A Secret Evil of the City of Atlantis, Named after Enoch the “Son of Cain”; and Tlaos, Atlaos-Atlas; the book “Atlantis / Europe: and the Secret of the West” | Measure 144, Missive 144

Enoch, the Son of Cainapollo-astronaut-buzz-aldrin-tweets-from-antarctica-we-are-all-in-danger-image-1The City of Dis  / Enoch / Atlantis  

The City of the Fallen Angels

Who was Atlas? The one they call Tlaos; even “Atlaos”; but it is Atlas the Titan that the Greeks borrowed from the one written on the Old Testament who first went through the Death and  stood after defeating the Saying from the Gates of Hell.

This mythic figure is in reality the one called Job; as the Archetype of “the god who suffers”, called in Meso America “Tlaos”; the Saint who in his Trial by God is seen carrying the weight of the World on his shoulders; and who was the first visitor to be brought to that Event known as Last Judgment.

To the Greeks he is seen carrying the Whole Earth and whose burden, as prefiguring the Cross, was that of the “sand of the Sea”; as of the weight of his Sorrow equal to all those who had lived and then died, becoming the Sand in the Sea of Time: which burden he then upheld that was everybody; until the Reward for his Trial and the Tribulation he suffered indeed came t restore all he had lost.. 



The Warning of Buzz Aldrin


“We are all in Danger ~ It is Evil itself.”


Thoth / Hermes / Mercury

Now that the news that President Barack Obama secretly visited Antarctica has come out, and then Secretary of State John Kerry,  as well as Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the Russian Patriarch Kirill, the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, and a  host of others of no less diverse backgrounds have also begun to visit Antarctica, so now the question remains: why???


The answer seems to lie in the knowledge that there was indeed a Pole Shift about 12,090 years ago, and that the Great Flood was caused by the reversal of the poles, so that a massive Civilization and it’s inhabitants ended up in the Southern Hemisphere and were then covered with ice…
But now, with the melting of the Polar Ice Caps, an amazing sight has appeared….huge Cities and Pyramids have now come into view…and of some incredibly high tech machinery and advanced structures as well


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