The Day of Reckoning part III: A WORLD OF TROUBLE ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Last Trump: a Tale of Woe | Measure 144 Missive #3 ( % )

The Sandblast of Reality

  The Sandblast of Reality


Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Governor: a Tale of Woe

“.. Hillary Clinton Should Concede to Bernie Sanders

For The Sake of The Republic ..”

“…..Unless Trump commits an unpardonable sin between now and November, president elect will precede his name over Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Corporate media can no longer construct an effective narrative and an overwhelming desire to end government corruption will produce this unreasonable outcome.

It is because of this inevitability Hillary Clinton should concede her Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders…..”

спросить у Сирука

The most accurate, yet least used, description of the United States is as a Republic. According to Webster, a Republic is “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.” And though its use is somewhat reserved to intellectual circles, where literary political icons like Gore Vidal are often echoed, there isn’t a more fitting term to describe what type of a nation we are or were intended to be.

This inherent belief that “supreme” power belongs to the people and not to monarchs or dictators is etched into the bones of Americans, like a tribal tattoo. It is a realized distinction in the world and though the term Republic is rarely referenced in popular culture, it remains an omnipresent American trait. However, the power of a Republic is not in how it governs society, rather its ability to reclaim itself when infringed upon.

For more than a century, there has been a consistent transfer of political strength from the majority to the few, in the Republic of the United States. The exchange has been fueled by the ability of mainstream media to create a narrative and the blind ambitions of industrial greed.

Whenever corporate tycoons and media magnates discovered their potential to elect and persuade government officials, an already degraded state saw large amounts of political power disappear from the majority seemingly overnight. However, as with most obscenities to the Republic, when realized by the people, the retaliation can be swift and even irrational.

An obvious sign a reclamation of power is occurring has been corporate media’s inability to construct an effective narrative, this presidential election season. Though viewership ratings are on par with 2008, the level of trust the audience has in their content is at all time lows. The people may still be watching, however they’re finding their direction in the public forums of social media and the internet.

Which is a justifiably frightening image for corporate media executives whose political power resides in the ability to create a probable scenario. The people are increasingly forgoing cable news for guidance, instead they’re restoring their Republic by seeking truths from each other.

The irony in the loss of political power for media magnates is the ‘race to the bottom’ theory that explains the decrease of wages in American jobs, will be the same theory that degrades their clout in the political arena. Corporate media endorsed trade agreements that placed American workers in direct competition with foreign entities that paid wages of less than a dollar per hour, therefore creating a ‘race to the bottom’ where American workers are gradually paid less and less. The theory also applies to corporate media in an internet based public forum, when fact and opinion can be delivered in real time virtually free and without bias, a for profit corporate media will increasingly struggle to compete.

Still, there is another indicator of a power grab by the people of the American Republic. The rise to power for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is a reflection of a 2015 Gallup poll that showed an astonishing 75% of Americans believe the government is corrupt. The commonality between Trump and Sanders is that both candidates were perceived as not beholden to special interests.

Trump described his campaign as self funded and Sanders fueled his with a staggering 8 million individual contributions. The people understand that the end of a corrupt government must begin with an unbeholden presidency and the bully pulpit it provides.

The pursuit of a restored Republic, where supreme power belongs to the people, will continue even in an irrational manner. Unless Trump commits an unpardonable sin between now and November, president elect will precede his name over Thanksgiving dinner this year. Corporate media can no longer construct an effective narrative and an overwhelming desire to end government corruption will produce this unreasonable outcome. It is because of this inevitability Hillary Clinton should concede her Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders. She can blame it on her health, the FBI, Republicans, or whatever she chooses and know she gave her Republic a proper leader, instead of an orange haired opportunist who captured America in a bitter state.

“I meant what I said, and I said what I meant.

An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent”-Dr. Seuss

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The Prophetic Snag:  The Cassandra Complex                                                                                  Why Knowing In Advance Doesn’t Always Help


And They Call ME A Cassandra ! ..How HA Goodman Totally Nailed It

Super Delegates Will Write History by Nominating Sanders in Philadelphia

Posted on May 5, 2016 by Hampton
Edited by Samantha Best

The brainchild of the 1968 Democratic Convention may finally show its brilliance in 2016, when the unbound Democratic superdelegates upend pledged delegates and popular vote and choose their party’s nominee, thus holding the final firewall they were originated for.

Superdelegates were never intended to have a majority status. In reality, they only make up about 15% of the delegates available. And more often than not, their opinion isn’t relevant to the nomination.

However, the purpose of the minority power is not to elect a candidate. Rather, they were designed to prevent a loss in a general election, a proverbial safety valve to circumvent an obviously weak candidate.

This is the superdelegate’s role in the Democratic nomination process: they are independent judges that only emerge in marginal contests. Their function is to secure a nomination based upon available data and a completed primary map.

Their sole task is to identify and eliminate the candidate that controls a frenzied base, yet fails to connect outside of their stronghold.

“..They’re designed to stop a candidate like Hillary Clinton.

The control Clinton has over the Democratic base is frightening…”

Obvious vulnerabilities that would end any other candidate’s presidential bid are overlooked and dismissed by her loyalist support. Face it.

Whenever drastic unfavorability, distrust, and a possible FBI indictment fail to internally dismiss a party’s candidate, you’re not dealing with a potential nominee.

“…You’re describing the leader of a cult,

the very thing superdelegates were designed to prevent…”

Still, it will take more than just the identification of a faction candidate for this unprecedented political coup to occur. The decision to overrule pledged delegates and popular vote also requires a general election map that is more favorable to the faction’s opposition. Fortunately for Democrats, the electoral map is indeed stronger for Hillary Clinton’s opponent Bernie Sanders.

Just by glancing at the 2008 and 2012 presidential election maps, the general election frailties of Clinton are clear. In order for a Democrat to claim victory in November, the candidate must be able to win in 3 geographical areas. They need to control the Northeast, the upper Midwest, and the entire west coast.

Both Sanders and Clinton would be able to maintain the Northeast; it is an undeniable fact. The further west that Sanders goes, the stronger he becomes and the weaker Clinton gets.

The last time the campaigns were on the west coast, Clinton lost the state of Washington by almost 50 points. Combine that with the possibility of losses in Ohio and Florida this November, and an objective evaluation of the general election map becomes crucial to the Democrats success.

However, even with most available data in favor of Sanders, in order for superdelegates to change ship at the convention, he must finish the primary race strong. The need for a convincing victory in California is paramount to this historical political coup.

This is why the support of Sanders cannot fade into the night. It must remain steadfast and burn it’s very hottest, on the doorsteps of Philadelphia, to have superdelegates write history.
The 2016 Democratic presidential primary is what superdelegates were created for.
If they were designed to vote along with their states or the popular vote, it would defeat their purpose and the visionary work of the McGovern-Frasier and later Hunt commissions.
The commissions knew someday a minority power would be needed to block a faction candidate and prevent a general election loss….”


The Fall of the Grifters: an Update

Bill Clinton was impeached in December 1998 on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice (Hillary with Bill during her speech following her defeat to Trump)

Hillary Clinton has had a rough week.

What started out as a certain victory in hers and the media’s eyes turned into a nine-hour nightmare as polls began to close and the results trickled in.

Just two nights earlier, she received some welcome, if overdue, news that the FBI would not be pursuing further charges related to her email server from a batch of emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

While the investigation into the Clinton Foundation remains open, it was one more obstacle cleared in the path to becoming the first woman to be elected President of the United States.

Then the blue wall began to crumble, and everything changed.
President-elect Trump made his first address to the American people at around 4 a.m. EST Wednesday morning. Hillary Clinton made her concession speech later that morning.

Since then, she has kept a low profile, and the conciliatory tone coming from Trump seemed to close the books on any infractions she might have committed with her email.

The newly elected did not seem like the same person, who said the words, “because you’d be in jail” to Clinton during the debates.
However, a new interview with prospective Cabinet member and possible Attorney General in the Trump administration Rudy Giuliani indicates the email fight is not over and an indictment is all but forthcoming.
Sean Hannity, on his nightly Fox News program, welcomed Giuliani and pressed him on the future of charges against Hillary Clinton.

“There’s certainly a case that could be made for it,” Giuliani told Hannity. He then pointed out the jail time against Martha Stewart for insider trading and Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier, who “took photos in the classified engine room of the nuclear submarine where he worked as a mechanic, the USS Alexandria, then destroyed a laptop, camera, and memory card after learning he was under investigation,” Politico observes.

An amused Hannity then observed,

“If I was Hillary Clinton, I would be scared to death” of an Attorney General Rudy Giuliani.

The former New York City Mayor laughed and teased,

“And you know I was an even better prosecutor than I was a Mayor,” reminding Hannity of his dismantling of the mafia during his time in New York.

Giuliani and Hannity have engaged in some heavy duty gloating since President-elect Trump pulled off the biggest political upset of all time.

Hannity was Donald Trump’s stomping ground during the primaries and the general election campaign, even when many conservatives in his own party had disavowed his nomination.

A certain degree of crowing is to be expected, but Hannity also pressed Giuliani on the “lock her up” promise during Wednesday’s broadcast.

Rudy Giuliani has expressed a desire to go after Hillary Clinton, and it’s pretty clear from watching the interviews what he would prefer.

That means the former Secretary of State has two options to stay out of court — one likely and one a bit of a long shot.

The likely scenario is that President Obama issues a pardon before he leaves office. If that happens, however, the Obama administration risks the appearance of corruption and “rigging” Donald Trump has accused them of.

The less likely scenario — that Trump himself calls off the dogs because he’s serious about healing the nation.

What do you think is next for Hillary Clinton?

Will Trump have mercy or will the President clear her before the President-elect takes office?

Aric Mitchell

New Unification Church in America
Boycott Lukoil for Justice in the Ukraine


The End of the Road: the Storm Troopers of George Soros:

the Deadly Army of the Children of Belial


George Soros Stormtroopers...

George Soros Stormtroopers…

‘… If anybody is being paid to go out and Riot we can see its George Soro’s handiwork…”


Just as one of Bob Creamer’s Associates, Scott Foval, was on Twitter before his account was suspended, pointing out the people at these rallies were operatives that they had used themselves,..!!!!….

Andrea Klein “…The Oligarchie fights to stay in power! NOW PLAN B! Riots for Martial Law!

BREAKING NEWS: This just in from one of #MFA‘s street members!!                                                                                                               Billions of Flyers being handed out at riots all across America to protesters!!

They come like army with busses. And you say these riots are not organized and being funded by Soros and the Dems???          Wake up America .. Welcome to plan B!!…”

And furthermore, Scott Foval pointed out that the signs being waved were signs that were taken off the walls at Clinton headquarters that his people had made; I’m sorry they’re being paid and this is completely fake false flag, these are not real citizens of righteous indignation but paid trolls….
So give up Hillary; Barack Obama is going to watch you twist in the Wind and wither in the Brightest “Day Light” ever seen: as of the name “Christ Jesus” …. the Light of life… as of he who has the Seal now stands;
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord; my Father Jesus..,,,

“…Salvation Rose up from Haight Street …. 
Hate turned to Love, Clear as Glass, transparent: see? ???
Salvation Rose Up From That Street…”

( “Salvation Rose” by Thee Unicorns, all rights reserved )

And now I have some news; the King of the Third Israel; Barack Hussein Obama;                                                                                                  is not going to Pardon you, Hillary Rodham Clinton; all bets are Off

Salvation Summer Rose

The Curious Hour and a Half Seth Rich was held by Police: who strangely never called an Ambulance for him while he was still alive at 4:19; but waited an HOUR AND A HALF… take him to a hospital only TWO MILES away….DOA at 4:57

I suggest people start asking why Seth Rich was shot at 4:19,,,,,,but that no ambulance arrived for such a long time that he was pronounced dead at 5:57 at a hospital two miles from the scene. Seth was alive when he was found…and conscious….why did he not arrive at the hospital until he was dead at 5:57??? Indeed: where WAS he for the hour and a half from when police police found him: but could not get an ambulance to take him to the hospital a mere two miles away: when he was STILL ALIVE?

Or did they just hold him until he bled to death???


“….a barely noticed story broke, courtesy of Dutch television.

During an interview on Tuesday night, Julian Assange, the founder and president of WikiLeaks, offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the killer of Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer murdered in Washington, D.C. Assange alluded to the possibility that Rich was the source of the DNC emails that WikiLeaks dropped like a multi-warhead bombshell in the lead-up to the Democratic National Convention.
Whether or not Rich was the leaker is hard to know, at this point. We are confident, as evidenced by thousands of emails, that someone gained access to privileged information on the DNC’s database. We also know that much of the information recovered was unflattering, to say the least — evidence of a pro-Hillary conspiracy at worst.

But would someone target and kill a staffer who may have exposed the Clinton Foundation and/or the DNC’s alleged corruption? I am going to let you, the reader, decide.

The following is a verifiable list of individuals who have died recently, under questionable circumstances, who were tied to the DNC that used to be run by Clinton ally Debbie Wasserman Schultz. To be sure, there are dozens of other names, going back to the Vince Foster days, about which the online blogosphere speculates as to their deaths. This list is simpler. It gives you the information for you to decide if a pattern exists in which a cover-up of deadly proportions is underway… or is this all just a remarkable coincidence — a strange series of unfortunate events?

On June 22nd, former U.N. General Assembly President, John Ashe, died when he accidentally crushed his own throat during a workout accident. Ashe was facing a list of corruption charges. None of those charges involved Mrs. Clinton directly, however, the case did involve the United Nations and the Clinton Foundation (Clinton Global Initiative: CGI).

Ashe’s co-defendant, Ng Lap Seng, was a major Clinton financial backer. Seng was named specifically in a Senate report for illegally funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars through the Arkansas branch of the Democratic National Committee in 1998, the Clinton’s home DNC organization. Ashe accidentally died fifteen miles from Hillary Clinton’s home when he is said to have dropped a barbell on himself. Seng is still alive.

Another co-defendant was Dominican Republic Deputy Permanent Representative Frank Lorenzo. When Seng was arrested he was in possession of a Dominican Republic diplomatic passport provided by Lorenzo and authorized by Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. Skerrit received a multi-million dollar payment from the Clinton Foundation only months before Seng received that valuable diplomatic passport. Seng and Lorenzo put their own $25 million on the line to secure $2.5 million bail money for their release. Four anonymous individuals chose to put the bail money up for Ashe.

Dr. Molly Macauley

On July 8th, Dr. Molly Macauley — a prominent environmental economist, space policy advisor, and professor at Johns Hopkins University — was killed while walking her dogs in Baltimore. Her stabbing was originally assumed to be a robbery, but nothing was apparently taken.

Dr. Macauley worked with the DNC and several U.S. government-related advisory boards in the Obama Administration. She was a policy adviser on satellite communications, to include the transference of communications with the DNC at the time of her death. Dr. Macauley was also a Vice President of a Washington, DC think tank, Resources for the Future. Her work was the recipient of Clinton Global Initiative funding for “demand-side” management programs that included satellite and information security.

On July 11th, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer and possible (per Assange) WikiLeaks source of damning DNC information was found shot, but not killed, in a relatively safe area of Washington, D.C.

Rich was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, including in the back, yet he was conscious.

Rich was found at 4:19 AM. Despite a near immediate response by the Washington Metro Police, the ambulance — for reasons unexplained — did not arrive at the hospital (within two miles of the scene) for more than  an hour and a half

Rich was pronounced dead on arrival at 5:57 AM. Though originally described as the victim of a robbery, Rich’s attacker or attackers took nothing.

Seth Rich had previously worked on the failed Senate candidacy of Scott Kleeb, who took $300,000 from the Clinton Foundation for a clean energy company, Energy Pioneer Solutions. Rich was very familiar with this project. The inability to track those funds led to a fraud complaint and subsequent IRS investigation as recently as 2014.

Kleeb worked with Dr. Macauley’s organization, Resources for the Future — also the recipient of CGI funding — cited as recently as July 2014 in a U.S. Senate Energy report. Rich was killed within one block of his home, and his mother stated that he appeared to have been in some kind of struggle as evidenced by bruises on his body.

On August 1st, Victor Thorn, (real name Scott Robert Makufka) — an investigative journalist and author highly critical of the Clintons — apparently committed suicide. He did so within six months of his latest book going to print entitled, “Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House.” Friends and family said there were no signs of depression and Thorn was at the height of his career, however family members also indicated there appeared to be no sign of foul play at the scene of his death — a mountain near his home.

There is very little additional information on Thorn. The police department of State College, Pennsylvania, confiscated Thorn’s investigative materials, including recent work on the Clinton Global Initiative, as part of their investigation into the apparent suicide. However, the police department no longer has any record on the suicide of Mr. Thorn.

On August 2nd, Shawn Lucas — working on behalf of the Bernie Sanders campaign and upset supporters — was found dead on a bathroom floor Lucas had just served the DNC a month earlier (July 2nd) with a lawsuit filed by donors to the Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate. The evidence used to open the case appears to have been a number of emails to which Seth Rich was a party.

The cause of Lucas’ death remains a mystery and is pending further investigation. To date, the coroner cannot confirm the cause of death as being natural (a fairly routine finding ten days after a person dies). Lucas was a hip hop producer and legal process server and also an expert at Brazilian Jujitsu.

Any conclusions based on information about these five deaths — with the revealed relationships among the deceased individuals — are left to you. Determine for yourself whether there is evidence of a pattern of corruption or worse involving the Clinton charitable organizations, the Democrat Party machine, and the deaths noted above.

Or is it all just a series of unfortunate events?

Boycott Lukoil for Justice in the Ukraine


Death of a dynasty that was rotten to its core:

After 40 years of sex, lies and scandals, the Clintons are to leave public life beset by a crushing humiliation 

Almost 40 years after Bill and Hillary Clinton first entered American public life, they are to leave it beset by crushing humiliation.
There will be no first female U.S. President — this time. History will not be made by a wife following her two-term husband into the Oval Office.
There will be no dynasty, no President Hillary Clinton.
Why did they think they deserved otherwise?
A zombie marriage killed long ago by Bill’s philandering was cynically reactivated to boost her White House ambitions.
Trump called her ‘crooked Hillary’. She certainly warranted the adjective ‘toxic’. She was chilly and aloof; the technocrat personification of America’s East Coast liberal elite that Rust Belt America and beyond had grown to despise.
In the end, too many people had simply grown tired of the Clinton’s emerging from scandal after scandal with their ambitions intact. But then, the Clinton’s always came with an awful lot of baggage, as this list of controversies proves . . .
The first whiff of scandal to surround the Clinton’s began with the 1993 sacking of the seven employees in the White House Travel Office, soon after Bill had become President.
These staffers were replaced by a commercial travel firm from Little Rock, Arkansas.
Critics claimed the changes were ordered by the Clinton’s so that their cronies — in one case a cousin — could take over the multi-million dollar business of White House travel arrangements.
A claim that Hillary had been instrumental in securing the firings — something she had denied — seemed to be confirmed by an internal White House memo unearthed in 1996.
The Altar of Jezebel at foot of Moloch

The Altar of Jezebel at foot of Moloch


The first whiff of scandal to surround the Clinton’s began with the 1993 sacking of the seven employees in the White House Travel Office (Clinton’s pictured in 1998)
The first whiff of scandal to surround the Clintons began with the 1993 sacking of the seven employees in the White House Travel Office (Clintons pictured in 1998)

A cover-up was alleged. In 2000, an official report on ‘Travelgate’ decided that while some of Mrs Clinton’s statements were ‘factually false’ and that she had played a role in the sackings, there was insufficient evidence to support the laying of criminal charges against her.
She was able to continue her ultimately successful bid for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

The Whitewater affair

‘Whitewater’ was the key financial scandal of the Clinton presidency. Neither Bill nor Hillary were prosecuted — after three inquiries failed to find sufficient evidence to link them to the criminal conduct of others — but two of their associates and a partner in her law firm were jailed.
Another crony had to resign as Arkansas governor. Along the way, Mrs Clinton became the first-ever First Lady to have been subpoenaed to give evidence, and a close aide was found dead.

The Whitewater investigation by independent counsel Kenneth Starr would also expose Bill Clinton’s hectic sex life to the scrutiny of the world.
So what was it all about? In 1978, Bill was Arkansas attorney general and running for state governor. That year he and Hillary joined another couple, James and Susan McDougal, to borrow $203,000 to buy 220 acres in the Ozark mountains on which to build holiday homes. A company called the Whitewater Development Corporation was founded for the project.
‘Whitewater’ was the key financial scandal of the Clinton presidency (Clintons pictured just days before the 2016 election)
‘Whitewater’ was the key financial scandal of the Clinton presidency (Clintons pictured just days before the 2016 election)
Mr McDougal, who was briefly employed as an adviser by Clinton when he became governor, left politics to buy a bank. This bank lent Mrs Clinton $30,000 to build a show house on the Whitewater land.
In 1982, McDougal also bought a small finance company called Madison Guaranty. The firm’s struggles and failure would be central to the ensuing furore.
Along the way Mr McDougal’s firm hired Hillary Clinton’s law firm and raised funds for her husband’s political war chest. In 1989, Madison Guaranty collapsed. The federal government had to bail it out using $60 million of public money. Mr McDougal was indicted on fraud charges but acquitted.
The matter did not end there, however. With Bill Clinton’s election to the White House in 1992 interest in and allegations about Whitewater only increased.
In 1993, shortly after he had filed three years’ worth of Whitewater tax returns for the Clintons, deputy White House counsel Vince Foster was found dead in a Washington area park. Police ruled it suicide.
But there was speculation that persons unknown had removed files from Foster’s office shortly after his body was found.
James and Susan McDougal were subsequently charged with bank fraud and jailed. Arkansas governor Jim Tucker was convicted of fraud and given probation. The state’s assistant attorney general Webster Hubbell, also drawn into the affair, was jailed for an unrelated fraud.
Hillary was accused by a New York Times columnist of being a ‘congenital liar’.
In 1996, prosecutor Starr would subpoena her to answer questions about her law firm. But while she had to appear before a grand jury, and President Clinton had to give videotaped evidence to the Whitewater trials, both escaped criminal proceedings.
Hillary was accused by a New York Times columnist of being a ‘congenital liar’ (pictured together in 1998)
Hillary was accused by a New York Times columnist of being a ‘congenital liar’ (pictured together in 1998)
But hardly scot-free. The collateral damage to both their marriage and his reputation was huge.
The Arkansas ‘assaults’
In 1999, Juanita Broaddrick, a nursing home administrator, alleged that she had been raped by Bill Clinton in 1978 when he was Arkansas attorney general.
She would not speak about the incident again until January this year, when she tweeted: ‘I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73 . . . it never goes away.’
She subsequently appeared on a panel at one of the presidential debates with Donald Trump and other alleged Clinton victims.
Mr Clinton’s predatory approach to young females was first described by Paula Jones, an Arkansas state employee. She alleged that in 1991, aged 24, she had been sexually propositioned by the then governor Clinton in a Little Rock hotel room. He also exposed himself, she said.
In 1994, with Clinton by then in the White House, Ms Jones filed a claim for sexual harassment against him and demanded $750,000 in damages. The case dragged through the civil courts until November 1998, when the President settled for the amount she had demanded. There was no apology.
By then the affair had spun way out of Clinton’s control. In the course of the Jones litigation, her legal team had tried to establish that the President’s alleged behaviour was part of a pattern.
Among those subpoenaed was one Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern.
She would initially deny in evidence any relationship. But the later Lewinsky testimony — which centred on an infamous semen-stained dress — and Bill Clinton’s pitiful semantics about what did and did not constitute sex, would lead to his impeachment.

Zippergate’ and Monica Lewinski

In his deposition for the Paula Jones lawsuit, Clinton flatly denied ‘sexual relations’ with the then 22-year-old Californian Lewinsky.
Whitewater investigator Starr was informed otherwise by key witness Linda Tripp. He decided that the President had committed perjury. Later, before a grand jury, the President claimed that he thought ‘sexual relations’ did not include oral sex.
Clinton also made a humiliating televised statement, admitting to a ‘not appropriate’ relationship with the intern. A stone-faced Hillary stood by his side.
Bill Clinton was impeached in December 1998 on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice (Hillary with Bill during her speech following her defeat to Trump)
Bill Clinton was impeached in December 1998 on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice (Hillary with Bill during her speech following her defeat to Trump)
In fact, Miss Lewinsky would say that sex acts had taken place on nine occasions, including in the Oval Office, between 1995-97.
Clinton was impeached in December 1998 on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.
As the nation held its breath the President was acquitted at trial before the U.S. Senate. He would still be punished, however. A judge found Clinton in civil contempt of court in relation to his misleading testimony in the Paula Jones case.
He was fined and ordered to pay costs. In January 2001 the Arkansas Bar Association suspended President Clinton’s licence to practise for five years.
Wealth and the Clinton Foundation
Mired in legal fees from their run-ins with prosecutors, the Clintons set about making money from their White House years. And how they have succeeded. Private speeches for banks and other corporations at $250,000 a time have earned them a fortune, put at $150 million.
Much of this wealth has been poured into the family charity, the Clinton Foundation, which was established in 1997. Bill, Hillary and their daughter Chelsea are all directors and the foundation has been used as a vehicle for a number of global philanthropic projects.
But it has also come under fire for poor accounting, alleged cronyism and conflicts of interest, and has laid the Clintons open to accusations of undue influence by wealthy donors.
Mrs Clinton reportedly pulled in $22 million in advances for her memoirs. Tax returns showed the Clintons’ 2014 income at $28 million.
The epithet ‘Learjet liberals’ — aimed at the Clintons and their ilk — is not meant to be flattering. It suggests a disconnect with the American people that Donald Trump was only too successful in exploiting.
It emerged that while Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton had been using a vulnerable private email server to send classified information
It emerged that while Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton had been using a vulnerable private email server to send classified information

The Benghazi attack

On September 11, 2012, the American ambassador to Libya and three of his countrymen died during an assault by militants on the isolated U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Mrs Clinton, then Secretary of State, was accused by opponents of failing to protect U.S. installations and personnel. She knew the attacks were coming, they said, and did nothing.

The matter became a political football during Mrs Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. She had to testify before a House committee investigating the attack, but it failed to find a smoking gun which would damage her credibility as a leader.
But during the investigation another highly embarrassing matter concerning private emails came to light which would be seized upon by the Trump camp.
Once again she would be cleared of serious wrongdoing, but only at the 11th hour. The damage done to her campaign by this was possibly fatal, say some analysts.

The private emails

It emerged that while Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton had been using a vulnerable private email server to send classified information. This was at best reckless, at worst criminally negligent.
In July, the FBI announced it would not recommend criminal charges. While she had been ‘extremely careless’, it looked as if Mrs Clinton was in the clear.
Then came the bombshell. Ten days before polling day, FBI director James Comey sent a letter to Congress to say that his bureau was reviewing yet another tranche of Clinton emails related to her use of the private server. Trump’s people seized gleefully on this as evidence of poor judgment.
On Sunday, however, Comey said the FBI had given the emails a clean bill of health. But many Democrats feel that by then the damage had been done in the eyes of the voters. The Clinton dream of a White House dynasty was over.

New Unification Church in America
Boycott Lukoil for Justice in the Ukraine



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