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The Advent of the “MYSTERY” of Revelation, how ISIS, the White Goddess, caused Rev. Moon to Fall: Part V

In Paradise the Light of the Moon symbolized the Virginity of Eve

In Paradise the Light of the Moon symbolized the Virginity of Eve


 Who then is this entity called the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife” ???


The 144,000 Male Virgins of the Throne:

First Fruits Unto God and the Lamb

 Revelation 14:1–5:

“Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him one hundred and forty-four thousand,

having His Father’s name written on their foreheads.

And I heard a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters, and like the voice of loud thunder.

And I heard the sound of harpists playing their harps.

They sang as it were a new song before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the elders; and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth.

These are the ones who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins.

These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

These were redeemed from among men, being firstfruits to God and to the Lamb.

And in their mouth was found no deceit, for they are without fault before the throne of God.”


The Reconstituted Order of Melchizedek

are the Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s


 the Restored Virgin Priesthood of the Altar of God and His Christ 

The Clouds on Which 


Father Jesus 


The Bride, the Lamb's Wife as the Lady of the Lake of Fire

The Bride, the Lamb’s Wife as the Lady of the Lake of Fire

  “The Day of the Revealing of the Son of  Man”

“….For God in Man is Christ,

and Christ in Man is God….”


The Hidden Song of the Song of the Lamb


“……Here are the names of the tribes listed for the 144,000,

in the order in which Revelation 7 lists them,

and their corresponding Hebrew meanings as found in Scripture:

1. Judah means   “I will praise the Lord”

2. Ruben means   “He has looked on me”

3. Gad means   “Given good fortune”

4. Asher means   “Happy am I”

5. Naphtali means   “My wrestling”

6. Manasseh means   “Making me to forget”

7. Simeon means   “God hears me”

8. Levi means   “Joined to me”

9. Issachar means   “Purchased Me”

10. Zebulon means   “Dwelling”

11. Joseph means   “Will add to me”

12. Benjamin means   “Son of His right hand”

Now here is the amazing part.

Notice what happens when you line up these meanings of the names according to the way they appear as listed in Revelation. It forms a very remarkable statement declaring how God saves the church as His bride!

“…I will praise the Lord for he has looked on me and granted good fortune.

I am happy because my wrestling, God is making me to forget.

God hears me and is joined to me.

He has purchased me a dwelling and will add to me,

the Son of His right hand…..”

(As in Scripture, the words in italics are supplied for flow of thought.)

These names presented in this order describe a brief story summarizing the church’s struggle, redemption, victory, and ultimate marriage to the Lamb. It seems evident that this is a special message of encouragement for those who are in the Church, believers in Christ, and not necessarily just Jews…..”

By Doug Batchelor


“…Ye worship ye know not what:

"Our sister hath no breasts'

Our sister hath no breasts’

we know what we worship:

    for Salvation rose of the Jews…”

John 4:22

The Breasts of the Bride: the City of St. Francis delivered to the men of Sodom; by Rev. Moon

The Breasts of the Bride: the City of St. Francis as Restored from my Death in Christ

Part II

The Word of the Gospel: and the Private Interpretation of Sun Myung Moon

As the Apostle Peter himself wrote in his second letter, in II Peter, chapter one, verses 16-21;

16 For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

17 For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory,

‘This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”.

18 And this voice which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him in the holy mount. ( Mount Sion, also called “Baal Hermon” )

19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

21For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.


A chart also seen in the book "Divine rinciple"...but who really formulated and discovered this earthshaking bit of providential divine knowledge??

A chart also seen in the book “Divine Principle”…but who really formulated and discovered this earthshaking bit of providential divine knowledge?? Kim Baek-Moon is the name I was given, who reported that Rev. Moon used to go through his trash for scraps of his writings.

So what is the main problem between

the Apostle Peter and Sun Myung Moon?

The problem is two-fold, but starting in the first place we have the fact Rev. Moon said the Holy Spirit was “a female spirit“, seen in these tragic words on page 215 of the DP, as well as in other places:

to wit,

“….Thus, the Holy Spirit is a female spirit,

consoling and moving the hearts of the people

( I Cor. 12:3 )…”

Unfortunately for Rev. Moon this is not what my Father Jesus said at all…..

EVER !!!

…..As Witnessed in the Gospel of John 14:16-26

 16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

19 Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.

20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

22 Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?

23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

24 He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.

25 These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you.

26 But the Comforter, which is THE HOLY SPIRIT, whom the Father will send in my name,

…….. he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

My Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Day Star; Josyp Terelya, holy prophet: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

My Father; Lord Jesus, the sender of the New Day Star; Josyp Terelya, holy prophet: of the holy angel of the Ukraine

And in John 16:7-14, the following statement:

 in these words

7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

8 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

9 Of sin, because they believe not on me;

10 Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more;

11 Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.

12 I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

And Here are the Seven of the 7 Spirits of God, 
the 7th being the Holy Spirit of Truth himself

13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

Followed by this, in which he makes it clear…..

14 He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.


Thus Reverend Moon, and his unnamed Koreans, are completely and utterly mistaken: period.




The Holy Spirit, which descended at Pentecost: was and is a MALE SPIRIT

The Son of Jeanne Lynch is the "Son of Mary"

The Son of Jeanne Lynch is the “Son of Mary”

Then, going further in reversing the grip of ISIS upon the remnants of the now “no longer to be called “Unification Church” ( Widow Moon cancelled that name ), we come to the second place of this two-fold problem, being that Rev. Moonmarriedthisinventionof his and unnamed Koreans to my Father Jesus.

But this “invention” is the entity called “the Great Whore” who seduced Rev. Moon: the White Goddess, ISIS, as she is the Veil of MYSTERY which hid or “covered” the True Mystery of God. It was Covered until she, ISIS, as the Veil of Babylon the Great is uncovered now and burned, of course.

It was she who is revealed at the Day and the Hour in chapter 17 of the Revelation, by revealing which to the HSA-UWC I was to save and restore Rev. Moon from her clutches in my 144 page letter in 1988. But Jonathan Gullery and the others all failed to respond and save Rev. Moon’s life and thus help him attain the position of the Messiah and fulfill and his mission: and so share in the Eternal Glory they would have earned in enabling him rise to his Glorious Destiny. Thus he fell to his  Tragic Fate instead, as written in Matthew 24:48, in the dual prophecy which spelled out both scenarios.

This scenario was written to show what the consequences for missing the Day and Hour were  for the “Faithful and Wise Steward”, at which my Father was to reveal Himself. This was the “Final Test” my Father arranged for Rev. Moon.

It was thus to be for Rev. Moon’s own Portion of Responsibility to have set his watchmen to have been “watching” for any Sure Sign, for if they had realized who I was, and the nature of what I had written, it would then have been possible for Sun Myung Moon to then make the very real transition from his position as having been put “over the House” as the Messenger:  in the position of John to being put “over all things” as the Messiah, in the position of Jesus.

This was to have been the Final Test  for Rev. Moon himself. 

Alas: it was not to be, due to the failure of Jonathan Gullery’s Portion of Responsibility, and some of the others at HSA-UWC.


Rev. Moon goes on to say this about the Holy Trinity, which concept he decided to redefine, to fit his own interpretation:

Thus we have Rev. Moons written assertions on page 215 of the DP, in which he says that —


There are many who receive revelations indicating that the Holy Spirit is a female Spirit;

this is because she came as the True Mother, that is, the second Eve….”

These questions of the Trinity had been decisively settled long ago, as seen especially in the letters of John the Beloved and Divine, but Rev. Moon believed the reports of  “..many…”, who he wrote “..receive revelations..”, in which he now said evidence had come “…that the Holy Spirit is a female spirit..”.

The “Claims” of “Who?”

 Rev. Moon never gives the names or circumstances of those who made these claims, or even what was said by them in any context. Evidently, secondhand claims, and visions from shaman and shaman women, were accepted as outweighing 2,000 years of testimony from Christianity’s own saints, not to mention what was written in the Gospel.

Rev. Moon could have been faithful to the Word of my Father Jesus, but instead he was ashamed of his Word, and decided that he had now passed into a “new dispensation” as of the ‘Korean Version of the Word of God’ in which he could rewrite, or overwrite; or cancel the Word of my Father, as seen on age 216 of the DP , in the section called “….TRINITY…..”

It was where the three male figures of “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” were now changed to a “Son and the Holy Spirit” who were now “married“, as having been made “one” in a sexual act of “give-and-take” that was done “before the Father“.

It’s a neat package that is written on page 216 of the DP, very neat, with a pretty symmetric conclusion: but it’s wrong, quite demonstrably: utterly wrong. But the damage is even more awful; as those who believed it are in no mood to admit Rev. Moon was wrong about anything, as they feel that this will advance the unjust cause of those who call Rev. Moon a false prophet or false Christ.


But I know he was neither, because the Angel of John of Patmos the Divine came to me in 1986, and then instructed me for 21 years in the Kingdom of God, the first evidence of what he had told me being in the 144 page letter I sent to Jonathan Gullery in 1988. After the 21 years of the 21 year course of Jacob  I had the “Death in Christ” on October 24, 2007, at which I was translated from mortal existence.

I then underwent 40 days of Temptation in the Wilderness, half in Canada, where I experienced the First Temptation in Ottawa, the other half in America, where I had the Second Temptation at Camp Hill in Michigan, culminating in Bay City Michigan in the Third Temptation. At the point when I defeated Satan the “angel of the New Covenant“, Hyo Jin Moon, appeared and ministered to me. It was then we wrote a song together we named “So Unbelievable“, which I then tried to send to Rev. Moon, to no avail, as Kyle Toffey and others had little or no interest in my testimony.


The “Faithful and Wise Steward / Servant” of Luke and Matthew:

Sun Myung Moon


The House of David at Beth-El “Woodstock”

 and the House of Saul at Tarrytown “Belvedere”

Matthew 7:24-27


      “……. 24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them,

I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew,

and beat upon that house; and it fell not:

for it was founded upon a rock.

26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not,

shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:

27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew,

and beat upon that house; and it fell:

and great was the fall of it.  …..


Dae Mo Nim: the Power of ISIS, the Veil of Babylon the Great

Dae Mo Nim: the Power of ISIS behind the Fall of the Unification Church, the Veil of Babylon the Great

  The Men of Sodom; as in the Days of Lot, when the City of Sodom was Destroyed

Homosexuality has then been with us since long before in the days my Father the Lord Jesus; whose foresight of what was to come upon the Men of Sodom still looms large for those who wonder what these men who operate in a spiritual reality in a spiritual city that is Sodom: as of an invisible geography of their sexual location in relation to other men; but as with all things where the Lamb is concerned the appearence is misleading; if one wants the truth one has to see what is uncovered at the End.

The Fall was of an angel; then a woman; and then a man

Then,  at the second and more universal fall we have the third of the Host of the Angels, then with the Daughters of Men; and then afterwards the Men of Sodom who tried to violate the angels Michael and Gabriel, who came to the house of Lot to see him.

As my Father the Lord Jesus did say of his second coming, in the guise once again revealed by one in the unseen position of the Son of Man ( as that title by whom Ezekiel and Daniel were also called );  that curious term, so that “as it was in the days of Lot; so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man”.

In present day society we have the Men of Sodom represented in four rather broad categories

A Virgin to men; but not to women; married and even with families: but secretly desiring men. For men where thus is unconscious they are “latent” homosexuals; where it is conscious but unfulfilled they are “extant” homosexuals. These men are Suppressed in either case; the latter being deferential as aware of their desire; the former sufferential as unaware of it.

With some of these “self-suppressed” men they end up leaving these families and become strictly engaged with men; usually after their children are older and on their own.

BNot virgin to men nor virgin to women; but married to women with children; but secretly having relationships outside their marriage with men. These men are self-Repressed; and usually find in their marriages they are Oppressed.

C. Not virgin to men; but virgin to women; having relationships only with men; and never married. These men are pretty rare however; as most gay men have had some female contact of some kind, which they often blame on unfortunate occasions that happened to them against their wills; as being taken advantage of under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

D. Virgin to men and virgin to women; but secretly desiring men.

 This curious category of men who have had no sexual contact with either sex but who do have a hidden preference had they the opportunity to have the one of their desire also happens to include one apostle whom the Lord Jeus called “a devil”; the one who appeared to everyone as an “angel of light” even rebuking Jesus and striking the Shepherd with the Sword of God; which the Sufis themselves say that the Sword is “the hungry stomach’s of the Poor”.

 Judas angrily criticized Jesus and even condemned him in self-righteous anger for wasting 300 pence of ointment on himself; this expensive ointment called spikenard that Mary of Bethany poured over him at the house of Judas Iscariot’s father: Simon the Leper. 

But in reality Judas was insanely jealous of Mary because he was in love with Jesus himself; and not in a good way; but as a Sodomite; which means he didn’t imagine himself satisfying Jesus in the form of a woman: but in the form of a man of Sodom; and this man happened to be Judas himself in the flesh: the son of Perdition; the discarnate image of God; which happened to be the opposite of the Son of Man himself; who symbolized Seth; as the “Son of Adam”.

This same Judas Iscariot; who secretly desired Jesus for himself.

Thus we have a strange question answered:

when Jesus says to Judas these words; to wit;

       Betrayest thou the Son of Man with a Kiss?”

Few know that Judas’ father was Simon the Leper, and he and Judas himself both lived in Bethany; Judas well knew Lazurus and his two sister’s quite well; Martha and Mary of Bethany. The two women are also the prototypes of the Kingdom as the 10 virgins that both secretly represent the Divided Kingdom who Lord Jesus called later on two distinct hands; the 5 wise virgins, as of Mary of Bethany who listened at his feet and gathered the “oil of gladness”; and the 5 foolish virgins, as of Martha who made a show of being responsible but who ignored Lord Jesus and his message entirely; and gathered no “oil”; except the “oil of sadness” when Mary went in and she was left outside. So one is a “false” left hand; and one is a “true” left hand. For just as soul and spirit are the two hands of God the male and female represent the two feet of God.

The True Identity of Judas Iscariot, son of Simon the Leper

Judas then also appears to be as one who appears as “an angel of light” or a “minister of righteousness”; as that devil whom Jesus called, and yet then said:

“…Have I not chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil…???” 

Judas was indeed one of his closest companions, and who had been given the trusted position of the treasurer; but also had the effrontery and gall to try to take higher moral ground than Christ; and even accused Jesus himself and struck him with the “principle of social justice” embodied in the “Sword of God”.

What is theSword of God?” As Sayed Idries Shah quotes in his chapter “Destination Mecca” in his book “Caravan of Dreams,

“……It is the hungry stomachs of the poor…”

Although he was the trusted treasurer for the 12 it is John the Beloved who calls Judas a thief “…..who stole money out of the bag…”, saying Judas only was angry when Mary poured the ointment out on Jesus, which he then angrily said;

“…should have been sold for 300 pence for the poor…”,

“…..who stole money out of the bag…”. Who would dare do this??  Only the god of thieves himself: Hermes.  For it says this, “For the thief cometh to kill, and to steal, and to destroy…..” Who was then this “thief?? The god of thieves was called by the Greeks ‘Hermes”; also called “Mercury” by the Romans: and “Thoth” by the Egyptians.

But his original name was Enoch: the son of Cain. But the city named after him by Cain has a different name to us: Atlantis )


Grace Slick...of the holy Spirit of Grace

Grace Slick…of the holy Spirit of Grace

The Children of the Resurrection

We have the look at the disciples of John, with Moon’s Koreans in the position of John’s Essenes, as “the children of light“, next to those my Father spoke of when he said,

“…..but the children of this world IN THEIR Generation: are WISER than the children of light…”


And my Father also said this of the difference not just between John’s disciples at the Essenic Commune at Qumran, and those poor harlots of  the Street who followed Jesus,

but of John and the least,

“……Of men born of women there has not arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist:

yet I say unto you, he who is least in the kingdom of heaven; is greater than he…..”

Thus Moon with his disciples in stern judgmental contradistinction, as neither “eating or drinking“, as fasting and drinking no alcohol; to the unjudgmental “Children of Love as the Children of God” or “Hippies” who took everything in sight, was very much in the position of John and his disciples who constantly fasted and prayed, who followed not with the carefree and unjudging Nazarenes of Jesus, who he said should not be sad or harsh or think to do so because:

“…as long as the Bridegroom is with thee to rejoice

( as ‘to party; but not “revel” or “be drunken” )…”;

thus we  in San Francisco were as “the children of the Bridechamber” because we were the “friends of the Bridegroom”,

in the “Name of Love as the Name of God”:

and that was the God who was with us…..

….The Apostle Paul refers to Him as

“…The God of Love and Peace…”.



These “children” he refers to are the “flower children” of the City of St. Francis that Rev. Moon encountered and judged: wrongly, as it turns out. But his condemnation brought the City such bad energy that it ended as our New Jerusalem and was then, due to Korean Sorcery, to be turned into Sodom, spiritually, because Moon abandoned the New Mecca of the Third Israel to the Enemy; the Men of Sodom.

These are the subject of the Who’s “Acid Queen”, whom most assumed to be female; in appearance: yes. In truth, no. Peter Townsend of the Who’s lampooned the Acid Queens; also their allies, the Women of Babylon. who like Margo St. James in C.O.Y.O.T.E. are all proud to be Whores….but the Men of Sodom who transformed themselves into drag queens under the influence of Acid called themselves “..the Angels of Light…”; and their friends the Cockettes were equally outrageous.



There is no other way to rectify the complex and tragic problems for those who drank the Wine of Fornication in the Unification Church weddings, and who believed that this wine would erase the Original Sin in their blood.

In truth, they blindly believed all they were told by Rev. Moon, and now those beliefs are exacting a terrible effect on the entire world, as same-sex marriage becomes the societal norm, and a monumental global shift in values is visible, but where was it generated from?


If we are ever to hope to rectify the damage done to Christianity in America by Rev.  Moon, and to arrive correctly at the completion of the Providence according to the way my Father Jesus originally planned it, we must start at the root of the problem currently manifest as seen in the current dismantling of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) of the Unification Church at Barrytown; and show why and how some of the assertions Sun Myung Moon made were inherently, and demonstrably: wrong, but how ( and why ) other assertions he made were remarkably bright, and right: but to do this in the manner in which it can be understood; means both the right and the wrong concepts must be seen within the occult or “hidden” work of the Great Whore ISIS who seduced Rev. Moon herself in those errors: as she is verily the female figure he mistakenly embraced, who is called by the title “MYSTERY“, seen in the Revelation of St. John the Divine, in chapter 17.

She must be seen with that “Cup of Gold” in her hand as the weapon of Rev. Moon’s “Principle of Indemnity“, which one must understand to even begin to see what really went wrong in the Providence: and continues to happen, even now. It begins to be seen in chapter 14 of the Revelation of my servant John, at verse 8,

And there followed another angel, saying,

…Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,

because she made all nations drink

of the wine of the wrath of her fornication….

Did Rev.oon have sex with his own mother; and was his wife really his own daughter???

Did Rev. Moon have sex with his own mother; and was his wife really his own daughter???


The Tragedy of the Six Mary’s

The problem of a man having sex with his own mother is seen in the Revelation with the Great Whore of Capitalism, the ‘Mother of Harlots’, riding the Scarlet Colored Beast of Red China, her own Son; the ‘Son of Perdition’ …

………as when Eve ended up with Cain, her own son.

Thus began Egypt as the Incestual Kingdom of Darkness, with Eve as ISIS, and Cain, called Osiris….which is why the Pharaoh’s always married their own sisters, as embodying the Fall of Adam with Eve, seen in the DP , which says the Fall happened with Adam and Eve in the positions of “brother and sister”….

According to Pak Chung-hwa’s book “The Tragedy of the Six Marys” Sun Myung Moon taught that Jesus was supposed to save mankind by having sex with six already married women, including his own mother Mary. Then these women would have sex with other men who would pass on the purification to other women until, eventually, all mankind would have pure blood.

Moon taught that as the second Adam, Jesus needed to find 12 disciples to fulfill the purpose of the Lord God. But first he had to have sexual intercourse with his mother Mary, to restore what had been taken away by the Archangel Lucifer at the very beginning.

However, Mary did not understand the providence of God. She thought of Jesus only as her physical Son, and so she never gave him the chance to have sexual intercourse with her.

It is highly likely that Sun Myung Moon had a Pikareum sexual rite with his own mother for three times.

According to his own theology he had to have sexual intercourse with his physical mother in order to indemnify Jesus’ and Mary’s failure to do so.

Kirsti Nevalainen



The “Meat in Due Season

How Rev. Moon entered the Design of Providence:

What does it mean to be “Written“?


A Hard look at the Truth about Rev. Moon,  

as seen in the gospels of Luke and Matthew


Starting at the Beginning: The Mirror of Creation and the Image of God

The Wisdom of God, the Tree of Life, and the Garden God planted in Eden,

called “Paradise”


The Account of Genesis;

Eden as “Nature” and the Garden as “Divine Nature”


The Account of the Revelation as “ReGenesis”

Salvation Rose "...For it is the Rose of His Love -- whence came the Thorns of his Crown"

Salvation Rose “…For it is the Rose of His Love — whence came the Thorns of his Crown”

A. )  The Erroneous Concepts of a False “Creatrix”, miscalled ‘the Holy Spirit’ and Rev. Moon’s “Unholy Trinity”:
Part I: Why the sexual “give and take” action between Jesus as “the True Father” and the Holy Spirit as the “True Mother” described in the Book “Divine Principle” are a sin against the Holy Spirit of God  who is Jehovah.
B. )  The False Resurrection of Lord Jesus:
Part II: Why Rev. Moon now stands Naked before the Emerald Table of Justice  for having denied my Father Jesus arose in his flesh and his bone: a Matter of Justice, as seen at Revelation 16:15.
 C. ) The False Concept of America as the “Second Israel”:
Part III: Rev. Moon’s dismissive and ultimately destructive view of Islam, and his erroneous view of the United States as a profane fallen”Esau”, and Korea as a righteous upstanding “Jacob”, in his totally incorrect concept of the “Second Israel“.
Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is "cut off' from the congregation of Israel: forever..."

Bowing to a graven image 21,000 times???; an act of worship to an inanimate gold statue; my Father Jesus says Hyung Jin Moon is “cut off’ from the congregation of Israel: forever…”


The Views Espoused by Rev. Moon in “Divine Principle”, pages 215-6, 1973 edition,


 Section 1. The Castration of Jehovah as a “female spirit” by Rev. Moon, Recreating a False Holy Spirit

A. )  The occult reason  for the rise, and coming victory, of “same-sex” marriage in America.

To accurately begin at the reasons the Catholic Church was invaded by pedophiles, and the 50 states of America invaded one by one, with the men of Sodom and women of Babylon, we have to look at page 215 of the Black Book, 1973 Edition of Divine Principle, in the section “Spiritual Rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.” This is the genesis of where Rev. Moon departed from the Truth, and he was overmastered by ISIS, his “MYSTERY” female spirit, as seen in chapter 17 of the Revelation, as the great whore who seduced him, who he calls the “female holy spirit”, which he wrote about on page 216, stating that “the Holy Spirit is the True Mother“, married to my Father Jesus as “the True Father“.

But the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself

…the Father of the Lamb !!!

Of course Rev. Moon adopted the accusation of Satan, that very one which defiled John the Baptist, which John unconsciously held about his own father Zacharias being the “real” father of Jesus, but I address that glaring miscalculation Rev. Moon adopted as the satanic problem it is  further along. For now let’s look at the errors put forth on pages 215-218 of the Black Book dealing with the ruinous concept of a “female Jehovah“.

The disastrous effect of “marrying” the two male entities of the Lamb, who was the Son of God; and his Father, who was the Holy Spirit of God, happened by Rev. Moon making the cosmically tragic decision that the Holy Spirit was “female“; as seen on the pages 215-17 of the DP, which was and is the total decimation and destruction of the true nature of the Holy Trinity, and which was what gave Satan the ability to invade the Church, by the act of Rev. Moon basically marrying the Son ( Jesus ) to the Holy Spirit ( Jehovah, his Father ).

Thus “The Kingdom of Sodom” arose, and since Rev. Moon was invaded by the discarnate “female spirit” in place of Jehovah known as ISIS, the Queen of the Egyptian Pantheon of Darkness, we also had “Egypt” arrive; seen in these tragic words on page 215 of the DP, by which the tragic invasion of Satan into the Body of Christ through his Church could not be averted,

to wit,

“….Thus, the Holy Spirit is a female spirit,

consoling and moving the hearts of the people

( I Cor. 12:3 )…”


Thus we come to:

“…..That great city, which is Sodom, and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified…”


Section 3: the Sources of Rev. Moon’s Claims for Being God Incarnate



 THE WINE of FORNICATION written in Revelation

The real problem was that Rev. Moon ignored the Word of my Father and even went so far as to create the “Wine of Fornication” written of in the Revelation, as that “Wine” in which he mixed his own seed for the thousands of couples he married and had drink, and thus be connected to him sexually, which not only caused all of them to fall spiritually, but to also be ensnared in his own subsequently  fallen marriage, which produced two children born “out-of-wedlock“, and led to three of his own sons dying in tragic circumstances.

 Re-Creating the Fall; Korean Sorcery and the Wine of Fornication 

Rev. Moon and the Adulteration of the Doctrine:

   1. ) The Corruption of the Unification Church at the Mass Weddings, and the mixture in the Cup of Gold as the Principle of Indemnity.

“……The holy wine, which is made of 21 ingredients representing all things and levels….”

Rev. Moon

Revelation 14:9-11

9.)    And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice,

“…If any man worshipeth the beast and his image, and receiveth his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

10.)  The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

11.)   And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receiveth the mark of his name….”

We have all recently read in the blog of Hye Sung Francis Gehring, “How Well Do You Know Your Moon?”, the rather remarkable news of what was in the wine.

Sperm in the Holy Wine


Four different Korean Unification Church members have confirmed

that the ‘Holy Wine’ did contain Moon’s sperm.


Those members include Hyo-min Eu (cousin of Hyo-won Eu who wrote the Divine Principle), Deuk-jin Kim and one other person who joined in the 1950s.

A fourth member who joined the UC in the 1960s, and left after 20 years, also gave confirmation about Moon’s sperm in the ‘Holy Wine.’

The Victims of Sexual Adultery

The Victims of Sexual Adultery

The Official View of the UTS


Dr. Warren Lewis, who was professor of Church History at the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS ) for many years,

also explained that Moon’s sperm was in the ‘Holy Wine.’

“……That is why in the ‘Holy Wine Ceremony’ the wife must drink the first half of the cup of ‘Holy Wine’

before the husband drinks the remainder.

According to Moon, Eve must be cleansed first.

There are shamanistic beliefs that if a person can get someone else to imbibe their body fluids,

they then can have some influence over the person who drank…..”

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence......but the sperm in the wine made it into "the wine of fornication", which defiled all who drank it,,,

Speaking even as he was leaving this plane of existence……but the sperm in the wine made it into “the wine of fornication”, which defiled all who drank it,,,

Here are Rev. Moon’s own words:

“…….The holy wine, which is made of 21 ingredients representing all things and levels, is given to the wife first. At the fall, Satan first tempted Eve and then Adam was lost; therefore we first establish the restored woman in a position to find the man. The man receives the wine, representing parents’ flesh and blood, through the wife.

By drinking this wine in this way, he comes to stand in the position of having passed through the internal body of mother and makes the indemnity condition for the separation from Satan.

In the holy wine, there is the flesh and blood of parents. The holy wine is the wine of love, the wine of the husband, and the milk of mother. It represents the water of life, the blood of parents, the manifestation of all glory, and the love of bridegroom and bride, and it contains in it the life force of the Father.

Through it I am giving out the life force and forming a connection of lineage.

If some person does an act that defiles him after receiving the holy wine and becoming one with the True Parents, he comes to stand in a position more fearful than Satan’s.

Satan defiled and violated the perfection level of the growth stage, but if a person who received the Blessing makes a mistake, he commits the sin of treason against God’s substance in the perfection level of the perfection stage.

Therefore, the person will not be forgiven through eternity.

That is truly a fearful thing……”

Sex and Marriage in the Unification Movement by James H Grace (1985) may also give some clues.


“….Is Hyung-jin Moon now going to perform the sperm duty now for the Married Couples to drink, to continue the connection to Moon’s lineage?….”

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955

Hyo Won Eu, first President of the Unification Church in Korea, with Rev. Moon around 1955


The Word to Laodecia: part II, The Mormon Church at I Nephi 14:18-27: “the Jew” of Joseph Smith, Martyr of God

It’s the Revealing at the  The End that is “the Denouement” by my Father Jesus and His Servant John
Joseph Smith, Shepherd of the 6th Church of the Church of the Living God; called the Mormon Church; whom Rev. Moon was put over that 'prophetic house' of Joseph as the "Faithful and Wise Steward" originally; Rev. Moon himself as being the 7th Shepherd of the 7th church of the Tower of Salvation; the Sufic Branch; even as the Mormon Church was the 6th Church of the Tower of Salvation as the Archaic Branch.

Joseph Smith, Shepherd of the 6th Church of the Church of the Living God; called the Mormon Church; whom Rev. Moon was put over that ‘prophetic house’ of Joseph as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” originally; Rev. Moon himself as being the 7th Shepherd of the 7th church of the Tower of Salvation; the Sufic Branch; even as the Mormon Church was the 6th Church of the Tower of Salvation as the Archaic Branch.

The Sign of the Season; the motto of "Chuck" Dederich: "...It Will Emerge..."

The Sign of the Season; the motto of “Chuck” Dederich:
“…It Will Emerge…”

NOT the Seal of the Living God: the Sign of the “Evil Servant” written of at Matthew 24:48

The Word to Laodecia: the Judgment of the Unification Church.
It is their position as the 7th church of the True Vine of Christianity by which the Unification Church stands in the position of the 7th Church of Revelation that I now address. 
December 25th 2012 was the last 3 Day Separation of Light and Darkness we were to witness starting at the Cosmic or Universal level of the Kingdom: which is basically that of the Kingdom as defined being “heaven and earth”.
And Sun Myung Moon died shortly before this date, some few months later on October 2nd, 2012, after ignoring the “Final Warning” from my Father Jesus, when his helicopter crashed, and all the years since 1988 when I first approached Jonathan Gullery as editor at HSA-UWC with the 144 page letter from my Father’s Servant John which I transcribed and sent to him. Always cordial, Jonathan gave me permission to use any and all published materials from the Unification Church, but never gave Rev. Moon the Letter, and thus failed his portion of responsibility, and is one of the main malefactors responsible for Rev. Moon’s death.
And the Hopi Indians are my witness in this as well; they were also prepared to receive me: as the Pahana; for My Generation, as embodying “the True White Brother”, altogether, as the Two Brother are myself with my half-brother Adrian of the Mayan Indians, from our mother Jeanne in her marriage to Oscar Camano; and I bring the Hopi both the Sign and the Seal.
The mother of both myself and my brother Adrian Camano, born after she remarried Oscar Camano, seen here at her side watching me get off the plane when I came to see her in Synanon in Santa Monica when I was 7 years old. My brotherAdrian was born 8 years later

The mother of both myself and my brother Adrian Camano, born after she remarried Oscar Camano, seen here at her side watching me get off the plane when I came to see her in Synanon in Santa Monica when I was 7 years old. My brother Adrian was born 8 years later


The Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man; the Missing Piece of the Red Clay Tablet by SETH; the Original Son of man

With all the members of the Unification Church and their Shepherd Rev. Moon revealed in my book as of being the final and really most important part of the True Vine I try to show it is their mission to receive me and my Father Jesus as their predestined end as seen in the Blueprint of the 7 churches of Revelation. The 7 churches which Peter designed; Paul built and john addressed are the Tower created in the pattern the Lamb spoke of “counting the cost beforehand” to make sure it could be finished. 
I hope that by showing people of all religious persuasions what the True Vine of the Providence of God and His Christ really is that they can all see it is a forecast; as how in the next 2,000 years Christianity would come to grow from the city of Jerusalem to the city of Seoul: due West.
Quite remarkable; really...


This is seen in the “stone uncut” by hands which Daniel saw thrown at the Image by which the Gospel of the Lamb is plainly seen beforehand; revealed long before the Lamb walked in Galilee and clearly shown in the book of “Daniel the Son of Man”; where the Gospel of Christ-to-come is described as a “Stone cut out without hands” that was thrown and struck the feet of the Image that represented the 4 Empires of Satan the Devil.
It was this Stone that then broke the feet of the gigantic statue; quite reminiscent of David knocking down Goliath, the Stone being God’s Word whereby He broke the two feet and caused the Image to fall; the “feet of clay and iron” as of Pagan and Christian Rome which did not adhere to each other and by that means thereby signifying how in the future the the Roman Empire would finally fall;  which the Word of the Lamb thus destroyed; and “the Stone” then grew and became the Holy Mountain that “filled the entire earth” as seen plainly at Daniel. 
 Then “the End cometh” as the Lamb said: and that Time and Season is NOW.
This amazing prophecy is then that proof I now reveal of the Son of Man  which signified the Word of Lord Jesus to come and was seen in the fire that came out of the Throne and consumed the 4th beat with the 10 horns; seen at Daniel 7:11 and now revealed in the Testimony of Jesus as of “The Tower of Salvation” he said he would build that was foreordained by the construction of the 7 churches in Asia Minor . In other words: there was more to the Testimony of Jesus given to the 7 churches than is at first easily seen; it has to be explained in the manner in which it was originally intended; which is part and parcel of my mission as the Scribe of the Last Day for Islam and Christianity; called the “Dabbat al-ard” in the Qur’an, at Sura 27: 82; and by the book of Mormon at I Nephi 14:17-27; in detail. Everyone wants to pretend that these things are not written in their own scriptures for a specific reason; and ignoring me and what I reveal is about as effective as shutting one’s eyes and pretending no one can then see you.
Kim Il Sung and "the Shining Dragon": his North Korean brother, Mun Yong-meyong

Kim Il Sung and “the Shining Dragon”: his North Korean brother, Mun Yong-meyong, formerly known as Sun Myung Moon




It  was these 7 churches as of they which Peter designed; Paul built; and John addressed; all this being the steps my Father Jesus foresaw he would have to do with his Apostles’ to lay the Foundation of the Tower of Salvation; and then did, counting the “cost” long beforehand .
That my Father Lord Jesus left his chief Apostle Peter at the establishment of him as “his rock” and the first Shepherd of the First Church, seen on Pentecost at Jerusalem as the first City of the Nations, can be shown by the fact the Messiah was to return at the 7th church of the Church of the living God.
This seventh church was, in fact, established at Seoul, which was the Unification Church as the Sufic Branch of the True Vine of Christianity, with Rev. Moon in the position of the seventh Shepherd of the Seventh Church as His Messenger, which fact is self-evident.


But what was not known is that Lord Jesus does not return as the Messiah: He returns as the Lord God of the New Creation as My Father Jesus; as of All Believers; with myself of the Measure 144; as of the 144,000 Virgins as His Bride; which Rev. Moon was to have gathered; at which point having been watching at the Last Day and the Last Hour he would have gained his Great and Everlasting Reward.
It is the portion of Rev. Moon as the “Faithful and Wise Steward” of the gospels of Matthew and Luke who if watching for the return of his Lord would have been given “All”; that is; the crown of life which is of first in the first position of the first angel standing on the Northern Corner as of a “Willing Soul” of the Immaculate One as of the Altar of Incense and thus given Immortality; and second as of the second position as of the second angel standing on the Eastern corner of the earth Rev. Moon would have received his garment of Incorruption from having a Perfect Heat of ” a Pure Heart” of the Pure One as of the censer of Incense.
And further Rev. Moon would have then  thirdly as reaching the third position at the unsealing of the first four of the 7 Seals by the first four of the 7 trumpets.
He would have as of his mind been as of an Understanding, of the third angel standing on the south corner of the earth. thus Rev. Moon would have then stood with “his lights lit” from his single eye or “united mind”; thus of the Ethereal One which is the Single and Concentrated Mind of Wisdom, and thus having an “Understanding of Mind“, as seen in the Lampstand with the 7 lamps lit upon it, as being then of the Light Uncreate; and in the fourth position as of the 4th angel standing on the Western Corner of the earth.
Thus Rev. Moon would have gained his Ineffable One as of this ‘Knowledge of Strength’, as remaining a Virgin and thus in position as Maitreya; being consecrated to the Lord God at the Altar, as having the Original Nature of Adam restored to thus be ready to become and then eternally be Incarnate; being that “Reed like unto a Rod”; even as John the Baptist was a “Reed blown by the Wind of Satan’s Accusation of Mary” that Rev. Moon was then to overcome as his own restoration of the position of the Messenger as his personal portion of responsibility to then have reached the Seal of the Living God: but he didn’t overcome Satan’s accusation, making the same mistake as John did deep in his heart as holding to this erroneous lie as that belief which defiled finally him; as secretly believing internally that Mary and Zacharias ( the father of John )  produced the Lamb by an act of adultery.
This is the Lie that Sun Myung Moon trumpeted abroad as being “his new truth”; but it was but proof that he was indeed John the Baptist, falling with the same falsehood yet once again. 
This accusation against Mary and Zacharias was totally mistaken by Rev. Moon, of course, and always was, and is: a lie.
Yet this “Lie” is the reason that Sun Myung Moon committed adultery in his own marriage so many times; believing that God “allowed” such things, and using his belief that Mary had lain with Zacharias to bolster and excuse his own lustful impulses.
The problem was that it was this Lie that kept the conflicted double-minded John the Baptist from following my Father Jesus; or ever even doing one miracle, for all his piety and asceticism in the wilderness with his Essenes.
William Haines and others in the Unification Church to this day keep repeating this Lie of Satan, as does Mark Gibbs of the Unification Church Seminary in his blasphemous book “Secrets of the Holy Family”, along with Young Oon Kim, who also avers this same line of reasoning in her book “Unification Theology and Christian Thought ( pages 130-131 )” and many others; thus accusing the Virgin Mary of an act of adultery, since she was espoused to Joseph: and all then denying the True Fatherhood of the Holy Spirit as the progenitor of the Lamb themselves, although unwittingly; as they all believed Mun Yong-meyong, “the Shining Dragon” of Korea; the spiritual brother and thus discarnate Messenger to Kim Il Sung, the discarnate Christ of Korea.
This is why Sun Myung Moon ( named thus after his visitiation by the Amen as “the Shining Truth” ); is called “that evil servant” at Matthew 24;48, and for this very reason is now seen as “Mun Yong-meyong” the “Shining Dragon” that was his name at birth. 
And this is why Rev. Moon is on his way to the Lake of Fire as of “anyone who maketh or loveth a lie”; that Lake of Fire before the Great White Throne of my husband’s Glory seen by the angels as being my very self as the Wrath of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World; the Wife of the Lamb being the Wrath of the Lamb.
But he and his “handlers”  didn’t listen to me when I told the Unification Church and Eric Holt and Jonathan Gullery and Kyle Toffey and Magnus at HSA-UWC and all the rest about the message I had to give him from my Father Jesus’ servant John: they all ignored me and my message given to me to save Rev. Moon, whose own body represented that of John the Baptist.
To save him from death is thus far different this time, yet again we have the scenario with me and “the Shining Dragon” Mun Yong-meyong; just as my Father Lord Jesus was unable to save John the Baptist from losing his head at the Palace of Herod.
Thus my Father Jesus went to incredible lengths in giving me His Instructions through His having sent His servant John to me so that we could be able to restore Rev. Moon by showing him the Opened Book of Life of the Lamb: and teaching him where he departed from the Truth.
But now those like Magnus at HSA-UWC, and Kyle Toffey, or Phillip Schanker and Eric Holt; and the rest, they stubbornly sank their own ship despite my warnings and offer to save Rev. Moon from disaster; and the Unification Church from destruction. They weren’t interested, preferring to join Sun Myung Moon in his revealing before all mankind as Lucifer to the entire christian congregation, as the Rich Man who sold his soul and gained the whole world; for as the Bride I represent the Soul of the Lamb Moon claimed to be; but adulterously proved not to be: as Sammy Pak now lives and breathes, ask William Gaines, 2nd Generation member and apologist for the swallowing of the Lie and Accusation of Satan by Moon against the Virgin Mary as an adulteress with Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist.
This accusation is the “beam” that blinded John the Baptist in his mind’s eye; as thus “not single“; the dark place my Father Jesus saw in him. This is what destroyed him: and also his body in John the Baptist’s second advent: that of Sun Myung Moon.
The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers on page 93 of "God's Warning to The World' which opened the Door for Osama bin Laden the Antichrist to Attack America

The picture taken as Mr. Moon called down his Curse upon the Two World Trade Towers on page 93 of “God’s Warning to The World’ which opened the Door for Osama bin Laden the Antichrist to Attack America

Due to Satan blinding them all  I imagine that they thought I was mad or insane or deluded or perhaps all three: but the unfortunate fact for them as they breath their sighs of relief and all say “Peace and Safety”  is that I am not any of those things: I stand in the position of the Lamb with John the Divine in the position of the Messenger. John the Divine is “the Greatest in the Kingdom of God”; even as I am the least in the kingdom of God; but both of us were sent by my Father Jesus siting on the Great White Throne of God Almighty: as the Final Test itself for Rev. Moon and his work; his Unification Church itself; thus my Father  chose someone of no status or position whatsoever to come to the very powerful and rich Sun Myung Moon to see if “the faithful and wise Steward” was watching for his Lord’s return: but obviously Rev. Moon did not think he would send a Child of no apparent wealth or standing in this world; a nobody really. A Blade of Grass.

The Blade of Grass; the departure from the faith by the Faithful and Wise Steward Rev. Moon;

as written of him specifically at Matthew 24:48



The Messenger of Jehovah of Hosts



There are two versions of Divine Principle; the 1973 Version and the 1996 Version; very close but with some major chages; although subtle in appearence, they are diametrically opposed in meaning.

Here is the first version from the 1973 version as in that year when Rev. Moon gained American Citizenship.

The manifold problems I have encountered may well best be exemplified by the very real difference in these two versions; for the first intimates an Immortal Messiah; the Second infers a decidedly Mortal man; and not the real Messiah at all.  I have bold faced the first sentence of each version; the original being the first; the revision being the second.

( First Version: 1973 version of “Divine Principle”  page 365 )

However bitter a way he may walk, the Lord of the Second Advent will never come to die, not fulfilling the providence of restoration, as in the time of Jesus. This is because God’s providence to fulfill His purpose of creation, through the True Parents of mankind, has come down from Adam through Jesus, to the Lord of the Second Advent, and in the third instance, the providence will not fail to be realized. Further, as will be later discussed (cf. Part II, Ch. 6, Sec. IV — 532), the spiritual providence of restoration for the 2,000 years after Jesus has achieved the age of democracy in order to create the society beneficial for the providence. Jesus was killed after being branded as a rebel against Judaism, but in the democratic society at the Second Advent, the Lord cannot walk the path of death, even though he may be bitterly persecuted as a heretic.
Therefore, however difficult a way the Lord of the Second Advent may walk, there will gather saints believing and serving him absolutely on the substantial foundation of faith which he will establish; and it will be certain that they will be able to set up the substantial foundation to receive the Messiah by setting up the foundation of substance, for the sake of the substantial course of the third worldwide restoration of Canaan.”

Here we see the first version makes mention of the fact the Messiah would never come to die; as dying would nullify the entire Providence of Adam becoming Incarnate to perform the Act of God with the Principle of Co-Creation as “the Performance of Love” with his Eve in the Creation of God and His Son in making the New Heaven and the New Earth.

The Second Version is quite a Departure from the first version and it’s uncompromising tone of the clear and ultimately portentous Incarnation of the Messiah

Second Version; 1986 Revised Version of “Divine Principle” );  page 365, 

However arduous the path he may walk, Christ at the Second Advent will not die without fulfilling the providence of restoration. This is because God’s providence to raise up the True Parents of humankind225(cf. Christology 4.1.1)and fulfill the purpose of creation through them will be successful on the third attempt. This providence began with Adam, was prolonged through Jesus, and will bear its fruit without fail at the Second Advent. Moreover, as will be discussed below,226(cf. Parallels 7.2.6)God’s spiritual providence of restoration during the two thousand years since Jesus’ day has prepared a democratic social and legal environment which will protect Christ at the Second Advent. Jesus was killed after being branded a heretic by the Jews and a rebel by the Roman Empire. In contrast, even if Christ at the Second Advent is persecuted as a heretic, in the democratic society to which he will come, such accusations will not be sufficient grounds for him to be condemned to death.

Therefore, no matter how bitter his tribulations may be, Christ at the Second Advent will be able to lay the foundation of faith on the earth. Standing upon it, he will gather disciples of indomitable faith. He will guide these followers to fulfill the indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature and establish the foundation of substance. The foundation for the Messiah for the substantial course in the third worldwide course will be established without fail.

But Rev. Moon ignored me and so will die ( and did die, on October 2nd, 2012, as I prophesied ), as a mortal man in the position of John the Baptist, lost to God cut off from the divine mission as by having become estranged from God in his own fate playing the gaming tables in Las Vegas ( as written of by Nan Sook Hong in her book “In the Shadow of the Moons” ); as being “cut asunder”, as when his head was cut off in the palace of Herod; this being the other scenario of what happens to the “Faithful and Wise Steward” if he leaves his position and becomes “that evil servant“, written of in the gospel of Matthew; which Rev. Moon now appears fully ready to do, as he prepares for his death by having anointed his son Hyung Jin Moon to succeed him, by disasterously having him worship and bow to him and his own mother 21,000 times, in the form of that golden statue: by which Hyung Jin Moon actually became “cut off” from the lineage of Israel: along with the entire Unification Church itself.
                                    THEY  SHOULD  HAVE  LISTENED  TO  ME!!

God warned His People about worshipping idols of gold: and they should have listened

Part I: The 144,000 eunuchs for the Kingdom as Heaven as the return of the Virgin Priesthood: the Ancient Order of Melchizedek; the Lamb’s saints; the Clouds as the Children of the Resurrection.

 The Arrival of the Bride: the Lamb’s Wife: Salvation Rose and the Salvation of the City of St. Francis as Holy Jerusalem; the Advent of the Fruit-fruit unto God and the Lamb; and one having the Measure “of a man; that is: of the angel”; 144….the Wall of the Holy City…



Being the one brought forward to complete the mission of John the Baptist as “Joseph” over the House or Church at the End it is Rev. Moon’s denial of being the Messenger that has caused the worst problems to be endured by My Generation.
Where to begin?
  First let us look at the 210 years from 1776 to 1986 as of Israel’s 210 years ; then my 21 years from 1987 to 2008 as the 21 years of Jacob;  then Barack Obama’s 21 month campaign as the 21 month course in the Wilderness for the first Israel by the Third Israel; then my 21 Days in Canada in my 40 days of Temptation as I reached the position of the Messiah at the Global Level on the basis of Barack Obama having reached the level of Messiah for the Third Israel at the National Level at the Global Stage of now being the Global Abel; with the Antichrist Osama bin Laden as the Global Cain with the Universal Dragon in him “that murderer from the Beginning”  in the position of the Judas of Islam who he killed as the “Fatted Calf” itself; a devil with the Devil in him; like Judas Iscariot was at the Last Supper : the “discarnate incarnate”, as a devil; that “which is, and is not” is then that which is half good and half evil; as Judas certainly was: and at the Last Supper when Satan the Devil entered into him: and thus he became what is written as a creature which is “Discarnate Incarnate“; that is; one “which is and is not: yet is.”
Here in America as the 50 United States we have the fact that Rev. Moon’s denial of Barack Obama having reached the position of the Messiah for the Black Christian Race for the Third Israel even though  Barack Obama now stands on the Foundation to receive the Messiah at the Universal or Cosmic level after his victorious 21 month campaign ( which restored the 21 month Course of Moses at the restoration into Canaan ) restoring the Kingdom in the Internal Providence of Salvation; at the Internal Subjugation of Egypt at the National Level on the foundation of my 21 years in New Hope on the foundation of the 210 years from 1776  and 4-18-1776 ( with Paul Revere’s midnight ride ) to 4-18 1986 ( which was my birthday ) with Rev. Moon himself as the very person reborn in the position and person of John the Baptist who should have welcomed Barack Obama with open arms: but the opposite happened: from jealousy and a strange inverse racism one would not expect from someone of Rev. Moon’s stature.

Curiously it is by condemning John the Baptist that Rev. Moon inadverently condemned himself in his book “Divine Principle” as being the “very person” responsible for the death of Jesus; but the reaon John did not bond with Lord Jesus is because of the very same accusation by which Satan invaded John as that “beam in his eye” by which he could not “see” Jesus: the accusation that his father Zacharias was really the “father” of Jesus; a lie that Rev. Moon and Unification Seminary theacher/author Mark Biggs both also now say is the “truth” and “revelation” of the Unification Church.

In Reality it proves that John the Baptist and Rev. Moon are “one and the same”.

The Golden Cage of Babylon the Great

Thus Rev. Moon ends up having condemned himself, ignoring the advice to “judge not: lest ye be judged”; having forgotten that “to judge not” is itself Divine Wisdom; forgetting that he ended up having to be judged as he who judged John; although he was specifically warned not to do so; as the Angel of Christ knew Rev. Moon had the mission of restoring John the Baptist with his own body substituting for John’s own. And Rev. Moon even admitted this in his book “God’s Warning To the World” on page 102 where he admits this; to wit;

         I know this clearly: this is the Will of God. Therefore, I have come to America, where I become one voice crying in the wilderness of the 20th century.”

Rev. Moon is therefore by his own admission “ John the Baptist”;  even as I now stand here by identifying him as such, standing in the position of the Lamb: although he denies he is John the Baptist; just as John the Baptist before denied he was Elijah, and lost the Seal in his stubborn refusal to follow the Lamb. This; in spite that my Father Lord Jesus said John was, indeed. Elijah.

It is by this exact pattern of denial that Rev. Moon again proves without question he is John the Baptist by stubbornly walking the same pattern without bonding with the Messiah as led to his death before. In my book I even show that John was named for “Jonathan”; the best friend of David; showing the relationship that John the Beloved and Jesus had: and Jesus and John the Baptist did not.


The true four position foundation is that of the 4 Seraphim which are revealed at chapter 4 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine which I reveal is the “Ark of the Testament in which the Book is found”; which Rev. Moon completely ignored because he did not go “by the Book of Life of the Lamb” which I reveal is indeed “the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the Ark” itself but called himself instead “the Lamb” at his Marriage in 1960; which was the second fall of himself and his wife as self-proclaimed “true parents” in the position then of Adam and Eve: the fallen Adam and Eve, that is; as their son Hyo Jin Moon showed he still had the Original Sin in him; which meant that Rev. Moon and his wife also are still transmitter’s of the Original Sin in their blood.

This unfortunately meant and which means that all that drank the wine at the mass weddings of the Unification Church really stand in the position of those creatures who entered the Ark by “Two’s”; which were the “unclean beasts”; the clean entered in Seven’s; in the pattern to come of those who enter following the Lamb in the Last Seven Footsteps of Ascension found in the 7 Overcomings of the 7 Churches of Revelation; which represent the 7 Days of the new Creation itself at the Regeneration as those who reach the 7th Overcoming reach the Lord Jesus in the position of the Lord God, as the New Father of a New Creation, “in the Air”; as Paul “the least of the Apostle’s” so plainly said.

This is why we have “a New Heaven and a New Earth“; with my Father Lord Jesus now “as God”; thus what we have is unprecedented as it’s revealed as being quite “different” from the old creation and the first heaven and earth which pass away at the Regeneration; now as Our Father Jesus which all who come to me and receive the Seal can be Children of In Spirit and in Truth I show all who He sends to me in the Name Christ Jesus that He now sits in the position of His Father as God Almighty; as I inherited his Book which He sent His servant John to help me Open; which I have.

That He sits in the Great White Throne of His Glory is thus that He sits in the position of “God in His Righteousness” as coming “in the Glory of his Father”; otherwise seen as by his Son Christ Almighty who is Christ Jesus in His Revealing as that Name I come in: to Reveal Him my Father in the New Heaven as I stand upon the New Earth.


Adam died; Eve became an immortal goddess who has been here disguised under the name of Isis as the mother of Osiris who is Cain; Eve’s own son; the murderer of her other son and lover of his own mother as the Pharaohs who all married their sisters in honor of he who slept with his mother who began the dynasty of Egypt as the Kingdom of Darkness on Earth.

It is for this reason that there is no record of Eve ever dying in the Old Testament she appears after leaving the pages of Genesis in the record of the Greeks as Ceres; or Mother Earth herself; fallen and alone until she is found by those who caused her to fall in the first place: the angels of the Serpent; the Old Serpent being the Old Ego itself; the most subtle thing there is: the Self which stands for the Ego by saying “I”; when in truth only God can claim to speak with any true identity; we who are created are not quite as real as he who created us; but most forget they are illusory in comparison to their Maker.

Isis as Eve is she who is called Mystery: but now no longer.

   It is this 4 position foundation unknown to the Unification Church due to the failure of it’s shepherd Rev. Moon along with  the 7 angels which make up “The Kingdom” in which we have “The Body”; even as the 7 angels in white have to do with “The Garment” as of “It’s Righteousness”.

Thus was said:

  “my yoke is easy; and my burden is light”;

For the yoke is that of the Kingdom of God as of the virgin body or Image of God; and the burden is of the Righteousness of God as of the white garment or Likeness of God.

 The 7 trumpets have then to do with the 7 external senses of the body as of “the Kingdom”; and the 7 vials have to do with with the 7 internal senses of the body as of “the Garment” or purity and the righteousness within as in which we appear before the eyes of God spiritually.

It is the 7 internal senses in their interrelationship with the internal “body of the heart” in which the soul lives through the intermediary life in the blood that make up our “essential character”; just as it is the 7 external senses in their interrelationship with the external “body of the strength” in which the mind lives through the intermediary spark in the nervous system that make up our “essential form”. 

It is this actual arrangement that has remained unknown to Rev. Moon in his flawed analysis of 5 internal “spiritual” senses of the body with 5 external “physical” senses that show he never found the 7 angels of the Son of Man seen in chapter 14:14 of the Revelation.

It is these that are intermediary to the 7 in the body of Man as the external Temple on Earth and the 7 of the body of the Archangel as the internal Temple in Heaven. These 7 are thus they who belong to the “5 wise virgins” of God which were seen in May of Bethany; as do all those who come to the understanding of the 7 external senses seen as the 7 angels with the 7 trumpets in their relationship to the 7 internal senses as the 7 angels in white with the 7 vials.

The 7 external senses as the receptacles of the 7 “inner stars” are only known in their reality as the 3 of the higher senses above the 4th sense of sight in relation to the 3 of the lower senses below the 4th sense of sight are embedded in the microcosmic Body of Man to apprehend the 7 fold macrocosmic Creation of God of the 3 upper heavens above the Firmament in relation to the 3 lower heavens below the Firmament.

It is the 4 organs in the Body of Man are then the 4 receptacles of the 4 “inner limbs” of the invisible Spirit of Man as it’s two “arms” and two “legs” by which it “swims” in the Infinite Spirit of God through the 7 heavens that make up the Throne of God in their Unity. The 4 Organs are then the receptacles by which the Spirit of Man comprehends the 4 square Foundation they stand on that God created in Paradise with the 4 Fountains or “heads” of the Heart and the Soul; the Mind and the Strength as the “4 channels” and the 4 Rivers or “bodies” which are the “4 streams of consciousness”.

This only begins to reveal the truth of our existence in it’s actuality that is fully revealed in the Book of life of the Lamb slain from the Foundation of the earth.

 This arrangement is hidden in plain sight in “The Book of Life of the Lamb” that is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” to the one who John of Patmos initiated into it as his inheritence.


 Rev. Moon thus “blindly” existed on the essential “4 position foundation” on which his own heart and soul and mind and strength stood 4 square; unaware of the quintessential or fifth position which is the epicenter of the Diamond of these 4 positions seen so clearly in that of the 4 positions of the 4 Seraphim on each side of the Throne of God.

“Prepare yourselves: for it has Begun….”


  The Birth of the New Unification Church

           The New Home Church Of New Hope.


  “For he to whom much is given,                                                                                                                         of him will much be required;                                                             

and to whom much was entrusted,                                                                                                                 of him more will be expected.”


         The Instruction of this scribe of God in the Last Day:

            The Revealing of the Revelation of St. John the Divine 

                             as the Word of the Living God;

                                         the Ark of the Testament itself.

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

The Angel of The Tabernacle of God; the Salvation of God

           In the final analysis it is what we do here as we enter what the Hopi prophets called the Great Purification and we of the White Race have seen will be known as the Great Tribulation.

           It is how we face this Last Hour where we shall all be tempted in this Last Day which brings us to the reality of what upholding the True Standard of Unification really entails: the understanding of the Word of God and the knowledge of how to overcome the 7 Barriers of the Old Ego: the Old Serpent.


The 7 Churches of the Tower of Salvation;

         The Church of the Living God;

                     the Pillar and the Ground of the Truth.

       Let us first take a look at what the 7 churches written of in the Revelation of St. John the Divine really are; the hidden “Blueprint” for the coming growth and expansion of Christianity as the True Vine representing the Global Body of Christianity stretching from the time he left until the time of his return.

               It is to sustain itself and to last so as to be there at the  Lord’s return which was the ultimate purpose of those 7 churches that Peter designed; Paul built and John addressed in Asia, that now stand revealed as that “tower” the Lamb first sat down to count of cost of making first.

This is the Tower of Salvation.

       The Design as of Providence was what was to come to the first 6 prophetically; and especially what would face the 7th church in the position of Laodecia standing at the Last Day.

          That Last Day is Now; as of the 7th Branch of the True Vine; that of the Unification Church, as the Last Church of the Tower of Salvation; the Church of the Living God.

         It is this Tower which is the Church of the Living God; which is now to be revealed as those in the Unification Church: which no longer ixists.

          Yet I counsel the reader to suspend their disbelief and invoke their faith: for the Time is at Hand; let us observe the 7 Shepherds of the House; the Sheepfold.  

 Reiteration for the Novices of the True Vine

           The Coming of the Son of Man in America as the New Canaan.


                       The Lighting of the 7 Lamps

                Who wasThe shepherd of the 7th church; whose city is Seoul?  
             Was it not Rev. Moon? As the 7th Star in the right hand of the Amen? 
   The Unification Church; 7th Branch of the True Vine:
                                The Sufic One
I believe it was on Seoul as the 7th City of the Nations where the 7th Lampstand of the 7th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Laodecia: as the Lightbearer of the Seventh Day.
But now Rev. Moon is displaced; the Lampstand is moved to the City of St. Francis; and the 7th Shepherd is now my Father’s servant John; as Jie Cheng is currently unstable to lead the New Unification Church although given the Seal of the Living God.
.….even as Joseph Smith was the shepherd of the 6th church, as the sixth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Salt Lake City?                    

       The Mormon Church,  6th Branch of the True Vine:
                               The Archaic One 
It was on Salt Lake City as the 6th City of the Nations that the 6th Lampstand of the 6th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Philadelphia: as the Lightbearer of the Sixth Day.

 ………as Emanuel Swedenborg was the shepherd of the 5th church, the fifth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is now Bryn Athyn?  
         The Swedenborgian Church, the 5th Branch of the True Vine:
                          The Noetic One
It is on the 5th City of Bryn Athyn that the 5th Lampstand of the 5th Church is placed; the Lampstand of Sardis as the Lightbearer of the Fifth Day.
   ……….as George Fox was the shepherd of the 4th church, the fourth star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is London?    
                The Quaker Church of the  Friends,  The 4th Branch of the True Vine: 
                      The Gnostic One.

It is on the fourth City which is the City of London that the 4th Lampstand of the 4th Church of Revelation is placed; the Lampstand of Thyatira as the Lightbearer of the Fourth Day.


…..even as Martin Luther was the  shepherd of the 3rd church, the third star in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Berlin?

             The  Lutheran Church of Protest, the 3rd Branch of the True Vine:
                     The Edenic One

It is on the 3rd City of the Nations which is the City of Berlin that the 3rd Lampstand of the 3rd Church of Revelation is placed: the Lampstand of Pergamos: as the Lightbearer of the Third Day.

……even as Augustine was the shepherd of the 2nd church, the second star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Rome?
      The Catholic Church,  the 2nd Branch of the True Vine: 
                    The Catholic One
It is on Rome as the 2nd City of the Nations that the 2nd Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 2nd Church of Revelation: the Lampstand of Smyrna: as the Lightbearer of the Second Day.
 ….. and then lastly: as Peter was the shepherd of the 1st church, the first star seen in the right hand of the Amen; whose city is Jerusalem?    
        The Pentecostal Church of the Harvest of The Reunifying of the Tongues , 
the 1st Branch of the True Vine:
                  The Apostolic One
And it is on Jerusalem as the first City of the Nations that the 1st Lampstand is placed; the Lampstand of the 1st Church of Revelation: the Lampstand of Ephesus: as the Lightbearer of the First Day.
    It is here that the dialogue of truth must begin: at the Revealing of the Light of the Seven Days: the Seven Lampstands that stand Illuminating the Path of the Just.

    To my Brother it is the Straight Path: that I know my Father promised before: that he would save the true Muslims with at the Last Day: Yea:

                   The Path of the Just: the Child of the Resurrection; but to the Jews I have another name: Jedidiah; the name that the lost sheep of Israel returns with: who repented and returned: and then was helped to restore all things:and thus redeem himself and then his whole Generation: a Thousandfold.

                In a way; it is here that it must begin; for in defining first the terms: and then revealing the book: can it then be denied that only what is Written in the Book really exists after the Last Hour: no matter how it appears until then.

            The advent of the 2 men in 1920 would change world history: Karl Wojytla; who became Pope John Paul II; and one Rev. Moon; both men having global missions; the Pope between the East and West at the Fall of the Berlin Wall; and Rev. Moon supposed to have done the same at Korea; at the North and the South.

    This is my Cross; and I reveal here today; for only half has been done: and now Korea has shifted from Global to Cosmic: North Korea is actually the battleground; the satanic barrier between Heaven and Earth itself: the Gates of Hell; for with Rev. Moon fallen the whole Yellow Race as the “Elder Brother” is fallen; one fouth of the earth under the sway of Death; an entire race of the original four.

        This is then the Scarlet Beast: the evil servant; Red China as under Death: and India as Hell on Earth for his throne: this is the End Tableaux of the Nations  But let us examine the Final Tableaux in the context of 2012; the final division at which the ecomomic principle or Vine of the earth seen as our Society on Earth as aFalse Hierarchy finally falls; as with the judgment of the high ones on high; a Hiearchy in Heaven which is a Fallen Society.

Their object then is Talismanic; as ours is the Ecnomic reality of it’s descarnate “shadow” of imaginary value; and thus discarnate  “magnetic” pull; as a “center” money is a “fallen star”; a black hole; the bigger the amount; the larrger the attraction: of nothing.; just your own consent that paper and rocks and stones are valuable: this is the Mark in the forehead: enslaved to matter; as Materialism; both Rich and Poor; one in an artificial heaven; but real enough; and the other is an artificial hell: but real enough to be untold suffering and misery for thousands for ever: as in India’s caste system: thus having for their society the Vine of the Earth Itself: the Rod of the Assyrian; the Love of which is the Root of all Evil: Adam and Eve as the “gold and silver” of the Devil himself.

      We were then his “Money”; selling to them who sold themselves “his kingdom” and to those who would not sell themselves: he kills; as the Saint themselves.

       What then ends is that rule of the Taskmaster; the scepter of Pluto; Hades: Dis; the god of this world; who the devil as the prince of this world serves: as the master of his is own self-interest.

      It is for this Principle the Devil fights to maintain the illusion of Collected Wealth as really existing: we have but forged invisible bars in our mins that “money” even exists: it does not;  one cannot eat gold or silver; one can only eat food: money is thus a concept at the level or “let’s pretend”.


          It is the Word who stands in the position of the Lord of the Second Advent at the End; he who incarnates this Word is the Messiah; nor is there anyone else who could be “the Lamb”; for the Lamb would reveal his Own Book when he comes: or he is not the True Lamb of God.

            Many in the Unification Church have considered the book of Rev. Moon called “Divine Principle” to be the New Word of God; but in it’s Three Great Errors which I have detailed here and elsewhere from my book; and it’s radical departures in Doctrine and then it’s outright denials of the Scripture and of the Gospel of Christ this work of Rev. Moon was invaded by the spirit of Isis and became a failure.

        The Unity which alone could finally be uncovered and the goal of converting the 4 Directions and then the 3 Faiths; the 4 Shepherds: and the 3 Children.

         As in the days of Noah: the 3 Brothers entered the Ark of Noah first; thus the 3 Faiths must enter a New Door: and a New Ark: but the Salvation is the same.

           The 3 Brothers; as ofall Christians and all the Muslims and then all the Jews of the 3 Faiths: of the Table of Abraham.

     Rev. Moon created a “female holy spirit” in his book; the problem being this is in reality a very old figure called:

               A. )  “Isis”;

            and she is also known as

                B. )  “The White goddess”; queen of Egypt: Death-in-Life;

                  C. )  Isis is shown in Egyptian myth as the sister of Osiris; but John shows us that her husband Osiris is Cain; and Isis is Eve.

         (( Last Seen at Genesis as Eve who became the bride of her Son Cain: who the Egyptians call Osiris; and always has the King marry his sister for that reason.; in honor of his mother )).

        Eve is recalled thus at the End when she is Revealed; for no documented evidence of her death was ever produced in Genesis; now we have the Scarlet Beast of Red China carrying the Market itself; as the Whore of Unbridaled Capitalism.

           Thus it is Capitalism as that Whore now seen plainly on the Scarlet Beast as Red China: which currently “carries” the world market because it “Carries” all our American debt through the Pacific Rim Banks: the Usury  to Red China is 500 million a Day.

 The Spirit of the Antichrist. 


The Antichrist of II Thessalonians 2:2-4; Rev. Moon's tool of Revenge on New York City

The Antichrist of II Thessalonians 2:2-4; Rev. Moon’s tool of Revenge on New York City after he called down his malediction on the “City of Evil” on page 93 of his book “God’s Warning to the World”


   In letting the “Mystery” of Revelation as this figure enter it is here we find that it this “MYSTERY” which as a Veil “hides” the Mystery of God; for the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; the Lover; whose 7 fold Nature of Holiness can be seen in the 7 Spirits of God.

By not reaching the Seal Rev. Moon did not reach this; the Mystery of how the Lamb was really created by Mary and the Spirit of Jehovah in the form of a Dove: Mary was changed into the likeness and image of a female dove: a celestial one; and with the divine celestial Dove of Jehovah it was then that Mary created, with that Holy Kiss of those two Doves; that Holy Thing who overcame: and finally sat down on the Throne of God, namely:

The Lamb of God

     Those Sealed with what I here Reveal: know this: that it is indeed the Last Day; and the books are indeed opened; of what all have done: and now; at the Hour of Temptation; when all shall be tried in the Fire of the Last Day.

         But let us proceed.

              Only those with the Seal could reveal this: but this is War: to defend the “idea” of the Holy Spirit from the “unholy spirit” which is the Whore; Isis as “Mystery” or “the Veil” herself; the one who stands between Heaven and Earth as the Cosmic Wall Herself.

          It is this “Wall” as of 1987 as of the 70 years of Russia’s Captivity: the Babylonian One: and here she entered: from 1917 to 1987 when the Wall went down: 1,000 years from 987; when Russia originally converted.

But let us look at the “Rich and Poor, Bondsmen and Free, Small and Great“, mentioned the Revelation of those not written in the Lamb’s Book who must have the Mark of the Beast…..

   It was this Vertical Barrier between East and West as “Bondsmen and Free right through Berlin and Germany as of East Germany and West Germany itself that the dry ( unfruitful ) olive tree” Pope John Paul II knocked down; symbolizing the separation between the “bondsmen” nations of Marxism in the Eastern Hemisphere, and the “free” nations of  Idealism in the Western Hemisphere: but this left the Horizontal Barrier between North and South as “Rich and Poor” seem at North Korea and South Korea symbolizing the Rich Industrialized Nations of the Northern Hemisphere and the Poor or “Third World Agaric Nations of the Southern Hemisphere.

This is what Rev. Moon as the “green ( fruitful ) olive tree was to have knocked down…..

           That is the Final Division of Babylon that Exists in this world: for we shall all one day be free; God Knows.

          At Berlin then that National Jericho signify what went down; between East and West: at the Day: but at North and South Korea now comprises the Hour: for the Trumpets removed the first Wall: but the Vials remove the Second.

              Between Rich and Poor is then all who must buy: and those who own it all and sell it to them; the Master and the Slave; both with the Mark.

            Rev. Moon “married” Jesus to this figure: but since the Holy Spirit of Christ alone reveals the Bride Rev. Moon thus “married” two male entities; and this is how “Sodom” as the “tail of the great red dragon” invades; the Dragon being “Egypt”.

    The figure known as “the Dragon” therefore comprises “Sodom and Egypt” as the Tail of the Dragon: and the Dragon; the Face of the Dragon being that of Jezebel: the Whore of Babylon the Great.

  It is here then that the “Understanding ”  of Rev. Moon actually fell.

    Finally of Rev. Moon’s work it did not Unify the other 4 Sheepfolds of the Way; the Truth; the Life and the Path at the 4 corners of the Earth as the 4 Directions to God given to the 4 Original Races: because that would require the 4 angels of the 4 races on the 4 corners of the earth: and the first 4 trumpets of the first angels of the 7 churches.

         It has to be done By the Book: there is no other way: for this was Written this way long ago.

      That is the Ark being opened, The Rod; and the Book.

     And then finally it is the Relationship of the 3 Faiths to the 4 Directions or 4 Winds of the 4 Races and the 4 Standard Bearers of Humanity and their 4 Angels; who stand on the 4 Corners of the Earth in the Revelation of John which I will show in their true nature in this and other expositions on the Revelation to be published here at WordPress in the following days, for the Time is at hand.


 The New Home Chuch of New Hope

Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory in that Day

 Jehovah of Hosts for a Crown of Glory that Day


The Mission of Sun Myung Moon: the Beginning and the End



    Rev. Moon spoke often of the Word of God; but he never received it; yet for many the question is then this: why would God have the Angel of Christ come to Sun Myung Moon on that Korean hillside on Easter in 1936 on 4 – 18 to have him write a document that was not the perfect and infallible Word of God to restore all things and begin the construction of the Foundation of Salvation so that the Kingdom of God could then manifest itself here on Earth?

This question must be answered first; but it is in the words of the prophecy about Rev. Moon that uncover the secret as to why the book “Divine Principle” came to be transmitted and then written in the first place: it is the “meat in due season” that was to be given to Christians and all people of Faith in the Famine at the End: not for Bread; but as it was written of in Amos 8:11; to wit;

      “Behold, the days come”, saith the Lord Jehovah, “that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:” 

        It was THIS FAMINE to which Rev. Moon was put “over the Household” of Christianity to feed them while they waited for the Word to be Revealed: as Joseph fed his brethren in Egypt during the famine as God had planned so Israel would come and be “caught” in the land of Egypt to begin their 400 years of bondage in the enemy nation oppossed to the Will of God from it’s beginning.

     Rev. Moon was thus in the position of Joseph; but his Destiny was then to not just be Steward if he had been successful in his mission: he would have been put over the Kingdom itself and “replace” our world’s current Pharaoh: Satan the Devil. 

Rev. Moon overcoming all things could have then become the Messiah; but he fell having opposed Herodias as the global Ahab and Herodias as the global Jezebel; proving he really was Elijah since he went right after his two worst enemies once again: but without Jesus he was toast; going up against them alone he was cut down. 

 Jezebel as Herodias: his own “White goddess” of “Isis”.

   Here historically Rev. Moon defined this key element in sacred literature and took his own position on the question; but my own experience with the Lord and His Word showed me the Holy Spirit of Jehovah itself; the Father of Mercy.

      Rev. Moon departed from the Truth here as his views of the female spirit he called “the Holy Spirit” showed. But this is “Isis”; the White Goddes of “Death-in-Life” whose is Eve discarnate: for there is no record of Eve ever dying in the Old Testament; as she is in Reality the “Fallen Mother of all living in the Valley of the Shadow of Death”.

     This was Rev. Moon’s true advesary; as Herodias ended up being to John through her daughter Salome: her messenger: her angel of death.

       In recovering this truth I then was given the power to defeat this figure: but also to free Rev. Moon: for he is not dead yet: he can still be saved.

But let us go to the Gospel; where this story begins.

To therefore begin this conversation I Seal all those to who I now Reveal that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; whose Spirit comprises the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God: thus the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah is therefore of a Sevenfold Nature; as those holy prophets and the 12 Apostle’s of the Lamb all before me knew. 


  This is not an interpretation: it is what is written in the 7 churches themselves in their Revealing.

 Rev. Moon was put thus over the entire “House” or “Body of Christ” as then in the position of the “Head” of this Body until his LORD returned; but Rev. Moon did not wait for his LORD; but decided to abrogate to himself the position of Christ as if he had already earned it before he passed the Last Test: that of seeing the return of the LORD at the Day and the Hour; as was written in the prophetic life-story of Rev. Moon unknown to the world as “the Faithful and Wise Steward/servant” of the gospel of Matthew and the gospel of Luke. ( 12:42-48 )

                  And the Lord said, to wit;

      “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?

       Blessed is that servant whom his LORD will find doing so when he comes. Truly I tell you, that he will set him over all that he has.

       But if that servant says in his heart,

                    ‘My lord delays his coming,’

    ……..and begins to beat the menservants and the maidservants, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken,

      ……then the LORD of that servant will come in a Day when he looketh not for him any longer, and in an Hour at which he is not aware, and will cut him in two, and give him his portion with the unfaithful.

       Few understand that here my Father Jesus was speaking of the Steward as the new body of John the Baptist who was put in the position of Joseph ( the first-born position of the 12 ) as when he was established over the House of Bondage to feed his brethren during the Great Famine when they were sent by Jacob down to Egypt.

      This was Sun Myung Moon’s mission and his position; and as the 7th Shepherd of the 7 Shepherd’s of the Tower of Salvation so upon him fell the heaviest responsibility of all: the mission of rising from the position of “the Messenger” as that of John the Baptist in the flesh: with all his knowldge; which was considerable: and then having the possibility of reaching the position of Jesus: as “the Messiah”; all of which is contained in the still totally overlooked prophecy of Christ in the Gospel about the key role Rev. Moon would play as this prophetic figure whose book “Divine Principle” was indeed the “meat” in “due season”; the Due Season being the “Last Days” at the End: this mission having been designed for one man: that of Rev. Moon himself: the “Faithful and Wise Steward/ servant”.

Here is what happens at the Coming of the LORD when He judges between the two anointed ones:

           “And that servant, who knew his LORD’s will, and didn’t prepare, nor do what he wanted, will be beaten with many stripes, but he who didn’t know, and did things worthy of stripes, will be beaten with few stripes.

    “For he to whosoever much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be required.”

   That only a few people have been able to comprehend the gravity and the Imminence of the Hour in the Fact of this Uncovering I can only counsel the reader to regard well: for the Time is then at Hand: I can say it no other way.

       The Advent of a person who contained the possibility of acheiving the position of the Messiah from that of the Messenger changed this world forever: as I have said: John the Baptist reborn in the position of Joseph “over the House”; it’s the Classic Pattern; but it was my study of the book of Rev. Moon which enabled me to see who he himself really was: in the Gospel: and this is when everything changed: knowing now the Truth I was brought to first the Seal: and then the Word.

         But this brings us to another problem: the things that Rev. Moon “left out” of his book.

         When I first read his book I knew I was looking at a class of literature which ranks with the Qur’an and the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith: from studying with the Sufis I knew our Korean friend had transmitted a document whose origin was angelic: not of this world.

        Transmitted lore of any kind has a dramatic impact on those individuals for which it’s “impacts” were designed; and the angels operate no other way.

        What Rev. Moon never realized is that he would transmit his data to someone who would then use that divine knowledge to understand the Revelation of St. John the Divine in it’s true relationship to the Gospel of Jesus: that of the Holy City to the Holy Mountain: the New Heaven of the Holy City; and the New Earth of the Holy Mountain.

  It is thus one can “see” the Tabernacle of God; the New Earth in the Place of the First Tabernacle called the Holy Place; where one remove’s their shoes; and the New Heaven in the Place of the Second Tabernacle called the Holy of Holies, where one removes one’s clothes.


The Mission of the Prodigal Son and Rev. Moon


        Here is the “Millstone” of the gods cast down; Olympus is no more; the 12 Apostles of the Lamb upon the 12 thrones signify nothing less than the defeat of the gods; the 12 arrive to guard and then raise the New Day; first as his “parents” to teach him what he would need to know to face his final advesaries: Death and Hell.

   But it is he who will have to overcome them alone: thus the scale of possibilities that I must now maintain in Faith is that of a burden that is light indeed: it is the pure illumination and the sight to see where mankind really stands: at the End. Christ Jesus is then the Second Death; and it is in his Name that I now stand: having been already proved Faithful Unto Death I cannot die any more: for in the Baptism unto death of Christopher came the Resurrection unto life of Solomon; at then the Crucifixion of Christopher came the sitting down on the throne of Solomon; at the Resurrection of the Christbearer came the Regeneration of Solomon seen as Jedidiah which is why no one recognizes him either; just as the Resurrection of Jesus was the Regeneration of David; having then his face which Mary Magdelene did not recognize; the other having been marred when Moses struck the Rock in the Wilderness twice; over which my Father Jesus wore his hair so none could see.

             It is then Rev. Moon who then gave me the insight according to what I understood of his point of view and where he had stumbled in what he had written of his witness: that enabled me to reach the Seal of the Living God; and thus restore all things; for as the Sufis taught me: to restore someone you have to restore oneself first just as one would want them to do: and then have them do it as you yourself did: as in the Sufi tale where a sufi could not tell a child to stop eating candy until he had also stopped eating candy: and in the same way are we in the same situation exactly: thus giving they who need it the “hidden strength” to accomplish their respective missions without them even  knowing it.

        This the Sufis have always done: to the sincere and pure of heart.

            Yet here the Truth remains: what the life of Rev. Moon embodies as the visible witness of the Gospel in these Last Days is something I see that no one else does: for I know of Rev. Moon’s “brother” in the true sense: as who he is John the Baptist; the fallen messenger. The “elder brother position” to Jesus; lest anyone forget.

Like Ishmael: the firstborn.

              But known by his younger “brother”: the Prodigal Son; the returning “lost sheep of Israel”; the Issac: and my Father wrote of this as well: of what to both of these figures is written  of what would happen at the End to both the “Faithful and Wise Steward” Rev. Moon and “Prodigal Son” Mr. Diamant: where they are both “beaten”; one a little; who did a lot of things wrong; but didn’t know the Will: the other figure is beaten a lot: because although he did a lot of things right; because he did not Do the Will: nor PREPARE himself: he gets beaten more: for in whom “men have invested their trust”; in him was then MORE REQUIRED: and that is why John came to the earth: to try to save Rev. Moon; as men believed he would become the Messiah: and they invested their lives and their faith in him with utmost loyalty. 

         I Know Rev. Moon because he is like my elder brother; the one who will fight with our Father when he asks him to come in to the Party in my Honor. But to the Red Race it is the Yellow Race who stand as the Elder brother; thus the fallen Yellow Race at the End does not have the Wedding Garment: for Rev. Moon “denied” my Father Jesus his Body after his Resurrection; saying it was only an “angel” who was resurrected.

          For the Younger Brother as the Red Race it is then the Red Clay Tablet which is seen as that New Heart given to it. For the Red Race the Messiah is the White Brother of Quetzacoatl: the Pahana; the “blood-brother” of the Red Man: the Child of the Resurrection who rose from the Ashes of the City of St. Francis; the Phoenix of New Hope; the Cloud on which sits the Son of Man; as the throne of his Glory.

       In the Gospel then the Lesson remains: one man will go from the position of Messenger to that of the Messiah in one lifetime: the Christ; the Son of Man.

        So who is he?

          Simply the Answer is this: the first one to walk the Path of the Just: and so become it.

           Thus today I really do reveal myself: take off the gloves; so to speak: for I don’t say this lightly: for I know the Hand of Justice that holds the Scales that Weigh the Path: the Left Hand of God; as Peace is His Right; as the Right Hand of Mercy; His Right Arm.

       People say God has no Body; but they can’t see Him: for I can see Him on that Throne as Plain as Day.

        My Father Jesus; the one with the Everlasting Arms of Mercy and Compassion.

         In this I also have to thank Rev. Moon: for in having the wrestle with him all these years it was Michael who had to play Devil’s Advocate with me: as I was to be tempted only from God’s side in case anything went wrong; as did happen.

          But at the End it is Michael and those 3 Children of Fatimah where Michael as the Angel of Peace really shines: the Host delivered to those children foreshadowed the Supper of the Great God: the Great Passover itself; that in the Revelation of Salvation:

           My Book.

          Th 5 unwise virgins are then seen as the heart; the soul; the mind; and the strength of one whose fifthmember is then the head or “thumb” of “four fingers” as of “one hand”: the spirit; was foolish: the one who married: and who believes in only 5 senses: the oil would have taught them there are 7: one for each of the 7 heavens: but it took the Bride: of the 5 wise virgins: with the Oil saw the 7 Senses of the 7 Trumpets in the Word of the Revelation: and then repented: and then saw the 7 Vials of Wrath: and washed their Garment.

        Thus did the “Bride” prepare herself: as Rev. Moon is the one who knew of the 144,000 virgins to be gathered from My Generation: but he didn’t do it like he promised; so America would lose it’s qualification as the Elect with the Children of the Resurrection: who were worthy: so the Korea could be the Third Israel: then America had to Fall.

        And Fall it did: but the hole that was dug for us he who dug it hath fallen into: even as one and His Generation came out of the Abyss: Solomon; and the 10 tribes of Ephraim. Peter for Judah and John for Benjamin provide me for a place for my feet; for if Palestine is the Kingdom of Judah; and America is the Kingdom of Israel; then there is Once Again only One Israel: and having One King: One Shepherd: and One Sheepfold.

The growth of Christianity as seen in it’s 7 churches whose Unity is that of the Church of the Living God is currently unknown to Christians; but here is the actual graph: starting with where Rev. Moon was first mentioned by my Father Jesus long ago; to wit;  

      “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?”
                   Was this not Rev. Moon? And his book “Divine Principle” as the “meat in due season”; as being as “Joseph” over the House of Christianity’s Church in the Last Days when there was a “famine” for not “bread”: but for “the Word of God”?
This was written because it was at that moment that the Angel of Christ was speaking to Rev. Moon on a hillside in Korea 1920 years in the future; although Rev. Moon does not know this: but I do; as the angel of John explained it to me in minute detail.
     But let us first take a look at what the 7 churches written of in the Revelation of St. John the Divine as the “Blueprint” for the True Vine  as the Body of Christianity until the Lord’s return which the 7 churches is Asia really were: the design of what was to come prophetically; and especially what would face the 7th church in the position of Laodecia at the Last Day; which is now; in case anyone doubts it; I counsel the reader to suspend their disbelief and invoke their faith: for the Time is at Hand;

    To my Brother it is the Straight Path: that I know my Father promised before: that he would save the true Muslims with at the Last Day: Yea:



Sun Myung Moon as Korea’s Abel with Kim Il Sung as Korea’s Cain

       What then ends is that rule of the Taskmaster; the scepter of Pluto; Hades: Dis; the god of this world; who the devil as the prince of this world serves: as the master of his is own self-interest..The Path of the Just: the Child of the Resurrection; but to the Jews I have another name: Jedidiah; the name that the lost sheep of Israel returns with: who repented and returned: and then was helped to restore all things: and thus redeem himself and then his whole Generation: a Thousandfold..

 In a way; it is here that it must begin; for in defining first the terms: and then revealing the book: can it then be denied that only what is Written in the Book really exists after the Last Hour: no matter how it appears until then.

The advent of the 2 men in 1920 would change world history: Karl Wojytla; who became Pope John Paul II; and one Rev. Moon; both men having global missions; the Pope between the East and West at the Fall of the Berlin Wall; and Rev. Moon supposed to have done the same at Korea; at the North and the South. This is my Cross; and I reveal here today; for only half has been done: and.. now Korea has shfted from Global to Cosmic: North Korea is actually the battleground; the satanic barrier between Heaven and Earth itself: the Gates of Hell; for with Rev. Moon fallen the whole Yellow Race as the “Elder Brother” is fallen; one fouth of the earth under the sway of Death; as the entire yellow race of the original four.

Only Nansook ( Hong)  Star – Ling as one of the 4 Virgins of the 4 Races as of the Footstool of the  Throne of his Glory now stands ready to restore the yellow Race having submitted herself to my Husband; Ishi; the Lord God of the new Heaven and New Earth.

But here we have the basic problem:  this is then the Scarlet Colored Beast as that Nation which represents the evil servant; Red China as under Death as “that fourth part of the earth”: and India as Hell on Earth for this throne of Death: this is the End Tableaux of the Nations.

But  let us examine the Final Tableaux in the context of 2012; the final division at which the ecomomic principle or Vine of the earth seen as our Society on Earth as aFallen Hierarchy finally falls; as with the judgment of the high ones on high; a Hiearchy in Heaven which is a Fallen Society

This is not news but of the fallen angels here on earth working with the fallen host of hypocrites in heaven who profess principle but love God not we find their object then is Talismanic; as ours is the Economic reality of it’s discarnate “shadow” of imaginary value mankind “holds” in it’s collective mind unconsciously; except the subconscious current of having to deal with money in almost every social act on the planet makes people know that “money doesn’t talk: it swears”.

 This is “hidden”; and thus discarnate “psychic / magnetic” pull; as a “center” money is a “fallen star”; a black hole; the bigger the amount; the larrger the attraction: of nothing.; just your own mental consent that paper and rocks and stones are valuable: this is the Mark in the forehead: enslaved to matter; as Materialism; both Rich and Poor; one in an artificial heaven; but real enough; and the other is an artificial hell: but real enough to be untold suffering and misery for thousands for ever: as in India’s caste system: thus having for their society the Vine of the Earth Itself: the Rod of the Assyrian; the Love of which is the Root of all Evil: Adam and Eve as the “gold and silver” of the Devil himself.

 We were then his “Money”; selling to them who sold themselves “his kingdom” and to those who would not sell themselves: he kills; as the Saints themselves.,,..

               It is for this Principle the Devil fights to maintain the illusion of Collected Wealth as really existing: we have but forged invisible bars in our minds that “money” even exists: it does not;  one cannot eat gold or silver; one can only eat food: money is thus a concept at the level of children at the playground of Existence saying “let’s pretend”.

Let us just not forget we are pretending!

 Many may doubt me; but my name is written in the Book of Life of the Lamb as “Salvation Rose”

And my soul’s husband is Ishi: as the One on the White Hose who is called Kalki; Maitreya at his return carrying Lord Ishvara to India: for the Final Jihad; the Holy War: the Battle at the Inner ground of the Kingdom; not of guns and bullets; but of Truth with Love.

LORD ISHVARA: the Second Death, but whom I call another name: “Ishi”

LORD of Lords; and KING of Kings

I asked John; “at what point did Peter begin to doubt? “

John replied “When he began to sink!!! Like a Stone!”


“And the winds blew and the waves rose; but that House stood; because it was built on a Rock”

Hyo Jin Moon and the Man who Crowned the Locust: The Untold Story of the Children of the Resurrection


       The Untold Story of the Children of the Resurrection;

and the last Flower Child of the Resurrection, who became “The Wrath of the Lamb”

The Horn of Salvation of the Holy Unicorn
The Horn of Salvation of the Holy Unicorn

              But now let us adjourn to the place where Hyo Jin Moon confided the story to me of his father, Rev. Moon, and his attempt to take the position of the Third Israel in America, as the Black Christian Race that bonded with the White Christian Race in the 60’s that was the Foundation of Substance for the Third Israel on the Global Level.

This came about after the Fall of Islam in 1915-16, in the killing of the one million christian Armenians, by which they left their position as the “Loyal Cain in the Elder Brother’s position”; and became the “Disloyal Cain”, by once again “killing Abel”.

All this is what was unknown to Rev. Moon, as it was the setting up of the Third Israel after the 430 years of time-indemnity paid by the Black Christian Race here in the West after 1500…when Columbus returned after 1492 with the Spanish ships of his genocidal Armada..

The setting up for the Internal Restoration of “…taking Egypt from within…” in 1929, with the birth of Dr. King as the figure who would “…smite Egypt, and heal it..”; was what came overlapping the other half of the Providence, seen at the completion of  the Third Course of the Restoration into Canaan at the Global level in World War II, and the Advent of the Third Israel with Dr. King in 1929 in which was the Crash occurred as the National Condition of Indemnity to remove the Fallen Nature seen in America’s societal Racism that very year; as Islam had in the position of the Second Israel after the Elders of Judah let my Father Jesus become the Scapegoat for the Sins of Mankind, a Providential fact Rev. Moon ignored.

We were given the “land of the Kingdom” starting in 1920 with the Prohibition of Alcohol, as in Islam alcohol was forbidden because they were actually Nazarenes of the Table, joining the Nazarene himself from the Last Supper, where my Father made his Vow of the Nazarene not to eat or drink Wine again…until he could do so “..New in the Kingdom..’‘.

It was Barabbas who was set free as of the Ritual once a Year at the ”Day of Atonement”, with Barabbas being the “goat” sent out into the wilderness “for Azazyel”, and my Father Jesus as the goat slain “..for the Sin Offering….” given to pay the sins of the Nation “for Jehovah”.

This was a Satanic inversion of the Truth, as a demonic Travesty of Justice….

Islam was denied their true status as the Second Israel in Rev. Moons book

Islam was denied their true status as the Second Israel in Rev. Moons book “Divine Principle”. Infact they are not even mentioned as having any bearing on the Providence at all.

Rev. Moon merely skipped Islam altogether in his book “Divine Principle”; an overlooking of the Providence that cost Korea’s Jacob his position of revealing the Teaching itself; as he changed the real story by this blatant lie of omisssion; but the Scripture of Truth requires the whole truth; not a false patchwork robe of ideas with no stitching: but an actual garment that one can wear with honor.

The 210 years from 4:18 1775 when Paul Revere made his Midnight Ride; to 4:18 1985 ( on my birthday) and then when I made my Vow; my 21 years in New Hope in which I went through Jacob’s course and then Paid for my Vow; then we have the 21 months of Barack Hussein Obama’s Course to become President; and then my 21 Days in Canada where I gained the Crown by being received as the Son of man, on the way to Conquer Satan at my 40 days of Temptation; and the arrival of Hyo Jin Moon as my personal minister; and the 21 wonderful heartbreaking minutes in which we wrote the song “So Unbelievable”; which I later told Kyle Toffey about, and which he then promptly forgot “all about”.

No one in the Unification Church even knows Hyo Jin Moon was sent to me by my Father Jesus.

And now? Watch….

This story comes along with many other subsequent visits when he ministered and brought the gifts of his blessings and prayers to me to restore his father Rev. Moon; since our first meeting in Bay City Michigan at the end of my 40 days of Temptation, in the Wilderness of the Wasteland of the Grail.


The Angel of the Ukraine and the Mother of God at Hrushiv; the Advent of Mary as Zion after the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity ended; by Josyp Terelya; the Object of the Archangel and the Flame of the Holy Spirit     

This was what began the Providence of the Start in the first internal course of restoration into Canaan

 on the Universal level of Heaven and Earth; that being the “Kingdom” itself.

Rev. Moon would know what this means; and perhaps a few others conversant with the true unfolding of the Providence of Salvation; for the rest, like Kyle Toffey: this remains a complete mystery, even though I told him about the meeting with Hyo Jin Moon; which he decided to forget all about as if it never happened. The biggest mistake he ever made; and fatal for Rev. Moon in aquiring the crown of life and immortality; by which means he would have reached the position of the Messiah. But they did not like me and were offended by me; and so all fell from their positions because their Pride would not let them admit where they had erred.

                 Hyo Jin Moon revealed to me, in a series of daily meetings, when I would write music for “The Song of the Lamb”, how his father in the pattern of Jacob decided to take the Blessing of the Second Israel for himself as representing the nation of divided Korea, as Jacob took it from a profane Esau, to punish America for rejecting him and his mission as the potential “Lord of the Second Advent” in 1965.

But the White Horse is the Lord of the Second Advent: Kalki; the Virgin Bride; as Maitreya: “Faith on Earth”. The Rider is the Bridegroom: the Second Death. That also happens to be my husband; the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus of Nazareth.

What could have been: if Jonathan Gullery...and Bob Selle: had listened to me...

What could have been: if Jonathan Gullery…and Bob Selle: had listened to me…

                Hyo Jin explained to me that this was the real reason that Moon decided to steal the National Soverignty of America was to be done by mixing the soil of Korea with all 50 States. Here Rev. Moon thought America would then become a “female nation” to a “male Korea” as subservient to him and Korea; but Rev. Moon erred by NOT marrying the American ‘Eve’: the Black Christian Woman who represents the “Soul” of America who is “the queen of the South; Sheba”.

Instead it was Rev. Moon who made the same mistake that I, Solomon made long ago with Sheba by not marrying her and getting rid of all my other wives; especially the daughter of Pharaoh.

Rev. Moon instead ended up making Sheba a Widow; thus he created the dreaded “Black Widow Spider-Woman” of the Hopi; the dark shadow of their own protector Rev. Moon betrayed as he tried to spiritually “disinherit” the Third Israel here in “God’s Country”.

             Hyo Jin Moon told me how his father Rev. Moon decided to be a “true” Jacob; and steal his brother’s Blessing; with America as what Rev. Moon considered an “undeserving” Esau; and thus taking the crown of Israel as his new name; thus bringing him to the position of the Candidate for the position of the Messiah in Direct Dominion; and it was here I explained to Hyo Jin what my Father’s servant John had told me about Rev. Moon never reaching the Seal of the Living God; even as John the Baptist never did; for not conquering his secret and largely unconscious accusation against his own father Zacharias with the Virgin Mary; which Rev. Moon learned about in the wrong way directly from Satan and swallowed the Lie whole: and thus adopted as the truth consciously that the Virgin Mary slept with Zacharias the father of John the Baptist. This Lie is why John never reached the Seal in which he would have had the “Spirit and the Power” of Elijah.

This is also why John never did one miracle; and his cousin Jesus and his disciples did them by the truckload.

Mary entered the house of Elisabeth already pregnant; but since Jesus was born 9 months later both John and his new body Rev. Moon both thought Mary slept with Zacharias…wrong…wrong and wrong…..thus Rev. Moon became “one-and-the-same” as John the Baptist in spiritual “identity” substantially: and as having been put in the position of “the Messenger”, who he was to restore first, we once again had the 144,000 “unsealed” of the 12 tribes of the Third Israel as seen in chapter 7 of the Revelation; as Rev. Moon left his position as Maitreya as the “ascending angel” from the East with the Seal of the Living God: because he decided to “get married” in 1960, and then claim he was “the Lamb”, and that his marriage was thus “the Marriage of the Lamb”.

But as for the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which IS the Book of Life of the Lamb, Reverend Moon knows absolutely nothing.

Thus this one fact proves he is not the Lamb; just a John the Baptist or “Messenger” claiming he is the Messiah. But “he who is least in the Kingdom” is “greater than he”…as my Father Jesus said long ago; although people will now see why he said this: because of what was to come.

Rev. Moon was told to meet me down in the Haight Asbury during the Summer of Love as a 12 year old child in 1967 where Haight st. became the Jordan of the Fire for the Baptism of Love for Rev. Moon. But like John the Baptist: Rev. Moon decided that the Street of Pure Gold was nothing but a highway of freeloving “hippies and flower children” who were unfit for his august and regal involvement: so he rejected them; as he rejected me…the least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

 Rev. Moon decided not to come and see me and accept My Generation; and be converted and thus enlightened as Buddha had been; and Rev. Moon as substituting with his own body for John the Baptist got married; corrupted with the Satanic accusation against my Father Jesus as having been born from an adulterous union that was the blinding “beam in his eye”, by which he could not see the real origin of my Father Jesus as without Original Sin.

               Hyo Jin said that by the American children of Israel who cheaply ended up selling our birthright as the potential Children of the Resurrection by marrying and being given in marriage were thus robbed of our birthright in becoming “equal unto the angels” which we were in line to receive, simply by the nominal indemnity of just not marrying: as it is plainly written of in the Gospel.

This is because we believed Rev. Moon more than what was written in the Gospel of the Children of the Resurrection; and this is how My Generation “as the stars” all fell from their positions in Heaven; as in the days of Noah.

Rev. Moon and his wife represented the “sun black as sackcloth” for Rev. Moon as the Masculine Principal and the moon red as blood” for his wife as the Feminine Principal at the Sixth Seal which was of the decade from 1960 to 1969. In Paradise originally the Sun was the Masculine Principle which Adam represented; and the Moon was the “lesser” great light that Eve represented as the Feminine Principle. The “light of the Sun” was then seen as “the virginity of Adam”, and the “light of the Moon” was seen as “the virginity of Eve”.

Islam was denied their true status as the Second Israel in Rev. Moons book “Divine Principle”. Infact they are not even mentioned as having any bearing on the Providence at all.

             It was My Generation’s portion of responsibility to defeat Rev. Moon and to remain unwed virgins as those “eunuchs for the kigdom of heaven’s sake”;  just as it was Adam’s portion of responsibility to defeat Eve when she came to him from the Serpent to wrest his Seed from him and have him break his promise to God which was their Covenant of Trust: and Rev. Moon knew this: we, however, in our trusting ignorance of his real designs on stealing our Blessing as the Third Israel DID NOT!

            In shocked silence I listened as Hyo Jin Moon sadly went on, detailing how My Generation went to lose their prospective Blessing as “marrying and being given in marriage” at the Mass Weddings” in which the Great Whore drank us all up in the gold cup which is “the Principle of Indemnity” and so were all slain so they could never receive the qualification to receive Immortality as “equal unto the angels” at the “resurrection from the dead”.

              Hyo Jin Moon then now explained  it was We as of the Children of the 60’s in San Francisco, especially, who Rev. Moon targetted; as it was we with the Hair in which the Power of the Nazarenes was held; just like Samson; thus in their non-married status and especially in our Virginity we were the Barrier to South Korea becoming the land of the Third Israel; for all of the Unification of Korea that was Rev. Moon’s responsibility on the Global Level.

This was Moon’s design; to set the Foundation to receive him as the Messiah. Rev. Moon despised both the word of the one he considered a “failure”; my Father Jesus and the Land of the Free as that of the Black Manchild seen at chapter 12 of the Revelation that My Generation joined at Beth-El after “the Gathering of the Tribes in the City of St. Francis”; Korea was sacred to Rev. Moon; America was just a barrier to his goal of supplanting us with Korea as the New Canaan.

But Rev. Moon could never accomplish this because he could not unify Korea; and the reason he could not is that he could not erase the Blood Taint of the Original Sin which the Horizontal Wall of the Axis of the Devil between North and South Korea, which symbolized in substance “the Strength of the Original Sin”.

In his Global Mission it was Pope John Paul II who knocked down the Vertical Wall between East and West as that Vertical Axis of the Devil which symbolized the Strength of Sin. Thus Pope John Paul II succeeded were Rev. Moon did not in his Global Mission.

Our fall and our tempter....

          Thus Hyo Jin told me it was this theft by his father that happened by taking America’s birthright right from under our noses, when he mixed the soil of our two nations together, but marrying a Korean was his hypocritical error: exalting her as the Symbolic Moon of the Feminine Principal of the Principle over our Land.

                      The Sun and the Moon; the Feminine Principle and it’s Principal: he despoiled Sheba; the queen of the South; and forgot My Generation as the macrocosmic Solomon; the Prodigal Son; Ephraim; the king of the North.

The Ark of Salvation
The Ark of Salvation

          Our Standing as the Second Israel had come to America when it stood in the position of the “David” of the Nations by defeating the “Goliath” of the British Empire; and as the real David had the “seed of David” as the heirs of the Kingdom; Rev. Moon decided to destroy us by “marrying” as many of us as possible; thus destroying “My Generation”;  who alone in the City of St. Francis as of the Day of Palm Sunday reached the Golden Gate of the New Heaven: the Day of Victory; 4-18-1967

            Rev. Moon knew that when my Father Lord Jesus entered the Golden Gate of Jerusalem as “the Son of David” or “the Messiah” that he had completely fulfilled the duties of the Messiah: as he was then to have been crowned and declared the Messiah by the elders of Jerusalem in Judah. But Moon said my Father Jesus “never perfomed any of the duties of the Messiah”.

              Rev. Moon also well knew that the Hippies and Radicals of San Francisco were the reborn Nazarenes and Zealots of Jesus Christ’s Triumphal Day: and he obliterated it as fast as possible: knowing secretly the fact that San Francisco was the momentary New Mecca as the real “New Jerusalem”; and the Holy Child being the One who came in the Name of Love as the Name of God was actually the one now in the rightful position of the Messiah; for John the Messenger had said: God is Love.

               Rev. Moon had hid from the potential children of the Resurrection their true identity as heirs of Christ on the Street where “Hate” had turned to Love: for Rev. Moon also knew the Pentecost was in the English Tongue as they were the only one’s who had achieved the First and Last Global Empire on Earth before the Second Visitation of God.

             Any virgin living in the Summer of Love’s Holy City of St. Francis became eligible to enter the Kingdom that had suddenly appeared on earth: for Rev. Moon hid the true nature of the Rapture from us by simply ignoring Love altogether; just as Nik Cohn had done with the English and poisoned the faith of Peter Townshend; the Sufis well knowing.

“…then look up; for your Redemption draweth nigh…”

                Rev. Moon was thus the “spy” in the House of Love that James Morrison sang about: he caused My Generation to marry and thus fall in the Wine of the Wrath of our Fornication; drunken and blind: We alone who on the earth had the potential to OBTAIN THE RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD: making we who abstained from marrying the prime candidates for Immortality itself in the Regeneration.

          Rev. Moon made sure he married a Korean and not an American; but he gave as many inter-racial relationships as possible to those races which would weaken any sign of a second rebirth; picking every match that promised disaster; and proved able to deliver most couples into total Hell when their children still had original sin in them because they were never really sealed with the Real Seal: thus all were as the “unclean” creatures who entered the Ark of Noah in “two’s”; the “clean creatures” entered the Ark in “Sevens”; as the Revelation shows at Genesis.

             Rev. Moon had his Marriage in 1960 as seen in the 6th Seal on the Lamb’s Book of Life; for the 7 Seals are the 7 Decades from 1910 to 1970. The Divine Name at the Sixth Seal Rev. Moon should have known was “Divine Purity”; the Seal of the Spiritual World which is the second heaven of the Seven Senses.                  

                    By standing in the position of the Serpent in relation to the male first born children of My Generation; who all stood in the position of Adam  Rev. Moon made them marry and disqualify themselves from Immortality with his “seminal fluid as of his fornication mixed in the wine” which he said was to “remove original sin” from the blood that never materialized: thus making it the “wine of wrath” by tricking they who drank it believing still all had children still all having blood tainted by the Original Sin; thus all “Esau’s” who would end up weeping and gnashing their teeth by having lost their qualification for immortality through marrying and so having lost their “souls” for nothing; as they had “sold” their birthright for their children’s supposed redemption unknowingly: but still could not be children of the Resurrection if they married.

        As the Priest of Korea having married a Korean Bride Rev. Moon married those of the Hippies or “Nazarene’s” of our Day of Triumph that he caused to fall by sending them “brides”: who were all in the position of the angel of death as when the serpent sent Eve to Adam to make him fall armed with knowledhge the angel of the devil had given her: as all the Children were in the position of Adam; as Rev. Moon constantly told them: blinding them to the potential as the 144,000 Virgins who alone are the Bride.            

         Let us look at these things before we go onto the Regeneration at the Resurrection from the Dead My Generation lost the worthiness to obtain the resurrection from the dead. 

          “…But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart….”  Matthew 24:48

          Thus the First Stumbling Rev. Moon made on 4-18 1960 is that he did not Marry a Black American Woman who symbolize the Soul of America in the Position of the Widow; thus to substantially symbolize what mixing the soil of Korea with that of our Nation really could have laid as “the Foundation of Salvation”: and that is why so many of the children died; both Rev. Moon’s and those of My Generation.

         The First Great Mistake is that Rev. Moon said that my Father Jesus did not arise in the flesh; and bone; as of the Resurrection; as even Doubting Thomas had to admit; thus Rev. Moon lost his “wedding garment” as having “sold” it to buy the double-edged sword his book “”Divine Principle” really became; but it could have been a Scepter of Resurrection had he said he was Elijah! But Rev. Moon did not even rise to the standard of the least of the Apostle’s that Thomas really was: no faith; no progress on the Path of the Just.

             The Second Great Mistake Rev. Moon made was in saying that the Holy Spirit is a “female spirit”; when the Seal ( had he reached it)  would have shown him that the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; and this cannot be known until one has the Seal as I was given; to Seal the 144,000 that Rev. Moon Married when he was to Seal them instead; which would have been the Baptism of Fire where the Hate seen by the Arabs and the Jews in 1967 at the 144 hours of War and Hatred became seen opposed the the Summer of Love and Peace; yea! 

Love as Haight Street became our Jordan: he missed this at the Visitation of God, to begin to raise the 144,000 Virgins from My Generation: the Children of the Resurrection who do not marry nor are they to be given in marriage; which Rev. Moon ignored.  

            It is We who are the Clouds; the Virgin unto God and the Lamb; and I speak for them as the least: for we stand for the Bride my City really is: a City Not Forsaken: It shall be called.

        The Third Great Mistake Rev. Moon made was in then “Marrying” the Lamb to the Holy Spirit as his “Bride”; being as how the Holy Spirit is that of Jehovah Himself Rev. Moon allowed Love and Truth as the 2 Witnesses to be invaded by Satan as they symbolized the Bride and the Bridegroom; the Bride being she who was to abide in Love and thus God to “prepare herself” for the Bridegroom; what happened instead is that SODOM arose by Rev. Moon marrying 2 “male entities” of the Son and the Shepherd; which is who the Holy Spirit really is: Jehovah; the Father of the Lamb; not his “bride”.

 This piece in Rev. Moon’s book turned it into a “discarnate object”; the “abomination of desolation” as those who “ingested” this which was to have been our “meat in due season” were all poisoned who read the book; unknowingly and unconsciously bearing witness to Rev. Moon’s blasphemy in ‘pairing’ the Son with his own Father the Holy Spirit of God who happens to be Jehovah in an act of “give and take’ ( Moon terminology for “sex” ) on page 216 of the book “Divine Principle”. It was this that was a complete disaster; by making the book a discarnate object of  “good and evil”; as partly truth and partly falsity”; thus “half true = half a lie”.

An example is the sentence on page 216 that “Jesus is the True Father and the Holy Spirit is the True Mother”; this statement is half true; as my Father Jesus of Nazareth is the True Father who now comes to create a New Heaven and a New Earth”; but the second half of the sentence is totally false; since Mary of Bethany is the Bride; not Jehovah the Holy Spirit of God, who created the Lamb with Mary of Bethlehem.

This is like the Serpent who told Eve that she would not “surely die”; yes; not that day; since the Serpent struck on what was to have been a “truce” until God got back; as He made everyone promise to do until He returned; and so put the Archangel in charge in Paradise while He rested…the Serpent broke his word to God; which is why God chopped off one of his legs and created that creature we call “the Dragon”; as the Serpent tried to argue with God and  ‘stand on Principle’ with Him when He got back, after having broken his word to God that “he would wait for God to return as he had been told”: and of course he did not; breaking the Sabbath.

    And now we come to the wort part of all:  where Rev. Moon Fainted completely is where he decided that he would consciously speak as being TRUTH the Lie of Satan and the Accusation of the Devil that John the Baptist dared not even admit to himself: but because he secretly feared it was true!!.

This is how Satan invaded hin and he died spiritually and never reached the Seal of Elijah: the Accusation that his father Zacharias had committed an act of Adultery with Mary by which Jesus was conceived: and this is what also “spiritually killed” the Unification Church: the Error of John that was the “beam” in his “eye”; the “delusion” of his “mind”; and THIS ALONE is the “deadly wound” of our own “Grail King” Rev. Moon; which I, as a Cosmic Parcifal, could now have “healed” him of.

This could have happened but for the fact that all Moon’s followers at HSA-UWC, who I was in contact with from 1988 on, kept him as far away from me and my servant John as possible.

Not only did Jonathan Gullery and Eric Holt and all the rest keep me and my message at arms length; they ignored the information for Rev. Moon which my Father Jesus sent to me as the sure sign for Rev. Moon to be able to recognize me: and thus they all stand convicted in the position of Satan and his angels; and Rev. Moon will die in the position of the man he judged as being guilty for the death of my Father Jesus:

John the Baptist!!! 

Thus he ends up having JUDGED only himself!!!

“Poetic Justice; that’s God’s Vengeance; a Dream Come True”

Gabriel brought the Qur’an to Muhammed as the Curse to take away the Kingdom as the Vineyard; and gave it to a Nation of those Worthy

               Parcifal in the Cabalah has the Value numerically of “418”; a number you may recognize; it can be seen explained in Robert Anton Wilson’s book “Cosmic Trigger” as the “Trigger” itself;

         That date as of my birthday; 4-18-1955; in Germany the day Einsten died here in America; 4-18 being the Easter Arthur pulled the Sword from the Stone on: Easter; as when the Angel of Christ 4-18 1935 appeared to Rev. Moon.

        4-18 as True Parents Day; the Day in which Rev. Moon “looked not for” the return of the angel of the Messiah; and I am the Child of that Day; and the Hour which came at October 24th, 2007 in my Death in Christ.  Judgment Day came with Rev. Moon’s death on September 3rd, 2012

And 4:18 – 1906, the date of the San Francisco Earthquake; as seen when the angel Gabriel throws the Censer to the Earth in chapter 8:5 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

                           This is part of the series on Hyo Jin Moon that accompanies the Temptation of the Yellow Virgin along with my Dream of Rev. Moon and Joe Biden the night before he was picked to be the Vice Presidential running mate for Barack Hussein Obama;  and the Bay City experience with Hyo Jin Moon after my 40 days of Temptation in the Wilderness in Canada and ending here in Bay City; Michigan.

      The Wrath of the Lamb; the lost Sheep of Israel who returned as found; Ephraim My Generation; and individually as Solomon who arose from the dead in the new name of Jedidiah; his first name by the holy prophet of David: Nathan; and now is alive for evermore.

Amen; and Amen!