Barrytown and the Crucifixion of Dr. Panzer, the End of UTS and the Rise of the Black Widow, the Reign of Darkness

 How Did UTS End???


Dae Mo Nim: the Power of ISIS, the Veil of Babylon the Great

Dae Mo Nim: the Power of ISIS, the Veil of Babylon the Great

The End of UTS:

A Conspiracy of Ignorance


The Crux of Dr. Panzer

Crucified by the Koreans of the Black Widow:

UTS – Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown

When presented with an assignment only partially accomplished, a College Dean once remarked “Don’t worry, I can tell the difference between a good-faith and a bad-faith effort.”  She forgave the student and granted more time to finish his work.  How did she know?  She had wisdom, discernment and experience.  Oh yes, and heart.

Three of us on the UTS Board (Chairs of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, Committee on Trustees, and Advancement Committee, respectively) are resigning today because of incredible bad-faith actions on the part of our HSAUWC USA leaders regarding commitments made just a few months ago to keep the undergraduate program in Barrytown.  

In fairness, this commitment, made when forcing the removal of Richard Panzer as UTS President on January 7, was not an absolute commitment on their parts, but they said they’d try.  In the adverse climate between the UTS and HSAUWC administrations, which has continued for almost two years now, a number of UTS Board Trustees have “hung in there” in an effort to positively influence the direction UTS heads in these uncertain times.  In short, we chose to stay in the game.

Yet, when it becomes clear that those with whom one is collaborating are not being truthful, one has to evaluate whether it is ethically possible to remain engaged:  a statement which is 95% true (and 5% false) is still a lie.  Our dilemma has not just been one of personal integrity (as important as this is), but also whether the larger community would view our continued participation on the UTS Board (when we can no longer affect decisions that are being made about UTS) as complicit towards outcomes which are largely objectionable. So, we have decided, with deep regrets, that it is time to resign, despite our collective 25+ years of experience as UTS Trustees.

We debated whether to go quietly, as several of our colleagues have done recently, or to be more public.  Through prayerful consideration, we are called to speak out.  Why? Even with all of the admitted inadequacies demonstrated by the UTS administration over the past several years, those deficiencies are nothing when compared to the willful, cynical way in which the undergraduate program has been undermined by the parent church.  The project had been approved by church leadership, funding commitments of approximately $15 Million (over a 7 year period) were made, not just to the UTS Board, but also to the New York State Department of Education (NYSDoE).

 The latter was a required pledge, to demonstrate financial stability in order to secure the NYSDoE approval for the undergraduate program.  However, within weeks of Eric Holt’s death in 2013 (by then Eric was both HSAUWC USA treasurer and chair of the UTS Board Finance Committee), his replacement began threatening to make, and then HSA-UWC made reductions to that commitment.  To their credit, the UTS Administration sought to cooperate and made significant financial cuts.  Some of these cuts put UTS staff and administration at increased risk of making mistakes because fewer hands had to do more work. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that some (not all) of the problems UTS later experienced resulted from already overworked staff being given even more work.  Thus, the induced financial crisis begat an administrative one.

You may also have heard about an accreditation “crisis” at UTS. The accrediting agency, MSCHE, has put UTS on probation.  However, the central and largest factor in that probation is financial instability.

 Again, this instability was induced by HSA-UWC.  Anyone who questions this has only to review the timing.  MSCHE made their decision AFTER the first budget cuts were made and PRIOR to discoveries of Federal financial aid problems.  Simply put, there is a high likelihood that UTS WOULD NOT have been put on probation if the financial crisis had not been induced.

In the following weeks and months please prepare yourselves to read a series of  well-crafted reports, perhaps sent from UTS, but in any event ghost-written by an HSAUWC USA PR team, which will persistently seek to place the blame for everything bad at UTS on the previous administration.  We predict a series of notices of “tough decisions” framed with what appear to be heartfelt regrets.

You EACH will have to personally discern whether you are being told the truth or not.  This takedown of the undergraduate program (and we can only hope this does not extend to the liquidation of the Barrytown campus as well) has been carefully scripted.

One observer has described this HSAUWC process as “the boiled-frog method”, in which frogs are placed in cool water, with the heat gradually increased to boiling, at which point the frogs expire.  Alas, frogs are cold-blooded and cannot notice the danger.  As warm-blooded creatures, we can.  It requires action not to suffer the frogs’ fate.  We encourage each of you who understand the import of this moment, to write to our leadership and, at the very least, let them know you are watching and that you CARE whether they keep their promises or not.  As whistleblowers (thus removing ourselves from the game on the inside), we’ve done what we can to let you know what’s gone on.  You prayerfully need to take the next steps.


Chad Hoover, Amy Cuhel-Schuckers, Katie Zahedi

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

Origin of the Divine Principle

Hyung Jin Moon says in his Sunday Service on June 14th, 2015, that his mother Hak Ja Han has studied neither the Bible nor the Divine Principle. She has not participated in the DP lecture series either. It is incredible that a spiritual leader does not know the doctrinal basis of the movement which she is leading!

It is interesting to note that Hyung Jin Moon claims his father Sun Myung Moon had the root of the perfect knowledge of the Bible and he got the Divine Principle as a direct revelation from God. Of course we know now that this is not true. Sun Myung Moon had not the perfect knowledge of the Bible (there are many examples of that) and he had many female and male predeccors who had revelations from God and wrote them down.

Sun Myung Moon studied these revelations of Ms. Kim Song-do, Ms. Huh Ho-bin, Ms. Pak Wol-yong, Ms. Chong Tuk-un, Rev. Lee Yong-do, Rev. Paek Nam-ju and Rev. Kim Paek-mun and adopted them as his own teachings.

The Divine Principle is a compilation or summary of the revelations and theological teachings received by Sun Myung Moon’s spiritual predeccors.

The problem is Sun Myung Moon never admitted honestly from whom he got his sources for the “Divine Principle” and claimed the “Divine Principle” as his own direct revelation from God.

This kind of person is a thief because he steals the intellectual property of others.

Kirsti Nevalainen


The scribe of Rev. Moon. Mrs. Young Oon Kim, perpetrator of the Doctrine of "Allowable" Adultery, and the marriage of Jesus to his Father, the Holy Spirit of God: Jehovah This is seen in her book "Unification Theology and Christian Thought"

The scribe of Rev. Moon. Mrs. Young Oon Kim, perpetrator of the Doctrine of “Allowable” Adultery, and the marriage of Jesus to his Father, the Holy Spirit of God: Jehovah
This is seen in her book “Unification Theology and Christian Thought”

The Beginning of the Story: Korea in it’s Global Ascension 

The Divine Principle was mainly organized by Hyo-won Eu after he joined at the end of 1953. He sourced the work of Baek-moon Kim and Deuk-eun Chong, as had Moon. No one other than Moon is credited with the revelations contained in the book. 


Yong-do Lee was a role model for Moon, who, as a teenager, attended a church founded on his ideas in Myungsudae, Seoul. (Yong-do Lee’s dates are April 1901 to October 1933.)

“Yong-Do Lee’s idea of an interchanging spirit-body, which brought forth mixed-adultery…”

Moon and Young-oon Kim both followed Yong-do Lee
Young-oon Kim attended his revival meetings in her late teens, and wrote about her experiences.


Deuk-eun Chong
Moon first met her in Pyongyang in 1946, and had a pikareum ceremony with her. They worked together for awhile. Moon took ideas for the Principle of Creation from her theology – which was dictated by her to a follower in 1947 at Mount Samgak. Her book was based on those notes. The Principle of Life was published in 1958, some months after she died.

生의 原理 The Principle of Life (1958)
<大聖心祈禱院> The Great Sacred-Heart Prayer House

嚴攸燮編 edited by Eom Yu-seop
新興宗教文庫<12>  Emerging religions collection <12>

世宗文化社刊  Published by the Sejong Cultural Society


一  創造論 (一一)

二  復歸原事 (三六)

三  生曖原役 (五五)

(以下 原文斜渠煎曖無修正稿”=編者)

Chong Deuk-eun received and declared these words
Pang Ho-dong is responsible for writing it down

1. Discourse on Creation       2

2. The Work for Restoration  36

3. The Original Work for Life  55

(The following contents [of the book] is just the original draft with no amendments – the editor)

The book has 93 pages.


Baek-moon Kim
He developed the Parallels of History, taking ideas from Nam-ju Paek. Moon studied with Baek-moon Kim for six months in 1945-1946.

Baek-moon Kim’s first book was 聖神神学 Theology of the Holy Spirit
(published on January 25, 1954) It had 600 pages.

基督教根本原理 Fundamental Christian Principles 
(January 1, 1958) had 844 pages

信仰人格論 Theory of Character Formed by Faith
(September 30, 1970) had 400 pages

Baek-moon Kim spent three years at a theological seminary.


Moon never went to any seminary, and was never ordained.

The first printed Divine Principle book was published in 1957.

The “Divine Principle” has been revised many times, with parts added and parts removed. It has been customized for different countries, for example Japan.

In the same way, Moon’s “Autobiography” has been through a number of revisions by a team of editors to make it more attractive to the target audience. In the process inconvenient facts, including many known to church members, were omitted.

Review of Sun Myung Moon’s “Autobiography” by Professor George Chryssides.


Orthodoxy and heresy in Korean church history.

Song-do Kim, the woman who created the Divine Principle

Song-do Kim (1883-1944) is the most important of the Korean forerunners of the Unification movement, yet we hear very little about her. Most, if not all, of the key teachings of the Principle originated with her, as I will show. She came up with these teachings in 1923, when Sun Myung Moon was only three years old. Her theology was later taken up by other sects in Korea, including Yong-do Lee’s group, Tae-seon Pak’s Olive Tree Movement, and the Israel Monastery of Baek-moon Kim. For better or worse, she was the one who started it all.

Song-do Kim came from Cheolsan, which is on the western coast of North Korea. She was the second wife of a prosperous Confucianist named Hang-jun Chung. His first wife had died and the children of his concubines were not legally entitled to inherit, so he married Song-do Kim when he was 45 and she was 19. After her marriage Kim converted to Christianity, which greatly displeased her husband.

According to Sun Myung Moon himself, Song-do Kim would get up at 1am and pray through the night, receiving revelations directly from God. Kim’s grandson, a 36 couple named Su-won Chung, has explained that she received her first revelation from Jesus on April 2, 1923. This would have been on the morning immediately after Easter Sunday, which in 1923 fell on April 1. This was the original Easter revelation of the Principle.

Kim claimed that during this Easter revelation Jesus told her directly that the fall of man was a premature sexual relationship between Adam and Eve. She also said that Jesus had taught her about the grieving heart of God. She claimed that Jesus told her that God’s two greatest heartaches were his inability to prevent the fall of man and the rejection and crucifixion of Jesus. It was Kim who taught that Jesus had been mistreated during his childhood and that his real birthday was January 3.

She announced that Christ would return as a Korean man, and told married couples to abstain from sex until this new messiah arrived to establish a purified blood lineage.

According to Michael Breen’s book, Sun Myung Moon, The Early Years, 1920-53, Kim “Wrote Jesus’ words out on twelve large strips of paper six foot long by one foot wide. She was told to teach what she had learned. Her minister said it was the work of the devil, but her story got round and soon many Christians began to visit her. As interest grew, the Presbyterian Church expelled her.”

Kim’s “revelation” that the fall was sexual came after her own pastor had run into trouble because of accusations of adultery. We should also bear in mind that when we use the term “concubine” today in relation to the Korean slave system that existed around 1900, when Kim was in the early years of her marriage, we are really using it as a polite euphemism for a sex slave. Perhaps Kim’s husband’s use of sex slaves also colored her view that lust is the root of all evil. It is interesting to speculate that the Unification Theology, which has been used to justify so much shameless adultery and concubinage over the years, might have been first concocted as a sort of proto-feminist condemnation of those same abuses.

After Kim’s insistence on spreading her revelations led to her being kicked out of her Christian church in 1927, she formed her own church in Cheolsan called the Chang Mak Church. She refused to put up a cross at her new church because of her belief that the crucifixion had not been God’s will, but a tragedy. Hak Ja Han’s maternal grandmother (Daemo-nim’s mother) was one of the church members. The congregants referred to Kim as the “New Lord” and her church was named the Holy Lord Church.

On December 16, 1941, Kim was arrested by the Japanese and imprisoned for a hundred days. She was greatly weakened by this experience and died on April 1, 1941, aged 62. While Kim was imprisoned the Japanese burned her records; these would otherwise have become the earliest manuscripts of the Principle. Her church was taken over by Ho-bin Huh and came to be known as the Inside Belly Church because of Huh’s belief that the messiah would soon be born from her womb.

Song-do Kim came up with these central ideas of the Divine Principle: 1) the broken heart of God; 2) the sexual fall; 3) the death of Jesus not being God’s plan; 4) the return of Christ to Korea, the new chosen nation; 5) the change of blood lineage through the messiah. There are probably also other aspects of Divine Principle that originated with Kim that are yet to be identified. Sun Myung Moon did for Song-do Kim what Saint Paul did for Christianity by spreading her teachings throughout the world, but he pretended that he had received the teachings himself through personal revelation, and only on rare occasions let out the truth, which was that he had been taught the Principle by Korean sects that had learned it ultimately from Ms. Kim.

The Principle that Moon started scribbling on the walls of his shack in Pusan after his release from Pyongyang was essentially a re-presentation of the theology that Song-do Kim had formulated a generation earlier, and that Moon had learned second-hand from her followers and imitators.

In justice there should be statues of Song-do Kim at all the Unification Church headquarters and seminaries, and there should be a photograph of her in every copy of the Divine Principle.

Graham C. Lester

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts

The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts


Starting at the First of the Seven Spirits of God:

The Holy Spirit of Grace:

The first Overcoming at the First Church of the Tower of Salvation,

Hearing of the Voice of the 1st Angel,


the First Trumpet of the Judgment in his Day


The first Loosing of the First Seal of the Book

Seeing the Plague of the 1st Angel in White,


 the First Vial of the Wrath in his Way:

The Revealing of the FIRST TRUMP

Grace Slick...of the holy Spirit of Grace

Grace Slick…of the holy Spirit of Grace

The Age of Revelation: the “Meat in Due Season” from Korea

When we begin to look at the record of Rev. Moon’s testimony, and where it conflicts with the Testimony of Jesus, we are immediately struck with just how opposite in interpretation to the Gospel Rev. Moon’s own personal view is. Not only does his interpretation of the Gospel and the Revelation of my Father Lord Jesus go against what is written in black and white, it is his insistence that the Gospel is really just parables and figurative metaphors of no real bearing or accuracy in comparison to the advanced scientific world view he espouses in the “modern world” we now inhabit.

Indeed; Rev. Moon extols his own “scientific” viewpoint, seen his own book “Divine Principle”, in total contradistinction to the “prophetic but unscientific” and “simple country folktales and exaggerated legends” of my Father, by which he describes the Gospel of my Father Jesus. He is even heard on record saying my Father “…..did too many miracles…” !!!

Rev. Moon saw the sayings of my Father Jesus as basically little more than air and sunshine, simple anecdotes  fit for children of a low intellectual standard of spiritual understanding; cobbled together for a host of credulous fools and spiritual simpletons, who were not able to bear the real truth which he promised that he would reveal at some future time. 

He did say that he wanted to tell them of heavenly things, but that they could hardly bear to hear of earthly things. But he did say a bit more than that.

Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words will not pass away.”

We even see this very thing in the Revelation itself: but Rev. Moon insisted that this merely meant that a new dominion had now arrived with a new lord of Restoration; namely himself; which he said meant that a new heaven and new earth had arrived, mainly with what Rev. Moon called the “New Truth”. But claiming to be the Son of God, and then dying, prove he did not win the crown of life as my Father Jesus and I did.

But my Father Jesus wasn’t being poetic: He was referring to a world we had long ago in Paradise: where the angels were visible. In fact Adam and Eve were there, “naked and unashamed“. Rev. Moon never reached this state of perfection.

For us who have not experienced the Original Paradise that experience would be quite new indeed, but in reality it’s as old as the Dream that God had for us in the very beginning. But now His Original Design comes with some “added interest”: seemingly “with a Vengeance”, some would say. But Rev. Moon was a gainsayer of al my Father Jesus spoke of, very much like the sour philosopher of Ecclesiastes, a celestial materialist.

Rev. Moon did no miracles, like John the Baptist; and for the same reason: they were beyond him and John as they were “one and the same” person providentially.

But this view is one that is quite in opposition to towering figures like Elijah and Moses, with whom my Father was dealing with on Baal Hermon, when he journeyed there with Peter, John and James, making a few days trek to the White Mountain, at the northernmost border of Israel: also known as Mount Sion.

Rev. Moon never even mentions them. To him their role is over, they belong to the past. The problem is that these 2 men are in charge of the providence on the Other Side, and they live, and are, in fact, much more alive than are we; as mortals. Jacob walked with the Angels but died a mortal man…and he missed a few things, but I had some very specific help, for a very specific problem.

Rev. Moon apparently had none. He was on his own: singlehandedly dealing with Satan; not God.

Yet his exposition of the relationship between the Old and New Testaments totally hits the nail right on the head, and a work of prophetic brilliance unequalled in 2,000 years; period. His numerical understanding is without a doubt accurate; and his insights on a number of topics are thought-provoking and of profound insight into the Providence.

But now we ask a more troubling question: where did Rev. Moon get his information?

Here are some answers….about a fellow called Kim Baek-moon

Kim travelled to Wonsan in 1934, where he became a disciple of Paek Nam-ju. Paek spoke of three providential ages. Paek and Kim were familiar with the 1924 revelations of Kim Song-do (1883-1944).

For those who are unfamiliar with Kim Song-do, it was she who uncovered the truth of the Children of the Resurrection “…who do not marry, nor are they given in marriage…”

In 1935, Kim Baek-moon went to Chulsan with Paek Nam-ju to meet Kim Song-do.

Paek Nam-ju called his church, in the mountains near Wonsan, the Israel Monastery. Kim later used the same name for his church in Pajoo, Kyunggido, out of respect for Paek.

Kim Baek-moon entered Joseon Theological Seminary in Seoul around 1942. He studied there for three years.

A figure who said he met my Father Jesus in 1946 on Gansan Mountain....

A pivotal Korean figure who said he met my Father Jesus in 1946 on Gangsan Mountain….               Kim Baek-moon


Kim Baek-moon had an experience with Jesus on Gangsan mountain in 1946.

“It was around this time that there occurred a phenomenon which Kim’s later followers would consider to mark the real beginning of the history of the group. They say that on March 2, 1946, the Holy Spirit came down. Jesus is said to have appeared, and Kim began receiving continuous revelations concerning Korea’s apparent role as the new chosen country.

He received the revelation “You are Israel.”

A chart also seen in the book "Divine rinciple"...but who really formulated and discovered this earthshaking bit of providential divine knowledge??

A chart also seen in the book “Divine Principle”…but who really formulated and discovered this earthshaking bit of providential divine knowledge??

He asked God what this meant, and received the answer that he had the mission in the future to spread the new teaching throughout the world…. According to Kim’s elder, Shin Hyon-shik. Shin said that from this time, Kim began compiling his revelations into a comprehensive theology….”

Michael Breen, Sun Myung Moon, the early years, pages 69 and 173.

Kim regarded Fundamental Christian Principles as the eternal Gospel mentioned in Revelations 14:6 – the new truth which people sought in the era of the fulfillment of God’s Will. It showed the way for the perfection of individual character and indicated the way for the unification of all religions (pages 24, 841).

This book also revealed Kim’s special status which he believed Jesus gave him.

Fundamental Christian Principles is the largest work among Kim’s three books at 844 pages.

It consists of three parts; the Principle of Creation, the Principle of the Fall and the Principle of Restoration.

Kim never had a very large following, but he was respected and supported by various leaders of society in Seoul. He had influence.

He died in December 1990. 

He wrote three books: 

Theology of the Holy Spirit (Songshin Shinhak) in 1954

Fundamental Christian Principles (Kumbon Wonri) in 1958

Theory of Character Formed by Faith (Shinang Inkyoron) in 1970 

In the 1990s there were still disciples of Kim witnessing to him as the messiah – and quoting the same Bible verses used in the Divine Principle.


Salvation Rose "...For it is the Rose of His Love -- whence came the Thorns of his Crown"

Salvation Rose “…For it is the Rose of His Love — whence came the Thorns of his Crown”


"Our little Sister hath no Breasts"

“Our little Sister hath no Breasts”

The Destiny of Sister Princess Maria Faustina of Poland

The Destiny of Sister Princess Maria Faustina of Poland

The Three Great Blessings.


There is little doubt that Rev. Moon was the first one to write down the pattern of the Three Great Blessings, as seen in his book, and how the restoration of these Three Blessings was to be found at every level of the 7 levels of the Providence of Salvation by the 7 lords of the restoration: and conclusively. But where he found this knowledge is a matter of great controversy, as some insist he got it from Kim Baek-moon in 1945, nevertheless, there is no doubt that he published this in his book “Divine Principle“, written in English; in 1973, here in America.

        It would be idiotic to deny that this was actually something that each providential and central figure was doing to fulfill the will of God, since Rev. Moon shows exactly how Jacob, Abraham, Moses and others were set in doing this very thing.

The numerical evidence alone outweighs any denial: and even if Rev. Moon did not originate these things, we can say they are not made up, as they are now there clearly revealed to the entire world, or at least to those now or formerly in the Unification Church, and lastly myself, as one who learned how to read at an early age.


Islam was denied their true status as the Second Israel in Rev. Moons book "Divine Principle". Infact they are not even mentioned as having any bearing on the Providence at all.

Islam was denied their true status as the Second Israel in Rev. Moons book “Divine Principle”. In fact they are not even mentioned as having any bearing on the Providence at all.

       Starting at about page 351 of the Black Book we have Rev. Moon’s exposition of the 3 great temptations in the correspondent course of the pattern of these 3 great blessing in an exact parallel, showing how Jesus restores these blessings in his 40 day course in the Wilderness at the global level.

        This makes perfect sense until Mr. Moon says my Father was a failure who was crucified in the position of John the Baptist, and who did not even resurrect in his flesh and bone, as Rev. Moon boldly contradicts what my Father Jesus conclusively states and says to Doubting Thomas in the Gospel of Matthew,.

The real problem with the wreckage Rev. Moon left is that the Gospel of Christ can be “dispensed” with; and for those who are truly wise like himself we must aver and nod our heads when he states that Jesus was just a “spirit” after his resurrection, but that it was only “spiritual” because my Father “gave up his physical body on the Cross” as a propitiation to Satan, and is now a lost and wandering ghost, dully stumbling in the netherworld of spirits as transcendent of “space and time”, whose ghost could even appear in locked rooms and was therefore not in a physical bodyn because that would be IMPOSSIBLE: according to Rev. Moon.

But this denial of my Father arising in his “flesh and his bone” was a lie….. 

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence......but the sperm in the wine made it into "the wine of fornication", which defiled all who drank it,,,

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence……but the sperm in the wine made it into “the wine of fornication”, which defiled all who drank it,,,


Rev. Moon’s account of the Resurrection is not true of course,

as the Gospel of my Father makes quite clear.

      Rev. Moon then says my Father Jesus died “without performing any of the duties of the Messiah” by ” forgetting” all about Palm Sunday, when my Father entered Zion in Glory with Lazarus who he raised from the dead, Lazarus being in the position of John the Baptists dead body, even as my Father fulfilled the Scripture as Christ the Lord written in Zechariah 9:9

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem:

behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation;

lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.


That this was the very scripture my Father fulfilled is beyond the shadow of a doubt; and yet even then Mr. Moon leaves the Gospel of Christ with Korean punctuality as soon as it suited him: which was immediately after 1960 when he said he was the Lamb of God and that he had fulfilled all of the scripture: and that Bo Hui Pak was then John the Baptist and….well……we know what happened next at Yankee Stadium in 1976 when it went so terribly, terribly wrong.

         But the three great blessings of “ ( 1) be fruitful, ( 2) multiply, ( 3), subdue the earth and have dominion”; were clearly pointed out as being what the pattern was when the devil asked Jesus to turn stone into bread ( as being fruitful in attaining the powers of Adam or “son of God”), and then to throw himself down ( as the angels would catch him because he was “the son of God” ), and then to worship him and be given the whole earth as the dominion ( because then he would have dominion as the “son of God” )

        Rev. Moon clearly stated that Jesus overcame the devil and that the three great blessings were then restored in this exact pattern: but then, we have a problem: this is not the version we see in Luke.

       The version we see in Luke is different, and the terminology and the tone are completely different as well. If one is wrong then the other is right: but Rev. Moon showed that Matthew was the exact pattern of the 3 Blessings restored; so now we have some flawed human scribe called Luke who got it all wrong and we can move one: right?

       No.. Not at all. 


The Cross of Jerusalem; when the City of St. Francis became the New Mecca; as Mecca had once become the New Jerusalem: even as Jerusalem was the New Salem...this is my City Not Forsakenthat as the Third Israel's "New Jerusalem"

The Cross of Jerusalem; when the City of St. Francis became the New Mecca; as Mecca had once become the New Jerusalem: even as Jerusalem was the New Salem…this is my City Not Forsaken that is the Third Israel’s “New Jerusalem”


We can’t. And we can’t because this was meant to be this way, for the one who would take the road of Joseph, who becomes the one called “the faithful and wise steward / servant” of Luke and Matthew, and for the Son of Joseph, who is unknown: but is the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel: Ephraim, for “the lost sheep of the House of Israel”. 


The prodigal son: Solomon.

       But this Solomon is the one who built the 3 altars on the Mount of Olives to the Triple Goddess, one for Ashtoreth, one for Molech and one for the goddess Milcom….but the one for the daughter of Pharaoh was the worst,  for which it can now can be revealed that this was the real reason that my Father Jesus prayed 3 times to God that the Cup of Death would pass from him at Gethsemane: and now you will know why that happened.

       The one that my Father Jesus was really fighting with in the wilderness for that 40 days: the one who had sold himself to the Devil and been given all the kingdoms of the earth long before Jesus ever walked in Galilee: that fallen one was Solomon. His number can be found at I Kings 10:14; the number of the 666 talents of gold he got in one year….

For “Fortune and Fame are the Number ( 666 ) and Name ( Solomon ) of the Beast”.

       Solomon, Apollyon, the black sheep; the one lost of the 100 was the lost sheep, as that one who had to be restored of the 99 to once again have the 100. This is why my Father said.

      “…For the son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost..”

        He wasn’t talking about mankind itself in a generality: he was specifically referring to Solomon, the prodigal son of David, who had fallen into the clutches of the devil and who which the 10 tribes had also then followed into the abyss as well, because Solomon dragged them down with him. The 12 tribes were separated and the 10 of the Northern Tribes were given to Rehoboam, as of when the garment he wore was ripped into 12 pieces by the prophet, and 10 pieces given to him due to Solomon having fallen….and when Solomon died Rehoboam came back from hiding in Egypt….thus the division once again of the ten and the two….as seen with the ten sons of Jacob with Leah…as opposed to the two from Rachel, Joseph and Benjamin…

       That is why the garment that had been that of the king was ripped into 12 pieces by the prophet and the ten were lost, as the 10 tribes were soon to become lost; and only two pieces remained, which were all of the kingdom of  Judah remaining.

        This is why, although few know the reason why this is written in the Old Testament.

        I do.

       Solomon was he who feared Death more than God, and who sold himself to Satan the Devil and became Apollo, the one that Zeus, or Azazyel, the fallen Strength of God, who was the Archangel in Paradise, called the god of the sun: Apollo, the last of the gods. The one who gained the whole earth: but lost his soul.

“For all the evil under the sun” That was the refrain of Solomon: but none knew why.

      Until now.

      If you look at the order of the temptations in Luke you will see it was: stone into bread: fall down and worship me, and then; he was taken to the pinnacle of the Temple: and then told, throw yourself down.


The Malediction of Rev. Moon and the Invasion of Satan in the Dajjals' son; Osama, the Son of Laden; the One-eyed Dajjal from Yemen; the poor bricklayer Laden with the "Evil Eye" who became a billionaire....and had 12 sons...

The Malediction of Rev. Moon and the Invasion of Satan in the Dajjals’ son; Osama, the Son of Laden; the One-eyed Dajjal from Yemen; the poor bricklayer Laden with the “Evil Eye” who became a billionaire….and had 12 sons…

      But this order of temptations does not match the pattern of the three great blessings.

But it does match one, the one in which Solomon fell when he was tempted the three times: and fell at the first one with the mark on the hand; commanding the fallen angels with the ring for sorcery, and then the second, with the mark on the forehead for worshipping the dragon and to be able to disappear anytime he desired with the cloak of invisibility, and then the third, to be given the power to “go between”, and appear anywhere he desired on earth which was that of the winged shoes of his fallen dominion:; as ruling over the invisible realms of the jinn or spirits in the 3 lower heavens above the earth and the 3 upper hells below it with the djinn:  becoming that Angel of the Abyss, the King of his, and then others ‘Self Destruction”….Apollyon…otherwise known as “Apollo”, the last of the gods…as of “the sun”. of which Solomon wrote of all that was “…under the sun..”

      There are then three Solomon’s: the younger one, as we see in the Song of Songs, where he finds the female aspect of the soul in his kingship, and then the middle-aged vision of the wise but cynical king in Proverbs, and then at the end, the bitter and skeptically adrift king, in Ecclesiastes.

But it was in his old age that Solomon began to seek how to circumvent his coming death, as the Devil had by that time convinced him that nothing of life would be his portion but the grave; annihilation, in short. Solomon did not believe in resurrection…for him Death was final…and everlasting….

The Bride, the Lamb's Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife is the Virgin Daughter of Light, the Daughter of Allah

     The Word in its letter is Death: in the stark utterances of Moses and others Solomon interpreted the texts with a more and more concrete literalism; the vision we finally see in Ecclesiastes: no possibility of resurrection, and no place after life but the grave. Man and the beast both have the same life; and are the same in sharing equally the same death.

       The question is then this; who destroyed Solomon? His own shadow, materialism, Midas.

        The 666 talents of gold that we see Solomon collect is in I Kings 10:14, in “one year”.

This “Midas touch” was of his own spiritual materialism, the “daughter” turned to gold in the myth of Midas is the “soul” Solomon lost by selling his soul to the Devil and worshipping him to be given dominion over the earth.

       This is Apollo, rational delusion as Apollyon: self-destruction, the nemesis of Solomon: he who fell in love with his own life or soul, loving only his own life itself, as they of the Northern Kingdom who fell in love with themselves as seen in the myth of Narcissus, the silly dove of Ephraim, in love with their own vain image of themselves: the internal imagination created of their idolization of reaching the Kingdom as of their race.

The “deadly wound to the head” here was the cult of Narcissism. “Exceptionalism”, it could be called…Vanity,

“…All is Vanity…”

Solomon as seen in the Myth of Narcissus

Thus the Rose suspended over the Abyss is Solomon as Narcissus, in love with his own Reflection or Soul; but it is this very thing that he loses by trying to hold onto it above all else.

Who finds their life; loses it… did I, Solomon. 666 back from the Dead; Jedidiah 144. And so we ask:

       So who does the devil worship?



The Cain and Abel of Korea; Kim Il Sung and Sun Myung Moon

The Cain and Abel of Korea; Kim Il Sung and Sun Myung Moon

      Solomon destroyed himself, he was his own worst enemy, like David was with Bathsheba, but this happened because his fear of Death and the thought that there was nothing after this life but the grave was able to be so pressed into his mind by Satan that he sold himself to continue his existence at any cost, although he thought he had made the best of a bad situation in the bargain for his terms.

        He worshipped Satan upon the Mercyseat of the Ark that Moses had had Bezaleel build, and Solomon had then had brought into the very Temple he had built. But he ruined his own ideal.

        Sensual lust was only part of it, the rest was the desire for immortality at any cost.

        Thus he traded the Ark for his own life, or so he thought.

       And that is when it vanished: right to Baal Hermon, the White Mountain at the northernmost boundary of Israel, the real ‘Olympus’ where the third of the host of the angels came down, and took wives of the daughters of men.

It’s other name????  Mount Sion…..

        And now we shall have a little voyage of discovery. It’s very much like the yacht called New Hope that Rev. Moon used to sail around on: except that the reason that I was brought out from San Francisco after it fell: to start over in New Hope; is the same reason that it was said that the coming of the Son of Man would be as when Lot was led out of Sodom after it was judged; to start a new family in Zoar.

         As I said, the full story was the one I decided to tell you right from the start, a partial or incomplete explanation at this point would be worse than none at all.

         Right now it is you, my friend, who represent the Last Hope of the Unification Church. My friend Glenn Emery is considered a pariah, as he left the Church and took back the Blessing Rev. Moon stole from My Generation, though they don’t know it,, and I am not even considered to be anyone of account by the inverse racism due to the Korean bias, that bias being as of the fact I am not a Korean.


"...then look up; for your Redemption draweth nigh..."

“…then look up; for your Redemption draweth nigh…”

          There is little doubt that you placed high in the estimation of those you served because they saw something in you they decided to reward. But my servant John knows the real reason of your reward: and now both he and my Father Jesus have brought things to this pass so that you will have a real choice; not a fake one.

           Amen, and so be it.


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