentence that laid the Foundation of Faith was that “All Men are created Equal” should then be allowed to vote, and go to schools with other children who happened to be white.

We then can now finally see the proof that was made manifest in our nation, as these words in our Constitution became the Living Epistle of American Faith; with Barack Hussein Obama now made our President, for faith seen is no longer faith: but a Fact, thus the Fact of Barack Obama becoming President and leader of the Free World makes this universal sentence an Epistle.

We can see plainly in the lives of it’s martyrs that fight for and of the Affirmation of the Proof of America’s Faith in God, a document of Truth acheived by a united effort, and the work and sacrifice that made it COME TRUE by the Will of the People, who are then His People as being then manifestly “His Sheep”, as the fulfilling of that part of the American Dream itself.

This Civil War is where the North as Ephraim reached the Formation Stage, in the position of God with Abraham Lincoln and John Brown in the position of Moses and Aaron; which made more sense when seeing what happened to US Grant; as being like Joshua, Grant was first general, then President; just as Joshua was first Captain of the Host, and then the Ruler and Leader of Israel in place of Moses, just as General Grant replaced the slain Lincoln.

This was the Growth Stage of the Restoration of the northern Kingdom of Ephraim, the lost Ten Tribes as being the kingdom of Israel. What we saw at the Civil Rights Movement was then the Growth Stage of the Restoration of the Kingdom; by the North insisting the South give Black Christians equal status and Equal Rights, and then the laying of the pieces on top of each other to bleed out, as happened with the North and it’s dead over the South in their dead, in the worlds bloodiest war, as when at the Altar when Abraham let the Sacrifices bleed out, and placed the halves over each other.

In America it was the Northern half over the Southern half. Many families had sons fighting on opposite sides, thus this was the worst kind of war….one seen coming long ago, when my Father Lord Jesus said,

“….And a man’s foes shall be the members of his own household…”


Thus we now see the same politically: and we shall see the final resolution in November: for good, let us pray…


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