Dr. Jill Stein and Secretary Hillary Clinton: Morality Vs. Legality, and the FBI Palace Revolt to End the Crooked Status “Quid Pro Quo” | Measure 144 ~ Missive 105

The Uncovering of the Whole Truth:

Dr. Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders: and the Advent of Khidr Elijah the Green One

    Dr. Jill Stein, the Standard Bearer for  the    Visionary  Idealism  of    the    Movement    of    the    Believers   of    Bernie Sanders:    and    the Advent    of    Khidr Elijah:    the Green One


The Unveiled Sin of Omission:

~Living a Lie ~

Confessions of A Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Operative

What is it really like behind the scenes of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign: Hectic, stressful and an unforgiving atmosphere where one simple mistake can end your employment, according to a now-excommunicated campaign operative who spoke to True Pundit.


What is it really like behind the scenes of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign: Hectic, stressful and an unforgiving atmosphere where one simple mistake can end your employment, according to a now-excommunicated campaign operative who spoke to True Pundit.

Clinton has nearly a thousand paid moving parts in her massive campaign. Our source was well placed and worked with the candidate on a daily basis, or whenever Clinton would show up for work. Some of the following revelations are somewhat disturbing, especially when weighed against the fact that Clinton is campaigning for the most stressful job on the planet. According to our intelligence, she is nowhere near prepared for that job.

We are going bullet format here for simplicity to highlight the dirt dished by Clinton’s ex-campaign guru. Did you know:

*Only a small group of people running her campaign know the specifics of Hillary’s health issues.

But she is suffering from something.

She sleeps approximately 18 hours a day. And some days, she sleeps more.

I’m serious,” the former operative said. “This is why no one sees her.”

*The campaign will NEVER release her medical files to the public. In contrast, they feel if the opposition continues to hammer the issue, it will create a backlash of sympathy that will likely help Hillary in Nov. when voters could ultimately feel the GOP is picking on Hillary because she is a woman.

*That press conference everyone is waiting for?

It’s been 270 days since she gave a press conference or 280 days.

“Whatever it is. Hillary will NOT be giving

ANY press conferences before the election.”

Why? She doesn’t have to, according to campaign handlers. Her poll numbers have not suffered from not talking to the press but more importantly, Hillary acknowledges that the media has become more of a wild card amid all her scandals and campaign staffers agree it is highly unlikely she could field questions competently without giving Trump fodder to boost his campaign.

Think of Clinton in her orange pants suit making wipe-the-server jokes, the former operative said.

“It was a disaster. They don’t want a repeat of that debacle.”

*Hillary is already being coached for the Sept. 26 Presidential Debate. But the Democratic strategy is bizarre. Her handlers do not think she will respond well to stressful questions or rhetoric so Hillary is memorizing canned answers that may not even directly address the subject or question.

Why is this a viable strategy ???

We’re told this will work because the moderators will not redirect Clinton or cross examine her original answer to a question, regardless of her answer.

This has been negotiated.

So Hillary is free to pontificate without being called on her verbal nonsense, regardless of topic or content. Must be nice.

You can bet no such agreement is in place for Trump.

“The debate is already stacked against the guy,” the former operative said. “Hillary’s lawyers already hammered out her ground rules before the debate questions were even formulated.

It’s a stacked deck. She knows the game and all the referees.”

HA Goodman strikes again

 Despite what Hillary Clinton believes about the best voter being an ignorant voter,
What one doesn’t know CAN hurt you
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) today led a group of 50 Members of Congress in demanding that U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch appoint a special counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundation for allegedly using illegal tactics to allow its donors inappropriate access and influence over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Seemingly every day the American people learn shocking new details about the operations of the Clinton Foundation. The facts as reported certainly suggest that the Clinton Foundation existed as a slush fund to the State Department where donors received extraordinary levels of access to and influence over then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The fact that over half of Secretary Clinton’s meetings with non-government officials were with individuals who donated to the Clinton Foundation simply cannot be coincidence. The potential implications here are enormous, and the country deserves answers.

“When I questioned Attorney General Lynch last month on her decision to not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of an unauthorized, unsecured email server, she astonishingly refused to rule out future employment in a potential Clinton administration. She additionally refused to comment on recusing herself from any potential investigation into the Clinton Foundation, despite a well-publicized meeting she had just had with former President Bill Clinton on an airport runway. It’s clear that at this juncture, and in light of these facts, a special counsel is necessary to ensure there aren’t two tracts of justice in America.

“I’m grateful for the 50 Members of Congress who have joined me in this effort – elected representatives from all corners of the country, including a number of former prosecutors. The people we represent simply want the truth, and we’re committed to delivering it to them,” Ratcliffe said.

 (The full text of the letter can be viewed here, or below: )

Dear Attorney General Lynch:

We request you take immediate steps to appoint a special counsel, pursuant to 28 C.F.R. § 600.1 to investigate the Clinton Foundation and alleged “pay to play” tactics where donors to the Clinton Foundation were able to obtain inappropriate access to and influence over then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

Under Department of Justice regulations, you have the grounds to appoint a special counsel when it is determined “that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted” and that the investigation of that person or matter “by a United States Attorney’s Office or litigating Division of the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the Department or other extraordinary circumstances.”

We strongly believe that these criteria are met. Consider:

  • A recent report by the Associated Press indicates that “At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs.”
  • Combined, it is believed these donors contributed as much as $156 million, with 50 giving at least $100,000 and 20 giving over $1 million.
  • The report goes on to say “the frequency of the overlaps shows the intermingling of access and donations, and fuels perceptions that giving foundation money was a price of admission for face time with Clinton.”
  • Further casting a shadow of doubt over this arrangement is the recent announcement by the Clinton Foundation that it will stop accepting donations from foreign governments if Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States. This begs the obvious question about why an inappropriately cozy relationship between the Clinton Foundation and its donors with the President of the United States is deemed unethical, but the same relationship between the Secretary of State and candidate for president were not.

All of this makes it very unclear where the State Department ended and where the Clinton Foundation began. Official business of the United States government, the State Department most certainly included, should be conducted in a manner that prioritizes the best interests of the American people, not the special needs of the well-connected donors to a largely unaccountable foundation.

Americans have by and large lost faith in their government and rightfully so. The facts as they have been reported surrounding the Clinton Foundation warrant an investigation that is beyond reproach and beyond any appearance of political favoritism. Appointing a special counsel is a necessary step at this juncture.

A Gift from the Bride, the Lamb's Wife

A Gift from the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife

The Testimony of Salvation Rose

What people don’t know is that in the Revelation of my Father Jesus that it is the Scarlet Woman, riding upon the Scarlet Colored Beast, that actually represents the Free Market of laissez-faire Capitalism itself Herself, the Great Whore revealed as that Lover of Money, aka “Mammon” or DIS, riding upon the Nation of Red China, who happens to be the one also carrying America’s National Debt, thus showing the entire world that Red China is really not only the owner and master of America at this point, but also, in a sense, the Nation carrying the Woman as the monetary System of Things that the entire World is now enslaved by and servicing; as slaves to the so-called “Free Market”

Capitalism is described as “Creative Destruction”,  and here in the Revelation we see good old Creative Destruction arriving wearing a purple dress…..the Creatrix of Hell on Earth, with Red China representing the Spiritual Death as the Wages of Sin in the serving of a Hybrid Consumerist Corporate Marxism as the Discarnate Root of All Evil: all of which comes from serving not God but Mammon.

Of course the Democrats and Republicans say you can serve both; God on Sunday and Mammon the other 144 Hours of the Week: but that is the currently revealed Lie of Western Civilization itself

This is a MYSTERY no longer, at those who read this; at this very Day, and at this very Hour… and of course there’s more to the story…..

Salvation Rose


Did the Clinton Foundation Steal from the Poor?

Interview with Charles Ortel



The Clintons have many problems these days, but the worst of them is probably the information that Charles Ortel started to release from his website and Twitter account (@charlesortel) in early May 2016. Ortel is the financial analyst who exposed General Electric’s stock as being overvalued before it took a dive in 2008. After 15 months’ examination of the public records of the Clinton Foundation entities, he finds that huge sums of money cannot be accounted for, and he believes that it is a family affair for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton to harm the victims of disasters and the desperately poor throughout the planet. Educated and privileged people like the Clintons should know better, yet they preen, even now, believing we will fall for the hype manufactured by their handlers.

The true, damning facts, however, are out there for each of us to see.

There is a special revulsion against charity fraud that we did not cover in an earlier interview. We discuss this with Charles Ortel.


Dady Chery: For you, this is a moral issue.

Charles Ortel: It is reprehensible to operate a supposed charity in gross violation of applicable laws and simultaneously seek adulation and the highest political office in the most powerful nation on earth. Such conduct needs to be fully exposed and then punished to set an example.

Charity, the notion of actually helping less fortunate and deserving souls, is an ancient practice prevalent in most cultures. In the United States, it happens that the poorest among us are also the most generous, if you measure their annual donations relative to their annual incomes. Much great work is done by the charitable sector and this important, generally selfless conduct, should be encouraged and admired.

That said, to corrupt a presidential charity under the glare of the publicity that surrounds celebrity followers of the Clinton Foundation is gross, indefensible conduct by educated persons who seem to have no moral compass and no shame.


DC: In your discussions of the Clinton Foundation on your website and elsewhere, Charles, you often bring up the absence of tax audits by the Clinton entities. What is the problem there?

CO: By audits, I mean detailed income statements, balance sheets, cash-flow statements, and footnotes that are double-checked, that is “audited,” by competent, informed and licensed accounting firms. Accounting firms understand the numerous detailed requirements that must be followed as these audits are completed. Furthermore, the management and trustees of large entities, like those of the Clintons, are required to certify that the information contained in these audits is true, accurate, and complete. This is different from the process by which the IRS might decide to audit a given tax return. All financial information provided to the IRS by charities whose revenues are above a low threshold must procure financial statements and supporting information that are audited and must make this work available to taxing authorities and to the general public.

The Clinton entities have repeatedly failed to get their financial statements properly audited. This is an ongoing abuse. I believe they got away with this probably because Lois Lerner was a key person in the IRS who oversaw tax-exempt charities, including the Clinton entities, from 2001 through 2013. She left her post in disgrace. She is alleged to have used the IRS to target conservative and Tea Party groups, and she might also have used her influence with regulators not to target charities of politically allies.


DC: A lot of funds were collected by Clinton entities for recovery from natural disasters.

CO: Shortly after leaving the White House in January 2001, Bill Clinton teamed with Rajat Gupta, then managing partner of consulting giant McKinsey, and since convicted of criminal misconduct, to, in theory, aid victims of an earthquake that struck on January 26, 2001 in Gujarat, India. Records available in the public domain for this charity, American India Foundation, show clearly that it was organized on the basis of a false and materially misleading application to the IRS, that it failed to provide compliant financial audits, and that it failed to make complete, truthful and regular filings in numerous US states where it continues to solicit donations using the mails, telephones, and digital media, in stark violation of applicable laws. Bill Clinton has served as Honorary Chairman for this entity since inception, a fact that is used prominently in fundraising campaigns. Nevertheless, his role with this illegally operated charity is not disclosed in Clinton Foundation filings with state, federal and foreign authorities.

Starting in January 2001, Bill Clinton became involved in international activities that he pursued invoking the name of the Clinton Foundation; these included disaster relief in India and fighting HIV/AIDS in many nations, including in Haiti starting in 2003. None of these international activities were validly authorized in advance by the IRS, US state governments, or foreign governments, as is legally required. Especially in the early period, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation did not have adequate and sufficiently trained staff to exercise tight and effective controls over these international activities. As a result, it appears that substandard and even adulterated drugs manufactured by an Indian supplier then called Ranbaxy may have been distributed in numerous countries under the auspices of the Clinton Foundation.



Later, Bill Clinton became involved with George H. W. Bush, starting in 2005, in fundraising efforts to, in theory, aid victims of the Tsunami that devastated many Asian nations in the December 2004. Fundraising efforts in this case were also not documented properly or organized in full compliance with applicable state, federal, and foreign laws.

Beginning in August 2005, former presidents Clinton and George H.W. Bush mounted additional illegal and improperly organized efforts to, in theory, aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. Defective forms and filings related to this effort are available, following persistent digging, but omitted from the Clinton Foundation website, though some of the purported financial effects and other supposed accomplishments are covered in various materials found there, including press releases, annual reports and tax filings, that are riddled with accounting errors for 2005, in particular.


DC: What do you perceive as being the most serious problem with fund collection for disaster relief?

CO: When natural disasters strike, many of us are motivated to help however we may be able to do so. As we became more connected on the internet and more comfortable sending money using internet services, larger and larger sums started flowing towards those who represented they might be capable to aid victims of natural disasters. Unfortunately, this incoming money flow, in tiny bites is a perfect opportunity for fraud. Fraudsters realize that portions of this money might be picked off operating unregistered charities with names and websites that seem legitimate. This is why the FBI warns donors to be wary when it comes to making contributions after natural disasters.


DC: I often say: “What happens in Haiti doesn’t stay in Haiti.” Given the real prospect of another Clinton presidency, should Americans worry?

CO: It is more than ironic that the United Homeless Organization, which used to have seemingly poor people at tables all over New York with glass jars to collect money, was revealed as a fraud back in November 2009.

As it happens, the Clinton family was homeless and in severe financial distress back in 1998. Since then, public reports suggest they have acquired vast wealth during a period when most in America have struggled. It seems more than fair to ask exactly how one squares reaping massive financial gains with efforts supposedly led by the Clintons to engage in “charitable” work, particularly given rampant and material defects in all public filings of Clinton-related charities from inception to date.

When the Clintons last occupied the White House they were destitute, according to published reports, and America was in a far stronger position strategically and economically, compared to other nations, than now.

Absent controls, and a US president is difficult to stop, an enriched Hillary Clinton and her extended family are likely to run roughshod over political enemies and competitors in ways that are terrifying to contemplate.


DC: Could some good come from this?

CO: It is certainly possible that Hillary Clinton may win the presidency before the whole truth becomes known regarding operation of and fundraising for the Clinton Foundation and all its related entities.

Alternatively, if the general public digs into the facts and goes to the public record, justice may be administered to all those centrally involved in perpetrating what seems to be the largest and most far-reaching charity fraud ever attempted anywhere on earth.

The downfall of Hillary Clinton and of her family for having, in my view, illegally used a charity to derive personal financial gains might then become an example not to follow: a cautionary tale useful, in future, to constrain others from even daring to consider such pursuits.

DC: Thank you Charles.


Dady Chery is the author of We Have Dared to Be FreePhotographs two and four by Alex Proimos; three from The Oglethorpe University archive; five by Zoriah; six from the archive of Cristal Montanez; seven from the archive of ILO in Asia and the Pacific; eight from Nazareth College archive; and nine by Gilbert Mercier.



The Unicorn of the Last Day, for the Dabbat al-Ard of Sura 27:82 from the Qur'an

               The Unicorn of the Last Day

The Drumbeat of Investigation after Investigation

into the Rapidly Failing Health of Hillary Clinton


Why is Hillary being followed everywhere by a neurologist and seizure specialist, and cannot walk unaided, stand up for more than 15 minutes or even climb stairs???

She has Narcolepsy !!!!

(… She sleeps “18 hours a day….or MORE!!!”…)

An injector pen for Valium.....

                                                                  An injector pen for Valium…..

“Following his termination, a visibly shaken Seaman posted a video to YouTube discussing what happened and assuring his viewers that he is not suicidal. He repeatedly asserted that he is not accident prone and does not currently own a vehicle — clearly signaling that should anything happen to him, make sure he is added to the Clinton Body Count.”

Media Orgs Donate to Clinton Foundation:

Then Downplay Clinton Foundation Scandal

Google ‘Clinton AP story’ and see what happens

By Liz Crokin • 08/29/16 5:50pm

Hillary Clinton speaks at a press conference announcing a new initiative between the Clinton Foundation, United Nations Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies, titled Data 2x on December 15, 2014 in New York City.
Hillary Clinton speaks at a press conference announcing a new initiative between the Clinton Foundation, United Nations Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies, titled Data 2x on December 15, 2014 in New York City. (Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton and her media allies have been working overtime to put out numerous fires that continue to pop up and spread during the final weeks of her campaign for president. Recently, the flames have gotten more difficult to smother as reports of Clinton’s frail health have bled into the mainstream media, despite the unanimous and unilateral decision by the MSM to treat anyone who even raises a question as akin to a Holocaust denier. (On Sunday night, for example, Huffington Post fired contributor David Seaman and deleted his columns simply for linking to a Hillary health video that’s been viewed four million times.)

Julian Assange stoked more flames when he suggested a murdered DNC worker was the Wikileaks source for the DNC hack. Most recently, the Associated Press released a blockbuster story concluding that more than half of the people Clinton met with as secretary of state gave donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Despite these ongoing scandals, Clinton’s close yet questionable ties to media outlets such as Google, CNN, PBS and The New York Times have seemed to pay off. These entities have gone out of their way to censor negative stories about Clinton, particularly ones involving the Clinton Foundation. There’s one common thread though these media outlets suppressing harmful Clinton stories all share: they’ve donated to the Clinton Foundation.

On Aug. 23 the Associated Press broke the story citing that more than half the people outside of the government that Clinton met with as she served as secretary of state gave money to the Clinton Foundation, either personally or through companies or groups. The AP report concluded that 85 out of 154 people she met with from the private sector either donated to her charity or pledged commitments.

The AP drew this conclusion by reviewing some of Clinton’s schedule from when she was secretary of state. They obtained these records after a federal judge ordered the release of them stemming from a lawsuit they filed against the State Department in 2015. (The AP is reporting that the State Department won’t finish releasing the rest of Clinton’s schedule till after the presidential election despite their request for it by October 15.)

This bombshell, compounded with Clinton’s use of a private server as secretary of state, is fueling allegations that she was involved in a pay-to-play operation. But the story has been suppressed by Google in its searches—just as it has done in the past with stories that paint Clinton in a negative light.

When searches related to this story were entered into the Google web browser last week, results for “Clinton AP story” were limited to stories from leftwing publications discrediting the story—including this report from Vox: “The AP’s big expose on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess.”

The same terms in a Bing search yielded more balanced headlines, like “Clinton campaign, AP battle over story on foundation ties” from Market Watch.

Once again, Google has gone out of its way to censor damaging reports about Clinton.

When users typed “media coverage of the Clinton Foundation” into Google it returned results such as CNN’s “Associated Press Botches Hillary Clinton report and response.” In Bing, one gets articles such as “Mike Pence Slams the Media and Clinton Foundation in Virginia.”

The New York Times has taken its censorship a step further; the day after the AP story broke there was no mention of it in their entire paper and this has remained the case until late Monday afternoon—a week later—when Maggie Haberman finally mentioned that “[Clinton] and her campaign have denounced an Associated Press report.”

On Sunday, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host, Brian Stelter, defended Clinton and attacked AP’s Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll. Instead of questioning Clinton’s dubious conduct as Secretary of State, Stelter questioned why the AP published the story in the first place and labeled it as “misleading.”

Hillary Clinton and husband, Former U.S. President Bill Clinton address the audience during the Opening Plenary Session: Reimagining Impact for the Clinton Global Initiative on September 22, 2014.
Hillary Clinton and husband, Former U.S. President Bill Clinton address the audience during the Opening Plenary Session: Reimagining Impact for the Clinton Global Initiative on September 22, 2014. (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Paul Joseph Watson, editor-at-large at Infowars.com, is responsible for bringing concerns of Clinton’s health into the mainstream media. Watson consulted doctors and detailed the evidence of Clinton’s health problems in a YouTube video that has gone viral amassing almost four million views.

Since then, many well-renowned doctors, neurologists, and radiologists have expressed concerns for Clinton’s health publicly.

Beth Israel Medical Center’s Dr. Bob Lahita made a compelling argument for Clinton’s health concerns and called for Clinton to be assessed by an impartial panel of physicians during an appearance on Fox Business. Dr. Drew said in an interview with KABC “McIntyre in the Morning” that he’s “gravely concerned” about her health. Suspiciously, that episode has been removed from KABC’s website and Dr. Drew’s show on HLN—owned by a division of Time Warner which is the same parent company that owns CNN—was canceled eight days after he made the negative assessment about Clinton’s health.

On the other hand, CNN attempted to debunk harmful reports about Clinton’s health by suggesting that concerns for the Democratic presidential nominee’s health are both a conspiracy and sexist. And once again, Google has gone out of its way to censor these damaging reports about Clinton. The tech company is suppressing stories about Clinton’s health in its search bar.

When you type in “Hillary Clinton’s he”, the auto-complete suggestions pull results that have nothing to do with the trending issues of Clinton’s personal health, such as “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters” or “Hillary Clinton health plan.”

When the same terms are put into Bing, several suggestions regarding the trending topic of the state of her health appear, such as “Hillary Clinton health issues” and “Hillary Clinton has seizure.”

In Yahoo’s search engine, simply typing “Hillary” pulls up suggestions such as “Hillary Clinton illness,” “Hillary Clinton health issues” and “Hillary Clinton seizure.”

Julian Assange opened a can of worms when he suggested in a recent interview that murdered DNC worker Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source for the DNC hack that resulted in the resignation of three top level officials at the Democratic National Committee. This fueled Clinton body count stories on the Internet that list people tied to the Clintons who have died under freak circumstances.

Google has suppressed these stories in their search engine as reported on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends. When you type in “Clinton body,” car repair shop results pop up. The same search terms in Bing and Yahoo pull up results such as “Clinton body count” or “Clinton body bags.” The report also notes that when you type in Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump’s name into Google’s search engine, both positive and negative stories appear.

A report came out Friday revealing that PBS’s “Newshour” removed negative comments about Clinton in Judy Woodruff’s interview with Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein. A Stein supporter discovered the edits after he compared the FaceBook Live version with the broadcast and YouTube versions. The edits PBS removed from the interview included Stein’s criticism of Clinton’s support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Obamacare.

“Newshour” has done one report about the Clinton Foundation scandal in a softball piece titled “A glimpse inside operations at the Clinton Foundation.” In the segment, Woodruff’s co-host Hari Sreenivasan, conducted interviews with James Grimaldi of the Wall Street Journal, Columbia University’s Doug White and Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala. A Media Research Center study found that the Clinton Foundation “charity fraud” story has only received a total of four minutes and 24 seconds devoted to it from the three big networks this year.

For comparison sake, the incident in which Donald Trump allegedly pretended to be his own publicist—in 1991—garnered eight times more coverage.

To understand why The New York Times, Google, CNN and PBS would censor negative information about Clinton, particularly, stories revolving around the Clinton Foundation scandal, all you have to do is follow the money. All of these companies have donated—in some cases up seven figures—to the Clinton Foundation. Carlos Slim, Chairman & CEO of Telmex, the largest New York Times shareholder, donated between $1 and $5 million. Google donated between $500K and $1 million.

The parent company of CNN, Time Warner Inc., gave between $50k to $100k to the foundation. (Woodruff, who serves as co-host and managing editor of PBS “NewsHour”, gave $250 to the foundation’s Clinton Haiti Relief Fund in 2010.) It’s no wonder these media entities are reluctant to report harmful stories on Clinton, specifically ones surrounding the Clinton Foundation, since in doing so they could be implicating themselves in this evolving scandal.

Her charges of a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ were false. It was not a conspiracy, and President Clinton’s false statements about his affair lead to his impeachment.

A deeper look into Google’s ties to Clinton, specifically while she was secretary of state, exposes more reasons why the tech giant has a vested interest in censoring the AP’s bombshell story. Wikileaks exposed that Google teamed up with Clinton’s State Department to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al Assad in 2012.

In leaked emails between Clinton’s staff and Google executive Jared Cohen—who worked for Clinton at the State Department before joining Google—Cohen details Google’s plan to get involved in the region and to boost Assad defections. The exchange proves that the tech company worked in concert with the State Department to topple Assad’s government. Further proving Google’s involvement with US foreign policy, Cohen helped draft the State Department’s 21st Century Statecraft Initiative, which called for using Internet and social media technologies to pursue diplomatic goals.

Google’s controversial relationship with Clinton has raised enough eyebrows that the Oracle Corporation is using its resources to launch the Google Transparency Project. The mission is to shed sunlight on Google’s relationships with Clinton and President Barack Obama. The GTP has already produced a series of investigative reports on Google including one that reveals that there were 18 former State Department officials that joined Google as executives and five Google officials who acquired senior positions at the State Department.

Clinton has brushed off reports of her bad health as nothing more than conspiracy theories. In 1998, Clinton used a similar technique to bat down allegations that then President Bill Clinton was involved in an extramarital affair in the White House with intern Monica Lewinsky. We now know that her charges of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” were false. It was not a conspiracy, and President Clinton’s false statements about his affair lead to his impeachment.

Hillary Clinton’s new catch phrase in response to the AP’s explosive report is that there’s “a lot of smoke” but “no fire.” If that’s truly the case, one really has to wonder why there’s an outright refusal to release the rest of her schedule from when she served as Secretary of State until after the November presidential election.

#SalvationRose AirshipBlack Rose Black Rose

"...I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as Lightning..."

                                            “…I saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as Lightning…”


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