The Golden Gate of Fatimah al Zahra; and the 7 Stars of the Regeneration


                               The Return of the Good Shepherd

The Horn of the Archangel; Gabriel

The Horn of the Archangel; Gabriel

 “So what is?” I asked John: “What is the small still voice?”

   He turned to me; “It is Gabriel; the Voice of God.”

And then he smiled:

   “But it takes an Elijah to hear him”. 

      The Son in the Holy Spirit is the Good Shepherd                 

      Many have asked who I am: a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim; and to be just I must answer this question first. What Unity hides in the mythic figure of the Son of Man?.

       To Islam I appear as the Son of Mary; the Child of Fatimah al Zahra; the Messiah from the Virgin of Light: the Shepherd of the Sheep.

     To Christians I descend as the Sun of Fatimah; the Star of Maryam al-Kubra; the Mahdi as the Greater Son from the Greater Mary: the Door of the Sheep.

      And then to the Jews I am the Son of David; the Son of Mary of Fatimah; the Preacher before the Sheepfold, with the Voice of the Shepherd to bring home all the Lost Sheep of Israel.

            The Golden Gate through which the Child comes is in that Light which alone accompanies he who comes in the Name of Love: as then the revealed Name of God Almighty.

Thus is the Power made manifest at the Last Day.

It is thus this Power which ends the Silence to proclaim the End that has come when the 12 sit down on their 12 thrones with the the Child; that of the Bride who stands as the throne of glory in His Father’s House.

       She stands in White as “clean and white”  linen being that of the 7 fold garment that includes all 7 garments of the 7 angels in white whose stains are all removed from their bodies; which was done by the 7 Tears in the 7 Vials of the Wrath of God; collected at the Cross.

 In the Name then of the Day of Christ Jesus is that Name Glorified again: but only after it is known: then one has the possession of the True Light of Life.

                                            The Light of Life

The Last Day and the 2 Anointed Ones

The Last Day and the 2 Anointed Ones

          As the Light it was Jesus who represented the Light itself God had created and seperated from darkness.

        In Jesus as the Temple of God overcoming his Shadow in the 40 days of the Wilderness this Light Jesus represented “seperated” itself from “darkness”: and thus “Light” became “Day”, the man “Jesus” became “Christ”. And His “Day” thus represented the “Glorified Image of God” Himself.

          Thus it is the Name of  “Christ Jesus” revealed at the End that literally stands for “Day Light”; the Light of life itself. And the 12 Apostles of the Lamb represent the Elders ruling the 12 Hours of this New Day; even as the Lamb said they would long ago at the Regeneration. And of the 12 thrones the 12 sit upon I will share as the 12 Bands of the Seed of David later; the 12 Spies of the Kingdom in the 1960’s.

           It is this Light alone in the Name of Christ Jesus that is the Guide on the Path of the Just. The Name of Jesus Christ is then the Word of Salvation; the Word of Allah.

          But it is this Name alone in the Name of Love that is the Name of God Almighty; and the Name of Christ Jesus as the Light of Love itself.

       One then must progress so that the Name of that knowledge is the Name of “LOVE”: and that is seen as the Holy One of Israel, and it is that which the true DayLight embodies; the Name of God that alone can Save Us who have Faith on Earth at the Last Day.

          This is why God puts His Name upon this Child that Lord Jesus once pulled out of the Crowd before the 12 when Satan invaded them as when he invaded at the body of Moses.

       It was this Rebuke of Satan that was the Last Judgment where the Prayer of Michael was Answered: the Nemesis of Satan was Created: so that all men could see in this little one the Majesty of that Name by which Mankind might finally see the Image of it’s own Humanity: that being exactly where Christ hid his own Divinity.

       Thus it was that the Child that lived in all of us and must live again in us to be ready for the Regeneration; for it shall be to one as according to one’s faith at the opening of one’s book at the End,

        It is for they who hear the Voice of the Shepherd: and thy steps upon the Path of the Just where Faith comes before the Proof; as in the days of Noah.

                       The 7 Last Days of Noah: and the Last Day   



          It is thus the “least” one that becomes the Judge; and this is where the Justice of God is seen; for where Justice begins to Reign is where the Kingdom of God begins to Regenerate: the Coming of a New Heaven and a New Earth.

The Day-star of the Sun of Righteousness

The Day-star of the Sun of Righteousness

        It is easy for Men to surrender to a Child; psychologically it is the least threatening archetype:  but he is also in the position of the Judge: as the Image of Christ.

          Not in power; but a little lovechild of the Street where Hate was vanquished for a short season by Fire which is Love; our God: the Consuming Fire. But before we discuss the Zion of the Holy One of Israel let us lay to rest the doubts and fears that dog the heels of the believers until all discourse ends at the Path of the Just; where the Golden Gate of Fatima has only the Peacemakers: the children of El Elion; of the Book of Iliyun: the Children of the Most High: who is God in His Mercy: His Mercy being Infinite; and who is Higher than that?

        It is then the least at the End who is given that power that is greatest; as being where the Regeneration begins; as Lazarus was the Great Sign of for us in the Last Day: the 7 Stars of the Regeneration starting as one who was raised from the dead.

        Bringing forth Solomon from the dead happened because it was Written; but Allah is what is Written also; for what is Written lives; and that not Written is not Real.

        As the Prodigal Son comes forth at the Last Day: but it is as the Fallen One; who said he would not go: but then repented: and did. Thus does Jedidiah arise from the Tavern of Ruin that was the Kingdom of Solomon he sold himself for.

       With the Incurable wound; the Rose of Abdul Qadir was the spirit of Solomon suspended over the Abyss; it is the face of Solomon as Narcissus gazing into the Mirror of Oblivion: Spellbound.  


       It was this lost sheep who my Father’s servant John found lost in the bottomless pit; asleep in the dust which are but the dreams of wordly men.

The Dawn of the Last Hour
The Dawn of the Last Hour


     Dead at the bottom of the bottomless pit of Vanity; wearing the crown of the Devil on the head of Pride. The Destroyer: the angel of self-destruction: Apollo; the last of the gods; the Shadow of Solomon: god of the Sun.

        Yet I am but an ant who God let destroy itself by giving it wings: I; as Solomon after David: Icarus; and now an ant once more; my shadow being the Beast of the Earth; whom Muhammed my Messenger said They would raise up: an-Naml; 27:82; of the Qur’an; but it is the Shadow of the Fallen One: but he who now stands Faces God as his Light; and his Shadow is Behind him.

          And I am that Child.

       The Child of the Resurrection; the Prodigal Son raised up at this: the Last Day


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