The Day of Judgment, the Illegal Right-Wing Crowning of Rev. Moon: the Consumation of Evil, and the Tidal Wave of Neil Young’s Flood

Jehovah as Yod He Vau He; with the added "Jesus" as "The Help of Jehovah"

Jehovah as Yod He Vau He; with the added Shin….is “Jesus” as “The Help of Jehovah”

 The Evil of the Day,

and the Word of my Father Lord Jesus

to the main co-conspirators:


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.),

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA.),

Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah),

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.)

….and all the Right Wing Republicans 

who unlawfully Crowned Rev. Moon 

as their Messiah and King

in Washington DC


The Coup in the Dirksen Building in Washington DC ... Against Section 9 of the Constitution ...ny Senator Lindsey Graham and Speaker Hastert....

The Coup in the Dirksen Building in Washington DC … Against Section 9 of the Constitution …by Senator Lindsey Graham and Speaker Hastert….

‘….Because ye have said,

“……We have made a covenant with Death,

and with Hell we are at agreement;

when the overflowing scourge shall pass through,

it shall not come to us:

for we have made LIES our Refuge,

and under FALSEHOOD have we hid ourselves…..”

Isaiah 28:15


The Unlawful End of Democracy, why did Senator Lindsey Graham help crown Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon? And betray the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, and End the Separation of Church and State???

The Unlawful End of Democracy, why did Senator Lindsey Graham help crown Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon at the Dirksen Center Federal Building in Washington DC? And betray the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, and End the Separation of Church and State???

 How did This happen??

For those who were there on March 23rd, 2004, at the Dirksen Senate Office Building,

saw the opening ceremony, with a rabbi blowing a ram’s horn.

“…….Most Jews would hold off on this until the High Holy Days, but it probably counts if the Moshiach shows up in a federal office building at taxpayer expense. Then we see the man of the hour, Moon, chilling at a table at the Dirksen in a tuxedo, soaking all this up. He claps. He’s having a ball.

Cut to the ritual. Eyes downcast, a man identified as Congressman Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.) is bringing a crown, atop a velvety purple cushion, to a figure who stands waiting austerely with his wife. Now Moon is wearing robes that Louis XIV would have appreciated. All of this has quickly been spliced into a promo reel by Moon’s movement, which implies to its followers that the U.S. Congress itself has crowned the Washington Times owner…..”


The Breaking of the Bond of Integrity: the Corruption of the Senate

“……But Section 9 of the Constitution  forbids giving out titles of nobility,

setting a certain tone that might have made the Congressional hosts

shy about celebrating the coronation on their websites.

They included conservatives,

the traditional fans of Moon’s newspaper:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.),

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA.),

Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah),

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.)

and Republican strategy god Charlie Black,

whose PR firm represents Ahmed Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress……”

The charge for breaking a vital tenet of the Constitution is then “aiding and abetting”, the offence of giving material support to someone involved in the commission of a crime, which the Conservative right wing, who were heavily financed by the feigned generosity of Rev. Moon, are therefore directly responsible for, as giving access to a Federal Building for his Coronation, all happening on Federal Ground. Rev. Moon made sure his Coronation as Messiah would be in Washington DC, and done on US government and therefore “Sovereign” land: but of course. This is what officially ended the separation of Church and State in America, to which Senator Lindsey Graham and others, like Republican House Speaker Hastert, had full knowledge.

For those who think all the Democrats were virgins in this matter I sadly point out this:

“………But there were also liberal House Democrats like Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) and Davis. Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn.) later told the Memphis Flyer that he’d been erroneously listed on the program, but had never heard of the event, which was sponsored by the Washington Times Foundation.  (  At this time the current president of the Washington Times Foundation is Larry Moffitt of the Unification Church: who organized the event, and was therefore a witting co-conspirator.)

Rep. Curt Weldon’s office tenaciously denied that the Congressman was there, before being provided by The Gadflyer with a photo; then saying, “It is quite accurate that the Washington Times host, but we have nothing to do with the agenda, the organization, the scheduling, and our role would be limited explicitly to the attendance of the Congressman…..”

But if any can recall, the Moonies do not believe that secular law applies to them, which is a pernicious belief that was picked up and run with by the Tea Party and the entire GOP leadership. For them it’s just “Heavenly Deception” to lie for God; so it’s ok to lie about anything:  24/7. Rev. Moon said it was “OK”.

This was one of Rev. Moon’s core beliefs, that he was “above the Law”, and for which he ended up doing 18 months in Danbury Federal Penitentiary by those not convinced of his moral superiority.

For as the Commandment States:

“…..Thou shalt not bear false witness…” 

Rev. Moon obviously thought this particular Command of

the 10 Commandments of God

 didn’t apply to the divine race of the Koreans.



The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers


Others in the media and public eye were not so generous in overlooking this unlawful act and event on government ground

Heavenly Deception Strikes Again!!!

Americans United

 Church & State


Sun Myung Moon Crowned ‘King Of America’ At U.S. Senate Building

Controversial Korean evangelist and self-declared messiah Sun Myung Moon received a “Crown of Peace” at a March 23 ceremony that took place at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., and was promoted by members of Congress.

Wearing flowing robes reminiscent of Middle Ages kingly attire, Moon and his wife, Hak Ja Han, had golden crowns placed on their heads during the ceremony, which was attended by a U.S. senator and several members of the House of Representatives.

It was clear that Moon followers viewed the coronation ceremony as more than just an award.

On Moon’s Family Federation for World Peace and Unifi­cation website a few days later, top Moon official Chung Hwan Kwak was quoted as saying,

So in effect, the crowning means America is saying to Father, ‘Please become my king.‘”

Observed Kwak,

“The ‘outside’ view of the Capitol Hill event was that Father received a crown,

an award for his years of dedication and leadership in reconciliation and peace-making.

The ‘inside’ view of the event was that America surrendered to True Parents in the king’s position.”

The event was sponsored by the Interreligious and International Peace Council, a Moon front group that claims to build bridges between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In reality, critics say the organization pursues Moon’s longstanding dream of merging religion and government under his authority.

Moon’s group was able to get access to the Senate building thanks to an influential friend: U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.), who attended the event. Also attending were six members of the House of Representatives: Reps. Roscoe G. Bartlett (R-Md.), Christopher B. Cannon (R-Utah), Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.), Harold E. Ford (D-Tenn.) and Sanford D. Bishop Jr. (D-Ga.).

The House members were listed as “Congressional Co-Chairs” of the event on invitations. “Invitational Committee” members included U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), former U.S. Sen. Larry Pressler (R-S.D.), U.S. Rep. Phillip M. Crane (R-Ill.), U.S. Rep. Thomas M. Davis (R-Va.) and U.S. Rep. Eddie B. Johnson (D-Texas).

During his remarks at the Senate ceremony, Moon claimed that dead world leaders have endorsed him from the “spirit world.”


“[M]any other leaders in the spirit world,

including even Com­munist leaders such as Marx and Lenin,

who committed all manner of barbarity and murders on earth,

and dictators such as Hitler and Stalin,

have found strength in my teachings,

mended their ways and been reborn as new persons,”

Moon told the crowd.

“Emperors, kings and presidents

who enjoyed opulence and power on earth,

and even journalists who had worldwide fame,

have now placed themselves at the forefront of the column

of the true love revolution….

They have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon

is none other than humanity’s Savior,

Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent.”

(Moon officials have asserted that within the past few years, Moon has been endorsed by every deceased U.S. president at a series of “spirit world conferences.”)

Days later at an April 7 gathering, Moon bragged about his enthronement. A summary of his remarks on a Moon website reported that he said, “The coronation of True Parents and King and Queen of the Peace Kingdom was no small event. This was not a symbol or a simple matter. This Coronation of March 23 was a most serious condition in history and was a central point for the Peace Kingdom.”

Moon also said,

“Father is giving direction to Jesus. Do you think Jesus is coming again from the clouds?… The fulfillment of the Coronation on Capitol Hill reversed the fortunes of the Jesus course on the cross. I’m very logical and reasonable as a person…. You don’t know how serious the coronation was in history. If that didn’t happen, then there was a possibility that an atomic bomb would have been dropped on the Gaza Strip.”

Moon also blasted the separation of church and state.

“Who emphasized the separation of church and state?” he asked. “It is not God’s viewpoint.”

Moon concluded his rant with an attack on gay people, a frequent theme in his sermons. He announced that to stop homosexuality, all Unification Church couples should sleep naked.

“Even mother and I are setting such a condition,” said Moon, who is 84. “You must think that your body is for your wife and your wife’s body is for the husband. When couples get old, they should still touch each other and be close like they are young. The wife should sleep holding her husband’s love organ. The husband should do the same…. There is no spare key to your spouse’s love organ. You like to hear this, don’t you, sisters?”

In an April 8 address, Moon observed, “If three families do this [sleep naked] in every village we can get rid of all homosexuality.”

In other recent controversial statements reported on Moon websites, the Korean evangelist insisted that “the Jews killed Jesus” and argued that race is environmentally determined.

“If you black leaders went to live in the North Pole,” he said, “you would become white after a few generations.”


The other politicians who were hoodwinked into coming said this, through the usual flacks;


“…….The spokeswoman for one senator, who asked that her boss not be named,

said politicians weren’t told the awards program was going to be a Moon event.

The senator went, she said, because the Ambassadors promised to hand out awards to people from his home state,

people who were genuinely accomplished. …..”


Crowned himself; as did Napoleon; but the fact is that the Section 9 of the Constitution forbids giving royal titles out to people in America; it's against the Law

Had himself Crowned; as did Napoleon; but the fact is that the Section 9 of the Constitution forbids giving royal titles out to people in America; it’s against the Law

A Lesson in the Application of Ethics as Distinct from mere Rhetoric, an Object Lesson for the Day of Reckoning

Those who believe that God loves them because they are rich, powerful, and apparently reign over mankind as the kings of the earth, are quite correct in the fact that God loves them, but not because they are rich and have great wealth; God loves everybody: good and evil alike.

God even loves the Devil, but, not surprisingly: the Devil does not love God. Lucifer murdered his own self by enshrining himself as the creator of the Principle of Contradiction, and he was so impressed with himself for having done so he then decided he loved himself more than God, because he was more worthy of this self-love than God was. Rhetoric is what one says; and Ethics are what one does: so it is not surprising that those here in America have decided to makes falsehood their home.

Indeed, the rich and powerful have decided to seize political power with their unlimited use of their Wall Street millions, billions more in money stolen from the Middle Class and programs for the less fortunate as the duty of those to help those with less that was the inherent societal balance of the Social Contract between the Upper and Lower Classes, that operated as the de facto conscience of the Upper Class to protect the poor with a Social Safety Net so that the US did not turn into what it is today: a Paradise for the Rich: and a Purgatory for the Poor.

Everything Hitler did to seize power in Germany was Legal....just like the GOP and Tea Party: with unlimited Koch Money....

Everything Hitler did to seize power in Germany was Legal….just like the GOP and Tea Party: with unlimited Koch Money….

The Social Contract is now officially gone, as the legacy of Ronald Wilson Reagan; who began the Reign of Terror by throwing the mentally ill of America into the street by closing all the Government Mental Homes and Hospitals which were the lifeline in the Aid for the Totally Dependent who were unable to fend for themselves. In fact we are seeing what we have instead is the sad reality of trillions of dollars siphoned out of the economy by slashing the workforce to a veritable skeleton, and that money which the Richhad promised to use to bring Americans the real reward of true prosperity now kept in accounts stashed in offshore accounts, so the Corporations pay no taxes at all; and to then use this money to buy Senators and Representatives, Lobbyists and corrupt Judges: and use this wealth to subsequently destroy democracy in America.

In fact, what we are now witnessing is the 1% uniformly taking their obscene wealth to use the now legalized Graft of “Citizens United” to take over the Government, using the Supreme Court approved Right of Unlimited Corporate Graft, now made into the New Law of the Land :by a Lawless Supreme Court: a Supreme Tribunal and veritable Death Sentence of a now Standing State of National Injustice, seen especially in their added removal of the Voting Rights Act, so that now we have returned to the pre-Civil Rights Movement Days for which so many marched and died so they could vote.

Prophetic to the extreme; but ignored even now by many...yet his pronouncement rings true

Prophetic to the extreme; but ignored even now by many…yet his pronouncement rings true


The Fall of Democracy and the Rise of Wall Street


With no right nor way to legally vote the Supreme Court has officially plunged America into a lawless anarchy of Social Darwinism, a dystopian “dog eat dog” society, barely a step away from a GOP policy of interning of millions of Liberals, Gays and Minorities in the ready-to-go FEMA camps, by a willing police force now so corrupted in the Neo-Confederate South by Tea Party rhetoric, and so heavily armed by the military; as to make the ideal of “Protect and Serve” to appear as little more than a forgotten fairytale. Being stopped by the police in the South for a black man is now the very threat of a quick split second death sentence. And they are not prosecuted, once again: “above the law” they insist we obey, even as they operate as virtual masters, now seemingly able to kill with impunity. Cornel West found his arrest to be a mockery of Justice in Ferguson, not even three weeks ago.

The unwholesome truth is that the police are now the operative arm of the thinly veiled ( or not even that anymore ) white supremacist National Right-Wing Oppression, and those on Wall Street and in GOP Statehouses in the South and Mid-west who now operate “Above the Law” laughingly  flout any federal statutes; even as they now have their police department’s daily arrest more and more innocent victims  for the “prison-for-profit” system of incarceration of the poor and homeless now so popular in the South, letting it be their paradigm of black population control, now put in place as their new official Southern “growth industry”; not to mention the Civil Forfeiture Laws by which the police now steal homes and property without let or limit: legally.

The facts were known long ago, and we who forget these words by FDR will rue it...

The facts were known long ago, and we who forget these words by FDR will rue it…

Just like Hitler’s rise in recessionary, Jew-scapegoating; and economically collapsed Germany: all legal.

Does anyone need to see the idea of the Right Wing scapegoating of the poor as “moochers” and “animals” on Fox News as being once again little more than what was done so successfully by Hitler, as he demonized the Jews, and then the Gypsies and also Homosexuals along with the inferior “mentally ill”, so that they had to wear “the mark of the Beast” in public???

 Has anyone even publically called out Putin, for his Hitleresque tactics in his takeover of the mass media, or does that Tsar Putin think he has gotten away with this, and has now so openly done so before the entire world???

He is even now establishing himself as a Totalitarian Dictator for life;  using his illegal monopoly of media to vilify, and the courts to imprison any who dare oppose him, and all done to make seem sub-human and suddenly verminous the hard-working and good people of the Ukraine; all this National Ukrainian “character assassination” being droned without ceasing on TV to the open ears of his political base; made  of an alcoholically and vodka-stuporifically drunken and barely half-conscious populace: his non-stop aggression against Europe continues on every front, and all done to patriotic music on his personally controlled and now completely State-owned TV in Russia, as he happily threatens the West with nuclear annihilation: with a smile.

He’s ex-KGB, a total psychopath.


"...Freedom Through Work...'', much like the "Right to Work" for nothing laws passed by right wing reactionaries in every red state; much like the motto high above the Gates of Dachau

“…Freedom Through Work…”, much like the “Right to Work” ( for nothing ) laws, now having been passed by right wing reactionaries in every red state; much like the motto high above the Gates of Dachau…..

A Shortening of the Days of Darkness??

Here is what we face with the official end of the “Social Contract in America”:

“No more, no more!!, that this dark day the GOP and their NRA arm of Civil “open carry” voter “Intimidators” have decided that having their armed thugs to openly menace Democrats and Minorities at the Voting Booth, and by blocking access to the polls by arranging impossible voting requirement’s, is how they will use the exact tactics of pre-war Fascists under Mussolini to now take control of the United States.

Those who vote GOP seem to have no problems at the Voting Booth at all…..

In Atlanta the paperwork for an estimated 40,000 black newly registered voters vanished without a trace: the Supreme Court has done the work for the Koch Brothers with total alacrity. The Koch Brothers are our new Pharaohs, and a cancer on the body politic which may well yet prove fatal.

Their secret Supreme Court Justices pay-offs, probably in the millions, now sit in hidden accounts; a golden parachute of archangelically demonic corruption on a scale so large as to be unheard of in American history. With the evil food monopolists of Monsanto, who now rule, above the Law, with their former lawyer, Clarence Thomas; as he steadfastly refuses too recuse himself in their cases, which alone stands as a flagrant and blatant violation of judicial ethics for which he should be impeached, and which sticks out like a gangrenously sore thumb: is now the very one he uses to thumb his nose at America with, unhappily for us!!!

A Man of Integrity and Vision

A Man of Integrity and Vision

The Southern Koch Sponsored Plutocracy

The South has now fully armed itself, with traitors like Ted Nugent and many others now openly threatening the life of the President with glee,  and threaten anyone in public office who dares openly to oppose them. This they do in myriad ways, many anonymously.

None of them are even investigated anymore, as there are too many of them, it seems. 

The drumbeat for violence against our President, and the open rebellion advocated by  fascists like Ben Carlson continues to grow, daily; more and more lies and calls for uprising and the moral desertion of public office for “religious principles” of open Sedition and outright Treason..

The calls for presidential assassination and succession by southern and mid-western states grow daily louder; and the shrill demonic bleating of the goats as Barack hate-mongers, and the daily bombast of deception of Limbaugh and of Fox News, as they triumphantly and now legally have won the Right to Lie and mislead the American public, has had it’s cancerous and murderous effect, mainly on the body politic of the happily and woefully right-wing Christian  fundamentalistically ignorant hatemongers like Sarah Palin; who now lives on her diet of the total denial of reality; as she and her rabble greedily drink up the lies she is spoon-fed by the Koch ALEC “Legion of the Devil”, as her racially pandemically poisonous mother’s milk.

And this is just the Tip of the Iceberg

And this is just the Tip of the Iceberg

The Pursuit of Governmental Overthrow by the GOP

The rise and trumpeting of Deceit by the Fox demagogues is only the clarion call of moral decay and military doom,  for the growing army of the violent Antichristian Right-Wing; and their Arch-Narcissist and patently satanic False Christ: Ted Cruz.

Before we had the advent of the Ronald Wilson Reagan agenda, the caviar of the upper class by which we saw the enshrinement of the new policy of taking from the poor to give to the rich we were warned, by many of our greatest and profoundly acutely aware leaders, of the dangers of political power being abrogated from the Will of the People by ending up in the hands of a few wealthy and corrupt men.


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