The Sword of Allah is the Zulfiqar of Fatima: the Word of Isa, and the Daughter of Zion


 Who is the Husband given to Fatima az-Zahra when she is raised at the Last Day at the Resurrection of the Just?

It is the Lamb: Lord of lords and King of kings.

 But let us see how this came to be so that the Curse of Allah fell on those most deserving of it!

 Those who removed the Zulfiqar from the hand of Ali when he came to defend Fatima………………..which the Blessed Olive Tree foreknew; …………warning the Seal of the Prophets to guard the two he personally married to be aware of the men of Belial in his own camp..

…. those who the Word of Allah foresaid would be those woefully misled and misguided ones; corrupt and without honor;  as the “men of violence” who “take the kingdom of heaven by force”!!!! 

Let us enjoin they who are called the Elect to inform ourselves as to the Reality of Mohammed;  starting with Imam Abdul al-Rauf as the head of the Sufis now living in New York City.

There are few in the USA that realize the true nature of the providence hidden by Rev. Sun Myung Moon from the black members of the Unification Church by which none now even know about  the 430 year period the Black Race suffered here in the West from 1492 Hyo Jin Moon informed me from the World of spirits that now lead us to Barack Obama as the Messiah for the BLACK RACE at the the NATIONAL LEVEL  at the Global Stage of the Nations according to UNIFICATION CHURCH THEOLOGY: now restored from the failure  of Sun Myung Moon here in the Third Israel known as America: to those rightly guided by Allah who are the original “Unificationists”; the Sufis to whom the Irfan of the Most High is Second Nature. But what is now to come? It seems that  For it is a single Child who lights the way of the Just at the End:   

 …he who is the Candle of God that the Word of Allah did Light;

           The Advent of the Light of Life in the One who comes in the Name of Jesus Christ: who is DAY LIGHT

It is the one having the Seal of Jesus Christ: Christ Jesus

      “Day Light” on the Path of the Just  is  Christ Jesus the Last, as the True Light of Life for those who will Overcome all things

 It is he and he alone who comes in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He who comes in the Name of Christ Jesus whose angel rises from the Rising of the Sun of Righteousness with the Seal of the Living God.

 The Holy Spirit of Allah is then given to the Virgin of Islam; but the Bride the Lamb’s Wife is like Moses: the Servant as the Wife of Jehovah. This is why Moses put on the Veil when he came down from the Holy Mountain; and indeed why Elijah and Moses met Jesus on Mt. Sion when he went up; Elijah standing at the Altar as the Seal known as “the Bride”; and Moses at the Throne as the Servant known as “the Wife”.

For that one the husband is “Jehovah of Hosts”; the Son of the Living God.

And she is called Jedidiah: “The Beloved of Jah”

Yea; even Jah Jehovah: to fill her Cup Double….

Lord Jesus stood as the Bridegroom; thus on Mount Sion later we see the 144,000 Virgins unto Allah and the Lamb who are “the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife”; standing in the position of Elijah and Moses as the Cosmic Mary of Fatima herself; the Cosmic Mary of Bethany who is the New Eve at the End; even as Jesus of Nazareth stands as the New Adam. the Bessed Olive Tree..on the new Holy Mount; the Mount of Olives……

Thus it is the Lamb’s Wife as Fatima Az-Zahra; the Reward of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World; and the return of the Son of Mary to Avenge Fatima on those who took the sword from Ali’s hand: and took her property and they who stole her inheritence is that action which began the Miscarriage of Justice that culminated in the death of her unborn child from Ali.

And then her subsequent death a few months after that of Mohammed;  that is that foretold by Gabriel with that Justice to her that Allah himself requites her for at this: the Last Day.

“……….. On those who take the kingdom of Heaven with violence …..”

Thus did the Avenger of Islam find those who brought about the Miscarriage of Justice.

 The truth is that most unpopular of all things; so when do the Elect become visible? When they see her come as married to the Judge of the hereafter; her Husband.

And His Word is hers as well; for she alone hath “received it…” 

Why should they have chosen to come forth and shown me the Baraka that came from the second Israel of the desert tribes to the 12 tribes that gathered in the City of St. Francis in 1967?

How indeed?

Let us answer this question by asking another: Why is light given to a man whose way is hid?

 To answer this we have to see that Job is the Saint who arrived at the Last Judgment first: and that it is Mohammed who is the Prophet who also stands as the other Witness at the End as his book is actually the record of one who “died” whose book then “opened” at the End.

This is why he is called “The Seal of the Prophets”; for it is the Secret of Life to “die before one dies”; as Jesus and Mohammed can both be now seen to have said.


The Daughter of Allah and the Kingdom of God’s Justice at the Last Judgment



The Virgin of Submission and the Wrath of the Lamb


 A. )  The Coming of Isa

Others will puzzle over why my Father Jesus sent his Servant John to bring to the Sufi Michael Beebe of the Suhrawari Order that  fateful Day in that City; yet that was the “moment of Transmission” for my entrie Generation of the entire Baraka of Islam; as for the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel who were to have been gathered there by Reverend Sun Myung Moon: but were not.?
This is the question: and it might be well asked now:

“…………..why is light given to a man whose way is hid?”

…………..Even So; then to thee they would come; when they arrive whose way is no longer hid,

……… so they will then come to thee…. 

……………………….that they might then have: that Light…..!!



Few understand how Isa the Son of Mary returns at the End; . what is even less known about is “the Word of Isa”.

Or  ‘”the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife'”;  the two that arrive at the end.

Together; as “One Jehovah”.

And it’s not Mr. and Mrs. Moon; I have it on good authority; where the Table of the 12 speaks with One Voice.


The Virgins are the Clouds: the Priests of the Ancient Order of Melchizedek as the Eunuchs for his Sake and the Gospel; born of His Blood; the Dead in Christ Rise First


The End of this current heaven and earth is thus it’s subsuming by the “New Creation” of the Lamb and his Wife as a new Adam and a new Eve. As Jeus of nazareth and Mary of Bethany. But she is represented by 144,000 men called the bride; the Lamb’s Wife; and he by the Comforter; the Spirit of Christ in the Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ; who melts in the Sun of Jehovah Our Righteousness can only do so in the Name of Christ Jesus; the Seal of Jesus Christ; else one burns in the lake of Fire with the Name of the Beast; and his Mark.

For Fame and Fortune are the Name and Number of the beast; and this beast was a man; whose number is found at I Kings’ 10:14; of one who received 666  talents of gold in One Year:

I; Solomon. The dabbat al-ard of the Qur’an sura 27:82, the Ant raised up at the Last Day; who repents; returns: and finally: redeems himself; yea: and his wgole Generation too: coming back to the House of David as God…the House of Bread

The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony Opened in Heaven;  as of the Testimony of Jesus.


We have to look at the end of that corrupt being known as Satan as no longer ruling and manifesting the Fallen Creation of the now fallen and cast down gods of Olympus who live on in their counterparts with Indra: as their king; the Trimurti being but the Trident of the Ruler of the Darkness which materially blinds mankind to the Old Ego; The Son of Man is found in New Canaan fulfilling this scripture:

” You will not have gone through all the towns of Israel before you see the Son of man coming in his Kingdom.”

This is indeed the prophetic core of the coming of the Son of Man at the End.

 It  being the only concrete Proof: his Wife appears as the Avenging Angel of the Lamb known as the Wrath of the Lamb; now the fact that only the throne of his glory as the only sign of his Presence as the Visibla Sign of his manifestation as having  the lake of Fire whose Husband happens to be her Lord and Master the Sun of Righteousness seen as the Sun of Fatima in 1917.

 What does this then Indeed, if Western Civilization and the rest of the world are to face a catacylsmic event like those written of in the Bible or the Holy Qur’an then people might well ask themselves if any body has an answer as to what might God be up to: for it would seem if we are to all face a Day of Judgment for Mankind from theWest  to the East;  and from the North to the South then shouldn’t there be some kind of a Sign or a Warning from on High? 


What does this portend?

 The question is not specious; for it asks that of the same God that prepared Noah for the Flood does exist then is there any clue as why we have not heard a peep from Him if we are all facing what looks like near extinction for the human race? ? 

The scenario might best be seen as when God sent Jonah to Ninevah; telling them that if they did not repent than in 40 days Ninevah would be destroyed.  Of course we know that Jonah first got on a ship going to Tarshish; presently known as the south of France;

As we all know Jonah never got to France; he ended up in a whale for 3 days and 3 nights where God gave him some time to think things over: and Jonah decided that perhaps going to Ninevah would be the way to go after all, so he went and set the way for the return of the Prodigal Son for it is the Sufis who are the servants of God; who have  Solomon given back what Lord Jesus took from the “strong man” in the wilderness;  just as my Father’s servants are they who brought me back the shoes; the garment and the ring at my return: as the Bride of the Holy Spirit of Allah; as the Lamb’s Wife. 

Upon arriving at Ninevah Jonah told them to repent or be destroyed; and the rulers took Jonah at his word: for the whole city repented in sackcloth and ashes: and Ninevah was saved?? 

That Jonah hated Ninevah is obvious; because when they repented Jonah was not happy: he was furious; but that is perhaps another clue as to why we face globally the same fate; for how can we repent and be saved if there is no warning or Warner? ? 

The answer lies in the phrase “The Last Day”; as seen in the word of Jesus and that of Muhammed; who both use the phrase in a number of places; but the problem is this: no one has any idea about when this “Last Day” is going to arrive so that our earth and it’s inhabitants can prepare themselves and repent: and be saved so they can escape all these disasters and, in the words of the Lamb “stand before the Son of Man” at his coming? ?


So at the End we have the Holy Spirit of Allah; as of the Lamb with 7 Horns and 7 Eyes and the Word of Allah; the Comforter of Fatima az-Zahra. But her return as the Bride; the Lamb’s Wife is as that Daughter of Light who is the Virgin of Islam; her Virginity being where the Pearl of Great Price is to be found as her Marriage with  the Lamb is what unites the House of Muhammed to that of David.

Thus the Pearl of Great Price represents the Gate of Heaven; but with this Mary of Fatima as the Bethlehem of Islam seen in 1917 at Portugal and the 3 children representing the 3 heights of the Door of Noah’s Ark. Thus as One Child they are the Secret Imam of the Shia; the One who appears 50 years later in 1967 as the Child who enters the Golden Gate im the Name of Love. For Fatima in her Regeneration as the Lamb’s Wife we see a Holy Jerusalem;  it is the New Heaven as her very Soul; and the New Earth as her very Body; described as a mountain “great and high” in the Revelation.

From the God of Truth in His Coming at the Last Judgment; Great is he; Terrible is she; and great and Terrible are they as the Great and Terrible day of the Lord God.

The Judgment is the most unpopular thing one could imagine: for the God of Amen confounds the World with she who glorifies the Son of Man at the End; a man who calls himself the Bride: the Lamb’s Wife. But this is what shows the world who and what the real Mary looks like.

But this Moses wears no Veil: indeed this is why Fatima is Unveiled at the End: when the Lord comes the Veil is burned up: and the Virgins of Islam as the Believers come forth to serve him; along with the 144,000 Consecrated Priests of the Altar of the Lamb who are seen as the Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake at the End: the Virgins who are the Called Chosen and Faithful First Fruits unto God and the Lamb from the Ancient Order of Melchizedek; the head of the 4 Orders of the Sufis themselves; as the 4 limbs of the Body of the Providence itself that comprise the Assembly of the Elect.



Unseen as that invisible Pitchfork of the Dragon of the Sea of Time himself.

Thus is the Abyss as India: the “Destroying Mountain of the gods”: as Islam could not convert it as their portion of responsibility; for Hell is what India promotes on  the earth; spiritually. Yet the sufis say

               “God had Hell; yet He created India!!”

Because the Mission of Islam was to convert India the Sufis were elected to try to realign Islam with the Teaching  with the Word of Allah who is Isa; known as “Ishvara” or “Ishi” to the Elect: THE LORD.



  1. Islamic Sirat al-Mustaqim means the straight path of God in Islam, and refers to a narrow path (thinner then a string of hair) 3,000 miles long that the souls of the dead must cross on the judgment day to reach heaven. In one version of the tale, the souls of the virtuous are helped to navigate it because their good deeds turn into a white horse they can ride to the end.[citation needed]


  2. Unseen as that invisible Pitchfork of the Dragon of the Sea of Time himself.

    Thus is the Abyss as India: the “Destroying Mountain of the gods”: as Islam could not convert it as their portion of responsibility; for Hell is what India promotes on the earth; spiritually. Yet the sufis say

    “God had Hell; yet He created India!!”

    Because the Mission of Islam was to convert India the Sufis were elected to try to realign Islam with the Teaching withe the Word of Allah who is Isa; known as “Ishvara” or “Ishi” to the Elect: THE LORD


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