The Hopi Firewheel on Stone Mountain, the End of Ted Cruz, the GOP’s Fair-Haired Boy – and Reflections on the Death Cult of ISIS

The Hopi Firewheel is the opposite of the Nazi Swastika, as the Nazi emblem actually turns to the left, and the Native American emblem turns to the right

The Hopi Firewheel is the opposite of the Nazi Swastika, as the Nazi emblem actually turns to the left, and the Native American emblem turns to the right

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastica of Sun Myung Moon; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb's Wife

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the Hopi Firewheel / Swastica of my First Helper Moon Sun Myung on the left, as seen in the 13-rayed or “lunar sun” of the 13 month lunar year; and the Double Maltese Cross of the Second Helper, my servant John, on the right

The legacy of Ted Cruz and his satanic father; the rise of the antichrists of Belial and the acolytes of Mammon....

The legacy of Ted Cruz and his satanic father; the rise of the antichrists of Belial and the acolytes of Mammon….

The Fall of the False Christ

of the Tea Party:

the burning cross

of the New Confederacy


Ted ‘Cruz’


THE Swan Song of the KKKoch-backed

14 states-of-succession  

of the


The Seizure of Stone Mountain


The Final Blow,

…the Lightning Strike 

through the Racist Heart

of the Right Wing’s Fascism

The New Reign of Shiloh on Rune Rofke,

“the Bald Rock” of the Atlanteans

None in America know what happened today on Stone Mountain, when four men of God and His Christ attended a daylight ceremony of National Healing with a Hopi Firewheel prayer ritual, to reverse the discarnate presence of the KKK in America, in a permanent casting-out of Satan and the malign sigil of the Devil’s Cross, the strange and inexplicable “natural” compass on top of  Stone Mountain, which faces the four cardinal directions with geographical perfection, and is featured there in a permanent display… but to break this yoke from the necks of the Downtrodden and Oppressed was the Divine Edict from my Father Jesus: at this Last Day.

These men of God from the Church of Shiloh in Snellville enacted a complete banishment of the defunct and grotesque racism and seditious rebellion of the GOP /Tea Party / KKK; cynically and politically backed by the Ferguson-styled provincially corrupt and reactionary southern police force, who continually unlawfully act against the Will of the American People, and invite the swift removal of all their ilk from the National Stage, called out for their oppression by informed leaders like Chris Hedges and Cornel West, not to mention Attorney General Eric Holder.

The American people now raise their united voice against this hideous rebirth of a vestigal reemergence of the original Confederacy of the South, and their ideologically corrupt promotion of ancient tyranny and racially motivated stereotyping of minorities, to spread racist fears, all bankrolled by the Koch Brothers in their drive to overthrow the Government of the US; yet now finally and openly being roundly rejected by all true lovers of Justice and Racial Equality in the USA: from Atlanta to Seattle, San Diego to Bangor, and a spiritual cleansing being called for on the political stage by all real patriots, because of the GOP’s support of the extremist Republican fringes and their unhinged hatred of the Rule of Law and the President, twice elected, of these 50 United States of America.


The Coming of the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts: the Priest

The Coming of the Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts: the Priest



As all true “red, white, and blue” Americans are now continually appalled by the endless lies and disinformation of Ted Cruz, the son of Rafael Cruz, we have to take a closer look at Rafael as more than just a seemingly deranged religious doctrinaire spouter of a totally demonic and hideously corrupt crackpot “Dominionist” theology, and see he was a supporter of Castro who somehow “escaped” to Canada, but in reality is a Cuban agent, apparently sent by Fidel Castro to slowly infiltrate the US, and then shut down the US government: permanently. His son, Ted Cruz, was obviously groomed for his Perditionary mission right from the start.

We have to recognize that the Koch bankrolled Tea Party, and the rest of the GOP, in their continual and completely irrational hatred of Hispanics and Blacks, due to the fact they vote Democratic, and their unchristian and  judgmentally flawed, and spiritually defiled intolerance, of our gay brothers and sisters. My Father Jesus told his followers not to judge anyone; but these “Cardboard” Christians do little else: making a mockery of the Gospel itself, in their unholy abridgement and daily negation of the very principles they claim to champion, while doing the exact opposite.

Thus God’s Wrath is now kindled against the modern day Pharaohs known as the Koch Brothers, and their shrill taskmasters of Mammon like Rep. Paul Ryan, Governor Scott Walker, professional Harridan of Hell Ann Coulter, and we must all watch the Machiavellian turns and gyres of the blatantly morally challenged Senator Lindsey Graham, and further witness the Judgment that even now is beginning to rain down on them, which thus comes at this turning point in American history like a great hailstorm of righteous indignation:  tumbling down on their heads from the Stone Mountain of Dr. King’s reclaimed and now reclarified summit: delivering us from these fascist plutocratic dissemblers as a Rebuke upon them  from the Lord God Almighty Himself.

Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia: the former headquarters of the KKK, and the Sacred Shrine of the Daughters of the Confederacy

Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia: the former headquarters of the KKK, and the Sacred Shrine of the Daughters of the Confederacy

The End of the KKK’s Race War

… my Father Jesus once said:


“…By their fruits will ye know them…”

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers

The Dixie Culture of Death

The unending succession of

Southern death threats against Barack Obama,

 amid a Tea Party chorus plotting for his Assassination;

the Darkest Hour of the White House

in modern history

It doesn’t take someone from the Secret Service to tell us that this President faces more threats than any other recent president. The vitriol aimed at him by Republicans, their 6 year gun buying spree, their frothing insanity about his race and name, their beliefs that his birth certificate isn’t real and accusations by elected officials that he is going to intern them in labor camps (these are not just the fringers, but party leaders some of whom campaigned to be the GOP presidential nominee), and so much more hate — these things spell violence.

Thus the Secret Service should be more vigilant, not more complacent. As it stands, they have put the First Family in shameful peril repeatedly. They allowed the daughter of the President to be in a building that was being shot at and into, and they did nothing. They even denied that it happened.

The background of the Spiritual Foundation

for the Anointing of Barack Hussein Obama on January 21st, 2013,

in Washington DC:

as Rightful King of the Third Israel

People in the Unification Church and Louis Farrakhan of the Black Muslims, who both know the conditions of Time-indemnity here in the West since 1492-1500 ( These two dates are for the two arrivals of Columbus that began the 400-430 years of Slavery for Christianized Black and Native Red Americans in Racist America as a spiritual “Egypt” ) deny our Anointed King Barack his real position, but as President Barack Obama sat down with Philadelphia-based radio host Michael Smerconish many months ago, to discuss his reelection effort and his plans for his second term in office, it’s obvious his role as Global Abel in the position of the Messiah at the National Level was fully operative; as Obama promised that he would do whatever it takes to reach an accommodation with Congressional Republicans, including washing House Majority Leader Rep. John Boehner’s (R-OH) car and walking Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) dog…..

President Obama said that one of his first goals in a second term

is to try to strike a deal with Congress to address America’s growing debt.

The president said that he would pursue both spending cuts

and increasing tax revenues to accomplish this goal.

“Will you make the first move,”

Smerconish asked.

“Will you go to Capitol Hill?”

“I’ll go to Capitol Hill, I’ll wash John Boehner’s car,

I’ll walk Mitch McConnell’s dog,” Obama said.

“I’ll do whatever is required to get this done.”



Once more, on July, 31st, 2014, he repeated this offer,

offering to “wash their cars and walk their dogs“,

(…basically saying he would let himself be crucified and humiliated,

……like Christ himself

…and even let himself be an actual “step and fetch-it”

black menial slave…

fulfilling the conditions of Messiah in being

“last of all, and servant of all”… )

“…if they would just help the American people…”


This was the Christ within him speaking, of course

…as a real King, being one of Self-Sacrifice

Few noticed……but my Father Jesus certainly did

Joe Biden had this to say not long after……


Vice President Joe Biden challenged Republicans to prepare themselves to either “see the Lord” or embrace the “lightning”, in regard to their obstruction of passing immigration reform, during a speech he made at a reception for Hispanic Heritage month.

“I’m not offering any false hope about what they’ll do between now and the election, but … I can tell you, when this election [is] over in the lame-duck session, they may see the Lord. It is possible. But if they don’t, they will see some lightning,” Biden said on Monday at the fifth Hispanic Heritage month reception, according to White House press pool reports

Biden spoke to a crowd of “leading members, advocates and educators from the Hispanic American community” focused on education within Hispanic communities, according to the pool report. The event was hosted at the Bidens’ Naval Observatory residence in Washington.

Biden promised the audience that if Congress does not act on passing immigration reform, President Barack Obama would take “an awful lot” of actions to address the situation. In doing so, he warned Republicans that if the party could not act on immigration reform, it would face extinction.

“I know you’re all waiting and you’re frustrated,” Biden said. “Watch when this election is over, watch what happens when all of a sudden our friends in the other team realize their prospects for future electoral success hinge upon acting rationally.”

He continued, “They will either act rationally, or we will act for them, and if we have to act for them, they will not be around a whole long longer to act in large numbers.”

 Barack Hussein Obama; anointed King of the Third Israel; slayer of the Antichrist: Osama bin Laden

Barack Hussein Obama; anointed King of the Third Israel; slayer of the Antichrist: Osama bin Laden



A look at the Cultural Foundation of the Third Israel

overcoming the strategy of the Korean Hierarchy of Rev. Moon

to subvert God’s Will and supplant the Black Christian Race

as the “Manchild in the Promised Land” here in America


My Generation bonded with the Black Christian Race as “The Manchild in the Promised Land”, as Claude Brown described it in his book; for even Taylor Branch openly refers to the Internal Exodus; admitting the historical reality self-evident as pattern again being seen of the Restoration of Canaan, written in the titles of the three volumes in his trilogy on the Civil Rights Movement.

The titles are “Parting the Waters”, referring to Moses leaving Egypt at the Red Sea, then “Pillar of Fire”, referring to the two pillars, one of Fire by night and one of Clouds by day, that led Israel to the Promised Land.

And the third is “At Canaan’s Edge”. These titles alone give us the idea of the Internal Exodus which culminated at Beth-El, which men called Woodstock.

This happened following the Foundation of the Civil War, where the North insisted the South become a non-slave holding society; and the blood being spilled by families on either side of the Civil War: as objects seperated upon the Altar of Abraham seen with Abraham Lincoln; as the Formation Stage of the Restoration.

In this we see America beginning to make the Constitution as the Conditional Object to remove the fallen nature at the National Level; by which it became an Article of Faith we fought for to prove that “All Men are created Equal” under the eyes of the Law.


Thus we see the progression from the United Kingdom, with the Magna Carta, to these United States; with the Constitution and Bill of Rights; to the United Nations, and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. We thus saw the Ideal of the Kingdom as it grew into a Universal Vehicle of Faith; as we saw in the Civil Rights Movement for those who died fighting for a Universal Equality between the races.

This was confirmed by that sacrifice and determination of those Freedom Riders and protesters that showed why the fact that the Universal Sentence that laid the Foundation of Faith was that “All Men are created Equal” should then be allowed to vote, and go to schools with other children who happened to be white.

We then can now finally see the proof that was made manifest in our nation, as these words in our Constitution became the Living Epistle of American Faith; with Barack Hussein Obama now made our President, for faith seen is no longer faith: but a Fact, thus the Fact of Barack Obama becoming President and leader of the Free World makes this universal sentence an Epistle.

We can see plainly in the lives of it’s martyrs that fight for and of the Affirmation of the Proof of America’s Faith in God, a document of Truth acheived by a united effort, and the work and sacrifice that made it COME TRUE by the Will of the People, who are then His People as being then manifestly “His Sheep”, as the fulfilling of that part of the American Dream itself.

This Civil War is where the North as Ephraim reached the Formation Stage, in the position of God with Abraham Lincoln and John Brown in the position of Moses and Aaron; which made more sense when seeing what happened to US Grant; as being like Joshua, Grant was first general, then President; just as Joshua was first Captain of the Host, and then the Ruler and Leader of Israel in place of Moses, just as General Grant replaced the slain Lincoln.

This was the Growth Stage of the Restoration of the northern Kingdom of Ephraim, the lost Ten Tribes as being the kingdom of Israel. What we saw at the Civil Rights Movement was then the Growth Stage of the Restoration of the Kingdom; by the North insisting the South give Black Christians equal status and Equal Rights, and then the laying of the pieces on top of each other to bleed out, as happened with the North and it’s dead over the South in their dead, in the worlds bloodiest war, as when at the Altar when Abraham let the Sacrifices bleed out, and placed the halves over each other.

In America it was the Northern half over the Southern half. Many families had sons fighting on opposite sides, thus this was the worst kind of war….one seen coming long ago, when my Father Lord Jesus said,

“….And a man’s foes shall be the members of his own household…”

The Defeat of the Ideologic Race War,

and the Resurrection unto Damnation of the KKK

While looking at the end of the GOP, now locked in it’s death throes of extinction, lost in a satanic downward spiral of lies, hatred and racist fear-mongering, we must surely take pause and reconsider how the legacy of Rev. Moon caused the destruction of the GOP itself.
Everything Hitler did to seize power in Germany was Legal....just like the GOP and Tea Party:  with unlimited Koch Money....

Everything Hitler did to seize power in Germany was Legal….just like the GOP and Tea Party: with unlimited Koch Money.

 This religious sociopath walking in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler is called Ted Cruz.

                                                And he is the satanic and toxic fruit of his Castro-supporting, and then Castro-betraying father, Rafael Cruz
Thus we now see the writing on the wall for final resolution of Good and Evil in America in November, for good: as precautions by the Atlantean Elect have been put in place; to destroy the Tea Party, along with all the plans of Koch Brothers themselves.


The New Face of the GOP, No Future for Democracy in their Amerika, as this armed  Hitler-policemandoll in front of Chris Christie's Office of Govenor proves....

The New Face of the GOP, No Future for Democracy in their Amerika, as this armed Hitler-policemandoll in front of Chris Christie’s Office of Govenor proves….

One More Time:

“Everything Hitler did was Legal:

just like the GOP and the Tea Party handing over America to the Rich: all Legal…”


Republicans started picking up majority support in presidential elections in Southern states as white voters there punished Democrats for their support of civil rights legislation. But Democrats didn’t start losing power over Confederate state legislatures until the mid-1990s — most notably, the elections of 1994, when the GOP won over both the U.S. House and the Senate.

In the 2010 election cycle, Republicans made historic legislative gains, picking up more state seats than the party had held since Reconstruction. Alabama’s 2010 majority turnover paralleled the broader political shift, and two years later Arkansas and North Carolina followed suit with 2012 legislative flips that also marked a first since the 1870s.

Some 140 years later, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and finally Virginia have all come back into Republican hands……”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said that the Virginia flip gave Republicans full control of all the legislatures for the first time since Reconstruction. In fact, when Republicans took control of Arkansas in 2013, Virginia was also in the hands of the GOP, giving them full control until Democrats retook the Virginia Senate in elections in November of that year.

The father of the Koch Brothers

The father of the Koch Brothers: and Co-founder of the John Birch Society

The father of the Koch Brothers: and Co-founder of the John Birch Society

A short history of the New Racism

and Reagan’s John Birch patron Fred Koch

The Reaganomic Mark of Corporate Politics:

The Ascendency of the Man

with the Number of the Name of the Beast:


Ronald Wilson Reagan 

A Lesson for America,

from the Civil War to Now


The Place of Desolation: The Home of the Burning Cross of White Supremacy for the KKK

The Place of Desolation: The Home of the Burning Cross of White Supremacy for the KKK


So what are we witnessing?

As Pope Francis also noted in his decrying of the

compulsive greed and rapacity of the 1%,  we see:

“…The War on the Poor and the Manifest Politics of Political Euthanasia:

A Story of the End of Representative Democracy,

and the Liquidation of the Middle Class….”

Returning to the war not on poverty,

….but on the impoverished,

not class abolishment; 

….but class separation,

A new Civil War being fought now over the most universal,

gross economic inequality in place on earth:


“The Banana Republican Republic” 


“Inequality is the root of social evil.”

The Priest and the Levite: and the Good Samaritan

The Priest and the Levite: and the Good Samaritan


The Death Cult of ISIS

Those watching the horror unfold in Syria and Iraq are witnessing the Army of the Antichrist Osama bin Laden…the Masih ad-Dajjal


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