Putin threatens Nuclear War: and the Principled Lithuanian and Polish response, ‘Glory to the Ukraine’, Joe Biden Stands Up Now as the Redeemer of Glastonbury Tor

The Adam of the Nations,

and the Son of Adam

The Holy Angel of the Ukraine, on the street where later at least 80 died by sniper fire, before their violent and criminal thief of a president fled to Moscow. He had stolen 35 billion dollars in trucks to Moscow, and in three years, emptied the National Treasury of more than 100 billion dollars

The Holy Angel of the Ukraine, on the street where later at least 80 died by sniper fire, before their violent and criminal of a president, a thief called Yanukovych, fled to Moscow. He had stolen 35 billion dollars, taken in trucks to Moscow, and in three years, emptied the National Treasury of more than 100 billion dollars


The Revolution in the Alchemy of Revelation

A Ukrainian Leader of the Church Speaks!

The Supermoon...and my Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Dat Star; Josyp Terelya, holy guardian: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

The Supermoon…and my Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Dat Star; Josyp Terelya, holy guardian: of the holy angel of the Ukraine


The Head of the Ukrainian Church speaks about Putin

Head of Ukrainian Catholic Church

      Patriarch Filaret; the Head of Ukrainian Catholic Church

President Vladimir Putin has fallen under the spell of Satan

and faces eternal damnation unless he repents“,

a top Ukrainian clergyman said on Saturday in an unusually blunt statement

that squarely blamed the Russian leader for the war in Ukraine.


Patriarch Filaret heads the Kiev Patriarchate, a branch of the Orthodox Church that broke away from Moscow in 1992

after the fall of the Soviet Union and the declaration of an independent Ukraine.

His church, a rival of the Moscow Patriarchate which is closely linked to Putin,

strongly supports Ukrainian nationhood and the Kiev government’s struggle

to defeat pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

With great regret I must now say publicly that among the rulers of this world …

there has appeared a new Cain, not by his name but by his deeds,

Patriarch Filaret said, invoking the Biblical character who killed his brother Abel.


“……Like the first fratricide of history Cain,

these deeds show that the afore-mentioned

ruler has fallen under the action of Satan,”


he said in the statement, published on the patriarchate’s website in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The statement, entitled “New Cain”, was released on the first full day of a ceasefire between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels. At least 2,600 people have died in fighting in eastern Ukraine since it erupted in April.

Putin is a baptized Orthodox Christian and has forged close ties with Russia’s Orthodox Church, seeing it as a valuable ally in his battle with what he sees as a decadent Western world.

Filaret, who recently took over the Kiev patriarchate, said Putin had deliberately stoked the conflict in Ukraine by sending mercenaries, troops and weapons across the border and had spread lies via Russia’s mass media about what was really happening.

Putin denies sending Russian troops into Ukraine or arming the separatists, despite what Kiev and its Western backers say is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

“This ruler is cynically lying, saying his country is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine, though he did everything in order to foment the conflict and maintain it,” said Filaret.

“He calls himself a brother to the Ukrainian people, but in fact according to his deeds, he has really become the new Cain, shedding the brotherly blood and entangling the whole world with lies,” Filaret said.

Filaret urged the Orthodox faithful to pray that Putin would “come to his senses”. Otherwise, the patriarch added, he would face “an ignominious end and eternal damnation in hell”.

The Ukraine conflict has revived talk of a new Cold War as the West accuses Putin of deliberately destabilizing the former Soviet republic. Putin says he is defending the interests of ethnic Russians facing discrimination and oppression.The Kremlin leader came under fire on Saturday from another source.

Patriarch Filaret, head of Ukraine’s Kiev-based Orthodox Church, said Putin had  fallen under Satan’s spell and bore personal responsibility for all the bloodshed.

Filaret, whose church broke from the Moscow Patriarchate in 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union and the advent of an independent Ukraine, compared Putin, a baptized Orthodox Christian, to Cain, who in the Bible killed his brother Abel.

The European Union announced new economic sanctions against Russia late on Friday over its role in Ukraine but said they could be suspended if Moscow withdraws its troops and observes the conditions of the ceasefire.

Russia’s foreign ministry responded angrily on Saturday to the measures, pledging unspecified “reaction” if they were implemented. Moscow responded to a previous round of U.S. and EU sanctions by banning most Western food imports.

In eastern Ukraine, despite the ceasefire, few expected the crisis to end anytime soon.

“This is no ceasefire but a theater,” said Donetsk resident Ksenia.

“This war will go on for five to nine years. Slavs are killing Slavs, there can be nothing worse than that.”


Saving America to save the Ukraine!!





…Deliverance for the Ukraine!!!


“……NATO is reportedly planning to send an expeditionary force composed of 10,000 troops

from seven different member states to Ukraine amid rising tensions with Russia

over the conflict in Eastern European country.

The creation of the force will be led by Britain and involve contributions from Denmark,

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, and the Netherlands, media outlets reported on Saturday.

Canada is also interested in joining the plan,

but it is not known what its final decision will be.

Although no formal announcement has been made yet,

British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to declare the force formation

at the upcoming NATO summit in Wales on September 4.

This comes as a response to Russia’s alleged involvement in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis…..”


The prayers of the brave and valorous people of Ukraine,

and the New Day Star of my Father Jesus;

Josyp Terelya,

have now begun to make their move:

…..and Putin will RUE the DAY he EVER invaded Ukraine

…..and this is just the start…..


“……NATO is reportedly planning to send an expeditionary force composed of 10,000 troops from seven different member states to Ukraine amid rising tensions with Russia over the conflict in Eastern European country.

NATO Steps in!!!!


Via Dalia Grybauskaitė,

the President of Lithuania:

“At the European Council, I met the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

In the face of open Russian aggression,

Lithuania expresses its strong support  for Ukraine and its people.”


Poland responds to the Fray

and those Afraid of Putin and his Nuclear Threats

===== +++ =====

“To die for Danzig” is a phrase that symbolizes the attitude of Western Europe to the war that broke out 75 years ago. Three times, France and the United Kingdom gave the green light to the German dictator.

Neither the Anschluss, nor the occupation of the Sudetenland, nor the dismantling of Czechoslovakia resulted in any serious consequences for Hitler and his state. And when on September 1, 1939, as a logical continuation  of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the first shots rang out in Danzig (Gdańsk), the Western powers could decide only on a “phony war.”

Thus, they gave Hitler the green light for the fourth time, thinking they would save their own lives at the price of Danzig.


The next capital on the list to be occupied was Paris, and then, soon after, the bombs fell on London.

Only then did the cries begin: “Stop,” and “Never again!”


This selfish and shortsighted policy of the Europeans toward the aggressor must not be repeated again. However, the recent evolution of the world situation and the sudden heightening of tensions strangely resemble the year 1939. Russia, the aggressor state, is occupying a part of its smaller neighbor — the Crimea. The army and special services of President Putin, operating mostly incognito in the east of Ukraine, are supporting groups that terrorize the local population and are openly threatening invasion.

There is, however, a new element as compared to 1939: in recent years the aggressor has succeeded in attracting into the orbit of its interests many politicians and business people while its Western partners continue to believe in its “human face.” The lobby that was formed has influenced and continues to influence the policies of numerous countries. This policy is described as “Russia first” and even “Russia only.” Now it has collapsed and Europe urgently needs a new Ostpolitik.



we are issuing an urgent appeal to our fellow Europeans

and their governments:

1.) François Hollande, president of the French Republic, and his government are attempting to take a step that would be far worse that France’s passivity in 1939. In the weeks ahead, France is set to become the only European country to help the aggressor: it intends  to deliver to Putin’s Russia two brand new Mistral helicopter carrier warships. The cooperation on this matter began in 2010, and generated many protests even then.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the president at the time, used to cut off all discussion by repeating “the Cold War is over.” Now, open war is truly taking place. Therefore, there is no reason to honor old commitments. Several politicians and Bernard-Henri Lévy have proposed that France sell its ships either to NATO or to the European Union.

If President Hollande does not change his mind, the citizens of Europe should convince him by boycotting French products.


2.) The Federal Republic of Germany, since 1982, has begun to depend increasingly on Russian gas. Even  at that time, Polish intellectuals, including Czeslaw Milosz and Leszek Kolakowksi, warned  against the installation of new pipelines, calling them potential “instruments of blackmail” against Europe. Successive presidents of the Polish Republic, from Aleksander Kwasniewski to Lech Kaczynski, also issued the same warning at different times.

But German politicians, either because of the famous German guilt complex, or believing in the “Russian economic miracle” and hoping to profit from it, greatly appreciated the cooperation with Russian power. At the same time, they continued, possibly unconsciously, the unfortunate German tradition of carrying on discussions with only one partner in the East —  Russia. In recent years, the companies owned by the Russian state or its oligarchs increasingly have been established in Germany, whether in the field of energy resources, the world of soccer, or the tourism sector. Germany must put a stop to this kind of dependence, which always conceals political pressure.


3.) All Europeans and each country individually should become involved in actions to support imperiled  Ukraine. Hundred of refugees from the eastern territories of Ukraine and Crimea are in need of humanitarian assistance. Its economy has been devastated by years of a draconian contract with Gazprom, which holds a monopoly on energy resources and which imposes on Ukraine, its most destitute client, the highest rate possible The Ukrainian economy is in dire need of emergency assistance, new business partners and new investors. The spheres of culture, media and civic initiatives, which are dynamic and of extraordinary richness, also need support.


4.) For many years, the European Union has made it clear to Ukraine that it had no chance either to become a member or to receive anything other than symbolic assistance. The policy of the “Eastern Partnership” has not changed much in this respect.

The question arises if perhaps this solution was considered as a lesser evil. However, overnight all these questions have taken on their own dynamic, due largely to the determination of Ukrainian democrats. For the first time in history, the citizens of a country were dying under bullets with the European flag in their hands.

If Europe does not show any solidarity with them now, it will mean that the ideals of liberty and fraternity inherited from the French Revolution no longer mean anything to it.


Ukraine has the right to defend both its territory and its citizens and to respond to external aggression by using its police forces and its army, including in the regions bordering with Russia. After all, since 1991, stable peace has reigned both in the Donetsk region and in the entire country. There was no violent conflict, and no conflict on the issue of minority rights.

Vladimir Putin, releasing the demons of war and testing a new type of war, has transformed Ukraine into a military training area in the image of the Spanish Civil War, where fascist units supported by Hitler’s Germany attacked the young republic.

Those who will not tell Putin today “no pasarán!” (“They shall not pass!”) expose the European Union and its values to ridicule, while agreeing to the destabilization of the world order.

Nobody knows who will lead Russia in three years.

It is unclear what will happen to the current ruling elite, the one that is leading this reckless policy that is contrary to the interests of its own people. However, one thing is certain: those who continue “business as usual” are risking new deaths of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians, the exodus of hundreds of thousands of new refugees, as well as new imperialist attacks by Putin against  new countries. Yesterday Danzig, today Donetsk : we must not accept an open bleeding wound in Europe for years to come.

Gdańsk, September 1, 2014

Signed by:

Władysław Bartoszewski
Jacek Dehnel
Inga Iwasiów
Ignacy Karpowicz
Wojciech Kuczok
Dorota Masłowska
Zbigniew Mentzel
Tomasz Różycki
Janusz Rudnicki
Piotr Sommer
Andrzej Stasiuk
Olga Tokarczuk
Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki
Magdalena Tulli
Agata Tuszyńska
Szczepan Twardoch
Andrzej Wajda
Kazimierz Wóycicki
Krystyna Zachwatowicz


The Invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Antichrist

“…..Moreover, he points out, Ukrainians know what is going on, and they are using the Internet to reach out to Russians to tell them what is happening and equally important what this means.
In the words of Ukrainian poet Anastasiya Dmitruk, as a result of what has happened,

“…….we will never be brothers neither by motherland nor by mothers……..


Western leaders have been less willing than Ukrainians or ordinary Russians to describe what Putin is doing accurately because if they do, they would have to acknowledge that the situation has changed and thus face demands that they respond. Putin probably hopes he can continue to intimidate them even as he is losing ground at home.

But as the world watches the Putin-directed Russian military invasion of Ukraine, these same leaders would do well to remember the words of Russian activist Aleksandr Genis earlier this month who pointed out that anyone who doesn’t condemn what Putin is doing shares responsibility with him.

Now that the Kremlin leader has openly invaded Ukraine, that has become more true than ever before……”


The Smoking Gun…of the broken Agreement…Russia signed it..and then: broke it…..
“…..The Budapest Memorandum is an agreement signed in 1994 that protected Ukrainian sovereignty, provided the country handed over to Russia what nuclear weapons it had in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse. The agreement was first breached when pro-Russian separatists took control of Crimea earlier this year, but Russia denied that it had anything to do with the takeover — even though it annexed the peninsula immediately. This time, NATO satellite evidence shows Russian armor crossing the border into Ukraine, which brings the memorandum into question once more.
The agreement states that the signatory countries of Russia, U.S. and U.K. “reaffirm their obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine” and that no weapons should be used against the country unless “otherwise in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.” 
The High Command believes that the agreement has been broken, and NATO members can act under Article Four of the alliance’s charter, because Russian action threatens “the security of every NATO member in Europe,” he said. Unlike Article Five, which is a “one-for-all and all-for-one” provision that automatically triggers NATO action should one member be attacked, Article Four states that “The Parties [NATO members] will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened.”
The Supermoon...and my Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Dat Star; Josyp Terelya, holy guardian: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

The Supermoon…and my Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Dat Star; Josyp Terelya, holy guardian: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

The Proxy War with Russia

No informed, far-sighted statesman could have expected Putin to acquiesce to Ukraine joining an alliance created to counter his country militarily. The architect of the United States’ successful, Soviet-era containment policy (and thus no dove) George Kennan famously opposed the alliance’s move east, calling it a “tragic mistake” that would likely end in a “hot” war.

And so it has turned out to be. The United States and NATO need to publicly disavow any intention to induct Ukraine (and Georgia), which would remain non-bloc and neutral, just as Finland has. Russia in return would have to withdraw its troops from the country and forswear all attempts at destabilizing it. If they do intend to invite Ukraine, they need to explain what good the new members will bring the alliance, and ready themselves and their peoples for a potential nuclear confrontation with Russia.

(….In one respect, it may be too late. In addition to tripling air patrols over the Baltics and scheduling military exercises in Poland this fall, NATO has just announced preliminary plans to set up new bases in Eastern Europe. A final decision will take place at the NATO summit next month in Wales……)

The former head of U.S. Strategic Command, Gen. Lee Butler, famously remarked two decades ago that the United States and the Soviet Union managed to avoid a nuclear war

“…..by some combination of skill, luck, and divine intervention, and I suspect the latter in greatest proportion…….”

To avert catastrophe, we will need considerably more “divine intervention” this time around, as history prepares to repeat itself not as farce, but as tragedy.

One (occasionally) rogue nuclear power was bad enough. The world cannot abide two – and survive…..”

In setting this down I knew immediately that the Conflict unfolding in the Ukraine if is of primary importance,

because it determines the direction from which will arrive the Victory of the Second Coming,

by unveiling the members of the primary Restoration.

Starting with the King, Barack Hussein Obama,

the Global Abel…and Putin, the Global Cain

Terelya and the Icon of the Zion of the Holy One of Israel: the Mother of Jesus

Terelya and the Icon of the Zion of the Holy One of Israel: the Mother of Jesus


To really grasp the coming Consummation,

let us see the pattern of the Restoration of Russia beforehand

    What has changed the dynamics of how the Real Advent of my Father is going to played out has everything to do with something only you who are not just called but chosen, who alone have any idea about something called by the arcane term of  “the Dicta” of what the Emerald Table of Justice have named “The Script”.

      Apparently it is you who are reading this today, who are to take what I have written and make sure they who believe that we have come to the Last Day to understand “The Happy Ending”.

        It really has come down from my Father Jesus to stop those who destroy the Earth, who rape the Poor, and oppress the Helpless; and now have invaded Ukraine under the specter of  starting a Nuclear War if any one intervenes

Something massive on earth everyone can see it what involves the object which has to change, as this creation is going to transform; but before that wonderful moment we have the responsibility of winning humanity-at-large to our side so they can pass the final challenge.

   For America to reach Perfection the Will of the People: United in Principle, must defeat Satan the Devil this November: so we can Celebrate a REAL Christmas….for ourselves and for the sister nation of the USA: the Ukraine..

  The difficulty is in defeating Satan by this Nation, requires the poor but united populace: in overcoming the malice of several very rich billionaires: and some foreign powers like Iran and Russia working behind the scenes: along with Saudi Arabia, long a stirrer of the pot at every possible turn: as players in this Endgame.

   Perfection, and achieving the Foundation to receive the Messiah, which is you and me ‘us’, as the two Representatives of Uncle Sam; for the Project: “Prophet Samuel the Child of God”, as we walk “in upon the Street of Pure Gold in the Name of God that is Love”, which is what “Samuel” meant when we picked him to shepherd America: as in “The Name of God”.

   Our focus is then the “living” part of God’s coming center of the beginning of our focus on earth, and it’s pretty much a laser beam. It’s fixed on the Ukraine as consecrated to the Holy Spirit: with Josyp Terelya, now dead, but now reappearing as the Risen Body of the Holy Angel of the Ukraine; the New Day Star, currently standing on the Sun, with your invitation ( the Book you Named  ) for them to come and eat at the Supper of the Great God coming out of his very lips; and he is also Our Voice, curiously.

    You who believe and I are fixated on two things, Love and Truth.

     But there is a reason for this, as Love led me to Truth, but Truth led us finally to Love.

     For you and for me the entire experience of life has no real thrill or meaning to us personally unless we can get to the place and point where that Truth made evident in Love is manifest, and our circuitous journey has been so that we know Love is Good, and this fact is then the Truth; and the Knowledge of this, finally; is Wisdom.

     Not a bad place to start; but those are the Four Walls of the Holy City. And those Four Walls represent Salvation.

This essentially means that this City will stand for Eternity.

“…And I will appoint your Walls for Salvation, and for your gates: Praise…”


 The Chapel of the Sacred Healing Well

at the Site of Visitation by the Virgin Mary in 1987

70 years after 1917 , at Fatima, Portugal

The Sacred Chapel of the Three Holy Ones at Hrushiv, 1987 for the Three Children of Fatima 1917

The Sacred Chapel of the Three Holy Ones at Hrushiv, 1987 for the Three Children of Fatima 1917

Fatima and Hrushiv: the 70 years of Babylonian Captivity:

Ukraine and Russia, the Soul and the Body


       The Visitation of the Virgin Mary in 1987, written about by Josyp Terelya in his book, “Witness”; happened at this Chapel of the Three Holy Ones in the Ukraine, 70 years after the Virgin Mary showed up at Fatima in Portugal with the Three Children of Michael, this being the 70 years of Russia’s Babylonian Captivity of the Ukraine.


     For most Catholics the realm of the “Three Secrets of Fatima” and all the resultant hoopla about Mary have totally obscured what the real import of the event really was in 1917, but Rev. Moon should have written of all this extensively; as the 3 Children as the “Signs”, and the Sun that fell out of the Sky and dried everyone’s clothes, (  from everyone having been soaked to the skin, from standing in the rain all morning  ), as the “Wonders”, were actually and indeed the  “Signs and Wonders” at the “Providence for the Start” in “The Third Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global / Worldwide Level”.


The Miracle of Josyp Terelya’s Faith: Hrushiv in the Ukraine

Saint Pope John Paul II and the Prophet Josyp Terelya

Saint Pope John Paul II and the Prophet Josyp Terelya

But somebody knew about the connection of Fatima and Hrushiv: Josyp Terelya, because of his relationship with “the Mighty Angel of the Ukraine”, that Holy Angel of Mary because Ukraine is where Catholicism began in 987 when Russia converted: and the date 1987 one thousand years later is, indeed, the 1,000 year period no lone can understand in the Revelation at chapter 20.

The unfortunate fact is this: people do not know it was the deal that Reagan, as he with the Number of the Name of the Beast for his lust for Fame, and Gorbachev, as he with the Mark of the Beast on his Forehead, that is the reason the devil is “unleashed” after this 1,000 year period.


They “shook hands” with each other,

when Gorbachev took the 50 million dollars to let the Soviet Union fall,

as his lust for Fortune was greater than his love for the USSR.

To Save America to Save the World: Russia as the Adam of the Nations 


Fame and Fortune are the Name and the Number of the Beast


     People are not aware that when Reagan said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” in his famous speech in 1987, it was a coded message to the Russian President for  “The Money is in the Swiss Bank Account”. In other words: “The Deal is Set”.

Reagan already sold himself to the Devil in the form of Fred Koch to beat Jimmy Carter, which was how he came up with betraying America to do a “deal with Ahmadinejad the devil” by selling guns to the Iranians, even though this was blatantly illegal. But Reagan wanted to be President very badly, as Fred Koch owned him to gain the office to set in motion the dismantling of all the gains America had made in economic and social justice at that point.

Fred Koch, of course, was the Co-founder of the John Birch Society, and father of the three Koch brothers, now intent on destroying what is left of American Democracy.

We are now witnessing what Reagan and Fred Koch built together, 40 years ago, first with Reagan being governor in California twice, and then in 1980, when he doubly sold himself, by betraying President Jimmy Carter, after the 444 days of the Hostage crises:

And 444 + 666 makes a perfect 10,10,10. Thus the Devil was loosed, as it was written.


Where did the Racist Roots of Reagan and Rev. Moon combine?


The father of the Koch Brothers: and Co-founder of the John Birch Society

The father of the Koch Brothers: and Co-founder of the John Birch Society

 The Racist Discoverer, and Backer: of Ronald Wilson Reagan: “666”

     In their wondrous, and reverently mutual, anti-communist stance, of course.

     But Fred Koch saw the black man as a potential threat to the white race, if they took up Marxism in the search for social and economic justice.

And by demonizing Martin Luther King, and for saying he was being “pro-communist”, because Dr. King had had the temerity to oppose the illegal and unjust Vietnam War, it was Rev. Moon who unwittingly fulfilled Fred Koch’s accusation of the Black Christian Race as the inheritors of the Tradition of Jacob as the Third Israel here in America.

      Rev. Moon did not like black people, as he felt they were inferior to Koreans. But Rv. Moon felt everyone was inferior to Koreans, so that’s not really a big deal.

      But it was his jealousy of Dr. King for winning the Nobel Peace Prize and becoming the Moral Exemplar of the World that made Rev. Moon betray the Providence.

   Rev. Moon did this by not bringing to anyone’s attention, except Hyo Jin Moon, who told me of this, that it was they who stood as the Third Israel after their 430 years of Time-Indemnity, in having “paid the dues” of their incredibly prolonged and unjust and horrific suffering, to begin the Emergence of the Black “Manchild in the Promised Land”, as the book titled by Claude Brown proclaimed ( introduction by James Baldwin),  with the following, and marching, and White Freedom Riders that took up the fight with Dr. King, and their sincere and well-deserved exalting of the Black Christian Race, and their Cause of Social Justice by the White Youth of My Generation: that finally culminated in the  Third Israel.

        But Rev. Moon hated Dr. King. He never bonded with hm. He should have marched with him, then Dr. King, and Rev. Moon, would both still be alive.

        Rev. Moon’s accusation of Dr. King is how Satan invaded the Third Israel’s Foundation of Substance and killed Dr. King. But the Black “Manchild in the Promised Land” had already bonded with My Generation, as the white kids who had wholeheartedly embraced Black Culture, mainly due to Aaron Presley, and Joan Baez; and the English Blues Messengers of: Ray Charles, who the English kids basically worshipped. Those 12 Bands brought Black Roots to light the White Youth had never known. Lou Reed even wrote a song” I want to be Black”, which kind of said it all.

       Thus the passage of the Civil Rights Act three days after Dr. King was killed, brought the Foundation of Substance back, as of the Resurrection of the Rock of Moses, spiritually.

Sheba: the Queen of the South

Sheba: the Queen of the South


But Rev. Moon ignored the Black Christian Race almost completely here in America,

until almost the very end, when it was way too late, of course.

        Had Rev. Moon marched with Dr. King, and MARRIED a Black Christian Woman:

he would have restore Solomon and Sheba, and we would be done by now.

        But he never did what he had others do, in his thousands of interracial marriages;

being a hypocrite when it came to actually practicing his own preaching with his own perfect example.

         But Chuck and Betty of Synanon did.



The Man who did marry his Sheba; the queen of the South....in the church of California called the Church of Synanon where came I from: as he who "....emerged.." As Chuck always said: "....It will Emerge..."

The Man who did marry his Sheba; the queen of the South….in the church of California called the Church of Synanon where came I from: as he who “….emerged..” As Chuck always said: “….It will Emerge…”

The Times of the Gentiles:

a Simple Matter of Prophecy


     The problem with that library called the Bible, and the explanations of it, which are in the millions, is that only one recent and empowered group of people on this planet actually had some of the very real keys to scripture: and that was the Unification Church, and especially Rev. Moon’s outstanding and Koreas celestial inheritance; and the Messenger Elijah’s gift to mankind.

      But let us leave all that right now and look at the real roots of my own understanding, which I am going to transmit to you; so that you will have the original transmission as well.

      I did not begin with any understanding of scripture at all except for collecting sayings, some of which induced those of my Father Jesus. But I collected sayings by Buddha, and the Sufis, and everyone else, to gain the merit of repeating them at the appropriate times, to appear wise; or so hoped.


At Twin Peaks, on the Other Side

The Breasts of the Bride: the City of St. Francis delivered from the men of Sodom; by Salvation Rose

The Breasts of the Bride: the City of St. Francis delivered from the men of Sodom; by Salvation Rose


My house at 387 Joost was on the other side of Twin Peaks, this picture was taken in Daly City.

Let us start where this really begins: chapter 12 of Daniel: called once: the Son of Man.


King James Version:

1. And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

2. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

3. And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

4. But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

5. Then I Daniel looked, and, behold, there stood other two, the one on this side of the bank of the river, and the other on that side of the bank of the river.

6. And one said to the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?

7. And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

8. And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?

9. And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

10. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

11. And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

12. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

13. But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.


....In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer...... " ~Albert Camus

….In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer…… “
~Albert Camus


     A more remarkable prophecy could be not be found, in my estimation, because there is more in these 13 verses than I could write in 100 pages.

     First of all, my Father Jesus quoted Daniel when he spoke of this same “time of trouble”, at the End. But between both versions something pretty amazing appears:


    Michael appeared at Fatima in 1917 and fed the 3 children, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia THE HOST, the Holy Wafer of  THE COMMUNION, and called himself “the Angel of Peace”.

     So, “Who is like God”, as Michael’s name means, has this answer:

“Who is like God??”

His Peace.

Beginning at Job, we see the origin of the two beasts of Revelation, indeed, one is the key to the other: and the Divine Principle is the Key of David.

So lets start where this really begins: the One Salient Fact:

11. And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

12. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.


Terelya and the Icon

Terelya and the Icon

This is where I come in: with the one bit of information that unlocks this piece of Scripture: which is why I call it “Script”, as “The New Word”, the Script explains Scripture.

       Where you enter into this is where this “Script: becomes “Writ”. But first this….the Date of 627, shortly before he died: when Mohammed changed the Direction of the 5 Daily Prayers from Jerusalem: to Mecca; the “New” Jerusalem.

          If you add the “1,290” days,  as years, added to to 627 when Mohammed set up the “Abomination of Desolation” of Exalting Hagar with Islam over Sarah as Zion we have the date: 1917.

          Once again…..

          But only those in the Unification Church would understand what “1917 is the year, 400 years after the date 1517, set by Rev. Moon, that both the Internal Exodus began, with Martin Luther King appearing like Moses, in 1947, 18 years “of Age”; 30 years extra from the 400 years of Slavery Abraham was promised….and thus we have the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global/ Worldwide level: Again.

         Once Again….

          50 years after 1917 the Two Foundations were set up; one, the foundation of darkness,  with Karl Marx and the Red Army, for the False Prophet in Moscow… 70 years of their final Captivity….until 1987. This “Date” is then “tied” to Rev. Moon’s date of 1517 as when the 430 year period started. And at 400 years later it’s awesome…..because that is exactly when the Third Course Begins.

          The curious thing is this: it’s exactly where “the Revelation of Jesus Christ” ( which is the Book of life of the Lamb ) STARTS: at the 70 years from 1917 at the Trumpets; to 1977 at the 7th Trumpet Blast; when Aaron Presley died at age 42, incidentally.


     The second foundation as of light, with Fatima and the Three Children of Michael, 1917 in Portugal.

             Ask yourself this: ‘’why has no one ever noticed or seen this Total Sign??’’

           Good Question….

               It defies the imagination to even imagine such blindness.


Against the Tartars of Crimea

Against the Tartars of Crimea


     To add the 30 years to 1917 we have 1947: the Establishment of the Nation of  Israel.

      And why? That  30 years from 1917 to 1947 in right where “someone” arrives at the date 1929: Martin Luther Kind. And all the ships, of the second third of the monotheist religions; Christianity, is hit; at the Crash. The trumpet announces “A Mountain on Fire” tossed into the Sea: it’s a volcano; as was Mt. Sinai; an active Volcano when Moses went up those two times: I assure you….the Second Trumpet speaks of what happens at the 2nd Seal of the Book, from 1920 to 1929.

     1929; Bingo. The “Mountain” Martin climbed in his Dream is Sinai, the Holy Mountain: not Nebo….

      Because the Start of the Providence came as well with this; which happened 30 years later…or 33 if you want to get sticky: 1947…Creation of State of Israel.

     It was in 1917 that the Parliament of England declared the Jews should be “Given A Homeland”.

       It was called the Balfour Proclamation.


This now stands in the city of the Sun, home of Sun records....the City of destruction for both Aaron Presley and our Moses; Dr. King

This now stands in the city of the Sun, home of Sun records….the City of destruction for both Aaron Presley and our Moses; Dr. King

But this act was done by the United Kingdom, as a precursor to the United States, and United Nations.


       Let’s step away.

      Dr. King was born in 1929, the year of the Crash. But this was 430 years after Columbus returned in 1500, and began the genocide, even of the Native Converted. The Egyptian Period of Captivity is then of the Red and Black Races both; don’t forget……

      Where the Revelation of Jesus Christ then begins; at the 7 decades…is then where Rev. Moon; with my help, could have opened the 7 Seals.


       But he didn’t; so now you have to do it…for him….and them….with my instruction, of course, as one officially “equal to the angels..”.

       You would be Noah: I would then represent the Ark; and also the rainbow of the Covenant.

         In the Cloud…..that’s the Cloud he comes in: as the Covenant it was Christ himself in the Cloud who represented the Rainbow of Peace; as well as the Ladder of Jacob we see him compare himself to later, when talking to Nathanael.

The White Stone of Ephraim; and the Black Stone of Mecca

The White Stone of Ephraim; and the Black Stone of Mecca

       What despoiled Jerusalem??? The fact that those who pray the five daily prayers face mecca: while turning their backs to the Dome of the rock….and facing Mecca FROM JERUSALEM….this is what hath made Jerusalem “desolate”.

     Mohammed set up Mecca; and Mecca as the new Holy City meant that the House of Israel was Desolate; just as my Father said she would be, because she knew not the Day and Hour of her Visitation.

         But far more interesting is the fact that Divine Principle ends precisely where my book: our Book: begins. At the Third Course, with the Axis as the Global Adversary of Canaan, and Karl Marx the False Prophet as the Global Balaam. Egypt all over; but here the Kingdom being fought for is the Whole Heaven and Earth. Earth as Egypt, the Promised Land as Heaven: and the barrier between Heaven and Earth representing the Cosmic Wall of Jericho, here called Babylon.

         The Axis Beast thus represented the Fallen Nature of Man at the Global Level, as the False Prophet represented the Fallen Image of God, as the Marxist State itself.


The Alchemist of Love and Peace

The Alchemist of Love and Peace

Daniels second number


11. And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

12. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

13. But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

With the 45 years beyond 1917, as with Daniel; brings us to 1962: and the Death of Kennedy: when the Times of the Gentiles officially arrived:

The Holder of the LastDay

The Dawning of the Last Day

  “…And they shall mourn for him, as for their only son….”

Really it was John Fitzgerald Kennedy we mourned that Black Day. “The Day Dawns Black over the Prophets” I hear in my ear…knowing it is written….Joel?

    “And from the time that the Daily Sacrifice be taken away, ……1,290 days …….

      The Daily Sacrifice was that of the Daily Prayer, when the Faithful and  the Desert Tribes of Arabia would face Jerusalem to pray. This is what was taken away in 627 when Mohammed changed the  Direction, the Center of Prayer. Thus was the First Israel despoiled, from where it had been Mount Moriah; the Temple Mount itself. When Mohammed ascended over that in his Night Flight seen in his famous Sura; that is when Ishmael arose to replace Isaac, Jesus, who they killed.

    With that mission, as the Vengeance of Moses he promised would  come upon the Jews if the broke the Covenant with God: and killing the Lamb was the Last Straw; of course….

     Mohammed stood for the Word of Moses when he said if Israel broke the Law.

“..I will requires (Justice) upon them with …..

             “My Own Hand”


The New Day Star of Josyp Terelya; the Holy Angel of the Ukraine

The New Day Star of Josyp Terelya; the Holy Angel of the Ukraine


That was Mohammed: at the Left Hand of God.

To administer the Curse of Moses, written in

    Leviticus  26: 18 ( rebuke 7 times,

                      26:21 ( punish 7 times),

                     26:24, (punish 7 times), and finally at

                     26:28, (punish 7 times):

     7 times each. in each of the 4 positions; it’s the worst Curse in the Whole Bible.

       And Mohammed was given that Mission, as the Envoy of Moses, himself.

       Moses said if the Jews did not listen to his words concerning the one to come after him: he would deal with each and every one of them: personally.

        And he meant it….the “sword drawn after them, to follow them” at 26:33, to whatever nation He said he would “scatter them”, this was written long before the diaspora happened, but the sword Jehovah sent after them was “the Sword of Anti-Semitism”, and it followed them right into Hitler’s hand; at the End; and a merciless hand it was: just as Moses and the prophets had promised Israel for their idolatry and final evil of killing the Resurrected Isaac from the Jordan: the Bridegroom…the Lamb, as Isaac proved himself at the Altar. Thus he progressed to the Cross as the Altar of God.


With this Curse began the Mission of Mohammed, and the Second Israel begun.

       But the Second Israel ends: at 1915 to 1917: when Turkey, an Islamic Nation: slaughtered one million Armenians, who stood as Abel: and left their position as of “Ishmael, as a Loyal Cain” into a Disloyal Cain; repeating the Act, Cain killing Abel.

    That’s when the Providence shifted to us; ultimately to America. Here’s how.

      Fatima happens: and three years later: we get Karl Wojytla, with a global mission at the Vertical Axis between East and West Germany but ultimately the US and the SU, as of the Free Nations and the Bondsmen Nations.

     Karl become Pope John Paul II, and Mung yeon Meyong: the “Shining Dragon”, who becomes The Shining Word:..Sun Myung Moon; who had a Global mission at the Horizontal Axis with North and South Korea; but ultimately the division between Rich and Poor; as of the Rich Industrialized nation of the north from the Poor Agaric Nations of the South.

     1920; America begins Prohibition as we become “Islamic” Land, with no alcohol, thus because they left their position we TOOK their FOUNDATION; their covenant with God was as Nazarenes: “no wine”, the specifically Nazarenic edict, is what joins them to the Table of Abraham.

    But killing Abel leaves them with the mark of Cain: their stewardship is over: along with Mecca as the Holy City: that shifts to SF as the “New Mecca”, when we pay the Indemnity in 1906 when the whole City of St. Francis is Burnt to the Ground as the Altar Hearth: “Ariel”, the Lion of God.


The Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise

      Few know who they were, and who they now are: I do.

      But the main point is HOW they left their position; and thus we became the Next Israel; and the Last Israel; I might add…..

       But now let us adjourn for the moment…..


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