The Global Foundation to Receive the Messiah: American Babylon the not-so-Great, and the Cosmic End of the Capitalist Paradigm

The True Idealism of the New Paradigm:

Universal Justice in the Kingdom of God.

The Resurrected St. Francis walking in and to the people my Father called "..The Light of the World...."

The Resurrected St. Francis walking in and to the people my Father called
                                                             “..The Light of the World….”

Pope Francis: Capitalism Is

‘Terrorism Against All of Humanity’

Posted on Aug 2, 2016

By Nika Knight / Common Dreams

Pope Francis surprised reporters on a flight from Krakow to the Vatican late Sunday when he blamed the “god of money” for extremist violence in Europe and the Middle East, saying that a ruthless global economy leads disenfranchised people to violence.

Terrorism grows when there is no other option, and as long as the world economy has at its center the god of money and not the person,” the pope told reporters, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“This is fundamental terrorism, against all humanity.”

The pope was responding to a journalist’s question about whether there is a link between Islam and terrorism, particularly focusing on the fatal attack on a priest by Muslim extremists in France last week.

“I ask myself how many young people that we Europeans have left devoid of ideals, who do not have work. Then they turn to drugs and alcohol or enlist in [the Islamic State, or ISIS],” he said, Reuters reports

The pope said that no religion has a monopoly on violence, The Wall Street Journal notes:

His own experience in interreligious dialogue had shown him that Muslims seek “peace and encounter,” he said.

“It is not right and it is not just to say that Islam is terroristic.”

And he said no religion had a monopoly on violent members.

“If I speak of Islamic violence, I should speak of Catholic violence.

Not all Muslims are violent, not all Catholics are violent,”

Pope Francis said, dismissing Islamic State as a

“small fundamentalist group” not representative of Islam as a whole.

“In almost all religions there is always a small group of fundamentalists,” even in the Catholic Church, the pope said, though not necessarily physically violent.

“One can kill with the tongue as well as the knife.”

The remarks followed similar comments made Wednesday, when Pope Francis argued that the current Middle East conflicts are wars over economic and political interests—not religion or so-called “Islamic terrorism.”

There is war for money,” he said Wednesday, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“There is war for natural resources. There is war for the domination of peoples. Some might think I am speaking of religious war. No. All religions want peace; it is other people who want war.”

The Miraculous Bird: the Dove with the Olive Branch for World Peace

                     The Miraculous Bird: ……………..the  Dove  with  the  Olive Branch  for  World Peace

Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis

Current Commentary by an Acolyte of Peace: Robert Roskind (  following video )

I had to find this cat’s name, but read his testimony, profound indeed… ahh yes. here it is…  Robert Roskind

“Bernie embodies love for all humanity. If someone cannot see that it is because they are not yet aware of this universal love within themselves. Love knows love – period! The forces of darkness do not even understand love and do not seek it. No matter their lifestyle, charisma or the power and fame they claim, they live in their own self-created “hell,” as hell is defined as a world without love. Knowing nothing of love, they create chaos and suffering in their lives and in the lives of those they touch. Little or no light penetrates into their world.

Clinton and most of the world’s “leaders” are comfortable in this dark world, as are many in the main stream press. Obama not so much but has entered it anyway as his ego attachment proved greater than his love for humanity. This is also the case with many others (Warren, Franken, Steinem, Clooney, Lewis, Maddow, etc.). These people have an internal decency that we sense but it is not yet developed to the point that it dominates all their decision making as it does with Bernie. If it clashes with their well-defined ego goals, it is sublimated to them. It’s a slippery slope from there that few recover from.

However, true “alchemy” – by allowing the darkness to be revealed – can transform what others intended for selfish purposes into serving light and love. Bernie’s efforts – and that of many others – has exposed the darkness within our national political and corporate leadership so that it now can be healed. A love-based world is emerging through the collapse of the old fear-based paradigm. Divine guidance and assistance is – and always has been – available in our efforts to birth this new Reality as it is our Creators will that Her children remember their own Divinity. Millions sense it and many are working full-time as “midwives.” Bernie certainly is. Join us! …”

Amen !! Salvation Rose

In the Gospel my Father said this;

“And at the end, because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold, …but they who can endure to the end, the same shall be saved….”

As to what my Father was saying you all should know well; which was and is the essential truth that those that can keep that love alive in their hearts that was kindled in the sixties, and are able to love their enemies, indeed to reach out to them and try to uplift them and bring them out of the darkness, these are the ones of which Daniel said “And they who are wise will shine as the firmament in its Brightness”, in other words those that shine fourth as the Sun at the end are all these children of righteousness who we see now are the children of all the tribes of Israel, the Millennials who are our spiritual Offspring from the sixties; and of this there is no doubt.

What people don’t know is that in the Revelation of my Father Jesus that it is the Scarlet Woman, riding upon the Scarlet Colored Beast, that actually represents the Free Market of laissez-faire Capitalism itself; Herself, the Great Whore as the Lover of Money, riding upon the Nation of Red China, who happens to be carrying America’s National Debt, thus showing the entire world that Red China is really not only the owner and master of America at this point, but also, in a sense, the Nation carrying the Woman as the monetary System of Things that the entire World is now enslaved by and servicing; as slaves to the Free Market itself Herself, old “Creative Destruction” in a dress,,,,the Creatrix of Hell on Earth with Red China representing the Spiritual Death as the Root of All Evil that comes from serving not God but Mammon.

Of course the Democrats and Republicans say you can serve both; God on Sunday and Mammon the other 144 Hours of the Week: but that is the currently revealed Lie of Western Civilization itself

This is a MYSTERY no longer, uncovered to those who read this; at this very Day, and at this very Hour… and of course, there’s more to the story…..

Salvation Rose 


Published on

Pope Calls on World Youth to Rise Up Against Global Capitalism

‘Make a mess, but then also help to tidy it up,’ Argentinian pontiff said in address to Paraguay youth

The latest call for a youth uprising against global capitalism came not from grassroots groups, but from the leader of the Catholic Church, who on Sunday gave a rousing speech during which he told a crowd of young people in Paraguay that it is their time to “make a mess.”

The address marked the end of Pope Francis’ week-long pilgrimage to Latin America, during which he also assailed the prevailing economic system as the “dung of the devil,” saying that the systemic “greed for money” is a “subtle dictatorship” that “condemns and enslaves men and women.”

During Sunday’s rally, which was held on the banks of the Paraguay River outside the capital Asunción, the Argentinian pontiff went off-script as he addressed tens of thousands of local youth.

“They wrote a speech for me to give you. But speeches are boring,” Pope Francis said. “Make a mess, but then also help to tidy it up. A mess which gives us a free heart, a mess which gives us solidarity, a mess which gives us hope.”

He also encouraged those present to look at their less fortunate peers, some of whom he met earlier in the day during a visit to the Banado Norte shantytown, and spoke of the connection between authentic liberty and responsibility and the necessity of fighting for the right to lead a dignified life.

“We don’t want young weaklings. We do not want young people who tire quickly, who live life worn out with faces of boredom. We want youths with hope and strength,” Francis told the crowd.

Pope Francis’ South American visit comes just week after the release of his Papal Encyclical, which many hailed as a “radical statement,” in which he told leaders of the Catholic Church that there is a moral imperative for addressing climate change.

Ghost in the Machine

                                            Ghost in the Machine

Perspective on Human values and the Regeneration of the Divine in Humanity

“…You do not compromise on the core goal when you have been given the task of leading people towards freedom. The American Revolutionary leaders knew this as did Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Tutu, Mandela, Bob Marley, Mohammed Ali, and many others.

At some deep level these people understood that they were not to make there decisions as leaders according to political efficiency and compromise but rather according to Divinely-inspired moral and ethical dictates that are NOT to be compromised.

They understood that even if their “worldly goals” were not achieved as hoped, that people needed an example of an uncompromised soul in order to reinstill this clarity within themselves. As their movements progressed by their ability to deeply inspire others, they understood the “greater goal” was the advancement of the human race towards its assigned goal of remembering its own Divinity and that of all life. Bernie is a loved-based person, humanitarian and politician. My hope is that, like the uncompromising Gandhi, he is also a “mahatma” – a great soul….”

Robert Roskind

The 3 Upper Hells and the 3 Lower Heavens as Marriage of Heaven and Hell

The 3 Upper Hells and the 3 Lower Heavens as the Marriage of Heaven and Hell

The Planetary Signs

Robert Roskind:

Signs that the planet is now entering a period of intense dynamic tension between the vibration of love and fear are everywhere. One of the more visible signs is the present political scene in the U.S. where we have symbols of hatred and bitterness with Trump, the continued acceptance of a corrupt oligarchy disguised as a democracy with Clinton and a powerful dynamic flow of a love-based political vision embodied in Bernie Sanders.

However, these two global vibrations are not visible to all at this time. Since birth, we have each been fitted with a pair of “reality-viewing glasses” that has distorted our vision of the true “Reality.” The commonly shared lenses of these glasses are three main lies: that we are separate from each other, separate from the Earth and separate from our Creator. Then our glasses are customized for each of us with lenses that distort our perception by showing us “the world” that we personally must fit into (what we “should” say, do, dress, believe, understand, present to others, etc.).

Now, people are awakening everywhere and lifting these glasses and often our first response is shock and dismay that we were fooled for so long by so many, so cleverly. This often gives way to anger, frustration and fear as we view global-wide exploitation, war and the perverse manipulation of innocent masses. The “matrix” of misguided power becomes sharply in focus.

This period of disorientation is understandable and will remain until we fit ourselves with our own new set of glasses, the lenses of which include three truths: that we are one with each other, one with the Earth and one with our Creator.

From these truths flows the core understanding that we are each incarnating on this planet – this huge round “teaching devise” – to learn and teach love. Other lenses can be added as needed to assist this primary lens (spiritual paths, yoga, healthy diets, exercise, time in nature, holistic health, etc.).

And as these lenses begin to adjust and later dominate our world view, what appears is yet another matrix – one much stronger than the old-paradigm one – and it then comes into clear focus. It is a matrix of Divine Love that permeates every moment of our lives, every encounter, every situation – overlaying what appears to be a painful, often sordid world that is in “Reality” seven billion of us searching, yearning, grasping, asking for love in so many convoluted forms.

And this vibration of Divine Love can and will work through each of us as we change our “glasses,” as we change our worldview to extend this love to all. And by doing so – by offering others the love they yearn for – we solidify it in ourselves.

This week @ Oasis in Carr Mill
Wednesday August 10 7:00-8:00pm
Reopening Our Hearts After the Pain
with author and Oasis founder Robert Roskind…

Continue Reading

Light on the Path

Robert Roskind's photo.
Robert Roskind

A Warning on Complacency and the Acceptance of the Status Quo as Spiritual Defeat

“…There is a sort of clarity unfolding by the FBI’s response. What is now revealed is that every major branch of the US government – executive, judicial and legislative – is compromised and corrupted. Healing cannot take place until a sickness is revealed and understood.                                                                                                 

Robert Roskind's photo.

Bernie has been the greatest agent for this revelation in US history – bar NONE!

Perhaps the FBI’s response closes the door on Bernie running as part of an established order and leads to a third party run.

I think we all know that Bernie as president without close ties to the corrupt core is best. This national drama is still unfolding revealing so much and is under Divine guidance

The forces of darkness do not understand love. Little or no light penetrates into their world. Clinton is comfortable there. Obama not so much but entered anyway as his ego attachment proved greater than his love for humanity.

A love-based world is emerging through the darkness of the old fear-based paradigm. Millions sense it and many are working full-time as “midwives.” Join us!…”



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