The Advent of that Great City ‘Sodom and Egypt’, how “MYSTERY”, The White Goddess “ISIS”, caused Rev. Moon to Fall: Part IV


  “The Mystery of Rev. Sun Myung Moon”

The Breasts of the Bride: the City of St. Francis delivered to the men of Sodom; by Rev. Moon

The Breasts of the Bride: the City of St. Francis delivered to the men of Sodom; by Rev. Moon

Part I

Starting at the Beginning: The Mirror of Creation and the Image of God

The Wisdom of God, the Tree of Life, and the Garden God planted in Eden,

called “Paradise”


The Account of Genesis;

Eden as “Nature” and the Garden as “Divine Nature”


The Account of the Revelation as “ReGenesis”


If we are to rectify the damage done to Christianity in America by Rev.  Moon, and to arrive correctly at the completion of the Providence according to the way my Father Jesus planned it, we must start at the root of the problem currently manifest as seen in the current dismantling of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) of the Unification Church at Barrytown; and show why and how some of the assertions Sun Myung Moon made were inherently, and demonstrably: wrong, but how ( and why ) other assertions he made were remarkably bright, and right: but to do this in the manner in which it can be understood; means both the right and the wrong concepts must be seen within the occult or “hidden” work of the Great Whore ISIS who seduced him herself in those errors: as she is verily the female figure he mistakenly embraced, who is called by the title “MYSTERY“, seen in the Revelation of St. John the Divine, in chapter 17.

She must be seen with that “Cup of Gold” in her hand as the weapon of Rev. Moon’s “Principle of Indemnity“, which one must understand to even begin to see what really went wrong in the Providence: and continues to happen, even now. It begins to be seen in chapter 14 of the Revelation of my servant John, at verse 8,

And there followed another angel, saying,

…Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,

because she made all nations drink

of the wine of the wrath of her fornication….

There is no other way to rectify the complex and tragic problems for those who drank the wine in the Unification Church weddings, and who believed all they were told by Rev. Moon, as those beliefs are now exacting such a terrible effect on the entire world, as same-sex marriage becomes the societal norm, a shift in values is visible, but where was it generated from? We have the look at the disciples of John, as Rev. Moon’s position with the Koreans, with Moon’s Koreans in the position of John’s Essenes, as “the children of light“, next to those he said,

“…..but the children of this world IN THEIR Generation: are WISER than the children of light…”


And my Father also said this of the difference between John’s disciples at Qumran and those poor harlots of  the Street,

“……Of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist:

yet I say unto you, he who is least in the kingdom of heaven; is greater than he…..”

Thus Moon with his disciples in stern judgmental contradistinction, as neither “eating or drinking“, as fasting and drinking no alcohol; to the unjudgmental “Children of Love as the Children of God” or “Hippies” who took everything in sight, was very much in the position of John and his disciples who constantly fasted and prayed, who followed not with the carefree and unjudging Nazarenes of Jesus, who he said should not be sad or harsh or think to do so because: “…as long as the Bridegroom is with thee to rejoice ( as ‘to party; but not “revel” or “be drunken” )…”; thus we  in San Francisco were as “the children of the Bridechamber” because we were the “friends of the Bridegroom”, in the “Name of Love as the Name of God”: and that was the God who was with us…..

….Paul refers to Him as “…The God of Love and Peace…”.

But then he who is least? One would see a 12 year old child who tarried in Jerusalem whilst his parents Joseph and Mary left town: and realized almost at home that Jesus was not with their party: they returned to Jerusalem to  get Jesus,who they found three days later: at the feet of the greybeards, the old rabbis in the Temple, debating the Law with them.

Only the least who then knew his Father was not Joseph: but God.

Mercy Incarnate, for as God's Mercy is our Salvation, so was His Son our Savior

Mercy Incarnate, for as God’s Mercy is our Salvation, so was His Son our Savior

His First Saying

Thus he then said:

“Whist ye know that I must be about my Father’s business?” 

John is born of “women” because he considered Zacharias his father: but the least know their Father is God.

As did Jesus; 12 years old.

The End or “Last Judgment” arrives at the point where Rev. Moon’s book is seen as his testimony, indeed as that singular object by which “dividing” it alone makes possible a standard that can be raised to reach a consensus of Judgment, and so to open the book that reflects the personal judgment of Sun Myung Moon, where the Judgment begins.

Thus it must be revealed to the world that his “Divine Principle” is the very book now opened before the Emerald Table of Justice; and that he is to be judged by they who now sit on their 12 thrones of Judgment out of what is written on those pages, balanced by what Rev. Moon actually accomplished: which is now that Matter of Grave Importance before the Court, whose Sentencing is done by the 12 Apostles of the Lamb: who are the Jury of this Last Judgment.

My Father, Jesus the Judge, sits upon the Throne of God as the King of Judgment Day, but His Duty is to make sure they who appear before the Great White Throne have a FAIR trial.

He does not pass Judgment on anyone; for that is the Duty of the Twelve. 

That this is the “Time of the Dead“, and that the books are now being opened in which those who stand in Judgment now shall commence to be judged is plain, even if it appears as elementary as a child in school doing a “book report”, yet I say: attend, for the Time is at Hand. But this Last Judgment begins with Rev. Moon himself, as the one written of whom it was said; 

“…For in he in which men have invested much, from him shall the more be required…”

Thus we now begin to see those who are involved in the unfolding of the Design of Providence to be  judged out of those things written in the books of their testimony that are now all opened: and we indeed must start with Rev. Moon himself, as having stood as the Central Figure or Pillar of the Age, until he died on September 3rd, in 2012. Yet the legacy of his Church, and the numerous problems with his children: remain.

The Revelation of St. John the Divine itself was never opened by Rev. Moon, although there are those in the UC who insist that the 7 levels of the Providence of Salvation are what is comprised in the 7 Seals written therein, but I could have showed them the real nature of the 7 Seals as of the 7 Decades they actually entail can be seen in my Time Line, had they allowed me to meet with him in the years following my Hegira to New Hope in 1986, and which could have happened; had those who were supposed to be on the watch for the Return of the Master of the House been vigilant: as they were to have been, as their Portion of Responsibility.

But no one in the Unification Church believed my report; which my servant John the Divine had explained to me in the 21 years of my instruction in New Hope, telling me that Rev. Moon was indeed written in the Gospel of Christ as the “Faithful and Wise Steward“, whose Tragic Fate or Glorious Destiny were both spelled out if he passed or failed his Final Test; in the Dual Prophecy written about him in both Matthew and in Luke.

Unfortunately they at the HSA-UWC were not alert enough to recognize what I had written to them in 1988 in those 144 pages, nor enlightened enough to receive the one who had been sent by the very one who had put Rev. Moon in charge “over the House” of Egypt in America in the first place; put in charge of the Providence until He was to return, at an unspecified Day and Hour.

This was to have been the “Final Test“, to see if Rev. Moon’s patience could outlast the seemingly endless “prolongations of the Will”, and for him to finally reach the position of the Messiah and then to be “put over all things from the position he had held as the Shepherd of the 7th Church: as the Priest:

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

Who is this “MYSTERY”??

….and exactly what is the “Book of Life” seen at Revelation 20:12???

Let us look quite clearly at the scope of the real problem we have now in America which emanated from Korea in the 60’s, and see the real dimensions of the tragic impact these views had is deforming the nascent flowering of those who were to lay the Foundation for the Coming of the Lord of the Second Advent.

We who grew up in the tumultuous times of the 60’s in San Francisco saw something never before witnessed in America or the modern world: a cultural phenomena of world changing, and thus earthshaking; proportions.

 She who is called “MYSTERY” from Revelation,

Chapter 17


Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the "female holy spirit" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)

The goddess of the Sun, the “female holy spirit” of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神?)



The Coming of Rev. Moon to America, the publication of the “Black Book”, 


the “Faithful and Wise Steward/ Servant” of Matthew and Luke



  The Unification Churches’ Indoctrination of the Flower Children:

and the Role of Bo Hui Pak

The Happy Couple; before the Crash and Burn of "The House of Moon"

The Happy Couple; before the Crash and Burn of “The House of Moon”


The “Meat in Due Season

How Rev. Moon entered the Design of Providence:

What does it mean to be “Written“?


A Hard look at the Truth about Rev. Moon,  

as seen in the gospels of Luke and Matthew


A. )  The Erroneous Concepts of a False “Creatrix”, miscalled ‘the Holy Spirit’ and Rev. Moon’s “Unholy Trinity”:

Part I: Why the sexual “give and take” action between Jesus as “the True Father” and the Holy Spirit as the “True Mother” described in the Book “Divine Principle” are a sin against the Holy Spirit of God  who is Jehovah.

B. )  The False Resurrection of Lord Jesus:

Part II: Why Rev. Moon now stands Naked before the Emerald Table of Justice  for having denied my Father Jesus arose in his flesh and his bone: a Matter of Justice, as seen at Revelation 16:15.

 C. ) The False Concept of America as the “Second Israel”:

Part III: Rev. Moon’s dismissive and ultimately destructive view of Islam, and his erroneous view of the United States as a profane fallen”Esau”, and Korea as a righteous upstanding “Jacob”, in his totally incorrect concept of the “Second Israel”.


The Views Espoused by Rev. Moon in “Divine Principle”, pages 215-6, 1973 edition,


 Section 1. The Castration of Jehovah as a “female spirit” by Rev. Moon, Recreating a False Holy Spirit

A. )  The occult reason  for the rise, and coming victory, of “same-sex” marriage in America.

To accurately begin at the reasons the Catholic Church was invaded by pedophiles, and the 50 states of America invaded one by one, with the men of Sodom and women of Babylon, we have to look at page 215 of the Black Book, 1973 Edition of Divine Principle, in the section “Spiritual Rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.” This is the genesis of where Rev. Moon departed from the Truth, and he was overmastered by ISIS, his “MYSTERY” female spirit, as seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation, as the great whore who seduced him, who he calls the “female holy spirit”, which he wrote about on page 216, stating that “the Holy Spirit is the True Mother“, married to my Father Jesus as “the True Father“.

But the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself

…the Father of the Lamb !!!

Of course Rev. Moon adopted the accusation of Satan, that very one which defiled John the Baptist, which John unconsciously held about his own father Zacharias being the “real” father of Jesus, but I address that glaring miscalculation Rev. Moon adopted as the satanic problem it is  further along. For now let’s look at the errors put forth on pages 215-218 of the Black Book dealing with the ruinous concept of a “female Jehovah“.

The disastrous effect of “marrying” the two male entities of the Lamb, who was the Son of God; and his Father, who was the Holy Spirit of God, happened by Rev. Moon making the cosmically tragic decision that the Holy Spirit was “female“; as seen on the pages 215-17 of the DP, which was and is the total decimation and destruction of the true nature of the Holy Trinity, and which was what gave Satan the ability to invade the Church, by the act of Rev. Moon basically marrying the Son ( Jesus ) to the Holy Spirit ( Jehovah, his Father ).

Thus “The Kingdom of Sodom” arose, and since Rev. Moon was invaded by the discarnate “female spirit” in place of Jehovah known as ISIS, the Queen of the Egyptian Pantheon of Darkness, we also had “Egypt” arrive; seen in these tragic words on page 215 of the DP, by which the tragic invasion of Satan into the Body of Christ through his Church could not be averted,

to wit,

“….Thus, the Holy Spirit is a female spirit,

consoling and moving the hearts of the people

( I Cor. 12:3 )…”


Thus we come to:

“…..That great city, which is Sodom, and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified…”


The Coming of the Wrath of the Lamb

The Coming of the Wrath of the Lamb

Section 2: the Sources of Rev. Moon’s Claims

The printed assertion of opinion for “facts” on the page, and the effect of this blasphemy on the Christian World of Spirits by the Unification Church.

And never did Rev. Moon even bow to the knowledge of the Holy Spirit plainly written in the Gospel and the Letters about the Holy Trinity, or even the Reality of the Holy Spirit spoken of by Mary and Elisabeth themselves, and then witnessed by Koreans like Kim Song-do or Ms. Pak Wol-yong, the “Wife of Jehovah”, and written of also by the Saints like St. Francis and Padre Pio, and Sister Faustina, and especially by those Acolytes of the Grail.

Not to mention what my Father clearly said about the Comforter, the Holy Spirit who would be sent IN HIS ( Jesus Christ’s ) NAME, as of the Third Dove of Noah, written in the gospel of John 14:16-26.

Instead Rev. Moon had his followers begin to contact their ancestors in the spirit world by taking on austerities, fasts, and painful rituals of self-mortification, which he said must be accomplished for “their release”, and so bound these members spirits to a discarnate view of the Trinity, even as he said that according to his theory these ancestral sprits were being “unbound”.

But the opposite was true.

But this was exactly what John the Baptist had his disciples doing, with endless fasts and penances, even as he ignored Jesus completely, never even going to the Temple and simply Declaring before everyone what Peter later said: that Jesus was “The Christ: the Son of the Living God”.

But because John denied he was Elijah very few even thought the Messiah had arrived, since Malachi said Elijah had to come first. Thus what my Father Jesus confided to people about John being Elijah contradicted what John himself had said, and continued to say. This made the Cross inevitable.

That Daniel and Isaiah had foreseen this exact scenario is beyond question.

But it wasn’t predestined; it became ordained by John himself being invaded by the idea his father Zacharias was the father of Jesus; not Jehovah, the Holy Spirit of God; all because he would not even believe his OWN mother’s testimony over Satan’s lie and accusation.

The Lie of Satan

The Lie of Satan

The Seduction of Rev. Moon 

The Indoctrination by Rev. Moon of the UC Members in the belief of a false and female ‘Holy Spirit’ was pernicious, because it gave credence to the idea that the Gospel of Christ Jesus could be dispensed with, as Rev. Moon highlighted some  facts about Christ, and willfully ignored others that contradicted his claims, such as disregarding the fact that Mary was said to have been found to be pregnant “by the Holy Spirit”, and then, as to buttress his assertion, Rev. Moon then added spurious information and outright hearsay about the Holy Spirit, which came straight out of the spirit world from the evil spirits or “djinn” who started the heresies of the Egyptian Barbelo Gnostics and ancient Ebionites 2,000 years ago.

In this he echoed demonic testimony by those unstable and gullible souls in Korea who had little classic understanding of scripture at all, and none of the Holy Spirit written of in the gospels of John, or Luke, which deal in specifics: not opinion and fantasy.

Ms. Kim Song-do, and Ms. Pak Wol-yong the “wife of Jehovah”, and a few others like Kim Baek-moon; are notable exceptions. The prophecies of Ms. Kim Song-do were seen to be accurate, which means she was a real prophetess, unlike many who came after her who knew nothing of the reason why the “Children of the Resurrection” who “…do not marry, nor are they given in marriage…“; which saying Rev. Moon dispensed with and utterly ignored: which caused his total spiritual destruction in his mass marriages, and in his own, for leaving the position of Maitreya, the “Angel Ascending from the Rising of the Sun with the Seal of the Living God“.



This was a Secret Rev. Moon never even approached, even as he mixed his seed into the Cup of Gold

This was a Secret Rev. Moon never even approached, even as he mixed his seed into the Cup of Gold

 THE WINE of FORNICATION written in Revelation

The real problem was that Rev. Moon ignored the Word of my Father and even went so far as to create the “Wine of Fornication” written of in the Revelation, as that “Wine” in which he mixed his own seed for the thousands of couples he married and had drink, and thus be connected to him sexually, which not only caused all of them to fall spiritually, but to also be ensnared in his own subsequently  fallen marriage, which produced two children born “out-of-wedlock“, and led to three of his own sons dying in tragic circumstances.

 Re-Creating the Fall; Korean Sorcery and the Wine of Fornication 

Rev. Moon and the Adulteration of the Doctrine:

   1. ) The Corruption of the Unification Church at the Mass Weddings, and the mixture in the Cup of Gold as the Principle of Indemnity.

“……The holy wine, which is made of 21 ingredients representing all things and levels….”

Rev. Moon

Revelation 14:9-11

9.)    And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice,

“…If any man worshipeth the beast and his image, and receiveth his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

10.)  The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

11.)   And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receiveth the mark of his name….”

We have all recently read in the blog of Hye Sung Francis Gehring, “How Well Do You Know Your Moon?”, the rather remarkable news of what was in the wine.

Sperm in the Holy Wine


Four different Korean Unification Church members have confirmed

that the ‘Holy Wine’ did contain Moon’s sperm.


Those members include Hyo-min Eu (cousin of Hyo-won Eu who wrote the Divine Principle), Deuk-jin Kim and one other person who joined in the 1950s.

A fourth member who joined the UC in the 1960s, and left after 20 years, also gave confirmation about Moon’s sperm in the ‘Holy Wine.’

The Victims of Sexual Adultery

The Victims of Sexual Adultery

The Official View of the UTS


Dr. Warren Lewis, who was professor of Church History at the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS ) for many years,

also explained that Moon’s sperm was in the ‘Holy Wine.’

“……That is why in the ‘Holy Wine Ceremony’ the wife must drink the first half of the cup of ‘Holy Wine’

before the husband drinks the remainder.

According to Moon, Eve must be cleansed first.

There are shamanistic beliefs that if a person can get someone else to imbibe their body fluids,

they then can have some influence over the person who drank…..”

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence......but the sperm in the wine made it into "the wine of fornication", which defiled all who drank it,,,

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence……but the sperm in the wine made it into “the wine of fornication”, which defiled all who drank it,,,

Here are Rev. Moon’s own words:

“…….The holy wine, which is made of 21 ingredients representing all things and levels, is given to the wife first. At the fall, Satan first tempted Eve and then Adam was lost; therefore we first establish the restored woman in a position to find the man. The man receives the wine, representing parents’ flesh and blood, through the wife.

By drinking this wine in this way, he comes to stand in the position of having passed through the internal body of mother and makes the indemnity condition for the separation from Satan.

In the holy wine, there is the flesh and blood of parents. The holy wine is the wine of love, the wine of the husband, and the milk of mother. It represents the water of life, the blood of parents, the manifestation of all glory, and the love of bridegroom and bride, and it contains in it the life force of the Father.

Through it I am giving out the life force and forming a connection of lineage.

If some person does an act that defiles him after receiving the holy wine and becoming one with the True Parents, he comes to stand in a position more fearful than Satan’s.

Satan defiled and violated the perfection level of the growth stage, but if a person who received the Blessing makes a mistake, he commits the sin of treason against God’s substance in the perfection level of the perfection stage.

Therefore, the person will not be forgiven through eternity.

That is truly a fearful thing……”

Sex and Marriage in the Unification Movement by James H Grace (1985) may also give some clues.


“….Is Hyung-jin Moon now going to perform the sperm duty now for the Married Couples to drink, to continue the connection to Moon’s lineage?….”

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955





These questions of the Trinity had been decisively settled long ago, but Rev. Moon believed the reports of  “..many…”, who he wrote “..receive revelations..”, in which he now said evidence had come “…that the Holy Spirit is a female spirit..”.

Really?Whosaid ???


The “Claims of …..?”

 Rev. Moon never gave the names or circumstances of those who made these claims, or even what was said by them in any context. Evidently, secondhand claims, and visions from shaman and shaman women, were accepted as outweighing 2,000 years of testimony from Christianity’s own saints, not to mention what was written in the Gospel.

Rev. Moon could have been faithful to the Word of my Father Jesus, but instead he was ashamed of his Word, and decided that he had now passed into a “new dispensation” of the ‘Korean Version of the Word of God’ in which he could rewrite or overwrite or cancel the Word of my Father, as seen on age 216 of the DP , in the section called “….TRINITY…..”

It was where the three male figures of “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” were now changed to a “Son and the Holy Spirit” who were now “married”, as having been made “one” in a sexual act of “give-and-take” that was done “before the Father“. It’s a neat package on page 216 of the DP, very neat, with a pretty symmetric conclusion: but it’s wrong, quite demonstrably: utterly wrong.

In point of fact, Rev. Moon’s decision to make a female version of the Holy Spirit produced a “neutered” or a “castrated Jehovah”, which is exactly what alienated mainstream Christianity in America  from the Korean Church of Unification, beginning in 1965. They knew better, especially Billy Graham….

The White Goddess, the Earth that was Cursed....our fallen "Nature"

The White Goddess, the Earth that was Cursed….our fallen “Nature”

Mainstream Christianity did not have any idea that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself, but they did hold to the doctrine of the Trinity going back to Athanasius, to ostensibly stop the heresy of the 1st century sect of the Ebionites, that said Michael the Archangel was a female holy spirit that came upon Mary called “Michal’, to which Christianity in the early Catholic tradition vehemently denounced, and then pointedly averred that the three figures of the Trinity are all male, which directly contradicted Rev. Moons written assertion on page 215 of the DP, in which he says that — 

“There are many who receive revelations indicating that the Holy Spirit is a female Spirit;

this is because she came as the True Mother, that is, the second Eve….”



As Legion once said of himself, as tin he demons in the man Jesus freed? 

And how he described himself  when my Father asked who he was

“….I am Legion,

For we are many….”

D. ) Why Billy Graham never became Rev. Moon’s “John the Baptist”.

Rev. Billy Graham never accepted Moon’s cavalier interpretation of the Trinity as seen written of in the Gospel and the Letters, and he certainly did not share Rev. Moon’s belief that my Father Jesus did not arise in his “flesh and his bone” at his Resurrection, even though the entire episode dealing with “Doubting Thomas” by overcoming his faithlessness and doubts physically touching my Father Lord Jesus, as verifying the actual proof of his resurrection “in the flesh and bone” of his body, was documented in the gospel of John over this very issue!!

Here we find the manifold problems in the Body of Christ, which consists of all the denominations of the Christian Churches; stemmed from the fact that Rev. Moon decided to make a literary “marriage” between Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The problem is that Jehovah, the Holy Spirit of God, is actually the “Father” that Jesus was constantly referring to.

This was not how Rev. Moon viewed the Trinity of the Gospel and Letters however….which he mentions in his book on page 217 when he says Rebirth happens with a believer taking his position with “the Son” as Jesus, and “the Holy Spirit” as his Wife, to then thus perform the Act of Creation together; centered on “God the Father”, and this is what Rev. Moon defines as “The Trinity”.

But he’s totally wrong.

But once this blasphemy was written  in the DP it gave Satan the power to invade every church…and then America, state by state, since Rev. Moon mixed the soil of Korea with all 50 states….thus Rev. Moon opened the door for Satan to invade America through Korea….and Kim Il Sung, the Marxist Korean “Christ Discarnate”, of whom Rev. Moon became the “Messenger Incarnate” starting when he married in 1960 and said he was the “Lamb of God”, and then when he published the “Divine Principle” in 1973, here in the USA, in which he changed the original where he said he was John the Baptist reborn as Elijah’s Third Advent….: because he “dispensed” with the Gospel of Christ altogether….

Gordon Ross was a geomanticist…a sorcerer of earth ( power lines” and “assemblage points”, basically ), who drove Rev. Moon to all 48 states in 1965,  in a blue Plymouth Fury. He is the one who helped bring our country to it’s present state as the “Kingdom of Sodom” due to Rev. Moon writing of Jesus “making love” ( with “give-and-take” action on page 216 of the DP) to the Holy Spirit in their “marriage”, as his typical bland blasphemy from one who was himself deceived.

It was thus his “marriage” of Jesus, the Son, to the Father, the Holy Spirit of God Jehovah, that produced “the Kingdom of Sodom” here in the West. And since the “female spirit” Moon said he had  found was actually ISIS, the queen of Darkness, “Egypt” then arose, by Moon having “married” Jesus to this figure in un stark reality ( since nothing made it possible for Moon to really marry Jesus to his own Father ), thus even now producing more confusion in his own church, due to his ignorance, with the Son of God now married, even symbolically in literary form,  to the Great Whore, the “Mystery” of Rev. Moon…..

The Seductive Power of a false "female" Holy Spirit as MYSTERY herself seen I chapter 17 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine...

The Seductive Power of a false “female” Holy Spirit as MYSTERY herself seen In chapter 17 ….. of the Revelation of St. John the Divine…

Section 2. The Unification Churches’ Indoctrination of a False Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Rev. Moon in “Divine Principle”. =============================================================================================

A. )  This mistake over the body of Jesus in his Resurrection was perhaps even more costly to Korea, and it’s vain attempt to supplant America as the Third Israel, than any other. 

Thus Rev. Moon began to send his followers into fasting’s and prayers with this “news” of the “magical ghost” of Jesus appearing after his resurrection, by which they informed those spirits of their ancestors and others in the spirit world to adopt their own indoctrinated views, which then corrupted the world of sprits by conjuring “djinn” or “spirits of darkness”, who were engendered by the lies and falsehoods being fed to the ancestral spirits of the UC members, who then became “unreal”, due to the bad spiritual food their bodies absorbed from the UC members in the fasts.

But Rev. Moon pretended he never read the story of “Doubting Thomas”. He never referred to it because he inferred it was “spurious”, as having been “added” much later; long after the original gospel was set down: primarily to “bolster” the claim of my Father’s physical body rising in the resurrection.

He certainly never referred to it, and obviously never believed it. This is the “celestial materialism” of Rev. Moon: claiming a revelation that was somehow “spiritual” about the “magical ghost” he tried to turn the body of Christ into, with this version printed publically, although it was now printed and no longer private, albeit materialistic, interpretation of the Gospel. What is plain is the real reason Rev. Moon never produced the antithesis to his statements about Jesus being a “spirit”… it would have required faith. But Rev. Moon felt he was beyond “faith” without any shame in being ashamed of my Fathers actual testimony: he was making it up as he went along.
                                                     Here is what my Father said, as written in the Gospel,

Luke 24:39

“Behold my hands and my feet,

that it is I myself:

handle me, and see;

for a spirit hath not flesh and bones,

as ye see me have“.

The real problem was that Moon averred the reality of the Resurrection on one hand,  but in denying the true miracles of the prophets and saints, and dismissing the regenerative powers demonstrated by my Father Jesus with Lazarus and others, and then having ended with the falsity of the “magical” disappearing and reappearing “ghost” of  my Father Jesus on the other hand, thus produced the effect of basically denying the reality of my Father’s true resurrection: the one in his ” flesh and bone”, as it is written in the Gospel at Luke 24:39, completely.

Here is another section Moon never refers to, in John 20:24-29, King James Version (KJV)

24 But Thomas, one of the twelve, called Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came.


25 The other disciples therefore said unto him,

‘ …. We have seen the Lord….’

But he said unto them,

…..Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails,

and put my finger into the print of the nails,

and thrust my hand into his side,

I will not believe…..

26 And after eight days again his disciples were within,

and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut,

and stood in the midst, and said,

…Peace be unto you….


27 Then saith he to Thomas,

…. Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands;

and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side:

and be not faithless, but believing…‘.


28 And Thomas answered and said unto him,

“..My Lord and my God….”


29 Jesus saith unto him,

….Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed:

blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed…..

My father arose in his flesh and his bone, as seen at the gospel of  John, in the story of 'Doubting Thomas'

My Father arose in his flesh and his bone, as seen at the gospel of John, in the story of ‘Doubting Thomas’


B. ) The Lowest Standard of Faith: and Lower than that, the standard of Rev. Moon

Thus we can see that this belief of Thomas at that point was considered the lowest standard of ALL, as having to physically be shown the fact of my Father’s risen body!!!

But Rev. Moon never believed this report, so he never received THIS BLESSING.

Here is what Rev. Moon wrote, in publishing his materialistic “loophole of faith”, so beloved by the faithless UC members, like Larry Moffitt, UC President of the Washington Times Foundation, and many others. This appears on pages 360-1 of the DP, 1973 edition;

“…As we well know through the Bible, Jesus after the resurrection was not the same Jesus who had lived with his disciples before his resurrection….”  ( Bold italics my addition)
The unhappy fact that Rev. Moon now decided to falsify the real story of who my Father was after his resurrection, by manifesting greater powers than ever before, has nothing to do with what is inferred in this statement, that now my Father Lord Jesus was little more than just a “magical ghost”, who could “appear and disappear”. He goes on to say this;

                           “He was no longer a man seen through physical eyes, because he was a being transcendent of time and space.”     ( The bold italics are my addition )

Rev. Moon forgot to admit that the disciples and the followers of Jesus indeed saw him with their own eyes: which were physical, as did Mary Magdalene, when he arose and she beheld him, outside the Tomb. He goes on to then imply further distance from the truth of the resurrection, denying that Jesus indeed arose in his own physical body, by stating this,
“He once appeared in a closed room where his disciples were gathered ( John 20:19 ), while in another instance he appeared before two disciples going to Emmaus, and accompanied them for a long distance. But their eyes were kept from recognizing Jesus, who appeared before them ( Luke 24:15-16 ); and Jesus, who appeared, would again disappear suddenly. Jesus, in order to save mankind, had established the spiritual foundation of faith through the 40 day separation from Satan, after giving up his physical body to the cross as a sacrifice. By doing this he pioneered the way for the redemption of the sins of all men.”   ( Bold italics my addition )
"....I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as lightning..."

“….I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as lightning…”

The Negation of the Cross and the Resurrection

It is obvious that Rev. Moon is here saying that my Father Jesus did not have a body, that he was like an angel or a spirit, who could appear and disappear at will, and that THIS is the “proof” that the record of the Resurrection in the gospel is a lie according to Rev. Moon: due to the fact that my Father Jesus once appeared in a “locked room”. For Mr. Moon this meant he didn’t have a body. But this is false, as my Father easily proved. But Rev. Moon discounted the Word of my Father completely.
Rev. Moon states that Jesus after his resurrection no longer had a body, because he had “given up his body” on the cross as a “sacrifice” and therefore had “lost” his real  flesh and bone body. But this is an utter falsehood, promulgated by others, like what Priest Berenger Sauniere evinced “proof” of, as seen in the records recovered and written about in the book “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” at considerable length. But they are wrong as well, though ancient indeed. Old lies, nothing more.
My Father also once walked on water, but Rev. Moon considered appearing in a locked room differently than someone who actually teleported the entire ship to shore, as is written in the Gospel.
The reason that the disciples did not recognize my Father on the way to Emmaus, and why Thomas said he had to touch the body to verify it was my Father Jesus are for very different reasons than Rev. Moon ever knew, but I shall reveal the facts here, so that there will be no further doubt on this score, as contentious as my words will prove to be, I have no choice but to reveal why Thomas would not believe Peter and the others, when my Father appeared to them when Thomas was not with them.


+++ +++


The problem for Islam is that Rev. Moon never mentioned the fact he despoiled Islam by not letting them know they were in reality the Second Israel, whose Blessing or "Baraka" had come to them ( as the Desert Tribes replaced the 12 tribes of Jacob: who were also the 12 grandsons of Issac ); the Baraka of Israel was given to Mohammed as Mecca from the Jews of the First Israel and Jerusalem which was made a desolation when the First Israel left their position by killing the Messenger John as "the friend of the Bridegroom" in the position of Eliezer of Damascus and the Messiah; who was in the position of Issac as "the Bridegroom". No Issac: no Jacob; and no Jacob: no ISRAEL.  THIS is why he said:  "Forgive them Father; they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO"

The problem for Islam is that Rev. Moon never mentioned the fact he despoiled Islam by not letting them know they were in reality the Second Israel, whose Blessing or “Baraka” had come to them ( as the Desert Tribes replaced the 12 tribes of Jacob: who were also the 12 grandsons of Issac ); the Baraka of Israel was given to Mohammed as Mecca from the Jews of the First Israel and Jerusalem which was made a desolation when the First Israel left their position by killing the Messenger John as “the friend of the Bridegroom” in the position of Eliezer of Damascus and the Messiah; who was in the position of Issac as “the Bridegroom”. No Issac: no Jacob; and no Jacob: no ISRAEL.
THIS is why he said:
“Forgive them Father; they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”

Section 3. The Unification Churches’ Indoctrination in not recognizing Islam as the true “Second Israel” the Third  Israel replaced when it Fell =========================================================================================================

A. ) The true Third Israel” was made of the Black “Manchild in the Promised Land“, and White “Pahana” as the Red Race’s “Lost”, and then found, “True White Brother

It is the fact that our Korean friend said America was the “Second Israel” Korea had replaced was an outright mistake, only showing how far from the truth Moon was in correctly seeing Islam: which arose as the Second Israel, which it certainly was, due to actions the Sanhedrin of the Jews, the Rulers in Jesus Day, of the remnants of the First Israel, having set up the conditions to have finally crucified Jesus Christ.

The Nation of the Third Israel, which rose at Beth-El in New York that men call “Woodstock”, was where the two Races bonded with the Red Race in Peace, which occurred when James Marshall Hendrix played the “Star Spangled Banner”, and began a new Christian Nation. Most people are unaware that Hendrix was part Cherokee, as was Aaron Presley, whose father was partly a Native American. But “The Banner over US was Love“, as it is written by Solomon, the Prodigal Son of David, in the “Song of Songs”.

 Indeed, by putting his emphasis on making Korea the Third Israel, thus supplanting and replacing America in the Providence, was worse than saying my Father rose only as a “spirit” or “ghost”. Why? Because he was trying to “supplant” America in the Providence as a profane and undeserving “Esau”, with himself as a true Jacob. That is why he tried to have 12 sons….even committing adultery to do so….all for “providential” reasons….of course.

A figure who said he met my Father Jesus in 1946 on Gansan Mountain....

A figure who said he met my Father Jesus in 1946 on Gangsan Mountain….                                            Kim Baek-moon


The Korean Jacob and his 10 sons

Rev. Moon tried to have 12 sons, like Jacob himself. This was transparent to me after Hyo Jin Moon appeared to me after my 40 days of Temptation in the Wilderness, split between Canada and America in 2008-9, and pointed out why he had been so miserable; due to his father’s attempts to steal the Blessing that God had personally given to the Black Christian Race in their 430 years of “time-indemnity” paid as “dues” in Racist America, under the Spell of Egypt.

The Black Race or “Manchild” here in the West, in overcoming that Shadow over them of  unjust discrimination, had that special racial identity of the Jews in their stereotypical tale of their suffering in Egypt, that living under the same Shadow gave black people what they called “the Blues”, being the Song of Moses of the Indemnity they as Israel now had paid, as the first Israel did in Egypt long ago,  Martin and Malcolm carting the National Cross between them by which My Generation, marching with Dr. King in Protest and sit-ins, shouldering the cross of Equality with them.
And in “Freedom Riding”, not a few white children died, as the shared suffering and pain of the white idealistic youth of My Generation, taken willingly as being spiritually  just, as being how Moon knew the White Race had regained it’s lost Soul. The Children of the Resurrection in the 1960’s were the Proof itself of the Kingdom arriving. And the Music as the Trumpet Blast of the Archangel…with amplification, as the “Shout”, that blew down the Racist Walls of our segregated Jericho.

Is not the USA’s land of “Goshen” nothing but “the inner city Ghetto”???

But Rev. Moon kept this to himself: and his eldest son, Hyo Jin Moon



Hyo Jin Moon on his axe...laid to the rotten root of his own father's family tree

Hyo Jin Moon on his axe…laid to the rotten root of his own father’s family tree


The “Written Fall” on Pages 215 – 216 of the “Divine Principle”,

and the Voiding of Rev. Moon’s ‘word’.

The error of Jesus and the Holy Spirit that Rev. Moon has be performed in the pages of his book, are those especially seen on page 216, in which Rev. Moon had performed, in words, a sexual coupling between Jesus and the Holy Spirit; in the process of what he labeled “Rebirth”, as our “True Father and True Mother”.

Here it is starting on page 216, to wit;

“…Therefore, Jesus came as the True Father of mankind, with the mission of the Tree of Life ( Rev. 22:14 );

that is, as the second Adam. ( I Cor, 15:45 )

Then it would only be logical that there should come the True Mother of mankind, with the mission of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil ( Rev. 22:17 );

that is, the second Eve. The Holy Spirit came as the True Mother who would give rebirth to fallen man….”   ( Bold Italics mine )

Ritual Space to Perform Sacred Function: Methodocy and Incantation

Here is the problem: one half of this statement is absolutely true and the other half is inherently false.

“…..Therefore, Jesus came as the True Father of mankind,

with the mission of the Tree of Life ( Rev. 22:14 );

that is, as the second Adam….”

This is absolutely true

But, now we have the other half……

“……..Then it would only be logical that there should come the true mother of mankind,

with the mission of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil ( Rev. 22:17 );

that is, the second Eve.

The Holy Spirit came as the True Mother who would give rebirth to fallen man….”

This statement is totally false,

Therefore the entire statement is discarnate: half-true, and half -false.

Half the Truth, as of the Word of God:

and half a Lie, as the Falsehood of Satan

The Advent of the Two Messianic  figures from Korea:

Kim Il Sung as the Discarnate Christ of the Royal Family of Satan,

and Sun Myung Moon as his Incarnate Messenger and servant

+ + + + + + +

A First Look at the Context of “Pikareum” and “Free Love”

with Korea and California


Let us examine some background on Rev. Moon before I unveil the very real dichotomy in his doctrine, 

which led to the Catholic Church being totally invaded by Satan,

and then America, state-by-state, by the Promiscuous Men of Sodom,

in cooperation with the Cosmopolitan Women of Babylon.

"....And on her forehead was written 'MYSTERY'...."

The Veil of Babylon the Great 

is the Mystery of ISIS the Whore

The Early History, and the Ritual Sex in the Filial Family of Moon:

The Faith of  “The Shining Dragon”,

by Kirsti Nevalainen

“…..Sun Myung Moon’s parents joined the Jesus Church led by Rev. Lee Yong-do around 1930. So SMM got familiar with the doctrines and ritual practices for changing the satanic blood lineage into God’s blood lineage already in his early teens. When SMM was 18 years old he moved from the Pyongyang area to Seoul to attend a vocational school there during 1938-1941. During that time SMM lived with the Jesus Church members and was a Sunday school teacher in the Jesus Church.
In April 1941 SMM entered an engineering school at the junior college level in Tokyo. He graduated in August 1943 and came back to Seoul.
After returning from Japan Sun Myung Moon was married in the Jesus Church.
SMM and his first wife Ms. Choi Sun-kil’s marriage ceremony was conducted by one of the Jesus Church leaders, Rev. Lee Ho-bin, in Pyongyang in 1943

A Pattern of Defiance and Mendacity: and A Profound Discovery by an Angelic Consciousness:

Why Sun Myung Moon was “Cosmic”

In the autumn 1945 Sun Myung Moon joined the ‘Israel Monastery’ led by Rev. Kim Paek-mun near Seoul. SMM was a member of this branch of the Jesus Church during 1945-1946. In June 1946 SMM left Seoul together with Kim Paek-mun and some of his other followers and they went to Pyongyang to meet Ms. Pak Wol-yong, the “wife of Jehovah”. Ms. Pak was a leader of the ‘Wilderness Church’, also a branch of the Jesus Church. SMM stayed in this spiritual group until the midsummer 1947.

Sun Myung Moon’s connections with the Jesus Church were very deep beginning already in his childhood.

Also SMM’s wife Hak Ja Han was a member of the Jesus Church since her birth.

Hak Ja Han’s mother Ms. Hong was a follower of Rev. Lee Yong-do and Ms. Kim Song-do, both leaders of the Jesus Church.

Sun Myung Moon was no original theological thinker. Neither did he get any revelations from God. All teachings and ritual practices of the UC are borrowed from the original Jesus Church which began already in 1927 but was officially founded in 1933.

So the Unification Church is only an offshoot of the Korean Jesus Church.

It is very disappointing that a religious leader like Sun Myung Moon is lying and deceiving the members and the public about the origins of his teachings and ritual practices (pikareum sexual ceremony). SMM claims in his public speeches that he got the Divine Principle and other UC teachings as a revelation from God. And because he got these teachings directly from God as a revelation that is a sure proof that he is the Lord of the Second Advent. It is very difficult to understand how a religious leader can be such a fraud…..”

Kirsti Nevalainen


The problem is that “the Wife of Jehovah” plainly told Rev. Moon that Jehovah was the Holy Spirit of God,  and she had taken Him as her very own husband: but when Moon decided that to start his own movement he had to discredit her, and to explicitly overturn this fact of  “The Truth of Jehovah“: which he then began to do,  by publically deviating from the doctrine that had just begun to be uncovered in Korea, and articulating a lie instead that Jehovah, the Holy Spirit of God Himself, was female. But this very lie is what caused the Unification Church to fall, because without the Holy Spirit as the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God, there is no way to Unseal the 7 Seals of “The Book of Life of the Lamb”, now to be known, Unsealed, as “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”.

The Lie of Satan, as the one that killed John the Baptist: and then John's new body: Rev. Moon

The Lie of Satan, as the one that killed John the Baptist: and then John’s new body: Rev. Moon

Why We are at War with Sodom,

State by State;

the Korean Soil Rev. Moon mixed with all 50

of these United Sates of America,

in 1965

When I began to ask Unification Church officials for specific information about how and why Rev. Moon and his church had decided that this ancient heresy of a “female” Holy Spirit would be the cornerstone of Unification Church theology I ran into a brick wall. They decided that the ritual castration of Jehovah in the book “Divine Principle“, and Rev. Moon’s obvious ignorance about the fact that Jehovah is the Holy Spirit of God, and the real Father of Jesus was really the crowning satanic glory of the discarnate doctrine of Rev. Moon. And by this lie he led all of his followers into that place of destruction my Father characterized long ago: 

“….For broad is the way, and wide is the gate,

that leadeth unto destruction,

and many there are who goeth therein….”

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955, after which the written word of the UC began to be changed….including the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

The problem of how America thus began to be invaded by the Men of Sodom, state by state, was actually caused by Rev. Moon having written in his book in many places where he declared he was bringing a “revelation” to the world by declaring he was marrying Jesus to his own Father, as seen on page 215 of the book “Divine Principle“.

Saying the Holy Spirit was a “female spirit” is thus where ISIS, as the one masquerading as the Japanese Sun Goddess, tricked Rev. Moon into giving her the Cup of Gold seen in the Revelation of St. John the Divine, which I found out from my servant John was the “Principle of Indemnity” itself.

That ‘ISIS‘ was the Unification Church’s false ‘Holy Spirit” is the Mystery of Rev. Moon, which is why she has written on her forehead the name “MYSTERY” itself.

It was this defeat by the Great Whore which was the totally destructive ” revelation ” he decided to tell all the people of the earth he claimed was absolutely true.

But this is how Satan invaded America, state by state; by Rev. Moon marrying these “two males” to each other, much less the complete blasphemy Rev. Moon committed of putting in print the so-called “revelation” of having Jesus the Son, marry and perform the act of love with Jehovah: his own Father!!!! ( This is seen written on page 216 of the 1973 version of the “Divine Principle”, where Rev. Moon describes Jesus and the Holy Spirit performing sex with “give and take action” in the “marriage consummation”.)

The Supermoon...and my Father; Lord Jesus

The Supermoon…and my Father; Lord Jesus

Problem #1: the Holy Spirit of God is actually Jehovah

…not a woman….

(……but ISIS is Eve…who never died, by the way, her death is not written in the Old Testament because she became the one the Greeks call Ceres…the fallen goddess of the earth…..she became the fallen embodiment of Nature, as the wife of the Serpent…and became the Great Whore, as taking for her husband and lover Cain, her son, which is where the Egyptian myth of “Isis and Osiris” came from, and why Egyptian royalty always had Pharaoh marry his own sister to honor that principle of Incest and Adultery mixed together in the Cup of Gold……ISIS is Eve, and Osiris is Cain, her own son…and Enoch, their son,  was Thoth…the Sorcerer).

This written blasphemy is the cause of what later became the reason of Rev. Moon having hiding the fact that he had had adulterous relationships with hundreds of women, as the secret of his ensnarement by the seduced and seducing daughters of MYSTERY as the Veil of Babylon the Great, and thus all the women who let Rev. Moon pretend he was removing “original sin” by committing it were incarnating themselves in being the very real whores of ISIS. This also, and quite unfortunately, included having ritual “Pikareum” sex with all 36 of the women virgins he deflowered  from the first 36 “Blessed Couples” that he defiled, by which Satan invaded the Foundation right from the start. 

Preparing for his Last Hour: and unblinking to the end; yet the doubt has surfaced: the Tomb prepared in North Korea

Preparing for his Last Hour: and unblinking to the end; yet the doubt has surfaced: seen in the White Tomb prepared in South Korea  for a man who is not the Immortal and Real Messiah, but only a mortal man.

I tried to restore Rev. Moon and reverse this capitulation to ISIS the Veil of Babylon the Great, but Phil Burton, and recently deceased Eric Holt, ( who told me he was “just an accountant”, although he was the managing editor of HSA-UWC at the time ), and Larry Moffitt, and all the rest of the supposed “leaders” of the downfallen Unification Church decided that I did not deserve an answer.

So; they continually ignored me and my message that I had learned of, culminating in my Death in Christ on October 24th, 2007, in which death at the Cross I found that the Holy Spirit of God was Jehovah Himself, and that He was indeed the real Father of Jesus: not Zacharias, as Rev. Moon also taught secretly at first, as with Brad Bufkin, who confided this information to me in 1980 Rev. Moon had personally told him.

The leaders of the UC, starting with Jonathan Gullery in 1988,  then decided not to believe me, and went instead with the ancient Ebionite heresy from the 1st, second and third century; promulgated by the Barbelo Gnostics of the “Great Darkness”, beginning with the followers of Simon Magus, the fallen disciple of Christ, and many others who followed him.

This was the fall of the word of Rev. Moon in no uncertain terms, and his sin was multiplied by every person who believed him. And they became Legion. 

This is the difference between the “new” Unification “Religion”, which is to blindly believe the witness of someone else’s “Faith” in place of experiential Knowledge, and enlightened “Spirituality”, which is knowing God through personal contact. Thus Korean Unificationism is not a true Christian Religion: it is a form of Korean Simony, preaching a satanic deception and lie about the Holy Spirit in exchange for money. The Trinity avers that all three entities are Male; but not in Rev. Moon’s book. Billy Graham never bonded with Rev. Moon for just this reason.

And now Rev. Moon is dead for over a year…and my Father Jesus is about to manifest Himself as the Lord God of a New Creation.

Here is my written assertion republished here,

 “….They took my assertions and my personal proof about this matter very much with an affronted attitude; but as this old and discredited concept has such a colorful history as being from a gnostic system going back to Valentinus, which is a belief also shared by his contemporaries the Barbelo Gnostics of the 3rd century; and also the Ebionites of the 2nd century who prefigured the Clementine’s; who also said exactly the same thing, as seen in Robert Graves book “The White Goddess”.
The main problem in the UC is where we once again see the mistake of believing what Rev. Moon said in his book “Divine Principle”, which is that the Holy Spirit is “female”.
This extremely incorrect statement, which is repeated over and over again, is ignorant of the Truth of Jehovah,  which is that Jehovah Himself is the Holy Spirit of God Almighty.
For this reason, Jah Jahovah, as the Lord Jehovah of Hosts; could never be characterized as a “female spirit” by anyone who actually knew what the Holy Spirit was; and if any in the Unification Church had any real contact with the REAL Holy Spirit, it would be self-evident; as Jehovah is in reality the Holy Spirit of God Himself. Yet the Korean woman who called herself “the wife of Jehovah” knew exactly that fact; knowing and teaching that the Holy Spirit of God was the Lover and Shepherd of all who call themselves His servants….as Moses did, of which it is written that it was he “…who knew his Lord  Face to face…”.
And for a specific reason. Moses was “the wife” of Jehovah, in the position at the Throne. And Elijah stood in the position of the Bride, who John the Baptist’s body represented, standing in the position at the Altar, and who died a virgin, as did my Father Jesus. This is why the “Bride” of the 144,000 men “redeemed from the earth” is called “the bride, the Lamb’s Wife”.  These 144,000 men thus represent the positions of Elijah and Moses.
Rev. Moon ignored this fact, and even ignored the Gospel’s testimony itself about the Children of the Resurrection purposefully; to annul God’s Blessing on the “eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake” who are the “Clouds”, as the reconstituted Order of Melchizedek: on which my Father Jesus arrives at this Last Day…..”
But here is what the Gospel says at Matthew 1:18
“Now the birth of Jesus Christ was like this; because when his mother,
Mary, had been engaged to Joseph, before they came together,
she was found pregnant by the Holy Spirit.”


 The operative phrase here is “found pregnant”. As in “already” pregnant….

But I will show you what it says about the germinations of the idea of the “female holy spirit”,  that same ancient heresies that many in the Unification Church now claim is the one Rev. Moon calls the “True Mother”, on page 215 of the 1973 version of the “Divine Principle”, this being the one that they say my Father Lord Jesus ”married’.

This has caused endless problems because the entire idea is as wrong as wrong can be, and it’s beginning can be seen here on page 28 of the chapter entitled “The Problem of Gnosticism: It’s Earliest Known Elements“, in the book called “The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics” by Jean Doresse.

                                                                                                                       Here is the passage;


The Abortion of Sophia

“…….Sophia therefore produces, not another perfect being,

but a deformed substance, an abortion,

at which she is seized with disgust and remorse.

Thereupon the aeons pray to the pro-Father on behalf of Sophia,

and the supreme Power commands Intelligence and Truth to engender a new pair or couple

— that of the Christ and the Holy Spirit, which Spirit is feminine……..”

Robert Graves and “The White Goddess”

And then there is what Robert Graves wrote about the doctrine promulgated later by Rev. Moon, on page 132 of his book “The White Goddess”, in which he tells of the sect known as the Ebionites; to wit;


“………The mystical Essence Ebionites of the first century A.D. believed in a female Holy Spirit,

and those members of the sect who embraced Christianity

and developed into the second-century Clementine Gnostics

made the Virgin Mary the vessel of this Holy Spirit

—whom they named Michael ( “Who is like God?” )….”

The scribe of Rev. Moon. Mrs. Young Oon Kim, perpetrator of the Doctrine of "Allowable" Adultery, and the marriage of Jesus to his Father

The scribe of Rev. Moon. Mrs. Young Oon Kim, perpetrator of the Doctrine of “Allowable” Adultery, and the marriage of Jesus to his Father

“……The Arrival of the ‘that Great City

which is Sodom and Egypt…..


Where also our Lord  was crucified….’ …” 

Chuck and Betty; the queen of the South representing Sheba; who he married and replaced Rev. Moon in the Foundation to receive the Messiah; as the Synaon Church is where I grew up.

Chuck and Betty; the queen of the South representing Sheba; who he married and replaced Rev. Moon in the Foundation to receive the Messiah; as the Synaon Church where I grew up, and where Scott O’Brien also went…


The Cross of Jerusalem; when the City of St. Francis became the New Mecca; as Mecca had once become the New Jerusalem: even as Jerusalem was the New Salem...this is my City Not Forsakenthat as  the Third Israel's "New Jerusalem"

The Cross of Jerusalem; when the City of St. Francis became the New Mecca; as Mecca had once become the New Jerusalem: even as Jerusalem was the New Salem…this is my City Not Forsaken that is the Third Israel’s “New Jerusalem”



The Two Messianic Figures of Korea and California

The Goats of “Supervised” PIKAREUM,

The Sheep of “Organized” FREE LOVE

“…..For where the carcase is;

there will the Eagles be gathered together…..”

Matthew 24:28

Part Two:

The Rise of the Kingdom of Sodom, and the false doctrine of the Holy Spirit presented

as a new “revelation” by Sun Myung Moon in the “Divine Principle”

Looking again at the Black Book, in the Divine Principle 1973 Edition; 
This “new truth” which Mr. Moon, as “the faithful and Wise Steward/servant“, written of in Luke and Matthew, was what he spoke of in his book was exactly this “meat in due season” written of, as of which Paul had later mentioned, when the congregation would be able to be weaned from “milk as babes”, and to be “given solid food”; in these Last Days, of which Mr. Moon himself testified that mankind had now reached, standing in the position of John the Baptist as the Seal of the Prophets.
This providential knowledge Rev. Moon had gathered had now truly arrived when he came to America in 1965.
Therefore the information in the book of Moon called the “Divine Principle” was to be read and mentally digested carefully; by those Christians capable of developing real discernment in “dividing the Word rightly”, and this book became later the official scripture of the Unification Church, but it had been changed under his orders, from it’s original and immaculate version, so he could claim to be the Messiah made his book into an adulterated and discarnate object instead.
That was the “Black Book” I was given on Valentines Day in 1980, by Bradford Kent Bufkin, that had been published in 1973
This meant it was something which now had to be separated in the body of it’s text in it’s total content,
 separating what was false from what was true, as what was half-true was then half-false or “discarnate” as that which “is and is not”.

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