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‘Ever more terrifying’: Tucker Carlson’s visit with Hungary’s authoritarian Viktor Orban sets off alarm bells

Fox News broadcaster Tucker Carlson will deliver a speech this weekend at a far-right conference in Hungary, setting of alarm bells back home.

The MCC Feszt is backed by Hungary’s authoritarian prime minister Viktor Orban, who appeared Monday on Carlson’s online show for Fox Nation, and he’ll broadcast his highly rated prime-time program from Budapest all week.

Journalists and others who follow Orban’s authoritarian takeover saw Carlson’s visit as an ominous sign, particularly after Donald Trump’s attempted coup and ongoing efforts to rig future elections in Republicans’ favor.

Anne Applebaum @anneapplebaum

In Orban’s Hungary, +90% of media is controlled by the ruling party. Businesses are physically and legally harassed if they don’t toe the party line (or if someone wants them, cheap). Elections are manipulated. Party leaders are mysteriously rich. A model for Fox?

Anna Massoglia  @annalecta

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page shows he met

today in Budapest
Coordinating an interview on Carlson’s Fox News show was a key part of Hungary’s 2019 foreign influence ops when Orban’s govt paid a DC lobbying & comms firm $265,000

Brendan Nyhan

Nothing to worry about, just America’s #2 demagogue meeting with the man who destroyed Hungarian democracy through precisely the kind of process of erosion that experts fear could happen here.


Trump-loving Christian broadcaster links vaccination push to Nazi death camps in unhinged rant

On Tuesday, David Brody, a former panelist on “Meet the Press” and the host of a pro-Trump show on the Christian Broadcasting Network, compared the current push for vaccinations to Nazi Germany.

“For the past few months or so, the federal government has been pushing, and in some cases forcing, Americans to take a vaccine that many Americans are just afraid to take,” said Brody. “If that’s you, you’ve probably been called crazy, an anti-vaxxer, a conspiracist, all sorts of names. But the truth is, it’s not you. It’s them. It’s the government that could be in violation here, of risking the health and safety of millions of Americans who they prompted to take this highly experimental vaccine.”

Brody went on to link the Biden administration’s push to get Americans vaccinated directly to the Holocaust that resulted in the mass murder of 6 million Jews.

“The Nuremberg Code emphasizes that people cannot be forced to take experimental drugs without their full consent,” said Brody. “Interestingly here, the term ‘Nuremberg Code’ originated in 1947 Germany during the Nuremberg Trial, where, of course, Nazi doctors attempted to excuse the inhumane experiments they conducted on concentration camp prisoners.”

The COVID vaccines are not experimental and have been exhaustively tested. And claims that the vaccines violate the Nuremberg Code have been repeatedly debunked, given that the vaccines are not an experiment and not being administered against anyone’s will.

Watch below:

On the latest episode of The New Abnormal, the bizarre GOP insistence that being a patriot means you have to attack science and scientists, James Carville on Marco Rubio, and more.

On Tuesday, Axios reported that the Republican Attorneys General Association, the national group dedicated to electing Republicans to lead state law enforcement agencies around the country, has taken a massive hit to its donations after its ties to Capitol rioters were exposed.

“Large companies that gave in the past — such as Amazon, Walmart, Visa, Capital One, Johnson & Johnson and CocaCola — didn’t donate to RAGA in the first six months of this year,” reported Lachlan Markay. “Another prior donor, Facebook, said it paused its political giving program altogether.”

All told, said the report, the group raised $6.7 million in the first half of 2021 — a decline of almost $2 million from the same period two years ago. Moreover, “nearly half that sum came from a single donation on the final day of the second quarter from the Concord Fund. The group, previously known as the Judicial Crisis Network, has provided large cash infusions for RAGA in the past, but not like this. Its contributions comprised 15% of its Q2 2019 haul — and 47% last quarter.”

A report immediately after the attack revealed that RAGA’s fundraising arm, the Rule of Law Defense Fund, paid for a robocall urging Trump supporters to go to the Capitol earlier in the day, saying, “At 1 p.m., we will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal. We are hoping patriots like you will join us to continue to fight to protect the integrity of our elections.”

Dozens of large corporations pledged to stop donating to groups and politicians involved in the attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election in the aftermath of the attack. However, some have already resumed those donations.

Facing the End

Dr. Peter Hotez has been battling vaccine disinformation for years. But he was still shocked to see United States senators like Ron Johnson peddling anti-vaxxer agitprop.

Historically, this is what the authoritarian regimes do,” Hotez tells Molly Jong-Fast on the latest episode of The New Abnormal.

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“The anti-vaccine anti science aggression has extended to the individual scientists,” he adds. “They did this in China [where scientists who tried to raise the alarm about COVID were brutally repressed]… and this is what’s going on right now by elected members of the United States Congress. And we’ve got to do something about it.”

“The anti-vaccine anti science aggression has extended to the individual scientists,” he adds.

They did this in China [where scientists who tried to raise the alarm about COVID were brutally repressed]… and this is what’s going on right now by elected members of the United States Congress. And we’ve got to do something about it.”

“Why, why, why do you need to show your allegiance to the GOP by trying to delegitimize science?” Hotez asks. “It shows this lack of understanding of American history…

Our nation is a nation built on science and technology, right? Or it’s built on our great research universities and land grant universities. And this is what allowed us to defeat fascism in World War II and the Cold War, and makes such great progress in HIV/AIDS, is through science.

And this bizarre twist that being a patriot means you have to attack science and scientists, that’s something I never would have imagined.”

But now we can all see the impact:

coronavirus cases peaking in Florida; ICUs packed in Arkansas;

more than 50,000 dead in Texas.

“This is the destructive nature of the disinformation campaign that we’ve allowed to go unchecked for so many years, and now we’re paying the price for it in a huge way,” Hotez continues. “This is devastating for whole regions of the country, and it’s going to have devastating consequences for the South and some of the mountain West states. And it is going to show itself in young people being hospitalized—you see so many young people with long COVID. And the frustration is you see it coming, and not being able to manage it is extremely frustrating for me.”

Plus: NBC’s Jon Allen talks about how the realtors’ lobby is pushing to kill the eviction moratorium. And James Carville practically salivates at the thought of Val Demings running against “slippery little prick” Marco Rubio.

FBI Sits on Report Detailing White-Supremacist Terror Threat

By Jeff Stein

Amid the silent sniffles and eye-dabbing last week as four policemen recounted how they struggled to hold off the howling pro-Trump mobs on Jan. 6, an significant anecdote told by one of the officers drew no attention from the presiding committee members or in the following days’ news accounts.

Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn recalled how at 10:56 on the morning of Jan. 6, he got a text message from “a friend” who had acquired or overheard a detailed plan by one of the militant groups for a coordinated, military-style assault with guns on the Capitol.

“Seeing that message caused me concern,” Dunn said—an understatement considering what soon followed. He added: “At the time, we had not received any threat warnings from our chain of command. I had no independent reason to believe that violence was headed our way.” As it turned out, the Capitol Police’s intelligence office had plenty of warnings that something bad was afoot but failed to take them seriously.

The House Select Committee investigating the events leading up to the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol can be expected to devote serious attention to the negligence of federal security agencies to gather up, take seriously, and effectively distribute abundant evidence that well known armed militia groups were organizing attacks on Congress. Reasons for the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security not to act turned out to be as predictable as they were seditious: They were led by Trump appointees.

The FBI infamously claimed it had no advance warning of the mayhem to come that day, only to be contradicted by the leak of a report showing its Norfolk office had indeed reported on plans by a group to sabotage the certification of Joe Biden as president. And of course, social media and extremist message channels had been boiling over for weeks with Trump partisans’ excitement about coming to Washington to break up the peaceful transfer of power.

With a new Democratic administration and Justice Department in place, the FBI has moved swiftly to track down and apprehend the Jan. 6 lawbreakers—as of July 30, 599 people had been arrested and charged with crimes. The FBI is very good at catching people after the act.

But Congress needs to go beyond the crimes of Jan. 6 to the larger question of what the FBI has been doing—and not—to combat violent domestic extremists. Lawyers for some defendants, like the so-called Michigan Wolverines, charged with plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, say the FBI has gone overboard.

The plot would never have proceeded, they argue, if multiple FBI informants hadn’t egged it on. Likewise, in 2006, defense lawyers for an African American religious group in Miami, who became known as the Liberty Six, unsuccessfully argued that their poverty-stricken clients never would have considered a fantastical plot to bring down the Sears Tower in Chicago if undercover FBI agents hadn’t offered them cash and weapons.

Cases like those, and the FBI dragnet now sweeping up the Jan. 6 “terrorists” (as one of the Capitol policemen pointedly called them) can leave the impression that the G-men have long been persistent, even egregious, in making cases against white violent domestic extremists, all the while bearing down on foreign terrorist plots.

That would be wrong. Former FBI Special Agent Mike German, who went undercover to infiltrate and neutralize neo-Nazi and skinhead groups in the 1990s, says the public record and the bureau’s own statistics demand a closer look.

Foreign terrorists remain the FBI’s principal concern, even as their threat has receded and ever bolder white supremacists openly threaten and carry out attacks on public officials, rocketing them to the top of the terrorism heap. For sure, if somebody calls the FBI with a tip that a group is mulling a terrorist attack, kidnapping, or murder, the bureau will quickly throw informants into the group with offers of cash and weapons, ripening the plotters for arrests that sweeten its counterterrorism stats.

“But otherwise, German says, the bureau is practically ignoring the violence taking place out in the open.”

Groups that have shown up with long guns and bats at state capitols to disrupt local legislatures “are somehow being able to travel around the country, crossing state lines without any attention by the FBI,” he said.

Two weeks before the assault on the Capitol, he noted, far-right militants breached the doors of the Oregon state legislature, but no federal charges were filed.

These are groups that are regularly violent, right?” German said in last week’s SpyTalk podcast.

“They’re engaging in crime on a regular basis, often, over the last four years, in public, right?

This is public violence that they’re committing that isn’t being policed today.

“The FBI can tell you how many bank robberies occurred last year and how many included the use of a weapon and what kind of weapons, but they can’t tell you how many [people] white supremacists killed last year, because they don’t actually gather that data because that’s not a priority,” he added. During the Trump administration, the bureau also opted to lump together in one category white supremacists and black identity extremists, further obscuring its priorities and statistics.

Today, only 20 percent of the FBI’s counterterrorism resources are going to domestic terrorism and, within that program, ecoterrorism remains a top priority, German says, “even though there’s not been a single homicide in the United States related to any environmental illegal actions.”

The bottom line? The FBI is using “various methods to suppress the numbers of violent instances initiated by white supremacists and the far right,” even as it uses informants to goad beer-fueled, trash-talking white militants into improbable criminal plots.

Back in 2017, Sen. Dick Durbin, (D-IL), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, began asking the FBI to break down its crime and threat statistics so that they could be matched to its budget and priorities. He’s still waiting. The four policemen who testified at last week’s hearing want to know how things got out of hand, too—without getting any warning.

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