The ‘Completion Backwards’ Principle of Restoration: Part I, ‘The Altar of Separation’. The Division of the book “Divine Principle”, Rev. Moon’s brilliant, but flawed, Masterpiece


Myung-hee Kim with whom Moon had an illegitimate child (Hee-jin Moon born in Japan in 1955) while Moon was still married to his first wife, Sun-kil Choi. Choi could not endure Moon’s many sexual relationships and divorced Moon on January 8, 1957. In a 1993 interview Sun-kil Choi said: “My husband made relationships one after another by deceiving those women. I kept thinking that I couldn’t bear such a life any longer – so this was the reason for my divorce.”

Myung-hee Kim with whom Moon had an illegitimate child (Hee-jin Moon born in Japan in 1955) while Moon was still married to his first wife, Sun-kil Choi. Choi could not endure Moon’s many sexual relationships and divorced Moon on January 8, 1957. In a 1993 interview Sun-kil Choi said: “My husband made relationships one after another by deceiving those women. I kept thinking that I couldn’t bear such a life any longer – so this was the reason for my divorce.”

The Korean Lover of Women:

the “Ravenous Bird from the East”


The Story of Rev. Moon, uncovered

in the Old and New Testaments


 Isaiah 46:11

“…..Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my will  from a far country:

yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it…..”

Luke 12:47

“….And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself,

neither did according to His will, shall be beaten with many stripes….”


The Man who Thought, and Taught, that he was “God”

Rev. Moon said he was “God Incarnate“, the historic fulfillment of all scripture; as being the actual revealing in the flesh of the Living God, but his death on September 3rd in 2012 seems to have proven quite otherwise, happening a few scant months before Barack Hussein Obama was anointed the King of the Third Israel, which I accomplished with my servant John on the “Official Day of Celebration of Dr. Kings Birthday“, at my Father’s command, on January 21st 2013: in Washington DC.

That Rev. Moon died so close to Barack’s Reelection Victory at the National Level, shows he was in the position of King Saul in his untimely death, just as it proved that “Barack the Blessed” was now firmly established in the position of our David. But the real story of why Rev. Moon made so many costly errors has to do with who he chose to do business with in America: the Rich and Powerful, and most especially: the Right-wing Fundamentalist Christian Republican Pastors and DC Politicians.

And a more corrupt, narrow-minded, and hypocritical bunch of judgmental bigots could scarcely be imagined. But this was Rev. Moon’s pattern; from the South American Nazi remnants he used in Argentina, to cozying up to the Yakuza Japanese Mafia, and then even including deals with the Ultra Right Wing-Nationalist Japanese, many of whom were notorious War Criminals; he bade them all enter his good graces.

A Walk in the Park??

The anointing of Barack Hussein Obama, which I did with the help of my servant John in Washington DC on January 21st, 2013, at my Father’s behest, casts some doubt on Rev. Moon’s previous claims of divinity, and his assertion prior to his death on October 3rd, 2012, to being the eternal and final Incarnation of Christ, Lord of the Second Advent, whose death left many in the Unification Church shaken in their belief of his Divinity: especially when he suddenly died like any mortal.

Calling oneself the Christ is to include one’s standing with my Father Jesus as having the divine status of being a “Son of the Living God“, which term Peter used to describe my Father. Few doubted Rev. Moon’s claims to divinity in his Church, but few outside of his followers paid any attention to his endless boasts and countless astronomical number of titles.

In contradistinction to claiming his status as Messiah, it was Barack who was given the crown of the Messiah at the National Level on the Global Stage, for having won both of his elections, as of the manifest Will of the Peopletwice, thus restoring the position of the “son of Joseph“, once called “Ephraim“, in Egypt ( ..which name means “..doubly fruitful..”), and in his second reelection was the one responsible for the “Restoration of Ephraim” entirely, which was now restored as meaning the entire Northern Kingdom of Israel, being in the position of our “David“, even as Dr. King was our “Moses“.

And this was done by remaining faithful to the providential history of the incredible suffering of the Black Christian Race over the last 430 years, from 1500 ( when Columbus returned with an Armada ), until 1929; for Dr. King, and now Barack himself, who rules America as the Global Abel, and orders the True Caliphate of Islam as it’s Mahdi, because he converted from Islam to Christianity, removing the Veil to see Michelle our first Black First Lady, standing then as Sheba, as the queen of the South herself,  on that very Foundation of Substance which Rev. Moon pretended did not exist.

But Davetta Holder, Director at the Unification Theological Seminary in New York, knew quite well what I was speaking of, when I explained to her about the Black Christian Race as being the “Manchild” of Revelation 12, in bonding with the White Youth of My Generation to produce the REAL Third Israel in America; but she chose not to speak out to the Korean rulers of the Unification Church about me, and because she knew Barack Hussein Obama represented the “David” of the Internal Restoration of Canaan, as Dr. King did as our “Moses“, and for which saying, or even believing, no doubt, as the reason she lost her job.

Others like Magnus at HSA-UWC,  and Tossa Cromwell, and now Dr. Panzer of the UTS, for whom Davetta Morgan was his Director at UTS before she was fired, are all suspected of having a real grasp of the fact the Manchild of Revelation ( chapter 12 ), as the Black Christian Race, with which My Generation of committed, idealistic, and passionate white youth totally bonded, and are all now being fired or offered humiliating demotions and cuts in pay, for secretly even knowing who truly are the REAL Third Israel. The Black Christian Race and My generation who STOOD at Beth-El in the 3 day Separation from Satan at the Global Level, which began the Internal Exodus to the Kingdom of Heaven as the Promised Land at “Woodstock” although this was at the town of “Beth-El” as “The House of God.” The Unification Church denies this to this day….

There are many who know I speak the truth about this, yet will not speak out;  just as the Jews did long ago with not publically stating their true beliefs and confessing my Father Jesus 2,000 years ago, in their fear of being thrust out from the Synagogues by the Pharisees, which still happened when Rome closed in….and everyone realized the End of Israel had come; just as my Father Jesus said would happen. 

The same situation is in play now with me and my scared converts, who are still inside the crumbling edifice of monetary corruption and justified patterns of composite lies; afraid to speak out, as the Pharisees who believed in my Father stood in almost exactly the same situation 2,000 years ago.

The Unification Church well knows who I am, but they in the Church who know of me, dare not confess me, for fear of Widow Moon having them tossed out in the street, thereby losing their jobs and positions,  as the Koreans hold the purse-strings, and Widow Moon’s Clan holding all the assets and the property.

Yet the Providence of Salvation is quite clear to those unbiased minds and pure hearts, unclouded by fear or doubt: in taking the responsibility to end slavery it was then Lincoln’s move which set up the Formation Stage for the Restoration of the United Kingdom of North and South Israel, Ephraim and Judah, seen at the conclusion of the Civil War ( the Condition of Indemnity for the North being the bloodiest conflict ever seen in human history, and dividing even families for the Union on the North and Dixie for the South, many facing each other in battles in many places ), with the Growth Stage seen at the Civil Rights Movement the Condition of Indemnity being that of the lives lost by the lynching’s and killings by the police and the Klan,  and the attacks on the Marchers and beatings of the Protesters, and violence against My Generation of the White Youth in Solidarity with the Black Manchild ), and for all the patriots who fought for the Dignity of the entire Human Race seen in the struggle of the Black Christian race in the position of the Hebrews in Racist Egypt ( when the first-born were being drowned in the Nile by Pharaoh’s racist decree ), and then the Perfection Stage seen at the Civil Victory of Equality: completed as in the Restoration of Ephraim with the 430 years of Time-Indemnity ( from the year 1500, as of Columbus’ return to America with the Armada after 1492; to 1929 when Dr. King was born, which happened as the “Crash” occurred, as the Condition of Indemnity at the National level on White America,  for the Oppression of the Black Christian Race, both economically and societally ),  this being the price paid for the Lost Ten Tribes being restored, or “found”, as the Prodigal Son “returning” to the House of God the Father seen at Beth-ElThe House ( of David  ) of God”, collectively: victorious at the National Level, as “My Generation” itself.

This was the real significance of the Internal Restoration as of “taking Egypt from within“, seen when our Nation rose at Beth-El, Woodstock, in our 3 Day Separation from Satan the Devil, in leaving Racist Egypt forever, as a New Israel. The one living at Beth-El, Bob Dylan, was our Joshua ( even as Woody Guthrie was our Caleb ), who had led us in to the Internal Canaan, and the 31 bands at Woodstock represented the 31 kings Joshua defeated when he entered the Promised Land.

Barack Obama was thus a King whose crown represented the Victory of Internal Restoration, as when Christianity took Rome from within by that 430 years, as the date when Augustine died in 430 AD, conquering it  from within, as the Third Israel did also.

I represented the Prodigal Son at the Individual level in my resurrection from the dead. And who is the Prodigal Son? It the Son of David: Solomon himself; the Fallen One. That it is plainly he with the number seen at I Kings 10:14, for the gold given in one year: 666 talents of gold, for Midas, as that was the mythic gloss for the figure Solomon himself.

In fact the twist that his daughter became gold at his touch is really how with his wealth that he “lost his soul”; as the story of his daughter being turned to gold was the clue as to how a man could trust in his riches but then “lose his eternal soul”, and the kingdom forfeited as well, signified by the 10 tribes Israel “lost” due to the fall of Solomon, not in his Wisdom, but in his Folly.

Thus it is the lust for “Fame and Fortune” that are the “Name and Number” of the Beast. Solomon had both, as some can recall.

The Victory of the Return of Ephraim

This victory meant that the North, coming forth as the Deliverer in the position of God, was the one paying the Indemnity for the Foundation of Faith, as the “Enactor in Substitution“, seen first with Harriet Tubman, who went through the Individual level in her Course of Restoration when she escaped from Slavery, broadened to the Familial level when she went back and got her Family, risking her life, and then enlarged again when she went back and got all her Relatives in her Extended Family as of the Tribal level, and then went back again and again; saving all others she could thus enlarged  her mission at the Racial Level, and then watched,  as her mission went to the National level, with the Northern States as the Deliverer, and Lincoln as our Moses, and Abolitionist John Brown as our Aaron or Warrior High Priest.

John Brown was a fiery orator and chief instigator of the Abolitionists, and had  taken a Vow in Church to bring Freedom to the Slaves, which Lincoln finally did with the Emancipation Proclamation. Thus we reached the National Level when the South’s last Commander of the Confederate Army General Joseph E. Johnston surrendered on 4-18-1865 ( “….Memorandum, or Basis of Agreement, made this 18th day of April A.D. 1865, near Durham Station, in the State of North Carolina, by and between General Joseph E. Johnston, commanding the Confederate Army, and Major General William T. Sherman, commanding the Army of the United States in North Carolina…” ) with President Abraham Lincoln paying the National Condition of Indemnity with his own life a few days earlier, on April 14th: Good Friday.

Much later, Dr. King made it to the Global level with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, won on that Foundation of self-sacrifice.

Chuck and Betty; the queen of the South representing Sheba; who he married and replaced Rev. Moon in the Foundation to receive the Messiah; as the Synaon Church is where I grew up.

Chuck and Betty; the queen of the South representing Sheba; who he married and replaced Rev. Moon in the Foundation to receive the Messiah; as the Synaon Church is where I grew up.

 Why Rev. Moon was Jealous of the Civil Rights Movement,  

and hated Dr. King.

With Barack’s two victories at the National level, the American people had now put one of these former “slaves” into the Highest Office in the Land as their appointed Leader. Our ‘Voice of the Archangel’ during the Civil War, which was that of setting up the Foundation of Faith for the Global Level with America as the Global Microcosm or “world in miniature”, by “Establishing the Condition of Indemnity for Removing the Fallen Nature of Racism“, was thus championed with that eloquent voice of  Frederick Douglass, a man of genius and integrity. even Rev Moon saw that America was the melting pot or “Cup” as the Microcosm for the Providence that stood for the entire world.

What happened here in America was then Global in significance, symbolically. But Rev. Moon spoke out against Dr. King and his Nobel Peace Prize he won in 1964 out of envy; and the knowledge he stood in the position of our Moses in the Internal Course of Restoration of Canaan in “taking Egypt from within” , as the Christians did at Rome from the Providence of Salvation before it was destroyed after 430 AD, when Augustine died.

The Providence was once again invaded by Satan as the Vandals, Huns and all the rest of the armies of Satan,  and the Empire fell due it’s Pagan faiths which could not meld with the Christian Faith, seen in the feet of the statue that fell in Daniel; in which the feet were of clay and iron.

Rev. Moon should have walked with Dr. King as he healed America of it’s racism, and instead of the Black Muslims as King’s bodyguards it should have been Unification Church members..which is another reason he was killed. Not to mention how Rev. Moon demonized King as pro-communist for speaking out against the unjust and illegal Vietnam “Colonial War” .

Here is the gist of a speech Rev. Moon gave back in 1975, from the blog by Glenn David Emery, former UC member, current Producer with CNN.


I Thought He’d be Taller

1975.10.30 (cont.)
Father is here. He is speaking in Korean. A translator tells us in English what he is saying.
Unified Soldiers
“…..Traditional Christians have a supernatural concept of Jesus: Jesus does not need a toilet, that the sacred man does not need these humanly things. Tonight we will learn the meaning of sacredness. ( Curiously it is Apostate Islam that states Jesus was just a mortal man because he and his mother Mary defecated; so they could not be divine….)
Thought. The ideal in the brain. Holy thought makes holy person. All can become holy, can become sons and daughters of God. UC members must be determined to think, live and act great and holy. Ask questions. Can answer all questions. This world is our stage where we have to engage our lives. Many people wonder where present times will be in the future. Some will say we are a great, prosperous nation and we will continue to be.
Where did Reverend Moon’s thought come from? Everyone draws their own conclusion. Father knows destiny of UC. No one wants to willingly decline. Nobody can be sure of anything.
Individual –> Family –> Society –> Nation –> World –> Cosmos
Even Nobel Prize winner  (  Clear Reference to Dr. King ) would not say, yes, God alone can have that absolute conviction. Human beings cannot have this confidence. By becoming one with God, we can have this absolute power and conviction. It is impossible to bring God to our level. How can we become invincible person in God? God must have subject role. Even when Reverend Moon looks like a loser, if it is the will of God, he will be a glorious victor.
God’s Will and Responsibility
What is will of God? UC knows will of God. Our answer must be parallel with understanding of God. Will of God is realization of idealization of creation. Our ambitions must be to realize our ideals. We do not have ideal world in religious terms. We call this the Fall of Man. Divine Principle lets us see separation of ideal and deviated world. Ideal is one concept, one glory. Can only have one master. ( In other words: not Dr. King….our Moses at the Global Level after winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964) Time for harmony.
Whites cannot do it. Blacks cannot do it. ( Referring to the unity of the Black and White races which was the Foundation of Substance in the internal restoration which enede with the Civil Rights Act three days after Dr. King was killed; the Providence of the Third Israel here in America which Rev. Moon destroyed by demonizing Dr. King, and after which the government stood by and wiretapped him as a possible communist; so that Satan then was able to invade the Foundation; and Dr. King was killed ). Reverend Moon must unify everyone. Would be better if Reverend Moon was a white man. Whites and blacks must marry. Only Reverend Moon can bring them together willingly. Some whites are so frantic that they wish Father harm. Unity should not be by force, but by desire to please God. Already Reverend Moon has set record as matchmaker. If two enemies can be brought together, anything can be done. Know the truth and the truth will make you free.
We are crazy minority now, but someday we will be over 50% of population and we will be normal. ( This was a blatant  and prophetically sounding but ultimately misleading falsehood, based on nothing but fantasy )
Fulfillment of Will of God
Restoration brings fallen nature back to original nature. Ultimate will of God is restoration of world. True religion is being used as tool by God to bring man back to original nature. True religion must be working on worldwide level. Government must come under church. There should be no separation of church and state. These are things were are going to deal with and solve. People of U.S. should follow will of God. America should sacrifice itself to save the rest of the world. The more one man standing up for the will of God is attacked, the greater the blessing. A righteous stand fears no opposition. All we have to do is take the righteous stand of God. One righteous man is more valuable and precious in the sight of God than billions of unrighteous people. Must have great pride in value. Not even God can extinguish the fire. The way of true religion is to liberate God. Will of God has been fulfilled.
America is responsible for division of Germany and Korea. Lost body is Asia. Messiah will come from spiritual, mystic Orient, not from naturalistic West. Israel, Rome, Britain — all failed mission. Now rests on America. First must indemnify for Britain, Italy and Israel. Korea is the final nation where Lord of the Second Advent will appear. Japan is in equivalent position of British Empire, was powerful enough to take Korea, but United States destroyed Japan, and Korea was freed. But now America is responsible for protecting Asia. Korea is in position of Roman Empire, new age papacy with both spiritual and material aspect of church. America has lost seven sovereign nations to Communism as it sleeps.
Korean affairs are world affairs.
( Saying that Korea stood on the Global Level;
it did, along with Germany, which was also divided )
Germany — east & west, horizontal.
Korea — north & south, vertical.
Asia is like body of Christ taken by Satan, except one little piece: Korea.
If America put its primary emphasis on Korea, then Japan, Korea and all of Asia would survive.
Kim Il Sung is physical Satan in North Korea.
First of all, America must not go against UC. We will compete to love our enemy the most……” 
Compete with “who” ???  Dr. King and the white youth of My Generation
Curiously the Unification Church never mentioned the Civil Rights Movement…ever.
They never walked with Dr. King nor supported him because Rev. Moon saw him as a rival, and caused his attempt to “steal” the Blessing of God on the Black Christian race in their 430 years of Time-Indemnity in the West for Korea and himself, which he first tried to do by mixing the soil of Korea with that of all 50 states in 1965.
But Howie Comis, nicknamed “Zebra”,, as the “Little Child” of the Providence, whose soul was united with the Black Christian Race, was the one who he used to do so….
Rosa Parks, born on the very day Harriet Tubman died

Rosa Parks, born on the very day Harriet Tubman died

That Rosa Parks was born on the Day Harriet Tubman died is not a coincidence, but is proof of the existence of what Carl Jung called “Synchronicity“, as the “Acausal Interconnecting Principle” of Restoration / Salvation itself, always shewing that God has planned the Imminent Victory of my Father Lord Jesus well in advance.

The Bus of Rosa Paks; the Growth Stage from Harriet Tubman at the Formation Stage of the Restoration of Ephraim; Sheba as the queen of the South at the Perfection Stage; embodied in Michelle Obama; our first black christian First Lady in the White House

The Bus of Rosa Paks; the Growth Stage from Harriet Tubman at the Formation Stage of the Restoration of Ephraim; Sheba as the queen of the South at the Perfection Stage; embodied in Michelle Obama; our first black christian First Lady in the White House

This was a huge step, because now the Constitution could stand as the Word in the form of the Law, as in the sentence”All Men are Created Equal” reached substantial form: in the shape of Barack, half-white, and half-white: himself.

What few realized was that the state Barack had gone through in himself, internally; he now saw as happenng in the Body Politic of America: as his own reflection externally played out in now millions of black and white people; the southern or “Judah” half of the Nation being fallen into hatred and darkness once again in 2014; at the Resurrection unto Damnation of the Confederacy itself, even as Barack was the Resurrection of Life of David in the position of the King of Israel himself, as the leader of all the races, of all the people: in America. Camp David as the Presidential Retreat bears silent witness to the fact that in America, as in ancient Israel, the King was also the Commander-in-chief of the Army.

Especially we must look again at the prophetic contribution of the Native Americans: who were now seen as the Guardians of the Earth itself: at the 7th Trump it plainly says the Righteous shall Rise “…to destroy those who destroy the earth..”.

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastica of Sun Myung Moon; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb's Wife

The Petroglyph of the Hopi; the backward swastica of Sun Myung Moon; and the Double Maltese Cross of my servant John; who helped me die and become the Bride of the Paraclete; the Lamb’s Wife

Thus the Hopi, once considered as Last; now stand as the First, as they recognized me and the two helpers sent by God aforetime at the Petroglyph on the Mesa; the first as Rev. Moon, in the position of Elder Brother as the Yellow Race; and my servant John as of “the Younger”; the Hopi even predicting that my first helper would fail: but be replaced by one better.

And so it has proved. The Blue Star and the 3 Days after December 21st, from December 22nd, 23rd to the 24th were the End of Time and Beginning of the Consummation of the Age; known as “Eviternity“, the Dawn of Eternity itself.

Their understanding of my “Death in Christ” on October 24th, 2007, when the Blue Star manifested from Comet Holmes, happened as the ‘Sign of the Coming: when that small Comet which went around the Sun every 7 years ( as the Cycle of Regeneration of the human body, that lives by replacing all the bodily cells every 7 years ) suddenly expanded 1,000,000 times in size, from the form of the least of the herb seeds the “mustard seed” as of only three miles in length, to that of the “largest celestial object” in the Solar System; as being even larger than the Sun itself in size. This represented the mustard seed being smallest or “last” as becoming then “first” as the largest herb Tree as well. Few know what this Sign in the Heavens was that of the Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man.

The Comet which is the Blue Star of the Hopi; Comet Holmes as the Morning Star which became the Blue Sun of the Regeneration

The Comet which is the Blue Star of the Hopi; Comet Holmes as the Morning Star which became the Blue Sun of the Regeneration

Thus it became as “….the tree large enough so that all the birds of heaven….” could rest in it’s branches, as my Father had foreseen. 

This expansion happened in my “Death in Christ” on October 24th, 2007, as I was then given the sign of the prophesied coming of the “Blue Star of the Hopi” as “the Morning Star” of Eviternity, the “Dawn of Eternity” as the coming of the “Kingdom of God” itself.

This situation present today for those called as witnesses to the 7th Trumpet of Michael is that of of the earth being destroyed, as the prophetic truth written 2,000 years ago, is curiously and also exactly what has happened before the eyes of My Generation, and the “voice from the earth” is that of the Red Race itself: who gave us all collectively their blessing as those of My Generation who bonded culturally with them, as realizing the bond between the Red Race and the White Race.

We both came into the Blessing of God through bonding spiritually with the Black Race. This happened through our spiritual baptism in “The Blues”, and then “Jazz”, and then at last “Rock.”: as the 3 Great Blessings of the Black Race,  from God, upon the World.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

How We Bonded with the Red Race in the 60’s

We discovered the wisdom of the Earth from the Sethian and Edenic Red Race, and then went and honored our new-found brothers and sisters for their place in our history; and we who wore the fringed jackets and fringed vests, the soft buckskin leggings, the Turquoise jewelry; and the “hippie” beads.

We wanted to join our tribes to theirs as of “all of the Tribes of the Children of Israel” as adopting the clothing of our New Brothers, adopting their philosophy of Ecology and  fully knowing why, and not merely being the usurpation of their culture by a  fake  fashionable  “fad”, as of Native American dress, beliefs, ancestors, and magic taken up by others like Carlos Castenada.

We felt a bonding with them,  and found our understanding by knowing of the Great Spirit from the Red Race, joining it with the Great God of Revelation at the Supper of the Great God;  where all eat at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, as of the Word made Flesh,  itself.

We thus collectively returned, fulfilling the Hopi prophecy as the return of “the True White Brother“, and our Older Brother then gave us all a gift; the Movement called “Ecology“, to save us from destroying ourselves, but it is now seen the Hopi who saw the Blue Star held also the manifest wisdom of the earth itself that they represented as it’s “voice” or “guardian consciousness”, as of that which ‘swallows up’ the flood from the dragon seen in chapter 12 of the Revelation.

Thus it was their wisdom which ends up saving us who heeded them, as what is seen in the Revelation as the “Voice of the Earth“, which saves the US  from the flood of consumerism, materialism, and atheism, from the European mouth of the Dragon, which the Red Race then defeats all at once: and this with a Pipe of Peace, as when they Buried the Hatchet.

But it also is the one who obeys the Voice of God: …”to destroy those who destroy the earth..” at the 7th Trumpet; which began in 1977, the year that Aaron Presley died at the age of 42. It has never stopped sonding, the Iron Curtain as the Wall of Babylon as the Global Jericho of Berlin  fell ten years later at 1987, with Mary’s Second Advent in Hrushiv, Ukraine after Fatima, Portugal: in 1917, 70 years later, but the Trumpet still Blows. The 70 years signified Ukraine’s 70 years of Babylonian Captivity, 1917 to 1987, when the Wall went down..

That is where Dr. King started with the principle of non violence, the self-sacrificial one of the Altar of Incense. Thus the Foundation of Substance was reached at the Civil Rights Voting Act enacted three days after Dr. King was killed. The Foundation to Receive the Messiah was thus realized when Barack Obama completed his 21 month course in his campaign for President, and then won reelection, and was thus victorious on the Foundation to Receive the Messiah the American people set up by their United Will, voting for him: twice.

Dr. King healed America; by smiting it for it’s Injustice; and healed the Land from the racist shadow of Egypt; in Memphis, named for it’s ancient capital.

But because Obama was now arguably the most powerful man on earth, he also stood as the Global Abel for the Black Christian race bonded with My Generation, the Global Cain having been Rev. Moon himself , for having claimed that Korea was the Third Israel, in his effort to steal the Blessing of Samuel from what Moon perceived of America as a profane and undeserving “Esau”, in comparison to himself as a virtuous and wise “Jacob”.

But in reality he was King Saul, and Barack was David. We know this because Rev. Moon went to the Warlock Arthur Ford with Bo Hui Pak  for a séance and affirmation of his mission from Ford’s familiar spirit, “Fletcher”, but this act went directly against God’s Will, so Rev. Moon himself was cut off from God’s Grace and Blessing;  just as Saul was cut off when he went to the Witch of Endor, so she would raise the shade of Samuel that Saul wanted to ask a question regarding the upcoming battle, in which he and his son Jonathan both died. Thus Barack became King in place of Rev. Moon, the Spear which represented the Doctrine of Christ then going back into my own hand to protect our new King from any attack by Satan.

As few but the former denizens of the Unification Church know, ( many of whom now are balking at bowing down to his Widow, in the Sunday Ritual of Worship, as unwilling to be known simply as the “…devout worshippers of the Widow and Creatrix of Rev. Moon, Dr. Hak Ja Han“.. ), Rev. Moon considered his wife to be one half of the Messiah he designated to his followers to worship, as that entity he disclosed in 1960 that now was the Messiah as being himself and his wife: as the “True Parents” of Mankind, this following  from their marriage which Moon called “the Marriage of the Lamb” in 1960. Yet this claim has now been seen as lacking the one element a change of this cosmic magnitude would bring to his Messiah-widow: namely: any spiritual abilities whatsoever.

Colton Burpo; the Child of God as the living Sign

Colton Burpo; the Child of God as the living Sign

The Holy Child of Jesus,

seen in Mark 9:36-37

King James Version (KJV)

36 And he took a child, and set him in the midst of them: and when he had taken him in his arms, he said unto them,

37 Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me:

and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me,

but Him that sent me.


Mentioned again by Peter in Acts 4:30


This was a Secret Rev. Moon never even approached

This was a Secret Rev. Moon never even approached


Kristi Nevalainen, a former member of the Unification Church in Finland has added her testimony about the origin of Rev. Moons sexual doctrine…




Ms. Pak Wol-yong in Pyongyang area was actually the spiritual founder of the Unification Church. The essential characteristic of the kangshimu (shamaness, Mudang) is that she becomes possessed by a God or spirit as part of her initiation ceremony. A person becomes a kangshimu by participating in an initiation ceremony called “naerim-kut”.

Read more about Korean shamanesses:

Ms. Pak Wol-yong claimed she was the ‘wife of Jehovah’ because she had sex with him. So she became a divine being, a Goddess incarnate. She could transfer her divinity further to her male followers, including Sun Myung Moon, through the pikareum sexual rite. Other female religious leaders practiced this rite, too, like Ms. Kim Song-do, Ms. Huh Ho-bin and Ms. Chong Tuk-un.


Widow Moon as the Matriarch is now in the position of ISIS, the MYSTERY "female spirit" of Rev. Moon he sad was the "Holy Sprit"

Widow Moon as the Matriarch is now in the position of ISIS, the MYSTERY “female spirit” of Rev. Moon, that he said was the “Holy Sprit”.


Dr. Hak Ja Han claims divinity


What of this claim of Dr. Hak Ja Han? She claims she was born without original sin, and is then Mary, reborn. But Mary was chosen by God who sent Gabriel to her as His Messenger.

But no angel of God ever visited Mrs. Moon, and told her any such thing that she was so “highly favored” as was Mary, who was “the Zion of the Holy One of Israel”, as the prophetic figure known as “the Mother of Jesus”. Mary died as a mortal woman as well.


The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

Does Widow Moon have any abilities to justify such a claim??


“……Ms. Hak Ja Han has declared that she is the only begotten daughter of God !!!

She claims to be a Goddess incarnate walking on earth.

She should be spiritually at least as mature as her female predeccors earlier.

Which kind of spiritual experiences does she have with God?

Or doesn’t she have any?….”

Kirsti Nevalainen


The problem with Widow Moon is that when it comes to spiritual abilities she has none, according to all of her immediate  family and even from herself. She does not even have the ability to talk to her own dead husband in the world of spirits.

Why not???

She is not Mary, obviously. Rev. Moon also had no powers or gifts of any kind, except the ability to talk about himself for hours on end, and amass a fortune exceeding a trillion dollars by having his fleet of ships illegally empty the Pacific Ocean of most of it’s fish.

But no rich man will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven, as my Father once said.

Rev. Moon was ashamed of my Father and his Sayings, but as I did the Sayings the 3 Great Blessings came to me in a very unexpected way, with the Seal of the Living God an Angel brought to me in 1986 at my grandmother Ruth’s house in San Francisco. And she was, indeed: Ruth.

Any typical Sufi of real stature could demonstrate far more spiritual power or “Baraka”, as substantially the recipient of the footprint of Allah which leaves the permanent imprint of “Grace”, than the most senior members of their Church. Take, for instance; Bo Hui Pak, Rev. Moon’s “John the Baptist’ . As the Korean head of the KCIA, and Rev. Moon’s right hand man for years, Bo Hui Pak would seem to be endowed with the sure signs and gifts of God, but to this day he cannot even prophesy, help others to understand scripture, or himself see into the World of Spirits.

Surely this is not a good sign of one who stood as the divine messenger of Rev. Moon. But let us unravel the problems and then the solutions to this complex and catastrophic situation for so many who dedicated their lives to Rev. Moon. Few will admit in the Church how many members left the UC, and fewer indeed in the higher echelons will even talk about those former members who now are homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, and living in shelters or on the streets, not to mention those who simply having died from neglect and utter poverty, and given not even a Unification burial.

The Unification Church just calls them “failures”, as being what Rev. Moon branded the “harvest of Satan” in America,  who obviously left due to spiritual weakness and not living a principled life: according to Rev. Moon’s principles.

But this is patently false, as many died in shame and self-inflicted total obscurity, because they could not adjust to being abandoned by their own Church. Howie Comis was one such victim,  and who was actually the sacrificial lamb of My Generation, slain on the altar of Rev. Moon’s pride after saving his life and mission, as having been “the little child who was to lead us”, and the one from whom the Koreans decided to steal the Blessing of God that He gave to America, as Howie was the Tribal Messiah who embodied the unity of the black and white races that was the Racial Mission of the Third Israel.

His tragic life ended as being the “Zebra Man” who wandered the streets of Harlem, a figure of fun and fear, and whose mutilated torso: headless, armless and legless, was found a mile away from Rev. Moon’s HQ in Belvedere NY. What was his providential role?? It was this: Howie is the “carcass” mentioned by my Father in the Gospel. The identification of Howie was difficult, as the body had been dumped off the side of the road in a large suitcase, and was found long after it was left, severely decomposed. Yet he still has a role to play……

“…..For where the carcass is; there shall the birds of prey be gathered…..”

(….A phrase echoing the “birds of prey” as the Egyptian vultures that came down on the Altar of Abraham at his failed offering by failing to divide the pigeon and the dove which represented Ishmael and Isaac, respectively…)
The Unlawful End of Democracy, why did Senator Lindsey Graham help crown Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon? And betray the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, and End the Separation of Church and State???

The Unlawful End of Democracy, why did Senator Lindsey Graham help crown Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon? And betray the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, and End the Separation of Church and State???


The Problems facing the Remnants of the Unification Church now rest in three problem areas, starting with this one:

First Problem Area of Restoration by the Messiah at the Final or 7th Level

The Task of Separation of the Discarnate Object, the book titled “Divine Principle”, by the 7th lord of Restoration, Dividing the combined object of “good and evil”, Advancing in the Design of Providence as the Realm of Gods Design of Providential Restoration.

Starting “the restoration of all things” at the Universal Level of “Heaven and Earth”, which defines the “Kingdom of God”.

The Restoration of the Knowledge of  Rev. Moon: a historical review of the Sufis and William B. Seabrook in the providential knowledge about the 7 levels; Rev. Moon’s contribution to Humanity by explaining the gradual enlargement of the Three Great Blessings, and the period of the Last Day since the death of the “fatted calf” Osama bin Laden the Antichrist.

The reality involved with David’s Resurrection at the Euphrates / Jordan, in the  finishing of the Providence of Salvation: at the Global and then Universal or Cosmic Level of the Kingdom, as comprising “Heaven and Earth”.

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

=================Beginning the Division of Light and Darkness at the 7th level of Restoration======================

Starting at page 315 of “Divine Principle”, where it is said,

“…That is to say, whenever there is even one man of absolute faith, God has this man succeed to the attendance of the object of faith,

thus gradually realizing the will of His providence….”

Part One

“..Dealing with the Tabernacle of God as Object of Restoration…”,

Rev. Moon and his understanding of the Tabernacle of Moses….On page 315-16 he continues;

“…By what could man, then, set up the object of faith?

The tabernacle, which symbolized the messiah,

by enshrining the ark with the tablets of stone inside,

was this object.”

He then states,

“Nevertheless, the Israelites all fell into faithlessness. At the end, there was the danger (problem)that even Moses might possibly act faithlessly. Here God had to set up an object of firm  faith, that would never change, even though man might change.”

” The Idea of Sexual Dominion by Pikareum, and the Evidence to the Contrary,

 the Anti-Spiritual Dimensions inherent in Denying the Victory of Jesus while affirming his own Success,

and the 10 Children of the Korean Jacob 


1.)  The allegations of many women coming forth who Rev. Moon had ritual sex with called “Pikareum”, a Korean practice of shamanic sorcery undertaken as a “blood transference” or “blood cleansing” ritual; which Rev. Moon insisted would remove original sin from their blood, so they could then go forth and have sex with men, and thus cleanse them from original sin as well.

That Rev. Moon slept with all the wives of the original 36 “Blessed Couples” now brings us to the realization that none of the men and women involved have developed any kind of abilities, powers, or spiritual gifts,  and not produced children that are any different than any child in the world, which children with no original sin would be, as they would have miraculous powers like Jesus himself did, as Mary was considered “chosen” by God for this very reason. But with all of the sexual cleansing involved from all the  virgins Rev. Moon deflowered in Korea, not one has brought forth anything of the kind in their children. 

2. ) The assertions that Rev. Moon was a success, because he married and had children, unlike Jesus, who, according to Unification theology, was a failure in his mission, due to the failure of John the Baptist in denying he was Elijah was therefore forced to die on the Cross as a propitiation to Satan to redeem mankind by God, and did not arise in his original body of flesh and bone in the Resurrection as stated in the Gospel, but was merely “a spirit’ of some kind. And now? Jesus is not even considered as the Messiah, but is the servant of Rev. Moon in spirit world or his children, and sings their praises, and has declared Rev. Moon as his superior, and Rev. Moon the God of the Entire creation. But here is the core statement of the dilemma Rev. Moon created:



".....No Man sees my Face and Lives..."

“…..No Man sees my Face and Lives…”

The problem was that by saying the Death and Resurrection of Jesus was not a Victory for God,

but a Defeat, leaving us with Rev. Moon’s own death then also seen as failure;

because Jesus rose after three days:

and the body of Rev. Moon did not. 

"....I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as lightning..."

“….I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as lightning…”

“…Judge not, lest ye be judged,

for what Judgment ye judge with: ye shall be judged by:

and the measure ye mete: shall then be meted unto thee as well….”


Let us not forget: 

“…..As the least in the kingdom of heaven it is the fact that it is my Father’s servant John who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven; but he did not come to me for no reason; he came to redress the problems coming from Rev. Moon leaving his position; and then falling from it entirely. What Rev. Moon concealed about John’s failure was that Elijah was to be the first figure Resurrected as John the Baptist himself; thus in denying who he was, John stopped the resurrection from happening: as it was written.

        Rev. Moon also stopped the Resurrection from happening again; as in the position of Abel as Ishmael; which was John the Baptist’s position: not Moses; as Jesus was in the position of Adam as Isaac; and the elders of Judah in the position of God as Abraham; having the power of life and death over Jesus just as Abraham did over the bound form of Issac. That the Elders of Judah were to have spared Jesus by listening to the Voice of John was analagous to Abraham sparing Issac from hearing the Voice of the Angel; thus the Elders did not see the “Day” nor the “Hour” in which they stood; and Israel was destroyed….”

Salvation Rose, the bride,

the Lamb’s wife


The Judgment on Rev. Moon

The assertion by his Widow is that Rev. Moon successfully created the Eternal Kingdom of God, a totally pure and divine Paradise itself for all Eternity; thus ushering in Peace on Earth, Universal Harmony: and the Blessing of God to all Mankind.

But anyone can see that the earth is being destroyed, that violence is epidemic, that hatred and racism are everywhere, and the Rich now seem to take especial delight in oppressing and demonizing the poor. Her assertion is false.


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